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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-03-17

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00:11G-funk|laptop| pigeon: yes, master and slave backends
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00:15pigeon thanks... i just found it on the doco too.
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00:55thor Chutt, fix your X
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00:57cmorgan sbh: whoever wants to work on it ;-)
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02:51knight- ahoy thor, chutt
02:51knight- been a quiet day on #mythtv
02:52pigeon aye
02:54knight- man i gotta get off 0.1.9 ivtv
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03:02knight- yay
03:02knight- i gotta port it to linux now
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03:09knight- heh
03:14knight- blah
03:22thor too much "work" work
03:28knight- hey thor
03:28knight- what are you "work" working?
03:46thor too many damn things at once
03:48knight- hah
03:49knight- quick question, are you aware of where the documentation for the linux serial driver is?
03:50thor /usr/src/linux/Documentation ?
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03:54knight- I suppose I should just use the serial support in QT
03:55knight- But I wanted to have a lower level api
03:56knight- actually not even sure there is serial port api
04:00knight- QSocketNotifier should work
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04:25knight- blah wish i had more Serial device under linux experience :)
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04:29knight- just wish someone with win32 porting experience would just port this sucker :)
04:33killerbun does there exist a mechanism which allows you to group movies up so they are easyer to look through when you want to find a specific movie in mythvideo ?
04:35killerbun guess not =/
04:55anduin knight-: look at the channel control stuff for the dctXXXX stuff, the basic "setup the serial port" stuff should be in there
05:00knight- anduin, well, i found some general linux serial code, i just have to port this TCommPort class written for winblows over to linux
05:00knight- so that i dont have to rewrite the rest of the app
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05:58knight- blah
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06:08knight- yay
06:08knight- ok i've ported it
06:08knight- just need to debug the hell out of it now
06:08knight- anyone else have a CX777ES and wants to test my RS-232C control software?
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09:18o_cee anyone know where to find finger in gentoo?
09:21o_cee found it, nm
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14:19o_cee hey chutt
14:20o_cee finger for my .plan... ;)
14:20o_cee dammit, that was for chutt :)
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14:46o_cee Chutt: are you there?
14:47Chutt no
14:48thor here?
14:48* thor is starting to sound more and more like Dr. Zeuss
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14:51Chutt heh
14:51Chutt hey
14:51josephk_ ummm
14:51josephk_ yeah
14:53mikegrb beer day!
14:53mikegrb happy st patty's day everyone
14:53thor 'cup
14:54josephk_ I guess transparency will only work between the background image and the topmost image in a theme, or am I retarded...or drunk
14:54mikegrb thor: I got green goodness on my website,
14:55josephk_ or perhaps only images with the background and not eachother
14:56o_cee Chutt: put up a .plan with my mythtv issues so that i don't forget them and can continue nagging you about them ;)
14:56mikegrb o_cee: mine has my gpg key like a normal person
14:56mikegrb actually it doesn't my finger supports a .gpgkey file
14:57o_cee mikegrb: heheh, no need to be normal
14:58mikegrb indeed
15:06o_cee Chutt: got any more offers?
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15:10Chutt no offers yet, buncha phone interviews
15:12o_cee better than nothing at least
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15:25o_cee Chutt: what are you up to nowdays anyway? you seem kinda busy
15:27Chutt catching up on my reading
15:27o_cee nice
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15:32o_cee anyway, the issues i'm seeing at the moment is in there, do whatever you want with the info
15:36Chutt too much other stuff to do right now :p
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15:37hadees Chutt, you ever think about applying to tivo?
15:38Chutt eh, not really
15:38kvandivo now _that_ would stop myth development in a hurry
15:38thor not as fast as we are now stopping Chutt's reading
15:38thor :-)
15:38Chutt heh, naw
15:38hadees not really, tivo guys have been pretty nice to the tivo hacking community
15:38Chutt i was just ordering stuff for the basement
15:39hadees i think they would still let you do mythtv
15:39Chutt wiring enclosure and phone and video distribution stuff
15:39Chutt hadees, that'd be highly doubtful
15:41Chutt thor, still haven't heard back from that guy from ATI developer relations =)
15:42thor he's escalted it to a _senior_ doofus
15:42Chutt i should email him back and ask if he got my reply
15:43kvandivo he'd respond, "I think so, but I can't get outlook to open my Inbox"
15:43thor and which part of "none of your hardware is supported under Linux" he failed to parse
15:44knight- hey Chutt, thor
15:44thor whatever it is, it's Chutt's fault
15:45Chutt i wonder how axel thimm's stuff at cebit went
15:45thor probably got a job offer from Developer 1
15:45thor :-)
15:46hadees anyone use ogle_ir?
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15:50thor MY GOD windows sucks
15:51thor how can people use this crap ?
15:53gfiend Try writing code for it day in and day out.
15:53josephk_ you know John Stossle(sp?) believes people buy MS products because they are
15:54thor crap, crap, crap
15:54hadees office isn't bad, but thats about it
15:54hadees just costs to much
15:55josephk_ kids are cheaper
15:55* billytwowill likes excel more than calc, although the stats stuff sucks.
15:55* billytwowill wishes he knew who john stossle was
15:56thor heh, you're not a real man until you've taken at least one crack at writing your own statistics package
15:56thor :-)
15:56josephk_ the 20 /20 "reporter"
15:56billytwowilly| heh, I'll pass;)
15:56billytwowilly| hey thor, is there anything rivalling shazam for linux?
15:56billytwowilly| prefereably gpl..
15:56Chutt downloads of my resume have tapered off
15:56Chutt hrmph
15:57thor gpl, well R
15:57billytwowilly| I checked out your resume. I seriously think you should try a subscription service type thing ala mandrakeclub.
15:57josephk_ oh sorry...I'll get back on that Chutt;D
15:57billytwowilly| "keep mythtv alive, hire a coder. 5 bucks/month 10 bucks/month etc."
15:58Chutt wouldn't be enough money, most likely
15:58Chutt and i'd have to keep asking
15:58thor write a business plan
15:58thor myth, internet, ???, profit
15:59hadees Chutt: try to get slashdot, that will spike your resume downloads
15:59josephk_ "keep Chutt little as 20 cents a day and chutt can get 3 good meals and be able to go to school"
15:59billytwowilly| you'd need 1334 subscribers to make 80 K/year
15:59thor and for $5 a day, you can see Sally Struthers starve to death inside a metal cage
15:59billytwowilly| I don't know what kind of salary you're looking for.
16:00josephk_ "where he will learn skills he needs for the future, like English and anger management."
16:00Chutt do you personally know 1300 people that want to give me $60?
16:00billytwowilly| I know of one;)
16:01Chutt ok, so i'd have to find 1299 more
16:01billytwowilly| hmm. I'm just trying to figure out the angle to add value.
16:01Chutt not going to happen
16:01josephk_ Chutt: Do you know how to make googoo eyes to the camera? O_O
16:01Chutt heh
16:01thor give a Chutt a fish, and you feed him for a day .... teach a Chutt to fish and ... well ... he'll probably just go fishing
16:01billytwowilly| how many downloads were there of the last release?
16:01Chutt a lot.
16:02billytwowilly| thor: build chutt a fire and you keep him warm for a night. Light chutt on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life;)
16:02hadees Chutt: you should try to get slashdot to do an interview with you about the future of pvrs, they might be down for that, i mean every time pvr comes up on that site they mention mythtv
16:02josephk_ a gajillion I think...either that or a bazillion...definitely 3 syllables
16:02billytwowilly| So if you could figure out some value add type thing for members you could probably get a couple hundred subscribers.
16:02Chutt hadees, there was a pvr story that mentioned mythtv after i posted my resume
16:03thor fry a fish for a Chutt, and he'll .... oh, never mind
16:03Chutt have a fish sandwich?
16:03Chutt mmm, food
16:03josephk_ beat you with it
16:03billytwowilly| maybe offer rpms for the latest mandrake, debs for debian, and an easy repository for club members?
16:03thor now if we can just get Sir Bob to write a themesong
16:04thor "All we are saying, is fry Chutt a fish"
16:04* josephk_ slaps thor with a fried catfish
16:04billytwowilly| heh, and you could sing it to the theme of coombyyah.. holy butchered spelling batman..
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16:05Chutt billytwowilly, i really don't think anything like that would work.
16:06Chutt and it'd be a pain for me to admin anything like that
16:06josephk during a release week it'd be enough to get drunk
16:06billytwowilly| Chutt, Maybe not, but mandrake is surviving quite well on that business model and they support many coders.. you're just one guy.
16:06Chutt mandrake has a few more users than i do
16:06billytwowilly| That's true, but they also have way more expenses.
16:07* thor notes the use of first person singular
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16:07Chutt heh
16:07billytwowilly| I think the business model is sound, plus it costs basically nothing to setup.
16:07thor now, where do I sign up for this Sally Struthers thing
16:07Chutt and like thor just intimated, there's a few more developers than just me :p
16:07hadees what ever happend to those guys selling mythtv boxes
16:08hadees are they making money?
16:08* thor smiles wisely to himself
16:08billytwowilly| Chutt, that's true, but those other guys have jobs;)
16:08josephk and what are their boot times
16:08* billytwowill is eyeing up and their work on epia boards.
16:09billytwowilly| apparently wicked fast boot times
16:09billytwowilly| anyhoo, I gotta go to school. ciao.
16:15Chutt dum de dum
16:15thor go for the expensive one
16:15Chutt expensive one?
16:15thor you're buying stuff for the basement
16:15Chutt already ordered stuff
16:15thor ah
16:15Chutt and, that crap is expensive
16:16thor should have got the deluxe model !
16:16Chutt they want $200 for a 8 port switch
16:16thor eh ?
16:16Chutt 'structured wiring'
16:16thor whatever
16:16Chutt yeah
16:16Chutt i'm going to buy a $60 linksys and stick it in the enclosure
16:17Chutt just as good =)
16:17thor but, but, but, it's not 'structured'
16:17Chutt only difference is it doesn't have a plate on it for mounting easily in the box
16:17thor ah, well
16:17Chutt but, should be pretty fun
16:18thor so, uhm, go write some code
16:18Chutt i'll have phone, cable, and ethernet everywhere
16:18thor anything
16:18Chutt have to clean the bathroom
16:18Chutt next :(
16:18thor heh
16:18Chutt wife's all 'you're home all day, clean the bathroom'
16:18thor heh
16:18Chutt and now i can't say 'but i was busy working'
16:18thor "the _least_ you could do"
16:19Chutt and i was kinda waiting to see if a phone interview was today at 4 or tomorrow at 4
16:19Chutt guess it's not today =)
16:19thor 4 central/mountain/pacific/yada/
16:20Chutt eastern, 1 pacific
16:20thor that would be tomorrow then
16:20Chutt yeah
16:20thor or the other party a wee bit too much green beer for lunch
16:21thor if XP does one more stupid thing ...
16:21thor uhp, meep, all right then
16:21thor this is your last day on the planet
16:22Chutt heh
16:22thor btw, if anyone ever asks you, "could we whip together a little streaming movie of the product"
16:22thor say NO
16:22Chutt heh
16:23--- ---> X-trem3 [X-trem3@] has joined #mythtv
16:23Chutt instead of 'sure, why not?'
16:23thor "should only take an hour or two"
16:23thor HA
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16:25X-trem3 hi there
16:25thor mute your line in
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16:26X-trem3 dudes, i got some problems using mythtv and i can't enter #mythtv-users cause i got mirc right now, do ya know another channel where i can post my question?
16:26Chutt why can't you enter #mythtv-users?
16:26X-trem3 i can man but i am the only one there
16:26X-trem3 ...
16:27kvandivo well that's a totally different problem
16:27Chutt did you enter #mythtv-users) ?
16:27X-trem3 THANK YOU
16:27X-trem3 :)
16:27gfiend heh he did now
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16:58Chutt oops
16:58Chutt guess the phone interview was today
16:59Chutt missed the guy calling when i had the vacuum cleaner on
16:59thor heh
16:59thor classic
16:59Chutt he just called back, though.
16:59Chutt ah well
16:59thor google for "Thor Sigvaldason is late"
17:01Chutt heh
17:01Chutt that certainly qualifies as an oops
17:01thor at least they didn't put it on the cover
17:01thor :-)
17:05Chutt ah well, rescheduled it
17:06thor anything interesting ?
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17:37o_cee rofl, X-trem3 you're funny
17:38o_cee anyone talked to chris lately? haven't been around..
17:38o_cee chris p that is
17:39o_cee mikegrb: oh no you don't
17:39X-trem3 o_cee i don't think that's a good thing..
17:40mikegrb o_cee: :<
17:40o_cee mikegrb: heh
17:41o_cee mikegrb: i'm using x-chat..
17:41mikegrb ;)
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17:41o_cee Chutt: you done dust-sucking and telephone-interviewing yet?
17:44o_cee guess not
17:44o_cee thor: any testing needed with mfe/mfd?
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18:16thor o_cee, it about 24 hours, yes
18:16o_cee thor: allright
18:17thor although breaking anything at any time is also good
18:17thor :-)
18:17o_cee heh.. actually i'll try something right now
18:18o_cee the thing i said about not beeing able to esc out
18:18o_cee rebuild musicmetadata but i'll have to check taht tomorrow
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18:30o_cee i'm bored
18:30thor go implement something in your .plan
18:31o_cee lets see
18:32o_cee no fun
18:33o_cee no easy stuff
18:33thor four words: milkshake, shower, swedish girlfriend
18:33o_cee i'd love a milkshake
18:33thor order is left to the reader
18:34o_cee there's my cat licking himself
18:35o_cee hmm, after rebuilding musicmetadata it doesn't have to "loading data" when going into the browser.. odd.. used to take a while for it to load it
18:35thor that's the "don't hit the db four times four every track" thing
18:36o_cee not sure that's it
18:36o_cee guess my music table was borked or something
18:36o_cee i had that delay earier today before rebuilding it
18:36thor ah
18:40kvandivo thor: does that order you mentioned imply that the three can't be done in parallel?
18:41thor nope
18:41o_cee huh?
18:41kvandivo now we're talkin..
18:41thor although you have to be a little careful about diluting your shake
18:41o_cee am i missing something super duper fun on -users?
18:41kvandivo i wouldn't know, o_cee
18:42thor no, you're missing the fact that you could be drinking your milshake in the shower with your swedish girlfriend instead of yaking on irc
18:42o_cee kvandivo: me neither. it's so nice
18:42o_cee thor: she's frigging asleep, m'kay?
18:42o_cee heh
18:42thor :-(
18:42kvandivo probably best to not put her in the shower right now, then
18:42o_cee yeah :/
18:43o_cee kvandivo: i thought so too
18:43thor coffee milkshake ?
18:43kvandivo my experience from the college days tells me that most people don't like have water dumped on them when asleep
18:43o_cee heheh
18:43o_cee no milk or icecream at home.. almost nothing in the fridge, need to do some shopping
18:49--- ---> gfiend [] has joined #mythtv
18:52o_cee Failed to run 'cdrecord --scanbus' <-- am i supposed to see that even when i turned off the burning support?
18:52--- <<-- GeckoFiend [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:55josephk o_cee: am I right in assuming there are certain areas in a theme where images cannot have transparencies?
18:56--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:57--- ---> dja_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:57--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
18:57o_cee josephk: not that i know of
18:58josephk hmmm...maybe I'm not preparing them correctly
18:59thor josephk, if you're themeing a MythThemedDialog, you have to make sure the images does not sneak out of the bounds of its container
19:01josephk I was noticing my titles weren't being drawn with opacity, and it seems that when the button area is drawn active or inactive it will always be transparent to the background, and not any watermark I might try to sneak in behind it
19:01josephk of course it's probably my fault as you say:)
19:02o_cee the button area fucks it up, yeah
19:02o_cee but having text over the watermark isn't a good idea anyway :)
19:03josephk well I was hoping to make a backdrop for the buttons and make it look as though they were part of a screen within a screen...but it looks like I'd have to make that part of the background
19:04josephk looks great that way, but since every other screen uses the backdrop everything else looks half retarded
19:06o_cee yeah well i guess it can be fixed ;)
19:09josephk it don't respect no draworder...heh
19:10thor context first, then draworder
19:10thor (at least, that's the idea)
19:10josephk roger
19:10thor but it probably doesn't hurt to have things listed in the XML in the order you want them drawn :-)
19:11o_cee too easy
19:11josephk yup
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19:23o_cee yup yup
19:23o_cee i should go to bed now right?
19:23thor yup
19:24pigeon what channel this is again? ;)
19:24o_cee pigeon: why
19:24pigeon just funny when i see the last few dialogues :P
19:24o_cee hehehe
19:25pigeon so... good nite for you then?
19:25--- Channel: thor changed the topic of #mythtv to: Milkshakes, Showers, and Swedish Girlfriends
19:25o_cee yepp, soonish
19:25o_cee eyy, i'd better wake her up and tell her i want my milkshake
19:25--- Channel: thor changed the topic of #mythtv to: -- This isn't a support channel, go to #mythtv-users
19:26o_cee blerh :)
19:26--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
19:26pigeon MythTV changed my life.
19:26o_cee yea now we're all addicted to tv
19:27pigeon i'm so proud to tell people now, "I don't watch tv, I watch mythtv".
19:27o_cee heh
19:27--- ---> mdz [] has joined #mythtv
19:28bitbyte funny thnig is, i don't reallyatch much tv
19:28bitbyte watch*
19:28bitbyte hehe
19:29--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
19:29o_cee tomorrow i'll get my ~150$ 2m DVD-A cable, yeeeah
19:30bitbyte dvd-a cable?
19:30o_cee 6 x RCA player -> amp yeah
19:31bitbyte ah
19:32josephk ooo
19:32o_cee iii
19:32josephk aaaaaiiieeee
19:34o_cee yepp
19:34o_cee well, g'night.. off to bed and dream about those milkshakes
19:34mikegrb heh
19:35mikegrb good night o_cee
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22:51p0lar69 hello all
22:52p0lar69 ahh wrong channel
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