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00:33* thor_ is thinking Chutt is still having odd problems with his X server
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00:33Chutt thor, yeah
00:34thor_ seems odd, weird hardware ?
00:34Chutt haven't changed a thing, aside from newer debian X packages
00:34thor_ ah
00:34Chutt so, i'd assume that those are the problem
00:35thor_ that which remains, no matter how improbable, must be the cause
00:35Chutt heh
00:35Chutt i'm finally going to put my resume on the website tonight
00:36thor_ someone should start a betting pool
00:37thor_ heh, doesn't phpNuke have polls ...
00:37Chutt yeah, but i've got almost everything disabled in phpnuke
00:37Chutt cuts down on the exploits
00:37thor_ yeah
00:38thor_ but it would be nice: Chutt will find a job in A. one minute, B one hour, C one day, D one week, E making hot grits for Natalie Portman
00:38Chutt heh
00:39thor_ btw, client lib side for mfd is pretty much in a useable state
00:39Chutt great
00:40Chutt i've been slacking off on code the past few days
00:40Chutt catching up on my reading
00:40thor_ you should be slacking off on everything
00:40thor_ navel examination
00:40Chutt heh
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00:42thor_ just need to get server --> client lib deltas worked out, and then figure out which bit on the client side should be building the tree
00:47Chutt There are currently, 109 guest(s) and 0 member(s) that are online.
00:47Chutt heh
00:47Chutt website gets a lot of traffic these days
00:47Chutt 'course, that's just phpnuke's crappy estimate, but..
00:47thor_ heh
00:48thor_ how many downloads (roughly) ?
00:48Chutt 3600 this month
00:48Chutt of the main package
00:48Chutt 21k of 0.14 total
00:48Chutt 'course, that is just the source
00:48thor_ yup
00:49thor_ apt and rpms are probably an order of magnitude
00:49Chutt naw
00:49Chutt about the same or lower
00:49Chutt in total
00:49thor_ what's Jarod's guide reference ?
00:49Chutt the rpms
00:50thor_ I'd bet good money those are an order of magnitude
00:50thor_ (everyone seems to say, "I was following Jarod's guide ... ")
00:51Chutt naw
00:51thor_ well, build the net based reccomendation engine and see how many people show up ...
00:51Chutt last time i saw numbers (many months ago), it was a lot lower
00:51thor_ err, how many IP's show up
00:52Chutt heh
00:52Chutt that'd be accurate =)
00:52thor_ heh
00:52thor_ still, even 21k total at $39.99 ....
00:53Chutt $5 would be plenty =)
00:53thor_ (full charge for version upgrades, 'o course)
00:55thor_ I've said it before, but a Windows myth desktop client that could do iTunes + all the video stuff is a workable little software business
00:55Chutt yeah
00:55Chutt i dunno
00:56thor_ Qt license is something on the order of $1,000, iirc
00:56thor_ no mythbackend stuff
00:57Chutt i don't think just a frontend part would be worthwhile
01:00thor_ I think a desktop client would be very useful for rearranging stuff (playlists, photo albums, video hierarchies, etc.) .... make the linux one GPL and sell essentially the same code base for the Windows client
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01:20Chutt blah
01:20Chutt hate writing crap
01:20mikegrb yup
01:21Chutt especially when it's 'hey, i lost my job, here's my resume. hire me'.
01:22mikegrb aye
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01:22* mikegrb gives Chutt a caffinated cupcake
01:23thor_ first rule of resume reading, if someone's been sitting in the same job for _years_, toss it
01:24ofer huh? you mean you'd rather have a person thats gone job to job?
01:24thor_ yup
01:25mikegrb I'm screwed
01:25mikegrb navy--
01:25ofer heh
01:25thor_ heh
01:25mikegrb I gave them my 2 weeks notice many times
01:25mikegrb every time my various supervisors have just laughed at me
01:25thor_ well, military is a little different ... you work up to a point where you can get hired away by one of the outside firms you give jobs to
01:26thor_ :-)
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01:26thor_ or work with
01:26mikegrb heh yes
01:26mikegrb I think I shall step into the kitchen and fry some eggs
01:27thor_ mmmm
01:27mikegrb nothing like a good midnight snack
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01:31Chutt heh
01:31Chutt i think i shall deactivate comments on the website
01:31thor_ those are always so pathetic
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01:32Feral_Kid Any pointers on the differences between Freevo and MythTV?
01:33thor_ Freevo is vastly superior
01:34Feral_Kid thor_: Really? I got the complete opposite answer to someone who was on the #freevo channel... :)
01:34Mace68 what makes it superior... I'm just about to build a media box
01:34Chutt why would you even bother to ask that question in the #mythtv channel?
01:35Feral_Kid Chutt: For the simple purpose of trying to get an unbiased opinion of the pros and cons, before embarking on a direction...
01:35Mace68 Because I've briefly tried both and found MythTV to be superior
01:35Mace68 oh, sorry
01:36Chutt hah
01:36thor_ you are using the word "unbiased" in which sense ?
01:36thor_ ie. rabidly opinionated ?
01:38Mace68 Chutt: I wasn't sure who you directed that question to :S
01:38Chutt yeah, it wasn't to you
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01:40Mace68 But I'm really about ready to build me a MythTV box. Any opinions on vid cap cards and remotes? I won't need a tuner, I have dish network, so I'll have to use the svideo connection for that.
01:41ofer how much cpu you got?
01:41mikegrb 7.3 Ghz
01:41Mace68 Too early to tell :) haven't built it yet
01:42ofer get a pvr of some sort
01:42ofer then you can use a weak cpu
01:42ofer if you design it right, you can run with no fans
01:42G-funk|laptop| mmmm, 7.3 GHz
01:42Mace68 you mean pvr like a tivo or something?
01:43ofer 7.3ghz, that would heat the whole building
01:43ofer Mace68, no, hauppauge pvr 250 or 350
01:43Mace68 oh, ok.... heh
01:43ofer Mace68, or a dvb if you have access to the digital out of the dish
01:44Mace68 I have a P3 800 box I was considering using as well
01:44mikegrb ofer: he said dish network
01:44Mace68 Yes, I do have the optical going into my onkyo reciever right now
01:44ofer mikegrb, i dont have dish or know anybody with 'em, i just know they're digital =)
01:44mikegrb ofer: american so no dvb
01:45ofer mikegrb, k
01:45Chutt allright, website's done
01:45Chutt fun fun fun
01:45Mace68 what is dvb?
01:46Chutt tomorrow i'll have to start posting to the crappy jobs websites
01:46ofer Mace68, digital tv tuner, recieves the digital broadcast with no analog conversion
01:46Mace68 not available in the us though? bummer.
01:47Chutt thor, did i typo anything on the site?
01:47thor_ heh, didn't a guy who used to work for work at relatable, Glen .... what the hell was his last name ...
01:47Chutt [PATCH] Closed Caption fixes
01:47Chutt sweet
01:48Chutt doubt it
01:48thor_ hmm
01:48Chutt there's been 7 or 8 total people that worked here
01:48thor_ Sante Fe Institute stuff,
01:48thor_ ah
01:48Mace68 ofer: do the pvr's come with linux-compatible remotes?
01:48Chutt well, maybe one or two more, it's too late to count
01:48thor_ must have it confused with a different company
01:48ofer Mace68, i havent used them, i dunno
01:49Mace68 I guess I could get off my lazy but and go look on their web site too ;)
01:49Mace68 thanks for the suggestions, have a good evening
01:49thor_ no typos that jump out at me
01:49Chutt good
01:49Chutt i fixed a couple after posting it the first time =)
01:50Chutt but didn't see anymore
01:50Chutt thanks =)
01:50thor_ yup
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01:52Chutt ijr@colo:~/mythlogs$ grep Resume access.log | wc -l
01:52Chutt 13
01:52Chutt heh
01:52thor_ nothing in the plaintext resume, but I guess Word would have caught those
01:52Chutt yeah
01:55thor_ ... thank god you don't have a "Career Goals" or "Hobbies and Activities" section, those make me groan
01:55Chutt filled up two pages, that's more than enough =)
01:56thor_ yup
01:56thor_ I would mention the wired article
01:57thor_ a pet software project is one thing, a project that's been covered by the media is something else
01:57Chutt that wired article is consistantly in the top 5 of links to the website
01:58linagee Chutt: a two page resume?
01:58Chutt yup
01:58linagee Chutt: i thought that was a no-no.
01:58Chutt nope
01:58linagee Chutt: "always condense to one page"
01:58mikegrb linagee: Chutt is so stellar that it is impossible
01:59linagee lol
01:59linagee mikegrb: so only include the most relavent things
01:59* mikegrb hates people that say I'm sorry you are over qualified
01:59Chutt i wanted to have more than a single sentence about mythtv
01:59Chutt and extremely short descriptions of what i've done in my most recent job
02:00linagee ugh
02:00linagee someone made coffee downstairs and it's making my stomach turn
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02:06thor_ Got a job yet?
02:06Chutt no, not yet
02:07thor_ damn
02:07Chutt ijr@colo:~/mythlogs$ grep Resume access.log | wc -l
02:07Chutt 30
02:07thor_ how 'bout now ?
02:07Chutt hrm, lemme check my email
02:07Chutt nope, not now
02:07linagee thor_: yes, just now. right at this second. lol
02:07thor_ crap
02:08linagee Chutt: do you have unemployment insurance? :)
02:08Chutt hah
02:08thor_ heh
02:11G-funk|laptop| anyone have anyide why i wouldn't see the mythtv word on the left of the gant theme?
02:12G-funk|laptop| or the main, the top...
02:21Chutt thor, not yet, either
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02:26thor_ damn
02:26thor_ this internet thing sucks
02:27Chutt wait
02:27Chutt actually, someone just sent me a query :p
02:27thor_ heh
02:27thor_ I win the pool !
02:28Chutt 'course, it's in boise, id.
02:28thor_ good skiing in Idaho
02:28thor_ :-)
02:30thor_ crap state tax rate
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03:14knight- heh
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03:23knight- whats new?
03:35knight- quiet tonight :)
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04:03knight- hey choenig
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04:42Omnic hrm...
04:42Omnic how can I take a snapshot of a frame while watching a recording?
04:45knight- i wanted to do the same thing
04:46Omnic hrmph. doesn't look possible...
04:48o_cee you need to disable Xv
04:48o_cee search the archives
04:50Omnic yeah, thought that'd be it. :/
04:54knight- you could write some code that saves the frame to disk before it hits Xv
04:54knight- we could probably use that code for MythSecurityCam or whatever
04:55Omnic yeah, I would, if I had time to learn that particular segment of code :P
04:57knight- common excuse :P
05:04Omnic dammit, I can't disable Xv with my nvidia card.
05:06Omnic oh well, bed time.
05:06knight- uhm
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05:33knight- heh
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10:22kvandivo o_cee: looks like ijr committed that change in version 1.120 of mainserver.cpp.. looks like it was "Martin Smith's DVB signal monitor stats patch."
10:22o_cee yeah, i found it..
10:22o_cee was just hoping he could fix it himself
10:23kvandivo annotate is a wonderful feature of viewcvs for anyone out there that doesn't know it
10:23o_cee ah yeah :)
10:23kvandivo mozilla's bonsai calls it 'blame' or something like that, but the idea is the same
10:23o_cee not using dvb, so i haven't noticed before.. was helping someone and got to see his statuspage with this stuff on it
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10:58mikegrb o_cee: ping
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11:12o_cee mikegrb: pong? food time, ttyl
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11:21mikegrb heh
11:21mikegrb o_cee: was just going to mention your mail client is sending html emails, at least it sends a text version too ;)
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11:50o_cee html emails? nooo?
11:51thor_ now, if they were XHTML compliant, that would be another thing
11:51o_cee heh
11:51o_cee actually i think that's the mailinglist that does odd things?
11:52Mumintrollet | o_cee did you read my mail on the mailinglist, i am begining to wonder if this is not a bug in livetv and not a configuration error
11:53o_cee Mumintrollet: nope, i'm not on -users anymore
11:53o_cee i'll check the arhive
11:53Mumintrollet | ok a copy paste from the bottom then
11:53Mumintrollet | If i switch the master and slave backend by changing the ip in the settings
11:53Mumintrollet | table the problem
11:53Mumintrollet | gets reversed and i can only watch dvb channels, but if i start the slave
11:53Mumintrollet | backend and start
11:53Mumintrollet | livetv on a non dvb channel it will tune to that but it wont be able to
11:53Mumintrollet | change to dvb channels.
11:54o_cee heh, yeah well beats me
11:54Mumintrollet | oh btw when i updated to the latest cvs today my gui offset settings broke
11:55Mumintrollet | no matter what i set it always ends up in the top left corner :)
11:55* kvandivo gasps.
11:58o_cee thor_: you got any cupcakes?
11:58thor_ heh, not at the moment
11:59thor_ cup of coffee around here somewhere ...
12:01Mumintrollet | btw anyone in this channel who has any experience with slave backends ?
12:01o_cee thor_: :/
12:04* kvandivo giggles at Mumintrollet's question.
12:05* thor_ giggles at his NIC
12:05Mumintrollet | nothing wrong with mumintrolls
12:05Mumintrollet | and not its not that kind of slave :)
12:09o_cee <-- mumintrolls
12:09Mumintrollet | yeah i remember taking that picture
12:11o_cee hah
12:11Chutt thor, 'morning
12:11thor_ heh
12:11thor_ more than 12 minutes ?
12:12o_cee Chutt: hiya, gotten any offer get? :)
12:12Chutt just two serious inqueries
12:12Chutt one guy saying 'why don't you sell mythtv machines?'
12:12thor_ heh
12:12o_cee hehe
12:12Chutt and one guy saying 'why don't you sell support for $100 a year?'
12:13kvandivo you aren't considering those your two serious offers, are you?
12:13thor_ oh that would be a dream service
12:13Chutt 'I'd kill to never have to hear "Search the archive" again. Instead you scower the archive, document the answer in the portal and give me a link.'
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12:13thor_ outgoing message, "Welcome to Chutt's mythtv service line, it doesn't work because you're an idiot, now go away"
12:14kvandivo tell him about "google answers"
12:14thor_ "to be insulted in spanish, push 1"
12:14Chutt kvandivo, one would involve moving to boise, id.
12:14WodanTJ I guess you guys never gets presents from santa :)
12:14kvandivo how close to sun valley is that?
12:14kvandivo or do you not ski...
12:14Chutt the other is in maryland, but i wouldn't know if it means a relocation yet
12:14thor_ heh, close by
12:15Chutt so i'm going to tell both that i'm not interested at this point in time
12:15thor_ "to be places in an endless menu loop, push 2"
12:16bma maryland!
12:16bma yay
12:16bma local mythtv support :)
12:16thor_ heh
12:17thor_ faster cvs updates too
12:17Chutt i don't really _want_ to move
12:17Chutt and neither does paula
12:17bma hehe
12:17bma yea
12:17o_cee well if you got two offers in like 12 hours, i'm sure you'll find something pretty soon :)
12:17bma I can understand that.
12:18thor_ 12 hours up, 3 hours in working hours
12:18thor_ I'm still upset my 12 minute prediction didn't pan out
12:19o_cee :/
12:19jams Chutt, you interested in java jsp/struts?
12:19o_cee here, have a muffin
12:19Chutt haven't used java much
12:20kvandivo writing struts code as we speak...
12:20thor_ "if you'd like someone to come to your home and beat you with a clue stick, push 3"
12:20jams lol
12:20Chutt i'm interested in getting paid for writing some kind of code
12:20* mikegrb gives o_cee a cupcake
12:20Chutt and hopefully it won't be too boring
12:20o_cee mikegrb: thanks.. i needed that one
12:20mikegrb yeah, I saw ;)
12:21o_cee Chutt: you did audio recognition stuff? sounds neat
12:21Chutt it was
12:22thor_ Chutt, none of the background science for any of that came from papers by Glen Ropela (who was at santa fe, and then
12:22Chutt i have no idea
12:22thor_ hmm, ok
12:24o_cee Chutt: osd menu is working great :) way cool
12:25jams yes i was rather happy about the osd menu, great addition
12:26Chutt needs expanding
12:26o_cee just need to shufle over stuff to it, yeah
12:26Chutt and some code to move it over
12:26Chutt so the one column case is centered in the middle
12:26Chutt etc
12:26o_cee yepp..
12:26o_cee also exiting with Menu would be nice
12:28o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you here today?
12:29mikegrb nope
12:29mikegrb but you can have another cupcake
12:29o_cee :\
12:29o_cee i'm stuffed
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12:37o_cee ordered my first DVD-A today.. :)
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12:49--- Netsplit over, joins: Sir-Al, Feral_Kid, hfb
12:49--- Netsplit over, joins: schultmc
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13:36o_cee hehehe
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13:45o_cee wierdest thing just happened with the seektable of a show.. my gf was watching something that was recording, exited it and when she got back it started over from the beginning but it said the recording only was like 3 minutes long (and increasing) and it started from the beginning.. very odd things happening there..
13:57o_cee maybe i should try that experimental timebase thingie
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13:59jams o_cee, it makes for some interesting audio
14:01o_cee heh
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14:49thor_ stan is in top form today
14:52Chutt heh
14:54jams Chutt, anything change from a code point of view that might cause extra judder ?
14:54Chutt nope
14:54thor_ generic entropy
14:55Chutt video display code's been identical for months
14:55kvandivo wow.. that's actually a word.. supposedly the joining of j(erk) and (sh)udder
14:55thor_ I was thinking bovine dancing
14:56jams hmm cvs seems to have extra judder as compared to .14 well I well keep working on finding the problem
14:56jams thanks
14:56thor_ dance a little jig, shake your udder
14:56Chutt it really hasn't changed at all
14:56jams perhaps it's the higher cpu usage
14:56thor_ or all the cows in there
14:57jams heh
14:57* thor_ will shut up now
14:57Chutt you can always disable the adjust filter to get rid of that
14:57kvandivo fwiw, thor, it made _me_ smile
15:00jams heh i did read how to disable it , but i'm not for sure what it does. Guess I will go look that up.
15:01Chutt just delete the filter
15:01thor_ well, herd it out of the path
15:02* dja wants some of whatever thor is having
15:02kvandivo chocolate milk
15:02thor_ bingo
15:02dja lol
15:02kvandivo shaken.. not stirred
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15:06jams disabling appears to have worked, thanks
15:06thor_ moooch better
15:07* thor_ thinks everyone should just be grateful he's not forcing all his pointless ramblings to begin with the letter "m", "f", and "d"
15:08jams thor_ so when does the bovine theme come out ?
15:12thor_ "You're watching MoooTv"
15:12Chutt hrm
15:12thor_ I'm still working on the swedish chef language translations, unfortunately
15:14thor_ is that a "hrm" as in, "I've just increased perfomance by 750%," or a "hrm" as in, "my mouse odometer seems to be off by 32 pixels"?
15:15Chutt naw, a 'hrm' as in 'how do i tell someone i don't want to relocate right now, but would be more willing to consider it in a few weeks if i don't find anything else'
15:16bitbyte haha
15:16thor_ that sounds about right
15:19Chutt people prefer the .txt resume almost 4:1
15:19Chutt heh
15:21kja talk about luck;
15:24thor_ the inevitable appears to have happened
15:25thor_ and been cross posted
15:25Mumintrollet | Chutt your are Isaac ?
15:25Chutt yes.
15:25Mumintrollet | ok, im the one with backend dvb problem, hitting y only jumps between the pvr-x50 cards
15:26thor_ heh
15:26Chutt keep hitting it.
15:26Octane hit it harder
15:26kvandivo be honest. say that location is very important and you are evaluating your options and you might get back with them
15:26thor_ you might consider removing it from your keyboard and having a herd of cows stampede over it
15:26bitbyte use a stick
15:26Octane LOL
15:27Octane thor, i find elephants work much, much better
15:27Mumintrollet | can this problem be related to the card being in a slave backend ?
15:27Chutt kvandivo, that's pretty much exactly what i said =)
15:28Mumintrollet | i can move the card in to the masterbackend but its going to be really tight in a pundit so i won't do it unless it is worth a shot
15:28Chutt mumintrollet, source isn't all that complicated, figure it out :p
15:29Mumintrollet | yeah right :)
15:32Chutt try disabling one of the master backend's tuners
15:32Chutt so it only has one
15:36Mumintrollet | no, same problem
15:37Chutt oh well
15:39Octane lol, i love how the first reaction of someone finding out chutt==isaac is here is my problem and not a thank you
15:39Mumintrollet | actually he replied to my mail on the list
15:39Mumintrollet | thought it was easier
15:47Mumintrollet | it does try to switch to the card when pressing Y i get a QUERY_REMOTEENCDER 1[]:[]IS_BUSY in the log file and then it jumps to the nex PVR-x50 card
15:47Mumintrollet | and yes thank you for the help i am actually grateful
15:50Chutt code's in programs/mythbackend/mainserver.cpp
15:50Chutt GetNextFreeRecorder or something like that.
16:13hardwir3d nite
16:13--- <--- hardwir3d [] has left #mythtv ("*plopp*")
16:15--- <<-- Feral_Kid [~Just@] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:22thor_ Chutt, earmark donations for "The Myth Foundation", have the foundation's first mission to be to support you .... then if you get a job later this afternoon you can use the funds instead to do whatever (e.g. new xmltv format parsing bounty)
16:24Chutt heh
16:24thor_ err, new zap2it
16:25kvandivo i'd try to keep everything non personal, myself... you have _any_ expenses for myth? webhosting, etc?
16:25Chutt yeah, but that's paid through june
16:26thor_ yeah, but you want at least 5 figures before you start worrying about strictly legal entities
16:26Chutt i dunno
16:28thor_ a foundation that hires a developer is a completely sensible proposition
16:29kvandivo if you wanna do the legwork
16:29thor_ heh
16:30thor_ but I'd say just take the small change and have a nice dinner with your better half
16:30thor_ :-)
16:30kvandivo people have an intrinsic fantasy that anything related to linux should be free. i'd be extremely hesitant to put my financial eggs in that particular software basket
16:31thor_ yup
16:31thor_ although no compunction with paying $ for the same thing under windows (hint, hint)
16:31--- <<-- Chutt [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:31* kvandivo grins evily.
16:31kvandivo you made him leave!
16:31thor_ he was worried I was going to bring up cows again
16:32kvandivo bovine rock
16:32o_cee thor_: i want the stuff you're taking
16:32--- ---> Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
16:32thor_ well, that's sovled then
16:32Chutt stupid X.
16:32o_cee :/
16:32kvandivo screen
16:32Chutt x-chat :p
16:32* kvandivo shivers uncontrollably.
16:34o_cee bah, seems i'll have to patch that dvb code in mainserver.cpp myself :/
16:34kvandivo if you want it done right...
16:34o_cee heh, yeah
16:34thor_ ask Chutt to do it
16:34--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
16:34kvandivo ya.. not like he's got a job to distract him or anything
16:34o_cee i want it done right ;)
16:35thor_ "to have your entrails hauled through your nasal passages, push 4"
16:35o_cee thor_: ooh, i'll go for numero quattro
16:35billytwowilly| it's cuatro I think..
16:35kvandivo but it's quattro pro
16:36billytwowilly| hmm. This is the problem with joing a conversation in the middle.
16:36o_cee gogle is amazing.. billytwowilly is right :)
16:37o_cee Chutt: i've got a 42min recording here claiming it's 4 minutes or so when playing it back in myth.. anything you want to take a look at?
16:37Chutt does it play back ok?
16:37billytwowilly| o_cee, boo, that site is made with asp. -2 points for not finding a spanish site made with php and/or other opensource stuff;)
16:38o_cee Chutt: no, it jumps out when it comes to 4 minutes
16:38Chutt dunno
16:38Chutt how large is it on disk?
16:38o_cee it thinks it's finished
16:38o_cee lemme se
16:38o_cee 1.6gb:)
16:38Chutt ah
16:38Chutt well, i dunno
16:38o_cee no problem for me at least
16:45--- <<-- Drikus [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:47o_cee Chutt: i think i found a big nasty bug
16:47o_cee you know the "change channel immideately" thing?
16:47Chutt yeah?
16:47o_cee i think it makes it possible to change channel of what's beeing recorded when watching something in progress
16:48Chutt heh
16:49o_cee all of a sudden this rec turns to another channel (during a comercial break)...... :)
16:49jams hehehe o_cee i just tried it, you are correct
16:49o_cee funny :)
16:50o_cee it would be nice if it switched over to live tv mode tho :) and then something on the osd menu to get back to watch it in progress.. but that's a different story
16:50jams if you stop watching the recording, the channel flips back to the orginal recording
16:51jams i mean orginal channel
16:52--- ---> Feral_Kid [~Just@] has joined #mythtv
17:00o_cee Chutt: need any more info? you should be able to reproduce it i guess
17:00Chutt eh
17:01Chutt yeah, that's fine
17:02--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
17:02o_cee oh another thing i noticed.. isn't comflaggins supposed to start if you stop a recording as well? doesn't seem to do that
17:02billytwowilly| Chutt, that wouldn't happen to be your home address that you've put up on the mythtv website would it?
17:02Chutt why yes, it would
17:03bitbyte ut oh
17:03Chutt err, why?
17:03billytwowilly| ok, was just curious if someone hypothetically wanted to send you a donation or a letter bomb or something if it'd get to you.
17:03bitbyte be afraid
17:03billytwowilly| ;)
17:03* bitbyte covers his eyes
17:03Chutt whois
17:04Chutt would also show my address
17:04bitbyte unless you change dit
17:04Chutt same as it would for the past couple years :p
17:04bitbyte hehe
17:04* billytwowill is more paranoid than you;)
17:04bitbyte me too
17:04bitbyte way more
17:21--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Leaving")
17:22--- <<-- Feral_Kid [~Just@] has quit ("Leaving")
17:22--- ---> Feral_Kid [~Just@] has joined #mythtv
17:23--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
17:24--- ---> feral-kid [~Just@] has joined #mythtv
17:25--- <--- feral-kid [~Just@] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
17:30jams making a new osd theme if pretty fun
17:45--- <<-- meshuga [] has quit ("BitchX: made with real honey.")
18:02--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:07o_cee Chutt: would this be ok to change in programinfo.cpp?
18:07o_cee if (channame != chansign)
18:07o_cee progMap["channel"] = channame + " [" + chansign + "]";
18:07o_cee else
18:07o_cee progMap["channel"] = channame;
18:07o_cee add i mean
18:08o_cee it's just "progMap["channel"] = channame + " [" + chansign + "]";" now
18:20--- Netsplit <-> quits: Octane, paulproteus, o_cee, steelep, czn^aweh, yebyen, brtb, choenig, lmatter
18:21--- <<-- poptix [] has quit (Client Quit)
18:21--- Netsplit over, joins: lmatter, czn^aweh, o_cee, choenig, steelep, Octane, paulproteus, brtb, yebyen
18:33o_cee yeah, love those long subjects ;)
18:47kja o_cee, why don't you submit a patch and see?
18:47o_cee i did
18:47kja ah, i'm slow
18:47o_cee :)
18:48kja now i see it..
18:49kja :)
18:50kvandivo if only there was actually a patch attached
18:59o_cee oh
18:59o_cee maybe that helps too
18:59--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:00o_cee who knew
19:06--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
19:09jams any plans to include an osd section on the website?
19:09o_cee not that many osds out there
19:10jams well i have about 5, not all of them are up-to-date but they work
19:10jams by have i mean found :)
19:13o_cee sasquatch is nice
19:13jams yep very large though
19:14o_cee yeah but i have large descs
19:14o_cee long
19:20--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
19:26o_cee heh, how odd.. the same bug was reported to the mailinglist now..
19:26o_cee i bet it's someone in here taking cred for it
19:30o_cee g'nighty
19:34mikegrb have a current link for sasquatch osd?
19:38jams theme + osd
19:39jams i don't know about the theme but the osd is nice
19:43--- <<-- o_cee [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:43--- <<-- mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
19:49--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Leaving")
19:49--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
19:50--- ---> AridWork [~josh@] has joined #mythtv
19:52--- ---> fiepel [] has joined #mythtv
19:53--- ---> AridWrk [~josh@] has joined #mythtv
19:53--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:53--- <<-- fiepel [] has quit (Client Quit)
19:55--- <<-- AridWrk [~josh@] has quit (Client Quit)
19:55--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
19:58mikegrb jams: thanks
19:59--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
20:06--- <<-- pcjabber [] has quit ("Leaving...Client is exiting (XChat 2.0.7)")
20:09--- <<-- AridWork [~josh@] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:10--- <<-- AridW0rx [~josh@] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:15--- <<-- vagrant [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:24--- ---> WX [~chris@] has joined #mythtv
20:24WX anyone here know about the stretched aspect ratio that mythdvd encodes to
20:24WX ?
20:30kja can't wait till i get my second dvb card, so i can start working on virtal dvb cards without interrupting my primary backend
20:30kja _rkulagow, is the users guide coming together?
20:31--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Leaving")
20:32kja WX: guess not, tried in #mythtv-users?
20:34kja there's plenty of time before .15 will hit the shelves, yes?
20:35WX hah
20:35Mumintrollet | kja virtual dvb cards is the possibility to record on multiple channels at once ?
20:36kja yup, on the same mux =)
20:36WX no luck on #mythtv-users. anyone here use mythdvd to rip/encode via xvid?
20:36Mumintrollet | nice
20:37kja Mumintrollet: so you know, my conax cam was unable to decrypt multiple channels at the same time last i've tried, but i've seen on the vdr list that viaaccess does it..
20:37Mumintrollet | so for once i get an advantage with viaccess
20:38Mumintrollet | mux = frequency on dvb-c ?
20:38kja yup
20:38kja maybe it'll work, maybe not, just have to wait and see ?)
20:39Mumintrollet | out of curiosity will livetv and recording be possible at the same time ?
20:39kja yup, will make sure that only the channels on the mux is available tho
20:39Mumintrollet | that is a pretty cool feature
20:39kja i've ordered a matrix reloaded cam, maybe that'll do it :)
20:40Mumintrollet | i just hope i have two good channels i can use at the same time
20:40kja usually bout six channels on the same mux, so the chance is high..
20:41kja at least on dvb-s that is, dunno bout dvb-c
20:41kja ?
20:41Mumintrollet | i can check
20:42kja please do
20:42Mumintrollet | about 10-20 with a quick count
20:42kja wow, that must be low q unless bandwith per mux is very high on dvb-c
20:43Mumintrollet | 8 is the lowest i found but there are a 160 channels in total
20:44Mumintrollet | the ones i have are 10-15mbit and usually 720x576
20:45Mumintrollet | but some of the "imported" channels like cnn have lower resolutions due to ntsc coversion
20:45kja then the bandwith on dvb-c is much higher than that of dvb-s, which is pretty logical, really
20:45Mumintrollet | i will only be happy to help when you need some testing done
20:45kja yea, come from crappy satellites in the us, no point in using high q on low q channels =)
20:46kja sure, i'll remember that!
20:46Mumintrollet | the first one has three channels i subscribe to
20:46Mumintrollet | that should be enough to test :)
20:49kja i'll be hooking my second card up to 13 or 19 east, which each has around 500 channels each, 25-50% of which is free-to-air :)
20:50Mumintrollet | and how many of them are in languages you can understand ?
20:51kja don't need to understand the lang, just need to see a picture :)
20:51Mumintrollet | we are not allowed to mount any external antennas here so dvb-c is my only option
20:52kja but 160 channels should be enough for anyone, right?
20:53Mumintrollet | you can never have enough :)
20:53dja_ anyone tried the new tv_grab_na_dd script? :-)
20:54kja maybe chutt or friends, me and mumintrollet is in eu, so no need
20:55Mumintrollet | and its way past our bedtime
20:55kja blah, im just blabbering
20:55dja_ I guess I'll have to wait until a NA person chimes in :-)
20:55kja very
20:55Mumintrollet | btw is dvb subtitles something that you
20:56Mumintrollet | will implement ?
20:56--- <<-- Chutt [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:56kja i've thought about it, but at least here teletext subtitles is more used, so that is higher on the list
20:57kja and mostly i turn off subtitles if i can, so both are low pri, but should be an easy patch
20:57Mumintrollet | personally i prefer to watch it without subtitles but when there is a german movie or something like that you are screwed
20:57--- ---> Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
20:58kja that's for sure, but i dont watch much foreign language movies (mostly hollywood for me)
20:58kja some local scandinavian stuff tho =)
20:59kja why can't the germans dub their movies to english when they export, they already dub all english content to german
20:59Mumintrollet | yeah i know :)
21:00--- <<-- jams [] has quit ("Leaving")
21:08kja mdz: around?
21:18kja is the poundit any good?
21:19WX anyone here use mythdvd to encode movies?
21:19_rkulagow thor: you might have to wait on that Mac i'm supposed to get you.
21:22mdz kja: yes
21:25Chutt mdz, it's the screensaver stuff in tv_play
21:26kja have you gotten the reply to the verbose/debug on -dev yet?
21:26mdz Chutt: that's unfortunate
21:26mdz kja: I'm working through a backlog. why, is it urgent?
21:26Chutt yup
21:26kja Chutt: thought you crippled the screensaver in one commit?
21:26Chutt i did
21:26Chutt he proposed an alternate fix
21:26kja mdz: it's not
21:27_rkulagow chutt: i got a response from oreilly. is the counter on the downloads page cumulative from the first tarball of 0.0, or 0.14?
21:28kja oh, my bad, thought he was adding the ifdef's, not removing, i'm stupid,[im stupid]...
21:28mdz I wanted to try to narrow down what was actually breaking it, assuming Chutt had disabled the whole thing because he didn't track down which calls were bogus
21:28mdz but I guess he did and he still disabled the whole thing :-P
21:29kja i added some xlockdisplay+qapp lock calls in a patch, and i've not seen them, but i belive ppl are seeing them in the middle of a session, and the screensaver stuff aint active then
21:30kja made the session lock on changing from live to watching here...before the changes
21:31kja mdz: thought the debug macro would be nice for you and fellow binary package maintainers?
21:32mdz kja: yes, I did notice that later on, people were saying that they still saw the errors
21:32mdz even though the screensaver stuff is disabled
21:32mdz I'm not sure whether they were up-to-date, though
21:32kja sorry for beeing to quick on the trigger :)
21:33kja belive that Ivor fellow knows what he's doing..he reverse engineered the via cle266 driver..
21:34kja except the fact that viaslice broke for me with he's latest patch, but i'm still waiting for other's to confirm, might be something wired with my mpeg2 streams
21:37kja you for sure that the ebusy return value can be cleared within the two seconds without user invention though?
21:39Chutt rkulagow, 0.14
21:40Chutt and keep in mind that those are only source downloads, and don't count binary packages or knoppmyth, etc
21:44mdz _rkulagow: I have stats for downloads of the source and binary Debian packages from my site if they'd be useful
21:49--- ---> ofer [] has joined #mythtv
21:52thor_ is XVMC silly in general, or on VIA specifically ?
21:52Chutt silly in general
21:53thor_ ok
21:53kja via don't have xvmc, so it has to be in general =)
21:53thor_ mdz, please tell me they're around 40,000 ?
21:59Chutt dja, ?
22:00mdz thor_: more like 20,000
22:00mdz 18811
22:01mdz that's total for all versions, of course
22:01mdz 0.14 has 3709
22:02mdz 0.14-5 has 1703
22:02thor_ harumph
22:02thor_ Chutt is correct .... again .... as usual
22:03mdz about what?
22:10kvandivo you say that as though you think that there is a limit to what chutt is correct about
22:10thor_ I figured aptget and rpm installs would be an order of magnitude larger than source downloads
22:10kja everything, lovely to have such a competent individual as the guide...
22:14thor_ ha, I knew mdz didn't know anything prediction engines !
22:30thor_ CLASSIC
22:30thor_ stan has a spelling error in his script
22:30thor_ sublime
22:30thor_ many, in fact
22:30thor_ tee hee
22:34kja stan is my hero, he messes up as much as me =)
22:35kja or less than me, actually
22:36* kja needs some confidence, anyone have some for sale?
22:37thor_ now if stan set up a paypal link ...
22:38kja i would not donate a dime, however, the other suggestion that has been mentioned to many times might draw my attention
22:40kja even though i'm unemployed at the moment too, but the paypal link would not work for myself...hehe, at least i'm aware of the fact (probably have stated it too many times, so i'll shut up for a while:)
22:41kja thor_: how is the mfdclient lib comming along? done any changed since your last commit?
22:41kja s/changed/changes/
22:42kja couldn't resist, blah, rambling again
22:43--- <<-- Octane [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:44kja sound bout right
22:45* kja misses his in repair 28" widescreen 100hz tv
22:45--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
22:51kja hmm, your unemployment rate is bout 6%, here it's like 12%, but i live in a _kinda_ smaller country...
22:53kja mdz: thanks for helping a lost individual!!
22:58--- <<-- ofer [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:05kja developers, please just ignore any post or statement i make, as i clearly am too stupid (a known fact)!
23:05kja developers, please just ignore any post or statement i make, as i clearly am too stupid (a known fact)!
23:05kja i join the #mythtv-users group, and see if i can learn anything there...
23:05kja i join the #mythtv-users group, and see if i can learn anything there...
23:05--- <--- kja [] has left #mythtv ()
23:08--- <<-- Feral_Kid [~Just@] has quit ("Leaving")
23:14thor_ kja, yes ... lots ... later tonight
23:15* thor_ should read first
23:16knight- uhm
23:16knight- wtf
23:21--- <<-- moegreen [] has quit ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
23:34--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:36--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
23:55--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:55--- ---> cmorgan_ [] has joined #mythtv
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