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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-02-27

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00:31John-Kimble hey guys, is there much suport for CAM's under myth
00:32thor_ Computer Aided Modelling ?
00:32thor_ no, not much
00:33John-Kimble Conditional Access Module Support
00:33John-Kimble how limited we talking here ?
00:36mdz you are talking about DVB
00:36mdz thor and I do not live in DVB territory
00:37John-Kimble Yep i want to use foxtel sat with mythtv
00:37mdz CAM would be an issue for the DVB drivers, not mythtv
00:37John-Kimble k
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00:40thor_ is uint8_t (or something similar) even remotely portable ?
00:41thor_ alternatively, is "char is always 1 byte long" a portable hypothesis?
01:02John-Kimble also has anyone tested mythtv with directfb ?
01:09mdz thor_: yes, and also yes
01:09thor_ gracias
01:09mdz thor_: portable integer types are in <stdint.h>
01:09mdz ISO C99
01:09thor_ muchos gracias
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03:12mechou Is it worthwhile to use XvMC w/nvidia's latest drivers with myth? Or would I get bad results?
03:13John-Kimble i've had good results with matrix g550+directFB+mplayer
03:13John-Kimble cant say much for anything else
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03:14mechou heh, you meant matrox, right?
03:14John-Kimble hehe yeah
03:15mechou I've got geforce3 on one of my machines. Not even sure if that card supports XvMC in HW......
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03:19mechou well, according to nvidia docs. XvMC only supported on Geforce4. bah.
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03:30John-Kimble i wanna know if anyone's used myhttv with directfb
03:30John-Kimble and how well it runs
03:31John-Kimble also does mythtv have anything to like libsoftmpeg to handel changing channels better
03:31John-Kimble cuz changing feeds through mplayer takes time if not using it
03:31John-Kimble due to buffering that is
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03:34mikegrb what does cuz mean?
03:34John-Kimble because
03:34mikegrb oh
03:35mikegrb didn't follow you there
03:35mikegrb answer is no, by design
03:36John-Kimble yeah thought as much
03:36John-Kimble thx
03:36John-Kimble this might interest u
03:36mikegrb thx?
03:37John-Kimble thx = thanks
03:38mikegrb oh
03:38John-Kimble see vdr uses thing thing called softmpeg to fix these problems , Does VDR use something simular ? how does it handel software decoding lantencies with changing feeds ?
03:38mikegrb well from skimming through that it doesn't seem to realy apply to mythtv
03:39mikegrb the problem they are talking about and the delay in mythtv aren't the same thing
03:39John-Kimble how is it diff when it uses the same libs for dvb
03:40mikegrb the seem concerned with going from dvb -> display
03:40mikegrb that isn't at all what mythtv does
03:40mikegrb it goes from some source -> encode -> disk -> decode -> display
03:42John-Kimble yeah thats fine for pre-recorded stuff
03:42John-Kimble what about live
03:42mikegrb that isn't how mythtv works
03:42mikegrb mythtv is for time shifting
03:42mikegrb it is pvr software
03:42mikegrb not for watching live tv
03:43mikegrb if you don't do it that way you can't pause/rewind/ff while watching live tv
03:43John-Kimble yeah, but u can watch live tv through myth, isnt it when u call a pause command it when it stops buffering and writes the feed to hdd ?
03:44John-Kimble i thought with myth uses mplayer to play feeds
03:44mikegrb no
03:44mikegrb mythtv has it's own player
03:44mikegrb internal
03:44John-Kimble k
03:44mikegrb k?
03:44John-Kimble k = ok
03:44mikegrb oh, ok
03:44John-Kimble do u use irc much ?
03:44mikegrb u?
03:44mikegrb oh, you?
03:44John-Kimble u = you :)
03:45John-Kimble ill take that as a no
03:45mikegrb so-so, I'm staff on another network so that generally means I'm expected to be on IRC quite a bit
03:45mikegrb do you?
03:46John-Kimble im sorry im just used to people knowing irc abbreviations :)
03:47mikegrb I'm sorry I'm just used to people taking the time to type stuff out when they expect me to take the time to respond.
03:47John-Kimble ok
03:48John-Kimble thanks for the information
03:48mikegrb No problem
03:48Matt morning mike
03:48mikegrb hey Matt
03:48mikegrb guess it is morning now
03:48Matt still up eh?
03:48mikegrb it appears that way :p
03:49mikegrb I'm transcoded an episode of Modern Marvels for EE
03:49mikegrb was missing some pre-req's to run nuvexport with the output of the pvr card
03:49mikegrb by the time those were compiled and installed wasn't much point in going to bed
03:49Matt heh
03:50mikegrb now if only the status output of transcode was mentioned on either their website, their man page, somewhere in a mailing list archive, or some other crazy place I'd be set
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04:17Matt mike, souce?
04:22mikegrb Matt: souce?
04:23o_cee hmm.. could anyone try starting a recording from within the epg while watching live tv with current cvs? seems something is broken..
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04:30Matt source
04:31Matt just a thought, is there a way to get it to start recording the tv show you're watching, other than going into the epg?
04:31Matt and what would be really neat is if it could pull what there is of the programme out of the ringbuffer :&)
04:32Matt for those occasions you get 20 mins in and go "I wish I'd recorded that"
04:32mikegrb yup
04:32mikegrb right now you do cp /mnt/store/ringbuffer.nuv /mnt/store/hindsight/20-20.nuv
04:33Matt lol, indeed
04:33Matt it'd be nice to do with with some knowledge of programme start time too :&)
04:33mikegrb right
04:34Matt damn, I hate having ideas and not have time to work on them :&/
04:37* mikegrb waves a wand and 3 watches appear on Matt's arm
04:37mikegrb Matt: don't really
04:37mikegrb there are really four 24 hour days in one earth rotation
04:37mikegrb you are educated stupid, with the ways of the time cube, time will be not your limit
04:38mikegrb </Dr. mikegrb>
04:39Matt lol
04:39mikegrb laugh not you, you leave earth barren for future generations
04:41* Matt laughs a lot
04:42Matt that guy is a nutcase
04:43Matt 4 is such an arbitrary number by his reasoning
04:43Matt you could just as well argue earth was spherical, so there are an infinate number :&)
04:51Matt there are some real nutters out there
05:00o_cee damn, no chuttie around
05:00o_cee "mian's live-tv capture card toggle code. Speed it up a bit on the transition by
05:00o_cee not doing the in-progress recording stuff." <-- i think that's the reason..
05:00o_cee couldn't any of you try it?
05:01o_cee the epg says it's recording
05:01o_cee and live-tv gets shifted over to my second card
05:01o_cee and the first card starts recording but don't actually record anything
05:42niqo John-Kimble: There is limited DVB CAM support in MythTV, it's been decrypting channels for me since last summer, but it won't do any of the CAM menus 'n stuff
05:43niqo John-Kimble:
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05:51o_cee hi Chutt, i just send you a nice bt :)
06:10Chutt o_cee, fixed it in my local tree
06:10Chutt need to test, though, before i can commit
06:11Chutt especially as i'm mostly asleep.
06:18o_cee oh, way cool :) i'm so impressed that you can fix things from a backtrace like that
06:18Chutt most of the time, it's pretty obvious
06:19o_cee yeah, guess it's easier if you're familiar with the code and know where to look
06:19Chutt don't really have to be familiar with the code
06:19o_cee that was probably the problem with the 350 problem i mentioned as well..
06:19Chutt 0x0805a7b8 in RingBuffer::GetStopReads() (this=0x0)
06:19Chutt 0x0 is bad :p
06:19o_cee oh :)
06:20Chutt so it's just a matter of figuring out why it got that way
06:20Chutt in this case, bad locking in the TVRec object
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06:20gulliver hi all
06:20gulliver I just updated my cvs today and noticed, that the generictree-class is somewhat modified
06:20o_cee well glad you could find it because i couldn't get it to segfault all the time
06:21Chutt o_cee, right, it's was a race condition
06:22gulliver instead of my_(ordered_)subnodes there are now m_ordered_subnodes, which are not anymore of type QPtrList<GenericTree>, but of type SortableGenericTreeList
06:22Chutt err, it
06:22Chutt gulliver, yes, it changed.
06:22gulliver now I have a function which created a QPtrListIterator this way: QPtrListIterator<GenericTree> it( my_ordered_subnodes );
06:22o_cee Chutt: is there any way to make such cases easier to trigger with gdb running?
06:23Chutt gulliver, so?
06:23Chutt o_cee, nope
06:23gulliver in the new version I can't see how I have to do it now?!
06:23Chutt gulliver, look at the code
06:23Chutt geez
06:24gulliver doh, found it. was just a stupid pointer-mistake
06:24gulliver thanks anyway
06:25Chutt every single question you've asked in here could have been answered by spending 2 seconds with the source.
06:35o_cee Chutt: will you apply the log module? have to fix a watermark for it in that case..
06:35Chutt probably
06:35o_cee k.
06:35Chutt i haven't looked at it much, yet
06:36o_cee haven't tried it either
06:43niqo o_cee: i don't see that here...
06:46niqo o_cee: sure you have applied the lastest correctly?
06:49niqo i hate the new comboboxsetting behavior, gulping up my accepts..
06:51niqo o_cee: i was testing in my desktop, and it was drawing it to fast for me to see, i can see it on my epia...
06:51niqo damn
07:01o_cee niqo: yeah.. another way to try it is to export the display to another computer.. or try "scan for new music" in mythmusic
07:06niqo don't see it in mythmusic either... :) i'll do the checking on the epia
07:08o_cee what kinda machine is that :) i've at least got 2ghz and i see it
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07:12niqo 2.4 or something, don't remember
07:13o_cee odd.. ah well
07:13o_cee need to run, talk to you later
07:14niqo yup
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09:50YamahaBrez can i use something to emit ir signals to my directv receiver to change the channel instead of a serial cable?
09:53rkulagow yamahabrez: yes. build an IR blaster as specced in the "simple transmitter" circuit at
09:54rkulagow and check the archives of the mailing list, since there are a lot of people doing this.
09:55YamahaBrez alright thanks.
09:56YamahaBrez once i build one though, do i have to write something to change the channels? or is there a script/plugin already?
09:57rkulagow yamahabrez: please read the howto. it details what must be done, and it's too much to go over in IRC. again, it's been heavily discussed in the archives of the mailing lists.
09:57YamahaBrez alright i saw it in the howto, i just like to sometimes ask someone to make sure i understand it right.
09:57YamahaBrez thanks a lot.
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10:31rkulagow captina_murdoch: are you here?
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12:30niqo uh, have to upload 12MB to my ipaq on serial 115kbps :(
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12:52niqo ah, done
12:53niqo yeah, i've got opie :)
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14:04Captain_Murdo| rkulagow: I'm around now for a short while.
14:05* thor_ wonders why anyone records anything besides The Daily Show
14:06o_cee hi chris
14:06o_cee you been busy lately? haven't seen you in a while
14:07o_cee thor_: i saw the start of that thread.. wtf is up with people, who gives?
14:07thor_ it's like a very human mediated reccomendation engine
14:07o_cee thor_: i compiled the thing with the program (heh) but it didn't work either.. showed up if i did local., but's that's all
14:07Captain_Murdo| yeah, was working out of town this week, 12+ hour days so wasn't able to login.
14:08o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you're forgiven :) i think i left you a message a while ago about the logo stuff, you saw that?
14:08thor_ the Apple mDNS proxy code ?
14:08o_cee thor_: yeah
14:08o_cee thor_: very odd..
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14:09thor_ dunno ... that should definitely work ... maybe windows has a weird way of looking at DNS
14:09o_cee thor_: might be the firewall there that's blocking outgoing connections tho.. that's all i can think of.. not likely tho.
14:09o_cee thor_: i'll try setting like port 80 here for it to rule out that..
14:09kvandivo what?!?? Windows having a weird way of looking at something? Never!
14:09o_cee like 80->3689 and coneect to port 80
14:09thor_ anyway, at some point it will be trivial to add a list of IP addresses to always try to connect to
14:10Captain_Murdo| o_cee, trying to fix that comobox thing now. found it was broken by the rework that dja did for the recording group popup. don't remember your logo code, I think you said it worked for one channel but not for others.
14:10Captain_Murdo| s/logo code/logo code comment/
14:11o_cee Captain_Murdoch: yeah, i've got like two channels it works really great on and two-three it doesn't work that good..
14:11o_cee Captain_Murdoch: those that doesn't work as they should are semi transparent
14:11Captain_Murdo| which are those, 3,4,5,6?
14:11o_cee Captain_Murdoch: also, the comercial cutlist.. i see like different shades of red after loading it?
14:11o_cee 3,4 and 5
14:11o_cee 4 works sometimes
14:11o_cee 6 works great
14:12o_cee if you want, i can send you full 30 mins clips from them.
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14:13o_cee thor_: yeah but will you make a windows client as well :) maybe there is something else than iTunes to use tho
14:13Captain_Murdo| yeah that would be good., you could record them at low-res/bitrate to save bandwidth if you wanted also. I'm wondering if it's not detecting them or if it's borderline and the "inteligent" code I have to try to figure when it actually turns on/off is messing up.
14:14thor_ I'm trying to make sure the mfdclient library is straightforward enough to compile under Windows, as I have some vague ideas about Windows/Mac clients
14:15o_cee Captain_Murdoch: i'll record stuff for you tonight :)
14:15o_cee thor_: you da man
14:15o_cee :)
14:15thor_ heh, don't hold your breath
14:16o_cee nah. i'll try that port stuff, if that doesn't work it's really really odd
14:16o_cee Captain_Murdoch: simpsons ok?
14:17thor_ iTunes at the university should show the service name as soon as you do the mDNSPoxy command, whether anything is running elsewhere or not
14:17thor_ (it doesn't go and query the service till you click on the name)
14:18Captain_Murdo| o_cee, yeah, shouldn't matter what show is.
14:18o_cee yeah, that's the strange thing.. it doesn't show up unless i did "local." as the ip
14:18o_cee trying to find 30mins shows
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14:46* Captain_Murd is back again after having his machine lockup twice when trying to test something. :( somewhere, out there, is a piece of bad hardware or driver....
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14:53kvandivo over the rainbow, perhps?
15:02Captain_Murdo| :) yeah
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15:25Captain_Murdo| pressing ENTER on combobox bug on advanced recording screen should be fixed now in case anyone's interested.
15:25Chutt what bug was that?
15:25Chutt i had the advanced recording screen die on me relatively recently
15:26Chutt didn't have a chance to look into it :(
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15:27Captain_Murdo| when I committed dja's patch to change the way the recording group chooser popup worked, it broke the ability to use ENTER on the type combobox on the advanced recording options screen because of a change he made to the keypressevent.
15:28Captain_Murdo| just realized it was that earlier. I couldn't see how anything I had coded could have broken it because I backed out the code I changed and it still was broke.
15:29Captain_Murdo| have you noticed if the people complaining of the backend segfaults are all using mpeg2 hardware encoding?
15:29Chutt haven't really been paying attention
15:30Chutt last week of real work, kinda busy
15:30Captain_Murdo| just want to make sure it's not anything I changed recently with the commflag stuff, since I reworked a few things.
15:30Captain_Murdo| yeah, ditto. been out of town this week again.
15:33Chutt oh well, only a few more hours until i'm unemployed
15:33knight- how come?
15:34Chutt then i'll have lots of free time for a bit =)
15:34Chutt getting laid off
15:35thor_ free software, free Chutt
15:35Chutt no money to pay for me
15:35thor_ ah, sweet liberty
15:35Chutt i suppose i'll have to start looking now
15:35Chutt and finish my resume and stuff
15:36kvandivo that doesn't sound like any fun
15:36thor_ finish the basement, sleep late, relax
15:36Chutt sleep late?
15:36Chutt later than i do now? =)
15:36thor_ oh yeah
15:36thor_ nm
15:37thor_ one of those three things I mentioned is going to IB's next week, will let you know if there are any nibbles
15:37Chutt cool.
15:40thor_ also, non-free Windows/Mac clients plus services around helping to integrate myth/myth protocols into other offerings strikes me as a doable business
15:40niqo o_cee: i've given up on the pressed state, can't find out where it's drawn..
15:40thor_ although this is probably not the right forum to hold forth on that opinion
15:41Chutt heh
15:42Chutt i need to email pahli_bar
15:42Chutt since he's not been around lately
15:45thor_ menu stuff?
15:49--- ---> chris` [] has joined #mythtv
15:52Chutt yeah
15:53Chutt scrollable uitype
15:53dja Captain_Murdoch: sorry :-(
15:53thor_ hmm ... yeah .. haven't seen him in a while
15:54Captain_Murdo| dja. no problem, just happy it wasn't my bug. ;)
15:55thor_ Chutt, hope you're going out this evening to celebrate your freedom and ponder your options :-)
15:55Chutt heh
15:55kvandivo ya.. spends lots of cash on a nice meal
15:57thor_ nothing like a wee bit of inebriation on top of a good meal to get a good perspective on things
15:58kvandivo you gotta love a man that doesn't spare the keyboard keys when committing to cvs
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16:01thor_ holy crap
16:17--- User: *** solarce[uni] is now known as solarce[w]
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17:11o_cee heheheh
17:12o_cee impressive commit
17:12o_cee niqo: maybe Chutt could shed some light?
17:12dja_ yeah, I'm not sure I have the nerve to try it. :-)
17:12o_cee me ntier
17:12o_cee neither
17:12dja_ my wife would kill me if I broke the myth box (worse than I already have :-)
17:13o_cee Chutt: wheren't you going to do another two months work there?
17:13o_cee breakage of mythweb.. i'll hold updating then
17:17kvandivo now thor, that commit barely managed 2 lines
17:17--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
17:17thor_ sorry
17:18billytwowilly| thor_, I just started reading some of the commit messages. it looks like you've been busy with mfd:) good work dude.
17:18thor_ busy busy busy
17:19billytwowilly| Good stuff.
17:19billytwowilly| I'm doing a demo of mythtv to a friend of mine in comp sci who has a side business of building xp/sagetv based HTPC's I think he's going to be blown away;)
17:20thor_ heh
17:20mikegrb duct tape his feet down first
17:20billytwowilly| heh.
17:21thor_ staple gun ?
17:21o_cee i finished the case for my mythbox today.. i'll try to get some pics this weekend
17:21o_cee turned out pretty much the way i wanted.. might need another layer of paint
17:22o_cee i mean, someone has to have the slickest myth box right?
17:22billytwowilly| hey, I think sagetv is making false claims on their website..
17:22mikegrb yes and it is me, o_cee
17:23o_cee mikegrb: got any pics?
17:23mikegrb no :/
17:23mikegrb it's an xbox, dark shiney blue
17:23o_cee in that case
17:23o_cee i own you
17:24mikegrb heh
17:24o_cee :)
17:24mikegrb not until you take pictures :p
17:24o_cee nah, i know
17:26billytwowilly| anybody heard of provideo before? they appear to have an mpeg2 decode/encode card out.
17:26jams o_cee, custom built or custom paint ?
17:26o_cee jams: custom built
17:26jams cool can't wait to cee it :)
17:26* mikegrb neither
17:27o_cee jams: i'll get pics tomorrow hopefully
17:27* mikegrb doesn't believe it exists until he sees it :p
17:27o_cee hehehe
17:27o_cee my sweet little dragon
17:27mikegrb (me just wants to see it so much get o_cee worked up enough to take pictures)
17:27jams billytwowilly, yes they are well known for their chips
17:27o_cee haven't got any camera, so
17:28mikegrb oh my, see what you guys mean about a long commit message
17:28o_cee hehee
17:29billytwowilly| jams, is there card working with linux? I haven't been able to find it for sale on google except out of some outfit in africa..
17:29jams billytwowilly, no idea
17:30billytwowilly| well even out of south africa the card is 300 bucks CAD, so I'm not that interested anyway;)
17:30billytwowilly| thanks for the info though.
17:30jams it's taking me longer to read it then to compile it
17:33jams oops if i use pentium4 as a compile flag but in fact have a celeron will it matter?
17:33jams i forgot i just swapped cpu's this morning
17:34billytwowilly| aren't the new celerons just crippled p4's anyway?
17:34o_cee yeah
17:36jams my little 1.6p4 was just slow enough to bug me. the 2.6celeron is much better and it only cost $80 off the shelf
17:36o_cee damn i'm tired and it's only 11:30
17:37* billytwowill enjoys his AMD cpus
17:37o_cee *shrug*
17:38--- ---> sfr [] has joined #mythtv
17:41niqo o_cee: about that pressed state, did some debuggin earlier, and the normal button does not get drawn, so it must be some sort of illusion...
17:41o_cee it's very visible here
17:41niqo have been busy installing linux on my ipaq :)
17:41o_cee uuuhm, right :)
17:41niqo but it does not get drawn...
17:42o_cee is it the pressed button that gets drawn first then gets filled with the right color?
17:42niqo it draws the pressed image right after select..
17:42--- <<-- Drikus [] has quit ("toedeledoki")
17:42niqo hu? your talking about text, or?
17:42o_cee yeah
17:43o_cee gant menu items are all text
17:43kvandivo let's talk about text, babeee
17:43o_cee kvandivo: got milkshake?
17:43niqo hmm, i'm using blue here!
17:43o_cee niqo: try gant and you'll see it alot easier i guess
17:45* niqo is testing gant
17:45o_cee great :)
17:45o_cee you'll never go back, muhahaha
17:45billytwowilly| is that your theme o_cee?
17:45o_cee billytwowilly: indeed
17:46billytwowilly| nice theme.
17:46o_cee thanks
17:48niqo yup, definatly some flickering there...
17:48o_cee yeah.. :/
17:53o_cee thor_: had any ideas for ufpi yet?
17:56--- <<-- marc [~Marc@] has quit ("Leaving")
17:57thor_ heh, no .... creative interfaces are not really my forte
17:59--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit (Client Quit)
17:59thor_ as you can tell from the existing beauty that is UFPI
17:59o_cee yeah
17:59o_cee but you sure have some ideas?
17:59o_cee hard to do something with it before using it properly as well
17:59thor_ yeah
17:59thor_ well, there's no hurry
18:00o_cee don't really know what you'll want to do with it
18:00o_cee it works as it is now at least :)
18:00--- User: *** solarce[w] is now known as solarce[h]
18:00thor_ heh, yup
18:00thor_ such as it is
18:00o_cee you could add \r\n so the html source would be a tiny bit more readable tho
18:00o_cee heh
18:01thor_ heh
18:01thor_ yeah
18:01thor_ well, easier to look at the code
18:01thor_ "code"
18:01o_cee ah and yeah, you don't have closing tags for html or body
18:01thor_ should be just a standin for controlling audio playing if you're using something that doesn't have a real myth client on it
18:02thor_ like, until someone writes clients, Windows box, mac box, linux box without myth installed, iPaq, Zaurus, etc.
18:02o_cee yeah but it'll play it on the mythbox still
18:03thor_ right
18:03o_cee so like a remote remote control :)
18:03thor_ yup
18:03thor_ till there's a native Zaurus mfd client, for example, it would be very useful in that context
18:04o_cee defenately want search.. and the ability to create playlists
18:04o_cee zaurus?
18:04thor_ linux pda
18:04thor_ ability to create playlists would be a bit hard ... not impossible, but a bit of work
18:05thor_ cover art with a left and right arrow would make me happy
18:05thor_ :-)
18:05o_cee yepp
18:05o_cee browse albums by cover art :)
18:06thor_ gotta run for a bit
18:06o_cee create playlists would be a thing thats easier done with a computer
18:06o_cee later
18:23--- <--- devzero_ [] has left #mythtv ("got root?")
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19:16Rince namd
19:20--- <<-- racer [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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19:31--- <<-- thor_ [~thor@] has quit ("All this beeping is driving me crazy")
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19:49linagee does anyone know what happened to fox and upn on wednesday? they deviated from their normally scheduled programs!
19:57bitbyte what remotes do you guys recommend?
19:57--- ---> dataworm [] has joined #mythtv
20:04--- <<-- mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
20:27mikegrb linagee: they forgot what they were supposed to show
20:28linagee mikegrb: :(
20:28mikegrb yup
20:28--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
20:29mikegrb I dunno
20:29mikegrb noticed the same thing though
20:29--- <<-- lmatter_ [] has quit ("Leaving")
20:29mikegrb though fox was all I noticed, didn't notice upn
20:29--- ---> jeff_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:34--- User: *** jeff_ is now known as enki
20:36--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
20:37enki is the gentoo package maintainer for mythtv et al around by any chance?
21:15--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
21:16--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
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