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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-03-19

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00:08o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you got my mail?
00:09o_cee right that wasn't the same chris
00:09mdz_ Chutt: what does fix_end_times actually do as far as the database?
00:09o_cee off to get breakfast.. btw chutt that humming is probably your cpu fan that's temperature-driven
00:09mdz_ I get the distinct feeling that it could be collapsed into one query
00:12mdz_ but I'm not entirely convinced I understand it correctly
00:13Chutt set's the end time of any programs that are missing an end time to the start time of the next program on the channel
00:13mdz_ ah
00:14mdz_ mysql supports joins on UPDATE
00:14mdz_ so I think it should be possible
00:16mdz_ so it iterates over all programs with an endtime of 0
00:16mdz_ grabs the first program for that day (to check if it's a program starting at midnight?)
00:17mdz_ and if the two have the same endtime
00:18mdz_ ...loses me
00:18mdz_ er, s/have/do not have/
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00:19mdz_ it does set starttime=foo, endtime=bar WHERE chanid=c AND starttime=foo
00:19mdz_ I guess that matches both the latter and the former, but is a no-op for the former
00:20mdz_ either it can be implemented as a single query, or it can be implemented better because with time/date separate, endtime can be NULL
00:26Chutt main reason for it is that any programs that cross over midnight with tv_grab_na don't have a starttime/date
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00:28mdz_ start? or end?
00:29Chutt err, end
00:29Chutt heh
00:29Chutt sorry
00:32Chutt thor, hey
00:32thor yup
00:32Chutt do you happen to remember the qlistview building code?
00:32thor heh
00:33thor there's qlistview building code ?
00:33Chutt well, for the selection screen
00:33thor putYourselfOnTheListView()
00:33thor that ?
00:33Chutt yeah
00:34thor not really, but I'm happy to look at it and try and recall what I was thinking ...
00:34Chutt well
00:34Chutt the 'insert after this item' constructor
00:34thor one sec
00:34Chutt it's used in a couple places, but i was just wondering if i could just insert at the end
00:34Chutt instead
00:35Chutt since inserting at arbitrary positions is going to be costly with the way generictree is setup
00:36mdz_ heh
00:36Chutt well
00:36thor I have no quick answer
00:36mdz_ at the end of the day, I can't tell whether there are more or fewer string<->date/time conversions
00:36thor ... hmm ...
00:36mdz_ had to add a bunch and remove a bunch
00:36Chutt it'll only be costly if all i have is a pointer
00:36Chutt since i'll have to find the pointer
00:36Chutt then insert
00:37thor GenericTree should come with a Map
00:37Chutt actually
00:38Chutt it looks like you're pretty much always appending to the end
00:38Chutt and just using the 'append after' with that
00:38thor yeah, I think so
00:38thor I know I got horribly confused by the fact that things kept going on in reverse order
00:38Chutt heh
00:38Chutt well
00:38Chutt we'll try it without the 'insert at arbitrary point' for now
00:38thor so I may have just been being pedantic
00:39Chutt but i'm going to think about an alternative implementation for generictree
00:39Chutt QPtrList is just, well, limited
00:39thor yup
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00:41thor But if the entire tree had a Dictionary/Map you could get from any node to info about any other node lickity split
00:41Chutt lotta ram
00:42thor (but then I was already well beyond my limited expertise on GenericTree itself, so _nobody_ should listen to me)
00:43thor AllMusic::putYourselfOnTheListView()
00:43thor error message at the end
00:43thor hee hee
00:47Chutt heh
00:57mdz_ well damn, it compiles
00:58mdz_ I'll just go ahead and commit it and see what breaks, ok? ;-)
00:58Chutt heh
00:58mdz_ 17 files changed, 626 insertions(+), 531 deletions(-)
00:58Chutt uh
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01:00mdz_ I don't suppose there's any way to get mythepg to talk to a locaal database rather than a backend, like it used to
01:00mdz_ that'd be a good smoke test
01:01Chutt hrm
01:01Chutt not easily
01:02thor somebody mail mdz a bt card ...
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01:03Chutt a bt card?
01:03thor isn't the problem here that he doesn't have a capture card ?
01:04mdz_ I have one
01:04mdz_ but it's in almost constant use
01:04thor heh
01:04mdz_ a victim of its own success
01:05Chutt well, treecheckitem compiles
01:05Chutt now for the rest
01:05thor cool
01:05mdz_ the best part of this is that I have no idea if any of the SQL is even syntactically valid
01:05mdz_ except for the db conversion, which I tested with cut and paste
01:06mdz_ there could be so many bugs lurking
01:06Chutt all good fun
01:06Chutt post it to the list :p
01:06thor select something, like ya know, that matches something else WHERE you feel like
01:06mdz_ it's ok, though, because Chutt volunteered to help with the testing :-)
01:06Chutt yeah
01:06Chutt my dev box doesn't ever record anything
01:06Chutt except when i'm testing
01:07thor mine has one 4 minute recording from about 8 months ago
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01:08mdz_ sent
01:08mdz_ this ended up touching way more code than I anticipated
01:09_rkulagow yay! a distro flamefest on -users.
01:09mdz_ probably because in order to do it sanely, I converted a bunch of stuff from QStrings to QDateTimes
01:09Chutt right
01:09Chutt rkulagow, this is why -users is so much fun
01:09Chutt yay, metadata.cpp compiled
01:09thor wow
01:10thor _rkulagow, at least it's not another thread about lirc
01:11_rkulagow yeah, that's true. interesting about the australian "hce" box or whatever it's called. that makes at least two commercial products, the italian one and the ozzie.
01:12Chutt the australian people emailed me
01:12Chutt sent jpgs of the story
01:12thor and probably a whole street of vendors in Shang Hai
01:13thor "australin people" == D1 ?
01:13Chutt yeah
01:13thor cool
01:13Chutt they don't have a link to mythtv on their website
01:13Chutt or otherwise mention it
01:13_rkulagow mebbe they _are_ lurking on users.
01:14Chutt because they don't want to 'confuse their users'
01:14thor well, they certainly don't want half clueless people running a borked CVS and then sending them support questions :-)
01:15Chutt right
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01:15Chutt he didn't explain why they've neglected to send any patches up to me
01:15_rkulagow probably because they're scared of you.
01:15Chutt or why the magazine article says it's a 'proprietary interface'
01:16thor heh, well, press never gets anything right
01:16thor (I was _not_ late)
01:16Chutt right, but why would they say it was a proprietary interface?
01:16Chutt heh
01:16Chutt heh
01:16Chutt no generictree::removeChild
01:17thor some reporter who thinks "proprietary" means not Microsoft standard HTPC
01:17thor have never had to prune one ...
01:17Chutt right
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01:26mdz_ well great
01:26mdz_ my post was moderated because the attachment was too large
01:26mdz_ should I resend or are you going to approve it?
01:27Chutt can you gzip it?
01:27mdz_ yes
01:27mdz_ well, not sure, but I'll try :-P
01:27Chutt if the gzipped version is still too big, i'll approve it
01:27mdz_ it won't be
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01:28mdz_ it was only 92k
01:28thor ugh, stupid mdnsd .... time for a break
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01:37narowmind wasup. anyone know that status of firewire capture ?
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10:37jams /msg NickServ IDENTIFY nopassword
10:38jams oops time to change my password
10:48Itisme :)
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11:17Chutt the amount of disinformation in the 'new pvr250' thread is amazing
11:18bitbyte hehe
11:18bitbyte and you wonder why i ask some of my questions to you guys... I like authoritative information. not some schmucks version of how he thinks stuff works
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11:32thor I hear Chutt is raising money on the capital markets to do a leveraged buyout of Hauppauge
11:33Chutt heh
11:36bitbyte yay
11:36bitbyte you go chutt
11:36bitbyte while yer at it buy pcHDTV and make em put a decoder chip on that thing
11:36bitbyte :)
11:37bitbyte better yet, buy myHDTV and release linux drivers
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12:57GreyFoxx 0
12:57GreyFoxx oops
13:19Chutt heh, zoran
13:21Chutt thor, so, i got the tree displaying
13:21Chutt mostly correctly, though it's upside down
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13:44thor heh
13:44thor that was driving me crazy
13:45thor and I distinctly remember trying to put things on the list view in a reverse order, and having it still come out all fubared
13:45thor which is probably why all the InsertAfter()'s
13:52Chutt yeah
13:53Chutt i'll figure it out
13:53Chutt i'm speeding up the uilistbtntype right now, though
13:53Chutt since it was scrolling slowly
13:53Chutt and i figure it's because it's iterating through the list too much
13:55thor the OSD one or the regular one ?
13:56thor the regular one did not have a lot going on inside it last I checked
13:56Chutt the regular one
13:56Chutt well, it's a list internally
13:56Chutt it's doing a lot of find() and at()s
13:57Chutt which are slow with larger lists
13:57Chutt generictree's the same, in some places
13:58thor heh
13:58thor wonder which doofus is responsible for that ?
13:59Chutt heh
13:59Chutt it's really something you have to know beforehand
14:04Chutt heh
14:04Chutt i misspelled position 4 times in this file
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14:18Chutt hrmph
14:19Chutt i apparently can't have QPtrListIterators as straight members of a class
14:20Chutt bah
14:20Chutt i don't want to have to make these pointers
14:29_rkulagow hauppauge already has a linux based product (the MVP) and they're considering a mythtv product as well? am i getting the gist of those messages in -users correct?
14:30_rkulagow or is it more shooting off the mouth stuff?
14:32_rkulagow i can't see hauppauge wanting to get into that business.
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14:34Chutt that's people assuming stuff
14:34Chutt axel thimm is/was demoing mythtv at the hauppauge booth at cebit, is all
14:34_rkulagow is it because of the presentation axel said he was going to do in the hauppuage booth?
14:34--- ---> Feral_Kid [~Just@] has joined #mythtv
14:34_rkulagow agh, i should learn how to touch type so i'm not looking at the keyboard.
14:35thor if you look up SEC filings, it seems that "Chutt Incorporated" has been purchasing large blocks of Hauppauge shares
14:35_rkulagow feh. too old for that.
14:35_rkulagow all your shares are belong to us.
14:35thor it's a total Gordon Gecko play, snap 'em up, rip out the value, and cut them into little pieces
14:36_rkulagow hopefully the value is more than the office furniture.
14:37thor and don't be operating under the illusion that Axel is just a little fish .... I heard he almost single handedly forced the British Pound to withdraw from European exchange rate mechanism
14:37_rkulagow ok, i'm going to start selling mythtv boxes just so that all the people that are jealous that they didn't think of it first can direct their anger at someone.
14:37Chutt i've had at least one or two a day since i posted my resume
14:37Chutt 'hey, why don't you sell boxes?'
14:38kvandivo do people just not think?
14:38thor I'm going to just start selling the logo
14:38Chutt apparently not
14:38_rkulagow i'd start thinking hard about selling boxes if 2 things happened: 1) ivtv gets better at recovering from the firmware problems and 2) zap2it launches DD.
14:39Chutt since trolltech didn't make an empty constructor for QPtrListIterators
14:39Chutt rkluagow, they launched it
14:39Chutt that survey is your subscription fee
14:39_rkulagow and then i'd probably just realize that i'm drinking again.
14:39_rkulagow anyone using bob eden's grabber yet?
14:40Chutt not i
14:40_rkulagow i'm in the same position as mdz; devel box is the family box, and if i break that i'm in trouble.
14:41_rkulagow good news is that i'm working a contract and they're letting me use a laptop, so i can write docs while in transit. that's about 1.5 hours a day.
14:41_rkulagow also, i never got a followup from o'reilley, so no mac for you, thor.
14:43thor bah
14:43thor how about if I buy a few mythtv boxes from you and then act jealous ?
14:44_rkulagow also, another tivo article on /., so i'm sure there's a mythtv mention in there somewhere.
14:44_rkulagow thor: sure, if that's what you'd like. you want a RAID-5 monster backend with 4 PVR-250's and a few lightweight diskless frontends?
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14:49Chutt blah blah blah
14:49_rkulagow us (me) in here chattering, or something else?
14:50Chutt the qptrlist class is annoying me
14:50Chutt is all
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15:36Chutt hrmph
15:36Chutt can't figure out why this is dying
15:36o_cee hi all
15:37o_cee just wanted to say that i love you all
15:37o_cee muhahah
15:38o_cee screw you, i'm going home.
15:38bitbyte byebye
15:38o_cee nighty night, getting up 4:30 tomorrow so.. bye bye
16:10Chutt thor, heh, now it's deleting the wrong items from playlists =)
16:10thor heh
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16:11Spida hi
16:12Chutt ah hah, i think i see why
16:13Chutt hrm
16:13Chutt no
16:19--- ---> sfr [] has joined #mythtv
16:20_rkulagow huh. i didn't know that the patches that chris kennedy was working on would be applicable to the -250's as well. be sweet if the ivtv stuff gets stabler.
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16:32tmulle anyone using Mythtv to watch tv on their computer monitors and NOT through the TV out?
16:32sfr yes
16:32tmulle i keep getting DirectFB errors something about /dev/fb0 or fb1 not found
16:32tmulle i can record shows just fine
16:33GeckoFiend This isn't a support channel, go to #mythtv-users
16:35sfr tmulle: please don't message me. there's #mythtv-users
16:35sfr and i use debian sid
16:35Spida I think I may have found a bug.... what should I do?
16:36Chutt fix it and send a patch to the mailing list
16:36Spida Chutt: my programming skills are not goos enough for fixing it?
16:37Spida s/goos/good/
16:37Chutt guess you're out of luck
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16:40bitbyte heh
16:41cmorgan you could pay someone to fix it for you ;-)
16:42cmorgan its too bad sourcexchange and cosource are gone now... it was a neat idea
16:45Spida cmorgan: how much do you want?
16:45knight- Hmm
16:45knight- I like the concept of art packs that Roku has
16:46knight- I should make some art pack capabilities for MythGallery
16:46cmorgan Spida: i wasn't suggesting me, just suggesting that it is a resonable way to get people to hunt your bugs
16:46cmorgan you could easily post a reward for it on myth-users along with a description
16:46bitbyte heh
16:47cmorgan Spida: what exactly is the bug? ;-)
16:48Spida cmorgan: threading problem in the backend
16:48cmorgan such as?
16:48Spida the description is already on myth-users
16:48bitbyte ut oh
16:48* bitbyte shakes his head
16:48Spida "waiting for a thread.."
16:48Spida I think I know why it occurs
16:48Spida but I don't know how to fix it
16:49Spida if threadpool.isempty() returns true, the while-loop becomes an endless loop
16:50Chutt no, it doesn't.
16:52--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:52Spida just above the while-loop, prt is initialized with null, so !ptr is true
16:52Spida is that right?
16:53Chutt you need to get yourself a book on c.
16:53Spida I know
16:53Spida And, I need some time to read it.
16:53Spida I know programming, but I don't know c
16:54Chutt no, you don't
16:54Chutt if you can't walk through a simple loop like that.
16:56josephk chutt: you have a way with
16:58Chutt hey thor
16:58Chutt d'ya remember checkTree()?
16:59Spida anyway, that function put me 80000 messages of "waiting for a thread.." in my log...
16:59Chutt ah, nevermind
17:02bitbyte any job leads yet Chutt?
17:08Chutt bunch of leads, no offers
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17:25--- ---> jm2 [] has joined #mythtv
17:25Chutt thor, i spent about an hour debugging a crash because GenericTree's destructor wasn't virtual =)
17:25Chutt (entirely my fault, not yours)
17:31thor heh
17:32thor I only figured out that virtual destructors are a useful thing about 4 months ago
17:32Chutt stuff's working, mostly
17:32Chutt well, if you have a derived class
17:32thor yup
17:32Chutt kinda need it to delete properly =)
17:32--- <<-- Drikus [] has quit ("toedeledoki")
17:32thor it's a wee bit counterintuitive though
17:33Chutt yeah
17:33Chutt this stuff's working ok, no
17:33Chutt now
17:33thor cool
17:33Chutt need to figure out why the -> arrows aren't showing up
17:33Chutt and why it's giving a checkbox to some things that aren't supposed to have it
17:33thor heh
17:33Chutt and then how to do moves in the playlist
17:33thor sounds promising
17:34Chutt and.. and.. and..
17:34thor I was swamped with work work this week, but I'll be getting the mfe stuff sorted over the next few days
17:34Chutt cool
17:34Chutt i won't be checking stuff in for a bit
17:34Chutt too buggy as yet =)
17:35thor should be ready to sew together a much more interesting client in a few days then
17:37Spida so, anybody: how much would you want for fixing that bug?
17:38anduin Spida - if there were a bug it would be why something was sucking away processing threads.
17:38thor Spida, how many frontends are you running?
17:39Spida one
17:39Spida on the same machine
17:39thor Redhat?
17:39Spida it happens mostly after the last of several recordings has finished, but not everytime
17:39Spida gentoo
17:40thor hmm
17:41thor heh, govt is so funny
17:42thor doing my nanny taxes, there is actually a publication called, "Information for Employers Paying Wages to Illegal Aliens"
17:42thor (wonder if Walmart has read it)
17:43Dibblah Don't worry - Next time it'll be "How to declare your income from drugs and prostitution".
17:44Spida lol
17:44cmorgan bet those aren't deductable...
17:45thor the IRS is so friggin amoral, they don't care who payed it or who receives it, they just want their slice
17:45bitbyte they are single minded
17:45bitbyte hehe
17:46bitbyte thats how they took al capone down
17:47Chutt thor, it'd be neat if the ui types could be told to only redraw part of themselves
17:47Chutt speedier :p
17:47thor yup
17:48thor if they were smart enough to know which "parts" are which
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20:00knight- hi
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20:38knight- anyone know of an HD input card (not just output like the pchdtv) for linux?
20:38knight- so i can receive output from my existing hd receiver
20:43knight- DVS HDstationPro
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21:03GeckoFiend the pchdtv card *is* input
21:05mikegrb heh
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21:28ofer does anybody know of a gstreamer plugin that talks to myth?
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22:31bitbyte gecko, he means something with component inputs and not OTA i think
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23:54Chutt hrm
23:54Chutt not so bad
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