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00:12niqo would patches against cvs that might be to hars in error checking (ie. not retry untill blood runs) be accepted?
00:12niqo Chutt, guess the above q. was for u..
00:18* niqo go Bush (whomans bush)!! =)
00:22niqo damn, bought a crappy tv, serliously need to get a refund on this low end 100hz..
00:23* niqo yeah, i'm bored, lonely, and whatever word that would describe a person on his own..
00:23* niqo needs to find a mate!! pathetic!!
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01:06NiteOwl what is mfd??
01:07thor_ more free decoders ?
01:07NiteOwl really? what's included?
01:09thor_ much faster debugging ?
01:10thor_ myriad fantastic diversions ?
01:10NiteOwl ok very funny -
01:10NiteOwl if you don't want to tell me...i could look at the sources from cvs
01:11thor_ muchos fantastic decision
01:11NiteOwl much fanfare dud or dude
01:12NiteOwl mother f*n design
01:12thor_ mother f*n disaster
01:12NiteOwl :)
01:14NiteOwl myth front end demon - nah
01:15thor_ my, fast deduction
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01:21thor_ mmm .... frustrated dilettante
01:23* mikegrb passes thor_ a donught
01:23thor_ heh
01:23thor_ hmmm
01:24thor_ mighty fine donught !
01:25mikegrb it is
01:25mikegrb krispy kreme
01:25thor_ more fat deposits
01:26thor_ (I really have to stop doing this)
01:26mikegrb more fishey deaths
01:29paulproteus I just upgraded to 0.14 by mdz's Debian packages, and I just installed MythNews.
01:29paulproteus I get:
01:29paulproteus MythNews: Error in loading Sites from DB
01:29paulproteus Everything else seems to have moved over fine.
01:29paulproteus I stress I didn't have MythNews installed before (in my 0.13 install), but now I do.
01:32paulproteus Oh, I have to pick the news feed in the configuration menu, that's all.
01:32mikegrb silly paulproteus
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05:12gulliver good morning all
05:12gulliver I am still playing around with the mythmusic module...
05:12gulliver now I am looking at the CD-part
05:13gulliver in the playlists.cpp in PlaylistsContainer::writeTree(), the cd_playlist part is outcommented, has this any special reason?
05:14Dibblah Uncomment it and find out, I'm guessing ;)
05:16gulliver hmm, the code doesn't really look, like it even could work....
05:26gulliver I really can't find how the cd is read out....
06:16gulliver can someone tell me who did the cd part of mythmusic?
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06:47gulliver nobody awake?
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10:52o_cee niqo: you've got mail
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12:44niqo o_cee: i'll look into it sometime..
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12:56dmitry good morning all.
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13:12gulliver hi dmitry
13:18dmitry any idea why mythweb output dates in a crappy format? i looked at the list and tried the suggestions, but it doesn't work
13:18gulliver sry, never had a look at mythweb
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14:03quink_ any of you know if avermedia tv tuners wiht hardware mpeg encoding are supported?
14:09dja quink: check out the topic :-)
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14:10quink_ feh
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15:09niqo yeah, reverse the old first
15:09o_cee oookay
15:09niqo ups :)
15:09o_cee hehe
15:10o_cee didn't you see it at your computer btw?
15:10niqo when you mentioned it, yes
15:11o_cee k
15:11o_cee :)
15:11o_cee i wasn't 100% sure i saw what i thought i did
16:00gulliver what do I have to do, to make a ManagedTreeList the "active_node"?
16:08gulliver forget it... really stupid question (c;
16:08Chutt mdz, hey, can you make what you just committed compile without X?
16:09mdz Chutt: is there already a macro I can use?
16:09Chutt QWS?
16:09Chutt maybe
16:10Chutt oh, and something for win32
16:11Chutt i think QWS works well enough, though
16:11Chutt see utils.cpp
16:11Chutt in libmyth
16:13sfr one shouldn't upgrade mysql while watching tv :) got that in the backend logs: CoDulBd n'Et firrndo arn y( chKainneclsk iDantabase) th:e databQuaesre, y pleawasse: make SsuELre EC
16:14mdz Chutt: util.cpp seems to use QWS only; does that handle win32 as well?
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16:15Chutt it must
16:15Chutt sfr, heh
16:20mdz Chutt: done
16:20mdz didn't test it or anything like that
16:21Chutt that's fine
16:21Chutt thanks =)
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16:31billytwowilly| anyone on bell expressvu?
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16:36niqo thor_: in mythvideo/; there is a copy/paste error on line 19
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17:04mdz Chutt: you running myth under 2.6 anywhere yet?
17:04Chutt nope
17:04mdz Chutt: I think that weird tuner problem (which has reappeared by the way) is i2c related
17:04mdz so I'm thinking of trying 2.6 to see if it's fixed
17:04Chutt i'm still not planning on using 2.6 until .10 or so
17:04mdz that's the one where I get the wrong audio input
17:05Chutt ah
17:05mdz if I unload and reload the driver, it seems to fix it for a while
17:05mdz it looks like the thing which handles the switch uses i2c
17:06o_cee sfr: you get funny errors if you upgrade QT as well :)
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17:08sfr maybe it's time to add an easter-egg to mythtv?
17:08o_cee Chutt: i found some issues with the 350 tvout.. if craps if you have pip up (it actually looks really good now with the "new" drivers, quite usable) when you get up the epg.. guess it could turn of pip or something. also, it didn't like chaning channel with X in the epg. also, all hell broke loose when i had the epg up and the popup asking what you want to do when a recording starts.. just thought you might want to know about them, know you
17:08o_cee 're busy :)
17:09o_cee i hope anyone could make anything out of that, hhe
17:11o_cee and starting a rec from the epg with livetv running also crapped.. that might be ivtv related tho
17:32o_cee thor_: you here?
17:36thor_ yup
17:36o_cee hi
17:36thor_ hey
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17:47thor_ <niqo> thor_: in mythvideo/; there is a copy/paste error on line 19
17:47thor_ mythvideo fix done
17:47thor_ (mfd)
17:49niqo cool :)
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18:05mdz Chutt: what do you think about splitting out date from time in the program table?
18:06mdz Chutt: it would speed up the scheduler query a whole lot
18:07Chutt i'd be ok with that
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18:08mdz right now it can't use any indexes
18:08Chutt feel free to change things =)
18:08mdz because of that TIME_TO_SECS and TO_DAYS and what not
18:09mdz if we're going to need to change the schema for zap2it, we should definitely do this also
18:09Chutt yeah
18:09Chutt heh, this bites
18:10o_cee you guys think it'd be best to write a new grabber in xmltv or zap2it format?
18:10Chutt bought a new harddrive for my production machine
18:10Chutt o_cee, xmltv
18:10Chutt and i can't mount the drive close enough to the other harddrive to use the same ide cable
18:10o_cee just thought since you guys will be putting in nice support for zap2it
18:10o_cee Chutt: :/
18:10Chutt and if i mount the drive elsewhere, the power cables don't reach
18:10Chutt time for a trip to the store
18:10mdz I dunno, something will have to happen to provide the motivation
18:11kvandivo do what i do, just let the drive hang at some random place in the case.
18:11kvandivo just don't shake the machine
18:11mdz like zap2it's web interface being down for a week while the data direct service stays up
18:11Chutt kvandivo, heh
18:11Chutt actually, that'd work
18:12kvandivo works for me..
18:12lmatter d
18:13Chutt i'm just going to go see if best buy has any 3.5"->5.25" adapters
18:13Chutt first :p
18:14mdz Chutt: has somebody already written a simple command-line tool to grab one day's data?
18:15mdz (from data direct)
18:15Chutt there's one provided by them
18:15mdz hmm, didn't see it
18:16mdz it's mentioned in the forum, but where is it actually available?
18:17Chutt tools section, 'perl client'
18:17mdz I have no Tools section
18:17mdz maybe I'm not uber-elite enough
18:17* kvandivo whistles softly to himself.
18:17mdz under 'using the data', I have Overview, Specifications and FAQ
18:18mdz circumstantial evidence says that there should be a Tools entry in that menu
18:18Chutt in the forums
18:18mdz oh hell
18:18Chutt tools subforum
18:18mdz why is everything a forum?
18:19Chutt because people are dumb
18:19Chutt anyway, back in a bit =)
18:20mdz heh
18:21mdz I like the "parseXTVD" function in that perl script
18:21mdz which, contrary to its name, doesn't parse shit
18:21Matt ok, if I've got a programme recording, and I edit postroll in the db, is that going to actually affect the length of the recording?
18:21Matt cause it's just started, and the beeb is running slow
18:22thor_ more forums demanded
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18:27* kvandivo 's ears perk up.
18:28kvandivo forums? someone wanting to talk about forums?
18:28kvandivo we definitely need forums.. definitely..
18:28thor_ many frequent discussions
18:28kvandivo and that makes it law
18:29* mikegrb forums kvandivo
18:30mikegrb forums in lynx are even worse then forums in firebird
18:45Matt lol
18:45Matt it's kvandivo here too
18:50o_cee [Matt] (matt@matt.staff.freenode) <-- ah maybe we should help this one ;)
18:50o_cee i think the end late will kick in
18:50o_cee but do it from adv screen so that it'll notice it, not in the db directly
18:50Matt well I've slapped it on, so we'll see :&)
18:50Matt ah
18:50Matt ok
18:51Matt I'll have a poke
18:51o_cee :)
18:51Matt it's recording the sting, it'd be a shame to lose the last 2 mins cause the beeb are running late
18:51o_cee sting? beeb? :)
18:51Matt "The Sting"
18:51Matt it's a classic movie :&)
18:52Matt and beeb == BBC
18:52o_cee right ;)
18:52o_cee oh
18:52o_cee well then i learned two new things today
18:52Matt heh
18:52o_cee 1973.. haven't seen it
18:53Matt you should :&)
18:54o_cee i will if i see its on
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19:09mikegrb o_cee: don't listen to Matt
19:09mikegrb o_cee: he is a negative influence
19:10* Matt thwaps mike
19:11Matt watch it you :&)
19:11billytwowilly| heh, as long as noone pulls out those darn trout loved and hated by mirc users I can stay in this chan comfortably;)
19:12Chutt heh
19:12Chutt neither best buy nor circuit city even had any cheap harddrive coolers in stock that i could rip apart
19:14billytwowilly| out of curiousity, what do you need that's inside a hard drive cooler?
19:14niqo where would be the best place to create ~/.mythtv if it does not exsist?
19:15mikegrb umm
19:15mikegrb probably in ~/.mythtv
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19:16Chutt the 3.5"->5.25" adapter bits
19:17niqo mikegrb: mythfrontend does not create it..
19:18niqo mythvideo does though :)
19:18mikegrb niqo: check topic
19:18niqo hmm, i'm going to patch the damn code, only want adwise on where in libmyth it would be best to place it!!
19:19mikegrb ~/.mythtv isn't necessary
19:19niqo hmmm, it creates a image scaling cache on startup, but you're probably running 800x600
19:20mikegrb yes
19:20Chutt mythfilldatabase creates it.
19:20mikegrb yes
19:20mikegrb :p
19:22niqo and setup..but that does not solve running mythtv with multiple users!
19:22mdz !!!!
19:22niqo i'll do as setup does, and do it in main.cpp somewhere
19:23mikegrb running it as different users is not the norm
19:24mikegrb people not following the norm need to be prepared to have to do things differently
19:24niqo it's the norm to create a ~/.<whatever> if it does not exists
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19:57heidig ummmmmmmmmmm
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20:54_rkulagow that's pretty sexy if matt white's patch for running mythfilldatabase from within mythbackend works well.
20:56* mikegrb sexies _rkulagow
21:05thor_ mythfilldatabase from daemon
21:05thor_ major feature development
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21:07_rkulagow gotta go watch "the O.C." bbl.
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21:15soapee01 does anyone here know if ivtv works with standard debian kernel-images?
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21:33thor_ has been myth dotted
21:37Chutt yay, 197GB free on my production machine's video directory =)
21:38mikegrb shut it
21:38mikegrb :/
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21:38mikegrb yeah well I have a cool switch :p
21:38rOOfus has anyone installed that new ivtv driver?
21:38rOOfus announced on the list?
21:38mikegrb it is pretty interesting to watch the usage on the ports related to mythtv
21:38mikegrb port 3 is a frontend port 5 is the backend
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21:44joejoeMcgee i know this isn't a user support channel but mythtv-users is dead and i figured this is more up your guy's alley so... i have compiled my own mythtv and i have used the debian packages and im getting the same problem with both. it keeps trying to use libmyth 12 and i don't know where it is getting this idea. i don't even have 12 installed on my box but it keeps saying mythtv-setup was compiled against it
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21:59thor_ if you built it yourself, you should be running just ./setup/setup
22:08NiteOwl Anyone else think it would be nice to be able to record and playback real video streams? I'm thinking about adding this feature - wouldn't be hard - mplayer can do it
22:08mikegrb define real? what myth does is real enough for me
22:10NiteOwl by real player i mean - - RealOne player
22:11mikegrb well that is a propriatary protocol
22:11mikegrb as far as I know mplayer doesn't play then directly, it uses a library from real to do it
22:12NiteOwl yes, and yes it uses the library. Users must install it themselves if they want this feature - but...once they have, it might be nice to have an optional myth module to manage the recording/playback
22:15mikegrb mythvideo can do it
22:15mikegrb I don't see why myth would need it native?
22:15mikegrb better would be some sort of native player for mythvideo but personally I don't see the need for that either
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22:47NiteOwl mikegrb: ahh, mythvideo can do it...guess I need to look explore mythvideo then :)
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