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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-03-13

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00:21Sir-Al i get an invalid card id: -1 when starting backend
00:21Sir-Al i updated mythfilldatabase with a file option --file 1 -1 filename
00:21Sir-Al perhaps the options are not in order they say they are (1 coresponds to sourceid and -1 to days to update)
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00:31ShockValue anyone know how the albumart visulization works? what type of file is it looking for, and where does it expect it?
00:35thor_ there's some naming convention for files in the same dir as the music files
00:35thor_ don't know exactly what it is
00:35thor_ but a serach of the archives would certainly reveal it
00:37ShockValue k, ill hit that
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00:51Sir-Al how do you properly update the channel listings database from a file?
00:51Sir-Al i tried mythfilldatabase --file but the command seems to break the backend every time
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01:06dopester is there any one who is working on softcam for dvb with myth? i know its a touchy issue, but wasnt sure if there was a seperate place it was beign worked on..
01:09o_cee it's illegal and nothing mythtv devs do
01:10dopester i live in the ukraine and its not illegal here
01:11o_cee right, so then there's nothing stopping you writing it yourself
01:11dopester :)
01:19thor_ o_cee, go write your exam
01:28o_cee yepp
01:28o_cee just going to eat some breakfast first :) later
02:22thor_ o_cee, Chutt, racer, slightly updated mfe hack at the same place for current CVS (in case you want to play along)
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02:38Chutt thor, why don't you add it to cvs temporarily?
02:38Chutt i don't remember the url =)
02:47Chutt o_cee, committed your translation update.
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02:48thor_ and it's just too awful to put in CVS
02:49thor_ I'll whip out something a little less horrific over the next day or so
02:52thor_ NB: killing mfd's and restarting them with ctrl-c is problematic at the moment (no mDNS accouncement that the service has gone away)
02:52thor_ mfdctl stop works
02:59Sir-Al is there a way i can determine the first available cardid from the commandline?
02:59Sir-Al ie. used in a script
03:06Chutt sir-al, look at the table in the database.
03:06Chutt thor, ah, that's how i was killing it (ctl-c)
03:07Sir-Al Chutt: i mean, how would i retrieve it for a script using mysql, i'm not sure how to lookup tables from the commandline
03:09Chutt mysql -e
03:09Chutt no?
03:20Sir-Al sort of works
03:20Sir-Al password needs to be specified on commandline
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03:24Chutt err, so?
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05:38JeffH what's up?
05:38JeffH Where does xmltv get its program listings from?
05:48sfr check the tv_grab_na script
05:50JeffH I don't have anything for mythTV downloaded.. I'm just trying to convince my friend that the listings really are free and there's no 'subscription' needed like TiVo/Replay requires.
06:02JeffH looks like it grabs from
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08:12* SpinFX breaks idleness, ooopsies
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09:46o_cee Chutt: just read the commits, cool, thanks
09:48o_cee thor_: don't think i'll mess with that stuff today or tomorrow.. will look at it monday tho
09:48o_cee thor_: also, did mfd fuck up the database? it doesn't have the album info anymore? just says "I dunno" for as album :)
10:09mikegrb o_cee: weekly slashdot article is up
10:10mikegrb <- finally out
10:12o_cee my case is prettier
10:16mikegrb heh
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10:34jams o_cee, you around ?
10:51o_cee in a moment
10:55jams just wondering if you still have your bootsplash files, and if you have a working link to them
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11:01o_cee no working link but i can mail them to you
11:02jams if you don't mind
11:03o_cee on its way
11:04jams got them, thanks very much
11:04jams it's the last piece to making this not look like a computer
11:16o_cee :)
11:17o_cee wonder if one can put a bootimage onto the 350 eventually when it first loads up ivtv-fb.. hmm
11:17o_cee would be nice instead of getting a black scree
11:17o_cee n
11:18jams if only i had a 350 :)
11:20jams does xml files define's the look of active buttons on dialog windows?
11:20jams i mean which xml file
11:20o_cee qtlook.txt
11:21jams heh that explains why i couldn't find it
11:22jams crap that last patch for "avfd sequence header problems" seems to have caused the problem for me
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13:33thor_ o_cee, says "I dunno" where ?
13:34o_cee uhm
13:34o_cee i had it at
13:34o_cee artist album track
13:34o_cee in the normal MM
13:35o_cee and when i got to the album level it was all "I dunno"
13:35o_cee and the console was spammed with something saying something about album
13:35o_cee metadata something
13:35o_cee could go in and check it if you want
13:46Chutt jams, what sort of problems?
13:47Chutt if you have a short clip that breaks it, can i get that somehow?
14:01thor_ ah, when you switch back to regular mm
14:02thor_ hmm, doesn't happen here
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14:26Chutt heh
14:26Chutt jams, nevermind, i just reverted the patch. didn't work properly on a lot of my recordings, either.
14:27liu6 can i ask a quick question
14:27thor_ 42
14:27thor_ and mute your line in
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14:43JeffH does mythtv work well once setup, or does it require constant tinkering to keep it working?
14:43sfr it needs constant tinkering (scheduling/watching recordings)
14:43thor_ you have to constantly twist the virtical sync with a pair of pliers
14:44bline heh
14:44JeffH haha
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14:44JeffH looks like it'll cost about $500 for the hardware.
14:46thor_ and there's all the chicken wire and papier mache
14:47JeffH actually, for all the features you get it looks like it ends up being cheaper than replayTv or TiVo
14:47nilaruz 140hr tv with lifetime subscription is $700
14:47thor_ it's free
14:47nilaruz tivo
14:48bline getting an "actual" computer out of it is a plus..
14:48JeffH how big of a hard drive is 140hours? 140 gb?
14:48bline 4gig/hour, something like that. search the users mailing list
14:50JeffH any issues with getting the listings? when I looked last night it seemed they were being received from a website without explicit permission.
14:58bitbyte any ideas why when i try to listen to an mp3 or watch a video ive uploaded, i get like electric static in the audio, yet when i playback tv or a recorded show i dont? I cant find anything on the forums or mailing lists
14:58bitbyte it sounds like you're running an old drill next to a radio. one with worn brushes that makes the radio pop and crackle
14:59JeffH can I add a dvd drive to my mthTV and be able to watch a dvd just like I would with a commercial dvd player?
15:09JeffH anyone use the MSI MS-6777 motherboard?
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15:23Sir-Al JeffH: tough look
15:24Sir-Al luck
15:25JeffH tough luck with what?
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16:09notwoohoo hello, i am having issues with running X on my pvr-350 tv out
16:09notwoohoo anyone around feels like helping me out?
16:10notwoohoo err
16:10notwoohoo #mythtv-users :)
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16:29Jy_ anyone know why i get video but no sound.. i've tried 0-8 values for input with /usr/bin/test_ioctl -v input=7,output=1
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16:59thor_ bah, whomever changed xml menus to cycle without an option to turn it off (and leave it off by default) should have a rusty nail hammered through their left testicle
17:00mikegrb pwahahah
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18:09jams Chutt I checked cvs after you reverted the patch, problem gone
18:25notwoohoo any mythtv-xbox users around?
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22:13bitbyte do mythmusic and mythvideo handle audio differently than the tv part of myth? I get crackling only when i playback an mp3, lpay a cd or watch a video. but not when i watch tv or a recorded show
22:13bitbyte havent tried a dvd yet
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23:46ShockValue well, mythtv worked well in fedora.. gonna try my hand at a gentoo install now
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