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00:01ofer if i were to edit the mythconverg database by adding an entry to the record, does mythbackend automatically pick that up and do stuff with it?
00:01ofer to the record table that is
00:03kwenda it won't "do stuff with it" till its time to record... but yeah
00:03ofer cool
00:03ofer thanks =)
00:06kwenda now if someone would care to enlighten me on what that helix-thing is, and why it's not there anymore, i'd appriciate it... because i think it's related to why myth isn't detecting commercials very well anymore
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00:10Captain_Murdo| no it won't, you have to tell it that there's a new entry. look in scheduledrecording.cpp in ScheduledRecording::signalChange()
00:11Captain_Murdo| kwenday, hit '1' (or F1 I think works also) on that screen for info. questions like tese are both better asked in the -users channel also.
00:12kwenda that's empty Captain_Murdoch
00:12kwenda i went there first
00:13kwenda oh, nevermind... if you double-click on topic, it sends you to #mythtv-users' <--- with single quote, since that's how it is in the topic
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00:47DJ_Rican hello all....long time no see
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01:31Octane LOL thor
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01:32bearcat channel exisits.
01:32Octane poof
01:33bearcat Can some one give me a hand?
01:33Octane not anymore
01:33bearcat Son of a!
01:33bearcat Lol.
01:33Octane what do u need help with
01:33bearcat I'm reading the installation instructions at
01:33Octane good
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01:33bearcat It tells me to run the 'mythtc set up program on your Master backend"
01:34bearcat As kinky as that sounds..what is the setup program?
01:34turk for some more install guides go here
01:34Octane the setup program can be found in your mythtv/setup directory
01:34Octane its called 'setup'
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01:35Chutt bearcat, are you installing a frontend only system?
01:35bearcat 'setup' command mot found.
01:35bearcat Chutt: no
01:35turk does anyone know if there is a filter for descrambling a channel?
01:36Octane turk: trying to watch porn?
01:36ofer hahaha
01:36Octane hi ofer
01:36turk haha no
01:36Chutt bearcat, then why are you reading the frontend only setup section?
01:37turk i have basic cable, no hbo, its scrambled
01:37bearcat Um..oh.
01:37ofer hi octane
01:37turk wondering if there was a filter for it
01:38bearcat What i installed was "The Main MythTV download" from the main page. 5.53 megs.
01:39Octane what distro are you using bearcat
01:39Chutt so read the docs.
01:39Octane linux i mean
01:39Chutt and do what they say.
01:39bearcat After compilation and a make install i have no setup file.
01:39Chutt you're not reading the docs.
01:39bearcat Octane: Sourcemage
01:40turk i'd suggest getting KnoppMyth
01:40turk simple install
01:40turk works pretty well out of box
01:40ofer fedora with atrpms is also an easy "out of box" solution
01:41Chutt actually reading the docs tends to work, as well
01:41turk depending on how linux savvy someone is
01:41bearcat Chutt: are you just here to troll? The docs I am reading are for the back-end.
01:41Chutt it tells you exactly what to type in
01:41bearcat Where?
01:41Chutt if you can't do that, you're a moron
01:41Chutt section 5, the url you said you were reading
01:41Chutt has absolutely nothing about configuring the backend.
01:42Chutt _unless_ it's a frontend only system.
01:42Chutt setting up the backend isn't until section 9
01:42bearcat Ahh..thank you.
01:42Chutt as i said
01:43Chutt read the fucking docs.
01:44Chutt it also helps to read the topic of a channel when you enter it
01:44tmk sup chutt
01:46Chutt hey, how goes
01:46tmk great
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01:46tmk just got an offer accepted on a house
01:46Chutt neat
01:46kwenda Chutt, you may want to change to topic to get the ' out of the end - MIRC is making the channel #mythtv-users' and i personally didn't notice the ' until i was in the channel alone for 30 minutes
01:47Chutt there's no ' on the end.
01:47Chutt your piece of shit irc client is adding it.
01:47turk haha
01:47kwenda well that IS stupid of it... why the hell would it do that
01:47kwenda sorry to point the finger
01:47tmk it's quoting the entire topic
01:48Chutt thor, hey, are you around?
01:48kwenda tmk, i realize that... i just cant believe it'd be so stupidly programmed as to not trim() or strip() a channel name inside the topic
01:49Chutt heh
01:49kwenda obviously it is though... and that's not an issue for this channel
01:49Chutt i like how this cd burning patch is set to run at the absolutely slowest possible speed your burner works at by default
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01:57mdz I have to thank arthur britto
01:57mdz he gave me the impetus to discover mutt's delete-subthread feature
01:57mdz it's very convenient
01:58Chutt there haven't been any more postings since mine
01:58mdz you point at the idiot and fire, and their message and all those responding to it are deleted
01:58mdz yes there has; I couldn't resist the troll
02:00Chutt heh
02:00Octane anyone here in the orkut mythtv community?
02:00Chutt you have any idea why QProcess wouldn't work?
02:00kwenda fyi, i just reported that as an mirc bug
02:00Chutt i'm not getting any data on stdout until the process ends
02:00Octane kwenda thats your script, not mirc, you can change the on topic event if you'd like
02:01kwenda octane im not running any script
02:02Octane so write one to fix it :D
02:02kwenda i know not the language of the mirc... i can do php, perl, and shell scripting... not so much with the C/C++/C#
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02:04Octane you can do more than me =D
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02:50mdz Chutt: wouldn't workhow?
02:51Chutt i'm not getting any data on stdout/stderr until after the process ends
02:51Chutt i'm calling processEvents all through it, too
02:52mdz from canReadLine* or read*?
02:52mdz or using the signals?
02:52Chutt canReadLine
02:53Chutt no signals
02:53mdz it's not writing one long line or anything is it? what's the process?
02:54Chutt well, anything
02:54Chutt that imdb grabber from before
02:54Chutt mkisofs
02:54Chutt cdrecord
02:55mdz weird, dunno
02:55mdz maybe it's broken
02:55Chutt yeah, i dunno
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02:57mdz I thought myth used qprocess somewhere already
02:57Chutt nope
02:57mdz ah, mtd uses it
02:57mdz for transcode
02:58mdz it even uses canReadLineStdout
02:58Chutt hrm
02:58Chutt that works fine
02:58Chutt only difference is that it's standalone, and this is being run in a loop
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03:24mdz what happens if a QProcess goes out of scope while it's running? does it kill the process?
03:24Chutt yeah
03:24Chutt i think
03:24Chutt but, i think it actually is working
03:24Chutt and QString::toInt is just stupid
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04:05o_cee Chutt: my .ts patch will probably not apply anymore, so don't mind it. i'll get you a new one later
04:14o_cee is there any channel for Qt?
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06:07niqo The patch from Ivor on CLE266 actually made his problem appear here, so please reverse the patch in CVS.
06:10niqo Chutt, the OSD is drawing just fine, except some flicering when updating the time box, which i belive is caused by removing the colorkeying in viaslice, better fix drawing the correct color in the guide instead
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07:32Rroet moin' all
07:41niqo morning
07:42dja Chutt: someone has written a dd2xmltv script - it converts to the 0.6 schema, so maybe we should just modify mythfilldatabase to parse the 0.6 schema.
07:42niqo have you tested latest cvs (with the patch Ivor submitted) Rroet?
07:50Rroet niqo: not yet
07:51Rroet I'm currently moving to a new home
07:51Rroet been on the viaarena forums for a while already :0
07:52Rroet I'm a bit out of time, so I've only created the ebuilds for people in need, but for the rest I'm waiting till I'm all settled
08:03Rroet currently I'm doing nothing... people here putting in the wooden floor, I'm just observing and internetting..
08:04Rroet prolly a good time to try some stuff out on the epia.. (yeah, I haven't moved yet.. but the epia is up and running already)
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08:24niqo Rroet, sounds good! Congrats on the new place..
08:29Rroet jup.
08:29Rroet nice caps:
08:39niqo very nice!
09:00thor_ <Chutt> thor, hey, are you around? <-- I'm assuming that was for QProcess stuff that got resolved ?
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09:21gulliver hi all
09:22gulliver one question: is there an easy way, to set a value in a module, which is available to all it's subscreens (for example an integer in mythmusic which can be accesed by every subscreen?)
09:23gulliver I am not sure about that, because the module doesn't seem to have a general class, and a global var wouldn't be a good solution would it?
09:23thor_ gContext->setSetting(), gContext->getSetting() (if you want persistence)
09:24gulliver thor_: this would be a setting in the database, wouldn't it? - I only need a value which is newly selected on loading of the module
09:25rkulagow chutt:latest CVS doesn't compile:
09:25rkulagow make[2]: Entering directory `/home/mythtv/mythtv/libs/libmythtv'
09:25rkulagow g++ -c -pipe -Wall -W -g `freetype-config --cflags` -D_REENTRANT -fPIC -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -DPREFIX=\"/usr/local\" -DMMX -DUSING_IVTV -DUSING_XV -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -I/usr/lib/qt3//mkspecs/default -I. -I/usr/local/include -I../libmyth -I.. -Idvbdev -I../libavcodec -I/usr/lib/qt3//include -o filtermanager.o filtermanager.cpp
09:25rkulagow filtermanager.cpp: In member function `VideoFilter* FilterManager::LoadFilter(FilterInfo*, FrameType_, FrameType_, int&, int&, char*)':
09:25thor_ yup
09:25rkulagow filtermanager.cpp:480: error: invalid conversion from `char*' to `int'
09:25rkulagow filtermanager.cpp:480: error: initializing argument 2 of `QString QString::arg(const QString&, int) const'
09:25rkulagow make[2]: *** [filtermanager.o] Error 1
09:25gulliver thor_: is there a way to do is for a temporary value in a clean way?
09:25niqo rkulagow: there is a patch on -dev, it's 3.1 compat problem
09:26thor_ gulliver, well, you can just add to the constructors
09:26rkulagow ah, the "error of compile" message.
09:26thor_ main.cpp calculates an int, new PlaybackBox() gets an extra int
09:26niqo yea
09:27gulliver thor_: yes, but I have to store the int in main, to pass it to all the sub-screens, and I don't see an elegant way for that?
09:28thor_ you may need to pass it around a bit from plugin::init()
09:29thor_ if it's mythmusic specific, the all_metadata object is already getting created in main and passed to everything, maybe put it in there
09:29thor_ hard to say without knowing what you want to do
09:30gulliver ah ok the all_metadata thing should do it.
09:31gulliver the thing is the following: I want to do the music-playing on another machine than the frontend, mythmusic plays the files directly, so it only can play on it's frontend. now I want to connect to a server which I can select from a list which is shown every time, I start mythmusic
09:31gulliver it's a somewhat special solution, and I don't think anyone else could need it, but I do (c;
09:32thor_ see mfd
09:32thor_ :-)
09:32gulliver thor_: I read some lines about that on the mailinglist, but not much. where can I find some info about it?
09:35gulliver sounds interesting, but really complex in comparison of my little solution!
09:35thor_ heh
09:36gulliver so, thanks for your hint, I'll play with that later today, have tennis-training now! cya later
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09:39mikegrb Copyright (c) 1066 by Ingvar The Impudent, All Rights Reserved,...
09:39mikegrb thor_: you are my hero!
09:39mikegrb I'm so glad that thread took that turn
09:39mikegrb as soon as I saw that in his first message I was thinking holy shite, is this guy for real
09:41thor_ heh
09:42thor_ wished the thread had turned back to someone saying they had a patch for implementing the data feed :-)
09:43mikegrb indeed
09:43mikegrb Pardon me, I thought this was the 'mythtv-dev' mailing list. Please stop
09:43mikegrb wasting everyone's time.
09:43thor_ heh
09:43mikegrb isaac is my hero too!
09:43o_cee Chutt: you awake?
09:43thor_ he was up pretty late
09:44o_cee Slaytanic is writing a new grabber thingie for sweden..
09:44* mikegrb gives Chutt and thor_ giant yummy cupcakes, muffins, and other yummy fattey goodies
09:44o_cee you think it'd be better to make the format the new zap2it labs style?
09:44o_cee mikegrb: that reminds me, i've got some really nice choclate! couldn't eat it yesterday (on my birthday, heh)
09:44o_cee and my frikkin avl tree is FINALLY DONE
09:45thor_ haven't really looked at it ...
09:45o_cee plus i'll get my new internetconnection in a month with 12/9mbit. yeeah
09:45kvandivo ahh.. you had to write one, o_cee ? i remember doing that oh so many years ago
09:45o_cee thor_: k.. there's some problems with xmltv listning right? i mean restrictions
09:45o_cee kvandivo: yeah.. and it wasn't nice
09:45thor_ not rich data, restricted relationships between data elements
09:45o_cee but it's really beautiful now :)
09:46kvandivo does it balance and all that stuff?
09:46o_cee thor_: and since there will be support for the new format it would probably be wiser to make it compatible with that one? since we're regexping out stuff like actor as well
09:46o_cee kvandivo: yepp
09:46o_cee :)
09:46kvandivo add and delete, or just add?
09:47o_cee add and delete
09:47o_cee and write to file, and read from file
09:47* kvandivo shrugs.
09:47thor_ o_cee, fix GenericTree
09:47o_cee and a iterator as well :)
09:47o_cee thor_: riiiiight
09:47o_cee what's wrong with it?
09:47thor_ should have multiple paths based on different integer values
09:47o_cee now it's time for a hash table thingie.. ah well, need choclat first
09:48o_cee thor_: a graph thingie?
09:48thor_ (so you don't have to resort the tree to find the next node under a different sorting order)
09:48o_cee wouldn't it be better to use a graph or hashtable for that?
09:48o_cee i got the feeling trees sucks after doing this.. heh
09:49thor_ possibly
09:49o_cee haven't done multiway trees
09:49thor_ heh
09:49o_cee or whateever they're called
09:49thor_ basic problem is that I wrote it, and I don't really know what I'm doing
09:50o_cee nothing wrong with that
09:50thor_ but ti works well enough that Chutt hasn't been forced to rip it out :-)
09:50o_cee :]
09:50o_cee finished downgrading to qt-3.2.3 now.. time to recompile myth..
09:51o_cee i ckecked out a fresh cvs copy as well that i'll have as _the_ cvs tree.. without my own changes :)
09:52o_cee 3.3 wasn't working well.. i hope that was the reason at least
09:54o_cee thor_: that program for spdif.. seems to be able to use it just like this: mpegspdif -DSPDIF smpl.mp3 = use ALSA device 'SPDIF' to play smpl.mp3
09:54o_cee just need to get the adapter and upgrade alsa so i get spdif workin
10:01thor_ well, if you can get it working, should not be too much trouble to get it into mythmusic
10:01o_cee neat
10:05o_cee dammit i want the converter now.. :/
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10:05o_cee no.
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11:28o_cee rkulagow: "Standardize on Space/Enter as action key rather than Enter/Space." <-- wouldn't it be better to use "Select" since its customizable?
11:29* o_cee is away, food
11:30rkulagow o_cee: sure, that makes sense. one thing at a time though. :)
11:31rkulagow right now all of the keys.txt stuff uses the default keybindings. technically, they could all be changed, but that might complicate things.
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12:49gulliver_away| ok, I have a new problem now. If I want to pass the integer thorugh all the functions, I need to read it out in the main.cpp. But I can't make a handledtreelist in the main-menu, can I?
12:50gulliver_away| so I need to make a new screen for selecting the server, but this can't send the selected value back, or at least don't I have an idea how to do that
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13:13rkulagow chutt: docs sync please. also, please note that there are now four graphics files: stop.{png,eps} and warning.{png,eps}
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14:07niqo /part #mythtv-users
14:08niqo ups
14:16o_cee rkulagow: yeah :) just make a note at the top that they're all customizable or something.. and.. why does it say both R and r on record? always been wondering that
14:16racer o_cee?
14:16o_cee racer?
14:17racer think you can help me
14:17o_cee with what
14:17o_cee scratch your ass?
14:17racer in the past there was a shutdown option when you quit mythtv
14:17racer :)
14:17o_cee yeah, there was. you need to read the docs about autoshutdown
14:17racer i have back and front on same machine so this option is gone
14:18racer this is what chutt told me
14:18racer but because you made the theme i thought maybe you can help me by telling me how to add a option to the menu
14:19o_cee not controlled via the theme
14:20racer but there are .xml files where the different menu options are
14:20racer i tried to change them, to add a extra function :) no success
14:21racer ok will have a look at the autoshutdown in the docs because i did not look at them yet, sorry :(
14:22o_cee good girl
14:22racer bad mother!
14:23o_cee heh
14:23racer :)
14:23racer why are you guys allways so helpfull?
14:25josephk_ you think they're helpful here? try the user mailing list
14:25josephk_ hehe
14:25racer i see in the doc's under conditions for shutdown: no client is connected to the server
14:25racer mine has back and front on same machine
14:26racer so thats a problem i think
14:26o_cee yeah, so you need to write a patch
14:27racer heh, yeah could have known this answer :(
14:27josephk_ where do I download g.a.n.t.o.s.d.
14:27racer you're infected with the 'CHUTT' virus!
14:27racer its on the webpage under themes :)
14:27o_cee josephk_: ?
14:27racer next to the VISOROSD theme on the same page
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14:28racer :)
14:28josephk_ OSD
14:28racer yeah thats what i mean!
14:29josephk_ there are no OSD's listed thee
14:29josephk_ there
14:29racer i asked several times for the VISOR OSD, chutt and all you others told me to go there
14:29racer its not there
14:29racer :)
14:29josephk_ well I actually do want a gant osd
14:30racer thought you were joking, sorry!
14:30racer who does'nt
14:30josephk_ I was
14:30o_cee josephk_: well that's nice to know
14:30racer make a patch!
14:30racer :)
14:30josephk_ I'll make a patch!
14:30josephk_ lol
14:31josephk_ well I guess I can try to make it...of course I wouldn't want you pissed at me o_cee
14:31o_cee josephk_: if you have any ideas, let me know
14:32racer ideas? well an OSD in g.A.n.T theme would be nice
14:32josephk_ I think I should just make my own theme, and create an osd for it...that way no one can yell at me
14:32josephk_ :)
14:32racer josephk for president!!!
14:33josephk_ ok seriously, I think I'll try it
14:34racer GL! :)
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15:49rkulagow chutt: did you see my earlier reqquest about the docs sync and how there are now 4 graphics files that go along with it?
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16:33Chutt rkulagow, docs updated
16:33rkulagow chutt: thanks.
16:34rkulagow chutt: graphics are broken. there are some png and eps files that go along with it now.
16:34Chutt those are there
16:34rkulagow hrmm. getting the broken link things. let me check.
16:34Chutt hrm, maybe not
16:35Chutt ok, now they're there
16:35rkulagow ok, let me check.
16:36rkulagow yay
16:36rkulagow i wonder if the double "stop" will make people realize that their ATI AIW card won't work with mythtv.
16:36rkulagow (section 3)
16:37Chutt heh
16:37Chutt hardly
16:37thor_ what about VE?
16:37rkulagow did you see that "error of compile" mail in -dev? CVS won't compile because of something in videofilters
16:37kvandivo unlikely.. you should have went with bold, blink, and a larger font..
16:37Chutt 'but ATI TV Wonders work!'
16:37Chutt rkulagow, it's a qt 3.1 compatability issue
16:37Chutt i'll get it fixed tonight
16:38rkulagow i'll have to see if i can get "marching ants" working. also, a dancing bananna.
16:43--- <<-- Drikus [] has quit ("toedeledoki")
16:51--- ---> Snappi [] has joined #mythtv
16:54--- <--- curreyr_ [] has left #mythtv ()
16:54--- ---> pcjabber [] has joined #mythtv
16:59--- ---> jbeimler [] has joined #mythtv
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17:01--- <<-- DJ_Rican [] has quit (Connection timed out)
17:40o_cee rkulagow: <-- their howtos looks pretty good.. that's just simple css to do that.. i like the way the present code snipplets for example, and also Note, Important and Warning.. makes it very clear and clean imo
17:40o_cee just a tthought :)
17:48--- <<-- Chutt [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:58--- <<-- bitbytebit [~test@] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:08--- ---> o_c [] has joined #mythtv
18:16--- <<-- o_cee [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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18:27--- Netsplit over, joins: jbeimler
18:28thor_ Chutt, I'm adding #include <unistd.h> to mythmusic source with usleep() in it
18:28o_c thor_: that rendevouz proxy, is there one for windows? thought i could try to get it running at schol
18:28o_c oh hi
18:28--- User: *** o_c is now known as o_cee
18:29thor_ that same Apple code should compile on Windows I think
18:29o_cee okay
18:30o_cee what was the nameof that file, you remember?
18:30--- ---> sc00p_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:30thor_ mDNSResponder
18:31o_cee ah missed this one
18:31o_cee mDNSWindows
18:38rkulagow o_cee: i took a look. do you know if the gentoo people use some sort of source file that generates that? the reason i've stayed with linuxdoc is because one source file gives me HTML, TXT and PDF.
18:38--- ---> jfm__ [] has joined #mythtv
18:38--- ---> brtb [] has joined #mythtv
18:38o_cee no idea
18:38o_cee but wouldn't it just be a matter of applying a css to your html?
18:38--- ---> poptix [] has joined #mythtv
18:38--- ---> NiteOwl [] has joined #mythtv
18:39o_cee no idea how linuxdoc works
18:39--- ---> Sir-Al [~EXiT@] has joined #mythtv
18:40rkulagow o_cee: i'm parsing through their "docs for docs writers" stuff.
18:43--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
18:47rkulagow chutt: do you care about the description for "W", which is to cycle through the various zoom modes?
18:47rkulagow (in keys.txt and the docs)
18:49--- ---> KeyserLaptop [] has joined #mythtv
18:55--- <<-- KeyserSoze [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:55--- <<-- niqo [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:57--- ---> bdale [] has joined #mythtv
19:07o_cee good night
19:10--- ---> hgebel [] has joined #mythtv
19:11hgebel I am having problems with the cable tuner on my pvr-250. I am using ivtv version 0.1,9 wit the 2.6 patch and kernel version 2.6.3 (using the gentoo sources, not sure what patches they are using) Whenever I try to read from /dev/video0 all I get is snow, and no sound. I tried changing the frequency both with and manually with test_ioctl. I have tried many different channels and I tried putting the cable into a TV to make sure
19:11hgebel nothing wrong with the cable. Can anyone help me out?
19:15billytwowilly| is there more than /dev/video0? Maybe a /dev/video1 and what not?
19:17hgebel There is a video32
19:17solarce[h] try that
19:18--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:19--- <<-- sfr [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:21--- ---> [M-M] [] has joined #mythtv
19:21hgebel video32 didn't work
19:21billytwowilly| I don't know then. sorry.
19:21--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Leaving")
19:21--- ---> jeff_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:22thor_ M-M, dude! way to sue Apple
19:22solarce[h] heh
19:23thor_ hgebel, quite possibly wrong tuner setting and or wrong tuner module loaded
19:24[M-M] hehe
19:26hgebel The only tuner module I am using is the bttv tuner (I think anyway; I'm using tuner.ko from the 2.6 source tree) how do I check/change tuner settings
19:28rkulagow chutt: here?
19:29[M-M] there
19:29* [M-M] snickers
19:30--- <<-- hgebel [] has quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.9")
19:30--- <<-- mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
19:31--- ---> Northpoint [] has joined #mythtv
19:34--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
19:43--- <<-- Northpoint [] has quit ("Leaving")
19:50--- ---> Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
19:50--- <<-- Snappi [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:52rkulagow chutt: how do you feel about the explicit "play" patch? i know you said there's no default keybinding, meaning you've got to go to mythweb, but does that mean that it should not be included in keys.txt? also, are there other functions with no default?
19:54Chutt i think it'd be confusing to have it
19:54Chutt which is why i left it off the defaults
19:54Chutt i don't think there's any others that don't have a default keybinding
19:54Chutt aside from jumppoints
19:57--- <<-- Chutt [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:57--- ---> Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
19:58Chutt blah
19:58Chutt rkulagow, did you say anything in response?
20:01--- <--- jbeimler [] has left #mythtv ()
20:09bline he didnt
20:11--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
20:24--- <<-- KeyserLaptop [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:27--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
20:32thor_ Chutt, was that page for me last night on QProcess stuff ?
20:36--- <<-- jeff_ [] has quit ("Well it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye!")
20:36--- ---> FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
20:39--- ---> KeyserSoze [] has joined #mythtv
20:41Chutt thor, actually, no, it was about converting arbitrary music files to .wav =)
20:41thor_ heh
20:41Chutt the 'burn audio cd' part of the patch just exec's lame
20:41Chutt to generate .wav files
20:41thor_ ah
20:41Chutt and, well, that's rather lame =)
20:41thor_ yup
20:42thor_ bottom of that does it
20:42thor_ you want me to look at the mythmusic stuff ?
20:43thor_ (well, does ogg, flac, and wma)
20:43Chutt ah, you reimplemented things
20:43thor_ yeah
20:43thor_ dumb
20:43Chutt i wonder how hard it'd be to get the existing decoders doing it
20:44thor_ right way to do it, definitely
20:44thor_ just trying to get something working here, then I want to go back and redo a bunch of things
20:44thor_ that's one of them
20:44Chutt heh
20:44Chutt yeah
20:44Chutt ok, cool
20:44Chutt i may steal that as a temporary measure
20:44thor_ so I'd get to it eventually .... but I can move it up the list of you like
20:44thor_ if you like
20:45Chutt naw, continue however you'd like :p
20:45thor_ although the stuff in httpresponse is bad, it's simple to steal :-)
20:45thor_ all one function
20:45thor_ heh
20:45Chutt yeah
20:46thor_ there's a couple oddities in that though, cause it has to know the wav file size up front and quickly
20:46Chutt yeah
20:47Chutt ah well
20:47Chutt i'll play more with things tonight
20:50thor_ should really just be able to use the decoder factory and add a QFile as an output device ....
20:59--- ---> niqo [] has joined #mythtv
21:08--- <<-- KeyserSoze [] has quit ("Client exciting")
21:10niqo o_cee: gotten around to look at the nw patch i sent?
21:15niqo any thoughts/ideas on how RemoteEncoder might be protected from disconnects/sudden disruptions?
21:28niqo thor, around?
21:28thor_ yup
21:28niqo been thinking about the mfd
21:28thor_ (waiting for dja's houseplants to arrive)
21:29niqo he have not fedex' em to you yet?
21:29thor_ claims they're dead
21:30niqo yea, there was that 'i own you' thread :)
21:30niqo rediculus
21:31thor_ abtholutely
21:31niqo anyways, was thinking about (dvb) radio services and how they would best fit in somewhere
21:32thor_ this is audio only on dvb receiving equipment ?
21:32niqo yeah
21:32thor_ heh
21:32thor_ mess
21:32niqo huh?
21:32thor_ mythbackend wants the card sometimes
21:32thor_ mfd would like it for audio only
21:33thor_ that correct ?
21:33niqo agree, what would it take to merge mfd/mythbackend to a mythdeamon?
21:33niqo yes, and would need some coordination
21:33thor_ easier to have mythbackend say when it wants it
21:33niqo could probably be solved by making the mfd talk to mythbackend
21:34thor_ mfd could query backend and pop resources into and out of existence as the card is free
21:34niqo what if the recorders in mythbackend was exposed to mfd
21:34thor_ "exposed" as in answers queries about what's used/about to be in use makes sense
21:35niqo mfd could serve (theoretically) video also, right?
21:35thor_ that's the plan
21:37niqo so what if the mfd got a mythbackend provider plugin (does that make sense)?
21:37thor_ it will have to speak to mythbackend at some point
21:38thor_ but I have no idea how that will proceed
21:38thor_ (just haven't thought about it)
21:38niqo also, i remeber some conversation about you splitting out the 'discovery' part in mfd..
21:38niqo so if that was put in mythbackend..
21:38thor_ mfd already does automagic service discovery (?)
21:39niqo yes, but to avoid polling the db for the master backend, the mfd would search the network for it
21:40niqo but that would limit multiple 'myth networks'
21:40niqo scratch the last suggestion...
21:41thor_ well, until mythbackend implements zeroconfig, it's just going to read mysql.txt and ask the database
21:41niqo yea, and it would probably be best for now anyways
21:41thor_ yup
21:42thor_ unless you've got a patch to the scheduling algorithm that is completely peer based and has no notion of a master backend :-)
21:42niqo mmm
21:43niqo every backend would do zeroconfig and discover other backends channels/cards :)
21:43niqo love that!
21:43thor_ discovery is very simple
21:43thor_ deciding who's in charge is hard
21:44niqo do it the ppl way, do an election...
21:44thor_ you could do it like ethernet (someone puts there hand up first)
21:44thor_ the point is
21:45thor_ you need to schedule recordings
21:45thor_ and that's really hard to do already
21:45niqo have not had the guts to have a look at the scheduler yet
21:46niqo but, would it not be much of the same...
21:46thor_ dunno, I look at it every now and then and swoon with confusion
21:46niqo one backend goes up and decides that it's the primary backend
21:47niqo then that would be as before
21:47niqo if another backend comes up, it will discover the primary and go into secondary mode (and thus not be in charge of scheuling)
21:48niqo the secondary backend(s) would poll the primary regulary, and if the primary goes down, an election would be performed to determine the primary
21:49thor_ there are lots of ways to do it in principal, but it's all academic until someone does it :-)
21:50niqo what order should i look at the mfd sources to get up to speed?
21:50thor_ on which aspect, zeroconfig/discovery ? or something else ?
21:51niqo the mythbackend plugin
21:51thor_ heh, there isn't one ... look at the discwatcher plugin to see a simple plugin
21:52niqo functionality first, perfection later :)
21:52thor_ don't look at the dummy plugin
21:52niqo i'm in the audio plugin right now
21:52thor_ audio's fine, just doesn't do very much
21:53thor_ the discwatcher at least inserts metadata into the master metadata server as it finds it
21:53niqo that is one part thats needed..
21:56niqo ups, my wireless card stalled,,
21:57niqo Thanks a lot for your help and insight Thor!
21:57thor_ yup
21:58* niqo is off to try to comprehend the mfd method..
22:01--- ---> ahbritto [] has joined #mythtv
22:22niqo thor, your last name is scandinavian...or most probably norwegian (old)?
22:28--- <<-- Chutt [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:28--- ---> Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
22:32--- ---> srl [] has joined #mythtv
22:36thor_ icelandic
22:36thor_ (origin)
22:37--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
22:45niqo aha! gamalnorsk.. ;)
22:46niqo i'm in mfd.cpp, don't you hate >80 char lines, or would you like a patch (do it as i go..)?
22:46thor_ doesn't bother me, pisses off Chutt ... should be < 80
22:47niqo i'm for that standard, kindof worked in..
22:48niqo also i don't much like the use of numeric constants in customEvent & log
22:48niqo i'm not actually complaing, only observing...
22:49thor_ they should not be in customEvent, that should be a define/enum somewhere
22:49thor_ the log stuff is just a number between 1 and 10
22:50niqo so, for the log stuff, would not log_(debug|..|warning|..|error) kind of value be worth it?
22:50thor_ heh
22:51thor_ well, you run with a logging level ... ./mfd -l x
22:51niqo =)
22:51thor_ and I'm constantly changing them around
22:51thor_ depending on what's broken
22:51niqo that's a good point
22:52thor_ stuff that worked well the first time I wrote it tends to have almost no logging :-)
22:52niqo would be easy to walk over them, and even doing a enum starting at 100 when changing it =)
22:52thor_ could certainly be improved upon, but not quit at the top of my list
22:52thor_ quite
22:53niqo aha
22:53niqo i see clearly now
22:59niqo as i passed throught parseTokens, i thought of making a list of tokens with helptext and function pointer..but i'm probably rambling by now :)
23:05--- <<-- Magick [] has quit ("BitchX-1.0c16 -- just do it.")
23:06niqo thor, i'm through mfd.cpp for the first time, would you like a diff to your mailbox (only cosmetics)?
23:12niqo wow, that serversocket was simple and direct..
23:15niqo pluginmanager.cpp:40; there is three optional :p
23:29--- <<-- DogBoy [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:31niqo the sync calls in RingBuffer should really be removed, so that the kernel can do priority scheduling itself, instead of beeing forced to write the buffer!!
23:35thor_ diff good
23:35--- User: *** solarce[h] is now known as solarce
23:38niqo k
23:38--- ---> Captain_Murdoch_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:49--- ---> Teflon [~rhooper@] has joined #mythtv
---Logclosed Wed Feb 25 00:00:07 2004