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01:42thor_ bah
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02:15o_cee need a new logo for this MythLog stuff..
02:17o_cee circle graph.. pen.. dunno what i'll use
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02:51knight- MythLog?
02:53Chutt it's log, it's log, it's big it's heavy it's wood
03:01knight- so what is it? a log tailer?
03:02o_cee look at mythtv-dev
03:02knight- checking
03:03thor_ myth fireplace fuel
03:04thor_ Chutt, assuming if you had issues with the unistd.h for usleep, I would have heard about them by now :-)
03:04* thor_ go beddy bye
03:04o_cee bye bye
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03:21knight- heh
03:26pmowry Hi, Does anyone know if it is safe to use split on a mpeg-2 .nuv file? I need to store some 2.2Gb files on a Windows box for a week.
03:30o_cee oh, is that log module a seperate module.. yeah well need to find a nice pic for it anyway
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05:57* niqo went on a deletion rampage on his recordings and freed 40GB..
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06:58gulliver hi all
06:59gulliver has everyone ever tested the Metadata->getCDMetadata function? here it causes reproducable segfaults in the line, where the Metadata-parameter get's the value of (*anint).
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10:01o_cee niqo: i'm looking at your patch now
10:01o_cee still not right
10:02o_cee i think parent->update instead of parent->repaint should be used
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10:12niqo o_cee: naw, rather look at ThemedMenuPrivate::drawInactiveButtons..thinks it's there
10:12o_cee trying to fix ut.. i'll look there
10:13niqo jup, that's it, remove the two activebutton = in there
10:13o_cee oohkay.. lemme just revert all my stupid changes :)
10:15niqo oh no, that gives another problem :)
10:15o_cee heh, compiling it now
10:15o_cee can i set some var so i don't have to make instll all the time?
10:16o_cee like $MYTHTV_LIB or something
10:16o_cee hehe, this looks cool :)
10:17o_cee removed it now.. i don't know what i'm doing :)
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10:33o_cee niqo: will you continue investigating it when you have some spare time? the XML is ready.. just need to tweak the color a little
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10:51niqo sure
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10:58o_cee great
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11:03turdburglar i wish i could get mythtv running :) looks better than what i'm running under windows.
11:07kvandivo what exactly is a "turdburglar"?
11:07kvandivo On second thought.. nevermind.. I don't want to know
11:07turdburglar sure you do!
11:09turdburglar besides.. what exactly is a "kvandivo"?
11:09kvandivo an abbreviation of my name
11:09mikegrb indeed
11:10o_cee yepp
11:10turdburglar :heh:
11:11turdburglar i thought an abbreviation was supposed to make something shorter and simpler
11:11turdburglar j/k.. what nationality are you? it's quite obvious i'm an ignorant american.
11:12o_cee i'm swedish.
11:12mikegrb I'm norwegian
11:12kvandivo lithuanian
11:12turdburglar one of my best friends is a swede.
11:12mikegrb liar
11:12turdburglar mkay.
11:13turdburglar whatever you say there guy
11:14turdburglar i love how open and friendly the open source community is. it's truly one of the best parts. it's touted as one of the nicest communities, and i have no choice but to agree.
11:14turdburglar </sarcasm>
11:14mikegrb liar
11:15turdburglar loner
11:16mikegrb liar
11:16turdburglar loser
11:16mikegrb liar
11:16turdburglar lover
11:16turdburglar liche
11:16turdburglar vil du knula me
11:17turdburglar *spelling?
11:17mikegrb wil
11:17turdburglar thx
11:17turdburglar :)
11:21turdburglar once, christian and i (my swede friend) played a joke on people here in america.. we walked around town talking to people pretending i was the swedish one, and couldnt speak any english.. i would say either
11:21turdburglar "wil du knula me" or what other small bits of swedish i picked up, and they would believe us.. shows how dumb we americans are i suppose.
11:22mikegrb that is just hilarious
11:22heidig no
11:23turdburglar i found it humorous.. but then again i have a very dry sense of humor.
11:23mikegrb kvandivo: is that funny?
11:24mikegrb I assure you kvandivo's sense of humor is drier
11:24Matt I think that's quite funny
11:24kvandivo i'm still laughing
11:24Matt and my sense of humour is very dry :&)
11:24turdburglar either the sarcasm is running rampant or i'm a hit ! lol...
11:25mikegrb hello Matt
11:25mikegrb turdburglar: Matt is columbian
11:26Matt rofl
11:26turdburglar ok so i'm gonna take advantage of the variety of ethnic flavors here..
11:26* Matt flicks a rubberband at mike
11:26mikegrb don't take too much advantage of us
11:26turdburglar what do you guys think of american foreign policy, or government in general
11:26mikegrb we aren't into that sort of thing
11:27turdburglar i'd need some stronger alcohol than o'douls to take advantage of _you_ mike
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11:38* turdburglar listens intently to the crickets.
11:59o_cee turdburglar: "Vill du knulla med mig" -> "Do you want to fuck with me"
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12:20turdburglar i thought it was a statement.. "You want to fuck me" in a sexual context
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12:39o_cee turdburglar: "You want to fuck" -> "Du vill knulla mig". :)
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13:20turdburglar learn something new every day..
13:20turdburglar :D
13:35o_cee :)
13:35o_cee you wanna learn anything else to say to your friend?
13:35o_cee hehe
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14:40turdburglar how do you say "i have come for your women"
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15:20niqo damn, globalsettings for mythfrontend is getting heavy
15:21kvandivo getting?
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15:36niqo :)
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17:04EDUser a few quick questions if anyone is up for it
17:05EDUser I'm interested in finding out if there's any performance differences between mythtv in XF86 vs. a non-X-dependent compile...
17:05EDUser whoops... sorry to bother, just read the topic...
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17:13o_cee topics are great
17:13o_cee turdburglar: "i have come for you women"? uhm, as in a stoneage guy: "me come to get your woman" or as in: "i've come to sweden just because you have gorgeous women"?
17:13o_cee :)
17:18thor_ milkshakes for dinner
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17:18o_cee milkshake(s) really kicks ass
17:18thor_ you get mDNSProxy compiled for Windows ?
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17:26turdburglar caveman.
17:26turdburglar chocolate milkshakes are cool. vanilla. bleh.
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17:39o_cee turdburglar: heh, can't give you a good translation
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17:56mikegrb damn goom is so dang purty
17:56thor_ it's french
17:57thor_ nice to look at, impossible to understand
17:57mikegrb hehehe
17:57mikegrb I think this is the first time I've actually watched it
17:57mikegrb I think mythmusic might be told to use only goom from now on :p
17:58thor_ not looking forward to porting that to the new mfd framework
17:58mikegrb the cms I use for my website is based on a french one
17:59mikegrb I went into it planning on submitting lots of patches
17:59thor_ the french code like they write, it's all about intellectual sophistry
17:59mikegrb code is so damn hard to figure out a lot of my stuff has ended up being dirty hacks
17:59mikegrb so I basically have a fork for personal use
17:59thor_ see Deconstructionism
18:00mikegrb heh
18:01* turdburglar ducks so as not to get the top of his head clipped off from that conversation.
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18:04thor_ ie. anything by Derrida ... all so overwhealmingly intellectual, and so utterly self-absorbed with being "clever"
18:04thor_ still, at least they still let you smoke in a bar
18:04* thor_ goes back to code
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18:09Omnic bbeattie: nice surname :>
18:10bbeattie scottish :)
18:10* Omnic points bbeattie at /whois
18:10bbeattie I just checked,
18:11bbeattie are you in the US?
18:11bbeattie .. I wanted but it was taken, so I have :)
18:11Omnic no, .nz
18:11bbeattie was registered 6 years ago :-/
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18:19bbeattie Omnic: ancestors from scotland?
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18:28tz-afk I wanted to see what was just on TV so I hit the back arrow and bam
18:29tz-afk now the question is how the hell do I tell mythtv to save a chunk of this
18:38mikegrb copy the ring buffer file
18:40Omnic bbeattie: literally no idea. I think there could be.
18:41tz-afk mikegrb: ahh there's no way to do it *in* mythtv yet... no worries... to bad I zapped the file :-(
18:41tz-afk I'll have to catch it again at 11pm :-)
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18:41mikegrb howdy mechou
18:41tz-afk is there a known issue where if the frontend dies and you restart it the background is painted but the text doesn't show through -- I see what was on TV before instead of the text
18:41mechou howdy
18:41Omnic tz-afk: or schedule it to record?
18:41tz-afk Omnic: not that far advanced yet :-)
18:42mechou hey, does XVMC work *well* with latest drivers from nvidia? (Should I recompile myth for XvMC?)
18:43tz-afk is it possible to zap the entire channel database and start over?
18:43mechou tz-afk: setup in mythtv does that.....
18:44tz-afk mechou: damn I was hoping you weren't going to say that :-)
18:44mechou tz-afk: the little proggie you run before using mythfrontend....
18:44tz-afk mechou: yeah I know, I need to put the X11 version back in then :-)
18:44mechou tz-afk: why?
18:45mechou tz-afk: you running only fb?
18:46tz-afk yes
18:46tz-afk and no kb attached to the computer :-)
18:46mechou tz-afk: you can always clear the db, run mythfilldb. YMMV
18:48tz-afk mechou: well yes that's what I'm asking how to do (clear the channel db)(
18:48mechou tz-afk: you need to know the xmltv/zap2it "id" for your area....
18:48tz-afk ok
18:48tz-afk what table is it, the channels table?
18:49mechou tz-afk: I joined late, what exactly u want to delete??
18:49tz-afk mechou: the entire channel database so I can fill it with mythfilldb "clean"
18:50mechou what's meant by clean? you moving to a new area/zip code, for example?
18:50tz-afk mechou: no
18:50tz-afk I did a mythfilldb -manual and screwed up a few channel defs, I want to clean it out and start over with my existing area/zip code
18:51tz-afk I don't want to clear the location, just the channel data
18:51tz-afk I imagine a DELETE FROM channels; would be something close to what I want
18:52tz-afk hmm
18:52tz-afk mysql makes me queasy
18:52tz-afk pgsql is my native db .. that's all :-)
18:52tz-afk hmm select * from channel; gives me error 127
18:52tz-afk wtf is that
18:53--- ---> oberman [] has joined #mythtv
18:53mechou "delete from channel where chanid>=1000"
18:53mechou assuming all your chanid>=1000......
18:54mechou tz-afk: select * from channel should not have given you an error....
18:54tz-afk yeah
18:55tz-afk hmm
18:55mechou tz-afk: I'm confused, u using mysql or pgsql?
18:55mechou for myth?
18:55tz-afk isamchk channel.frm tells me it's not ISAM but file says it is
18:55tz-afk mechou: I did not know pgsql was available for myth -- I'm using mysql
18:56mechou no, myth does not use pgsql. I got confused cause you mentioned it.....
18:57tz-afk hmm how do I check the status of all my tables in mysql? I think they might be buggered
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18:58mechou tz-afk: mysqlcheck?
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18:59tz-afk hmm
18:59tz-afk everything checks out
19:00tz-afk hmm now channel.MYI is gone
19:00tz-afk heh
19:00tz-afk must have erased it trying to check it
19:00tz-afk I think I best just run setup again
19:00tz-afk zap the db entirely
19:01mechou heh, you fubar....
19:01tz-afk channel.MYI is there
19:01tz-afk wtf
19:03mechou tz-afk: what kind of machine you running fbmyth?
19:06tz-afk Shuttle XPC with PVR350
19:07mechou so no vga card, correct? only PVR350 as output device?
19:13tz-afk correct
19:14tz-afk I know you can do X11FB but this was more of a challenge
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19:21knight- anyone know if the cdburning patch was completed in cvs?
19:21thor_ not done yet
19:21knight- ok
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21:21Sir-Al I'm sorry, but I can't find an answer to this, it seems mythtv isn't providing enough debug information
21:21Sir-Al mythtv: could not connect to socket
21:21Sir-Al mythtv: Permission denied
21:21Sir-Al lirc_init failed for mythtv, see preceding messages
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21:25bline looks obvious to me
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21:36Sir-Al bline: it should say why it cannot connect to the socket and which socket
21:38tz-afk damn
21:38tz-afk I still segfault whenever trying to access the guide
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22:10bline it said that, lirc could not connect, it also said why "Permission denied"
22:19--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
22:24Sir-Al bline: gotcha, that means i gotta change permissions around... i still gotta fix the compilation bugs on mythdvd with latest gcc 3.3
22:26--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
22:27thor_ what's the error you're getting ?
22:28Netslayer Anyone know how a commit list works? is it a script that runs with CVS or something that grabs the latest commit lists and mails them?
22:51--- ---> kslater [] has joined #mythtv
22:53Netslayer wouldn't mind just knowing the command that retrieves a header like the one shown in commit mailing lists
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