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13:25o_c thor_: neat
13:26thor_ heh
13:30o_c still no go with that stupid proxy.. kinda pissed
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13:31o_cee you see the pics of my case?
13:31o_cee hmm
13:36thor_ sorry .. meeting .. conference call
13:44o_cee ah, 8 pm here
13:44o_cee :)
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14:15kja Chutt, around?
14:15Chutt yup
14:16kja the audiodialog in NVP needs a qApp->lock before, and qApp->unlock after exec
14:16o_cee kja: you gave up on <pressed>?
14:17kja should i send a patch, or can you manually do it?
14:17kja yup, for now, saved the files
14:17Chutt send a patch, please
14:17kja k
14:17o_cee kja: okay
14:19o_cee Chutt: you didn't change keys.txt last night? "m" changed right? haven't updated it yet..
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14:22kja looks like qApp->lock did the trick for the screensaver stuff too
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15:32Chutt heh, how silly
15:32Chutt (y * width) / 4 != (y / 2) * (width / 2)
15:34bitbyte does myth support recording TV (in this case from my satellite receiver) via an spdif input on a soundcard or motherboard? I can't seem to find anything in the mailing list on it.
15:34Chutt no, it doesn't.
15:35bitbyte ok,i thought it would. i'v ebeen searching for an appropriate motherboard for a month now. heh
15:35bitbyte is it planned?
15:36kvandivo when someone who needs it is willing to write the code for it i'm guessing it will be "planned"
15:36Chutt nope
15:36bitbyte ok, thanks
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16:29mikegrb how insightful kvandivo
16:35heidig hrm
16:36o_cee damn backend segfault again.. time for a nightly torture run in gdb i guess
16:40o_cee there. torture run setup ;)
16:46Chutt heh
16:47Chutt mmx blending code cuts draw time in half for hdtv resolutions
16:47Chutt 'course, that's still pretty low compared to the blending code i wrote, but very nice =)
16:49o_cee uhm, sorry for beeing stupid, but what's it used for? the osd? does that apply to the 350 as well? (yeah feel free to call me girlie names now, heh)
16:50Chutt yeah
16:50Chutt it's not as big of a deal on the -350, of course
16:50Chutt since you've got plenty of cpu for drawing the osd
16:50o_cee okay.. yeah
16:50Chutt but it does help
16:50o_cee cool
16:51o_cee that chroma thing you fixed, did that affect the 350 picture as well?
16:51o_cee because last week when i was trying out the new drivers and the tv-out i got some bad picture artifacts
16:52o_cee that looked like the chroma bug found on dvd-players
16:52Chutt no, this was a ghost of the color of the left side of the screen down the right side of the screen
16:53o_cee ah dammit that reminds me of something else i saw with the 350.. maybe that you fixed.. you know the station logo on blueosd?
16:53o_cee i had a ghost of it in the middle of the info osd
16:53o_cee (the station logo)
16:53o_cee totally forgot about that
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16:55Chutt that's what i fixed
16:55o_cee great :)
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17:02mikegrb well Chutt's mythmusic patch makes quite a difference with my remote xbox frontend
17:02mikegrb perhaps 1/5 the amount of time on the please wait screen
17:03Omnic haha.. got around to reading that thread with the "Ed" guy. he's fun isn't he?
17:03o_cee lovely chap
17:03heidig ed is awesome
17:04mikegrb diffent ed hun
17:04mikegrb er different
17:04heidig hrm
17:04mikegrb you are thinking of the xbox-linux ed
17:04heidig ok
17:04heidig gimli was whi I was thinking of
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17:04heidig who
17:04Omnic I mean the mythmusic Ed
17:05Omnic the one who likes to as Chutt puts it, spew self pity drivel
17:05billytwowilly| heh, I left last night around midnight, it's now 3:05 pm and we're still on the Ed topic;)
17:06heidig heh
17:06heidig sorry
17:06Chutt i didn't say that
17:06heidig we were talking about the mythmusic patch that Chutt submitted
17:06heidig heh
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17:06heidig hi Chutt
17:06Chutt howdy
17:06Omnic ok... sorry, I thought it was...
17:06Omnic someone did, anyway.
17:06Omnic I laughed.
17:07heidig Chutt: great patch by the way
17:07Omnic billytwowilly: sorry, I brought it up again.
17:07billytwowilly| did anyone look at the the patch Ed submitted? Was it good quality code?
17:07billytwowilly| Omnic, It doesn't bother me, I just found it really amusing;)
17:07Omnic heh
17:07mikegrb heidig: chutt doesn't submit patches, he applies them, chutt is isaac
17:07heidig ok
17:07heidig whatever
17:08heidig mikegrb | well Chutt's mythmusic patch
17:08mikegrb but this "patch" was a fix he made
17:08heidig I assumed that meant "his" patch
17:08Chutt billytwowilly, yes, i would have used his patch if it was useable code. it wasn't, however.
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17:09billytwowilly| that's too bad. Did anybody go over why it was bad code with him? It's a shame to lose someone who seems to want to contribute, even if they did get off on the wrong foot.
17:09mikegrb I think a few people commented on it
17:09mikegrb use of global variables was the biggest thing
17:10heidig by the way, does everyone in here at the moment know that mikegrb and I are gonna have a baby in Ocotber
17:10heidig october
17:10billytwowilly| I didn't. Then again I didn't know one of you was a girl either;)
17:10heidig me
17:10mikegrb heh
17:10billytwowilly| That was my guess;)
17:10thor_ holy crap
17:10heidig hence the heidi in my name
17:10billytwowilly| congratulations.
17:11heidig thanks
17:11thor_ stan got a spelling checker
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17:11billytwowilly| heh, I just thought it was possibly some weird european name/nickname I hadn't heard of before. I was pronouncing it with the g included in my head though;)
17:11heidig no
17:11o_cee mikegrb, heidig: congratulations :)
17:11heidig the g is for my last name
17:11heidig thanks o_cee
17:12thor_ nothing to do with heideigger ?
17:12heidig no
17:12billytwowilly| gotcha. Congratulations again. I hope the little tike grows up to produce some good mythtv code;)
17:12heidig heh
17:12mikegrb billytwowilly: me too
17:12heidig thanks
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17:12mikegrb billytwowilly: heidi would probably rather not, the ogg stream baby monitor from a mini-itx already got shot down :/
17:13billytwowilly| heh. I think the optimal solution would be to start him/her out on one of the easier modules like maintaining mythgame or something and then see what he/she can do on main mythtv in a year or two;)
17:13mikegrb billytwowilly: aye
17:13heidig hmm
17:14o_cee hehehhe
17:14thor_ collaborative filtering and reccomendation engine for cartoons
17:14mikegrb pwahaha
17:14heidig hrm
17:14thor_ and logo detection to blot out Disney and MacDo
17:15mikegrb heh
17:15o_cee come on damn backend segfault now pretty please
17:16* thor_ off to go buy a UHF antenna
17:16billytwowilly| that's an interesting tv battle cry o_cee;)
17:16billytwowilly| I usually use the opposite;)
17:17* mikegrb too
17:17o_cee hehe, got it under gdb now
17:17mikegrb oh I need to teach heidi to restart the backend tonight
17:17mikegrb she msg'es me at work "could you please restart the backend"
17:17o_cee heheh :)
17:17mikegrb it certainly isn't so complex to be over her head, she just hasn't been shown how
17:18mikegrb she already uses a console based irc client via screen over a remote ssh connection
17:18mikegrb *by herself*
17:18o_cee my gf just says that she shouldn't need to do that and demands me to plug in the tv as usual, heh..
17:18billytwowilly| hmm. I think knoppmyth has a script to autorestart the backend if it craps out.. I've never missed any recordings..
17:18mikegrb she can certainly handle su'ing and doing /etc/init.d/mythbackend restart
17:18o_cee mikegrb: gentoo?
17:18mikegrb aye
17:18billytwowilly| can't you just put it in the init level you run at?
17:19billytwowilly| then it'll get auto restarted when it dies I think..
17:20mikegrb could
17:21billytwowilly| wee! I think I have my tungsten t2 back in working order!
17:21* billytwowill is excited
17:22mikegrb :)
17:22* mikegrb gives billytwowilly a cookie
17:22billytwowilly| awe.. hotmail gave me the exact same thing today;)
17:23billytwowilly| but this cookie is much better.
17:23o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you been busy busy busy lately? got some recs for you here i think..
18:01o_cee damn still no segfault :/
18:05anduin anyone else seen mythcommflag spin at 99% done and never exit? (I've only done minor debugging at this point, I know the readahead thread has hit eof (ateof is true) but it never exits). What is worse is that I was only running mythcommflag to rebuild the markup entries because the manual marks I put in to a recording where being skipped (sometimes).
18:06o_cee not really.. still think there's a segfault in there somewhere.. but i haven't seen that.. what method?
18:13anduin o_cee - sorry for the delay my :ta buffer was full of ivtv stuff, RingBuffer::ReadAheadThread just spins, I haven't dug deep enough to know much more (first time in the comm flag stuff for me)
18:15o_cee better talk to Captain_Murdoch :)
18:17o_cee he haven't been here much last week tho, busy with work
18:19kja anduin: RingBuffer is lacking a lot of error handling..or mostly treats errors as warnings =(
18:19kja but you probably noticed that already
18:27anduin kja - sadly it is a common programming idiom, I'll dig into it some more later I guess as I assume I'm the only one this is happening to at the moment.
18:27o_cee can't get it to segfault now.. it happened while i was watching an in progress recording at the same time.. need to do that tomorrow
18:28kja o_cee: what would i modify to change the highlight of a combobox in gant?
18:29kja also do you have any plans of making ff and rev icons in mythmusic?
18:30o_cee kja: highlight of a combobox? uhm, well.. all of those stuff are in qtlook.txt
18:31o_cee and mm will be revamped, won't care about it since there are no matching icons
18:31o_cee will try to get a timeline thingie for mm instead
18:32kja yeah, saw thor predicting about a week for a linkable mfd clientlib =)
18:33kja thanks, o_cee!
18:33o_cee yeah ;) so i hope i'll get in some redesign ideas there
18:33o_cee kja: what are you changing? let me know if it's anything good ;)
18:33kja anduin: you might have a look at safe_read, had to modify it here because of spinning =)
18:35kja o_cee, i'll let you know when i have looked into it
18:35kja the combobox highlight that is
18:36o_cee i know it's bad, but i assumed it was the qt theme
18:36kja yeah, belive so too
18:36o_cee you could do a little qt test app to see all the qtlook.txt settings
18:36o_cee would be nice
18:39anduin kja - qtrc has a palette section with your active, inactive and disabled colors...
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18:56mikegrb o_cee: so when do I get to see gnat osd theme?
18:56mikegrb er gant
18:56mikegrb er whatever ;)
18:56o_cee errr.. dunno. haven't got any good idea for it
18:56mikegrb :<
18:56o_cee i like the sasquatch osd theme
18:56mikegrb I should install it
18:57o_cee it's very nice.. none of the new phone stuff tho
19:00Chutt that stuff's easy to add
19:01o_cee yeah.. guess i could email the author and see if he got the original files left
19:02Chutt no one's ever fixed the bad popup windows in mythweb when using konq, huh
19:02kja think konq's not very good at x/y stuff, was bad last time i checked
19:03billytwowilly| heh. I thought I was the only person that was getting that in konqu;)
19:03billytwowilly| konq is still messed on this in kde 3.2
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19:36thor_ heh, it really is the beginning of the month ... "start a company" and "backend watchdog" posts
19:37mikegrb :/
19:38o_cee if you guys wouldn't read that list your lifes would be better, trust me
19:39mikegrb pwahahahah
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20:09o_cee quiet today
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22:45Sir-Al feature request: for mythgame to support gzipped files
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23:05ShockValue quick question since no one is alive in the 'support' channel. How can i route my mysql commands to a database being stored on a remote box? For example "mysql < /usr/share/mythtv/database/mc.sql".. how do i tell it to use the machine instead of localhost?
23:08rkulagow use -h
23:09cmorgan ShockValue: you have to login to the remote machine
23:10cmorgan get an app called 'tora'
23:10ShockValue ah -h, that sounds familiar
23:10ShockValue what does tora do?>
23:10cmorgan its a sql frontend
23:11cmorgan you can click ona table to view its contents or definition
23:11cmorgan you get a list of tables in a database etc
23:14ShockValue im not sure i understand how that helps me connect to it from a remote box? (sorry, newb to mysql.. i got it setup last time by blindly following instructions :)
23:14cmorgan it prompts you for an ip address
23:14cmorgan so it should be clear what it is asking for ;-)
23:15cmorgan oh, if you want to run that particular command you'll probably have to specify the host like rkulagow mentioned
23:15cmorgan and use the command line although you can probably connect with tora and open the sql file and then execute it
23:15cmorgan in any case, tora is a neat tool
23:16ShockValue i'll look into that as well :) now trying to get mysql to listen to me
23:18ShockValue hrm
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23:25* DJ_Rican is going to setup a new system for mythtv, what's the prefered linux flavor?
23:28Morph chocolate
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