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00:18kja chutt, just mailed the seqheader patch to -dev, pretty sure it's right this time, but it wouldn't hurt to double check
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00:21kja night
00:31Sir-Al there seems to be some kind of problem with the frontend
00:32Sir-Al sometimes when pressing 2 or some other number, the frontend quits and the video in the recording becomes blank when watching it the next time
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09:12hardwir3d mythmusic won't start
09:12hardwir3d ldd /usr/lib/mythtv/plugins/ |grep libasound
09:12hardwir3d => not found
09:12hardwir3d i do not have installed alsa, yet mythmusic expects it. how to tell it to use oss?
09:13hardwir3d hrm, wait, maybe i fucked up
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10:42_rkulagow anyone seeing this?
10:42_rkulagow 2004-03-08 09:19:10 CheckChannel failed. Please verify channel "86" in the "setup" Channel Editor.
10:42_rkulagow this is on a brand new machine, and i didn't run the channel editor when i setup, thinking i had no reason to. was i wrong
10:42_rkulagow ?
10:43_rkulagow symptom is user can change channels in live tv.
10:51kja if you get that, you have trouble with the binding between channel -> cardinput -> capturecard
10:51kja have a look at the query in tv_rec.h:~1095 for more details
10:51kja dunno why you got it in the first place though
10:53kja tv_rec.cpp that should be =)
10:54_rkulagow yeah, it's weird, this box has had a number of problems. first, in setup, when i select the provider i _know_ that i selected Comcast - Park Ridge, but the file that was grabbed was Dish TV. Next, I _know_ i setup "Tuner 0" as the input on both MPEG-2 cards, but when I looked at the mythconverg database one was set for Tuner 0, one was set for S-Video 2. I _know_ that I didn't do S-Video 2.
10:54_rkulagow now it looks like the mapping is also screwed up.
10:55_rkulagow anyone else run into problems where the setup screen seems to be doing things "off", like eating keypresses, or not having drop down boxes actually selecting what it's displaying?
11:00kja could it be something in this commit:
11:02_rkulagow it's possible. i haven't had a reason to go back into setup on my production boxes; the box that's having problems is a new one that i put together for a friend.
11:02_rkulagow right now i'm just trying to hand-jam the SQL over a SSH connection to at least get them back up.
11:02kja cvs or .14?
11:02_rkulagow CVS
11:03_rkulagow current CVS; i just did an update and there weren't any updated files.
11:05hardwir3d will it be a problem if the sound driver of my soundchip only supports 48Khz right now?
11:08kja mythtv does not do sample rate conversion, so you can only play 48khz content, unless you use alsa.
11:10hardwir3d hmm, ok, .. i don't know anything about all that. my 'content' is usually 44.1khz, right? that's what mpg123 says when playing my mp3s
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11:55kja updated to current cvs, and rebuild without distclean, get a segfault in QComboBox::count when running backend (doing a distclean now)
12:01kja ok, that got fixed :)
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12:15woodwizzle_ Does anyone use mythtv with directfb?
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12:43kja _rkulagow: that commit has some problems here, like segfaults in channel editor..
12:47kja ok, found the cause of that
12:51kja _rkulagow: think i may have found your bug
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14:28_rkulagow kja: thanks. glad to see that it's something reproducable.
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15:19kja _rkulagow, i didn't say i can reproduce it..
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17:31o_cee tadaa
17:32bitbyte lalala
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17:34o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you here?
17:34mikegrb nope
17:36o_cee :/
17:36o_cee he's been very busy lately
17:38o_cee mikegrb: you keep logs of #mythtv-users as well?
17:38mikegrb nope
17:38mikegrb ;)
17:38bitbyte i think i do
17:38bitbyte do you need something?
17:38o_cee bitbyte: nope
17:38o_cee mikegrb: didn't you do that like a week ago?
17:38mikegrb umm
17:38mikegrb nope
17:39mikegrb just dev
17:39o_cee k
17:39o_cee that seems broke tho btw
17:39mikegrb I'm not even in there though I guess I could
17:39mikegrb how busy is it
17:39o_cee sometimes very
17:40o_cee my next question was if you had the permission to log stuff from in there, that's all ;)
17:40mikegrb I'm planning on rewriting my stuff
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17:40bitbyte permission?
17:40mikegrb been so busy lately
17:40bitbyte since when do you need permission to log a channel
17:40o_cee mikegrb: yeah, i can understand why
17:41mikegrb have it store in sql
17:41mikegrb I have around 200mb of logs
17:41o_cee mikegrb: when's the baby coming out?
17:41mikegrb october
17:41o_cee oh, about that time i'll become.. uhm, uncle, once again
17:42mikegrb congrats
17:42bitbyte get caught up on yer sleep now
17:42bitbyte hhe
17:42mikegrb heh
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17:43o_cee stupid xchat
17:43o_cee did you say anything?
17:43o_cee :)
17:43mikegrb irssi++
17:43mikegrb I said congrats
17:44o_cee thanks :)
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17:53o_cee damn bayesin
18:20* solarce[h] pops in, got a cpu/mpeg2 crunching ability question if someone minds fielding it
18:20o_cee topic?
18:20solarce[h] :o
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18:21solarce[h] I didn't think that place was useful for much ;)
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18:22o_cee right.
18:22solarce[h] the channel I mean
18:24kja o_cee: setup is single threaded
18:25o_cee kja: uh?
18:25o_cee you mean that mail?
18:25kja yup
18:25o_cee doh
18:26o_cee ops
18:26kja :)
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18:56thor_ Vonage is wicked cool
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21:40mikegrb thor_: yes it is
21:40mikegrb we have bonage
21:40mikegrb er vonage
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21:53thor_ just been playing with it ... bye bye land line
21:59o_cee uhm
22:01thor_ yes, yes, enlightened scandinavians don't understand the concept of a "house" having a "phone number"
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22:04thor_ I really wish these guys were already publicly traded
22:04thor_ 'cause they are going to eat the phone companies
22:08o_cee phone?
22:09thor_ telephone
22:09o_cee bonage? vonage? bondage?
22:09o_cee land mine?
22:10o_cee i think i need sleep
22:10thor_ (sigh)
22:10o_cee :)
22:10o_cee it's 4 am.. nighty night
22:15mikegrb thor_: vonage is uber awsome, had them and no land line for over a year and a half now
22:15mikegrb their voicemail features are just so configurable
22:16mikegrb and being able to transfer a call from vonage to cell phone and that sort of stuff is spiffy
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22:30thor_ mikegrb, it works amazingly well
22:31mikegrb indeed
22:31thor_ btw, you guys bought a bassinet/crib yet ?
22:31mikegrb I dropped the quality down with the bandwidth saver
22:31mikegrb we have a bassinet and heidi's mom is getting us a crib
22:31mikegrb I have a sister with twins plus one and another sister with four kids so we will end up getting plenty of stuff :D
22:32thor_ ah, ok, was going to reccomend one
22:32mikegrb ahh
22:32thor_ but sounds like you;re covered
22:32mikegrb aye
22:32mikegrb heh
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23:28woodwizzle Hello
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23:52TomW anyone edited a recorded TV show and then removed the edited commercials. Is that some transcoding thing, or is there some EDL type thingy that would "scrup" a recording clean?
23:53TomW I would like to take some of the TV shows that I have recorded, clean them up, then transcode them into Videos
23:53TomW woodwizzle: hello
23:54--- User: *** Sir-Away is now known as Sir-Al
23:55Sir-Al hi
23:55TomW hello
23:55Sir-Al TomW: channel #mythtv-users is what you want :)
23:56TomW oh, sorry, I joined wrong one tonite. heh
23:56TomW still half asleep, I guess.
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