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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-03-15

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00:21JeffH Can live TV by streamed from a MythTV machine to another machine?
00:22JeffH the other machine would be running either Linux or WinXP
00:23cmorgan yes
00:23JeffH right on.
00:23cmorgan not with winxp though
00:23JeffH that bites, why not?
00:23cmorgan at least i don't think it can be
00:23JeffH that's mostly what I'll be using.
00:24cmorgan i thought someone was working on a port of the frontend to windows but not sure
00:24cmorgan why not? because no one that runs windows wants to write the code to support it ;-)
00:24JeffH can you explain frontend/backend in terms of Myth TV? I couldn't find anything that explained what each end is responsible for.
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00:25cmorgan backend does hardware interface stuff
00:25cmorgan all recording etc
00:25cmorgan frontend displays things, although it can also talk to hardware in the case of the pvr's that have mpeg decoders
00:25JeffH I see. I had the concepts reveresed then.
00:26JeffH so for XP what would be needed is a frontend that talked to the mythTV backend, right?
00:26cmorgan yep
00:26cmorgan i think someone was working on that but...
00:26ofer yeah, check out
00:26ofer err
00:26JeffH can backends communitate with other backends?
00:26ofer yes
00:26ofer there is a master backend
00:27ofer and you can have as many slave backends as you want
00:27ofer the master delegates to the slaves what to record and when
00:27ofer each backend can also have multiple tv tuners
00:27JeffH can I schedule something without having a frontend?
00:28ofer sort of
00:28ofer depends on how you define a frontend
00:28ofer there is a mythweb interface you can set up recordings with
00:28ofer in fact thats the best way
00:29ofer (in my humble opinion)
00:29JeffH ofer: what I was thinking is that say I'm at work and I remembered I wanted to record a program. I don't want any mythtv specific software on my work machine (work wouldn't like that).
00:29ofer yeha, just run mythweb on your home server and you can set up a recording by pointing your web browser home
00:29JeffH does mythweb run on the master backend?
00:30ofer it can
00:30JeffH seems to me that would be the ideal place.
00:30ofer yeah
00:30ofer most poeple run it on the master backend
00:30JeffH sweet. I think when I get some extra $$ I'm going to buy the hardware and try this out.. already speced out the hardware I want to buy.
00:31ofer its a good hobby =)
00:31JeffH only thing I'm leary of is it seemed xmltv was grabbing listings without specific permissions and that might cause problems in the future.
00:32ofer yeah, except xmltv is programmed in sucha way that its easy to switch to another website =)
00:32JeffH I see.
00:32JeffH are there multiple sources available?
00:32ofer When your paying for a subscription from Tivo, that's part of what your paying for.
00:32JeffH yeah, I know.
00:32ofer xmltv just grabs from web sites
00:32ofer so right now it graabs from
00:32ofer it could just as easily grab from
00:32ofer or any other place that has tv listings
00:34JeffH can you tell Myth TV, "record the movie "Star Wars" next time it's on." and it will. Or do you have to see when it's on next and say 'record this'
00:37ofer you can ask it to record star wars next time its on
00:37ofer you can tell it to record a show if its on any channel and it wont record reruns
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00:37ofer that is it wont record something its recorded before
00:37ofer (unless you tell it otherwise)
00:37JeffH sweet.. sounds as if it's really quite full featured. Even looks like it is cheaper than TiVo or Replay.
00:38JeffH ofer: what hardware do you use?
00:38ofer its not cheaper =)
00:38ofer currently, i use a pIII 866 with a bttv 898 card
00:38ofer a little slow
00:38ofer but im getting a pvr350 soon
00:39ofer i have a strange setup actually
00:39JeffH how is it not cheaper? from the looks of it a 80 hour TiVo with network capability and lifetime subscription is $600ish.. I spec'ed hardware at $500
00:39ofer my master backend is on a pII 300
00:39ofer hardware + time = greater than $600
00:40ofer also, myth is great, does lots of things, but it is beta
00:40ofer it doesnt always record correctly
00:40JeffH does it require a bit of tinkering to keep it going?
00:40ofer etc. etc.
00:40ofer once its going, not really
00:40ofer but getting it running requires tinkering
00:40Husk1 anyone using myth in australia?
00:40ofer ive heard of it
00:40ofer =)
00:41JeffH of course the $500 I figured it would cost doesn't count the $$ needed for 802.11 equipment I would want too. <sigh>
00:41ofer note though if you get a mythtv computer, it can be used for more than just mythtv
00:41ofer which is an advantage
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00:41ofer my router will be the mythtv machine once i get that pvr
00:41pigeon Husk1: I am.
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00:42JeffH I thought about that.. I thought about having the mythtv be my mail server too.
00:42Husk1 pigeon: is the tv guide dodgy?
00:42pigeon hmm, it works quite well these days.
00:43JeffH and probably my file server since I suspect myth uses samba to share the recorded files.
00:43Husk1 pigeon: what tuner are you using?
00:43ofer myth does not use samba
00:43ofer myth has its own protocol
00:43JeffH hm.. why?
00:43ofer but you can share myth files via samba if you like (i do)
00:44pigeon Husk1: a philips 7134 card.
00:44pigeon Lifeview FlyVideo 3000 to be exact.
00:45JeffH I guess I assumed that Myth TV wasn't much more than 'glue' bringing together packages that do the various things.. but it sounds like Myth might be more than that.
00:45Husk1 pigeon: no problems with it?
00:46pigeon Husk1: With the card itself? Nope... At least not for tv.
00:46JeffH Hardware I hope to use is the MSI MS-6777 and PVR-250. I've heard plenty of success stories with the PVR-250.. anyone know about the MS-6777?
00:46Husk1 pigeon: hard to get working under linux?
00:47pigeon Husk1: No, not at all.
00:47JeffH one thing I was worried about was an Athlon XP 2000 in a small HTPC case. wondering if it would get too hot.
00:47pigeon I know there's linux driver for that card before buying it, so...
00:48ofer with the pvr, you dont need much cpu power
00:48ofer if it gets too hot you can downclock it
00:48ofer myth, unlike freevo, is more than a program that manages othe programs
00:48JeffH good idea. only reason I'm going with Athlon XP 2000 is I already have one.
00:48ofer it does its own tv viewing and recording, has its own protocol to manage multiple front ends and back ends, etc. etc.
00:49JeffH I see.
00:49JeffH thanks for all the info ofer. previously when I came in here people weren't all that helpful.
00:49ofer they like you to use #mythtv-users for these types of questions =)
00:49Husk1 pigeon: ok, i just need to find a supplier in canberra :)
00:49ofer no problem
00:49JeffH ooh.. sorry, didn't know that existed.
00:50JeffH is this more of a developers area?
00:50ofer its supposed to be
00:50ofer but its pretty quiet most of the time
00:50pigeon Husk1: Ah... well, the philips saa7134 chips is working pretty well under linux, maybe you could check out cards with that chip.
00:51pigeon Husk1:
00:51pigeon there is a list of cards with that chip.
00:51JeffH I see.. well, I guess I'll jump over to #mythtv-users. Thanks again.
00:52pigeon Alternatively, all those bt8xx cards are pretty common too and works under linux, I think.
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00:52ofer bt8x8 work great in linux
00:54pigeon ofer: you know of any popular/common card that got bt8x8?
00:55ofer hauppauge wintv
00:55Husk1 ofer: hauppauge products seem to be really expensive here
00:56ofer err, i think aitech has a cheap one
00:56ofer not very well known though
00:56pigeon those pvrx50 are quite expensive, but they do quite a lot of stuff.
00:56ofer yeah
00:56Husk1 $460 can be spent on a better cpu
00:56ofer if you get a pvr, you don't need as large of a cpu
00:56JeffH seems like they're the most common cards being used in Myth TV though.
00:56ofer which means less of a fan
00:57ofer im using a pinnacle pctvpro (bt898)
00:57JeffH is 256M plenty of ram for MythTV?
00:57JeffH (assuming hardware encoding)
00:57ofer depends on what else you run
00:57ofer probably fine
00:58ofer mine has 384Mb
00:58JeffH not sure the difference in price between 256M and 512M is enough to not just got with 512M.
00:58ofer plan for more, not less =)
00:58JeffH true.
00:59pigeon does anyone know a tv tuner card that does decent composite in/svideo in?
00:59ofer the pvr's =)
00:59JeffH is there a rule of thumb on time/mb for disk? I plan on getting a 120GB drive.
01:00ofer depends on the card
01:00JeffH with probably 100Mb of that going for program storage.
01:00ofer the pvr 250 does about 5Mb / sec
01:00pigeon ah
01:00ofer depends on the settings
01:00pigeon hmm, the composite in of my tv card is not really great I can feel.
01:01ofer good settings on a bt8x8 is aboutt 2.2 Mb / sec
01:01JeffH disk storage are true numbers, right? (not 1024 based?)
01:02ofer depends on who yo utalk to =)
01:02JeffH haha
01:02mikegrb it is supposed to be 1024 base
01:02mikegrb based
01:02mikegrb which are true numbers
01:02mikegrb marketing speak is not
01:03JeffH wow.. 100GB holds a lot less hours than I thought.
01:04ofer hehe
01:04ofer realize im saying bits not bytes
01:04anduin 400GB drives will be out soon, making the 250/300s not such a bad deal
01:05JeffH ofer: thanks for pointing that out.
01:05ofer so 6Mb / sec = ~800kB/sec
01:05ofer 2.2 Mb / sec = ~250kB/sec
01:08JeffH hm.. according to my calc 100GB would store 44+ hours
01:08JeffH @ 5Mb/s
01:08ofer not bad
01:08mikegrb my pvr 250 recordings at close to default settings are 2.2 GB/hr
01:09JeffH wish I didn't have an AiW, I'd try Myth with my current hardware.
01:10ofer AiW?
01:10JeffH All-in-Wonder
01:11ofer check out, maybe your all in wonder is suppported
01:12JeffH its not.
01:13ofer sorry
01:14JeffH no problem.. I bought the card without thinking about Linux.. I should hvae.
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01:30shamoun hey all
01:30shamoun anyone here use ffmpeg for video capture?
01:34mikegrb shamoun: you want to check which channel you are in
01:41shamoun mikegrb: i know which channel i am in
01:41mikegrb oh so you just spoke in the wrong channel on accident
01:41mikegrb I gotcha, no problem
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10:03dja it's quiet in here :-)
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14:48thor Cutt, that client is not really working properly, but my dev box drive is going wonky and I wanted to commit it
14:49* kvandivo snickers to himself.
14:50thor friggin cheap hardware
14:51kvandivo sorry to hear about that. hardware failure isn't fun for anybody
14:51thor well, it's just a dev box
14:52Chutt heh
14:52Chutt no worries
14:52Chutt hope your stuff breaks quickly rather than a lingering death
14:52Chutt it's always easier for me, at least, to replace dead hardware than decide, 'well, i don't need to replace it _yet_'
14:52thor heh
14:52thor well,
14:53thor clearly I _should_ go and spend all of $50 on a new hard drive
14:54thor but I _will_ reformat it now in the hopes that the problem will magically go away
14:54Chutt heh
14:54thor btw, the client does work, but you need current libmyth
14:54Chutt running a badblocks scan on harddrives has helped me keep the drive up longer
14:55Chutt but i've never had it be completely recovered
14:55thor heh
14:55Chutt anyway, cool
14:55Chutt i'm being lazy and watching movies today
14:55thor it just doesn't switch mfd's very well
14:55thor cool
14:55Chutt so, no myth work =)
14:55thor k
14:57kvandivo wanting a HD, huh?
14:57* kvandivo digs a second.
14:57kvandivo 120gig WD, $70.. 250gig $160.. (best buy)
14:58kvandivo 160gig WD $70, 250 $140 (circuit city)
15:00thor time to pull the machine out, swap the drive, release the box is a mess, put other stuff in there
15:00thor realize
15:00thor bah
15:02cmorgan Chutt: typically drives that grow badblocks are on the verge of complete failure
15:02cmorgan you never notice all of the badblocks that they grow and automatically revector ;-)
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17:08mdz Chutt: any way to test playback without a backend?
17:08mdz even the 'mythtv' binary seems to fail to play a file if it can't connect
17:09dja_ mdz: it doesn't on pops up an error and then I click OK and it goes ahead and plays it.
17:09mdz hmm, ok
17:09dja_ (this is with current CVS)
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17:11mdz yeah, looks like something else pissed it off
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17:11dja_ :-)
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17:25mdz if anybody feels like testing, let me know if the new screensaver changes broke anything
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17:58engie Hi. Do you know of any video software which I could use to stream in video from a firewire cam, do live chromakey (blue screening), and output the resulting video to both a file and a window? I know this isn't a myth question, but I'm getting desperate...
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19:22anduin mdz - the is the cerr stuff for the screen saver there to stay?
19:22mdz anduin: no
19:23mdz anduin: gone
19:24anduin mdz - thanks, and thanks for doing even more cleanup work on it
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