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00:01DJ_Rican brb
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00:27Sir-Al sorry, but how can i patch mythtv to record with a much higher priority than any X sessions or mythfrontends?
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00:41mikegrb Sir-Al: you don't need a patch for that
00:41mikegrb Sir-Al: see "man nice"
00:41mikegrb or renice
00:46Sir-Al mikegrb: i don't want the whole backend to run at a higher priority tho
00:49mikegrb then look at the code
00:49mikegrb the commercial flagging thread is nice'd down so use that as an example to patch the recording code
00:49mikegrb make the nice level setable and nice'ing toggalable on/off and then submit a patch
00:53Sir-Al ok, thanks
01:07davatar *wow* smp makes mythtv very efficient.. same cpu usage at twice the bitrate...
01:08davatar nevermind. 4 times the bitrate.. holy crap..
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01:19paulc3535 Hey: Just fixed my Debian unstable system from some problems, and now get the following when I try to start mythbackend:
01:19paulc3535 Session management error: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed
01:19paulc3535 I know mysql is running since I can see it through the mysqlcc utility
01:19paulc3535 I wonder what I must have deleted from my system that I need......? Hmmmm.......
01:23paulc3535 anyone here? any ideas?
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02:44lmatter Chutt, alsa worked great for mythmusic (once I got rid of the crackel). Thanks for the pointer.
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05:19o_cee hmmmm
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05:19o_cee Cannot find user-level thread for LWP 7481: generic error
05:19o_cee (gdb)
05:19o_cee what the hell is that?
05:19o_cee got these kinds of errors and mythbackend seems to have crapped out
05:19o_cee [mpeg2video @ 0x66995c08]Warning MVs not available
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10:27rkulagow captain_murdoch: are you here?
10:34rkulagow captain_murdoch: if you see this in scrollback, the bug where the skiplist being loaded into the cutlist is back again.
10:36[M-M] which bug is that?
10:43Chutt o_cee, running things in gdb doesn't clear up ram like it should
10:43Chutt so you ran out :p
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11:13kja is <defunct> threads caused by missing pthread_join?
11:13Chutt if it's in gdb, no
11:13Chutt gdb doesn't reap threads properly
11:14Chutt otherwise, yeah, that can be a reason
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11:15kja k, don't see them outside gdb
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12:32HF|Gamekiller| cool i fig i would try this to see if mythtv had a channel
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12:35Captain_Murdo| HF|Gamekiller: this is the dev channel and there's also #mythtv-users for user questions.
12:35HF|Gamekiller| yup
12:35HF|Gamekiller| i moved over
12:35HF|Gamekiller| it ok to see what is going on here
12:35rkulagow captain_murdoch: did you see my message to you in scrollback?
12:48Captain_Murdo| yeah but didnt' have time to chat. just stopped in before heading out for a while. so is it not copying the list or is it not skipping what it's supposed to?
12:49Captain_Murdo| I'll have to ask you later about it. have to run out in a few minutes.
13:04o_cee Chutt: so i should get out and buy another stick of ram? :)
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13:11rkulagow captain_murdoch: it's not skipping like it's supposed to. barrels right into the commercial instead of jumping over it.
13:11o_cee thor, i got good news and i've got great news..
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14:24o_cee hmm, mythbackend is using alot of ram now..
14:24o_cee is it the commflagging?
14:25o_cee maybe 56mb isn't that much, but it's more than usual at least
14:28o_cee 27044 mythtv 15 0 65712 58m 2200 S 0.0 23.4 0:01.22 mythbackend
14:34o_cee choenig: you there?
14:35choenig jo
14:35o_cee what do you think about having an option for the wakup stuff to like always have it running at the evening?
14:35o_cee "Keep stuff running always between xx and xx"
14:36o_cee haven't used the autoshutdown stuff yet mostly because of that (use livetv pretty much)
14:36choenig you mean to disable the sdwu completely in a userdefinable timeslot?
14:36o_cee yeah
14:36o_cee and make sure that it is running
14:36choenig sounds pretty neat :)
14:37o_cee so that it's always on during "prime time"
14:37choenig this should be easy to implement. I'll have a look, after I added Henks suggestion.
14:38o_cee cool :)
14:38o_cee need to check out that bios wakeup thingie again
14:39o_cee got frontend/backend on the same machine.. it doesn't handle that very well right?
14:40choenig I have BE and FE on the same machine, too, I have no problems
14:40choenig there should be no problem
14:41o_cee okay, just thought i saw something about it doesn't shut down if you have the frontend up (wich i do automatically upon startup)
14:41o_cee but as i said, i haven't tried it yet
14:41choenig oh, yes, but thats a 'feature' but you can disable it
14:42o_cee oh, great ;) need to dig up that bios tool and try it out
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16:43choenig o_cee: so, the primeBLocker is mostly implemented, though it now only supports a single block. But that is probably enough at first.
16:45o_cee choenig: neat :))
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16:54dja_ Captain_Murdoch: you around?
16:54kja i remember Chutt telling that the QTimer was broken, but i want to use something like that for detecting if the dvb card got stuck, any sugestions?
16:55kja something about changing the system clock makes it go all confused
16:56kja bah, i'll use it, and change it later if it proves horrible
16:56dja_ has anyone else noticed that cvs (after Feb 12th) mythtv doesn't quite fill the screen on recordings? I've got a few blank lines at the bottom of my screen. I've narrowed it down to a particular patch, but I don't know enough about it to fix it. :-)
16:56kja probably the aspect calculations?
16:56dja_ yup :-)
16:57kja sure you have DisplaySize set correctly in XFConfig?
16:57dja_ ahh, nope. :-) (checking...)
16:57kja i've made a override option for it here, maybe that'll be of use for you
16:57kja haven't gotten around to submitting it yet
16:59dja_ hmm, It's set, no idea if it's even close to being correct. The problem is that the card has 2 outputs, but I only have one Monitor section. I guess I'm off to research what I should set it to. Thanks for the pointer. :-)
17:02dja_ kja: thanks a million, I simply removed the entry (I remembered I had played around with it awhile back, someone suggested I do that to get better looking fonts. :-) Now I'm off to figure out what I broke in mythdvd (videos are no longer listed in alphabetical order :-).
17:04kja np
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17:43o_cee Chutt: when playing with the new OSD menu, i got this two times (had to restart the frontend): "Waiting for free buffers timed out"
17:45kja damn, i hate when you add a slot/signal, and it confuses the hell out off g++
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17:59kja he, very cool, i've lovered the ringbuffer wait for data so low that it even triggers on low bitrate static images, hehe
17:59o_cee uh?
17:59thor_ o_cee, any luck ?
18:00o_cee thor_: ah, it was that too :) no, need to recompile mfd
18:00o_cee i guess
18:00thor_ no need to recompile mfd
18:00thor_ for libopendaap
18:00o_cee oh, restart then?
18:00thor_ yup
18:00thor_ or maybe even reload
18:00thor_ mfdtl reload
18:00o_cee i'll try
18:00thor_ mfdctl reload
18:01thor_ (heh, that might not work)
18:02o_cee it seems to work
18:02o_cee bah takes forever to update the list everytime tho
18:02thor_ iPod playlist/content ?
18:02o_cee well isee the itunes predefined playlists
18:02thor_ yup
18:03o_cee i'll create one on the pod
18:03thor_ k
18:04o_cee mfd haven't seen it yet
18:05thor_ hmm
18:05thor_ any errors on the log, especially something about bad database numbers
18:06o_cee not that i can see
18:06thor_ oh well
18:06thor_ I guess iPod's don't speak daap
18:06o_cee dunno
18:07thor_ <o_cee> bah takes forever to update the list everytime tho
18:07thor_ ? loading the html page from 2345, or something else?
18:07o_cee 05/Mar/2004-00:08:27: mythmusic watcher plugin processed +100/-0 item(s) and +0/-0 playlist(s) in 8.157 second(s)
18:07o_cee 05/Mar/2004-00:08:28: metadata server plugin container 2 did delta of new data: 3800 items (+100/-0) and 1 containers/playlists (+0/-0)
18:07o_cee that
18:08thor_ the mythmusic watcher is fine, that's supposed to be slow
18:08o_cee yeah but a pita that it did it once again when i reloaded
18:08o_cee :)
18:08thor_ heh
18:08thor_ wow
18:09thor_ that all work off a reload (not a restart)
18:09thor_ ?
18:09o_cee yeah
18:09thor_ cool
18:09o_cee it found the lib
18:09o_cee but no ipod :/
18:09thor_ heh
18:10o_cee too bad :( would be cool if my friend got over, put his ipod here and play it in the living room
18:10thor_ yeah
18:10thor_ without a "sync"
18:10o_cee yeah
18:10thor_ well, not going to start rewriting apple firmware
18:10thor_ :-)
18:10o_cee but shouldn't itunes handle that?
18:10thor_ I sort of assumed it would
18:11thor_ but just a guess
18:11o_cee me too.. reading
18:14o_cee ?
18:14thor_ seems to be a way to hook up an iPod "manually"
18:15thor_ so that it's just another resource in iTunes
18:15o_cee oh.. lemme read it more carefully
18:15thor_ don't know if it would work in Windows
18:17o_cee that explains how to delete/copy music to your ipod..?
18:17thor_ but in "non sync" mode
18:18thor_ (I have no idea what I'm talking about, just wondering if this other mode might make the iPod content get daap broadcasted)
18:21o_cee nope
18:21thor_ k
18:21o_cee i've got it manual
18:21o_cee don't use itunes with the ipod normally at all
18:21thor_ ah
18:22thor_ oh well
18:22thor_ at least everything else is working
18:23o_cee yeh :/
18:23o_cee you saw my msg about the last entry? same thing on local net
18:23thor_ that's it hanging on the last song played ?
18:24thor_ well, not hanging ... looks like it's waiting for something ?
18:24o_cee yeah, says network stalled
18:24thor_ ok
18:24thor_ I'll look at that
18:25thor_ it's probably expected the server to close the socket when the file is done)
18:26o_cee k
18:27Chiphead ping chutt
18:28o_cee ?
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19:45sc00p I'm getting segfaults whenever I hit a number key while watching a recording, can anybody reproduce that? (I'm running cvs from a couple weeks ago)
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19:46o_cee didn't you mail that to the list?
19:46sc00p I did not.
19:46o_cee either way
19:47o_cee it was mailed to the list
19:47sc00p ah, I didn't see it
19:47o_cee uhm, any reason you're running cvs from a couple of weeks ago when asking if a potential bug has been fixed?
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19:52pigeon hmm, there's something funny with running multiple mythfrontend
19:52pigeon seems only one can play video at the same time.
19:53o_cee why'd you want to do that?
19:53pigeon hmm i run one frontend for organizing my recordings, one actually watching recordings/tv.
19:54o_cee hmm
19:54kja works fine here
19:54pigeon hmm, weird.
19:55pigeon need to check it later.
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20:02kja is qapp->lock + processevents + unlock unsafe in customEvent?
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21:12o_cee night
21:13kja g'night
21:24kja i want to send messages/questions from dvbrecorder/cam
21:24kja right now i'm doing that with a MythEvent
21:25kja at least messages, any good suggestions on how to do a question/reply thingy?
21:48kja at least messages, any good suggestions on how to do a question/reply thingy?
21:49kja up
21:49kja ups, must be tired
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22:30kja g'night
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