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00:56dataworm_ I am getting a segmentation fault in MythMusic... Is there a know bug around that in 0.14?
00:56dataworm_ It's when I got to Select Music
01:04billytwowilly| heh, probably;)
01:04billytwowilly| if there was no bugs there would be no reason for 0.15;)
01:07billytwowilly| you can always check out the mythtv-dev archives to know for sure
01:08dataworm_ eheh k..
01:08dataworm_ I am compiling the cvs right now
01:09billytwowilly| cool. It might work, it might not.. it won't talk to a 0.14 box though I think.. which is fine if you are running the frontend and backend on same server.
01:10dataworm_ btw just a idea... it could be nice to integrate a videoconference software to myth... actually I might try to do it once i had finish playing with my setup
01:10dataworm_ I am running both on same box
01:10billytwowilly| then you'll be fine.
01:11dataworm_ no database modification?
01:16billytwowilly| I'm not sure.
01:17billytwowilly| I'm not using cvs. I'm using knoppmyth;) that's on the opposite end of convenience;)
01:17billytwowilly| from cvs;)
01:19dataworm_ how well go knoppmyth?
01:20dataworm_ How does it handle the mysql part?
01:20knight- heh
01:21knight- dataworm, video conferencing would be great
01:23billytwowilly| dataworm_, knoppmyth was really easy. the mysql thing is fine.. it installs on a hard drive and has its own mysql server..
01:23dataworm_ ah ok...
01:23billytwowilly| took about twenty minutes to setup.
01:24dataworm_ did't know knoppmyth used the HD
01:24billytwowilly| been running steady ever since.
01:24dataworm_ I don't think it would work well for me...
01:24dataworm_ complex setup...
01:24dataworm_ and my next step is going to be DVB-c
01:25billytwowilly| interesting.
01:25dataworm_ SoundBlaster Audigy, X10 ati remote control, HDTV monitor, Technotrend DVB-c, ATI TV Wonder...
01:26dataworm_ Actually I did't get the DVB-c card yet... I am waiting for it
01:26dataworm_ It should arrive tomorow! ( I hope )
01:26billytwowilly| heh. without the dvb card you pretty much have my setup..
01:26billytwowilly| including the ati remote wonder
01:26dataworm_ billytwowilly : and it was easy to setup with knoppix?
01:27billytwowilly| yah.
01:27dataworm_ how hard was the HTDV monitor
01:27HF|Gamekiller| how easy is it to confige the ait remote wonder. I have one comeing soon
01:27billytwowilly| I have an nforce2 mobo, so I am using the sound on that
01:27dataworm_ hfb: very easy
01:27billytwowilly| oh, I missed the hdtv monitor, but I imagine easy.
01:27dataworm_ billytwowilly : tricky part of my setup is that it's my main desktop that I use for mythtv
01:28billytwowilly| so you're boned then;)
01:28dataworm_ billytwowilly : It's a 4 Head display setup... Still have some difficulty
01:28billytwowilly| you have to set it up yourself, which isn't that bad really.. it's just easier with knoppmyth if you have dedicated hardware.
01:28dataworm_ The ati driver refuse to work!@$
01:29dataworm_ billytwowilly : My phase 2 will probably be dedicated hardware
01:29billytwowilly| hmm. I hacked mine up a bit to change what the buttons do so I don't have to use lirc
01:29dataworm_ but I am affraid dedicated small box would miss HD storage space
01:29billytwowilly| plus I had to manually copy the compiled module over to where it was supposed to go.. make install didn't do it for some reason..
01:29dataworm_ billytwowilly : my ATI driver that refuse to work is the video card
01:29billytwowilly| dataworm_, My eventual setup will be a dedicated myth backend and tiny epia based frontends.
01:29dataworm_ billytwowilly : got to use Vesa
01:30billytwowilly| oh.
01:30billytwowilly| I don't know then. I don't have an ati graphics card.
01:30HF|Gamekiller| i like the epia
01:30dataworm_ billytwowilly : I got 2 video card, each of them are Dual Head
01:30billytwowilly| I have an ati tv wonder tuner card.
01:30dataworm_ 1 Nvidia card and 1 ATI
01:30billytwowilly| that's way too much work;)
01:32dataworm_ billytwowilly what I want to end up doing is a a multi tuner setup with a about 1 tb of storage
01:32billytwowilly| I might end up with that. My eventual setup won't happen for 2-3 years..
01:32knight- anyone know where the main v4l code is in libmyth/libmythtv?
01:32billytwowilly| by that time there should be 500 gig drives;)
01:33knight- I want to write some code that will save frames
01:33dataworm_ billytwowilly : there should be 500gig drive by next year I guess
01:33billytwowilly| dataworm_, if you want to keep talking about his we should probably move to #mythtv-users
01:33billytwowilly| knight-, asked a devel question;)
01:34knight- indeed :)
01:34dataworm_ billytwowilly : I am about to go sleep
01:34dataworm_ once i figure my mythmusic bug
01:34billytwowilly| ok. g'night then. I'm fiddling around with up dating to mandrake 10
01:36dataworm_ cool :)
01:36knight- would nuppledecoder.cpp be an appropriate place to tap into any stream's frames?
01:36dataworm_ CVS fixed my bug :)
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01:46ofer heya, can somebody tell me what goes after FILL_PROGRAM_INFO?
01:47ofer i. e. i have a program with some infomration, ,and i want to complete the entry
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01:49ofer so i tried FILL_PROGRAM_INFO []:[]show name[]:[]episode name ... filled all i could using the list in ProgramInfo.FromStringList and left the rest blank (surrounded by tokens)
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01:53ofer i keep getting QDateTime::fromString Parameter out of range problems
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02:16ofer hi
02:17ofer do you know how FILE_PROGRAM_INFO works?
02:17ofer err FILL....
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04:33pigeon hmm
04:34pigeon for some reasons when i run a 2nd mythfrontend and do video playback, it's trying to use the same xv port
04:39pigeon hmm, oh well
04:39pigeon libmythtv code is not checking whether the XvGrabPort is successful or not.
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08:33kja ofer, what are you using it for?
08:34kja hmm, should have seen that he left
08:40mikegrb nah
08:40mikegrb all the noise of people comming and going all the time
08:40mikegrb to hard to keep track of them all
08:46kja hi mikegrb
08:46kja it's mostly to quiet in here
08:47kja congrats btw!
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08:48mikegrb heh thanks
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10:38o_cee Chutt: you there?
10:42o_cee nevermind, i was confused :) the OSD menu works alot better now after your latest commit, looks very cool. might want to move it a 20px or something to the right tho.. also, i think the arrows indicating more items should be hidden if it doesn't overflow (more items than you can see i mean).. but, very cool :)
10:42thor_ o_cee, what uses it ?
10:42thor_ mythgallery ?
10:43o_cee uhm
10:43o_cee in live tv
10:43thor_ ah, ok
10:43o_cee you get a menu with alternatives for pip, epg and so on
10:43thor_ (just building cvs on something with a tv card in it)
10:43o_cee and in a recording you get "edit recording" so far
10:43thor_ <o_cee> 05/Mar/2004-10:00:40: WARNING: daap client plugin tried to delete an item from a playlist that did not contain the item
10:43thor_ ??
10:51o_cee yeah
10:52o_cee i dropped all music in itunes
10:52o_cee and mfd got upset
10:52o_cee dropped all local music shared in itunes
10:52o_cee after that, mfd got angry.. and didn't see new things i added in itunes
10:53o_cee Chutt: also, i think the menu should go away if you press Menu again..
10:54thor_ hmm, ok .. thanks ... I'll try and figure out what it's doing
10:55o_cee thor_: yeah sorry dunno what else to say to help you
10:55o_cee also
10:55o_cee i now have an album in my itunes library
10:55o_cee i see this as a playlist in ufpi
10:55o_cee but the songs aren't availible from itunes (from the mm share)
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10:56thor_ an album you ripped with iTunes ?
10:59o_cee yeah
10:59o_cee thought i could play CD shared in itunes thru mfd, but it didn't show up at all, so i tried adding it and it got ripped instead
11:00thor_ ah, yeah, iTunes does not daap share CD's unless you rip them
11:00o_cee :(
11:00o_cee sucks
11:00thor_ closed source
11:00o_cee strange the ipod doesn't get shared either
11:00thor_ well, it's a file system
11:01o_cee don't tell me it wouldn't be possible :)
11:01thor_ so, in principal, you could write a plugin to look for it as a firwire hotplug and add that
11:01thor_ it's definitely possible
11:02thor_ (although there's the whole NTFS problem)
11:02thor_ but not something I'm going to solve soon
11:02o_cee nah, would only be useful to me to share it on this box with itunes.. ah well :/
11:03thor_ but you could have another cradle or firewire cord laying around and plugged into a mythbox
11:03thor_ in goes (anyone's) iPod, instant sharing
11:04thor_ so definitely possible, but not high on the list
11:04o_cee yeah.. don't think i got firewire on it tho.. not that expencive to put a card in it tho if you'd fix it ;)
11:04o_cee nope, understand that
11:04thor_ well, usb ... whatever
11:05o_cee does it do usb? ah yeah with an adapter yeah
11:05o_cee haven't got that one tho
11:10o_cee i could share it from here via samba to the mythbox and make mfd share it tho :) maybe..
11:11thor_ quite possibly
11:11o_cee wouldn't that be possible today?
11:11thor_ I would think so
11:11o_cee that could work
11:12thor_ if Windows sees it as a "real" filesystem device
11:12thor_ yup
11:12o_cee well
11:12thor_ (something that SAMBA can export as a share)
11:12o_cee i'll have to check that up
11:12o_cee not 100% it does it that way
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11:14o_cee and no, of course it doesn't do it that way :/ totally forgot, got it's own stuff going on
11:14thor_ heh
11:14o_cee away, need to make some food, ttyl
11:14thor_ yup
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11:19ofer Hello
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11:32ofer what does FILL_PROGRAM_INFO do?
11:32ofer is it for submitting a program with partial information and mythbackend will return it filled up or something else?
11:34Chutt for something else, of course.
11:34Chutt read the source.
11:34ofer i have
11:34ofer im confused
11:34Chutt so spend more time reading it.
11:34ofer so give me a clue
11:34Chutt no.
11:34ofer im looking in handlefillprogram
11:35ofer and it looks like it takes the program info from the parameter
11:35ofer and does stuff
11:35Chutt it's pretty damn obvious what it does.
11:35ofer then sends the program back
11:35ofer humor me
11:35Chutt if you can't figure it out, you shouldn't be touching that part of the code.
11:36ofer im not, i want to figure out the protocol
11:36Chutt why?
11:36ofer cause i want to interface with mythbackend from my windows myth frontend
11:36Chutt use libmythtv
11:36Chutt that's why it's a library.
11:36Chutt so it can be reused.
11:38ofer i don't want to force QT in windows
11:38Chutt your loss
11:38ofer but that is a clue
11:38Chutt if you can't figure out something that simple
11:38Chutt i doubt your frontend will be worthwhile
11:38ofer wow, thank you so much
11:38Chutt yes, i saw
11:39Chutt and i couldn't figure out why you wouldn't reuse existing code
11:39ofer call it a learning experience
11:39ofer i've never interfaced with an sql database
11:39ofer also, i don't want to force QT
11:39Chutt what's there about forcing qt?
11:39ofer don't want to require people to install QT in windows
11:39Chutt it's free, if you use cygwin
11:40ofer then i'm forcing people to install both cygwin and QT
11:40Chutt so?
11:40ofer as it is i'm only forcing them to install DSMyth
11:40Chutt again, so?
11:41Chutt it's not like installing things is difficult.
11:41ofer just a preference
11:41Chutt so don't ask for help in here, then
11:41ofer you made myth nice and nto dependant on a huge amount of external libraries
11:42Chutt and those libraries that i did use, are all portable to windows
11:42ofer sans the QT library
11:42Chutt someone already did a lot of the gruntwork in starting porting mythfrontend to windows
11:42Chutt if you don't want to reuse that, go right ahead
11:42ofer yeah, but i also wanted one taht was more of an application
11:42Chutt but don't expect me to help you
11:42ofer i'm just asking about the protocol
11:42ofer not some inner workings of the myth backend
11:43Chutt and i'm saying that if you're asking about what a 20 line extremely simple function does
11:43ofer i'm even doing a writeup so future users can just read about it rather than bug you
11:43Chutt you should reevaluate your decisions
11:43ofer wow, your a relativly pessimistic person
11:43bitbyte i'd happily install QT or anything else in windows if it would make it work
11:44ofer ok
11:44bitbyte i feel that the most difficult part of myth is finding hardware that supports the features you want, and it supported in linux. the rest is fairly tricial from what i've seen
11:44bitbyte trivial
11:45bitbyte like i want to use aHarmony remote, but can't find anything about it workign in linux anywhere. a few ppl have asked on the mailing lists, but got no answer
11:45bitbyte that i've been able to find at least
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12:15o_cee ooh, channel 4 here just changed their logo wich the logo detection likes alot more :)
12:25kvandivo _slowly_ recompiling the xbox with debug.. It's be segfaulting on me lately when i exit a recording. typically puts up a message about QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket 16 and something about 'Read'..
12:25kvandivo should be able to debug tonight
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12:28mikegrb odd
12:28mikegrb I haven't seen problems at all with current cvs
12:28mikegrb most stable state it has ever been in for me
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12:31kvandivo don't know what the problem is yet.. and running in debug mode on the xbox is extremely painful, but it is clearly segfaulting, so i'll have to track it down
12:32mikegrb I had an idea to run by you
12:32mikegrb an addition to mythweb
12:32mikegrb the how to do it would be rather simple if not just a bit tedious to implement
12:33mikegrb the code that asks for a png from a recording can ask for a png from a specific time in the recording
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12:33mikegrb using this feature some sort of simple edit mode for mythweb would be nifty
12:34mikegrb for example click a link/button and it grabs the commercial skip points
12:34mikegrb grabs an image from just after each point so you can see if it is the right spot
12:34mikegrb allow you to move the points back and forth or remove one all together
12:34mikegrb and then save as a cutlist
12:35mikegrb not for everyday use but I had a recording to transcode I hadn't even seen myself yet running nuvexport remotely via ssh from work, if I could have marked commericals from work with mythweb that would have saved some transcoding time and a bit of file size
12:36mikegrb dunno how useful such a feature would be to me though
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12:51Justin_ ah, finally figured out my mythweb problem... was using an old conf.php which didn't define generic_date and _time... caling date with "generic_time" makes it generate an interesting string :-)
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13:11Chutt is it the people that shutdown things for the tv_grab_de grabber a while back?
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13:52kja looks like this was the source that stopped feeding them:
13:52kja dunno where that site got it's data from
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14:19Chutt sfr, hey, was it that killed off the tv_grab_de grabber?
14:19gerhard hi all, has someone seen this site, which is selling a HTPC system with mythtv
14:20Chutt yes, that's been posted to the mailing lists before
14:21o_cee Chutt: osd menu is working fine now with your last commit.. :) looking goood
14:21sfr Chutt: no, afaik it was a private site by a guy named Gottfried Szing
14:21Chutt ah
14:21Chutt well, someone from just emailed me about getting their data working with mythtv
14:22sfr they want to support mythtv or block it?
14:22Chutt support it
14:22gerhard I had a look at the site and I cant see that they mention mythtv or providing the sourcecode. Isnt that a violation of GPL?
14:22Chutt "As we like your Software and will help our users to use it with Tvinfo as an EPG i like to contact you."
14:22Chutt gerhard, nope
14:22sfr cool! i'd even pay a little amount for a good program data source.
14:23gerhard at least I think its plain rude not to mention MYTHTV
14:23Chutt gerhard, not really
14:24gerhard dont you think so? why not
14:24Chutt why would it be?
14:25gerhard they take some other work sell it which is fine and within the GPL I just think it would be a decent thing to do
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14:31Slaytanic Chutt: Any idea about when 0.15 will be released?
14:32Chutt nope
14:33Slaytanic Out of curiousity... What is it that makes you decide to release the current CVS as a new version?
14:33Chutt when i think it's ready
14:33Slaytanic Ah... The id software slogan. ;)
14:34bma after he gets a job
14:34Chutt bah
14:35Chutt i'm still getting paid a bit
14:36Slaytanic Maybe you should consider opening up a paypal account and asking for donations... (if you haven't already) I bet there's a lot of Myth users that would gladly donate some bucks in return for using such a good product.
14:37Chutt yeah, but that'd most likely just be pocket change
14:37sfr people are crazy. 700 mails in one week on mythtv-users
14:37Slaytanic I'm not so sure... You could get a couple of hundred USD, maybe a month...
14:37Chutt as i said, pocket change
14:37Chutt :p
14:38sfr ;)
14:38Chutt can't really do anything with a couple hundred dollars
14:38Slaytanic :)
14:38Slaytanic I have no idea about your situation - what do you need? Are you unemployed?
14:39Chutt unemployed as of this week
14:39sfr start adding features to mythtv for money
14:39Chutt i've had 3 people send emails about doing stuff like that in the past week or so
14:39Slaytanic Oh, sorry to hear that. I'm also unemployed right now, but I'm receiving financial support from my former employee for another 12 months... I was lucky.
14:39Chutt so i've said 'sure, depending on what you want' :)
14:41Slaytanic What feature would you like to do, if you got paid for doing it?
14:41Chutt wouldn't matter to me, really
14:41Slaytanic Anything you miss personally? That you haven't had time or energy to fix?
14:42Chutt not really, no
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15:19rkulagow chutt: feel free to send me any paypal donations you get and don't want. :)
15:24Chang_ chutt: Are you accepting donations? I've been a happy user since 0.7 and I'd be glad to throw some cash your way
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15:41thor_ rkulagow, any progress from O'Reilly ?
15:41rkulagow haven't heard from them.
15:42thor_ almost time to call in Morph?
15:42thor_ or has it been less than a week?
15:42rkulagow writing the user guide anyways. bruce sent in an update on the duplicates and the new scheduler.
15:42rkulagow i think it's been less than a week. let me check.
15:43rkulagow mailed it to laurie on 2004-03-01 @ 18:35. so, less than a week.
15:43thor_ ah, right
15:44thor_ well, O'Reilly seems to have no problem with GNU doc license in any case :-)
15:44--- <<-- Chutt [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:44thor_ (or however you were planning on licensing it)
15:45rkulagow i switched back to linuxdoc, since i love the purity of editing with "joe". (fingers are hardcoded for wordstar. sign of a misspent youth(
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15:45thor_ joe
15:45thor_ yes!
15:45WodanTJ vim is teh win
15:45Chutt stupid X.
15:45thor_ how goes OSD uischtuff ?
15:46Chutt workin pretty well, now that i fixed that thread safety issue last night
15:47thor_ QPainter
15:47thor_ right
15:47Chutt to draw the gradients for the menu stuff
15:47thor_ that might be the occasional segfault in mythmusic as well ... if the viz updating is being done off the audio decoding thread
15:48thor_ (can't recall, it will change anyway)
15:48--- <<-- rm_datawo [~dataworm@] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:48Chutt naw, that's locked properly
15:48--- ---> enilb [] has joined #mythtv
15:48--- <<-- enilb [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:48Chutt least i'm pretty sure it is
15:48thor_ heh
15:49thor_ anyway, _almost_ at the point of doing the player rewrite
15:49Chutt cool.
15:50thor_ just sorting out the mfd client library updating of metadata from anywhere and everywhere, then it's off to the races
15:53--- Netsplit <-> quits: Morph, bline, thor_, czzn
15:54--- Netsplit over, joins: bline, Morph, czzn, thor_
15:54thor_ heh, I'll never learn
15:54thor_ ++it;
15:54thor_ makes it much easier to get out of an iteration loop
16:04--- <<-- Morph [gareth@] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:04--- ---> Morph [gareth@] has joined #mythtv
16:17--- <<-- sfr [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:18--- ---> sfr [] has joined #mythtv
16:24--- User: *** czzn is now known as czn
16:26--- <<-- signwatcher [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
16:28--- <<-- Chang_ [] has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.59p [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040206]")
16:44--- <<-- term [] has quit ("Reboot.")
16:48--- <<-- gerhard [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:52--- ---> term [] has joined #mythtv
17:02--- <<-- kja [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:14--- ---> glock [] has joined #mythtv
17:17glock Could anyone please help me with a prob i'm having. New to mythtv. I am in South Africa, and I dont have a video source. I leave it empty in the setup. I also cant bind any channel to it. I downloaded a local .xml file of the channel information and use mythfilldatabase --file notsurewhatgoeshere -1 file.xml. mythbackend tells me Error getting inputs for the capturecard. Perhaps you have
17:17glock forgotten to bind video sources to your card's inputs? Any ideas?
17:22o_cee Chutt: you saw my little comment on the osd menu?
17:36o_cee leeeets try to get my translation stuff upto sync...
17:36o_cee thor_: does mfd get angry if i just ctrl+c it instead of mfdctl stop it?
17:37thor_ well
17:38thor_ other stuff doesn't know it's gone away
17:38thor_ so iTunes will (sometimes) get pissed
17:38o_cee k
17:39--- ---> gerhard [] has joined #mythtv
17:41o_cee time to finish up this translation stuff now. dead tired, so there will be fun translations for everyone
17:43o_cee isn't the mythnews guy here? can't remember his name
17:44kvandivo pahli?
17:44o_cee yeah
17:44sfr bar? or was it pub?
17:44o_cee he's been hiding
17:44thor_ burp
17:45o_cee would be better, in mythgallery, to make rotate expand.. like: Rotate -> {CCW; CW} would make it easier to translate stuff, can't find such short translations as it's needed now
17:45--- ---> kja [] has joined #mythtv
17:50--- ---> tyrone_bu [] has joined #mythtv
17:51--- <--- tyrone_bu [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
18:05--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:08kja damn, that seq_header patch was a no go...
18:09--- <--- o_cee [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
18:09--- ---> o_cee [] has joined #mythtv
18:11kja hi o_cee
18:11o_cee hey
18:12o_cee wrong button ;)
18:13kja ups
18:13o_cee yepp
18:13o_cee "Unable to create AudioOutput." <-- got any good translation for that kja?
18:15kja hmm, in swedish?
18:15o_cee yeah :)
18:16kja ljuddrivaren skapaded et problem under laddning.
18:16--- <<-- m0j0 [~m0j0@] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:16kja ?
18:17o_cee hmm, kanske n\xE5got s\xE5dant ja
18:17o_cee ops sorry
18:17o_cee "Inte m\xF6jligt att skapa ljudenhet."
18:17kja :)
18:17Slaytanic Den \xE4r bra
18:18o_cee good enough
18:18kja aha, if you add that it's mythtv's sound driver, maybe we're getting somewhere
18:18o_cee it is the message you get if you haven't setup your audio right?
18:20Slaytanic glock: Looks like you forgot to specify the number of your input in that example...
18:20kja nope, it's the error you get if the audiobase can't create a audiooutput class (iirc)
18:20o_cee kja: what's the difference?
18:21kja if you say audiodevice=/dev/nonexistent to mythtv you'll get a different warning with the system error message included
18:22o_cee ah
18:22kja if you say audiodevice=ALSA:hw and alsa is not compiled in you get the above error message
18:22o_cee ok, great
18:24--- <<-- vagrant [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:33--- ---> rm_datawo [~dataworm@] has joined #mythtv
18:35--- <<-- gerhard [] has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040113]")
18:38--- <<-- jams [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:38--- ---> jams [] has joined #mythtv
18:38--- <<-- glock [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:39kja so you're doing translation work on a friday night o_cee?
18:39o_cee kja: heh, yeah
18:39o_cee how sad is that
18:40kja hmm, your girlfriend asleep?
18:40o_cee yeah
18:40o_cee fell asleep at 9 :)
18:42kja slightly boring
18:43o_cee you can't imagine..
18:43kja actually that's quite true, i can't
18:43kja how sad is that?
18:43o_cee don't know wich is worst
18:44kja ups, did something terribly wrong in my size calc
18:44o_cee well at least you found it ;)
18:44jams o_cee, the future oreily book should cure all users setup troubles right ? :)
18:45o_cee right ;)
18:46kja hmm, are we serious about that book thing?
18:46o_cee kja: did you see my case pics?
18:46o_cee kja: i think kvandivo is
18:46kja yeah, sweet'n'woody
18:46o_cee kja: btw, that guy with the dvb problem, he solved it.. think he had a channel without a name or something stupid like that
18:46o_cee :)
18:47kja you know, you should have debian woody installed on that box :)
18:47kja noticed he thanked you for helping him
18:47o_cee hah, nooo, it's my sweet little dragon
18:47kja :)
18:47o_cee hahah, yeah ;)
18:47kja brb
18:50kja ah well, debian has it's problems too, your on gentoo right?
18:51o_cee yeah
18:52kja hmm, i must be totally wasted, i actually managed to invert a & mask
18:54kja running distcc o_cee?
18:54o_cee nope
18:54kja hmm, how do you manage?
18:54o_cee to?
18:55o_cee my mythbox is the fastest computer i've got :)
18:55kja to hold your breath while gentto is compiling stuff
18:56o_cee usually do it by night ;)
18:58kja ahh, that's nice, sad if you needed the upgrade like yesterday thought ;)
18:59* kja asks: is 0x81 & 0x3 > 0?
18:59o_cee heh, yeh
18:59o_cee don't ask me :)
19:02* kja should quit drinking and doing this...
19:03o_cee naah
19:03kja u think?
19:04o_cee not sure
19:08kja when you start writing: if(int i=0;i<5;i++)?
19:09o_cee that's perfectly fine
19:09o_cee :)
19:12kja hmm, why can't i find a new startcode after the seq_header in avfd.cpp?
19:14kja it's definatly because of my drunken behaviour, caus i'm printing the header from start to end+
19:14kja not should be in there
19:15kja ;)
19:15o_cee hehehe
19:16kja sent from above ;)
19:16kja :p
19:16--- ---> dopez [] has joined #mythtv
19:17kja ahaha
19:18o_cee dope
19:19o_cee baaaaad for yo
19:19kja found the seq_header, my interpetation of the mpeg specs where wrong
19:19kja :(
19:19o_cee well, doh
19:20--- <<-- rkulagow [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:20--- <<-- dopez [] has quit (Client Quit)
19:22--- ---> rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
19:22kvandivo ~/me looks around.
19:22kvandivo what am I serious about?
19:23o_cee writing a book
19:24* mikegrb shoots kvandivo in the toe
19:24mikegrb oops, sorry
19:24kja hehe
19:24* mikegrb gives kvandivo a bandaid
19:24kja lol
19:36* kja thought kvandivo was about to argue his point, but guess he was rushed of to the emergency room..
19:38--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
19:39o_cee anyone got a good grip on the new shceduler?
19:40--- ---> FryGuy [~fryguy@] has joined #mythtv
19:42kja how so? i've used it for the last working week with no major faults
19:42o_cee the option to..
19:42o_cee move higher prios
19:42o_cee i don't see the point with it
19:43kja why not, if the show with lower pri would have been excluded?
19:43o_cee so it's not a global setting?
19:43o_cee just seeing the translated strings here atm ;)
19:44kja woot?
19:44o_cee i'd excpect the override to do that kind of thing? not as a global setting that to me inverts the logic?
19:45kja it makes sense to do it automagically, no?
19:46o_cee i don't see the logic at all, why'd you want to invert the prios?
19:47kja the show with lower priority would not be recorded at all,
19:47kja that means loosing a show...better record the hier pri at a different time if available...
19:47kja dunno what the problem is, really?
19:48o_cee oh.. but if it can't reshedule the higher prio then? it doesn't do it.. but the problem is _if_ the schedule changes.. got it now
19:49kja hu?, you experienced that?
19:49o_cee no but that's the risk
19:49kja no!
19:49o_cee so it prioritizes to record all shows instead of recording higher shows asap
19:49o_cee no?
19:50kja yup, that's how i get it
19:50o_cee problem is if the higher show that got rescheduled dissapears you'll of course not be able to record it.. (and you did have the chance to do it before)
19:51kja that would be true, and no way of foresee
19:51o_cee yepp
19:51kja you probably should mention that to david
19:51o_cee but if you don't use the feature you would have recorded your high prio show
19:51o_cee it says so in the help, but it's kinda fuzzy
19:51o_cee and hard to explain on two lines
19:52kja have not read the gelp actually
19:52kja read the list tho (mostly)
19:52kja but didn't bruce submit a update on the functions of the scheduler?
19:53o_cee not that i've seen
19:53kja hmm
19:53o_cee yeah sure some docs, but not to the source i think
19:53o_cee for the helptext in the settings
19:53o_cee won't be any probs when it's in the docs i guess
19:54kja but the fact that this _can_ occur should be mentioned somewhere nevertheless
19:54kja bah, i'm rambling
19:55o_cee yeah, it should
19:55o_cee kvandivo: you taking notes? ;)
19:55o_cee and rkulagow
19:55o_cee blergh
19:55o_cee to late
19:56o_cee kja: what're you drinking? going to my uhm.. brothers sons 10year birthday tomorrow, so i didn't want to drink today, will drive a long way tomorrow, heh
19:56o_cee blerargh
19:56o_cee uh?
19:58--- <<-- sfr [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:59kja red wine mostly, and some home brew
20:00kja just relaxing
20:00o_cee yummie
20:00kja i'm going out driving tomorrow too, but that's about 20hours till
20:01o_cee how'd you translate "Conflicting" ?
20:02kja dunno
20:02kja :)
20:02o_cee think i used "Kollision"
20:02o_cee ah that'll do
20:02kja naw, that's to rough, ai'nt it?
20:03o_cee "Motstridande" then?
20:03o_cee heh, can't find a good work for it
20:03kja yea, sounds better
20:03o_cee have to see where it's actually used
20:04kja that's a good point :)
20:04o_cee :)
20:06kja Chutt, around?
20:06o_cee a real pita that most strings is in the same group thingie.. all stuff's mixed
20:07kja yeah, it kinda munges it all together ;)
20:07kja no point in translating the same word twice, right?
20:08--- <<-- rm_datawo [~dataworm@] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:08o_cee most of the time, no
20:08o_cee 709 strings in QObject :)
20:13kja i must try that translation stuff sometime, since no other norwegian could care less...
20:14o_cee :/
20:14o_cee 131K Mar 6 02:14 mythfrontend_sv.ts_20040306.diff
20:14o_cee bigass diff :)
20:14kja tried -d?
20:15o_cee what does it do? just did -u
20:16kja check diff --help, same as --minimal
20:16o_cee Updating 'mythfrontend_sv.qm'...
20:16o_cee 851 finished, 3 unfinished and 124 untranslated messages
20:16o_cee oh cool, i'll try it
20:17o_cee exact same size :/ i'll just gzip it
20:19kja :(
20:22kja bzip2 is better ain't it?
20:23o_cee blergh
20:23o_cee got it below 40k at least :)
20:24kja multiply that with ~800-900 and imagine the size of your email...
20:26o_cee 4kb difference.. have to remember it the next time
20:26o_cee i'd alrady pressed send
20:27kja did you use -9 as a parameter to bzip2?
20:27* kja is way offtopic
20:28o_cee heh, no
20:29o_cee And --best merely selects
20:29o_cee the default behaviour.
20:32--- ---> Teflon [~rhooper@] has joined #mythtv
20:32kja --best alias for -9
20:33kja is what mine said
20:33o_cee yeah
20:33o_cee says it's already the default behaviour
20:34kja hmm, still don't follow
20:35o_cee you asked if i used -9, and my manpage says that -9 is the standard behaviour
20:35kja ohh
20:35kja was that what you where getting to
20:36o_cee heh, gettin late
20:37kja point beeing that such a big attachement should be linked to
20:39o_cee if there's a 40kb size limit, that should be the limit imo
20:39o_cee this was half the size
20:41kja still, your sending ~20MB on a already overloaded server
20:41o_cee true
20:42o_cee i'll send it directly to isaac the next time
20:44kja not that i care how fast mail from the -luser list get here, but the -dev list could have been given a boost priority wise i think :)
20:45o_cee i'll do my part in speeding it up right now
20:46o_cee by unsubscribing to the horrible users list
20:47kja dunno, gotta kinda peek at what the masses has to say about stuff
20:47o_cee hey the mail wasn't send yet :)
20:48o_cee i don't follow it at all
20:48o_cee haven't got time
20:48o_cee and it mostly justs upsets me
20:48--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
20:51o_cee wow, 142 nwe emails.. something have been stuck here during the evening :)
20:53kja yup, me and you abviously :)
20:53kja obviously that would be
20:55kja strange, i have to offset 10+ from seq_header to hit the next header...
20:57kja ups, that might not have been true (and it was 10+ from the end)...
21:00o_cee no idea what you're talking about :)
21:00kja you have canal+, ocee?
21:01o_cee not anymore :(
21:01o_cee ah dammit the mail got send to the list anyway, stupid server
21:02--- ---> rm_datawo [~dataworm@] has joined #mythtv
21:07o_cee time to get some sleep
21:07o_cee later
21:11kja good night o_cee
21:20--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
21:29kja damn, my post to linuxtv-dev appeared in less that a minute, -dev takes at least 20min
21:29kja snow-man, around?
21:36* kja hates the fact that he can't forward beyond LiveTV, Chutt, can you fix that?
21:38Snow-Man eh?
21:38Snow-Man How big is linuxtv-dev?
21:39kja not as huge as all the lists you have =)
21:39jams anybody notice increased jerky playback with last night's cvs ?
21:39Snow-Man Alright then. :)
21:40kja was thinking about a possibility of down-prioritizing the mythtv-users list, any chance that'll happen?
21:40Snow-Man haha.
21:40mikegrb he
21:40kja :)
21:40* mikegrb gives kja a super giant yummy cupcake
21:41* kja says thanks a bounch!
21:41Snow-Man I'm kind of suprised it takes 20 minutes though.
21:41Snow-Man One thing I was considering was setting up a seperate queue, one for each list.
21:41kja well, that's kinda the round-trip i've been expirencing lately
21:41kja sounds great!
21:42Snow-Man That would kind of kill the connection cacheing though.
21:42kja bah
21:42Snow-Man At least, if people are on both lists.
21:42Snow-Man kja: Do you tend to get them in 'spirts'? :)
21:42* mikegrb unsubscribes from -users
21:42Snow-Man Like, a bunch at once?
21:42kja more people are on the -lusers list, and only jabber about about anything
21:43kja but we -dev users don't mind checking the -user list ~1hour later
21:44Snow-Man heh.
21:44kja it's the most populated list in your queue, right?
21:46Snow-Man -user? Probably.
21:46kja Snow-Man: what do you mean by 'spirts'? (norwegian)
21:46Snow-Man kja: It batches
21:46Snow-Man err, In batches
21:46kja ah, yeah, sure, but that won't help round-trip-time
21:46Snow-Man No, but doing it that way reduces the load on the server. :)
21:47Snow-Man One problem is that the inbound and outbound queue are the same and they only get processed every so often.
21:47Snow-Man I think it's like every 10 minutes or so.
21:47Snow-Man So you've got a 10 minute wait for the message to go from the 'in' queue into the mailing list software.
21:48Snow-Man Then it goes into the queue for outbound and you've got another 10 minutes there because you have to wait for the next run.
21:48Snow-Man One thing I could see about doing that probably wouldn't be too hard would be to create a seperate 'inbound' queue that's constantly checked.
21:49Snow-Man That would probably cut the roundtrip time nearly in half.
21:50Snow-Man Maybe I'll look into that next week or something.
21:50Snow-Man I wouldn't expect it to get to under a minute anytime soon though. :)
21:50Chiphead Chutt you around?
21:51Snow-Man I'll consider checking the overlap between the lists too and see if splitting the outbound queues into a queue per list would affect things much.
21:51Snow-Man That would probably speed up the processing rate for -dev and -commits.
21:51kja Snow-Man: I have some general idea about routing mail, but you kinda lost me
21:52kja Snow-Man: if you could look into the issue that would be awesome!!
21:52Snow-Man haha.
21:52kja ;)
21:53Snow-Man Alright, but not this weekend, got some other stuff I need to do.
21:53kja I have all the time in the worl!
21:53kja world that would be :)
21:54* mikegrb gives Snow-Man a cupcake too
21:54Snow-Man haha.
22:05kja Snow-Man: now that i've read your reply a couple of times, it makes sense
22:05Snow-Man Well, I guess that's good to know. :)
22:06kja Snow-Man: would it be possble to pick messages out of the input queue (before main processing) based on list-id?
22:06kja or would that make the other lists pale, and fall in the background?
22:07Snow-Man kja: Why would I want to?
22:07Snow-Man If I have a seperate input queue that's processed effectively immediately, what would bt the point of caring about which list the message is going to?
22:09kja yup, agree on that point
22:10kja hmm, out of curiosity, what software are the lists running on snow-man?
22:10Snow-Man sendmail + mailman
22:12kja your cold, me and many other shivers when sendmail comes along (yeah, you can do everything, but it's just how?)..
22:13Snow-Man bah.
22:13Snow-Man It's not all that difficult
22:13kja just some configuration files, right?
22:15Snow-Man Well, mostly.
22:15Snow-Man I did hack on sendmail a bit. :)
22:15kja i wonder, as you've mentioned that the queues run at a static 10min interval, why don't they run when there's mail there, and not in the output queue?
22:16Snow-Man eh? When the mail's where?
22:17kja like mail in the input queue and not the output thingy
22:18kja or is the server really overloaded already, so i really should start donating $$$?
22:19Snow-Man There's only one queue atm, and it's both the inbound and the outbound queue.
22:19Snow-Man Which means there's a minimum of 2 queue processes for each piece of mail.
22:20Snow-Man Once to go from the queue to mailman, and once from the queue to the remote server.
22:20Snow-Man That's what I was talking about changing though by setting up a seperate inbound queue and having that processed faster.
22:20kja yup, so mail arrives in the input queue, it's processed at mailmen, and is it immediatly scheduled and queued for transfer?
22:21Snow-Man When it comes out of mailman it goes directly into the outbound queue, yea.
22:21kja so it's the outbound queue that saturated?
22:21kja mostly?
22:22Snow-Man There's only one queue atm. :P
22:22Snow-Man Of course there's always a crapload more outbound traffic than inbound though.
22:22kja damn, thought i've got hang of it :p
22:22Snow-Man It pretty much can't be any other way.
22:23Snow-Man Considering one message to the list will always generate more than one reply.
22:23Snow-Man s/reply/resend/
22:23kja yup
22:24kja but that's my point, that mythtv-users list should not get queued right now, but put in the back,
22:24Snow-Man pah.
22:24Snow-Man You're still dreaming.
22:24kja and if any other lists-post arrive and a mythtv-user post is in front it should have pri
22:24Snow-Man I'm not going to try and prioritize lists.
22:24kja hmmm :)
22:24kja mmm
22:24Snow-Man I'll try and speed up the overall processing, sure.
22:26kja we'll try that, maybe i can have a closer look if it does not work as intended?
22:26Snow-Man hahahaha
22:26kja ;)
22:27* kja says: don't laugh at the little man, he might grow big
22:27Snow-Man Yea, too bad 'growing big' wouldn't make any difference.
22:28kja like fat? don't get it?
22:28Snow-Man heh.
22:30* kja ,hihi, kja finally got it, kinda like mcfatman...hehehe
22:34kja sendt a mail at 04:32
22:34kja 34 that is
22:35kja and i check inbound every minute, btw
22:43kja Snow-Man: just wondering, are you monitoring you outbound bandwidth?
22:44kja just wondering if there is any need for a get snow-man more found fond?, but what the heck do i know
22:45* kja thinks that he'll get bumped down to the 40min queue
22:46Snow-Man kja: Erm, I kind of casually monitor the bandwidth used by the box.
22:47Chutt heh
22:47kja :)
22:48kja yeah, finally solved a user problem, first time, kinda
22:49Snow-Man Chutt: Heya.
22:49Chutt hey
22:49Snow-Man Thanks for the check and stuffs. :)
22:49Chutt ah, you got it
22:49* mikegrb gives Chutt a cupcake too, just for good measure
22:49Chutt good
22:49Snow-Man Got it and cashed it. :)
22:49Chutt heh
22:50kja Hi Chutt! (i'm the lagger)
22:50Chutt snow-man, whatever happened to you taking over awstats? =)
22:52Snow-Man Chutt: Yea, so, that's still happening.. really...
22:52Chutt heh
22:52Snow-Man Actually, I'm doing alot of Debian stuff this weekend.
22:52Snow-Man I hope to get to that.
22:52Snow-Man At the moment I'm cleaning up some issues with OpenLDAP2.
22:52Chutt whatever, just noticed you hadn't updated the version on colo
22:52Chutt ah
22:53Snow-Man I'm going to try and update all of my packages that have new upstream versions, and do up awstats.
22:53Chutt cool.
22:53Chutt and have time to critique my resume again? =)
22:53Snow-Man Yeah, it's a netfest weekend, so I'm up in NJ and have basically the entire weekend to work on stuff. :)
22:53Chutt ah
22:53Snow-Man Sure, waiting for shit to compile anyway.
22:54Chutt you have something that understands word?
22:54Snow-Man Eh, not really atm.
22:54Snow-Man I don't feel like firing up vmware. :)
22:54Chutt ah, well, later then
22:54Snow-Man Can it wait till Monday when I'm at work again?
22:54Chutt sure
22:54Chutt i'm not planning on posting it anywhere until monday anywya
22:54Snow-Man ok, that's generally easier because I *always* have vmware up there. :)
22:55Snow-Man ok.
22:55Chutt cool.
22:55Snow-Man Get it to 2 pages? :)
22:55Chutt pretty much, yeah
22:55Snow-Man Cool.
22:57kja Hi Chutt, sorry for butting in earlier!
22:58Chutt yes?
22:59kja aw, your'e busy, i'll better not bother you then.
23:01kja bah
23:03* kja purged the -dev list, and it had about ~10 posts pity half was from me
23:04kja so you've found a job yet Chutt? I've looked for over a year, off course my skill does not match yours..
23:05bma Snow-Man: openoffice reads word :P
23:05Snow-Man bma: yea, yea.
23:07bma transcoding dvds takes too long.
23:07bma -rw-rw-r-- 1 bma bma 696845460 Mar 5 22:00 Fifth_Element,_The.avi
23:07bma that took like all freakin day.
23:08* kja is waiting for Chutt to tell him that one of his patches is useless...
23:09Snow-Man I hate segfaults.
23:09kja kinda phun too
23:12bma me three
23:14kja whut?
23:16kja ah well, i'm turning towards my bed, good nigth fellow developers and hosters (especially snow-mam)!
23:22--- <<-- rm_datawo [~dataworm@] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:30--- ---> rm_datawo [~dataworm@] has joined #mythtv
23:33--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
23:38mikegrb score one for mythtv and ogle
23:38mikegrb hardware dvd player, nice $200 jobbie, wouldn't play a rental disk, every few seconds it hiccuped, plays just fine on the xbox :D
23:49--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Leaving")
---Logclosed Sat Mar 06 00:00:35 2004