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02:28o_cee Chutt: you haven't commited your fix yet? still testing it?
02:54pigeon hmm, how easy it is to get mythtv to automatically nuvexport after every recording?
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03:05John-Kimble hey all can mythtv use both a Digital and a analogue card at the same time ?
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03:05John-Kimble k
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11:55KeyserSoze anyone know what password the mythtv user's account uses in mysql?
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11:55racer mythtv
11:56KeyserSoze i am trying to run a perl script that puts m3u playlists in the myth database, and when the username and password are mythtv, it says access denied
11:57racer hmmz
11:57racer on the mysql server or remote?
11:58KeyserSoze ssh'd into the mythtv machine running the db
11:58KeyserSoze does mysql use system passwords, or it's own?
11:59sfr it's own
11:59racer as far as i know think both
11:59racer sfr knows better :)
11:59KeyserSoze i have two files in /etc/mysql/
12:00sfr it's afaik as well for me ;)
12:00KeyserSoze debian.cnf and my.cnf
12:00KeyserSoze there's a password in the debian one, and password is commented out in my.cnf
12:00racer try 'mysql -u mythtv'
12:01KeyserSoze it said "ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'mythtv@localhost' (Using password: NO)"
12:01KeyserSoze "mysql -u root" works, though
12:01racer try 'mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg'
12:01racer pass: mythtv
12:02KeyserSoze that doesn't work, either
12:02racer error/
12:02racer ?
12:02KeyserSoze mythtv works when i watch tv, record things, play music, etc.
12:02sfr KeyserSoze: you use mdz's debian packages? they use randomly created passwords for the mysql account
12:02KeyserSoze oh, it gives the same access denied error
12:03KeyserSoze i am using knoppmyth
12:03racer see pb, with me it works
12:04sfr KeyserSoze: and the account from mysql.txt doesn't work?
12:04niqo try: mysql -u mythtv -p -h <same hostname as in mysql.txt> mythconverg
12:05racer -h is a good one
12:05KeyserSoze where's mysql.txt?
12:06sfr /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt usually
12:06KeyserSoze oh, /etc/mythtv has one.
12:08racer maybe you can change the password for the mythtv user
12:08racer 'mysqladmin -u root password 'my_password'
12:08racer sorry
12:09racer mysqladmin -u mythtv password mythtv
12:10KeyserSoze ah, i used the password in mysql.txt, and it works!
12:10KeyserSoze thanks guys, i looked in /etc/mysql for the passwd, didn't think to look at /etc/mythtv for it there
12:12KeyserSoze how do you shrink the "all my music" entry in "select music" when it's expanded?
12:12KeyserSoze esc just backs out of the screen
12:12KeyserSoze sorry, it was left arrow
12:15KeyserSoze hmm. the perl script says that there are now 4 playlists in the database, but i can't see them when i try to select music
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12:25KeyserSoze is there a way to see the playlists in the music database? they are not showing up when i try to right-arrow on "All My Playlists"
12:26KeyserSoze but, this perl script i am using, can see them in the database
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13:09niqo i've done a default aspect ratio setting, but now it's only setting the aspect ratio when livetv is first run, should it set it if the aspect ratio changes on channel changes also?
13:10niqo also, i've done a override for the DisplaySize (but this only affects the aspect ratio code), would a override for display DPI be interresting also?
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14:11servo hello
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15:51\Grooby\ hello
15:51\Grooby\ i was wondering if someone can help me out here
15:51\Grooby\ ......
15:52\Grooby\ I installed the KnappMyth
15:52\Grooby\ the first time through everything works great
15:52solarce[h] read the topic
15:52\Grooby\ oops
15:52\Grooby\ ok
15:52\Grooby\ hehehe
15:52solarce[h] np
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16:05servo anybody have experiance with bttv?
16:23niqo read the last couple of lines
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17:46niqo i want to do some work on mythweb, but my php is not up to date, and the docs is just a blurb about examples, any good books out there?
17:47solarce[h] niqo: anything O'Reilly
17:48niqo hmm, kinda find o'reilly books a tad generic, if you know what i mean?
17:50niqo any reason the root Makefiles in myth* can't be static Makefiles instead of .pro's?
17:50mikegrb yes
17:51niqo bought a bible series MySQL, and that was just crap, o'reillys are much better :)
17:51niqo mikegrb: what reason (is probably obvious)?
17:51mikegrb uses qt
17:52mikegrb people have different qt install locations
17:52mikegrb people want different stuff compiled in or not
17:53niqo take the, it mostly contains make rules for conveying the make to subdirs, actually that's it
17:54mikegrb right
17:54mikegrb but the is what you edit
17:54niqo yea, but that's included from subdirs .pro files
17:54mikegrb what?
17:54mikegrb anyway
17:55mikegrb you haven't addressed different install locations
17:55mikegrb for qt3
17:55niqo the root Makefile does not need qmake/qlib stuff..
17:56mikegrb but it makes sense to do it there
17:56mikegrb if you don't like the way it is send a patch to the dev list
17:57niqo hostile
17:57mikegrb or check the archive for why it changed
17:57niqo because of QTDIR
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17:58niqo thor_: are you very attached to the coding style of mfd?
17:59niqo thor_: i better follow it, starting on some loose framework for the thing
18:01niqo thor_: did you miss that poster patch i sent to -dev a while ago?
18:05thor_ yes, ok, no
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18:13mattf is there a reason things in .xsession aren't being executed anymore when kdm does an auto login?
18:14mattf also, is a live tv/playback menu in the works at all?
18:14niqo mattf: dunno about the kdm stuff, as i use gnome..
18:15niqo mattf: but follow the -commit list for info on a osd menu (
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19:11niqo thor_: i dont' quite get how a mfd plugin provides content (pointers to relevant code greatly apreciated), but i'll go on searching now...
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19:14niqo something like; you need to subclass MetadataContainer and pass that back to x
19:25niqo hmm, that's not it..
19:25niqo better start in the other end..
19:30thor_ niqo, find content (local file system, from some other service), built a list of it, pass it to the metadataserver
19:30thor_ if it the content changes, pass in some deltas
19:34Sir-Al mythgame should support gzipped games
19:35mikegrb send a patch
19:40niqo thor_: what if the content ain't local, am i wrong if mfd needs an extension for non-local content (yes|no)?
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19:55niqo ah, MetadataContainer is just a collection of Metadata items, thought it was the accessor to the real content..
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20:04niqo thor_: so you catched that err, mfd.cpp:207, sorry guess i was half asleep or something
20:05niqo thanks!
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20:31niqo ever heard this ( - Whishmaster.mp3), now that's fast?
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20:39niqo ah well, guess i should not post content, since you have the ...., and i don't have ..
20:40* niqo is off to watch the Godfather part II
20:40niqo Chutt, i've got some strange behavior with the mouse stuff, don't commit it!
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21:24niqo uh, too much red-vine without salt...back to the corleones...
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21:30niqo sfr_: u having a problem digesting all the content of #mythtv?
21:31niqo hmm, i have tho
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23:01servo hey I got a question
23:02servo I'm trying to get btaudio working, and it seems btaudio is apart of OSS. So I'm running the 2.6.3 kernel, got alsa compiled as a module; should I compile oss as a module also?
23:03tmk probably shouldn't compile oss at all
23:03tmk or as a module
23:04tmk alsa and oss are mutually exclusive in general
23:04servo hmm
23:07servo I had always thought that btaudio was a module that bttv provided... (btaudio is what allows a bt878 card to send the sound directly to the pci bridge instead of through a loop cable, which is required by mythtv). But it seems oss is what btaudio runs off of.
23:07tmk oss is the sound driver
23:07servo yes
23:08tmk alsa is also a sound driver
23:08servo correct
23:08servo but to my knowledge btaudio the module is provided by oss
23:09servo Sort of like alsa is a sound driver but it provides midi modules, pcm modules, etc (depending on the card)
23:10tmk well if you're unsure, just compile oss as a module
23:10tmk it won't get used if not needed
23:10servo yes that's what I guess I'll do =\
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