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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-03-14

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01:00Chutt static QMap<QString,int> lastLogCounts;
01:00Chutt why do i always have to fix stupid shit like this
01:06thor_ heh
01:06thor_ I'm staring at a QMap right now
01:07thor_ and thinking it is not a good idea to do QMap.remove(it) in the middle of an iteration loop
01:07Chutt well, i meant the static part
01:08thor_ heh
01:08thor_ sorry
01:08thor_ "If some member of the map is removed, only iterators pointing to the removed member become invalid;"
01:08thor_ so ++it doesn't sound like a good idea
01:09thor_ after a remove(it)
01:11thor_ bah, can't think straight
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01:15Chutt fun.
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01:38mithro mythtv rocks!
01:38mithro thanks for producing a great product guys!
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06:51o_cee hey Chutt, you need a patch for menu.xml as well for the log thing right? haven't cvs updated yet, will soon
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07:50o_cee got a diff ready.. will try it soon..
08:18o_cee hmm, didn't appear.. maybe i need a distclean.. building again..
08:19o_cee ah yeah changed to mythcontext.. well then
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12:19o_cee Chutt: you around?
12:20mikegrb nope
12:20mikegrb I gave him the morning off
12:20mikegrb told him to sleep in
12:20mikegrb o_cee: heidi has a blog, that is sooooo sexy
12:20o_cee heh :)
12:20o_cee oh really?
12:20mikegrb yup
12:21o_cee lemme see ;)
12:21o_cee didn't isaac commit that stuff like 20 minutes ago? maybe its delayed
12:21mikegrb heh I dunno
12:21mikegrb I'd say he is around
12:21mikegrb well on second thought
12:22mikegrb idle around 45 minutes
12:22o_cee "but Michael hadn't cleaned the cat box all weekend. " shame on you
12:22mikegrb but his client got disconnected and reconnected
12:22mikegrb :/
12:23o_cee you tell her of course it's worth it
12:24mikegrb [x] tell her of coure it's worth it
12:26o_cee Chutt: can't get "Event viewer" to appear in the main menu.. added the relevant stuff to all files, very odd
12:26sfr o_cee: you went through the same?
12:27o_cee sfr: not yet, but my sister is pregnant atm
12:27o_cee and i'll be uncle once again :)
12:28sfr :)
12:29o_cee but i'm actually off to a concert now..
12:29sfr which band/opera?
12:30o_cee Lisa Miskovsky, heard of het?
12:30o_cee swede
12:30WodanTJ If recording in a while should freeze, it should be something wrong with ivtv or hardware and not myth, right?
12:30sfr hm no.
12:30o_cee sfr: dunno if she's known outside of sweden
12:32WodanTJ o_cee: are you watching melodifestivalen? I hate that grynet
12:32sfr i've seen Pink two weeks ago. she's great.
12:32o_cee WodanTJ: recording it ;)
12:32o_cee WodanTJ: but yeah, she's a pita
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12:58Itisme o-cee i also tried to add something to the main menu, for personal use, but i never got it working
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14:16sfr rkulagow: you around? i remember you committed a patch named 'poor man's dual-language support' or similar. but how to use it?
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14:19rkulagow sfr: you need to enable it in setup, then just use the mute key.
14:19rkulagow (setup on the frontend)
14:20sfr running setup on the frontend or the settings screen from inside the frontend?
14:21rkulagow mythfrontend->setup->general first page is "audio", "enable independant..."
14:25sfr Ah, hidden in the internal volume controls option. thank you rkulagow. btw the ivtv people are talking about adding support for dual-language detection on the mailing list.
14:26rkulagow yeah, i saw that, but since i don't need this option in the first place i'll leave it to someone else to modify.
14:27sfr now i only need to catch a movie broadcast in two languages to try it out.
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15:59Return0 hey.
16:00Return0 I've had mythtv up and running for several months now and been trying to use features like priority and stuff, but we don't have that big of a drive it in at the moment, and things get deleted often before we can watch them.
16:01Return0 I'm wondering if there is a way to use the recording priority as a delete priority too
16:01Return0 that way if we don't watch anything for a while the only thing left on there would be the highest priority shows.
16:01Return0 instead of the most recently recorded shows that made through the recording conflicts
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16:11mdz Return0: that sounds like a reasonable idea
16:11mdz but if you are asking if it is implemented already, I do not think so
16:11Return0 ah
16:12Return0 who would be able to make this change?
16:12Return0 or option rather
16:12mdz you :-)
16:12* Return0 looks around
16:13Return0 you as in me? pffft.
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16:14Return0 too busy. :P
16:14Return0 I'm working on a skeletal animation library.
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18:55o_cee Chutt: around?
18:56Chutt no
18:57Chutt the reason the log module isn't showing up is because i didn't commit that part of it yet.
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19:00o_cee allrighty, but this part is needed anyway :)
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20:42Octane anyone know why is it that all my channels work but one?
20:42Octane the one doesnt work has video and audio lag
20:43Octane is it something to do with th efrequency?
20:45pigeon or reception?
20:45Octane works on my other cablebox/tv just fin
20:46pigeon not sure then, but yeah i have one channel which i can never get good reception, and myth is not happy at all if I switch to it.
20:46Octane it used to work friday
20:55Octane i just dont get it, all channels worked perfectly friday.
20:55Octane and now all hbo channels are full of artifacts and lag
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