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00:01thor_ well, afaik, Hacking Tivo did not have a TV included
00:01thor_ err, a TIVO
00:01_rkulagow or a tivo
00:01_rkulagow great minds think alike.
00:01thor_ and poor ones ... nm
00:02_rkulagow well, i'm on a 6 week contract now, so that will boost the cash reserves. how many mythtv development-type people are unemployed, anyways?
00:03thor_ probably depends on how you define "unemployed"
00:03_rkulagow "a hand-job is still a job."
00:03thor_ heh
00:04_rkulagow got that from reno 911, quite an amusing show.
00:04thor_ anyway, I'd push back on their logic, and then let it sit for a month or two
00:05thor_ (there's the oustide chance that the mfd stuff will prove useful, and that could seriously drive numbers)
00:05_rkulagow true.
00:06thor_ catchy slashdot headlines ... Rendezvous! iTunes integration! Seemless interconnectivity!
00:06thor_ heh, who knows
00:07_rkulagow all courtesy of thor sigvaldsensonson.
00:08* thor_ goes back to writing code
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00:29Sir-Al can't seem to find any other docs on the myth protocol
00:29Sir-Al kinda hard to help winmyth
00:30_rkulagow other than the source code, there aren't any.
00:30ofer Sir-Al, i wrote a little bit of stuff about the protocol
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00:31Sir-Al ya, that's all i could find
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00:45RageMax does anyone have experience with this hardware?
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02:48thor_ Chutt, you up?
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03:09thor_ Chutt, if you catch this on scrollback, is an insanely hacked up myth client that will work with mfd cvs of a few minutes ago
03:10thor_ see the README for stoping audio playing and cycling between available mfd's
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05:39thor_ Chutt, you'll need to do a make install, then a "mythfronted mfe"
05:39thor_ (not sure when the mythfrontend code stopped looking in the current directory)
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06:58o_c lalala
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09:44o_cee kvandivo: that strange annotate thing with playbackbox.. it apperas if you check 1.38.. question is wich one is right
09:45kvandivo interesting
09:45o_cee hmm, line numbers seems odd tho
09:46kvandivo i think the problem is that 'annotate' is borked. i don't think it can properly handle revs on top of revs
09:46kvandivo but that's just my guess
09:46o_cee one of them is broke :)
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11:59Chutt why're you all talking about playbackbox?
12:01mdz Chutt: people still seem to be seeing those X errors with the screensaver code disabled
12:01Chutt yeah, it's something else as well
12:01mdz hmm
12:01Chutt but those were certainly part of it
12:01Chutt can't do X/Qt GUI stuff in random threads
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12:11mdz Chutt: not even if it holds a lock?
12:11Chutt depends, really
12:11mdz XLockDisplay or whatever
12:11Chutt lot of times, a lock will work fine
12:11Chutt qApp->lock()/unlock() should do it
12:12mdz is that how you think the screensaver code should work? or should it run in its own thread also?
12:13Chutt well
12:13Chutt what's really gained by the screensaver code in the tv playback module?
12:13mdz not burning in my TV when someone leaves it paused
12:13Chutt ah
12:13Chutt true
12:13Chutt well
12:13Chutt two ways to go about it
12:13mdz that's the only time it's enabled during playback, or should be
12:13Chutt set up an event handler in the context
12:14Chutt and use Qt events to tell it to do the screensaver stuff
12:14Chutt instead of direct function calls
12:14Chutt would be cleanest
12:14Chutt or, trying to just lock it
12:14mdz it would still need to lock if it were done as events, right?
12:14mdz or does it do that already?
12:15Chutt events are done in the main event loop
12:15Chutt already locked
12:15mdz hmm
12:15Chutt same thread as the other gui stuff, so none of that async reply crap is possible
12:15mdz I couldn't get it to break though
12:15Chutt much more likely to happen on people with smp systems, if you don't have one
12:15mdz so I'm not sure how to test it
12:16Chutt the event stuff _will_ fix it properly
12:16Chutt so i'd prefer that
12:16Chutt adding qApp->lock/unlock around it may fix it, so..
12:17Chutt "If the thought of working here amoung our world-class talent in a commited open source company appeals to you, I'd love to talk."
12:17Chutt whee
12:20mdz among
12:20mdz not to look a gift horse in the mouth
12:20Chutt heh
12:23Chutt almost 2300 people have downloaded my resume from the mythtv website
12:23Chutt which, sadly enough, is more people than have downloaded the most recent release of mythnews
12:24kvandivo i happened to be talking about playbackbox.cpp because of the usleep() comment from yesterday, but my actual comment was about what appears to be a bug in viewcvs
12:24Chutt kvandivo, ah
12:25Chutt someone with a patched kernel didn't like the usleep(50) in there?
12:28kvandivo umm.. they didn't mention a patched kernel.. they said that they changed to it to a higher number and their cpu load dropped during playback
12:28Chutt only a patched kernel would treat usleep(50) any differently than usleep(10000)
12:29kvandivo neil whelchel.. high cpu thread..
12:29Chutt i just bumped it up in cvs, anyway
12:30Chutt maybe i'll get to doing mythtv stuff today =)
12:30* kvandivo grins evily.
12:31mdz I believe the 2.6 scheduler could behave differently
12:31mdz which doesn't really qualify as patched
12:31Chutt ah, true
12:31Chutt i keep forgetting that 2.6 is out now
12:32kvandivo if anyone out there is dying to spend some cash, has the BenQ 6100 projector right now for $860. Very reasonable projector (better ratings than the infocus X1) for only $860..
12:32mdz I don't see how the usleeps in playbackbox could affect long-term CPU usage
12:32Chutt only 800x600, i'd imagine?
12:32kvandivo yep
12:32mdz the only two I see are one-time things
12:32Chutt eh
12:32mdz when playback starts and stops
12:32Chutt mdz, second one's executed during playback
12:32Chutt while (tv->GetState() != kState_None)
12:33Chutt tv->Playback returns immediately
12:33mdz but that's immediately after: state = kKilling; // stop preview playback and don't restart it
12:33mdz doesn't that cause the state to go to None when it dies?
12:33Chutt that's the preview
12:33mdz ahh
12:33mdz different playback
12:33Chutt yup
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13:46thor_ Chutt, you get a chance to look at that client thing ?
13:46Chutt not yet
13:46Chutt will soon
13:46thor_ k
13:46Chutt trying to compose emails
13:46thor_ heh
13:46Chutt taking long time
13:52* o_cee jumps up and down.
13:53Chutt mdz, i replied to those c't guys already
13:53Chutt sorry, didn't cc you =)
13:53mdz Chutt: exactly
13:53mdz I'm still trying to catch up on my mail
13:53mdz after being away for 4 days
13:54o_cee mdz: welcome back.
13:54mdz o_cee: you didn't even notice I was gone. No postcard for you. :-P
13:54o_cee hehehe
13:55o_cee where've you been?
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14:02mdz san francisco
14:02mdz not far
14:04o_cee it's far from here..
14:04o_cee in a galaxy, faar far away
14:06mdz same galaxy
14:06mdz same planet even
14:06mdz unless there's something you aren't telling
14:06dja uh oh, o_cee, you're secret is out
14:07dja s/you're/your/
14:07o_cee damn
14:08Chutt blah
14:08Chutt blah blah blah
14:08o_cee yeah i think so too
14:08o_cee if you want lots of blahblah goto #mythtv-users.. sheesh
14:08thor_ and, more precisely, _blah_
14:09kvandivo i've yet to darken the doors of #mythtv-users
14:10Chutt it's difficult to ask a place you think you might want to work for about if they'd consider telecommuting
14:11o_cee Chutt: you got any todo list or something? what do you think of a closed bugtracker for devs and special chosen ones? just to be able to keep track of things?
14:11o_cee working at home sure sound sweet
14:11Chutt don't like that idea
14:11kvandivo don't word it so directly.. will relocation be necessary, or is telecommuting a possibility?
14:11thor_ "What's your policy on telecommuting?"
14:12Chutt it's less the 'working at home' part than the 'not being able to afford a house' part
14:12thor_ San Francisco?
14:12Chutt this one's boston
14:12kvandivo about as bad
14:12thor_ ah, well, at least the big dig is mostly over
14:13kvandivo thor: ever the optimist
14:13Chutt i _really_ don't want to have to rent something again
14:13kvandivo amen
14:13thor_ and there are lots of people who work in Boston (well northern edge) and live up as far as New Hampshire
14:14kvandivo once you've owned, the thought of going back to throwing your money away just leaves a bad taste in one's mouth
14:14o_cee Chutt: m'kay, guess i'll keep a list of my own to remember stuff
14:14kvandivo plans.txt, o_cee. that's what you want to name your file
14:15o_cee kvandivo: right, thanks..
14:16Chutt more companies should be open to telecommuting
14:16Chutt especially for programming type stuff
14:16Chutt it's gotta be cheaper for them
14:17o_cee do(did) you ever have real meetings with the people you work(ed) with?
14:17Chutt yeah
14:17o_cee thought so :)
14:18kvandivo i think that lots of companies are afraid that they won't get the caliber of worker that can actually be trusted to telecommute
14:18Chutt sure
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14:19o_cee do like homer
14:20thor_ hmmmm donoughts
14:20kvandivo the author?
14:21o_cee Mr. Homer Simpson.. he ate until he weighted like 200kg, then he was allowed to have his desk with all the buttons at home
14:21o_cee :)
14:23Chutt heh
14:23o_cee that's what he looks like
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14:25o_cee Chutt: you know why kenneth did like he did?
14:25Chutt nope
14:26o_cee odd fella
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14:28Racer since when does compiling mythfrontend taking so long especially this one:
14:28Racer g++ -c -pipe -Wall -W -O3 -march=pentiumpro -fomit-frame-pointer -D_REENTRANT -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -DPREFIX=\"/usr/local\" -DMMX -DUSING_IVTV -DQT_NO_DEBUG -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -I/usr/lib/qt-3.2/mkspecs/default -I. -I../../libs/libmythtv -I../../libs -I../../libs/libmyth -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/lib/qt-3.2/include -o globalsettings.o globalsettings.cpp
14:28kvandivo since forever
14:28o_cee always been like that
14:29o_cee Chutt: i think it was because he didn't get cvs access :)
14:29Chutt possibly
14:29Chutt hrm
14:30Racer ?? allways, thought it was much quicker in the past, ok thnx!
14:30Chutt i could afford a nice place in boise, id
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14:30Chutt that was the first company that contacted me
14:30o_cee where's that?
14:30--- <<-- Teflon- [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:30Chutt way far away from where i live now
14:30kvandivo close to sun valley!
14:30o_cee need to find a map
14:31Chutt and the company looked decent
14:31kvandivo only got to go skiing for a single day this year, at a little place in indiana..
14:31kvandivo not enough time on the slopes.. :)(
14:33thor_ the season isn't over
14:33kvandivo it is for me
14:33thor_ heh
14:34thor_ I'm going to be up in Tremblant in two weeks
14:35kvandivo some wicked looking slopes...
14:35thor_ it's crappy skiing (good for the east, but still crap)
14:36kvandivo well, when the top of the hill is only at 2800 feet you can't expect too much
14:36kvandivo 700 foot vertical.. maybe they aren't as wicked as they look on the map
14:36kvandivo actually, i could probably do those.. mind if i tag along?
14:37thor_ heh
14:37thor_ we have a little place up there
14:37kvandivo at the indiana place i was skiing everything, including the double blacks.. however, in colorado (where i usually go) i don't touch anything beyond a blue
14:37Chutt hrmph
14:37Chutt no telecommuting
14:37kvandivo dang
14:37thor_ I should probably give away free weekends as myth code bounties
14:37thor_ hmm
14:38thor_ not very emlightened
14:38Chutt i dunno
14:38thor_ enlightened, even
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14:49Chutt the ATI guy never wrote me back
14:53mdz he didn't respond to your "none of your products work with Linux"?
14:53thor_ couldn.t find "Linux" in the binder
14:54Chutt mdz, nope, he did not
14:54[davatar] ATI will probably make you sign an NDA, which the gatos guys had to do. How that works with writing GPL'd code, whoknows..
14:55Chutt he was just asking what my experiences were with ATI hardware + mythtv, and what he could do to help
14:55Chutt so i made a big list of their product lines that don't work =)
14:55thor_ heh
14:55Chutt i did mention the tv wonder and tv wonder ve as working though
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15:33thor_ o_cee, you around
15:45o_cee yesch
15:45o_cee eating m\xF6venpick
15:46thor_ have a hacked up mfd client that is giving Racer problems, you want to try it ?
15:46o_cee sure
15:49o_cee i need to update mfd as well right?
15:49thor_ yup
15:49o_cee hmm can't compile it
15:51o_cee to lazy to read
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16:00o_cee building mfe now
16:00thor_ k
16:00o_cee couple of warnings..
16:00thor_ yup
16:01o_cee but it's done
16:01thor_ make install, mythfrontend mfe
16:01o_cee already loading :)
16:01o_cee oh maybe start mfd as well
16:02thor_ would help
16:02thor_ :-)
16:02o_cee Unable to run plugin 'mfe': not initialized
16:02o_cee Segmentation fault
16:02o_cee wth
16:02o_cee /usr/local/lib/mythtv/plugins/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
16:03thor_ heh
16:03thor_ maybe an ldconfig
16:03o_cee hold on
16:04o_cee ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not a symbolic link <-- it's been complaining about that for a while, haven't had time to bother :)
16:04o_cee uhm, odd
16:05o_cee got the same message but now it started up
16:05o_cee and seems to load data
16:05thor_ Unable to run plugin 'mfe': not initialized
16:05o_cee yeah
16:05thor_ doesn't mean anything
16:05o_cee ok
16:05o_cee :)
16:05thor_ you got mfd and tree ?
16:06o_cee somewhat
16:06thor_ (tree is probably a mess)
16:06o_cee can't go down
16:06thor_ but is it there ?
16:06o_cee yeah, a little at least
16:06o_cee still loading in all data
16:06o_cee mfd
16:06thor_ ah, yeah, it'll keep redrawing the tree on you
16:06o_cee yeah
16:07o_cee it'll soon be done
16:07thor_ so you keep going back to the same place
16:08o_cee still haven't setteled down
16:08thor_ just hit enter
16:08thor_ (2 to stop)
16:08o_cee can't actually hear it
16:08thor_ hmmm
16:08thor_ seconds going by?
16:08o_cee yeah
16:08o_cee i mean i'm not in the living room with the speakers
16:09thor_ ah
16:09o_cee container 1 item 2
16:09thor_ good good
16:09thor_ now, you got another mythbox you can out mfd on?
16:09thor_ put
16:09o_cee not really :/
16:09thor_ oh
16:09o_cee i could proxy to you
16:09thor_ well, no need for the 1 key
16:10o_cee 2 worked ok
16:10o_cee seemed to stop
16:10thor_ iTunes up and running ?
16:10o_cee in a sec
16:11thor_ (more tree redrawing)
16:11o_cee Collection number 2 has name of "Oscar" and 12 items
16:11Chutt thor, hey, i'm recompiling now..
16:11Chutt so i'll be able to try it soon
16:11Racer damn he's got a tree :(
16:11thor_ cool
16:11Racer go to sleep, next try tomorrow! :)
16:12thor_ heh
16:12Racer heh
16:12--- ---> X-trem3 [X-trem3@] has joined #mythtv
16:12thor_ o_cee, good
16:12Racer GL guys, mfd is gonna be it!!!!!
16:12o_cee thor_: yeah.. still waiting for mfd to get the hell ready with its building
16:13thor_ heh
16:13o_cee Collection number 1 has name of "Local Audio Content" and 5699 items
16:13o_cee c'mon dammit
16:13thor_ how many do you have ?
16:13o_cee dunno
16:13o_cee lemme check.. hmm
16:14o_cee itunes is listing some entries without names/artists
16:14o_cee lemme hear what it si
16:14X-trem3 big channel, the one in tha topic...
16:14o_cee plays ok
16:14o_cee X-trem3: yeah it is
16:14o_cee it's probably your stupid mirc that's fucking things up
16:15o_cee ah yeah you're using mirc
16:15o_cee get a real client
16:15o_cee thor_: it's playing allright at least, but no data..
16:15thor_ "data" ?
16:15o_cee seems to have stopped now
16:15o_cee id3 info
16:15o_cee Collection number 1 has name of "Local Audio Content" and 5926 items
16:16o_cee can't go any further down than i can see in mfe
16:16thor_ left
16:16thor_ ?
16:16o_cee left does rewind
16:16--- <<-- Octane [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:16o_cee heh
16:16X-trem3 it's better than xawtv?
16:17thor_ sorry, left in mfe
16:17o_cee thor_: rewind
16:17thor_ hmm, well, however you normally navigate a tree
16:17o_cee heh
16:18o_cee mythmusic has been that for a while
16:18thor_ should be mythmusic bindings
16:18o_cee since chutt changed the keybindings :)
16:18o_cee yeah
16:18o_cee i know. i'll fix it
16:18Chutt thor, does the client lib not build itself?
16:18thor_ should do
16:18Chutt didn't here
16:19--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
16:19thor_ I probably screwed something up in the .pro
16:19thor_ heh, yup
16:19o_cee thor_: should i remove RWND as keybinding?
16:20o_cee i'll do that
16:20thor_ I dunno ... depends on your remote and all that
16:20Chutt it's sitting here 'looking for MFDs'
16:20Chutt and thrashing my drive occasionally
16:20thor_ heh
16:20thor_ mfd running somewhere
16:20o_cee yeah, but normaly i use left/right/up/down for navigation, so i guess left/right isn't good to have as rewind/forward :)
16:20Chutt yeah, but it was sitting there for a long time
16:21thor_ and does it say mfd #1 in the track info area ?
16:21Chutt yup
16:21thor_ but no tree yet
16:21thor_ ?
16:21Chutt still no tree
16:21thor_ hmmm, like Racer
16:21thor_ something stupid in there (hacked together client)
16:21o_cee i got my tree now
16:22o_cee took a couple of seconds
16:22--- <<-- Octane [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:22thor_ Chutt, anything on the mfe controlling terminal?
16:22o_cee oh thor, nice with the tree :)
16:22o_cee not sorted tho :)
16:22thor_ nope
16:22--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
16:23thor_ vague thoughts about mythgallery like interface
16:23o_cee what did you say about "1"?
16:23Chutt thor, just a warning about a mutex unlock
16:23Chutt i'll debug it later
16:23thor_ 1 is for cycling through mfds
16:23o_cee itunes included?
16:23thor_ which is really the whole point of the experiment
16:23thor_ iTunes no
16:23thor_ you can't make iTunes play remotely
16:23o_cee then i need to proxy you, or something
16:23thor_ yeah
16:24thor_ but let's leave it for tomorrow, I have some "work" work I need to get to
16:24o_cee okidoki
16:24o_cee at least it runs here
16:24thor_ that client has all of about an hours work in it
16:25thor_ so it's a miracle it runs anywhere
16:25o_cee metadataclient.o: built new metadata tree in 3.799 second(s)
16:25o_cee :)
16:28--- <<-- Octane [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:29--- <<-- AridWork [] has quit ("Leaving")
16:34--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
16:37o_cee Chutt: what do you think about addind a recording menu to "r" instead of the current behaviour? using the new osd menu that is
16:37Chutt sure
16:37Chutt that'd work
16:38o_cee didn't know about the current behaviour that david said
16:39o_cee could get very confusing
16:46thor_ ah, Chutt, clientlib did not build .... did you just do qmake, make, or configure first ?
16:46o_cee configure?:)
16:47Chutt qmake/make
16:47thor_ right
16:47thor_ ok
16:48Chutt lemme try again, then :p
16:54Chutt thor, rebuilt
16:54Chutt with running configure this time
16:54Chutt no change, really
16:54Chutt still just sits there
16:54thor_ bah
16:55o_cee odd that it's working here
16:55thor_ I'm doing something stupid somewhere, I'll figure it out
16:55o_cee yeah but still
16:56o_cee gcc thing? nah
16:56thor_ could be a lib flag or something
16:59Chutt the buttons react on screen when i hit em, so it's not deadlocked
17:00thor_ no action on the mfd log
17:00Chutt nope
17:00Chutt unless there's a separate log file that i'm not seeing
17:00thor_ no, controlling window
17:00thor_ but should be started with -l 10
17:00kvandivo it's in the /dev/null log
17:01Chutt is it really talking to itself constantly?
17:01thor_ eh?
17:01Chutt ah, just while it loads
17:01Chutt i see
17:02Chutt a lot of daap client plugin sent daap request '/update
17:02Chutt and server replies
17:02o_cee what's wrong with talking to yourself?
17:02thor_ hmmm, same thing Racer had
17:02thor_ like it's talking to itself
17:02Chutt i see the initial connection
17:02Chutt where mfe asks for the services list
17:02thor_ metadata server now has one client
17:03Chutt no connections after that
17:03thor_ bah
17:03thor_ something basic
17:03Chutt is the client supposed to be opening 2 connections?
17:03thor_ yup
17:03Chutt ok
17:04Chutt 11/Mar/2004-17:01:24: sending the following message to services found lan mfdp 2342 mfd on Alioth
17:04Chutt should i be seeing things like that?
17:04Chutt with and used?
17:04thor_ hmmm
17:04thor_ possibly not
17:04Chutt want me to send you the entire log?
17:05thor_ that would be great
17:06Chutt sent
17:07Chutt that -l 10
17:07Chutt that's
17:08thor_ WARNING: zeroconfig client plugin could not call gethostbyaddr() using ip address (will assume lan/net)
17:08--- <<-- Teflon [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:08thor_ is the start of it
17:08thor_ I think
17:08Chutt yeah?
17:09thor_ DHCP ?
17:09Chutt yeah, no dns
17:09thor_ right, ok
17:09thor_ need to fiddle with that
17:09thor_ I have some logic in there that checks if services are local
17:10thor_ but it wants to check on the hostname
17:10thor_ (for hosts with multiple network interfaces)
17:10thor_ so then it gets confused
17:11o_cee "hmmmmmmmmm" <-- mfd
17:11thor_ and starts exchanging daap info with itself
17:11thor_ where did it say that ?
17:11o_cee when it gets confused.
17:11thor_ ah
17:11thor_ more like, "crap, more data"
17:12thor_ "every time I update, the other end seems to have still more to send me"
17:13thor_ Chutt, can you throw Alioth into /etc/hosts
17:13o_cee like a dog running after its tail?
17:13thor_ just for a test of my theory
17:14Chutt that made tracks show up in the mfe stuff
17:15thor_ right
17:15thor_ so that was the problem
17:15thor_ err, one of the problems
17:15thor_ :-)
17:15o_cee nah, _the_ problem
17:15o_cee :)
17:16thor_ thank god I wrote ridiculously volumious log and warning stuff
17:16o_cee hehe
17:18Chutt so, fixable?
17:19thor_ yup
17:19thor_ one sec
17:19thor_ well
17:19Chutt i meant eventually :p
17:19thor_ I actually changed this recently
17:19thor_ it used to assume anything it couldn't get a hostname for was _this_ host
17:20o_cee Chutt: got any ideas for the mm ui?
17:20thor_ then when o_cee and I did the transatlantic stuff, I changed it
17:20thor_ cause I was using an IP with DNS entry
17:20thor_ with no
17:20Chutt needs some way to figure out if an ip is this host
17:21Chutt then?
17:21thor_ yup
17:22thor_ uhm, anyone know how to get a list of IP addresses on _this_ host ?
17:22Chutt ifconfig? :p
17:23thor_ heh
17:23thor_ ifconfig source
17:23thor_ :-)
17:24thor_ not very out of the box and automatic if you need to have DNS running or fiddle with /etc/hosts
17:24o_cee anyone who sets up a myth box should be able to setup a dns server, right?
17:25thor_ heh
17:25thor_ maybe I'll just compare IP addresses
17:25Chutt how are you coming up with the in there, anyway/
17:25Chutt err, ?
17:26thor_ good question
17:26thor_ mdns magic
17:26o_cee Homer magic
17:27--- <<-- etcp [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:29Chutt damn it, the batteries on my keyboard are dying
17:29o_cee hahahah, what a pita :)
17:29thor_ hmmm, maybe that's stan's problem
17:30o_cee the batteries in his keyboard?
17:30Chutt +
17:30o_cee -
17:32Chutt there we go
17:32Chutt hrm
17:33Chutt if someone asked 'do you happen to know networking', what'd you think they'd mean?
17:34thor_ anything from, "Can you click on a Network Neighbourhood icon" to "have you ever implemented a multithreaded socket based application"
17:34thor_ you can probably say yes
17:36Chutt heh
17:37kvandivo who _hasn't_ implemented a multithreaded socket based application? No, i think they mean, do you melt your own metal to make your own networking cable to run your own self-soldered network cards
17:37--- <<-- o_cee [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:38bitbyte if someone asked me if I knew networking, i would think they were asking if i understood the infrastructure. altho that assumption would be shaded by what kind of job market i was looking at
17:39_rkulagow i'd think they probably mean bgp/ospf, cisco, juniper, stuff like that.
17:39thor_ "certified network engineer"
17:39kvandivo ok.. we've come to a consensus.. you need to answer with "it depends"
17:40bitbyte hehe
17:40thor_ whatever the f*$# that means
17:40thor_ or, even better, "senior network engineer"
17:40bitbyte thats the position?
17:41thor_ (that's a guy who plans parties and does match making at a retirement homes)
17:41bitbyte heh
17:41* kvandivo smirks.
17:42--- <<-- jeffpc [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:43--- ---> o_cee [] has joined #mythtv
17:43--- <<-- b1shop [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:43--- ---> jeffpc [] has joined #mythtv
17:45Chutt heh
17:45Chutt the guy who asked was from a software dev company
17:45Chutt so i would _assume_ it meant software
17:46thor_ hmm, no retirement home on the side
17:46bitbyte could mean anything then
17:46Chutt right =)
17:46bitbyte hehe
17:46bitbyte tell him you wrote BO
17:46bitbyte :)
17:46Chutt i just gave some examples (myth, client/server stuff for work), and asked if he meant that kind of networking
17:47bitbyte i take it you are looking for work?
17:47Chutt yeah
17:47Chutt read the website :p
17:47bitbyte bummer
17:47bitbyte i read the top thing
17:47bitbyte didnt have a chance to read the rest
17:48bitbyte ah ok
17:48--- ---> lmatter [] has joined #mythtv
17:48bitbyte sorry to hear it
17:48--- <<-- Magick [] has quit ("BitchX-1.0c16 -- just do it.")
17:48bitbyte i was in that spot 2 years ago
17:48bitbyte altoh te IT market seems to be rebounding a bit
17:49bitbyte i hope you find something very soon
17:49Chutt i've had quite a bit of interest
17:49Chutt if i'm willing to relocate
17:49bitbyte great
17:49bitbyte i would think myth alone would be a huge feather in your cap
17:49bitbyte how far
17:49Chutt far
17:49bitbyte define far
17:50Chutt > 6 hours of driving for the closest
17:50bitbyte to ppl here in bismarck, far is 60 miles away
17:50bitbyte ah
17:50bitbyte you from cleveland?
17:50Chutt yeah
17:50bitbyte or have ties there?
17:50bitbyte ya
17:50bitbyte makes it hard
17:50bitbyte contacted a headhunter?
17:51Chutt naw, not yet
17:51Chutt taking it easy =)
17:52bitbyte one thing to be careful of
17:52bitbyte most companies today want you to sign intellectual property agreements
17:52Chutt i don't have a problem with that
17:52bitbyte meaning ANYTHING you write, on you rtime or theirs, becomes their property
17:52bitbyte you should
17:52Chutt what i do on work's time, belongs to them
17:52bitbyte myth would belong to them then
17:52Chutt no, it wouldn't, since i wouldn't sign anything that says whatever i do on my own time belongs to them
17:53bitbyte most of the agreements i've seen ( i wa a hiring manager for 4 years) say anything you write is theirs
17:53Chutt last two places i've worked with had a clause like that, and i've had absolutely no problems getting it modified
17:53bitbyte i'm just saying to keep an eye out for that
17:53bitbyte that's cool then, as long as you're aware of it
17:53bitbyte i personally think you could turn myth into a business
17:53bitbyte and a viable one at that
17:54bitbyte i was thinking the other day that a lotta ppl would jump on it if there was just some standardized hardware platform they could buy and a simple install, or have it already installed
17:55bitbyte unfortunately, for me at least, taking somdething that's a hobby and making it a job takes all te joy out of it
17:55bitbyte because then there are expectations for performance
17:55Chutt i don't have the resources to start a business around myth
17:55Chutt anyway, dinner time
17:55bitbyte k, cya
17:56bitbyte you could sell PC's preconfigured with myth on them
17:56--- <<-- X-trem3 [X-trem3@] has quit ("La Revedere !!!")
17:59--- ---> bishop [] has joined #mythtv
18:02--- User: *** bishop is now known as b1shop
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19:04o_cee thor_: will you make dynamic playlists like iTunes got as well?
19:04thor_ just do them in iTunes ?
19:05o_cee mfd will read them?
19:05thor_ yup
19:05o_cee ah yeah but
19:05o_cee i can't add mfd content to an itunes playlist
19:05o_cee so :\
19:05thor_ heh
19:05thor_ yeah
19:05thor_ some day
19:05o_cee :)
19:06o_cee would be great to have something like: "3 weeks old"
19:06thor_ well, for the time being, leave all your content on the iTunes box
19:06thor_ the mfd doesn't need any local content
19:07o_cee yeah but then i need to have itunes running all the time
19:07thor_ yup
19:07o_cee rather have mfd running all the time ;)
19:07o_cee but yeah
19:07o_cee i could do that
19:07--- ---> Spida [] has joined #mythtv
19:08--- ---> enki [] has joined #mythtv
19:09--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
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19:55--- ---> Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
20:02--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
20:13o_cee fajitas?
20:16thor_ Chutt, if you have a chance, can you try current cvs (with your /etc/hosts cleaned out)
20:16--- <<-- mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
20:20Chutt sure
20:21--- <<-- enki [] has quit ("Well it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye!")
20:21Chutt o_cee, you should've responded to stan on the ivtv list with a link to ispell or some other dictionary/spell checker program
20:22Chutt that would've been funnier
20:22o_cee didn't even notice :)
20:22o_cee is that _the_ stan? i've missed that guy completely
20:23Chutt yeah
20:23Chutt you can tell because every other word is misspelled horribly.
20:23o_cee hehee
20:24Chutt thor, that works =)
20:24o_cee see it now ;) i'll have that in mind if he responds
20:25billytwowilly| thor_, I'm seeing lots of mfd commits. That's awesome. Do you think mfd will be ready for 0.15?
20:27thor_ Chutt, excellent
20:27thor_ billtwowilly, hopefully
20:27thor_ ask the task master
20:28Chutt sure
20:28billytwowilly| cool. The next obvious question is when do you think 0.15 will be out?
20:28thor_ not tonight
20:28thor_ :-)
20:28billytwowilly| heh;)
20:28o_cee not yesterday either
20:28thor_ Chutt, before you go to bed, maybe set the mfd compiling on the EPIA ?
20:29Chutt sure
20:29thor_ k
20:29Chutt it has the same music collection as here, though
20:29--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
20:29Chutt direct copies of the files
20:29Chutt will mfd handle that? =)
20:29billytwowilly| heh. I didn't realize how long it's been since a release. my 0.14 box has just been purring away happily;)
20:29thor_ right, but test the client to cycle between mfds
20:29thor_ yes, it will handle it
20:30thor_ MythDigests match, only one copy
20:30thor_ well, it the http interface
20:30thor_ not sure if it's in the clientlib or not
20:31Chutt well, it's compiling now
20:31thor_ heh
20:32thor_ so should be done by morning
20:33thor_ also nice to know if there's no other suprises in store for mfd <--> mfd on a DNS'less network
20:33Chutt openssl/evp.h: No such file or directory
20:33thor_ heh, guess I should put that in the readme
20:35thor_ heh, it's already in there
20:35thor_ ok, time for some food
20:35Chutt ah well
20:36Chutt this shouldn't take hours, i'm using distcc
20:36Chutt but i've gotta spend time with my wife =)
20:36o_cee doh :)
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20:57_rkulagow wait, sarah, come back!
20:59o_cee barbie?
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