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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-03-18

---Logopened Thu Mar 18 00:00:38 2004
00:02billytwowilly| hmm. I wonder what channel polar69 thought he was talking in that is named something similar to #mythtv??;)
00:13hadees i think he saw the thing that says this isn't a support channel
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00:55hadees how much control of mythtv does mfd have?
00:55thor all you myth belong to us
00:56hadees thor: can mfd pass keypress or how ever mythtv gets input
00:56thor nope
00:56billytwowilly| will mfd be in 0.15?
00:56thor I think you want to look at libmfdclient
00:56thor hopefully
00:57hadees could mfd control that stuff?
00:57thor which "stuff"
00:57billytwowilly| just music though right? not whole video/music etc?
00:57thor ?
00:57thor heh, not for 0.15, nope
00:57billytwowilly| that's an awesome start man. Good work.
00:58hadees thor: could mfd be programed with a plugin to allow it to do things like change the channel
00:58thor it will be, at some point
00:59Chutt mdz, ah, why'd you forward that to me?
01:00hadees thor: would that be a mfd plugin or would that be in the main part of mfd?
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01:00thor there would be a plugin that can talk to a mythbackend to get video content
01:01thor the interaction would have to include a way to send control stuff
01:01thor but none of this is very well thought out
01:01* billytwowill is very excited about mfd
01:01thor (trying to finish core stuff, and the music stuff)
01:01hadees could it also control the frontend?
01:01Chutt i think it should be the other way 'round
01:02thor heh, well, there you go
01:02Chutt frontend should still talk to the backend for tuner stuff
01:02thor yup
01:02Chutt unless you're going to make mfd play video
01:02Chutt but i dunno how well that'd work
01:02thor possibly audio of video
01:02thor but not anytime soon
01:02hadees i just want to hook up a remote that talks over wireless internet
01:03hadees and controls the frontend
01:03thor "remote" being what kind of device ?
01:03hadees a windows ce handheld
01:03Chutt that's probably easier through the frontend
01:04thor run mfd, point CE browser at http://mfd_ip:2345
01:04thor play music
01:04thor (then bug o_cee to make it not quite so ugly)
01:05thor next, write CE application that links to libmfdclient
01:05thor (that would take a little longer)
01:05thor :-)
01:05hadees there already is an app
01:05thor could rephrase that in the form of a question
01:08hadees is the program, all it needs is a plugin that speaks mfdp
01:08thor heh, well all mfdp is good for is for finding other services/protocols running on the mfd
01:09thor autodiscover mfdp service, connect, ask it for mdcap, daap, audio control, etc.
01:09hadees yeah i wasn't sure if thats what i wanted
01:10thor but all of that is "supposed to be" abstracted in libmfdclient
01:10thor which will just tell you when new content is available
01:11hadees so where would i start if i wanted to get mfd to control the frontend? write a mfd plugin and tie it into mythfrontend?
01:12hadees nothing fancy just have mfd be able to do everything the remote or keyboard could do
01:12Chutt write a tiny little thing for mythfrontend, instead
01:12thor yeah
01:12thor you really just need a key pusher
01:12Chutt yup
01:13Chutt something to inject stuff into the event loop
01:13thor vnc?
01:13Chutt heh, naw
01:13Chutt i dunno
01:13Chutt how best to do it
01:13Chutt ah well
01:14Chutt time for sleep
01:14hadees well the nice thing about mfd, i assume, would be the ablity to send information back to netremote
01:14thor heh, g'night
01:14Chutt why would that be any different than it being in the frontend?
01:14hadees but the key pusher is alittle more in my ball park
01:15thor you could write a tiny little protocol that says, "live, channel 3, volume 42"
01:15thor whatever
01:16thor but if you want to be able to do everything (schedule recordings, etc.) ... well ...
01:16thor you want a CE mythfrontend
01:16thor :-)
01:17hadees hehe, i would rather not have CE at all but why reinvent the wheel
01:17hadees and netremote is fairly advanced and free
01:18billytwowilly| CE?
01:19thor Windows
01:19billytwowilly| oh. windows ce. gotcha
01:20billytwowilly| boo ce, yay palm and open embedded;)
01:20thor zauraus !
01:21billytwowilly| open embedded = open zaurus
01:21billytwowilly| it's just what they're calling the new build system they are making to make it easy to compile for multiple platforms.. atleast that's my understanding.
01:25hadees thor: do you know which file the event loop is in mythfrontend source dir?
01:27thor heh
01:28thor Qt event loop
01:28thor "it's everywhere"
01:29hadees so where should i inject my commands?
01:29thor heh
01:30thor you'd need to create a server socket in there somewhere
01:30thor and have it check for incoming connections/data etc.
01:31thor then probably stick QKeyEvents or QCustomEvents onto the event Queue
01:31hadees okay wheres the event Queue
01:31thor you just post an event
01:31thor QApplication::postEvent()
01:32thor and then the main dialog (live tv, whatever) would want to look for those events
01:32thor it's a bit complicated to explain if you've never written any Qt code
01:32thor but not that hard to do in actual practice
01:33thor (heh, I figured it out)
01:33hadees so where do you think the best place to post and event at
01:33hadees just somewhere in main.cpp?
01:33thor probably not
01:34thor you might want to create your little listener in main
01:34thor start with just some cout's in whatever dialog you want to be able to control
01:34thor presumably live tv ?
01:35hadees well i want to be able to control everything
01:35thor heh, well, up you go to MythDialog in libmyth
01:36hadees alright
01:38hadees i think i need to learn about Qt before i go further because i am not 100% sure how mythtv gets keys
01:38hadees thanks
01:38hadees later
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02:32mdz Chutt: that's the third spam/worm crap I've gotten today that was forged from you
02:32mdz Chutt: either you have some windows machine somewhere with me in your Outlook address book, or they're getting insidious in their choice of addresses to forge
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04:22Chutt mdz, web page caches are standard for culling email addresses for stuff like that nowadays
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06:17o_cee hiya
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19:26Chutt oh my
19:26Chutt a typo-less email from stan
19:26decoy hi Chutt
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19:36thor heh
19:36thor must have taken him all day
19:38thor but he's _still_ got the quote wrong
19:38Chutt heh
19:52Chutt hrm
19:52Chutt mdz, hey, you around?
19:52mdz Chutt: yep
19:52mdz what'd I break now?
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19:53Chutt nothin :p
19:53Chutt i was wondering if you were going to do that date/time splitting
19:53Chutt i'd be able to test it this weekend, if you were wanting someone else to do that
19:54mdz yeah, my problem is that I can't break my backend, so I can't test
19:54Chutt heh
19:54mdz unless there's an easy way I can run the scheduler with no capture cards
19:54Chutt well, needs em defined
19:54Chutt to run =0
19:54decoy hey guys, sorry to bother you here, but is any of you running ivtv on a 2.6 kernel ?
19:54Chutt err, =)
19:55Chutt use 2.4
19:55decoy i have SATA hdd, that sucks in 2.4 :(
19:56pigeon hmm, i thought there's support for sata in 2.4 too?
19:56decoy very bad
19:56pigeon is there a way to check?
19:57decoy it sees it as scsi
19:57pigeon hmm, mine appears in the ide
19:57decoy and i've read on several places that there are many problems
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19:57decoy so i'd prefer to go try to find a 2.6 solution before going to 2.4
19:58pigeon hmm, ok.
19:59pigeon i always wonder, the sata hdd works, but is it actually utilizing sata's stuff.
19:59Chutt mdz, well, you _could_ not install the backend
19:59Chutt just run it from the compile dir
19:59Chutt and disable the stuff that has it ask an existing backend for the schedule
19:59Chutt and do -printsched or whatnot
20:00Chutt but, i'd be happy to test it
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20:05mdz Chutt: ok, I'll take a shot at it
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20:09mdz hmm, backend crashed
20:10mdz after a slow of "ran out of free AUDIO buffers :-("
20:10mikegrb mdz: call the wrecker?
20:10mdz slew
20:11mdz I'm tempted to get rid of that daemon(3) call so that mythbackend can leave a core
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20:49mdz hmm, mysql doesn't seem to let you rename a column
20:51mdz ah, yes it does. sql-92 doesn't
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21:13Chutt stupid interview questions
21:15Chutt i hate realizing the answer after the interview's over
21:15Chutt stupid questions
21:15mdz Chutt: title_pronounce is added by the migration code, but is not in the CREATE TABLE
21:16thor "What would you say your main weakness is?"
21:16thor participating in this interview
21:16Chutt naw
21:16Chutt guy was asking the silly brain teasers
21:16thor "How many ping pong balls can you fit in a 747?"
21:16Chutt a lot
21:17thor bravo
21:17mdz Chutt: if it's convenient for you to add it, please go ahead; my copy is all hacked up right now
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21:17Chutt mdz, the main inserts don't have everything
21:18Chutt the migration code is supposed to be run all the time
21:18mdz hmm, I see. it only goes to 1003
21:18mdz that's a little weird, but ok
21:18Chutt yeah
21:19Chutt figured that was easier than modifying two sets of sql instructions
21:20mdz as long as it ends up the same
21:24mdz any particular reason that guidegrid & GetProgramRangeDateTime use strings rather than QDateTime?
21:24mdz if not, I'm going to change it
21:35Chutt early code that used the sql timestamp format instead of having qt convert to it
21:35Chutt is the reason
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21:39mdz ok, already changed it
21:40Chutt heh
21:40Chutt allright =)
21:40Chutt hrmph
21:40Chutt i think i just missed one of the questions this guy asked
21:40thor heh
21:40thor 42
21:40thor !
21:40Chutt ah well
21:40thor and mute your line in
21:40thor (for good measure)
21:40Chutt and trying to communicate pseudocode over the phone, well, sucks
21:41thor heh
21:41Chutt ah well
21:41Chutt i don't want to move, anyway
21:41Chutt screw dat
21:42thor anyone who walks away from an interview with you thinking you aren't a very good software developer has done a pretty bad interview
21:42thor full stop
21:42Chutt naw, it was just communication
21:42thor heh
21:43Chutt at least the 'tell me the algorithm to do X' part
21:44thor if you ask Bill Joy "how to do X", he'll probably wander off mumbling and come back with a new programming language a few months later
21:45thor but then again, not someone you'd want to hire :-)
21:45mdz oh yay
21:46mdz qsqlquery.prepare() will replace multiple instances of a bind variable
21:46Chutt yeah
21:46mdz I'm going to go around replacing some stuff with that
21:46Chutt and you don't have to escape stuff
21:46thor it works amazingly well
21:47mdz now why is there no .value("column name")?
21:47mdz that's the other thing that's a bitch in the current code; updating the column numbers
21:48mdz maybe because not all databases can do it
21:48mdz but poop on databases that don't
21:51Chutt updating what column numbers?
21:51anduin .value(1)
21:51mdz the ones where it's filling out a structure from the columns
21:51mdz .value(1), .value(2), etc.
21:52Chutt ah
21:52Chutt that makes sense
21:57Chutt hrm
21:57Chutt let's see, what to code
21:59thor heh
21:59Chutt ah,yeah, fixing the osdlistbtn for overscan
21:59thor and making a listbtn thing that will handle playlists ... that would be nice
21:59thor :-)
21:59Chutt eventually
22:00thor heh, the last of the Qt widgets
22:00Chutt 'side from config stuff
22:00thor yup
22:02mdz heh, someone's trying to trick me
22:02mdz there's a column in the SELECT that isn't used
22:02mdz so one of the numbers isn't used
22:02Chutt heh
22:02Chutt please don't break things =)
22:03mdz oh, it's used later on
22:03mdz this is pretty much guaranteed to break things; there are just too many tiny error-prone updates
22:06mdz hmmm
22:07Chutt hmm good, or hmmm bad?
22:07mdz what does GROUP BY with multiple columns do?
22:07mdz like an AND on them?
22:07Chutt which query?
22:07mdz progfind
22:07mdz selectShowData
22:08Chutt doesn't it just group by each of them?
22:09mdz ah, I suppose it does
22:09mdz I don't get that query
22:09mdz why is it using GROUP BY if it isn't using any functions?
22:09mdz isn't that the same as SELECT DISTINCT?
22:10mdz anyway I'm just adding startdate to the GROUP BY and ORDER BY
22:13Chutt and enddate?
22:13Chutt or are you leaving endtime as is?
22:13Chutt are you converting from timestamps, too?
22:14mdz I'm converting both
22:14mdz from a timestamp column to a time and a date
22:15mdz yeah, startdate and enddate in the GROUP BY, and startdate in the ORDER BY
22:15Chutt ok
22:15Chutt heh
22:15Chutt that australian company emailed me
22:15Chutt says they're not hiding the fact that they're using mythtv
22:16Sir-Al for what
22:16Chutt read the users list.
22:16Sir-Al k
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22:18anduin mdz - are you going to update mythweb as well?
22:19* mdz groans
22:19mdz me and my bright ideas
22:19Chutt heh
22:19* mikegrb gives mdz a light bulb
22:19Chutt code in contrib/ probably
22:19Chutt too =)
22:19Chutt 'it'll be easy!'
22:19mdz forget contrib
22:19mdz Chutt: what's this hhmm50 stuff about?
22:20Chutt so it can use a > instead of a >=
22:20mdz why?
22:20Chutt didn't know how the date comparison was implemented
22:20mdz which? in mysql?
22:20Chutt yeah
22:20mdz the seconds are all 0 in the db
22:21Chutt right
22:21mdz I'm looking at GetProgramAtDateTime
22:22mdz and it's using the 50 with both < and >
22:22Chutt same thing
22:22Chutt < instead of <=
22:22mdz I don't understand why you couldn' t use >= and <=
22:22Chutt as i said, i didn't know how the date comparison stuff was implemented in mysql
22:23Chutt figured that i could easily be faster to do a < than a <=
22:23Chutt and it didn't use any extra time to use 50 for the seconds in the source
22:23--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
22:23mdz with them split out, it'll be using an index, and they should be equivalent in terms of performance
22:24mdz the 50 is annoying for me in a couple of places because otherwise I could use a QTime instead of a string
22:24Chutt yeah
22:24Chutt so, just use a qtime
22:24Chutt and remember to change all those >'s and <'s to >= and <=
22:24mdz and change to >= and <=?
22:24mdz ok
22:24mdz more little changes to break :-)
22:26mdz in mysql 4.1.1 or something they finally added TIME(date+time) and DATE(date+time) functions
22:26mdz about fucking time
22:26mdz so maybe one day we won't need TO_DAYS and TIME_TO_SEC everywhere
22:26mdz but a bunch of those are going away right now anyway
22:27hadees anyone know a good guide to qt programing?
22:27Chutt top story on slashdot, i assume
22:29--- ---> mdz_ [~mdz@] has joined #mythtv
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22:33mdz_ thor: ?
22:33thor yup
22:33mdz_ oh, I was disconnected
22:33mdz_ and presumably missed something
22:33thor <hadees> anyone know a good guide to qt programing?
22:34mdz_ ignore me
22:34Chutt ok!
22:35* thor thinks of nothing but purple elephants when told not to think of purple elephants
22:35mdz_ now time to try to compile this mess
22:35* mdz_ goes for a drink
22:35mikegrb thor: think of sending me lots of money
22:35thor dum dee do do
22:36Netslayer is that a joke heh, top headline on /. qt programming
22:36Netslayer book review
22:37Chutt thor, was there any design decision not to make the uitype classes handle their own input?
22:37thor heh
22:37thor this "design decision" thing you speak of ?
22:37Chutt heh
22:37Chutt i dunno :p
22:38thor probably ineptitude in dealing with focus
22:39mdz_ Chutt: mysql will accept a date/time in Qt::ISODate format, right?
22:39Chutt i dunno
22:39Chutt i believe qt will convert appropriately
22:39Chutt won't it?
22:39mdz_ docs say it will
22:39thor they will not agree on the _same_ iso date format
22:40mdz_ in a bindValue, I can just give it the qdate or qtime
22:40mdz_ but in most places it's using a qstring, so I have to convert it
22:40mdz_ the default for .toString() is a text date, so if it does some automatic conversion I assume it does that as well
22:40mdz_ and that definitely won't work, but I'm pretty sure ISODate will
22:40Chutt hrm
22:40Chutt 'sec
22:42mdz_ I've hit proginfo, scheduler and progfind so far
22:43mdz_ I think maybe only scheduledrecording and tv_rec to go
22:43Chutt r = "'" + field->value().toDate().toString( Qt::ISODate ) + "'";
22:43mdz_ oh and filldata, shit
22:43Chutt is how it prepares a QDate
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22:43Chutt qtime and qdatetime are similar
22:43thor MMusicWatcher::getQtTimeFromMySqlTime()
22:43mdz_ yeah, this is more to do with removing the hhmm50s than the split itself
22:43Netslayer does mythmusic use it's own built in player or ffmpeg?
22:44--- <<-- anduin [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
22:44Chutt ffmpeg isn't a player.
22:44Netslayer ohya
22:44thor in*checkout*/mfd/mfd/plugins/mmusic/mmusic.cpp?content-type=text%2Fplain&rev=1.35
22:44thor is the best I could come up with
22:44thor they're both ISO, just different ISO's
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22:46Chutt uimanagedtreelist, syncCurrentWithActive
22:46Chutt will that move the selection to the active, and move the tree around so that it's visible?
22:46thor yup
22:46thor used to be 0 button push
22:47thor (don't know what it is now)
22:47Chutt what's showWholeTree do?
22:47Chutt still in the managed tree list
22:47thor uses all the bins
22:48thor without out, you only see the "last" bin
22:48Chutt ah
22:48Chutt ok
22:48thor and you can't pop up or down
22:48thor so flat list
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22:48thor drawn in the whole <area>
22:49Chutt ok
22:51Chutt thinking about replacing the stuff in the playback box, first
22:51Chutt or, i dunno
22:51Chutt maybe i should just do the selection screen first
22:51Chutt that might be a bit easier
22:51thor heh, the UIManagedTreeList:::draw() is terrible ... can't believe it's still in there
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23:09mdz_ Chutt: in tv_play.cpp, TV::DoInfo, all of those variables seem to be unused. is that right?
23:09mdz_ the QStrings, I mean
23:11Chutt they do look to be unused
23:14Captain_Murdo| they probably pre-date the ProgramInfo::ToMap() method.
23:15mdz_ I guess gcc doesn't warn about them because instantiating a class can have side effects
23:17mdz_ Chutt: did you look any further at the qmake precompiled header stuff?
23:18mdz_ (he asked has he waited for stuff to compile)
23:18Chutt heh
23:18Chutt naw, since it's only with qt 3.3
23:19Chutt and newer versions of gcc
23:19Chutt last i checked, debian only has qt 3.2
23:22--- <<-- Octane [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:26--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
23:31--- <<-- Octane [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:33mdz_ I should buy a new athlon XP to replace the one that fried
23:33mdz_ they're so cheap
23:35Chutt heh
23:38mdz_ hardware never works anymore though
23:38mdz_ I hate dealing with it
23:39Chutt my tv box has developed a noticeable humming
23:39Chutt it goes up and down in intensity
23:39Chutt hardware sucks :p
23:40mdz_ I estimate this happened sometime around 2000
23:40mdz_ before that, you could buy some parts, and put together a computer which worked reliably
23:43--- <<-- Captain_Murdoch_ [] has quit ()
23:43Chutt yay, stuff compiles
23:43pigeon ship it!
23:44pigeon :)
23:44bitbyte forkin apt
---Logclosed Fri Mar 19 00:00:02 2004