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00:38thor_ Chutt, you see this: <thor_> Heh, another prediction correct:
00:38thor_ and <thor_> Chutt, we have problems with using that code, or do we want to try and dynamically link to his lib
00:38thor_ ?
00:38thor_ anyway, I'm just finishing dynamic linking for it
00:38thor_ so it's moot
00:48Chutt ah, ok
00:48Chutt how'd you find that?
00:48thor_ had sent a few questions out to some people month or so ago, they just got back to me
00:49thor_ already sent the guy a patch
00:49thor_ :-)
00:49thor_ but I _really_ want to know how he figured it out
00:49Chutt heh
00:49thor_ cause the algorithm is a bunch of stuff you just could never guess was in there
00:50cmorgan hey its by crazney
00:50thor_ he must know someone at Apple
00:50thor_ or at one of their licensees for iTunes connectivity
00:50thor_ maybe Roku
00:51thor_ cmorgan, you know him?
00:51cmorgan yes actually
00:51cmorgan hes a fellow wine hacker
00:51thor_ is he insanely smart ?
00:51cmorgan i've no idea
00:52cmorgan he seems smart
00:52cmorgan you think he couldn't have reverse engineered this?
00:52thor_ if he did, he's very very smart
00:52cmorgan does he say he did it himself?
00:52thor_ yup
00:52cmorgan or did he work with other people?
00:52thor_ well
00:53thor_ he says it was reverse engineered
00:53cmorgan well hes on irc right now
00:53cmorgan not sure if he is here though
00:53thor_ where on irc?
00:53cmorgan crazney_
00:53cmorgan is his nick
00:53thor_ ah
00:55cmorgan i'd be interested in what he has to say about it
00:55thor_ yup
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01:07mdz so what does work as far as transcoding mythtv recordings?
01:08Chutt mpeg2->mpeg4
01:08Chutt for internal stuff
01:08thor_ only thing I've ever tried is PVR-x50 to internal mpeg
01:08thor_ hitting X while viewing
01:08Chutt or substitute rtjpeg for it
01:08thor_ works very well
01:08Chutt the mpeg2->mpeg2 stuff isn't quite stable yet
01:09mdz nor mpeg4->mpeg4, apparently
01:10mdz does mythtranscode --honorcutlist work?
01:11thor_ dunno
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01:17Chutt mdz, it should
01:17Chutt i don't use that stuff, though
01:17Chutt hrm
01:19Chutt anyone want a crappy 200GB drive? =)
01:23davatar I only want 5400's :p
01:23thor_ there must be a way to turn that off
01:24Chutt i was going crazy trying to figure out what was causing all the noise
01:24davatar So did you try smartctl?
01:24Chutt yeah, no change
01:25Chutt i'm pondering moving the mysql log file to the drive
01:25Chutt well, and re-enabling logging
01:25thor_ heh
01:25Chutt that'll get hit often enough to get around the idle detection
01:25Chutt and it'll actually be doing something
01:25thor_ put mfd on it with a music sweep time of 60 seconds
01:25thor_ that'll do it
01:25Chutt idle timeout of 40 seconds
01:25davatar or you could plot smart data with rrd.. i.e. temp..
01:26thor_ ok 30 seconds then
01:26thor_ :-(
01:26davatar i used to do that, but I found out the drives would never go into standby..
01:26Chutt it's _really_ annoying
01:26thor_ sounds like it
01:26Chutt if it was just seek noise, it'd be fine
01:26Chutt but it's reading a ton of data at the same time
01:26Chutt or, i could just leave mythtv in live tv mode all the time =)
01:26Chutt that's quiet enough
01:27thor_ nicely worded e-mail to manufacturer, "there are thousands of people that use my software and are driving your sales, could I have non crappy drive please?"
01:27davatar Chutt: is it soft-mounted, or regular?
01:27Chutt soft-mounted?
01:27davatar rubber/dampers
01:27Chutt yeah
01:28Chutt i've got it sitting in one of the drive thingies from my antec sonata case
01:28Chutt it's not mounted, though =)
01:28Chutt no space in the case
01:28Chutt just sitting on the bottom
01:29Chutt but, yeah, it's isolated pretty well with rubber
01:30thor_ at the very least, 2 lines on the web site warning people not to make the same mistake ...
01:31davatar "Idle acoustics of 2.5 bels- the industry's best "
01:31davatar haha.
01:32davatar hmm they list a "quiet seek" at 2.8 and a "performance seek" at 3.4
01:33Chutt and you can't turn on acoustic management
01:33Chutt to get the 'quiet seek'
01:34Chutt apparently, someone sued seagate over the acoustic management stuff
01:34Chutt so, lucky me, it's disabled
01:34davatar just put it on ebay and get some maxtor white labels :) I can have 7 of these under heavy io, and not be able to hear a single seek..
01:34davatar data loss from that or what?
01:34Chutt patent infringement, is what i read
01:35davatar must be maxtor :) works perfectly.
01:35thor_ first bad thing I've heard about Seagate
01:35thor_ in a long time
01:35thor_ sucks
01:35Chutt i was really happy with the seagate baracuda 5 in there now
01:35thor_ yup
01:35Chutt which is why i got another seagate for the machine
01:35thor_ yup
01:35thor_ would have done exactly the same thing
01:37Chutt heh
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01:38Chutt ah well
01:38Chutt i'm glad i converted things over to xfs from ext3, at least
01:38Chutt the vast improvement in file deletion time really makes things better
01:38thor_ heh
01:39Chutt no waiting for the live-tv buffer file to delete itself after it's been on for an hour or so
01:39thor_ acutally, you now want it to take a long time to delete files (keep the drive busy)
01:39Chutt heh
01:39thor_ the "firmware" is not flashable ?
01:40thor_ or otherwise fiddle-able ?
01:40Chutt heh
01:43Chutt i'd not want to fiddle with it :p
01:43Chutt while it _is_ only tv recordings and re-ripable music
01:44thor_ you need a kickDrive() function analagous to mdz's kickDatabase()
01:44Chutt actually
01:45Chutt it would be nice to be able to have it put the drive into standby
01:45Chutt and then wake it up a minute or so before a recording
01:45thor_ or that
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02:37thor_ heh, it works
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12:20steelep anyone care to help me figure out how to make the remote control use a key overlay like this?
12:21steelep would make searches with text a breeze
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12:33o_cee steelep: that would require different styles for different languages tho
12:33steelep not it doesn't
12:33steelep -t
12:33steelep combination charachters are build in
12:33o_cee "the 9 most frequent chars"
12:33o_cee that's of course for english
12:34steelep it might take a different set for cyrrilic or kanji, but that's different
12:34o_cee why do you think i'd use the same chars as frequent as you use chars for english?
12:34o_cee for swedish that is
12:34steelep I've been using this thing for a month on my tabletPC and its great
12:35o_cee yeees
12:35o_cee but you're missing my point
12:35steelep so all you need then is a template to load the characheter order, that's no big deal
12:35o_cee of course not, it was just an observation
12:35Griffon26 can anyone tell me why mythtv keeps resetting my mixer when I play/pause/skip?
12:35o_cee don't see how this would be used with a remote tho, still watching flash
12:36o_cee Griffon26: because that's what you told mythtv to do in the sttings?
12:36steelep enter any alpha character with a 12 key remote... that's how
12:36Griffon26 o_cee: but where.. I can't find it
12:36o_cee steelep: enter any alpha character ?
12:37steelep yes
12:37steelep that's the point
12:37o_cee i don't understand
12:37steelep any characheter can be entered with just a numberpad
12:37o_cee yeah, i was wondering _how_ that's done with a remote since what i'm wathcing here includes dragging ala PDA style
12:37steelep see how bad my normal typing is :)
12:38steelep you hit 2 keys instead of dragging
12:38steelep go to the cellphone demo
12:38o_cee ah
12:38o_cee can't find it
12:38o_cee damn ugly page
12:38steelep you could print a letter template on a sticker or something and slap it on your remote
12:39o_cee ugly as hell :)
12:39o_cee also, alot of users already know how to use the normal cell phone thingie
12:39o_cee but it looks cool
12:39o_cee but would it be legally okay to do this in mythtv? i mean with patents and stuff?
12:39steelep that can take 6 keys to enter a letter though
12:40steelep or even more...
12:40Griffon26 o_cee: thanx, I found it and fixed it
12:40o_cee 6 keys for one letter? uhm.
12:40o_cee Griffon26: great
12:40steelep on mine, I have to hit the 9 key nine times for a capital z
12:40steelep that's rediculous
12:41o_cee oh, yeah that's stupid
12:41o_cee on mine i use # for upper/lowercase.. 1 contaings special chars..
12:41Griffon26 I now have one problem left and that is that I cannot zap normally. Mythtv starts up on channel 16 and I can go down to 14 and then it stays on 14 if I try to go further.
12:41steelep so with the messageease template you hit 898 and get a capital z
12:42Griffon26 I think there may be an inconsistency in the db, but I haven't been able to find it. Can anyone explain the behaviour I describe?
12:42o_cee steelep: looks cool. but would it be legal?
12:42steelep sure, keyorders aren't patentable
12:43steelep can you imaging paying someone for the qwerty keyboard layout?
12:43steelep I think it would just be a nice option
12:44steelep I have a full kb on my mythbox, but I'd rather be able to just use a remote
12:44o_cee of course
12:48mdz steelep: what are you talking about? T9 is patented, for example
12:48o_cee Patent Pending
12:48o_cee Copyright \xA9 2003
12:48o_cee EXideas. Inc.
12:48mdz they have even won lawsuits
12:50steelep making your own software that works with the same layout is not an infringement
12:50mdz that is incorrect
12:50steelep look and feel was shot down 15 years ago
12:50mdz that is exactly what Zi corporation did
12:51steelep are you talking about hardware or software?
12:51mdz software
12:52steelep hmmm, I have to read the ruling, but if I make a piece of software that looks and acts exactly like Excel, I can, as long as all the code is my own invention
12:52mdz that's because the idea of a spreadsheet isn't patented
12:52o_cee you can patent ideas as well.. heh.
12:52steelep and neither is numeric key entry
12:53o_cee no but this method probably is as it says on their site
12:53mdz probably not in general, but certain methods are, yes
12:53mdz heh
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12:53o_cee i wouldn't want to go to court with it, especially not in the states :)
12:54thor_ luckily, I own a patent on the concept of patents, so I'm covered
12:54o_cee thor_: cool
12:54o_cee thor_: i saw the other link you posted, tried it yet?
12:54thor_ yup, it's all working
12:55Chutt poll on
12:55Chutt 'have you tried out mythtv yet'
12:55thor_ heh
12:55mdz Disambiguating system for disambiguating ambiguous input sequences by displaying objects associated with the generated input sequences in the order of decreasing frequency of use
12:55thor_ rkulagow, see O'Reilly wants a book !
12:55o_cee Chutt: heh :)
12:55steelep must have to refresh... my poll says favorite MTA
12:56steelep there it is
12:56steelep ok, so here is how to get OUT of the patent thingy...
12:56steelep change a couple letter orders
12:57steelep that obfuscates it to invalidate the claim
12:57steelep allow for user definable orders, they can't patent that
12:57o_cee steelep: maybe.. as he said, they claimed to have worked 3 years on the letters
12:57mdz I didn't say it was impossible to make a system that did reduced-keyboard text entry without violating their patent
12:57steelep then if someone personally changes the order back to the same as a patentable one, there is nothing that can be done
12:57mdz you said that you couldn't patent key layouts, and I said you were wrong
12:57_rkulagow thor: i wrote to them a few weeks ago, haven't heard back yet on whether they want a mythtv book that _i_ would write.
12:58steelep ok, I recind my naive comment about patents
12:58steelep however
12:58steelep you can make software that is capable of duplicating it without violating their patent
12:59o_cee a first step to making the current way would be the patch that's on mythtv-dev with the phoneentry stuff
12:59steelep since myth is a prime example of using a remote for everything a system like this makes perfect sense as an add on to myth
12:59mdz I'm amazed that you were able to digest their 7 patents so quickly to come to that conclusion
13:00mdz and also all related patents
13:00steelep come on mdz, don't be daft
13:00steelep there is already competition that does the same thing with a different layout
13:00steelep I can name 2
13:01mdz I can name one which got a US$9M judgement against them by the courts
13:02steelep and you really think they will be able to go after an OpenSource program that can only be forced to work like theirs...
13:02mdz no, I think you don't know what you're talking about when it comes to intellectual property law
13:02steelep so you are saying that they have patented key chording on a remote?
13:02steelep that's absurd
13:03steelep now if I went out and tried to make a duplicate software specifically to compete with them using the exact same technique, I would expect to be sued
13:09_rkulagow chutt: here?
13:09Chutt yup
13:09o_cee _rkulagow: that commit.. didn't you apply davids patch? for the new scheduler?
13:09_rkulagow docs sync please?
13:09_rkulagow o_cee: sorry, which commit?
13:09o_cee "Update protocol version; don't think there are any major things that break
13:09o_cee right now. Remove extra punctuation."
13:09o_cee maybe i'm very delayed here :)
13:09_rkulagow oh, crap. you mean the mythweb thing.
13:09o_cee yeah
13:09_rkulagow hold on a second.
13:09o_cee i haven't cvs updated since the scheduler patch
13:10o_cee but david engel posted a mythweb patch
13:10_rkulagow that's why i hate stepping on other people's code. hold on.
13:10o_cee (haven't tried either the new sched or the old mythweb or the patch)
13:11Chutt docs updated
13:11o_cee Re: [mythtv] Next Scheduler Patch (and mythweb patch)
13:12TomW Chutt: hello, I see what you were talking about with software decoders vs. hardware video decoders. The GeForce 440 card video is good, but it is not a good as that of the PVR-350's TVOUT.
13:12_rkulagow o_cee: yeah, i see it. no, i didn't apply the other scheduler patches to mythweb. all i did was bump the proto version number. let me see if the rest of the patch breaks anything. brb.
13:13Chutt well, bumping the proto version without the patch breaks things =)
13:13_rkulagow chutt: right, which is why i shouldn't fuck with things like that.
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13:22_rkulagow ok, i've applied the patch that david sent to the list on my box and have scheduled "the bold and the beautiful", which should kick off in 8 minutes.
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13:35o_cee Chutt: how'd i track down this problem i have; when watching in-progress recordings it jumps out of the recording saying it's finished. i get the menu asking you what to do, and even tho i select 'keep watching' it jumps back to the watch recording screen..
13:35o_cee does it maybe a couple of times per hour or so
13:42thor_ Hmmm, people promising to speed up music loading .... is it already the first of the month again ?
13:43thor_ Only 24 hours left before the next "we should have a forum" thread begins
13:43dja I thought that was a weekly discussion, not a monthly...
13:43dja and to think, we just got done with "why is there a slight delay when watching livetv"...
13:44thor_ "but I don't want to be able to pause liv tv !"
13:44dja :-)
13:44o_cee "channel changes are so sloooow"
13:44o_cee my pvr-250 is dead.. firmware timeout.. need to shut it down dammit :/
13:44thor_ what's an ioctl and where should I download it from
13:45dja I have to admit, I find the slowness annoying, but I understand why it happens. I also no longer watch livetv, only recorded shows...:-)
13:45dja wow, I've never seen the pvr-250 die so hard that an rmmod, insmod didn't fix it.
13:48o_cee dja: well when the firmware dies with error -16 you're pretty much dead
13:49o_cee reocrding other stuff on card1 so i don't want to rmmod it anyway
13:49o_cee with the 350 tvout, you get faster channel switches.. or at least you get the first frame of the new video paused, then it buffers up and it unpauses.. kinda, neat.. i think..
13:49dja I've had enough issues with mine that I created a cron job (runs at 4am) that rmmod's and insmod's the driver. :-)
13:50o_cee hehe
13:50o_cee problem is that i restarted the box.. measured its power consumption.. if i have it running i've never had it just die on me
13:52dja I've had the picture get completely scrambled a couple of times, I've also had the lines going through the picture. After the cronjob, I've only had it mess up once in the last 2 months. :-)
13:53o_cee i was stunned by the low power consumption actually.. and i can't see how it'd measure it wrongly.. between 1-3 W normal, peaked at like 100 W sometime..
13:54dja wow
13:57o_cee yeah.. and that's with 2 pvrs 1 hdd and 1 nvidia.. still a bit suspicous about it
14:20thor_ (sigh) Q1: How does mythmusic work? Q2: Ignoring your response, I assume it does a select in a for loop while parsing a string, why does it do that?
14:26dja thor_: I hear there's a 12-step program for those who try to help on the -users list. :-)
14:27thor_ I keep stumbling over the belief in a higher power step
14:27thor_ 'cause I have evidence to the contrary
14:28thor_ (see -users list)
14:28kvandivo na.. i'll wait for the movie
14:34bitbyte anyone here running a shuttle? i know someone in one of the myth channels was
14:35steelep I run a Mega, basically the same thing unless its a driver issue
14:36bitbyte the msi?
14:37bitbyte i'm actually looking for info regarding using the digital inputs
14:37steelep yeah, the msi
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14:38bitbyte i know someone in one of the myth related channels was using a shuttle
14:38steelep I use the digital ins to connect the sound from my dvd player and a remote mp3 player
14:39steelep all I had to do was go into alsa setting and turn it on
14:39steelep it's set to analog by default
14:39bitbyte for spdif?
14:40bitbyte sweet
14:40bitbyte what chipset is yours?
14:40steelep intel 810
14:40bitbyte hm
14:40bitbyte the shuttle i'm lookin at has nforce2
14:40bitbyte the shuttle has an addon to give me coaxial in/out and optical in/out
14:41steelep should be the same, your just tell it to listen on the digital lines in alsa
14:41bitbyte hmm ok
14:41steelep if oyu use one of the gui settings editors its a checkbox
14:41bitbyte cuz the alsa site only lists support on the nforce, says nothig about the nforce2
14:41bitbyte altho ppl hav ewritten they got the outputs ot work for nforce2, no one mentions inputs, i dont think many people do it
14:42bitbyte i'm not oposed to buying the msi, does it have the spdif inputs by default? or did you ahev to add something?
14:42bitbyte and is it toslink or coaxial?
14:43steelep toslink
14:43steelep but I think you can make the mic accept digital as well, I never tried it
14:44bitbyte i only really need toslink
14:44bitbyte my dishnetwork 6000 has toslink output
14:44steelep I wouldn't buy the msi again only because the reason I bought it was for the lcd and that's useless in pc mode
14:44bitbyte as do most peices of satellite gear if they support dolby out
14:44bitbyte ya i heard that
14:45bitbyte since its a myth box, it's always on
14:45bitbyte hmm
14:45steelep i've had an echostar connected to the toslink on the msi, worked great
14:46steelep 7200 though, not a 6000
14:46steelep but the idea is the same
14:46bitbyte yeah
14:46bitbyte so did you have trouble controlling the box?
14:46steelep didn't try
14:46bitbyte thats my biggest concern
14:46bitbyte ah
14:46bitbyte i may even go over to dtv because of it
14:46bitbyte i really hate IRBlasters
14:46bitbyte altho im usign one on my replaytv now
14:47bitbyte my goal is to get rid of the tivo and replays
14:47steelep wasn't recording from it, I just had limited toslink ins and chanied it through the pc until I got an autodetector
14:47bitbyte altogether
14:47bitbyte well, isn't getting the input to work at all the biggest problem?
14:47dataworm How well does DVB card work under linux?
14:48steelep if I could make mythdvb work in the us, I'd toss this 7200 in a heartbeat
14:48steelep but if you have a 6000 for HD you will be disappointed
14:48bitbyte i dont plan on recording hd from it
14:48bitbyte it's just what i have
14:48steelep most of the HD stuff is cinverting over to qspk
14:48dataworm steelep : personally I am waiting to receive a DVB-c(digital cable) card, no idea if it gonna work
14:48steelep the dvb cards are all 8spk
14:48bitbyte qspk?
14:49bitbyte 8spk
14:49bitbyte ah
14:49dataworm 8spk?
14:49bitbyte theres a card that goes inthe 6k for that
14:49steelep suffice it to say, they won't decode the HD signals
14:49bitbyte thats what discovery channel HD uses right?
14:49steelep I don't remember the letters offhand
14:49dataworm steelep they don't decode HD? I beleived they do
14:49dataworm arg!
14:50bitbyte anyhow, it's not my intention to use the 6k for recording hd at all
14:50steelep data, ONLY if its 8somethineruther, not Q
14:50bitbyte it's just the best unit i have
14:50bitbyte only one with dolby toslink out
14:50steelep you can probably get all the BEV stuff
14:51steelep at least for now
14:51steelep but I refrain from yacking about that in here anymore
14:51bitbyte hehe
14:53bitbyte see, on the alsa site, your i810 chipset is listed as being supported
14:54bitbyte what cpu you using steelep?
14:56steelep had a p4-1.8, now I have a P4-2.8c
14:57steelep not a huge difference in decoding
14:57steelep but giant difference in transcoding
14:57bitbyte ah
14:57bitbyte does intell fare better than amd or is it purely a personal choice?
14:57--- <--- TomW [] has left #mythtv ("Client Exiting")
14:58--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
14:59steelep mostly personal choice, I tend to think intel is more stable, but it's probably just a longterm bias of mine
14:59bitbyte ya
14:59bitbyte i've felt that too
14:59bitbyte but the amd's a reso much cheaper
14:59bitbyte are so*
14:59steelep there has to be a reason other than supply and demand :)
15:00bitbyte i can think of many
15:00bitbyte i emailed the guy who said he'd gotte his going, i dont know that because he got the output going that it means the inputs work as well
15:00steelep most specs put graphic transcoding on the intel ahead of amd
15:01bitbyte what do you transcode?
15:01steelep mpg to xvid
15:01bitbyte ah
15:01bitbyte i dont evision myself doing that
15:01bitbyte i'm not a big xvid fan
15:01steelep no reason to waste dvds on tv shows
15:01steelep I can put 14 shows on a dvd with xvid
15:01bitbyte i like divx, but not xvid
15:02bitbyte oh i know
15:02steelep same difference
15:02Chutt 'hey, i want to optimize things'
15:02bitbyte ever tried to make an xvid into something else tho?
15:02steelep I use both
15:02Chutt 'but, i can't code worth shit'
15:02Chutt 'so, can you tell me how to do it?'
15:02steelep xvid just seems to go smoother for me
15:02bitbyte howdy chutt
15:03steelep it really a bunch of trial and error to get your settings where you like them, then just use it as a template
15:03bitbyte ya
15:03bitbyte i made an mpg from an xvid, it was a nightmare
15:03steelep transcode 1 minute spots until the output is how you like it
15:03bitbyte the audio woulnt be in there whenit was done. seems to be a common problem
15:04bitbyte had to rip it seperately then put it back in from mp3 with tmpgenc
15:04bitbyte sucked
15:04steelep I really like transcoding the whole show then editing in avi, which is a hell of alot easier than editing mpeg2
15:04bitbyte ya
15:04bitbyte not many shows on today i wanna keep
15:04bitbyte if i wanna keep em, dvd's are cheap. hehe
15:05steelep if you try to edit the mpeg you will have problems unless you retimecode the whole thing
15:05bitbyte womble
15:05bitbyte :)
15:06bitbyte i do it all the time with my replays
15:06steelep there is probably a weay to convert the cut list over to the same place in the avi, but I never thought about how to do it yet
15:07bitbyte hmm, wait a second, that sn41g2 only has ONE pci slot! ack
15:07bitbyte fork
15:07bitbyte back to the drawing board
15:07steelep I really, really want a template to convert HD over to avi, then I will retire all this other crap I use and just use myth
15:08bitbyte you using a pcHDTV card?
15:08steelep no, I have a MyHD
15:08bitbyte ah
15:08bitbyte my buddy has one of those
15:08bitbyte pit the software sucks so bad
15:08bitbyte pity
15:08steelep I hate the damn software
15:08bitbyte the card seems very good
15:08steelep the card works slendid
15:08steelep spledid
15:08bitbyte heheh
15:09bitbyte you type like me
15:09steelep I suck, I don't pay attention when I type
15:09bitbyte if they were smart theyd fix the software and then theyd have amajor hit on their hands
15:09steelep that's what spell checkers are for
15:09bitbyte dont think theyd be able to keep em on the shelves if they did that
15:09bitbyte or hell, even if they'd let some developer have the specs so they could build a driver
15:10steelep if they where really smart, they'd make an opensource driver and they would sell 10x as many units
15:10bitbyte i did see a sourcforge project for making a myhd driver for linux
15:10steelep but who says hardware vendors are smart...
15:10bitbyte but the proponent is on hiaitus now
15:10bitbyte so devel has basically stopped
15:10bitbyte shame
15:10steelep it doesn't work, at lest not yet, I tried it
15:10bitbyte ya
15:10bitbyte it's pretty basic
15:10steelep he stopped when the pchd came out
15:11bitbyte that sucks
15:11steelep maybe i'll just ebay this myhd
15:11bitbyte the pchdtv pales in comparison from a hardware standpoint
15:11steelep I think so too, that's the only rason i've held on to it
15:11bitbyte especially because it upconverts everything you put in it
15:11steelep all I do is record with it, then convert everything and watch it on myth
15:12steelep but converting is still really friggin slow
15:12bitbyte to be honest, if te pchdtv had hardware decoding it might be better. altho i've never seen one so it's purely speculative
15:12steelep I need a beowulf cluster to do my transcodes :)
15:12bitbyte haha
15:12steelep nah, hardware decoding is not the time consuming part
15:13steelep at least not with a decent proc
15:13bitbyte transocding, i know, ive built many a dvd
15:13bitbyte converted lots of vid from one stndrd to another
15:13steelep it's the multiple passes to make a decent avi that is time consuming
15:13bitbyte i transcoded a pal dvd to ntsc once
15:13bitbyte whatta pain
15:13steelep 2 pass is an absolute minimum
15:13bitbyte ya
15:14steelep but if you get your template done you can just batch the transcode, it's not that bad
15:14steelep but some nights I have 4 or 5 show that need transcoding, one day I'll get the system all worked out
15:14steelep nothing is automagic today
15:15bitbyte hehe
15:15bitbyte myth is light years ahead of the pack in features
15:15bitbyte i had high hopes for the moxi when they announced it a couple of years back
15:15bitbyte ti's still nto out
15:15bitbyte prolly cost to much when and if it finally does come out
15:16steelep myth is awesome
15:16steelep by FAR better than anything else
15:16Chutt so where's your mythmusic playlists patch? :p
15:16steelep as a collective package at least
15:16steelep buried on my desk :)
15:17steelep I am so far behind its rediculous
15:17Chutt that's ok, so'm i
15:17bitbyte hody chutt
15:17bitbyte howdy even
15:17steelep school kicked my ass, I thought I could breeze through, but homework load is homework load, no way around it
15:18steelep I have learn one really important thing though...
15:18steelep JAVA Sux the donkey's noodle
15:19bitbyte hehe
15:20steelep maybe i'm just lazy, but gui design without a decent IDE is a giant PITA
15:20steelep and I don't consider netbeans a decent ide
15:21steelep I'll really be happy when next semester is over and I can do machine code and c++ instead of this crap
15:21bitbyte brb
15:39--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:43--- <--- Griffon26 [] has left #mythtv ()
15:50--- ---> sfr [sfr@] has joined #mythtv
15:50bitbyte hi sfr
15:52sfr bitbyte, hi
15:59--- <<-- sfr [sfr@] has quit ("Leaving")
16:13--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
16:13--- ---> racer [] has joined #mythtv
16:20--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
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16:36--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
16:55--- ---> \Grooby\ [~sl9z@] has joined #mythtv
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16:59--- ---> holger_ [~holger@] has joined #mythtv
17:12thor_ ok, I give up
17:12* mikegrb gives thor_ a cupcake
17:12thor_ hmmm, cupcake
17:18--- <<-- holger_ [~holger@] has quit ("Client exiting")
17:24--- <<-- pcjabber [] has quit ("Leaving...Client is exiting (XChat 2.0.7)")
17:27o_cee cupcake?
17:28thor_ hmmm, cupcakes
17:28--- <<-- bbeattie [~bbeattie@] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:28o_cee cupcakes?
17:29kvandivo cupcakes rock
17:29o_cee what is it?
17:29o_cee ah
17:29o_cee we call that a muffin
17:29kvandivo like a muffin, except cake
17:29o_cee what's the difference ?
17:30kvandivo literally, it's just cake mix in a cupcake
17:30o_cee right
17:30o_cee that didn't make sense at all to me :)
17:30thor_ muffin --> fiber, good for colon
17:30thor_ cupcake --> sugar
17:30--- ---> bbeattie [~bbeattie@] has joined #mythtv
17:30billytwowilly| e gads! thor is talking about his colon!
17:30o_cee oh right.. :)
17:31thor_ been reading -users
17:31o_cee colon -> grovtarm in swedish.. so now you know that
17:31thor_ I'm sure that will come in handy
17:31o_cee yeh
17:31o_cee you never know
17:31* o_cee tries writing a hash table thingie
17:31kvandivo talks about some of the differences
17:31thor_ "My submarine is full of eels"
17:32o_cee " on the frontends because of a UI issue. Lame." <--- hahahhahaha
17:32thor_ I have closed my mail client
17:33thor_ and am taking deep breaths
17:33o_cee "Should be fun, I've never written anything in
17:33o_cee C++ before" <-- what kinda stupid fucks are they?
17:35billytwowilly| it's like my own myth mailing list digest;)
17:39--- ---> dja_ [] has joined #mythtv
17:43o_cee stupid cat
17:43o_cee jumped up my arm biting me
17:44dja_ o_cee: isn't that redundant :-)
17:44--- <<-- dataworm [] has quit ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
17:45o_cee what is
17:46dja_ "stupid cat"
17:46o_cee heh
17:46o_cee he'll loose his balls tomorrow
17:46o_cee he's nice, but a pita at the moment
17:46dja_ :-)
17:47thor_ not a peta
17:47thor_ pita
17:47thor_ heh
17:47dja_ yeah, I've got 2, both are 18 years old.
17:47o_cee mine's like 7-8 months :)
17:47kvandivo awww
17:48dja_ those are the good times...enjoy them...:-)
17:48o_cee my arms are constantly scratched up.. this last attack caused me like 10cm mark on my left arm, heh
17:48kvandivo they say that animals (and kids, i suppose) are babies and young when we first get them so that we can learn to love them. that way, we can put up with their antics when they get older
17:49dja_ having 4 children, I strongly agree with that :-)
17:49o_cee hehehe
17:49thor_ my GOD iTunes is stupid
17:50o_cee duuh
17:50--- <<-- bbeattie [~bbeattie@] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:50thor_ bah, I need to walk around the block before I have a coronary
17:51o_cee dammit, i need to use the dictionary all the time
17:51o_cee ah :) hehhe, get some fresh air
17:58billytwowilly| thor_, I thought you loved itunes...
18:02kvandivo it's possible to love things that are being stupid.. see my previous comment
18:03o_cee hah
18:03o_cee thanks kvandivo
18:03o_cee ;)
18:19--- <<-- Chutt [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:25--- <<-- davatar [] has quit ()
19:04--- ---> Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
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19:37--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
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19:44--- ---> gfoster [] has joined #mythtv
19:45gfoster Hi folks - Have a question you may be able to answer. Are there "under the hood" issues with SMP and Myth 0.14, ivtv 0.1.9 ?
19:47jams gfoster, smp and myth in general has some problems for people, check the mailing lists it's been discussed there
19:48gfoster jams Thanks. Didn't know if I was fighting in ivtv/pvr_350 issue, or my test bed was the culprit. (recording stops when 'watch recording' selected). I'll check it out.
19:50Chutt it's generally ivtv.
19:52jams then let me rephrase that ivtv and smp have problems for some people :)
19:54niqo smp with dvb is working very well (here at least)
19:54--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:56gfoster Don't want to cloud the channel, but kicking a non-smp kernel against this dell workstation should prove/disprove the smp issues, shouldn't it ? Or does the architecture cause problems, even if the kernel is non-smp on top ?
19:57--- <<-- niqo [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:00jams gfoster, feel free to join mythtv-users "the official user-to-user support channel"
20:01o_cee Chutt: you didn't check in that segfault fix? forgot about it and crashed mythbackend today, heh
20:07--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
20:12--- <--- gfoster [] has left #mythtv ()
20:14--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
20:19--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
20:31thor_ heh, well at least I managed to piss off Ed
20:41thor_ Your pcHDTV order has shipped.
20:41thor_ yeah
20:41Chutt ed who?
20:41Chutt o_cee, not yet, been busy
20:42thor_ Ed, the guy screaming at me on -dev that I should not write crappy code
20:42thor_ :-)
20:42Chutt the same guy that was asking for help finding things?
20:42thor_ yup
20:43Chutt haha
20:43Chutt funny
20:43thor_ how's retirement ?
20:43Chutt eh
20:44Chutt need to get my resume finished
20:44thor_ heh
20:44Chutt so i can post it somewhere
20:45thor_ I suspect Roku would be interested, given that they seem to have some money and are rolling out more home media playing stuff
20:45Chutt those generictree improvements i checked in relatively recently were something around a 3x speed up for most cases
20:45thor_ heh
20:45Chutt could do more, probably
20:45Chutt but i haven't bothered
20:46thor_ would be nice to pre-sort all by aspects
20:47thor_ I'll poke around at it at some point
20:47Chutt it does seem like you're sorting things twice at times
20:47thor_ heh
20:47thor_ if list as shuffled is not on, it definitely sorts twice
20:48thor_ but then I've never really claimed to have any idea what I'm doing
20:48Chutt heh
20:49Chutt ah well, back later
20:49thor_ yup
20:49_rkulagow i would never claim you know what you're doing either. :)
20:49thor_ heh
20:50_rkulagow (this, from the guy who shouldn't touch mythweb, but still does.)
20:51thor_ rkulagow, did you just drop an e-mail with O'Reilly, or do you know someone there ?
20:52_rkulagow i sent an email to got an autoresponse, then nothing happened. today you mentioned the poll, so i wrote back to proposals, and wrote and said they don't remember seeing it, and to send it again, which i did. we'll see what happens.
20:52thor_ hmm
20:53thor_ they must get lots ...
20:53thor_ don't think I know anyone who works at O'Reilly
20:53thor_ HEY LURKERS, anyone know anyone who works at O'Reilly ?
20:53Morph yes.
20:53thor_ speak to my kulagow
20:55Morph whats up?
20:55thor_ been few ideas about Myth user guide as a book tossed about
20:56Morph ah...
20:56thor_ O'Reilly seemed a sensible choice
20:56thor_ rkulagow is up for the task
20:56thor_ but an intro to the process would help
20:56thor_ (the process at O'Reilly)
20:56--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
20:56Morph not sure if the person I know there could make it happen (doubtful) but she might be able to pass it along to whoever could..
20:57thor_ so and so, meet so and so, you can take it from there
20:57thor_ (just all by e-mail)
20:57_rkulagow morph: the human that wrote back to me is "Laurie Petrycki Associate Publisher ". i've already gone through their submission guide and wrote up the proposal according to their format, so i'm willing to wait a day or two to let them digest it and tell me to go pound sand.
20:57_rkulagow thor: you're a canadian, correct?
20:58thor_ yup
20:58Morph _rkulagow: okay..
20:59_rkulagow over here on public TV they just finished showing "pioneer quest: a year in the real west", which was apparently filmed in 2000. over here it was nine 1 hour episodes; at the end, when they came home, lots of people were talking about how they loved the show, etc. any idea if it was it a weekly thing over there?
20:59_rkulagow (it was filmed in manitoba)
21:00Morph I remember seeing that..
21:00Morph I think they called it frontier house or something though.
21:00thor_ I'm Canadian, but haven't lived there for over 10 years (sorry)
21:01_rkulagow frontier house was different; i think it was wyoming or something, and featured 3 american families, and they didn't winter over. pioneer quest was two canadian couples and they did winter over.
21:01_rkulagow apparently, winter in argyle, manitoba, can suck.
21:02thor_ heh, my Dad grew up in Arborg, which is not far from Argyle
21:03thor_ once or twice a winter, there's always some news story about how it doesn't matter if they quote the temperature in Celsius or Farenheit, cause they are equal at 40 below
21:03_rkulagow yes, and both are cold. that's all you need to know.
21:22--- <<-- mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
21:22_rkulagow thor: i just remembered our deal. you still want that imac, which is why you're pushing me to oreilly, isn't it? thought so.
21:24thor_ heh
21:27--- <<-- josephk_ [] has quit ("Leaving")
21:33--- ---> josephk [] has joined #mythtv
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22:05--- ---> ofer [] has joined #mythtv
22:06ofer heya, can somebody link me to a description of the myth protocol?
22:07_rkulagow ofer: you won't find it anywhere but in the source.
22:07ofer _rkulagow, which source file has the easiest thign to decypher?
22:08ofer so far all i can do is get my mythbackend to say "unknown socket"
22:08_rkulagow don't know.
22:33--- ---> FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
22:55cmorgan ofer: the source is the best documentation, unless you want to write some and submit it for inclusion on the website
23:11ofer i may, but i first need to figure out the code =)
23:11--- <<-- bdale [] has quit ("Client exiting")
23:12--- ---> josephk [] has joined #mythtv
23:14--- ---> DJ_meeting [] has joined #mythtv
23:15--- User: *** DJ_meeting is now known as DJ_Rican
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