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00:59billytwowilly| is the website dead for everyone, or is it just me?
01:08G-funk|laptop| not dead for me
01:09* billytwowill goes to try again
01:09billytwowilly| hurray! it's back!
01:09billytwowilly| That was weird.. the whole network is on seemed to have disapeared from the routing tables and now it's back.
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02:12brian_ anyone here?
02:12brian_ Does mythdvd support ANY dvd player?
02:12thor yes
02:13brian_ so like, it's not mythtv specific?
02:13brian_ i mean
02:13brian_ mplayer
02:13thor ogle, xine, whatever
02:13brian_ I got this old dxr3 card, supports menus and other cool shit
02:13brian_ nice, what do you recomend thor?
02:13thor xine
02:14brian_ has support for menus and what not?
02:14thor yup
02:15brian_ xine dvd://
02:15brian_ that's it?
02:16thor well, you may want Xv on, and if you have a digital receiver, you may want S/PDIF out
02:16brian_ well, i'm going to try it w/o the dxr card first
02:16brian_ i gotta create an ebuild for that
02:18Chutt thor, yo
02:18thor yup
02:19Chutt i suppose i may write some code tomorrow
02:19thor heh
02:19thor how were the movies ?
02:19Netslayer hey guys how goes it?
02:19brian_ i don't see anything about XV in xine --help
02:19Chutt brian, does this look like #xine?
02:20Netslayer brian_, it should be on already if your using mythtv
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02:20brian_ Chutt: no, but you seem like an ass
02:20Chutt heh
02:20* thor goes hunting for dust bunnies
02:21Chutt you're funny.
02:21brian_ yeah, i masturbate with sandpaper too
02:21Chutt shall i ban you now, or allow you to stay longer?
02:21Netslayer heh
02:21brian_ do whatever you want... it just reflects upon the project you're working with
02:21Chutt how?
02:21brian_ that's why lots of people dislike mplayer, the people who work on it are asses
02:21Chutt why should you ask for help with xine in the mythtv development channel?
02:21* Netslayer points at how the topics states mythtv-users
02:22brian_ it was a simple question and in context... since we were already talking about xine related to mythtv
02:22brian_ you don't need to ban me, i'll just leave
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02:22Netslayer heh
02:22thor anyhooo, what were you planning on working on ?
02:23Chutt fixing the osd menu positioning
02:23Chutt checking that osd crash fix
02:23Chutt then maybe playing with the music ui a bit
02:23thor is it just me, or is UIListBttnType a bit incomplete ?
02:23Chutt how so?
02:24thor I was going to use it for my little mfe client
02:24Chutt i'd check the osd stuff i did
02:24thor (not the OSD version, the pahli version)
02:24Chutt right
02:24Chutt i enhanced the osd version
02:24thor right
02:24Chutt was going to move those back to the ui version
02:24thor ah
02:24thor good
02:24Chutt building stuff from a generic tree class
02:25Chutt handling levels, etc
02:25thor right
02:25thor good good
02:26thor so useful mfd-based playback should be in place in another day or so
02:26Chutt neat
02:26thor but then I have to figure out how to push playlists back to the mfd
02:26thor which will be fun
02:26Chutt heh
02:26Chutt plans on how to handle vis?
02:27thor socket, binary
02:27Chutt cool.
02:27thor first 4 bytes, amount of info to come
02:27thor then bytes of levels
02:27thor err, samples
02:27thor err, sampled samples
02:28thor dunno, have to look at what goom-like things really want to see as input, and wrap a little binary protocol around it
02:28thor bah, kmail sucks
02:30thor managed to get evolution compiled under slack
02:30thor but now it won't import anything
02:30thor hd crashes annoy me
02:31Netslayer so how's the osd coming?, I haven't updated since .14, been kind of busy
02:32Chutt thor, replace the drive?
02:32thor nope
02:32thor yes, yes, I am an idiot
02:32Chutt heh
02:32Chutt naw
02:33thor ah ha!
02:33thor that might do it
02:46thor nope
02:52MaxeyPad thor: have you tried thunderbird
02:52thor I looked at it for about 3 minutes
02:53thor anyhooo, figured out how to do the import into evolution
02:53thor (one folder at a time)
02:53Chutt heh
02:53thor which should take me about 4 days
02:54MaxeyPad I've not really messed with evolution that much, can it work with exchange?
02:54thor supposedly
02:55thor although anything that complicated (ie. working with software that sucks that bad) seems to mysteriously lead to ximian links for support contracts
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04:52thor good god myth takes a long time to compile
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06:16Dibblah Is anyone else looking at adding 'watch current recordings in progress' instead of the 'all recorders are in use' error to mythtv?
06:18Dibblah (I'm afraid I'm still learning my way around the source_... Currently, I'm thinking of doing the same as RemoteGetRecordingMask but doing GET_RECORDING instead of IS_RECORDING, then just displaying the list as a menu, changing the context to one of the in-progress recordings. Comments?
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10:38muehlbucks morning mythers!
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11:27knight- yoh
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12:22knight- I really wish we could mark an input device as "security cam" ;)
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12:54dja Chutt: you around?
12:55dja o_cee: you around? :-)
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13:04Chutt dja, no
13:04Chutt i am not around
13:04dja :-)
13:04thor are you an oblong?
13:04dja I'm pretty round myself :-)
13:05dja I was just wondering if David Engel is correct about the way the scheduler problem I'm having (if you've seen the email)
13:06Chutt haven't really looked at it
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13:06dja he's stating that if you restart mythbackend in the middle of a recording that it has never "restarted" the recording
13:06thor seen it happen
13:06Chutt it has
13:07dja that's what I thought -- I even remember when you added it (I think :-)
13:07thor in fact, it works quite well
13:07dja thor: are you running a current CVS (with David's scheduler patches)?
13:07Chutt 'course, i don't restart my backend in the middle of recordings
13:07dja I usually don't, but I had to the other night and caught hell from my wife because we only got the first couple of minutes of her show.
13:07thor I saw it happen about 2-3 weeks ago with what was then current CVS
13:08thor first 11 minutes of BBC news, last 15 minutes or so, reboot in between
13:08dja from what I (and at least one other) have experienced, David's new scheduler will not continue recording the show after a restart...
13:09dja and he even states that it's part of the design, that because it's in the recorded table, it won't continue recording the show...:-(
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13:11Chutt lemme chime in
13:11o_c dja: ..
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13:12dja o_cee: was just looking for someone to tell me I'm not crazy (reguarding the scheduler patches) :-)
13:13o_cee ah, hehehhe
13:13o_cee i'm a little confused about other things as well, so i'm not really much of a help ;)
13:13dja yeah, I've seen your postings. :-)
13:13bitbyte do mythmusic and mythvideo use a diff method of playign back audio than the module that plays back live tv and recorded shows?
13:13o_cee heh, they continued off-list
13:13Chutt bitbyte, mythmusic does
13:14dja :-)
13:14Chutt mythvideo uses whatever you tell it to.
13:14bitbyte chutt, i get crackling when I play videos i've uploaded and other things like mp3's cd's etc. but not when i watch live tv or a recorded show
13:14o_cee thor: i'm having a weird issue with MM today.. whenever i enter edit playlist i can't esc out of it... need to kill mythfrontend.. very odd
13:14Chutt if it's happening in mythvideo with mplayer or xine, it's not my problem
13:15thor o_cee, cvs mmusic ?
13:15bitbyte i'm just lookig for something different so i can find a direction to look
13:15Chutt your sound card drivers.
13:16bitbyte but wouldnt i get crackling all the time then?
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13:16Chutt no.
13:17bitbyte im not asking you to fix it, but i gotta get enough info to know what direction to look in
13:17Chutt i just told you
13:17Chutt your sound card drivers.
13:17thor sample rates may be different, you might be using alsa in core myth and oss emulation in mmusic, there's a bazillion little things that could be broken in your driver and only show up in some circumstances
13:17bitbyte i thought about sample rates
13:17bitbyte i dont know where to set the sample rate for myth tv
13:18bitbyte altho i did let it rip cd's for me at diff qualities, i assumed it would use diff sampling rates that way
13:18Chutt what part of 'sound card drivers' did you not understand?
13:18bitbyte i understamd chutt, simply clarifying to thor what i've done is all
13:19thor encoding to mp3/ogg/whatever does not change the sampling rate, it changes the bit rate
13:19bitbyte altho i must admit i don't understand how the drivers would let it happen in one instance and not the other. Ill look for newer drivers. thanks
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13:19bitbyte ok
13:19bitbyte is ther someplae i can set that?
13:19Chutt no.
13:19bitbyte k
13:20bitbyte thor, i dont have oss isntalled, altho i do have oss compliant alsa modules loaded
13:20o_cee thor: yeah, somewhat
13:21bitbyte thanks for the help. thats more answers in 5 minutes than i've gotten inthe last 5 days of searching and asking in myth-users
13:21thor o_cee, weird ... it could be something mfd did to the database, so would be interesting to find out more about the problem
13:22thor (I have no idea what, but if you haven't changed anything else ... dunno ...)
13:23o_cee thor: me neither.. i'll try to recompile mm and some stuff like that before diving into it deeper.. gonne watch csi now..
13:23o_cee late
13:23o_cee r
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15:40Chutt dja, there, david's going to fix it :p
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16:13plac3bo^lapto| hi everyone...i'm having a problem with viewing backend status on mythweb, and i know its not mythweb's fault, but it has to do with apache/php and wanted to know if anyone could help me out...i've searched gossamer-threads, and there is only 1 question with the same issue, but no replies...
16:14plac3bo^lapto| here is the error "readfile(): URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration" from status.php, line 17
16:16plac3bo^lapto| everything worked fine when i was running mythweb on my redhat box, but then i had to move it to gentoo, and i started seeing this error, so i know it is not related to mythweb...any thoughts would be appreciated
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16:28o_cee would be a good start
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16:48plac3bo^lapto| i asked here, because it is a possibility that some one ran into the same or similar problem and could provide helpful information...if not, i know i can go to apache or php's website for endless pages of documentation
16:49choenig plac3bo^laptop: as this isn't a support channel, i't recommend #mythtv-users for that
16:49choenig s/i't/i'd/
16:49plac3bo^lapto| ah, thank you, i did not know that channel existed, i appreciate it
16:50srl plac3bo^laptop: /topic :)
16:50choenig no problem... ever... srl :)
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17:53pigeon does that look like myth? or is it like tivo/freevo?
17:55pigeon never mind, it IS mythtv.
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18:00thor heh, you'd think they'd at least contrib the theme
18:09choenig this doesn't look like they're distribute that .iso incl. the source of mythtv, though that would be required thru gpl.
18:09choenig not that I looked into that .iso ;)
18:25Chutt bah, i don't want to email them asking for the source
18:31o_cee "The 'HMC Filters for Windows' package provides installers for filters and codecs that allow Home Media Centre television recordings to be played back on Windows PC's.
18:31o_cee " did they rup that filter as well? hmm
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18:33Chutt their manual has a GPL section at the end
18:33Chutt where they say they have the source on the machines
18:33Chutt etc
18:33choenig ah :)
18:33o_cee still think it's shitty :|
18:34G-funk|laptop| find someone who bought one of those things and ask them for the source
18:34pigeon actually those update iso contains a tarball of mythtv stuff, which includes sources.
18:35o_cee ah well mythtv is mentioned in the manual as well
18:35choenig o_cee: it is ? where?
18:35o_cee page 26
18:35o_cee i think it was
18:36choenig oh, yes, your right, I was just reading that part :)
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18:42thor hmmm
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18:42G-funk|laptop| wow, they have a bunch of themes
18:57G-funk|laptop| would anyone be interested in something that prints the schedule of upcoming recording while watching livetv?
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20:37bitbyte the mythmusic thing in there they didnt eve bother to change the way it looks, it's identical
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20:41bitbyte i told you ppl would pay to buy myth on a box and not have to mess with figuring out what hardware works ;)
20:43bitbyte software can still be free, they just buy the hardware and some service
20:44* mikegrb services kvandivo
20:48* bitbyte cover his eyes
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23:04knight- hey Chutt
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23:24knight- heh
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23:37sbh Who does the music module?
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23:39knight- hey Chutt
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23:55pigeon hmm, myth doesn't do anything like multiple mythbackend talking to each other yet right?
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