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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-03-02

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00:11DJ_Rican how do i prevent screen blanking?
00:12thor_ man xset
00:12DJ_Rican xset?
00:12ofer xset -dpms
00:12DJ_Rican that's it... dpms.... thx
00:24dataworm 1280x720
00:25thor_ 921,600
00:26dataworm banyan : what is your TV hooked to? DVI port?
00:26* thor_ is waiting for, "sorry, wrong window"
00:30dataworm eheh yea sorry wrong window
00:30thor_ heh
00:31dataworm did't realise at first... confusion for been on both #mythtv and #mythtv-users
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00:32dataworm What would be the recommanded commercial IR Dongle for to Transmit IR to my Cable TV setupbox?
00:34mechou I think that depends on your cable box, more specifically, what IR carrier frequency/protocol it uses........
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00:35mechou you don't have a cable box that has a serial port?
00:35dataworm no i don't
00:36dataworm I got a Scientific Atlanta Exporer 2200 or something like that
00:36mechou IR control of cable box is iffy at best.
00:37mechou what (brand) remote control does the cable box come with?
00:37dataworm mechou good question
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00:37mechou dataworm: hmm?? why?
00:37Chutt thor, what was so annoying about itunes earlier?
00:38dataworm hum it's a scientific atlanta remote
00:39thor_ Chutt, they just made up an extra header that was clearly an MD5 of the http GET request
00:39mechou dataworm: na, that's just the name SA put on it. It got manufactured by someone else
00:39Chutt ah
00:40thor_ with some extra crap thrown in (apparently)
00:40Chutt heh
00:40thor_ textbook "security" through obscurity
00:40Chutt you figured it out?
00:40thor_ nope
00:40thor_ libopendaap did
00:40Chutt get the opendaap guy to figure it out? =)
00:40Chutt heh
00:41thor_ but it's clearly a DMCA violation
00:41thor_ well, not "clearly"
00:41thor_ but arguably
00:41dataworm well that where the modem # bring me...
00:41thor_ that's why I did the dynamic load stuff instead of just copying in the hashingd algorithm
00:41Chutt yeah
00:42Chutt good thinking :p
00:42dataworm Oh well I'll just put that on the hold as I wait my DVB-c card it probably gonna fix the issue
00:42thor_ heh
00:42thor_ last thing we need is you getting annoying C&D's
00:42Chutt a c&d got me my first job
00:42thor_ heh
00:42mechou dataworm, you have a learning remote by any chance?
00:43Chutt well, first programming job
00:43thor_ well, if you _want_ C&D's, we can put it in
00:43thor_ :-)
00:43Chutt naw
00:43dataworm mechou : yea it is
00:43Chutt best to play it safe
00:43dataworm mechou : Well I think... did't really programed it
00:43thor_ be very interesting to see if Apple raises a stink at some point
00:44mechou dataworm, I'm not talking about the SA remote. I'm talking like a learning remote like ones you get at radio shack....
00:44dataworm mechou : But i don't see in what it affect the choice of a IR Transmiter
00:44Chutt didn't they put out the libs in the first place?
00:44thor_ Rendezvous libs
00:44thor_ not daap
00:44Chutt ah
00:44dataworm mechou : Oh that... No I don't... well I got PDA
00:44thor_ search of daap on reveals nada
00:44dataworm But I don't understand where you want to go?
00:45mechou dataworm: the IR receiver in SA settop responds only to certain IR frequency. We need to find out what that is.
00:46dataworm IR Transmiter are limited to some frequency?
00:46mechou If a "generic learning remote" works on the SA box, then most likely the frequeny is 38khz....
00:47mechou dataworm: yes, look it up on
00:47dataworm Then mechou if it's a generic one what do I buy
00:47mechou receivers too....
00:47dataworm I think i alwredy setted my PocketPC to control that setupbox but i don't recall well
00:48mechou is ur pocket pc controlling settop via tcp/ip??
00:48dataworm mechou : no IRDA
00:49mechou dataworm: IRDA is not meant for IR remote control. Surprised that it works at all....
00:49dataworm when I say setupbox i mean the CableTV box not the MythTV box
00:49dataworm mechou : All my Palm and WinCE PDA had alwais done great remote control
00:49dataworm mechou : they got tons of software to do it
00:50dataworm Ipaq even come with bundled with a Universal remote control software
00:50mechou yeah, maybe if you're 2 ft in front of the IR receiver.
00:50dataworm They just make expensive Remote control when you let it fall on the floor ;)
00:50mechou any farther than that you're hosed.
00:51dataworm mechou : No trust me... we been controling Sattelite box from more than 25"
00:51mechou then it's not using IRDA.
00:51dataworm was a bit tricky... but to change the TV station in a bar is alwais worth it :)
00:52mechou well, beats me. IRDA has the "wrong" modulation and pulse width.
00:52mechou guess I don't know what I'm talking about :)
00:52dataworm well might be using more than just IRDA but my PDA is IRDA... I use it with my IRDA JetEye dongle and with my laptop
00:53dataworm mechou : I read stuff in the same direction as you said when I read Lirc documentation
00:53dataworm But I don't understand those limitation too mutch
00:53dataworm + it been done for a while with PDA
00:53mechou dataworm: only if you get extra HW is my understanding.....
00:54dataworm ?
00:54mechou a little IRDA to IR transceiver.....
00:54dataworm mechou : they probably do in all the PDA
00:54dataworm I don't know
00:55mechou basically HW that "converts" IRDA so that it becomes "pure" IR.....
00:56dataworm mechou : personally I think PDA are put IR controled 100% by software to do more complex IR stuff
00:56mechou dataworm: well, I havent followed PDAs much, mabe they all come with IR tranceivers now, who knows.....
00:56dataworm mechou : I was doing it on my Palm III about 4 year ago
00:57dataworm mechou the website you listed even have a PDA/HPC Remote Control Forum
00:57mechou dataworm: a year or two when I last looked into this PDA's still only used IRDA HW==not suitable....
00:57dataworm I would say they are't as good as normal remote but they still do the job
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00:58dataworm it just less spread
00:58dataworm you you have to point better
00:58mechou no, it's a crapshhot.
00:58mechou crapshoot.
00:58dataworm ?
00:59mechou I want reliable HW, not some crap that doesn't work most of the time :)
01:00mechou doing IR with IRDA, you might as well forget about it.
01:00mechou its not impossible, but I don't want to troubleshoot IRDA problems with IR.....
01:01dataworm yea... I just use that on my PDA from time to time, I don't use that when I got the remote ;)
01:01dataworm mechou : it it work at 1 inch , I would be happy
01:01mechou bah, you are on your own :)
01:01dataworm ehehe Could just put the Serial dongle in front of the cablebox
01:02dataworm mechou ; IF i only knew witch IRDA Transmiter to buy
01:02mechou I thought your settop box doesnt have a serial port?
01:03dataworm mechou : my PC have one... does't the cable settop only need IRDA?
01:03mechou dataworm: no, the point I'm making is you *need* an IR transmitter, not IRDA
01:03dataworm Sorry... IR Transmitter
01:03dataworm eheh I am used to the IRDA term sorry ;)
01:06dataworm So witch IR Transmiter i need to buy? and if there is more than 1 i'll just buy all those I need to make sure it work... I mean if the 38khz does't work then I'll pass to a other one, but i am sure that IR receiver is standart
01:07dataworm hum I did program some functionality on my main TV remote, so it must be standart... there is some standart code for my cablebox
01:08mechou ok, that's a good start
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01:10Chutt do de do de do
01:10mechou hmm??
01:10ofer strangers ini the night
01:10rkulagow chutt: are you drunk (again?)
01:10ofer you never heard it?
01:10mechou are the cops here? :)
01:12rkulagow i was feeling froggy, and i think i've got an "mute left / mute right / mute both" thing ready to go for all them crazy foreigners that put language "1" on one stereo channel and language "2" on the other one. silly people
01:13Chutt nope
01:13Chutt cool.
01:13mechou dataworm: look into uirt2. Not really "commercial," but you can get ones pre-made, and therei is lirc (cvs) support. I think it's around $30.
01:13pigeon hmm, how does qsocket stuff work over lan?
01:14mechou dataworm: works off your usb port off your pc.....
01:15dataworm thanks for the info
01:16dataworm have any idea from where I can buy one?
01:17thor_ Chutt, go write some code already
01:17Chutt i'm committing patches
01:17thor_ heh
01:17mechou dataworm: google
01:17Chutt so i can't
01:17Chutt ok
01:17thor_ bah
01:17Chutt japanese filldatabase patch
01:17dataworm yea that what I do right now... but even google does't seem to know any good place
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01:17Chutt introduces a field to the programinfo struct called 'title_readstr'
01:17thor_ hmm, fills database from right to left, top to bottom?
01:17mechou dataworm: hmm???
01:17Chutt which is how the title is supposed to be pronounced
01:18mechou dataworm: google "uirt2"
01:18Chutt but not displayed
01:18Chutt that's not a very good name for the field, though
01:18Chutt any ideas on an alternative?
01:18thor_ pronounce
01:20Chutt yeah, but something shorter?
01:20thor_ say
01:20Chutt heh
01:20thor_ heh, if it was me, it would be title_should_be_pronounced_as
01:21Chutt ah well
01:21Chutt i'll just use title_pronounce
01:22mechou hey Chutt, does bjm and david lengel hang out on this channel, and if so, what are their handles?
01:22Chutt no, they don't
01:23mechou Chutt: bah :(
01:23thor_ heh, I think I fixed it
01:25thor_ righteous
01:25thor_ fiddle with playlists in iTunes, propagates along to all mfds
01:26thor_ oops
01:26thor_ doesn't like deletions
01:29Chutt heh
01:29pigeon how does the mythfrontend interact with the mythbackend during a playback, in terms of network?
01:29Chutt magic.
01:29mechou hehe....
01:29thor_ telekinesis
01:29ofer pixie dust
01:30pigeon Chutt: I'd like to know more about the magic ;)
01:30Chutt so look at the source.
01:30mechou thru the ether.....
01:30rkulagow transbogons.
01:30pigeon hmm
01:30thor_ moral persuasion ....
01:30mechou action at a distance.....
01:30thor_ "you really _should_ record The Young and The Restless"
01:30pigeon well like, i know port 6543 is for the data, right?
01:30pigeon is there anything else?
01:31Chutt look at the source.
01:31pigeon alright.
01:31pigeon ;)
01:34Chutt thor, have you looked at those mythvideo patches?
01:34thor_ not the very latest (of last 24 hours or so)
01:35* Morph stares at weirdness with mythbackend
01:35Chutt would you mind? =)
01:35thor_ I will
01:35thor_ yup
01:35Chutt and the poster directory patch from Kenneth Aafloy
01:35thor_ yup
01:36Chutt thanks
01:36thor_ yup
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01:44rkulagow well, since we've got the peanut gallery out tonight, what's a good name for being able to individually mute each channel if you want to? i'm updating frontend globalsettings, and this part seems to be harder than writing the code.
01:44rkulagow (looking for a class name)
01:44thor_ ChannelMuter
01:44thor_ ?
01:45thor_ heh, I can send you an algorithm for that
01:45thor_ rotfl
01:47Chutt rkulagow, no idea
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01:47Chutt anyone know if captain_murdoch is around this week?
01:48Captain_Murdo| yeah, just popped in a for a minute to schedule a recording. what's up?
01:51* Captain_Murd thinks must be a long comment he's typing.. or else he fell asleep
01:51Chutt heh
01:51Chutt no, reading a website
01:52Chutt patch to fix strange display position in EPG
01:52Chutt patch on mythtv-dev
01:52Chutt if you have time, could you handle that one? =)
01:53Morph wow.
01:53Captain_Murdo| sure I can try testing it tomorrow night. I think I looked at it over the weekend and had a lockup when I tried recording on my test machine for some reason.
01:53Captain_Murdo| lockup was hardware, not the patch. :)
01:53Morph so apparently is xlibmesa-glu isnt installed..all mythtv related apps will complain about the QT Mysql libraries :)
01:54* Captain_Murd goes back to bed.
01:54Chutt heh
01:54Chutt ok, thanks =)
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02:24Chutt who feels like updating the goom source in mythmusic? =)
02:25Chutt 'course, that'd be pretty non-trivial
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02:26thor_ I was planning on redoing it anyway, as viz data will soon have to come over a socket
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02:57rkulagow chutt: still here?
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09:46wodantj Hello, I am about to buy a TV-card and I was wondering if anyone here have some good URLs so I know which one is the best to buy?
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09:48--- User: *** wodantj is now known as WodanTJ
09:51mikegrb WodanTJ: gogle
09:51mikegrb er gogle
09:51mikegrb damnit google
09:51WodanTJ mikegrb: I have googled and its hard to make out the results
09:52WodanTJ Actually I've been watching different cards and stuff for 2 days
09:55WodanTJ i've been trying to look at recommended hardware for MythTV
09:55WodanTJ maybe you could tell me something about that since you're using it.
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10:07Kablooie Hi all.
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10:38o_cee mikegrb: actually works to, faster to write :)
10:38mikegrb heh
10:44o_cee anyone know if the scheduler respects airdate to determine if a show is a duplicate? i mean sometimes they air an old season and it might confuse the two? haven't tried it at all, just thought about it
10:44mikegrb prettu sure not
10:45mikegrb at least it didn't the last I was up to date on the inner workings of the duplicate stuff
10:45o_cee guess now is a good time to suggest it to david
10:45o_cee it would make sense, wouldn't it?
10:46WodanTJ Does anyone have a Pinnacle PCTV Stereo?
10:46mikegrb o_cee: well it depends on which grabber rather then info means anything
10:46o_cee WodanTJ: just get a hauppauge pvr-250/350 and you'll be happy
10:47o_cee mikegrb: guess so.. we're trying to parse out as much as possible from the desc, most info is there just need to put it in the right place..
10:47o_cee swedish grabber that is
10:47mikegrb o_cee: aye
10:48o_cee just noticed a new season of friends started here tomorrow..
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10:53WodanTJ o_cee: you dont happen to know how long the IR-eye-cable is? :)
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10:54o_cee WodanTJ: never used it..
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11:09WodanTJ does the mpeg2 encoder on the Hauppauge PVR-250 work under linux? with mythtv?
11:10kvandivo WodanTJ: google is a wonderful thing
11:11* mikegrb <3 google
11:11WodanTJ kvandivo: Does sarkasm work in your life?
11:11dja WodanTJ: reading the title of this channel also is a wonderful thing
11:12kvandivo sarcasm IS my life, and your question is one of the simplest questions we've had in here in a long time
11:12kvandivo and believe me, if you think that was sarcasm, you don't want me to really open up on you
11:12* dja agrees with kvandivo's statement :)
11:12WodanTJ BUt you should really consider of changing your attitude towards people. Its giving mythtv a bad name.
11:13* dja didn't realize it was that time again...:)
11:13WodanTJ And sure, I can cope with that this isn't such a channel. But that does never give you the right to threat people bad.
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11:13WodanTJ well not threat :) but you know what i mean
11:17o_cee not really
11:17o_cee if you'd have asked in the right channel i would have answered
11:17o_cee got pics of my case ready now :)
11:19dja o_cee, have you seen ? Now that's a case. :-)
11:21o_cee heh, neat :)
11:21o_cee mine's not that nice
11:21dja and it only took him 250 hours to build it. :-)
11:21o_cee uploading the images now..
11:21dja cool
11:22o_cee need to rename them and grab some food first.. will fix it soon :)
11:22dja ok
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11:34o_cee haven't got time to fix the pics
11:34o_cee but they give you an idea what it looks like ;)
11:35o_cee maybe a bit to big the pictures.. ah well.
11:35* o_cee is away
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12:44thor_ oooh, ED's got me on pins and needles
12:45kvandivo -users again?
12:45thor_ heh, yeah
12:45kvandivo you know.. i don't feel that the quality of my life has dropped a bit since i switched -users over to digest mode
12:46thor_ I know, I'm a glutton for punishment
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13:00Chutt heh
13:00Chutt thor, he wrote a novel instead of a patch
13:01thor_ heh
13:01thor_ War, Peace, and SQL
13:02thor_ oh, and GetSettings is broken
13:02thor_ you idiot
13:03Chutt your use of it there is broken :p
13:03Chutt i had gone through and fixed a bunch of those, guess i missed a few
13:03Chutt no biggie
13:03thor_ I did _not_ write intelligent playlists
13:04Chutt heh
13:05Chutt but you probably applied that patch =)
13:05thor_ almost certainly
13:05thor_ :-)
13:06kvandivo Ed does have a way with words.. You gotta love his extremely benign opening paragraph
13:06thor_ heh
13:07thor_ well, after months of people complaining, at least he hitched up his trousers and actually did something
13:13Chutt thor, i'm _writing code_
13:13Chutt amazing
13:13thor_ heh
13:13Chutt trying to finish up the osd tree menu
13:13thor_ that's a good thing
13:14Chutt 'course, i should be finishing up my resume
13:14thor_ nah
13:14Chutt but that's not fun
13:14thor_ you need something to procrastinate over, otherwise you'll never write myth code
13:14* kvandivo ponders thor's statement.
13:15o_c Chutt: you saw my mail? your fix seems to be working :)
13:16o_c[1-6].jpeg <-- finally, some pics of my case.. haven't prettied them up tho, haven't got time..
13:16Chutt yeah
13:16Chutt thanks for checking
13:16o_c of course :)
13:16--- User: *** o_c is now known as o_cee
13:20mikegrb o_cee: I liked your pics, does it slide out? when can I move in?
13:21--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
13:24Chutt i hate the 'why isn't what i changed doing anything?' 'oh, oops, didn't make install' line of reasoning
13:25thor_ try it with 4 libs that need to be installed before you can check something
13:25thor_ bah
13:26Chutt heh
13:26o_cee mikegrb: yeah, slides out.. pita cause all cables are at the back.. but it's easy enough, don't have to do it that often
13:27mikegrb o_cee: right
13:30o_cee my sweet little dragon :)
13:30thor_ I'm thinking Ed's come back snarling
13:31o_cee will be intresting
13:32rkulagow chutt: i just mailed you that patch to allow muting of left, right or both audio channels.
13:33thor_ I knew someone would want that functionality one day
13:33Chutt cool.
13:33rkulagow well, i don't, but it's one of those easy ones.
13:34* mikegrb mutes rkulagow
13:35rkulagow chutt: are you trying to standardize on the ISO-8601 country codes? because there's a ".ja" file in i8n/mythfrontend
13:35Chutt ya, i dunno
13:35Chutt probably should use .jp, but the original patch was .ja
13:35Chutt be a pain in the ass to change it now
13:37Chutt rkulagow, i'd change MUTE_STATE to something like kMuteState
13:38rkulagow sure, not a problem. what's "k" supposed to mean?
13:38Chutt and make it not do the GetNumSetting every time SetMute is called
13:38Chutt constant
13:39rkulagow ok, i'll make something like "wantsfancymute" bool in the constructor. that sound ok?
13:39Chutt just have to make a new member variable in the class to store the value of the setting
13:39Chutt yeah
13:39Chutt that'd be perfect
13:39Chutt go ahead and commit, after that :p
13:39Rroet hello :)
13:39rkulagow ok, i'll get going on it. thanks.
13:39Rroet I made a little post yesterday about mythtranscode.
13:40--- ---> AridWrk [~josh@] has joined #mythtv
13:40Rroet I've yet to get an answer, is it because there is no good answer for it, or am I just blind and missed a part of the docs ?
13:40Rroet It's about transcoding from PVR250 recordings to mpeg4
13:40Chutt rkulagow, actually, hrm
13:40rkulagow sure, what's up?
13:41WodanTJ o_cee: You seem to have a nice home.
13:41Chutt sec, phone
13:41rkulagow ok
13:43Chutt i think there'll be a problem changing channels
13:44Chutt or skipping commercials
13:44Chutt since those call ToggleMute
13:44o_cee WodanTJ: thanks
13:44rkulagow ok, so if we pass "ON" we want to force mute to be MUTE_BOTH.
13:44Chutt well
13:44* o_cee is off, watching the test of the oscars..
13:45Chutt might be better to have a separate function 'NextMute()' or whatnot
13:45Chutt that does the new logic
13:45WodanTJ o_cee: Where in sweden do yo live?
13:45Chutt and have SetMute/ToggleMute do the current stuff
13:45Chutt full on/full off, that is
13:45WodanTJ Rroet: do you have an URL to your post about that transcode-issue?
13:45Chutt make sense?
13:45Rroet WodanTJ: just a sec, digging
13:46Rroet WodanTJ:
13:47Chutt yes, you missed something in the docs.
13:47rkulagow chutt: it does. i guess i'll just modify tv_play then, and call the new function if fancy muting is desired, otherwise just use the existing code path.
13:47Chutt the fact that 'strange error flushing buffer' isn't a fatal error
13:47Chutt rkulagow, the TV::ToggleMute() function?
13:47Chutt that works =)
13:48Rroet Chutt: ... -p is for the end result or just to choose where you're decoding from ?
13:48rkulagow chutt: ok, i'll take another whack at it.
13:48Rroet -p should be mpeg4 telling it to go to mpeg4 or to tell that the current file is mpeg2 ?
13:48Chutt rroet, no, you should use autodetect.
13:49Chutt nothing in what you posted about has anything about it 'not working'
13:49Rroet ok, then I've missed something else ?
13:49Chutt what i just fucking said
13:49WodanTJ Rroet: Its "lame"'s error message
13:49Chutt <Chutt> the fact that 'strange error flushing buffer' isn't a fatal error
13:49Rroet jup, I've read that.
13:49Chutt so why the hell are you still asking about it?
13:49Rroet the error isn't an error, but it does nothing after that.
13:49Chutt because it takes a bunch of time to transcode?
13:50--- ---> dataworm [~dataworm@] has joined #mythtv
13:50Rroet Chutt: because it leaves files bigger then what I already had?
13:50Rroet or files just 20mb large
13:50Chutt you didn't say _anything_ about that in your message
13:50Rroet it brakes of automagically on certain times without any notice
13:50Chutt there are _no_ error messages in there
13:50Rroet *sowwy*
13:50Chutt if you want help
13:50Chutt post relevant information
13:51Chutt now go take your questions to the mailing list, so i don't have to listen to you anymore
13:51Rroet K.. I'll run the transcode once more and try posting what more I can get
13:52WodanTJ Rroet: What are you trying to do? Maybe you can to it only with transcode, i don't know anything about mythtranscode though, but transcode I know.
13:52WodanTJ Rroet: Oh you are trying to encode realtime at a specific time?
13:52WodanTJ maybe i should read more about mythtv's features and stuff :) "transcode" just hilighted here :)
13:52Rroet WodanTJ: well, I want to transcode my MPEG2 recordings to MPEG4 to take up less size on the harddrive... not realtime encoding. (My Epia couldn't keep up with that :) )
13:53Rroet But I want to keep them in the "recorded" section of mythtv and I don't want to export them with nuvexport and move them to mythvideo
13:53WodanTJ Rroet: Oh, ok, i see. mythtranscode is only there to find the correct files, right?
13:54Rroet no, mythtranscode is actually a transcoder :)
13:54WodanTJ oh i see :)
13:54Rroet and it finds the right recordings according to DB information :)
13:55Chutt go to #mythtv-users if you are going to insist on continuing this completely off-topic conversation.
13:55--- <<-- racer [] has quit ()
13:55* Rroet notices the uninvited sign and gives up all hope.
13:56* mikegrb wishes more people would notice the topic
13:56* Rroet wished people would right topics less then 80 chars, irssi would prefer that :)
13:56Rroet right==write
13:56Chutt so change it
13:57--- Channel: Rroet changed the topic of #mythtv to: mythtv developers channel, go bugger off to mythtv-users
13:57Rroet ok :)
13:57Chutt now change it back
13:57Rroet mm.. irssi doesn't know about that :(
13:58--- Channel: Rroet changed the topic of #mythtv to: mythtv developers channel, go to #mythtv-users
13:58Rroet there you go, friendly as ever
13:58Chutt um, no.
13:58--- ---> racer [] has joined #mythtv
13:59--- Channel: Chutt changed the topic of #mythtv to: -- This isn't a support channel, go to #mythtv-users
14:01--- <<-- racer [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
14:04--- ---> racer [] has joined #mythtv
14:11thor_ heh
14:11thor_ Ed's clearly been reading his Carnegie
14:13Chutt hrm?
14:13Chutt should i fix it and commit a patch before he does?
14:13Chutt =)
14:14mikegrb but that is just what he wants you to do ;)
14:15Chutt i think it'd be funny
14:15thor_ heh
14:15Chutt since it'd take about 30 seconds
14:15thor_ can't say I didn't ponder it
14:16thor_ (Carnegie, Andrew == author of "How to Win Friends and Influence People")
14:18Chutt if i wasn't almost done with getting the osd tree done, i'd do it
14:19rkulagow chutt: the revampled code is now compiling; next step is to see if it still works.
14:19Chutt heh
14:19Chutt allright
14:20rkulagow distcc sure doesn't suck, and it's easier than telling the wife i need a new computer for quickly compiling myth.
14:21mikegrb heh
14:21mikegrb I'd preffer a solution made of both
14:23kvandivo you can a new kid or a new computer, mikegrb, but not both
14:24kvandivo can have, that is
14:24mikegrb well actuaaly the kid needs a mini-itx
14:24mikegrb ogg-streams for baby monitor
14:24mikegrb the grow with me mini-itx
14:25thor_ heh
14:25mikegrb turns into a mythfrontend with mythvideo goodness to stope the screams of wailing banshees
14:25mikegrb s/stope/stop/
14:25kvandivo that MUTE patch might come in handy, too
14:25mikegrb heh
14:25mikegrb indede
14:25heidig mikegrb: no
14:25heidig I want something normal in my life
14:25mikegrb heidig: :<
14:25heidig I won't budge on this
14:25heidig what the hell is up with my nick
14:26mikegrb see what I have to put up with? :/
14:26mikegrb hehehe
14:26heidig nm
14:26mikegrb that is what your nick always is here
14:26heidig yeah I know
14:26mikegrb you thought we were in #orion, huh?
14:26heidig I was confused
14:26heidig no
14:26heidig I thought I was in linode
14:26mikegrb ahh
14:26mikegrb kirby isn't in linode
14:26thor_ uncert princip
14:26heidig anyway, I want normal stuff in my life, so don't mess with the baby monitor
14:27mikegrb yes dear
14:29thor_ mikegrb, you want one of these:
14:30thor_ works as advertised
14:30thor_ and no firmware upgrades required
14:30mikegrb no firmware upgrades is a bad thing :/
14:31mikegrb ;)
14:31thor_ heh
14:31mikegrb false alarms?
14:31thor_ nope
14:31m0j0 thor_: it's probably my lame coding attempt with intelligent lists that are the issue here. sorry, i suck. ;)
14:32mikegrb then sounds nifty
14:32thor_ mikegrb, YMMV, but ours works incredibly well
14:32mikegrb yes
14:32mikegrb and the price isn't bad
14:32thor_ m0j0, no biggie
14:32mikegrb thanks for the pointer
14:32thor_ yup
14:33thor_ m0j0, it works, just not fast ... and looks like someone found a way to speed it up
14:33thor_ (good thing)
14:33m0j0 hmmm... i don't think GetNumSetting is called with every song. i'm confused. blah.
14:33thor_ it's a recursive function
14:33thor_ keeps calling itself
14:33thor_ (I think)
14:35m0j0 i grab all the rating/playcount/etc data when we do the initial SELECT for the song names
14:36thor_ no, it's the GetSetting for the weightings
14:37thor_ Playlist::writeTree()
14:37m0j0 those are single global values, not dependent on the individual song
14:37m0j0 i only get those once, don't i?
14:37Chutt it's a recursive function
14:38thor_ writeTree() keeps calling writeTree()
14:38Chutt so it'll be called for every level in the tree
14:38Chutt like thor said, it's no big deal
14:38kvandivo but it's gotta be a big deal. Ed wrote a lot about it, so it's gotta be a big deal!
14:38m0j0 alrighty. i'll keep quiet and wait for the great Ed's fix.
14:38Chutt i still think i should fix it real quick
14:39Chutt because that'd be hilarious
14:39thor_ heh
14:39kvandivo and then you could tell him to quit gripping because it's been in cvs for quite some time now
14:39thor_ I'm more inclined to wait and see his patch
14:41Chutt i've got a hang to fix in the osd menu, anyway
14:41thor_ heh
14:41Chutt going to the previous channel through the menu doesn't seem to work right
14:47--- <<-- o_cee [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:48Chutt ah hah
14:48Chutt got the stupid thing
14:50Chutt hrm
14:50Chutt now pip doesn't work
14:52--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:54thor_ while you're looking at pip .... how hard would PBP (picture by picture) be ... two 4x3 on a 16x9 screen ... left and right arrow to set channel changing focus, left and right arrow again to decide which one gets to play audio ...
14:54Chutt harder
14:54thor_ heh
14:54Chutt take a bunch more cpu
14:54thor_ yeah
14:55Chutt thought about it when i did the original pip stuff, decided against doing it
14:55thor_ ok
14:55thor_ saw a Phillips widescreen plasma do that once, insanely cool
14:56Chutt if cards had two scalers that xv could use
14:56Chutt it'd be easy
14:57Chutt where's ed's patch?
14:57thor_ tick tick tick
14:57thor_ he's writing a sequal, "The SQL done Gone"
14:57--- ---> YamahaBrez [] has joined #mythtv
14:58YamahaBrez Has anyone seen the barebone kit from MSI? Their MegaPC box?
15:00Chutt it's been discussed several times on the users list.
15:00Chutt i'd suggest you go look at the archives.
15:02--- ---> o_cee [] has joined #mythtv
15:02o_cee anyone wrote anything to me? lost power here, heh
15:03thor_ winning lottery number, but it's over now
15:04o_cee no problem
15:04o_cee that's ok
15:07o_cee you saw my piccies?
15:09Rroet Chutt: at your request I've looked into transcoding the piece again and see what happens.
15:09Rroet it spit out 575mb this time, with no error message.
15:09Rroet the file is still .tmp and can't be played.
15:10Rroet in what way can I get mythtranscode to output more error information so it can be of use ?
15:10Chutt i honestly couldn't care less
15:14Chutt thor
15:14Chutt um
15:14Chutt ed's patch =)
15:14thor_ oh, is it there
15:15thor_ WAAHHH I don't have it yet
15:15o_cee blah i'm always last
15:15Chutt just go to pipermail on
15:16thor_ it'll be here in a sec
15:16thor_ something wrong with it ?
15:16thor_ (he asks, with delightful glee)
15:17o_cee "Ok, I cant find anywhere on the website that tells me how to get the cvs of " <-- hehehehe
15:17Chutt uh, yeah
15:17o_cee what an annoying dude
15:17thor_ well, one of us should just fix it
15:18Chutt i'll do it
15:18* thor_ sometimes receives awards for stating the obvious
15:18Chutt properly
15:18--- ---> josephk [] has joined #mythtv
15:18o_cee 10 points to you thor, congrats
15:18Chutt after i figure out why pip isn't toggling properly
15:19o_cee Chutt: what's wrong with it?
15:19Chutt well
15:19Chutt global static variables are generally a bad thing
15:19thor_ heh, i _KNEW_ he'd do that
15:19o_cee i meant pip
15:19Chutt especially when there's absolutely no reason to use them
15:20Chutt oh, it's just broken with the new menu code
15:20o_cee ah :)
15:20--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
15:20o_cee it actually worked really god on the 350 with the driver from chris kennedy, was smooth enough
15:21thor_ dear god
15:21thor_ anyway, I'll leave it in your capable hands
15:21thor_ heh
15:22o_cee Chutt: you'll apply that log module right? could send you a watermark for it, think i found a pretty good one
15:23Chutt yeah
15:23Chutt eventually
15:23* josephk color is always strange with PIP, but I guess that's how it goes
15:23Chutt i asked for one more modification
15:23Chutt pip color should be better now
15:23o_cee yeah i saw that.. but i guess he'll fix it.
15:24o_cee i'd prefer a slightly bigger pip as well.. but i could change that locally i guess
15:24* josephk I guess you need at least a certain configuration to get good performance with the ivtvddev driver
15:24* josephk -d
15:25o_cee josephk: doesn't look good with low resolution captures..
15:26* josephk I've gone back to the old driver for the time being
15:27* josephk I'll wait until he's done changing things
15:27* josephk I wish I had this patience last week when I was willing to recompile X just to use it...hehe
15:28o_cee josephk: heh, when in fact you didn't need to :)
15:29o_cee <-- you think that'll be okay for the logging module?
15:29Chutt sure
15:29o_cee goodie. will have to see what it looks like in action as well
15:31steelep looks like a box of nuclear waste :-)
15:31o_cee exactly ;)
15:31mikegrb I just get the little red x thingie that means no image for you
15:32Chutt no image for you, one year
15:32mikegrb :<
15:32mikegrb I'm sure it is the crazy silly government proxy server thingie
15:33mikegrb I like it
15:33mikegrb and ssh rocks
15:42--- ---> marc_ [] has joined #mythtv
15:47kja guess ed knows how to do cvs now :)
15:49rkulagow chutt: sent you a new version of the mute thing.
15:52* kvandivo smirks at kja's comment.
15:53Chutt rkulagow, looks good to me
15:53Chutt go ahead and commit it =)
15:54rkulagow sure. hopefully, this doesn't encourage more feature requests.
15:54mikegrb You can feel free to drop the attitude anytime thats convenient for you. . .
15:54mikegrb heh
15:54mikegrb go dan
15:55kvandivo i think everyone on the -dev list should respond to him with the directions for cvs access
15:55kvandivo other than the obvious bandwidth considerations, it would be really hilarious for him to get 400 emails telling him how to access cvs
15:56Octane anyone know of a way to convert myth's commercial flags to actual cut points so that nuvexport recognizes it?
15:59mikegrb okay kvandivo, you first
16:06o_cee Octane: m, z.
16:07Octane duh thank you
16:12Chutt it's not 'm' anymore after my next commit =)
16:12o_cee no? damn :)
16:13o_cee that ed guy.. doesn't the gpl say something like you need to share changes you make to the code?
16:19--- ---> G-funk|laptop [] has joined #mythtv
16:21Chutt o_cee, nope
16:21Chutt heh
16:22Chutt i rather like how the people on the -users list are slowly reinventing CF
16:22rkulagow CF?
16:23Chutt collaborative filtering
16:23rkulagow ah
16:25Chutt the whole 'user X like programs A, B, and C, user Y likes A and B, so suggest C to user Y'
16:25Chutt stuff
16:25Chutt and thanks for committing that mute stuff =)
16:27thor_ Ed the happy camper
16:28Chutt i just committed a fix, btw
16:31kvandivo i _must_ find time to resend that ranking stuff.. have to switch a couple of lists over to dave's new RecList..
16:31Chutt yes, you do
16:31kvandivo now that you aren't working at the company anymore, can you actually look at the recommendations stuff?
16:32thor_ heh
16:32Chutt well, not technically
16:33Chutt but, sure
16:33kvandivo hmmm.. incentive.. i like that
16:33thor_ the zap2it data feed would sure help the namespace part of the problem, at least for NA
16:34Chutt yup
16:34Chutt i'm either going to start working on the mythmusic ui or the parser for that next
16:35kvandivo well, I don't use mythmusic much, so, not that it matters, but you know what my vote is.
16:35--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
16:35kvandivo have Ed work on the mythmusic thing. he seems to be actively into the whole mythmusic thing
16:36thor_ heh
16:36thor_ I'm still a week away from having the mfd client side lib ready to link against a mythmusic client, if that data point has any bearing on anything
16:37Chutt kvandivo, no, he says he's taking his toys and going home
16:37kvandivo awwww
16:37--- ---> anduin [] has joined #mythtv
16:37Chutt in his most recent post, at least
16:38--- <<-- o_cee [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:38thor_ heh
16:38--- ---> o_cee [] has joined #mythtv
16:38o_cee oh damn he got pissed
16:39* thor_ is resisting (succesfully) the temptation to write a posting explaining who pissed of whom in which order
16:39o_cee yeah baby :)
16:39o_cee heheheh
16:39Chutt wasn't your 'buy a faster computer' compent to joe caputo, anyway?
16:39thor_ yes
16:40thor_ sleeping dogs, hindu cows
16:40rkulagow yay! another "forum" post!
16:41Omnic I liked that comment from thor_ - made my day bearable
16:41kvandivo is it tuesday already?
16:41Chutt it was only an offhand forum post, though
16:41Omnic kvandivo: no, it's Wednesday.
16:42Chutt post
16:43Chutt yay, osd menu works
16:43thor_ crap
16:43thor_ I mean, yeah
16:43Omnic *snigger*
16:45billytwowilly| I'm curious.
16:45billytwowilly| what's this about a giant fight among the myth developers?
16:45kvandivo among?
16:45Chutt hah
16:45Chutt who said that?
16:46thor_ well, _somebody_ put a horse's head in my bed, and it wasn't Sophia Coppola
16:46kvandivo we're all just one big happy family around here. and days like today are even mildly amusing if not taken too heavily
16:46billytwowilly| I dunno, something about ed being pissed.
16:46billytwowilly| I'm watching csi miami while reading the chan;)
16:47Chutt ed's not a developer
16:47kvandivo we love ed around here. he made a normally boring tuesday fun
16:48--- <<-- marc_ [] has quit ("Leaving")
16:48* billytwowill likes excitement
16:48billytwowilly| anyone mind billing me in?
16:48kvandivo read the -dev archives
16:48kvandivo mythmusic stuff
16:49billytwowilly| ok. I'll check it out. Is it recent?
16:49billytwowilly| today?
16:49kvandivo ya
16:50billytwowilly| slow mythmusic?
16:51thor_ (in a somber voice), "probably lead to a fork"
16:51kvandivo you crack me up
16:52thor_ and watergun fights between booths at MythDevCON LasVegas
16:52Chutt hah
16:53billytwowilly| oh. I read his first post earlier.. It didn't seem that revolutionary.. commonn sense fix..
16:53Chutt yup
16:53Chutt very minor fix
16:54thor_ and then Bruce Perens will have to decide which branch to include in UserLinux
16:54thor_ sigh
16:54billytwowilly| heh. that's classic.
16:54billytwowilly| he got offended by you apparently getting offended by his typing;)
16:55thor_ I've honestly lost track
16:56billytwowilly| it's just funny. hey, I just had a recurrence of an intermittent problem I have with commercial cut points sometimes being ignored.
16:56Octane i found a mythtv segfault
16:56o_cee Octane: you know what to do
16:57thor_ send it to Ed
16:57o_cee exactly
16:57Octane if you load a recording and as soon as you do, hit the skip button (10 mins) myth segfaults
16:57Octane lol!
16:58Chutt i can't reproduce that
16:58Chutt so you'll have to get a backtrace
16:58thor_ hmm, I can
16:58billytwowilly| has that bug been reported anywhere?
16:58thor_ on 0.14
16:58Octane yah .14
16:59Octane perhaps fixed unintentionally in cvs
16:59thor_ I'll move the machine it just crapped out on to cvs
16:59billytwowilly| ok, thanks for the info. saves me the trouble of looking through commits...
17:00thor_ Octane, remote frontend?
17:00o_cee Chutt: you saw my problem about in-progress recordings thinking they're finished?
17:00Octane no same box
17:01Chutt nope
17:01Octane march 2nd and 60 degrees
17:02--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
17:03--- <<-- Drikus [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:03o_cee Chutt: just happens sometimes, it thinks it's finished.. don't know if it's a searchtable issue or maybe a pal thing.. no idea how to track it down actually
17:34--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:35o_cee hahaah: "Re-read your messages after you've
17:35o_cee taken your medication."
17:36--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
17:43--- ---> Cocoduck [] has joined #mythtv
17:45Cocoduck on the site, it said something about a windows port. Is this true?
17:46--- <<-- josephk [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:48mikegrb might check the list archives
17:48kja hmm, when my frontend changes from WatchingLiveTV to WatchingRecording, it says; Changing from WatchingLiveTV to None, and then Changing from None to WatchingRecording, and the backend pumps 'Getting next free recorder : 1'
18:05o_cee Chutt: i think kenneth gave up on the <pressedtext> thingie.. it went <selected> -> <normal> -> <pressed>.. the normal flashed there for a while, very ugly.. too bad :\
18:07Morph Cocoduck: you can apparently build a frontend that will run on Windows..
18:12Chutt kja, that's how it's supposed to work
18:13kja Chutt, sorry for beeing unclear, and not including this frontend msg; Decoder not alive, and trying to play..
18:14kja the backend repeats Getting next free recorder untill frontend is killed
18:33--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:44--- <<-- G-funk|laptop [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:47--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
18:48o_cee blargh
18:48o_cee sending useless mail now
18:48o_cee need to sleep
18:48o_cee nighty
18:59--- ---> FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
19:03heidig hi FryGuy
19:04heidig so you must be a big fan of futurama
19:04FryGuy that's fry :p
19:04FryGuy but ya i like futurama
19:05heidig I know his name
19:05heidig I thought you were trying to be cute with it
19:15--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Leaving")
19:18kja arg, can't find what's stopping my decoder thread..
19:24--- <<-- bdale [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:25--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
19:26kja hmm, shouldn't the decoder_thread_alive in NuppelVideoPlayer be set to true in StartPlaying?
19:27--- ---> G-funk|laptop [] has joined #mythtv
19:32--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
19:34--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:37mdz mythnews seems to be the only thing which uses uilistbtntype. is that correct?
19:41kja grep told gallery and xmlparse.cpp to
19:41kja i,m bored
19:44--- <<-- mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
19:49G-funk|laptop| is there a way in mythmusic to jump within the playlist? i asked in users but no one is responding...
19:50kja num keys?
19:50kja still bored
19:52--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:52G-funk|laptop| num keys do other things
19:52G-funk|laptop| oh well
19:52--- <<-- Cocoduck [] has quit ()
19:54kja from what i can see theres a couple of em free though..
19:56G-funk|laptop| i see none free other than 0
19:57G-funk|laptop| this is by looking at the keybindings in mythweb
19:58--- ---> b_e_n_z [] has joined #mythtv
19:59Chutt mdz, mythmusic soon will
20:00Chutt mdz, and i'm pondering replacing the existing lists (watch recordings, etc) with a modified version, as it has a nicer internal structure than the uilisttype
20:02--- <<-- Chutt [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:02kja G-funk|laptop: only have 5,6,7,8,9 registered here, and that's what the source say too
20:03--- ---> davatar [] has joined #mythtv
20:03--- ---> Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
20:03G-funk|laptop| 1-4 are in the gui
20:03kja hmm, stupid me
20:04Chutt page up/down still work.
20:04Chutt don't they?
20:04G-funk|laptop| they fast forward and rewind
20:04Chutt oh yea
20:04Chutt oh well
20:04G-funk|laptop| heh
20:05G-funk|laptop| i have a few extra buttons on my remote, maybe i'll look into a page up/down like binding
20:11mdz hm, I didn't even have mythgallery checked out
20:11mdz so many modules
20:12hadees how is mfd comming along? can it control all the stuff that the keyboard and/or the remote through lirc can?
20:13Chutt mdz, why'd you ask?
20:25--- <<-- b_e_n_z [] has quit ("Leaving")
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20:45kja can't say i noticed much difference with that mythmusic patch..
20:46--- ---> dataworm [~dataworm@] has joined #mythtv
20:47--- <<-- linagee [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:48--- ---> linagee [] has joined #mythtv
20:49mikegrb obviously you are wrong kja
20:49mikegrb the great ed can not be wrong
20:53kja =)
20:58--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
20:59heidig myth music is awesome now
21:01dataworm is the mythmusic gentoo portage broken? It fail compiling
21:10--- ---> [davatar] [] has joined #mythtv
21:11--- User: *** _bitbyte is now known as bitbyte
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21:35mdz Chutt: because I was making some changes to it
21:35mdz it only allowed cursor movement by one item at a time
21:35mdz and some of the RDFs in mythnews (and even the list of available RDFs) was too long for that
21:35mdz so I made it able to move by pages
21:36mdz if there's anyplace else that uses it with bigger lists, it'd be worthwhile to update them to use it
21:38--- ---> holger [] has joined #mythtv
21:45--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
21:51kja anybody tried QPaintDevice::x11SetAppDpi(X|Y)?
21:54--- ---> Netminder [] has joined #mythtv
21:55--- ---> ahbritto [] has joined #mythtv
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22:11kja yeah found the reason why changing from livetv to recording won't work...
22:11Chutt hm?
22:11kja mdz, could you reverse the screensaver patch...
22:11Chutt what was wrong with it?
22:12kja dunno, block event loop?
22:13kja also it had a bounch of tabs in it..but that's just looks right? =)
22:13Chutt i'd rather fix it, not revert it :p
22:15kja should just fire off a short timer from MythContext::(Disable|Restore)Screensaver to do the real work a bit later
22:16kja or is that just plain ugly?
22:17Chutt hrm
22:17Chutt probably be fine
22:17Chutt heh
22:17kja didn't like it much?
22:17Chutt ya know, i bet those X calls in random threads are the cause of a couple async reply errors i've gotten in the past few days
22:18--- ---> Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
22:18kja yup, should sync with videooutput
22:18kja xv that is
22:19mdz kja: where are the tabs messed up? most of it I didn't even apply; I reimplemented it
22:19kja tv_play.cpp is what i noticed
22:19mdz what's this about the event loop?
22:20mdz none of the stuff in there should take any significant amount of time
22:20kja should probably just move the Xlib calls to videooutputxv?
22:21mdz it manages the X screensaver even when it's not doing Xv output
22:21kja guess it's some locking going on in there,,so that stuff is syncroneous
22:21Chutt there shouldn't be anything there that's blocking the event loop
22:24--- <<-- holger [] has quit ("Client exiting")
22:32kja ok then
22:40--- ---> bearcat [] has joined #mythtv
22:40--- <--- bearcat [] has left #mythtv ("Kopete 0.8.0 :")
22:40kja donnu if it's of relevance:
22:41--- ---> tzanger [] has joined #mythtv
22:41* kja whishes he knew Xlib & Qt by heart..
22:42tzanger I have a PVR350 and am using the remote that came with it. I had this working great with QT/E (lirc support compiled in) but I'm playing with the X11 version now... I have it up and running but I have no remote support.
22:42tzanger lirc support is built in to mythtv but I tried irxcmd as well just for good measure. lircd is running and irw sees my keypresses
22:42kja and you read the topic, yes?
22:42tzanger any ideas? Do I have to tell X about this at all? I'm not running any window manager at all, does that affect this?
22:43tzanger yes I have, I am getting dead air in -users, thought I'd give it a shot here -- I don't think it's something too obvious as I had it running just fine with QT/E
22:43--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:47--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
22:55--- ---> davatar [] has joined #mythtv
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23:46--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:56davatar I'm seeing some strange problems with the default video output code, but I'm not sure if it's just X. Anyone else?
---Logclosed Wed Mar 03 00:00:21 2004