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11:07gulliver hi all
11:08gulliver I'm still playing around with the mythmusic-module, and recognized a strange behaviour of the playlist thing...
11:09gulliver in all_playlists I get the entire music_colllection and all the playlists, as far as I can see, playlists should have IDs < 0, tracks > 0 and all the rest =0, right?
11:09gulliver but the entry "All Playlists" has ID 1?!
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11:28thor_ playlists store references to other playlists as negative numbers, but they go on the tree with consecutively numbered id's
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11:33DogBoy would it be difficult to copy the mythvideo module into another module?
11:33DogBoy so there would be two independant instances of the module
11:34thor_ not difficult, nor particularily sensible (?)
11:35DogBoy give me a hint eh, what would I have to do to acomplish that
11:36thor_ explain why you would want to have two copies of a module on the same machine ?
11:36DogBoy I was thinking it would be an easy way to get an "e-book" module
11:37DogBoy all the frontend stuff is there, it would just entail setting a different player
11:37kvandivo so you don't want to copy mythvideo into another module.. you want to use its code as a base for your own idea?
11:38DogBoy yeah
11:38thor_ add ebook stuff to your mythvideo tree, go to eBook titles in the Video Manager, hit a number between 0-9 and enter "Custom player for this file"
11:39thor_ better yet, set up the extensions for eBook files and set a player there
11:39thor_ Settings --> Video
11:39DogBoy so then ebooks would appear along with videos in that module?
11:40thor_ yes, but you could split the top level of your Video directory to "Video" and "eBook", and work down from there
11:40thor_ or you could write an eBook module using the mythvideo code as a starting point
11:42DogBoy hmm
11:42DogBoy thanks
11:42thor_ yup
11:43gulliver thor_: ok, I see. but there's another problem. the "all playlists"-node has argument 0 set to 1, which marks it as a song, afais
11:45thor_ GenericTree *subsub_node = sub_node->addNode(QObject::tr("Active Play Queue"), 0);
11:46thor_ that ?
11:46thor_ GenericTree *sub_node = tree_to_write_to->addNode(QObject::tr("All My Playlists"), 1);
11:46thor_ or that ?
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12:13gulliver neither nor
12:14gulliver this only sets the node_int (like it's commonly called in mythmusic), but not the attribute...
12:14gulliver sry, wrote argument earlier, meant attribute!
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12:27thor_ yeah, doesn't look quite right ... it works though ... so I'm not if it's an error or something clever
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12:38thor_ doesn't really matter, as the tree list will return the first selectable node
12:38thor_ but should probably be set to 0
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13:00Chutt hrm
13:00thor_ harumph ?
13:00Chutt zap2it says 'share your access codes'
13:00thor_ invite others, yup
13:00Chutt so, shall i send it to the lists?
13:00thor_ heh
13:00Chutt they say to post it on websites or mailing lists
13:00thor_ is it up and running ?
13:00Chutt apparently
13:01thor_ not much point before there's mythfilldatabase support, is there ?
13:01thor_ or are you hoping someone will go write that :-)
13:01Chutt that's exactly what i'm hoping
13:02thor_ post away
13:02thor_ !
13:02o_cee\bd what will be new/improved with it?
13:03thor_ richer data, much faster
13:03o_cee\bd neat
13:03thor_ (but only NA I believe)
13:03o_cee\bd i want that too
13:03o_cee\bd :/
13:03* o_cee\bd away burrito
13:03* thor_ always pictures o_cee eating pickled herring
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13:22o_cee\bd pickled herring? hmm :)
13:24o_cee\bd Chutt: you know the thing i wanted, with <pressed> added to theme.xml? kenneth wrote that up, i have his patch here.. haven't had time to try it out yet tho, need to add stuff the the xml's as well.. what color do you want me to add to 'blue'? haven't used it in a while, can't remember what it looks like
13:26Chutt should be optional so themes don't have to have it, right?
13:26o_cee\bd probably true..
13:26o_cee\bd don't think it is that now. niqo?
13:27o_cee\bd but as it is now, it deselects the item anyway, so?
13:27Chutt something like that
13:27Chutt but that didn't require theme changes
13:27o_cee\bd i mean, that's a change to the look anyway.. if you want that you could just add <pressed> with the same color as <normal>
13:27o_cee\bd true
13:27o_cee\bd see your point now
13:29niqo it's required now..
13:29o_cee\bd yeah.. would break all old themes :/
13:29niqo so sad :) easy to make it fall back i belive
13:30o_cee\bd uhm.. guess you could look at like <shadow>, it's not required..
13:31niqo don't have time right now, working on something else
13:31o_cee\bd no problemo
13:37o_cee\bd Chutt: you been busy lately?
13:37Chutt yes
13:38o_cee\bd last work?
13:39o_cee\bd found any new yet?
13:39Chutt haven't looked yet
13:39thor_ heh
13:39o_cee\bd a little vacation is nice :)
13:39o_cee\bd <-- bd today.. bd as in birthday.. woohh :)
13:40thor_ ah, so that was a birthday burrito
13:40Chutt current employer wants to keep me on consulting for a month or two
13:40o_cee\bd indeed
13:40Chutt congrats
13:40o_cee\bd Chutt: they really need to make up their maind ;)
13:40o_cee\bd thanks
13:40o_cee\bd mind even
13:40Chutt it's not a question of making up their mind, it's a question of money :p
13:41o_cee\bd hehehe
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13:41o_cee consulting sure gives you more money as well ;)
13:43o_cee thor_: any mfd news? you thought anything more about those web-interface screenshots?
13:45o_cee [mythtv] [Patch] Allow sleect to change the channel in the program guide <-- great, now i don't need to manually patch that :)
13:45o_cee (damn yeah i'm happy, my avltree is finally working)
13:46thor_ o_cee, trying to get the client side library working
13:47o_cee thor_: cool
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13:49o_cee thor_: i went to a store today to get a digital coax -> digital opto converter to connect the mythbox to my receiver.. but it was out of stock.. need to try that 'pipe-mp3-out-spdif" thingie when i have it :)
13:50thor_ hmmm, receiver doesn't accept coax ?
13:51o_cee i've heard that the computer doesn't have a really stable signal, so it might fuck the receiver up real bad
13:51o_cee totally safe with opto
13:51o_cee something about some soundcards giving out to much current
13:51thor_ sounds like audiophile sillyness to me
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14:08davatar o_cee ground loop current.
14:08davatar it shouldn't be a problem if they are on the same circuit.
14:09o_cee davatar: _shouldn't_, no, but i dont want that risk anyway :)
14:10davatar I'm wondering if there's a ground loop isolator that will work with coax spdif...
14:11thor_ Anders Hanson is starting to get a bit annoying
14:13Chutt yay, new harddrive shipped
14:14mikegrb my wife is pregnant!!!! \o/
14:14o_cee davatar: thought the -> opto was a nice solution
14:14o_cee mikegrb: congrats :)
14:14thor_ heh, join the club
14:14o_cee Chutt: weh, what size?
14:14Chutt mikegrb, grats =)
14:14o_cee i'll be uncle again in 6 months :)
14:15mikegrb thanks
14:15mikegrb thanks
14:15Chutt o_cee, 200GB, seagate
14:15-!- Irssi: #mythtv: Total of 63 nicks 0 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 63 normal
14:15mikegrb Chutt: nice
14:15Chutt was $130 from mwave
14:15mikegrb good thing I finally talked her into a pvr-250 last week
14:15Chutt couldn't pass that up =)
14:15mikegrb I won't be getting any toys for me for a while
14:15Chutt heh
14:15Chutt no, you won't
14:15mikegrb oh I did get an intel 510t 24 port managed 10/100 switch last week too!!!
14:16mikegrb that was an awesome steal
14:16o_cee Chutt: niice
14:16thor_ you should start endorsing paychecks straight over to IKEA and Babies 'R Us
14:16mikegrb good thing I wont be home or I'd kiss the fedex guy
14:16mikegrb thor_: indeed :/
14:17kvandivo i'd fill out a survey every 3 months..
14:17kvandivo it was annoying having to do that for redhat.. but I'd do it for good listings..
14:17thor_ but would you rewrite parts of mythfilldatabase ?
14:18kvandivo i'll take chutt's stance on that..
14:18thor_ tragedy of the commons
14:18kvandivo yep.. i'm just thinking that my recommendations code would benefit from actor information, in a big way
14:18Chutt yup
14:19* mikegrb rewrites thor_
14:19thor_ the whole duplicate episodes, season pass type functionality becomes trivial
14:19mikegrb thor_: I think I found a bug in mythdvd this weekend
14:19thor_ heh
14:19mikegrb was in a rush to get it working last night so I'll look more into it this week
14:19mikegrb was pretty small though
14:19thor_ what did it do?
14:19o_cee thor_: don't forget that not everyone gets as nice listnings :/
14:20davatar o_cee: except optical cable is expensive _and_ really fragile. plus the audiophiles seem to think coax is better.
14:20mikegrb didn't want to compile right when ripping wasn't enabled in the ./configure
14:20o_cee davatar: you don't get _that_ good audio from analog cable anyway.
14:20mikegrb failed on ripping related code
14:20mikegrb so something isn't properly ifdef'ed out most likely
14:20mikegrb rerunning configure with it enabled and it compiled fine
14:20thor_ you mean vcd but no transcode ?
14:21thor_ or just blank ./configure ?
14:21mikegrb no to both
14:21thor_ hmm
14:21mikegrb blank configure
14:21mikegrb was a clean checkout too
14:22thor_ but ./configure --enable-transcode worked fine ?
14:22Chutt kvandivo, it's a lot better than paying for em =)
14:22mikegrb right
14:22mikegrb like I said I'll try to track it down tonight or tommorow
14:22mikegrb as soon as I get some time with it
14:22thor_ k
14:23thor_ thanks
14:23mikegrb last night heidi wanted to watch a movie and was wanting me to bring the dvd player down from the bedroom
14:23mikegrb I wasn't having any of that with a perfectly good xbox right there
14:23thor_ heh
14:23mikegrb I hadn't updated the various plugins in a while so I blew away the trees co'ed mythdvd and tried to build it before she got too mad :)
14:24thor_ just wait till you can have the dvd in the machine upstairs and play it from the xbox
14:25thor_ main.cpp:255: `startDVDRipper' undeclared (first use this function)
14:25thor_ hmmm
14:26mikegrb that was it
14:26mikegrb If I had the funds for a massive multi terrabyte storage array all the dvds would be boxed in a closet and selected from mythvideo at any tv in the house
14:26mikegrb I have a feeling all the kid movies will end up in such a state
14:27thor_ handleMedia patches
14:27mikegrb as much for our sanity and convienence as protecting the discs from little goblins
14:27thor_ believe me, you will every Baby Einstein DVD ever sold available at a touch of the button on every screen in the house
14:27thor_ you will have
14:28mikegrb indeed
14:28Matt it's a mike!
14:28mikegrb people have talked about it on the list to save the dvd's life
14:29mikegrb I want it so that I can quickly make a screaming satan spawn quiet
14:29mikegrb it's a matt!
14:35lmatter mikegrb, nothing like trying to quiet the screaming satan spawn and having to forward through 20 mins of previews, eh?
14:36mikegrb lmatter: that and fumbling for the disc and getting it in while juggling the demon child
14:36mikegrb like thor said they will be at the touch of a button on every tv :)
14:36lmatter that's my plan too.
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14:42Chutt rkulagow, i did a docs sync a little bit ago
14:42rkulagow yep, i was just checking the main page to see if you'd done it. thanks.
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15:37rkulagow i hope there's a delicious prize for user with the most people registering with their code on zap2it.
15:38Chutt heh
15:38Chutt yah, someone writing support code for mythtv
15:38thor_ I got mythzap2it as a user name, of which I am bizarely quite proud
15:39poptix heh
15:39kvandivo i was extremely original in my username selection as well. i went with 'kvandivo'
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15:40thor_ 'course since you don't have to pay, I'm a 57 year old woman with no computer experience
15:41o_cee uhm, i assume there's only us channels right?
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15:42* o_cee is away, csi
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15:45thor_ always reminds me of the classic New Yorker cartoon:§ion=prints&title=undefined&whichpage=1&sortBy=popular
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16:27thor_ much better to argue about IP than write code
16:28Chutt especially when you consider that guy's sig
16:28thor_ see my email
16:28thor_ (pending)
16:30Chutt how can i see it if it's pending? :p
16:31thor_ I'll send another one when it's there ... uhm, hey, wait a minute .... damn TCP/UDP-style crap
16:31Chutt there it is
16:31thor_ nm
16:31--- User: *** solarce[w] is now known as solarce[h]
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16:39kvandivo i supposed, based on his .sig, that it is probably illegal to have list archives anywhere
16:44dja_ Chutt: you hoping someone will write a c++ grabber for the new zap2it data, or would a perl script be ok?
16:45Chutt there's already a perl script to grab the data on their site
16:45Chutt myth needs to understand their xml format
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16:45thor_ funny that someone can just write a few words about rights, and everyone assume they apply to anything
16:45dja_ I was thinking about writing a perl script to parse the xml into the mysql database.
16:45Chutt oh, that'd be fine
16:45Chutt though it'd be easier to use mythfilldatabase, no?
16:45thor_ if you read any of these words, I own all your house plants
16:46Chutt since there's a bunch of external logic that'd need to be updated
16:46* thor_ will shut up now
16:46vuud Hey is there any initiative to move some of the program logic out of the main code into something reuseable? For instance the scheduled recording logic?
16:46knight- oh man, i finally feel a little better
16:46dja_ yes, that would be the easiest, I hadn't looked at it yet (although if it's in c++, my c++ skills aren't very good :-)
16:46knight- been in bed sick for 6 days
16:46Chutt dja, it's pretty simple stuff
16:46dja_ thor_: you can have my houseplants, they're all dead.
16:46Chutt vuud, no.
16:46Chutt dja, the xml parsing code in qt is really easy to use
16:47dja_ cool
16:47vuud phoey
16:47thor_ dja_, excellent, now I can sue you for killing _my_ houseplants
16:47* dja_ lol
16:47* dja_ or should I say coughing out loud...:-)
16:48vuud Chutt, I'm doing a utility to report stuff to me, and I wanted to include that sort of thing. I can duplicate it, but then its got to be maintained in two places :(
16:48Chutt report what to you?
16:49vuud So far it does whats been recorded, and I am wrapping up a general sql executer in it, and after that I am adding whats been recoreded in the past x hours... I don't look at the mythbox much, but I have a lot of "Record anytime anywhere" settings
16:49Chutt use mythweb.
16:50vuud Chutt, rather have it show up in my mailbox or whatnot. For instance if Hogan's heros comes on somewhere for some strange reason, I'd rather have a push notification, rather than pull (like web).
16:54Chutt so, write something that queries the backend for what you want.
16:57vuud Chutt, yeah - but the logic is run on demand for the schedule from what I can tell... So I would have to duplicate the logic, hence my original question about if there was any movement to seperate some of the "business" logic out of the system.
16:57vuud reuse and all
16:59Chutt what logic?
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17:02vuud The part that handles determining what to record when, resolving priorities, whats a duplicate, etc...
17:02Chutt why exactly can't you query the backend for that?
17:02Chutt since all that information is available
17:03--- Netsplit over, joins: Slaytanic, Dibblah
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17:06vuud I query the backend for the raw info... but then I have to duplicate all the logic to build the actually recording schedule. This results in the logic existing in the main myth program and in the utility. Now it is in two places and I have to keep up with the changes in the main program. I can do that, its just if I don't have to it would be better not to.
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17:06Chutt vuud, err, no you don't
17:06Chutt what you get from the backend is the exact recording schedule.
17:06Chutt if you're not parsing that information properly, that's _your_ problem
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17:10vuud Really... Lemme check the table maybe _I_ am looking in the wrong place then...
17:14vuud Its the "record" table right?
17:14Chutt uh, no
17:15Chutt you don't get that back when you query the backend for that information.
17:16--- ---> gfoster [] has joined #mythtv
17:16vuud So where is it then? Nothing else looks like it has that info
17:17sfr mythbackend --printsched? just a _very_ wild guess ;)
17:17--- <<-- Rince [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:17vuud sfr, yeah I know that... I am using it via a cronjob now, but want to make it inclusive in what I am developing
17:18Chutt where is what?
17:18Chutt you don't want the data in the record table
17:19Chutt as it bears absolutely no relation to what is going to be recorded.
17:19Chutt that's why your query the backend to ask it for its recording schedule.
17:19kvandivo vuud, i'd suggest you look at the frontend code for printing the 'fix conflicts' screen and see how it gets the list of upcoming recordings
17:19vuud Exactly.
17:19Chutt how the fuck do you think mythfrontend displays the various scheduling screens?
17:20Chutt or how mythweb does?
17:20Chutt all they're doing is displaying exactly what the backend gives them
17:20Chutt there's no additional logic
17:20kvandivo or 6544.. that would be a real easy thing for you to look at
17:21o_cee speaking of that one..
17:21o_cee kvandivo: you or rkulagow who wrote that one? can't remember
17:21--- <<-- gfoster [] has quit ("BitchX: its not your ordinary stick of gum")
17:21kvandivo me
17:22o_cee goodie
17:22kvandivo well, i added the call. :)
17:22o_cee yeah, i know
17:22o_cee what do you think about making the part below the desc a little different
17:22o_cee like
17:22o_cee Start in: blah
17:22o_cee Recgroup: blah
17:22o_cee and whatever
17:22o_cee would be easier to add new things there
17:22kvandivo you have a 6544 i can peruse real quick?
17:23o_cee i think so
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17:23o_cee ah there you see my change as well
17:23o_cee added recgroup
17:24Chutt thor, nice response
17:24thor_ aside from the typo
17:24thor_ bah, doing too many things at once
17:24kvandivo having name:value pairs instead of the sentence structure seems reasonable to me, o_cee
17:24Chutt thor, i almost sent: This is a public mailing list, with public archives. If you don't like that, get off my list.
17:24thor_ tr("Fuck Off")
17:25Chutt heh
17:25thor_ ... one of those days ...
17:25o_cee kvandivo: easier to expand, and we could add some more info as well..
17:25kvandivo yep
17:26o_cee just wanted to make sure before starting anything ;)
17:26vuud kvandivo, thanks for the idea - I'll take a look through there... Honestly I was pursing it from the --printsched pov... I didn't think of the frontend talking to the backend...
17:27kvandivo o_cee: well, it's not like i have the ear of God or anything, but it seems quite logical to me
17:27o_cee kvandivo: :)
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17:32o_cee Chutt: the different encoding tags for xmltv.. where do i find them? think i need to specify utf-8 here
17:32--- <<-- mdz [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:32kvandivo google?
17:33o_cee can't find anything in xmltv-dtd
17:33--- ---> mdz [] has joined #mythtv
17:33o_cee about charsets at all
17:33Chutt it's xml tags
17:33Chutt not specific to xmltv
17:33Chutt mdz, hey
17:33o_cee oh.
17:33o_cee duuh
17:37o_cee can't mythfilldatabase import xml's thats utf-8?
17:41Chutt yup, it can
17:41Chutt if they're marked that they are utf-8
17:41o_cee <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <-- should be correct?
17:41mdz Chutt: hey?
17:43o_cee getting: "Error in 131:14: tag mismatch" with that..
17:46o_cee tried UTF-8 UTF8 utf-8.. i bet utf8 will work ;)
17:46Chutt just saying hi :p
17:47--- <<-- paulproteus [] has quit ("Client exiting")
17:48vuud kvandivo, the remoteutils class is pretty much what I was looking for... thanks again
17:49kvandivo don't thank me. grep and time are your friends
17:50mdz Chutt: apparently my connection was reset
17:50Chutt you read mythtv-dev today?
17:51Chutt i want someone to write that grabber :p
17:51Slaytanic Chutt: Have you checked the XMLTV-devel list?
17:51Chutt sure
17:51mdz Chutt: as do I
17:51Chutt if i can bypass xmltv, though
17:51Chutt that'd be great
17:52Chutt as there's really no need for xmltv with it
17:52mdz is there a decent C++ SOAP client library?
17:52Chutt there's a couple
17:52mdz might be better to do it as an external program anyway
17:52Chutt nothing i've used, just when i researched things last year when they first came out with stuff
17:52Chutt little external perl program to grab the data
17:52Chutt would be fine by me, though
17:53thor_ (don't know anything about it other than it exists)
17:53o_cee Chutt: got any idea why mythfill rejects that header?
17:53Chutt o_cee, nope
17:56o_cee i'm so jelous about the zap2it stuff :/
17:56kvandivo you just need to move across the pond
17:57o_cee guess so
17:59--- <<-- dja_ [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:59--- ---> dja_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:01o_cee hmm.. it uses qt:s stuff for the xml parsing, right?
18:01Chutt yup
18:01o_cee i just upgrded to 3.3
18:01o_cee might be it
18:02mdz Chutt: maybe split out the other stuff that mythfilldatabase does, from the actual import of the program info, so that part could be externalized easily
18:02mdz like pruning the old program info and what not
18:02mdz no point in reimplementing that
18:03--- <<-- bdale [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:04Chutt mdz, split it into a different file, or different program?
18:13--- ---> AAA [] has joined #mythtv
18:13--- User: *** AAA is now known as NiteOwl
18:18mdz Chutt: probably a different bit of mythfilldatabase, controlled by a command line option or something
18:19mdz then the parsing and import could be done by the external program
18:21o_cee doesn't commflag start if i end a recording?
18:24Chutt hum
18:24Chutt yeah, that could work
18:26o_cee i'm trying to figure out this commflag stuff now that i can use it with logo detection.. and i don't think it did that..
18:27Chutt o_cee, it doesn't start commflag, the program
18:27Chutt it does it internally
18:27o_cee would also be nice with an alternative like: "Start comflag" on the menu on playbackbox..
18:27o_cee hmm, okay.. didn't see any processing icon
18:28--- User: *** vuud is now known as vuud_away
18:30dja_ mdz: have you looked at the zap2it labs schema?
18:31Chutt dja, so, he's agreeing with your method
18:31dja_ I sorta caught that...I'm trying to figure out the division of labor...
18:32dja_ meaning what program would do what.
18:33Chutt if one thing downloaded and inserted the data into the database
18:33dja_ ok
18:33Chutt then mythfilldb could just call that instead of its internal 'call xmltv and parse the data' routine
18:33--- <<-- m0j0 [~m0j0@] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:34Chutt mythfilldb would still handle figuring out which days needed grabbed
18:34Chutt and when to delete old data
18:34dja_ and I was just figuring out qt's xml parsing code :)
18:34Chutt or, you could do that
18:34Chutt i don't really mind
18:34Chutt as long as the perl stuff doesn't pull in extra deps
18:34Chutt the qt-based code is nice because it's self contained
18:35dja_ yeah, the bad thing about zap2it's perl grabber is that it requirest SOAP::Lite -- which isn't in cpan. :-(
18:35dja_ requires
18:37--- <<-- Chutt [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:38--- ---> Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
18:38Chutt stupid X
18:38Chutt keeps getting into a 'i'm going to use 99% cpu and hang' state
18:39o_cee heh :/
18:40o_cee you been following the ivtv development lately Chutt?
18:40Chutt not really
18:40o_cee some very intresting progress going on
18:40o_cee seems like the tvout will finally be really good
18:41o_cee hmm, that didn't sound right but you get my point :)
18:41o_cee seems like there will be a X fb driver or something.. can't really follow it all, but it seems promising ;)
18:57--- <<-- sfr [] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:57--- ---> sfr [] has joined #mythtv
18:59mdz Chutt: have you thought about whether it's possible to unify the schema for both types of program info, or do we need two?
19:00dja_ mdz: wouldn't we lose some of the data from the zap2it labs if we did that?
19:00Chutt sure, it'd be possible to
19:01Chutt be translating the xmltv stuff into something more like the datadirect stuff internally
19:01mdz I haven't even really looked at the zap2it data
19:02mdz I looked at the example in the PDF, but didn't really get the big picture
19:03dja_ it's pretty nice, you get more info from zap2it, including actors, guest stars, producers, etc...
19:08o_cee sounds very nice indeed
19:09--- <<-- [M-M] [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:12dja_ I'd almost want to redesign the mysql program table into multiple tables (matching the zap2it schema). :-)
19:12--- ---> KeyserSoze [~Keyser@] has joined #mythtv
19:13o_cee don't forget about the rest of us :/
19:13dja_ yeah, yeah, I heard rumors that others exist...:)
19:14o_cee :\
19:16--- <<-- linagee [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:17--- <<-- sfr [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:17--- ---> linagee [] has joined #mythtv
19:17--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:19mdz dja_: shouldn't it be possible to add the new tables and still make use of the existing program table?
19:21dja_ Why would you add tables and keep the existing one? I'd think you would either want to have several tables, or modify the existing program table to have the extra info.
19:21Chutt biggest change is just the program->showtime relationship
19:21mdz right, but you could still fill the program table
19:22Chutt since it's no longer 1 to 1
19:22mdz I don't see why you would want to get rid of it, and have two versions of all that code
19:22Chutt modify it, perhaps
19:22Chutt translate the xmltv stuff into it
19:23mdz I guess translating xmltv to the new stuff is better than the other way around
19:23dja_ I think it would be cleaner (design wise) to translate the xmltv stuff into zap2it's schema.
19:24mdz you could probably do most of it in SQL
19:24Chutt well
19:24Chutt supposedly
19:24Chutt the xmltv 0.6 schema is better
19:24Chutt so stuff would have to be rewritten for that at some point in time, anyway
19:24Chutt once the grabbers switched over, at least
19:25mdz even more reason
19:25dja_ any idea on when the grabbers are due to be switched over?
19:25Chutt no time soon, as far as i know
19:25dja_ :-(
19:27dja_ I wonder if someone is working a grabber for the new zap2it site that writes xmltv 0.6 :-)
19:27Chutt check the xmltv lists
19:28dja_ that'd make life much simpler.
19:28Chutt but, i don't see why we'd want to do that
19:28Chutt we'd have to support xmltv 0.5 and 0.6 then
19:28Chutt 0.6 is as yet unfinished
19:28Chutt so...
19:34Chutt something that dumps the datadirect format into the existing db structure should be pretty easy to handle
19:34KeyserSoze dja: you around?
19:34Chutt 'course, then i'd have to write code to display actor data and stuff
19:34dja_ KeyserSoze: yup
19:34KeyserSoze i've almost got my mythtv box working, with the m179s i got from you
19:35KeyserSoze the screen goes black, though, when i try to watch live tv
19:35KeyserSoze can you think of anything special needed with the m179?
19:35o_cee Chutt: wouldn't that be good to put in a 'info' popup when watching a show? we have sometims very long descs that doesn't fit the epg or the osd..
19:35Chutt yup
19:35dja_ KeyserSoze: switch to mythtv-users, I just joined in over there :-)
19:36o_cee same thing in the epg for instance.. and like everywhere.. would be great. could have a couple of 'pages'/'tabs' with info..
19:37o_cee playbackbox as well
19:38Chutt hmm
19:38Chutt i think it's time to exercise my rights as mailing list owner and kick someone off
19:38Chutt i'm bored
19:38dja_ :)
19:39Chutt and arthur britto is on crack
19:39o_cee dumbass, heh
19:39o_cee yeah :)
19:39o_cee just read his mail
19:39o_cee Chutt: while you're at it, would you disable mails for me on -users? :)
19:39dja_ which one?
19:39Chutt his most recent one
19:39--- <<-- mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
19:40dja_ ahh
19:40--- ---> heidig [] has joined #mythtv
19:46o_cee who wrote the autoshutdown stuff cmorgan?
19:47Chutt choenig
19:47o_cee right
19:47o_cee just had an idea for that part
19:47heidig hello
19:47heidig and thank you Chutt and thor_
19:48o_cee oh so how do you come to the conclusion who to thank? just curious..
19:48heidig oh thank you o_cee
19:48heidig mikegrb told me
19:48heidig he forgot to say you as well until you said that
19:48heidig heh
19:48o_cee Chutt: having an option like: "keep it running between" so that it's always on during the evening
19:48o_cee heidig: hehe;)
19:53--- ---> brtb [] has joined #mythtv
19:55--- <<-- poptix [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:57dja_ o_cee: you're being awfully quiet on mythtv-users...:)
19:58o_cee dja: you think so yeah.. got, lemme see..8172 unread mails
19:58dja_ sorry, I meant the channel #mythtv-users
19:59o_cee ah
19:59o_cee yeah
19:59o_cee haven't got time :)
19:59o_cee atm
19:59o_cee i do help when i have time
19:59dja_ I know, just teasing...:)
20:01--- <<-- KeyserSoze [~Keyser@] has quit ("Leaving")
20:02o_cee :)
20:06--- ---> poptix [] has joined #mythtv
20:08--- <<-- poptix [] has quit (Client Quit)
20:09Slaytanic dja: o_cee is spending his time on messing with my swedish XMLTV scripts... ;)
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20:20--- ---> lmatter [] has joined #mythtv
20:20--- ---> gulliver [] has joined #mythtv
20:20--- ---> Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
20:20--- ---> Justin_ [~justin@JA2.FREEDOM.RESNET.ALBANY.EDU] has joined #mythtv
20:20--- ---> josephk [] has joined #mythtv
20:20--- ---> knight- [] has joined #mythtv
20:20--- ---> bitbyte [] has joined #mythtv
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21:38--- ---> ahbritto [] has joined #mythtv
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21:54--- ---> jams [] has joined #mythtv
22:09--- ---> YamahaBrez [] has joined #mythtv
22:09YamahaBrez *** [] Error 1
22:10YamahaBrez Can someone tell me what thats about? Or what I need to install?
22:12thor_ and/or
22:16--- ---> tmk [] has joined #mythtv
22:16tmk sup chutt.
22:17* tmk looks at the topic.. "#mythtv-users" eh.. did chutt finally cave to the pressure?
22:20thor_ not about, how's ivtv stuff coming ?
22:21--- ---> Captain_Murdoch_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:25tmk ok.. chris has been working feverishly on making the osd more stable
22:26tmk i'm too busy to do much on the project these days
22:27--- ---> paulproteus [] has joined #mythtv
22:38NiteOwl tmk: Are you Kevin, the ivtv driver maintainer?
22:38tmk yes
22:38tmk authore.. i don't maintain much these days
22:38NiteOwl Thank you for the fantastic work!
22:38tmk -e
22:38tmk :)
22:38tmk glad you like it
22:39NiteOwl I've been watching Chris' work with great interest - so far it does not seem to help any of my problems (which seem to be the ones he is working on ) BUT looks like I need Matthias' X driver patch also before I can hope to see improvement
22:40NiteOwl towards that end I'm "make World"ing write now - building X on my mythtv box - celeron 1.7ghz
22:40tmk cool
22:40NiteOwl err "right now"
22:40tmk best of luck.. the x driver is the best solution imho
22:40tmk i've not looked at the code however
22:40NiteOwl yes, wonder how long it will take...
22:40tmk you should just be able to compile the ddriver itself
22:41--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
22:41tmk and load it as a module
22:41tmk not sure you need to do all of X
22:41tmk but it probably wouldn't hurt
22:41--- <<-- Teflon [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:41NiteOwl Last week I bought the Linux Device driver book and have been reading alot - and looking at a few bits of the ivtv code - I'm hoping to be of some help but at this rate Chris should have it nailed and fixed in a few weeks
22:42NiteOwl I've never built X - suppose I should have just cded to programs/Xserver/fb and tried a build there
22:43NiteOwl cool - it's done :-)
22:44NiteOwl neeed to think careful on how to install it beside the existing X server or how to run it out of the current directory
22:44tmk :)
22:47NiteOwl looks like there is only one .a file that the fb wants to install in the modules directory
22:47--- ---> FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
22:47NiteOwl I'll just save off the old one and let it install the new one
22:47NiteOwl sound good?
22:50NiteOwl ok, done....time to reboot and try the infamous epg test - see if it still hangs
22:51* NiteOwl moving this monologoue to ivtv-dev
23:05--- <<-- YamahaBrez [] has quit ("[BX] You can breathe without BitchX, but I wouldn't recommend it")
23:26--- ---> zaQer1231 [] has joined #mythtv
23:30--- ---> subCoder [] has joined #mythtv
23:31--- <--- subCoder [] has left #mythtv ()
23:32--- ---> subCoder [] has joined #mythtv
23:32subCoder hola
23:34zaQer1231 I want to add some channels that are not provided by xmltv to my database... Anyone can point me in the right direction on how to do that ?
23:38--- <<-- subCoder [] has quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.4")
23:39--- User: *** vuud_away is now known as vuud
23:43--- ---> subCoder [] has joined #mythtv
23:45subCoder Anyone seen Isaac lately?
23:58--- ---> kwenda [] has joined #mythtv
23:59kwenda in the "Play Program" screen, where you select what you want to watch... there's the crossed out $ sign... what is that T Helix-looking thing to the right of it?
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