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00:01bishop anyone tried to install myth on mandrake 10? i was wondering how much of the v41/alsa stuff is in the default kernel
00:01bishop and it uses 2.6
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00:17thor_ joint #mythtv-users
00:17thor_ heh
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00:50Chutt i should do stuff
00:50Chutt but, i think laziness will win out tonight
00:51thor_ heh
00:51thor_ more navel gazing
00:52Chutt too many books just got published that i want to read
00:52thor_ read
00:52Chutt that's what i'm doing =)
00:52thor_ heh
00:52thor_ so I should probably shut up then
00:52Chutt eh
00:52thor_ nm
00:52Chutt heh
00:53Chutt how's the client lib coming?
00:53thor_ deltas are done
00:53thor_ so I think I want the lib to build the tree
00:53Chutt how well do you think it will handle mass amounts of metadata?
00:53Chutt for those fun people that have too many stolen music files? =)
00:54thor_ mass as in LAN, or mass as in thousands
00:54Chutt thousands
00:54thor_ does ~2000 files in under 2 seconds with one machine fairly slow
00:54Chutt cool.
00:54thor_ well, the daap stuff does
00:55thor_ the mfd <--> client is a bit slower at the moment
00:55thor_ (need to figure out why)
00:55thor_ plus they come in chunks
00:55Chutt if you're using lists
00:55Chutt remember that big optimization in the frontend was to not use ::at()
00:56thor_ hmmm, well, I've tried to use a lot of QIntDict's
00:56Chutt well, for the initial data transfer
00:56thor_ right
00:56thor_ well, first get it out to a full proof of concept, then figure out how to make it faster
00:56Chutt yeah
00:57thor_ but once all the mfd's and clients are up to speed, deltas are way fast
00:58Chutt yeah, sounds cool.
00:58thor_ move something around in iTunes, and boom, it's there on all mfd's and all clients
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00:58Chutt oh, thought of something earlier
00:58Chutt does your data transfer code handle > 2GB files?
00:59thor_ should do
00:59Chutt since you've mostly been doing music stuff, i was worried that that might have accidently gotten overlooked =)
01:00thor_ well, there may well be in an int somewhere that turns out to be too small, but nothing more brain dead than that
01:00Chutt ok
01:00Chutt cool.
01:02Chutt i think my main myth box got a lot louder recently
01:02Chutt else i'm just more annoyed by it
01:03thor_ little fur in a fan bearing somewhere
01:04Chutt something like that
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02:12o_cee must have missed some action tonight
02:14thor_ <Chutt> but, i think laziness will win out tonight
02:14thor_ that was the highlight
02:17o_cee sounds intresting, heh
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02:19o_cee who the heck is eric moors?
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02:20thor_ no idea
02:20o_cee heh
02:20thor_ but I occassionaly forget my wife's name
02:20o_cee haha
02:20o_cee pain in the ass when that happens
02:27thor_ hmmmm seems that removing elements from a QValueVector is very slow ... that would explain what's gong on
02:30o_cee back to get some more breakfast
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02:30thor_ I think I'm going to bed
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05:36o_cee the talk about having the ip in the frontend made me thing that i could put it on the backend status page..... it's always nice beeing able to amuse yourself :)
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10:33dja thor_: you around?
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10:48djsignal re
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12:51thor_ dja, I am now
12:53o_cee <-- haha
12:55Chutt heh
13:02dja you still here thor? :-)
13:02thor_ yup
13:02dja I just got "Please send bug report - no VTS_TMAPT ??" -- should I care? :-)
13:03Chutt dja, have you used that dd grabber?
13:03thor_ weird DVD, or scratch ?
13:03thor_ it's probably libdvdread complaining
13:03dja I played with it last night, but I didn't try to load it into the myth db (didn't have enough time in case it broke and I had to put the old one back :-)
13:03dja it may be scratched (it's at home, I'm doing this via vnc :-)
13:03Chutt the channel ids will be different
13:04Chutt so they're not interchangeable
13:04thor_ dja, I'd try it again on a different drive and/or after a cleaning
13:04dja ahh
13:04dja thor_: ok - thanks. :-)
13:04thor_ yup
13:05dja Chutt: yeah, I was also wondering how it would deal with 2 lineups (I was figuring worst case is I register a second user and split them that way :-)
13:05Chutt you can have up to 4 lineups registered to one account, i think
13:06thor_ Chutt, is the very concept of XVMC flawed, or just some implementation detail ?
13:06Chutt i think the api is pretty crappy
13:06Chutt it's a decent idea
13:06thor_ ok
13:10Chutt blah
13:11Chutt stupid headhunters that want references
13:17thor_ heh, if it would be of any use ...
13:18Chutt you want to be one if needed? =)
13:18thor_ sure
13:18Chutt i probably should have a mythtv-related reference
13:19Chutt if it comes up, i'll let you know =)
13:19thor_ k
13:27o_cee awh crap now a string changed.. will fix that later..
13:30Chutt yeah
13:30Chutt sorry, i've been not applying patches
13:30Chutt including your translation patch
13:30o_cee no problem, i know you've been busy
13:33* kvandivo passes on a snide remark.
13:34Chutt heh
13:34Chutt hey, it takes quite a lot of time to sit around and do nothing much
13:34* kvandivo throws back his head and cackles with insane glee.
13:35Chutt i'm actually doing a little bit of work for my old employer right now
13:35Chutt so, i am busy :p
13:51dja Chutt: sorry, had to run and help someone (sometimes that work thing can be a pain :-)...yes, you can have up to 4 lineups, just wondering how the grabber handles it (seeing as how each lineup had to have a seperate config file with the old grabber).
13:51Chutt well, i think they're kinda mixed together in the xml that it downloads
13:52dja they seem to be, I guess the best way to find out is to just try and run mythfilldatabase :-)
13:52Chutt so it'd be up to the parsing program to separate them out
13:52Chutt i doubt mythfilldatabase will do that right
13:52dja that was my fear. :-)
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13:55BizTy I've tried to install mythtv with apt-get, but when the computer starts it say something like: mythtv backend: starting server..Qsettings:error creating / .qt what does it mean, and how do I fix it?
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13:56Chutt BizTy, see the topic, please
13:56BizTy ohh, sorry
13:57dja Chutt: did you see my crash posting -- is the bt of any value? :-)
13:59Chutt when was it?
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14:00dja yesterday evening
14:00kvandivo ?
14:00Chutt oh, yeah
14:00dja kvandivo: thanks :-)
14:00Chutt i didn't really look at it
14:00Chutt how easy can you reproduce it?
14:01dja it seems to depend on if I'm trying to debug it through gdb...:-) It took me several minutes of bringing up the OSD before it crashed.
14:02dja unfortunately with FC1, I can only run one program before it crashes (i.e., if I startup mythtv and escape and then try to start up anything else, it crashes)
14:03dja I mean that within gdb, if I view live tv, exit and go back to view live tv, it crashes.
14:03Chutt ydestwidth = -2880
14:03Chutt is the problem, i think
14:05Chutt what osd theme are you using?
14:05dja btw, this has been occurring for the last couple of weeks. it was pretty solid throughout January. :-). (one sec, I'll check which osd)
14:05Chutt it's the new mmx osd code
14:06dja visorosd (remote vnc through a cable modem isn't the fastest...:-)
14:07Chutt could you email me that osd off list?
14:07dja sure
14:07Chutt i don't believe i have a copy handy
14:08Itisme :)
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14:09dja sent it to the cwru address, is that correct?
14:09Chutt yup
14:10Chutt ah well
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14:10Chutt i just passed the buck to andrew mahone, who did the mmx stuff
14:10Chutt sent him an email off list =)
14:10dja y:-)
14:10dja s/y//
14:10dja does he hang out on here?
14:11Chutt not that i know of
14:11dja shucks...
14:13Chutt does that osd move upwards when it stops displaying?
14:13Chutt so that it's off the top of the screen?
14:14dja you mean when it crashes?
14:14dja never mind, I know what you mean...having to think about it, not sure...:-)
14:14Chutt i think that's causing it
14:14Chutt the mmx code isn't protected against that at all, it looks like
14:15dja ok, so if I switched to another osd for now, it would probably take care of it. :-)
14:15dja I'm pretty sure it slides to the nearest edge when it stops.
14:18Chutt ah, and i think i see how to fix it
14:18dja cool
14:18Chutt but i want to hear back from andrew, first
14:18Chutt since i may be off
14:19dja np, thanks.
14:26Chutt my network connection seems to be rather crappy today
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14:36Chutt heh
14:37Chutt 'ATI Developer Relations'
14:37Chutt asking me to connect them with the head of the mythtv development team
14:37thor_ think you can track him down?
14:38thor_ "team"
14:38thor_ heh
14:38thor_ I love that kind of thing
14:38kvandivo tell them you'll do some head hunting for them if they make it worth your time
14:39Chutt It would be great if you could get me in contact with the head of the project to discuss an alliance, where we can work together to make your application function with our multimedia hardware and reduce support calls.
14:39thor_ LOL
14:39thor_ you gotta love the consumer
14:40Chutt i've gotten many more random 'help me with mythtv' emails in the past few days
14:40Chutt oh well
14:40Chutt including one guy that wants me to tell him what parts to buy
14:41Chutt and then ship them to me for assembly + software installation
14:41kvandivo dude
14:41thor_ do I need PC2100 ram?
14:41kvandivo only on thursdays.
14:41Racer do i need a TV Card?
14:41thor_ what if my motherboard only has an AGP 2 port, will that work?
14:42thor_ I have some Phillips screws and some slot ones, is that ok?
14:42Racer so how about a TV-Out?
14:42Chutt blah
14:42Chutt why's it not dinner time yet
14:42Chutt i'm hungry
14:43thor_ eat when you're hungry, sleep when you're tired
14:43Chutt we're out of food =)
14:43Chutt it's grocery night tonight
14:43thor_ ah
14:43Racer so its not dinner time!
14:43thor_ god I miss Kozmo
14:44Racer coffee time for me, an a smoke!
14:45thor_ mmmm coffee
14:45* Racer is away!
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15:05o_cee how do i reset a manual override? i canceled a recording by mistake and now it won't let me restart it
15:05Chutt dunno if you can for in progress stuff
15:05o_cee doh :/
15:06o_cee all scheduling got screwed today
15:07o_cee Encoder 2 is local on dragon and is not recording. <-- and i can't even start recording, heh. dammit
15:08o_cee can't even start a manual recording
15:12mdz I noticed that as well; it used to be possible to restart a recording by toggling it
15:13mdz but now you can't toggle it; it displays a status screen rather than the recording option screen
15:14o_cee yeah
15:14o_cee managed to get it running by restarting the backend tho
15:15o_cee but it's still all fucked up.
15:15Chutt you can hit i to go back to the recording option screen
15:15Chutt instead of the status screen
15:15o_cee will try to see what happened later, haven't got time now
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15:29WX2 anyone here use MythDVD to rip/encode xvids?
15:30thor_ theoretically
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15:31WX2 hah yeah
15:31WX2 there's a bug with it
15:31WX2 vertically stretches the picture
15:32thor_ you can determine precisely what the resolution of the re-encoded file will be, and you can also tell mplayer (or any other player) exactly what aspect ratio to use
15:33WX2 how?
15:33thor_ read README, man mplayer
15:34WX2 k
15:34thor_ also read README-database
15:35WX2 VIDEO: [XVID] 720x480 24bpp 23.976 fps 1795.4 kbps (219.2 kbyte/s)
15:37WX2 but shouldn't it be set the right way by default?
15:38thor_ what is set incorrectly ?
15:38WX2 the default aspect ratio
15:38WX2 shouldn't it play to the proper aspect by default?
15:39thor_ possibly, but I didn't write mplayer
15:40WX2 mplayer plays the xvid in it's natural resolution... the one it was encoded with
15:40thor_ note that 720x480 is precisely the native resolution of the vast majority of NTSC DVD's
15:40WX2 gotcha
15:40WX2 maybe a way to change/preview?
15:41WX2 implemented in a future version?
15:41Chutt sure, submit a patch.
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15:41WX2 hah i'll look into it
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16:01Chutt Mainly, I'd say the best way to assist would be to release better drivers for Linux. Driver support is the main reason for users of MythTV to not use ATI products.
16:01Chutt tee-hee
16:01Chutt the guy wanted to know what of their products work with mythtv
16:03thor_ you'll probably get back some confused e-mail about how an HTPC requires a special version of XP
16:03Chutt i'm really curious if the guy realized that this was a linux app
16:04thor_ if he's in (customer) support, he's probably looking up Linux in the binder
16:05Chutt developer relations
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16:05thor_ probably invite you to a training session on integrating ATI drivers with DirectX applications
16:05thor_ :-)
16:06Chutt heh
16:06Chutt i got a call from some guy who said he was talking with his lawyer about how to sponsor an open source project but not be liable for what's produced
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16:07thor_ but there's an outside chance you could morph this into a, "well it just so happens I know of a consulting company that can help hardware manufacturers make their products work with Myth"
16:07Chutt heh
16:08thor_ and, from what I understand, they have quite reasonable rates and tend to not abuse the travel stuff
16:08Chutt very reasonable rates
16:08thor_ low overhead
16:10thor_ give him a simple proposition, "this 'mythical' company can make your support problems go away for $x"
16:11thor_ you will recoup 1 million times $x in Linux goodwill and free publicity
16:11thor_ blah, blah, blah
16:12Chutt heh
16:13Chutt well, we'll see how he responds to my big list of 'none of your hardware works'
16:16thor_ and include a link to all the anti-ATI sentiment like this:
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17:59kvandivo bruce burned some typing calories on that response...
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18:15kvandivo when annotating playbackbox.cpp..
18:15kvandivo it shows ijr rev 1.85 as being responsible for lines 1375 through 1381
18:16kvandivo but when you click on rev 1.85 it doesn't show those lines as being changed
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20:50thor_ stan, baby ... top form once again
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21:31asdfm5 #mythtv-users
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22:41cmorgan arg, preview cpu usage problems again?
22:43davatar I don't think so.. mine is off.. I only have problems during playback
22:44cmorgan i though the preview stuff was fine...
22:45davatar yeah, I dunno.. I'll get a chance to do some testing this weekend.. but for now I have plenty of cpu power so....
22:45cmorgan yeah
22:46cmorgan i keep watching the mailing list ;-)
23:02* kvandivo rubs his hands viciously and continues reading -dev mail.
23:02thor_ heh
23:03kvandivo aww.. the final paragraph is disappointing, assuming it is true. we'll see
23:04thor_ heh
23:04thor_ this conversation is _not_ over
23:04kvandivo :)
23:04cmorgan if he sent in code he'd have more of a leg to stand on
23:04thor_ code talks
23:05cmorgan i mean you can't be mean to users with feature requests
23:05kvandivo well, he's wanting to plan it a bit before blindly writing code, so i'll give him a bit of credit for that
23:05cmorgan but at the same time they have to be realistic when you tell them that you simply don't ahve time or interest
23:06cmorgan his request seems sane enough
23:06thor_ heh, he spoke his piece, but it's all moot unless he writes some code
23:07cmorgan and brad allen keeps posting on ivtv-devel ;-)
23:07thor_ heh
23:07thor_ the insane guy ?
23:07cmorgan yep
23:07cmorgan he has a lot to say
23:07thor_ as long as we don't loose stan
23:08cmorgan stan?
23:15_rkulagow thor: did you see my disappointing news on the "mac-for-thor" front?
23:16_rkulagow (in IRC, like yesterday?)
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23:49thor_ _rulagow, no ... what was it ?
23:50_rkulagow o'reilly won't do a book unless they think they can sell 10k books.
23:51thor_ sensible lower band for traditional publishing, they don't think it'll sell that many?
23:51_rkulagow they had a tivo hacks book which sold 14k, on known Tivo sales of 700k.
23:52thor_ so did they say, "no", or did they say "convince us it will sell 10K copies"
23:53_rkulagow we'd need 200K mythTV users with a 5% "take" to get 10K in sales.
23:53thor_ hmm
23:53_rkulagow it wasn't a "no", it was a "prove that there's an audience sufficiently large enough to go through the effort"
23:53_rkulagow so, can i put you down for 5000?
23:53thor_ sure
23:54thor_ sign me up
23:54thor_ well, just have to write enough good code to push the user base
23:55thor_ :-)
23:56thor_ although I don't think their logic is quite right ... put a MythKnoppix in the back of the book and you wouldn't be looking for a % of the installed base
23:57_rkulagow i haven't heard back from axel, but tarballs and debs are about 27k downloads now.
23:58_rkulagow that's only like half of the 200k users i'd need to show for them to get interested.
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