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00:04Chutt hrm
00:04Chutt ah well
00:05Chutt made a fix, no idea if that was the problem
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00:12kja Chutt: want me to clean up the christian hack crash, or should i do it?
00:12kja fix should be in there
00:13Chutt i'd prefer captain_murdoch did it
00:13kja hmm, to tired to worry about wording tonight :)
00:14kja oh, he has more expirience in mpeg?
00:14Chutt oh, you're talking about the mpeg parsing
00:14Chutt i thought you meant his commercial skip patch
00:14kja yup
00:14kja ah
00:14Chutt crash
00:14Chutt why do you bzip2 tiny patches?
00:15Chutt heh
00:15Chutt what do you want to clean up about that?
00:15Chutt the return on bad data?
00:15kja to minimize bandwith load on snow-mans server :)
00:16kja the size would be wrongly caluclated if both the last table is present
00:16Chutt ah
00:16kja you see that i'm tired, right? :)
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00:17Chutt well, if you want to clean it up, i'd also get rid of the return
00:17Chutt the last one, at least
00:18Snow-Man Heh, we don't need to worry about bw all that much.
00:18Chutt used a bit more last month
00:18Snow-Man How much?
00:19kja and what's max?
00:19Snow-Man Average is still under 600Kb/s, we can go up to like 3.0Mb/s or so.
00:20kja mmm, cvs server on same link?
00:20Snow-Man kja: Max? Maybe like 10Mb/s.
00:20Chutt yup
00:20Snow-Man But there's a monthly limit.
00:20Snow-Man Which we're not anywhere near really.
00:21Chutt i'd be curious to see how much bandwidth cvs uses
00:21Chutt and the lists
00:21kja you sure about removing that last return chutt?
00:21Snow-Man I doubt either uses all that much really.
00:21Chutt kja, it's just bad data, what if there's a good packet right after?
00:21Snow-Man I expect the majority of the traffic is web stuff.
00:22kja it's kinda the meat of the patch, to check if stream is actually working
00:22kja could make it ff to next start code...
00:23Chutt why not a continue instead of a return?
00:23Chutt that's all i meant.
00:23kja see your point :)
00:24kja i'll fix and resubmit tomorrow, don't dare to do it now..
00:24Chutt and i'll look at the rest of your patches tomorrow as well
00:24kja lovely!
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00:51UrbanNightmar| I'm having a problem getting the channel to change when in full screen live tv. I'm running Gentoo (emerged world today) with a winfast tv2000xp deluxe. Any more info can be provided if needed. Any help is welcome.
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01:40woodwizzle Hi all
01:41woodwizzle I've given up on gentoo as a mythtv system and decided to try knoppmyth. It installed fine but when it loads up I get a blank screen (terminal 7)
01:54pigeon hi, is there a way to use nuvexport on an nuv file directly?
02:00dataworm woodwizzle why did you give up with gentoo?
02:11woodwizzle dataworm I got tired of fighting with it for over a week
02:11woodwizzle I just couldn't get the ivtv drivers to work
02:11woodwizzle no matter how many times I tried
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02:43Zman greetings all.. one one awake? :)
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03:07woodwizzle I've given up on gentoo as a mythtv system and decided to try knoppmyth. It installed fine but when it loads up I get a blank screen (terminal 7)
03:07woodwizzle to make matters worse I can't kill gdm because it keeps restarting so I've got no way to run commands in X
03:08woodwizzle can anyone help?
03:23Chutt woodwizzle, read the topic.
03:30Sir-Al maybe #mythtv should be for user support, and #mythtv-dev should be for development
03:31Chutt no, it wouldn't.
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10:02kvandivo chutt: it was quite reproducible. I'll try out the fix and let you know
10:25_rkulagow hey, is it time for the bi-weekly /. article _already_?
10:26* mikegrb slashdots rkulagow
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11:27jams anybody know if the video playback or filter code has been modified in the last week? I have seen an increase in video stutter.
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11:38hgebel Whenever I try to transcode something, nothing happens and I get the following error in my mythbackend.log: 'Unknown video codec: strange error flushing buffer' Can anybody help me with this problem?
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13:35o_cee Chutt: what do you think about a closed bugtracker? like for a selected group of trusted developers/reporters to avoid having to sort thru all kind of crap?
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13:48kelan anyone get the hauppauge grey remote working on debian?
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13:52o_cee heh
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14:54linagee can i have an external script throw things into the record table and have them recorded?
14:58linagee or wait, that's not what the record table is for....
15:01linagee heh. i made my own PHP script that will use the "program" table and search through title, subtitle, and description for some phrase. ;)
15:02thor_ some reason you don't want to use the same functionality in mythweb ?
15:02linagee thor_: *shrug* didn't know it existed.
15:03linagee thor_: is there one that outputs the shows that the myth box has recorded with links to play those shows back?
15:04thor_ the search box lets you search through _listings_ by title, episode, description, category, etc
15:04linagee thor_: does it put a fortune at the top? hehehe. ;)
15:05thor_ yup :-)
15:05linagee yup?!?!
15:05* hardwir3d didn't even install mythweb up to now. didn;t know it was somewhat essential
15:05thor_ Basically, I want the mythical convergence box that's been talked about for a few years now
15:05thor_ that's the fortune I just got
15:05thor_ - Isaac Richards
15:05linagee thor_: mine: Your aim is high and to the right.
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15:06linagee thor_: i wonder if anyone has used these "show what shows are recorded" scripts to let friends see what you have, and then they invite themselves over? lol
15:07thor_ heh ... "I'm not going over to their place, nothing but Trading Spaces and old sitcoms"
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15:08linagee thor_: ?!?! s/old friends/new friends/
15:08linagee thor_: mine it would be like, i'm not going over to his house, he only has a bunch of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" episodes.
15:08linagee oh, and CSI: *
15:09linagee thor_: i made it so there is a little graphic of the show if it knows one, a little picture of a TV if it has none. (based on the title)
15:09linagee thor_: and you can click that icon, and it searches google for that show's title. ;)
15:10thor_ yup, there are google links in mythweb, and imdb links if it thinks it's a movie
15:10linagee bah
15:10thor_ heh
15:10linagee thor_: why do i feel like i've done so much that was already done. :-P
15:10thor_ lots that could still be done to mythweb :-)
15:11linagee thor_: oh yeah, does mythweb have a snazzy <table> feel that is very bare? :)
15:11thor_ heh
15:12linagee thor_: and does mythweb have a column that shows how many days old the show is? :) (*quickly adds that feature*)
15:12thor_ shows Airdate
15:13thor_ groups by Day
15:13linagee thor_: in the odd mythtv format, or does it show in a nicer format?
15:13linagee mine has sortable columns through clickable column name. simple. :)
15:14thor_ the screen shots on are quite old, but it only takes a few minutes to install
15:14linagee thor_: mine even has this bug....
15:14linagee thor_: i can't get it to play movies without streaming them up in windows media player
15:14linagee thor_: i'd like it to just use the mapped drive letter or something, but it always wants to buffer it up.
15:14thor_ heh
15:15linagee thor_: IE converts my Y:/filename.mpeg into file:///Y:/filename.mpeg
15:15thor_ dunno, been quite a while since I touched any php
15:15linagee ah
15:16linagee thor_: made a quick "hack" that will print out the full path so i can just copy and paste. starts playing much faster when i use that.
15:19linagee thor_: the screenshot for PiP uses a crappy tuner. ;)
15:22hardwir3d /usr/lib/ undefined reference to `XineramaIsActive' ?
15:22linagee heh. the conflict screenshot. ( Law & Order or Seinfeld.... i would choose neither. ;)
15:23linagee thor_: oh, and i have debian. it only takes a few seconds if i wanted it installed. ;)
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15:37hardwir3d mythmusic compile error: {standard input}: Assembler messages:
15:37hardwir3d {standard input}:72: Error: suffix or operands invalid for `add'
15:37hardwir3d make[1]: *** [zoom_filter_xmmx.o] Error 1
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17:03sfr it seems pip with two different h/w encoder cards isn't working. 1x pvr350 and a mjpeg encoder card in my case.
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17:07sfr wohoo! my 2nd tuner (matrox marvel g400) started working again. for a long time it caused all kinds of errors when the first one (pvr350) was busy and i started live-tv.
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17:13pcjabber is anyone that helps with MythWeb around?
17:13pcjabber general question:
17:13sfr what's wrong? not that i know a lot about mythweb/php
17:13pcjabber how do I submit a patch
17:13pcjabber and what diff do I need to use?
17:14pcjabber sfr, i actually answered my own question =)
17:14sfr diff -u file.orig file.messed_up
17:14pcjabber .orig meaning the CVS one, and .messed_up meaning your patch?
17:15sfr messed_up being your local modified version of the file
17:15pcjabber right
17:15pcjabber and how do you get it into a file? just pipe that to thepatchname.patch ?
17:15sfr and adding '> file.patch' also helps ;)
17:15pcjabber k =)
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17:15pcjabber then just mail that patch to the -dev list?
17:16sfr yes, preferably with [PATCH] in the subject. and include the patch as an attachment.
17:16kvandivo if you are running current cvs it is easier to just do: cvs diff -bu2 > mypatch.patch
17:17pcjabber how do you specify the file of the original and the patched version
17:17kvandivo well, if you only want to do a single file, just give the path to it..
17:17mikegrb \o/
17:17* mikegrb gives kvandivo a cupcake
17:17kvandivo cvs diff -bu2 libs/libmythtv/schedule.cpp > mypatch.patch
17:17kvandivo or something like that
17:18pcjabber and how do you specify your patch?
17:18kvandivo ?
17:18pcjabber like the diff -u file.orig file.messed_up example above
17:19pcjabber where do you specify it in the cvs diff -bu2 libs/libmythtv/schedule.cpp > mypatch.patch
17:19kvandivo oh.. you don't
17:19pcjabber then how does it know what to diff against?
17:19kvandivo cvs diff automatically goes out and checks your copy against the server copy
17:19pcjabber oh
17:19pcjabber i see
17:19sfr kvandivo: do you also know what i messed up that causes cvs update to ignore new changes in mythtv cvs? 'cvs update: nothing known about mythtv' . i played with the -D date option a while back and don't know how to undo it ;)
17:19kvandivo i suspect you have a sticky tag set. :)
17:20pcjabber =p
17:20pcjabber thanks much for the help!
17:20pcjabber I will submit my first patch very sooN!
17:20pcjabber soon*
17:20kvandivo you need to unset the sticky tags on your files, sfr
17:20sfr ok, but how?
17:20mikegrb goo gone works for me
17:21kvandivo man cvs ? :)
17:21sfr right. i did man cvs yesterday without success. i'll check again for gone...
17:21kvandivo hint: try -A
17:21mikegrb sfr: rm -r mythtv; cvs co mythtv
17:21mikegrb pwahah
17:22sfr i'm sure chutt likes that :)
17:22mikegrb ;)
17:24sfr should -A do the trick? i think i already tried it but let's see...
17:27pcjabber If I change two files for the same patch, should i submit them in one patch file or two?
17:27pcjabber and how should I go about that?
17:27sfr that did the trick. but it doesn't seem to work with update -A $branch but with checkout -A $branch. whatever.
17:27pcjabber just merge the two DIFF outputs together?
17:28--- ---> jams [] has joined #mythtv
17:28mikegrb pcjabber: just do the cvs diff line in the root dir
17:28mikegrb it will do it all automagically
17:28mikegrb it will see which files are modified
17:28pcjabber this one?
17:28pcjabber cvs diff -bu2 > mypatch.patch
17:28mikegrb yup
17:28pcjabber k thanks =)
17:29mikegrb I generally check that .patch file and if there are any changes included you won't eant to submit you can remove them from the patch
17:29pcjabber k
17:29pcjabber and, should I gzip it?
17:30pcjabber or bzip it? or any form of compression?
17:30pcjabber or just leave it?
17:30kvandivo only if it is more than 35k or so
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17:31mikegrb yup
17:31mikegrb bery nice to be able to read it in my mail client directly
17:31pcjabber thanks =)
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17:41sfr there are too many zoom modes in mythtv
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18:02o_cee _rkulagow: maybe you'd want to put that "handle SIGPIPE nostop" someplace where people will see it..
18:03o_cee "After loading up gdb, do:"
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18:06mikegrb zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom
18:09o_cee ahzomzom
18:10thor_ ya zoom zoom zoom, ya zoom zoom zoom
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18:10o_cee diddleidoo
18:10o_cee got exams later this week, so i can't stay up really
18:10o_cee shouldn't
18:12sfr can't stay up? it's 00:12 ;)
18:13o_cee normally up a couple of hours more at least.. :)
18:13sfr _that_ is late
18:14o_cee yeah.. not good, bad habit
18:14sfr and getting up not before 11:00am i guess
18:14o_cee usually at 7..
18:15o_cee sleep is way overrated
18:15sfr i wish i could do that.
18:16o_cee heh
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---Logopened Sun Mar 07 18:51:47 2004
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18:51-!- Irssi: #mythtv: Total of 61 nicks 0 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 61 normal
18:51solarce[h] mmm
18:52-!- Irssi: Channel: Join to #mythtv was synced in 14 secs
18:52solarce[h] found a decent bt878 w/ s-video and sound and some other junk for $40
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18:57moegreen 866.652.3052 toll free
18:57moegreen 702.975.0686 fax
18:57moegreen ODIN technologies is enabling Auto-ID through Trusted, Turn-Key RFID Solutions. ODIN leads the way in software and integration services for the Auto-ID, RFID, and Sensor industry. Our goal is complete client satisfaction.
18:58--- User: *** Sir-Al is now known as Sir-Away
18:58moegreen wooops
18:58moegreen hehe - sorry about that
18:58--- User: *** Sir-Away is now known as Sir-Al
18:58solarce[h] spammer
18:58pigeon hehe, irc spammer!
18:58thor_ ODIN ?
18:59thor_ seems like I should be getting a cut
18:59moegreen heh
18:59solarce[h] thor_: damn greedy norse gods :P
18:59thor_ repeal the estate tax !
18:59moegreen must have had it in my copy buffer - i was trying to paste something else :)
19:00moegreen that would be:
19:00solarce[h] so you say
19:01mikegrb thor_: my first job was at an isp called thor net, odin was the main dial in server
19:01thor_ heh
19:01mikegrb the console had a viking hat on top of the monitor
19:01thor_ and freya ?
19:01mikegrb freya == news server
19:01thor_ loki ?
19:01mikegrb loki was a desktop afaik
19:01mikegrb long long time ago
19:02thor_ problem with Norse gods is there aren't enough of them
19:02mikegrb freya as news server I thought was rather funny
19:02mikegrb as 90% of traffic was alt.binaries.erotica.*
19:02thor_ freya == fertility, news server == porn
19:02mikegrb aye
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19:48pcjabber am I supposed to get a "Your mail to 'mythtv-dev' with the subject
19:48pcjabber ... Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.
19:48pcjabber "
19:48pcjabber sorry for the 3-line post
19:49pcjabber didnt think it was going to do that
19:49pcjabber the reason is "Post by a non-member to a members-only list"
19:50kvandivo what's your question?
19:50pcjabber am i supposed to get that when i submit a patch to -dev?
19:50kvandivo is the reason given not accurate?
19:51pcjabber oh i realize why!
19:51pcjabber i sent it from the wrong account =)
19:51pcjabber sorry =)
19:54pcjabber im a bit brain-dead today....
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21:59pcjabber has anyone seen my post to -dev about the TV Tome search?
21:59thor_ yup
22:00mikegrb many I'm sure
22:05pcjabber k =)
22:05pcjabber just wanted to make sure it went thru
22:06pcjabber is there a chance it will get committed?
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22:12thor_ mythweb, it's more or less up to Chris, he'll get back to you on it
22:14pcjabber k cool
22:14pcjabber thanks, thor_, the god of thunder =p
22:14pcjabber thanks much =)
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22:15pcjabber good night all
22:15thor_ g'night
22:15* pcjabber is away: I am AFK, /msg me if you need me
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23:05billytwowilly| Here's a question for someone who knows about video. how easy is it to compare commercials I've marked to commercials others have marked?
23:07billytwowilly| md5sums, color schemes, etc?
23:14Netslayer depends by what u mean when u say commercials you've marked vs others. u talking about the raw video or the commercial cut list in the db?
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23:15billytwowilly| I'm talking about the raw commercials. Is there some way to generate a smaller file kinda like md5sums, that can be used to check other video against?
23:17billytwowilly| perhaps a color map pattern or something??
23:17ofer your asking to try to compare whether one commercial is the same as another that you have recorded
23:17ofer ?
23:17Netslayer comparing video will not work with md5
23:18ofer definatly not
23:18Netslayer every frame of video recorded is always different, it's like no two paintings are the same exactly
23:18ofer but since compression depends a lot on content, approximate filesize is not a horrible estimator
23:18Netslayer very true
23:18thor_ save OTA HDTV
23:18ofer OTA?
23:19thor_ over the air
23:19Netslayer histograms would help if u can read them off the file
23:19ofer HDTV is not a sure bet either, decompressors are not all the same
23:19Netslayer thor, save?
23:19thor_ except for
23:19thor_ if you could get two machines to start and stop at exactly the same time :-)
23:19thor_ the bitstreams would be the same
23:19thor_ so same md5
23:20Netslayer i wouldn't even bet on that
23:20thor_ (but exact start and stop is vanishingly unlikely)
23:20billytwowilly| I was just watching myth when it missed the commercial cut point and I thought there has to be a way to compare the same exact commercial with another one.
23:20billytwowilly| like maybe a color map or something..
23:20Netslayer the quantum the process would get might varry
23:20billytwowilly| or relations of the colors.
23:20Netslayer histograms = light meter aren't tehy
23:21Netslayer scene change, etc
23:22billytwowilly| I don't know.. I was just musing about this thinking about how I recognize the commercial as a commericial I had seen previously and I thought that it was through the spatial relationships of the colors.
23:22Netslayer there's an interesting idea heh
23:23billytwowilly| Thought there might already be a body of knowledge on this. That perhaps there was already a way to generate a small file to compare to another big file (cutscene) and see if it was a commercial
23:23ofer not easy at all
23:24billytwowilly| Then I got lost in thinking about having a webpage where one day mythtv could download those small files and compare them against the cutscenes it detected and data on either side of the cut point to see if it missed anything;)
23:24billytwowilly| But the original idea was that I recognize commercials based on spatial arrangements of colors;)
23:25billytwowilly| Thought you guys might know of some research on the subject I might find interesting.
23:25thor_ people smart, computers dumb
23:25ofer your asking about computer vision, tehres lots of cool research, but not specifically on commercial tracking =)
23:25billytwowilly| because it kinda relates to the whole video processing thing you're doing here;)
23:27ofer fun little library
23:29* billytwowill sometimes thinks he would have been happier in comp sci.
23:29thor_ bah, everything boils down to the same thing eventually
23:30billytwowilly| math
23:30thor_ skepticism
23:30billytwowilly| I was close;)
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