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00:22WX any PVR250/350 users here?
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05:23WodanTJ Hello, I'm trying to change date-settings in Mythweb (Settings->mythweb) but when I save it seems ok but if I go away from that page and back to it, all the default settings are restored (and dates neverchanged on other pages). Is this a known problem?
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09:57* kvandivo thinks he needs to order 3 or 4 of those new 400 gig drives for his myth system.
10:00bitbyte hehe
10:00bitbyte order me one too
10:18* dja thinks his wife would leave him if he did that
10:18kvandivo but you'd be able to watch lots of tv to drown your sorrows
10:19dja :-)
10:19dja somehow I don't think it would be enough...
10:19dja besides, she would leave the kids too (we have 4 young children :-)
10:25o_cee kvandivo: 400? oooh, intresting.. who's making em?
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10:27kvandivo see /. hitachi
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10:33thor_ Chutt, so did it build ?
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10:54Spida re
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10:58Chutt thor, sorry, forgot all about it :(
11:01bitbyte hmm, nintendo is crackign down on emulators
11:02dja Chutt: did you ever hear back from <someone> about my OSD crash (sorry, I went to lookup <someone> but Mike's irc logs are missing -- did someone threaten him?)
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11:19o_cee "Sorry due to excessive use this site is temporarily down. I am workking on finding another host and/or mirror." <-- heh
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11:57o_cee Chutt: i have an idea for you. the money people want to give you, use them to buy :)
11:57o_cee has not been registered
11:57o_cee These related domain names are also available for registration:
11:57o_cee hehe, riiiight
12:05thor_ oh, wait
12:05thor_ someone already owns that
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12:21o_cee heh:)
12:21o_cee imaginative name
12:23o_cee 500$/2year, isn't that pretty much?
12:24kvandivo prevents most squatting
12:25o_cee guess so
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12:39thor_ they asking for $500 ?
12:39o_cee mmm
12:39thor_ I think I clicked through it at one point and they were in the $250 area
12:39thor_ year or so ago
12:40o_cee heh
12:40o_cee 500/1yr
12:40o_cee 850/2yr
12:41thor_ the whole .tv registrar has such a sordid history
12:41o_cee you want to try mfd stuff now?
12:41o_cee anna's at ikea ;)
12:41thor_ heh
12:42thor_ a swedish girlfriend at Ikea
12:42thor_ pickled herring for breakfast ?
12:42o_cee hah
12:42o_cee no
12:42thor_ lemme see if I can plug this thing in the right way
12:42o_cee sounds nasy
12:42o_cee nasty
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12:43thor_ too many friggin computers
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12:49brunner how many mythtv developers are there?
12:49thor_ 10 ~ish people with CVS write access
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12:51* mikegrb hands 10ish cupcakes to thor
12:51mikegrb you know what to do with them
12:51thor_ heh
12:51thor_ o_cee, you have your mDNS proxy ready ?
12:51o_cee not really
12:51o_cee but that's easily fixed
12:52Chutt there's still snow on the ground
12:52Chutt i wonder if i should go back to bed
12:52mikegrb yup
12:52thor_ definitely
12:52mikegrb sleep is goooood
12:52Chutt that's what i did earlier =)
12:52* mikegrb just woke up from a nap
12:53thor_ o_cee, mfd/mdcap on
12:53o_cee damn got exam tomorrow at 8am.. :\
12:53o_cee thor_: i'm oooon it soon
12:56thor_ hmm, I seem to have a client
12:56o_cee hmm yeah hold on
12:56thor_ coming, going away again
12:56o_cee mfd is spamming me with debug output :)
12:56o_cee that was itunes.. it couldn't connect, just jumps out
12:57thor_ nb, not a DAAP protocol
12:57thor_ mdcap protocol
12:57thor_ in your mDNS proxy
12:57Chutt thor, hey
12:57thor_ yup
12:58Chutt if i have the mfd running on my other machine
12:58Chutt mfe segfaults
12:58thor_ cool
12:58o_cee ./mDNSProxyResponderPosix "thor" _daap._tcp. 2344
12:58o_cee that not correct?
12:58thor_ nope
12:58Chutt if i start mfe up with just mfd running on localhost, it works
12:58o_cee argh
12:58Chutt then if i start mfd on the remote host, boom
12:58thor_ ./mDNSProxyResponderPosix "thor" _mdcap._tcp. 2344
12:59o_cee arhmm.. hmm, okay
12:59thor_ Chutt, ok ... if only one mfd that is remote, that ok?
13:00thor_ o_cee, sorry
13:00thor_ what you want is probably
13:01thor_ ./mDNSProxyResponderPosix "thor" _mfdp._tcp. 2342
13:01Chutt thor, segfault is: discovered.cpp, line 51
13:01Chutt host_address is null
13:01thor_ ah
13:01Chutt ie, it can't look up the remote hostname
13:01thor_ more DNS-less suprises
13:02Chutt yup =)
13:02thor_ will fix
13:02Chutt good that it's getting taken care of now =)
13:02thor_ yup
13:03o_cee could not connect to mfd on "208"
13:03o_cee found an mfd but could not connect to it
13:03thor_ "208" ?
13:03o_cee ah damn you changed the port?
13:03o_cee 2342 or 2344?
13:03thor_ 2342, mfdp
13:04o_cee 208 is the beginning of your ip? dunno
13:04thor_ ah yeah, it's probably section'ing on the dot
13:05o_cee that is all output i get
13:05o_cee at least it sees it ;)
13:05thor_ heh, well it's not going to work anyway, cause you'll get the saem segfault as Chutt
13:05thor_ same
13:06o_cee m'kay
13:06thor_ let me fix that first
13:06o_cee yeah
13:06thor_ in the meantime, you can listen to some of my music on daap 3689
13:06thor_ :-)
13:06o_cee heh :)
13:07* o_cee playing: "Foo Fighters - Tired Of You -" .:192kbps|Stereo|5:11:.
13:07mikegrb heh
13:07* mikegrb phones the RIAA with a hot tip
13:07thor_ heh
13:08thor_ well, probably legal in Sweden
13:08mikegrb heh
13:08o_cee you betcha
13:08mikegrb we have a room mate moving in
13:08mikegrb guy from work
13:08mikegrb our network was a selling point :)
13:08mikegrb and mythtv
13:08thor_ heh
13:09mikegrb and the 100's of gb's of media stored on the network
13:09mikegrb oh I looked up my transit on home lan last night in my switch
13:09mikegrb 86 GB
13:09mikegrb in 15 days
13:09mikegrb that is a lot of data
13:09mikegrb need to remember to reset the switches counters once a month
13:10thor_ somebody probably has a shell script
13:10o_cee need to switch my old 10mbit hubs, slow as hell
13:10thor_ ... :-)
13:10mikegrb heh
13:10mikegrb I have a nice managed 24 port switch
13:10o_cee boom boom
13:11mikegrb get mrtg graphs for earch port and the like
13:11o_cee sounds useful
13:11o_cee heh
13:11mikegrb yup
13:11mikegrb fun to play with anyway
13:11mikegrb overkill for a home lan but I got an awesome deal
13:11o_cee xbox as frontend?
13:11mikegrb yes
13:12mikegrb iguana is the backend
13:12o_cee k
13:12mikegrb you can really see where it is used :)
13:12o_cee yeah ;)
13:12mikegrb and the persistant traffic is the frontend asking if the backend is recording every 8 sec or so so it can set the led on the front
13:12dja mikegrb: did someone scare you into taking down the mythtv irc logs? :-)
13:13mikegrb dja: nah
13:13mikegrb dja: switched that server to debian
13:13mikegrb haven't finished everything yet
13:13dja ahh...
13:14o_cee Chutt: will you start applying stuff soon? :)
13:14Chutt yeah
13:15Chutt today, maybe, once i start waking up
13:15dja Chutt: did you ever hear back about my OSD crash?
13:15o_cee okay
13:15Chutt yeah, he's gone until saturday
13:15dja (btw, I switched to blue-osd and haven't had a crash since)
13:15Chutt i may just fix it myself
13:15dja np -- just curious. :-)
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13:17dja btw, I've been having an odd problem recently - when I go to delete the frontend "hangs" for a minute and then says it lost the connection. backend is fine, nothing obvious in the logs and the frontend is still talking to the backend (I can watch shows, etc., just not delete). I have restart the backend before I can delete again...any suggestions on where to poke around?
13:18Chutt networking code in libmyth/util.cpp
13:18Chutt see why it's thinking the backend went away
13:18dja cool -- will do, thanks. :-)
13:18o_cee i've seen that as well, but only when deleting really large stuff..
13:19dja these are typically just 1 hour recordings...
13:19Chutt switch to xfs
13:19Chutt =)
13:19Chutt it may be delete speed, dunno
13:19o_cee ah yeah that would probably help :)
13:20dja I'm running jfs, it should be almost as fast. :-)
13:20Chutt ah well
13:20dja I had been running Reiserfs and deletes were taking 10-15 seconds -- that drove my wife and I nuts :-)
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13:20o_cee would be nice if it'd just delete in the background without having to wait for it
13:20dja submit a patch
13:21* dja lol
13:21Chutt it does
13:21Chutt delete in the background, that is
13:21o_cee yeah but the dialog is still up?
13:21Chutt anyway, if it's just waiting for a response from the backend
13:21Chutt use the delete screen
13:22o_cee ah yeah i'm not
13:22dja me either, I removed it from my menu :-)
13:22Chutt dja, i'd take a look in MainServer::DoHandleDeleteRecording()
13:22Chutt to see what's holding it up from responding
13:22* dja jots down a note to look at that
13:22Chutt if that's what's happening
13:32o_cee Chutt: will you apply the logging module now as well? did you save the .png or should i email it to you?
13:32Chutt email it to me again, please
13:32o_cee sure
13:32Chutt been awhile since i've done anything, probably lost it
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13:49Chutt hehe
13:50Chutt axel thimm's going to ask hauppauge if they're interested in funding a windows port of mythtv when he's demoing things to them at cebit
13:50mikegrb :)
13:50mikegrb would be a big improvement for them
13:50Chutt yeah
13:50Chutt their software is pretty crappy
13:51mikegrb I never installed their software though
13:51o_cee whos?
13:51mikegrb didn't have a computer to install it on :p
13:51o_cee ah damn didn't read above, hah
13:51Chutt hauppauge's windows software that comes with their tuner cards
13:51o_cee looed crappy on the screenshots as well
13:52o_cee then they'd hire you for consulting right? :)
13:52thor_ Chutt Inc.
13:53o_cee aaaah
13:53thor_ and i bet that damn domain name is still free
13:53o_cee maybe that's why you didn't comment your code ;)
13:53mikegrb heheh
13:53* mikegrb gives o_cee a cupcake
13:54o_cee :)
13:54o_cee yummie
13:55Chutt i should update my books webpage
14:12Chutt heh
14:12Chutt all my books =)
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14:13* thor_ is trying to find something we've both read
14:13kvandivo chutt, are you bored?
14:13Chutt naw
14:13Chutt i just updated that
14:13kvandivo :)
14:14thor_ ah ha!
14:14Chutt just a script i run
14:14thor_ Snow Crash
14:14kvandivo shannara..
14:15kvandivo very good read
14:15Chutt eh
14:15thor_ think that's it
14:16Chutt heh
14:16Chutt well, i read a little bit
14:16kvandivo what, no tekwar?
14:16Chutt hah
14:16* kvandivo grins evily.
14:17kvandivo and no asimov... tsk tsk
14:17Chutt my dad owns all the asimov books
14:17kvandivo ahh.. ok..
14:17Chutt that's who i'm named after
14:17thor_ ah ha
14:17kvandivo oh ya?
14:18kvandivo i've no clue who i'm named after
14:18thor_ Uncle Vandivo, 'o course
14:18* kvandivo smirks.
14:18thor_ yeah, uhm, Chutt, anything non-SF in there .... ?
14:18Chutt haha
14:18Chutt that's funny
14:18kvandivo (i was wondering that as well, but wasn't going to ask)
14:19kvandivo you need to add in some clancy.. particularly his earlier stuff
14:19Chutt never liked him
14:19kvandivo i liked his early stuff.. for a lot of his late stuff he _really_ needs a firm editor
14:20thor_ ha, Gibson
14:20thor_ that's 2
14:20kvandivo supposedly one chapter in his new book starts with, "The sun came up exactly at the crack of dawn"
14:20thor_ "Gonna get dark tonight"
14:20Chutt hah
14:21Chutt 626 rows in set (0.05 sec)
14:21Chutt heh, 626 total books
14:21thor_ heh
14:21* thor_ is thinking he should really find his digital camera and post a picture of his bookshelves
14:22Chutt mine are stacked sideways and two deep
14:22Chutt in most places
14:23kvandivo "It got to the point where I kept reading just to see how bad the writing could be. I see another reviewer noted that one chapter begins with "The sun rose promptly at dawn."
14:23kvandivo Pretty bad, but how 'bout this one: "ESPN had a baseball game on; the Mariners were playing the Yankees, to the current detriment of the former."
14:24thor_ (new their had to be on elying around)
14:24thor_ knew
14:24thor_ lying
14:24thor_ bah
14:24kvandivo nice
14:24Chutt heh, cool.
14:24kvandivo i need a bookshelf like that
14:25thor_ some slightly re-enginereed IKEA
14:25Chutt that was part of the plan with me finishing the basement
14:25Chutt i'd move my computer stuff downstairs, and make the current office into a library =)
14:25thor_ so get cracking
14:25thor_ :-)
14:25Chutt more shelves, a comfortable chair
14:26Chutt need an electrician
14:26thor_ ah yeah
14:26Chutt been too busy to call around so far
14:27kvandivo should we be laughing, or are you serious?
14:27* kvandivo ducks.
14:27Chutt yeah, well
14:30bitbyte um, i'm having a brain cramp and cant find the guide offset setting, where is it?
14:31bitbyte pleeez
14:32Chutt what guide offset setting?
14:33bitbyte my guide shows one thing, and when i go to whats playing, the show thats on now is showing to be on 2 hours later in the guide
14:33Chutt ah
14:33bitbyte i thought i saw an offset settign in the setup somewhere
14:33Chutt setup program
14:33Chutt general settings
14:33Chutt it only affects insertions, though
14:34bitbyte ahh it's not in the "setup" button in myth?
14:34Chutt nope
14:34bitbyte hm
14:34bitbyte is that what i need to do?
14:34Chutt i wouldn't know, really
14:34bitbyte i have the right TZ and time on the machine
14:34bitbyte and it displays the time correctly
14:34bitbyte its just that whats on now shows to be on 2 hours later in the guide
14:35bitbyte can you aim me in the right direction?
14:36thor_ sounds like you have the wrong content provider in xmltv config ?
14:36Chutt the time offset setting may work
14:36Chutt and can't hurt to try it
14:37bitbyte no, i am certain i have the right provider
14:37bitbyte is that myth-setup chutt?
14:38Chutt yup
14:38Chutt you'll have to delete your exising guide data, of course
14:38bitbyte i hasve to run that as root yes?
14:40Chutt no
14:41bitbyte cmd not found
14:41bitbyte i'll figure it out later
14:41bitbyte i have to head back to work
14:41bitbyte thanks for the help
14:41bitbyte altho i did a find / -name myth-setup and got nothing back
14:42WodanTJ bitbyte: you should try mythtv-setup instead since thats the correct name of it
14:42bitbyte ahh
14:42Chutt well, the correct name for it is 'setup'
14:42Chutt some distributions change that
14:43bitbyte got it
14:45bitbyte ty
14:45WodanTJ i got a more interesting failure. My PC freezes while playing mp3s and with intense visual effects. I was thinkins, does mythtv have its own mp3player or is it using another player? (i could try running it with that without mythtv)
14:46bitbyte i ofudn the offset set to "none" instead of the usualy "auto" thats proll yht problem
14:46WodanTJ my second guess is that the gfx gets to hot, so it could be my hardware, but i just want to make sure
14:46bitbyte i ofudn the offset set to "none" instead of the usualy "auto" thats proll yht problem
14:46bitbyte oops
14:46bitbyte sory
14:46bitbyte bbl
14:47thor_ god this is a pain
14:47Chutt its own player, of course
14:47Chutt thor, hm?
14:47thor_ mdns
14:47Chutt ah
14:47thor_ another level of calls to get a friggin ip address
14:48thor_ still, right way to do it
14:48WodanTJ Chutt: hmm well can I somehow use that player in console without X? Just to check so it isn't the player that locks the PC..
14:48thor_ WodanTJ, set viz to blank and abuse it
14:48thor_ it's almost certainly goom
14:48WodanTJ goom?
14:49thor_ goom viz
14:49WodanTJ thor_: that is intense so that my gfx fails or..badly coded? :)
14:50thor_ badly coded
14:50Chutt it does use a lot of system resources, though
14:50WodanTJ ah
14:51WodanTJ dunno if i get a kernel panic though since scroll+caps doesn't flash
14:51WodanTJ so its certainly freezing the system
14:51WodanTJ It wouldn't surprise me since my 3.3V is 3.9 atm :)
14:51thor_ ah, the whole system freezes ?
14:51WodanTJ yes
14:51thor_ that's hardware
14:51thor_ (well, very likely)
14:51WodanTJ yeap i think the gfx overheats.. so i'm buying a new PSU tomorrow
14:52WodanTJ but i just wanted to make sure..
14:52--- ---> sfr [] has joined #mythtv
14:54WodanTJ oh well thanks, bbl, spend some time with gf :)
14:55thor_ gfx, gf, whatever
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15:09mdz Chutt: I suppose you would rather I install it as /usr/bin/setup?
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15:19racer thor have an idea about our (my) problem with mfe?
15:24thor_ yup, your problem is solved
15:26Chutt mdz, '
15:26Chutt err, 'course not =)
15:45thor_ ahhhh
15:45thor_ light bulb
15:46racer do i need new mfe?
15:46racer or mfd?
15:47thor_ new mfd, rebuilt, installed, then mfe built against that
15:47racer ok will try later!
15:47racer thnx
15:47thor_ yup
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16:32kvandivo we might be buying about 45 of those 400 gig drives for work if they come out soon enough..
16:32kvandivo otherwise we'll go with the 300s that are out right now..
16:32krash314 questions: 1)what is the prefered format for patches? 2)is anyone interested in patches to contrib stuff like
16:36mikegrb 1) mythtv-dev archives 2) submit and see
16:46krash314 mikegrp: thanks
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16:59Griffon26 Hi guys... I just noticed a bug and was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is already known...
17:00thor_ I'm trying desperatly to read your mind, but it does not seem to be working? Are you wearing a lead helmet by any chance?
17:00Griffon26 if the schedule in the database has an 'error' and has one big show (the good part of a day) overlapping a lot of other shows, I cannot record the shows that it overlaps. Even though the program finder shows the right times for those shows.
17:00Griffon26 typing took longer than expected =]
17:00thor_ heh
17:01Griffon26 as long as I'm in the program finder, the right program name and time is displayed, but when I press enter to select the type of recording, it shows the big overlapping show's name and time
17:01thor_ don't think I've heard of that one before, although the obvious solution would be to fix the guide data
17:02Griffon26 yeah... but that'll be overwritten with the next cron job.
17:02Griffon26 The root cause is the changes in the schedule's web site that keep breaking xmltv
17:02thor_ (hard for myth to know which of two shows that claim to be on the same channel at the same time is "correct" and which is "wrong")
17:03Griffon26 but even with the current content of the database, I would expect some graceful degradation
17:03thor_ in which direction ?
17:03Griffon26 the program finder knows which show I select and shows the right channel and time
17:03Griffon26 it then already has some key into the program table
17:03thor_ but if the guid data had been wrong the other way, then the program finder would be wrong and the scheduler would be right
17:03Griffon26 but apparently a new select is done based on time and channel for the next screen
17:04Griffon26 what do you mean "wrong the other way"?
17:04Griffon26 There are two shows running on the same channel on the same time (according to my database contents)
17:04thor_ that the program on all day long was actually on, and the shorter ones "inside it" were not on
17:05Griffon26 If I select the program through the program finder, that should never cause a problem
17:05Griffon26 I don't mind if the program schedule shows the wrong things
17:06Griffon26 What I'm actually doing when I press enter in the program finder, is selecting a program by name and time. Not by channel and time (as in the program guide)
17:07Griffon26 I would expect mythtv to take the name and time, find the channel, set the recording
17:08Griffon26 but it seems to go from (program,time) to (channel,time) and then back to (program,time)
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17:30o_cee Griffon26: just remove guide data in your cron job before enterint the new stuff
17:31o_cee like: mysql mythconverg -umythtv -pmythtv --exec="DELETE FROM program WHERE starttime > NOW();"
17:31o_cee or something
17:32kvandivo not very friendly to the service
17:33o_cee ?
17:33o_cee what service
17:33mikegrb all of them :/
17:34o_cee huh?
17:35o_cee hrhmrhhmmpff
17:39o_cee hmm
17:39bitbyte hrm
17:42mikegrb HRM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17:42thor_ humina humina
17:43o_cee hmmmmmmm
17:43o_cee no clue what you're talking about
17:44mikegrb rar
17:44o_cee gz?
17:44thor_ I think unlce vandivo's point was that ripping out your guide data every night puts 8 times as much load on the listings service
17:44o_cee why'd that be
17:45thor_ 'cause it gets 8 days data if it has none
17:45thor_ but only one days (or so) if it already has the rest
17:45o_cee always gets 14 days here
17:45o_cee not for me
17:45thor_ err, 14, whatever
17:45bitbyte howd you set it to do 14 days?
17:45o_cee bitbyte: you know i'm the swede right?
17:45bitbyte no, does that matter?
17:45bitbyte i don't hold it against you, hehe
17:46o_cee i don't grab my data from zap2it you know
17:46bitbyte ok, and
17:46kvandivo i changed filldata to get 60 days of data for me. works great. Did you know the friends finale in May is going to be 127 minutes long?
17:46bitbyte is the number of days it gets dependant on the service you use?
17:46o_cee bitbyte: uhm, why wouldn't it be? depends on the page you're grabbing from of course
17:47o_cee how much data they have
17:47o_cee mine has 14 days
17:47thor_ nice to know the brealing news specials 6 moths from now
17:47thor_ breaking
17:47thor_ nm
17:47bitbyte o_cee, my understanding is that titantv has 14 days advance programming, yet myth only pulls 7 or 8 days
17:47o_cee know nothing about that
17:47o_cee would be trivial to change anyway
17:47bitbyte which is why i asked.. hehe
17:52o_cee maybe i should go to bed
17:52thor_ no, it's almost ready !
17:52o_cee oh no you don't
17:52o_cee i've got an exam in.. 8 hours
17:53o_cee need to get some rest
17:53o_cee heheh
17:53bitbyte rest is highly overrated
17:53thor_ ah,
17:53thor_ go to bed
17:53o_cee yeah i will in like 10 minutes
17:53thor_ (exam on Saturday?)
17:53o_cee yeah :\
17:54o_cee at 8am..
17:54o_cee they're nuts
17:54thor_ should be illegal
17:54o_cee i agree
17:55o_cee that damn dvb guy didn't fix the status page
17:56bitbyte potty mouth
17:56bitbyte :)
17:56thor_ non-XHTML compliant BASTARD!
17:56o_cee indeed
17:57o_cee chutt awake yet?
17:58--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
17:58o_cee well then, g'night everyone
17:59bitbyte nite
17:59bitbyte good luck on your exam
18:06thor_ Chutt, at your leisure (of course) you can try CVS
18:07* thor_ goes for a little walk to get a cup of coffee
18:07bitbyte get me one plz
18:07bitbyte :)
18:10--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
18:11linagee what program can i use to play mythtv streams from windows?
18:11linagee mpeg2 streams i believe
18:11linagee you would think windows media player can handle mpeg2 streams...
18:11mikegrb needs a codec
18:12mikegrb if you have any of the common dvd player programs installed then you should be fine playing them in wmp
18:12linagee mikegrb: where can i get it? it doesn't autodownload it. :(
18:12Chutt thor, hows it decide which mfd to connect to to start out with?
18:12linagee mikegrb: i have an old version of powerdvd, but it refuses to install on this computer. :(
18:12mikegrb ahh
18:12mikegrb one sec
18:13Chutt discoverythread.cpp: getting mdns host->ip answers that I never asked for
18:13Chutt discoverythread.cpp: getting mdns host->ip answers that I never asked for
18:13Chutt heh
18:13Chutt thor, seems to work, i'm seeing the remote files locally
18:13Chutt doubled up
18:13Chutt and if i disconnect the remote mfd, they go away
18:13Chutt if i restart it, though, it doesn't seem to have rebuilt the tree
18:15mikegrb linagee:
18:15Chutt ah well, back after dinner
18:15bitbyte cya
18:16mikegrb linagee: there is a link 3/4 way down for a free mpeg2 codec
18:17linagee mikegrb: not seeing this link...
18:17linagee mikegrb: post with red text?
18:17mikegrb -- MPEG2 : Elecard free MPEG2 codec. The most famous free MPEG2 codec. (Note that MPEG2 codecs are automatically installed with most DVD Players (PowerDVD, WinDVD, etc. But Ok, they are not free... )
18:17mikegrb from ender22
18:18linagee mikegrb: ah. thanks. :) (it didn't look like a link)
18:18--- <<-- m0j0 [~m0j0@] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:19mikegrb linagee: heh indee
18:19mikegrb indeed
18:19linagee mikegrb: this elecard thing seems not to exist or the site's it's on are very very slow
18:19linagee ah. nice. found another link to it. :)
18:20--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
18:20linagee mikegrb: "Warning!!! Do Not poison your system with this software. After the trial period, it has a logo that dances across the screen. This logo appears on other players."
18:20linagee mikegrb: i wonder if that's a spammed warning...
18:21linagee oic...
18:21linagee wmp will use the codec
18:21linagee and since the codec has the dancing thing, someone thought that.... hahahaha
18:21mikegrb heh
18:22--- <<-- Teflon [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:23linagee ack. this download seems to be needing some assistance of a downloading software.
18:23linagee (from .il)
18:23* linagee tries to wget it
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18:42thor_ <Chutt> discoverythread.cpp: getting mdns host->ip answers that I never asked for
18:42thor_ hmm
18:44mikegrb hmmm
18:52Chutt on reconnecting the disconnected mfd
18:59thor_ ah
18:59thor_ hmm
18:59thor_ ok
19:00thor_ but they find each other again ok
19:00thor_ ?
19:01thor_ right, well, few other things to fix first, then I can start cleaning up the client lib a little bit
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