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00:15bitbyte does myth use mplayer for tv playback?
00:16josephk bit
00:16bitbyte ?
00:16josephk -how long have you been here?
00:16bitbyte awhile
00:17josephk so you're joking right
00:17bitbyte no
00:17mikegrb no, it doesn't
00:17bitbyte but i made a change to the video playback settigns for myth video, and now the tv locks up
00:17mikegrb see nuvplayer code
00:18bitbyte i didnt think it did i wanted to be sure
00:18mikegrb gotcha
00:18mikegrb makes since to double check in that case ;)
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00:19bitbyte musta been a fluke
00:19bitbyte works after a reboot
00:20bitbyte got my audio problem sorta fixesd
00:20bitbyte not happy with the soolution
00:20mikegrb \o/
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07:10n0X good morning everyone
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08:48_rkulagow mdz, you here?
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10:23killerbun is there a way to make catalogs in mythvideo?
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10:57mythtv_ transcoding question.. I alwqays get the error "2004-03-20 08:52:46 Transcoding /misc/myth/recordings/1007_20040318020000_20040318040000.nuv aborted because of cutlist update" when myth tries to transcode a show. Searching mythtv's maillist shows people have had it, the fix mentioned of deleting all known transcoding listings in the database does not work. Could anyone offer some insight into fixing this?
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13:26Chutt hey thor?
13:26thor yup
13:27Chutt myththemeddialog's update foreground functions
13:27thor suck ?
13:27Chutt no no
13:27Chutt it just seems odd that you're doing 2 levels of indirection
13:28thor hmm ... hang on ... let me have a look at them (been a while)
13:28Chutt you've got the my_foreground image
13:28Chutt then you create a new image to draw to
13:28Chutt blit that back to the my_foreground image
13:28Chutt than blit _that_ to the dialog
13:28gfiend mythme: this is not a support channel go to #mythtv-users and /or search the archives
13:29thor heh ... I think it was a debugging step that never got removed (so It could blit the background or the foreground and see what was getting drawn)
13:30Chutt might speed things up a bit
13:30thor should
13:30Chutt i'm just doing an update region bit
13:31Chutt so i don't have to redraw multiple levels of the tree
13:31thor hmmm
13:31Chutt since the text drawing functions _suck_ if they have to clip
13:31thor ah
13:31thor ok .... I think what I was thinking was, any widget can ask for itself to be updated ....
13:32thor which may not be in the middle of a paitnEvent
13:32Chutt right
13:32thor err, paintEvent
13:32thor so the foreground gets blit'd to
13:32thor then, only during paint events does that get blit'ed over
13:32Chutt right
13:32thor now, *why* I was thinking that .... I dunno
13:32Chutt but, the inner loop where the widgets draw themselves
13:33Chutt that could just go to the 'whole_dialog_painter', i think
13:33thor .... checking
13:33Chutt instead of creating a new pixmap to draw em
13:35thor yeah ... seems to me there was some problem with the background if the widget did not in fact draw anything
13:35thor but I can't for the life of me really recall the details
13:35Chutt ah
13:35Chutt ok, well, i'll think about changing things later
13:36thor not a big deal to change and see
13:46Chutt how hard would you think it'd be to add some extra levels in the tree?
13:47Chutt like, say, Artists A-G, Artists F-.. etc
13:51Chutt hrmph
13:51Chutt why isn't this signal getting delivered..
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13:57thor should be easy .... I don't even understand why that could be anything but trivial ?
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13:58Chutt i just hadn't looked at it
13:59thor should not be very hard, at any rate
13:59Chutt now i seem to have broken something else
13:59Chutt and it's dying when it tries to draw
13:59Chutt hrmph
14:05o_cee Chutt: that would be nice (the A-G thing).. another thing that's annoying with the tag driven system is that on albums with different artists, it works kinda bad. but anyway, why listen to me :)
14:05o_cee when will you apply the final log thingie?
14:06o_cee thor: i had a small milkshake today.. yummie
14:07* thor resists asking about showers, etc.
14:08o_cee thor: not today.. took a 1\xBDh bath by myself tho ;) heheh, uhm, yeah
14:08o_cee got visitors now
14:09o_cee later all
14:09mikegrb kvandivo's work is on slashdot
14:09mikegrb the beckman institute
14:11mikegrb in the science section, the bugscope
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14:11thor cool
14:16mikegrb interesting
14:17Chutt hrmph
14:17Chutt this almost works
14:18mdz_ _rkulagow: hmm?
14:19Chutt neat, fixed it
14:21Chutt there, all nice and speedy now
14:24Sir-Al yay
14:24Sir-Al mythgame is dreadfully slow on my box
14:24Chutt so fix it.
14:24Sir-Al it takes 5 seconds to switch selections or scroll down
14:24Sir-Al by one entry in the list
14:24Chutt so, fix it.
14:25Sir-Al i can't figure out what's wrong
14:25Chutt what i'm doing has absolutely nothing to do with that.
14:25Sir-Al i know, i'm just saying
14:25Sir-Al it works on the nvidia system, but not on this one
14:25Chutt crappy video card without render accel
14:25Sir-Al it's got render acceleration alright
14:25Chutt not if it's drawing slowly
14:26Sir-Al glxinfo and xvinfo show so
14:26Sir-Al it works fine in mythmusic, etc
14:26Chutt neither of those have anything to do with the render extention.
14:26Sir-Al the interface doesnt look that much different in mythgame
14:26Chutt it's identical code.
14:26Sir-Al yes, then why is mythgame 10x slower
14:26Chutt i wouldn't know
14:26Sir-Al it's got the XRENDER extension
14:27Chutt and that has absolutely nothing to do if it's accelerated or not
14:27Sir-Al it's suprisingly fast with the vesa driver tho
14:27Chutt anyway
14:27Sir-Al then i don't know what's missing from acceleration
14:27Chutt quit bitching and fix it.
14:27Sir-Al i'm trying
14:28Sir-Al i'll compare it to mythmusic, see if that's any different
14:37mdz_ dammit, that audio channel problem is back
14:37mdz_ it went away completely when I made that nuppelvideorecorder change, but has mysteriously reappeared
14:40Chutt heh
14:40Chutt no fun
14:46mdz_ I'm adding some debugging to try to track it down
14:46mdz_ I'm pretty sure it has to do with the wrong v4l audio channel getting set somehow
14:46knight- my Sony 50" Grand Wega rear proj lcd comes in a couple hours :)
14:46mdz_ since changing that really seemed to fix it
14:46mdz_ there must still be some case where it can get into that state where they're mismatched
14:46mdz_ and once it's there, it seems that saving/restoring the audio settings causes it to stick
14:49mdz_ oh, hmm
14:49mdz_ it's doing the VIDIOCSAUDIO before the VIDIOCSCHAN
14:49mdz_ I'm pretty sure that's wrong
14:50mdz_ I don't even know why it's doing a CSCHAN there
14:50mdz_ I think it needs to mess with the channel first, then GAUDIO, change whatever it needs, then SAUDIO
14:50mdz_ since SCHAN can change the audio settings
14:52Chutt sounds reasonable
14:53Chutt all that code's from the original nuppelvideo stuff
14:58mdz_ Chutt: so I guess my date/time split patch scared David Engel :-)
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15:01Chutt yes =)
15:01Chutt heh
15:02mdz_ I don't think I understand this code
15:03mdz_ it takes a zeroed video_channel struct
15:03mdz_ sets .channel to a value
15:03mdz_ then does VIDIOCGCHAN, which will overwrite the whole struct, right?
15:03mdz_ then does VIDIOCSCHAN without modifying it further
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15:04kookywon I wanted to ask a quick question about setting up X on the pvr-350
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15:05--- ---> thor [~thor@] has joined #mythtv
15:05kookywon lspci says that my address for the pvr-350 is 02:0a.0
15:05mdz_ ah, GCHAN pays attention to the channel field and gives you that one, not the current channel
15:05kookywon I can't figure out what to set the busid to in XF86Config
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15:06kookywon Can anyone give me a hand?
15:06Sir-Al with what?
15:06kookywon setting up X with the pvr-350 TVout
15:06Sir-Al kookywon: try #mythtv-users
15:07kookywon sorry, thanks
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15:10mdz_ ah, I think I see
15:10mdz_ so it saves the audio settings, which are specific to the current input, and then restores them after
15:10mdz_ but the input has changed during that time
15:10_rkulagow mdz: i had pinged you earlier because i had another segfault in a remote backend that i got in gdb. posted it to -dev. (you had mentioned running with -v network)
15:11mdz_ _rkulagow: yeah, just saw it. busy with my own bugs right now though
15:11mdz_ Chutt: disabling the origaudio stuff fixes it
15:11_rkulagow yeah, that's fine.
15:12Chutt rip all that out
15:12Chutt then :p
15:12_rkulagow the master was stuck in a non-recording state (probably because the remote was sitting at (gdb)), so i had to restart the master to start getting programs again.
15:12_rkulagow slave is still at gdb though, not sure if there's anything that can be done at this point. plus, it's a nice (if windy) day here, so i'll be taking the daughter to the park...
15:13mdz_ Chutt: with great pleasure
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15:14mdz_ better to leave everything as it is than to try to restore the state halfway
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16:08_rkulagow captin murdoch: here?
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16:19JeffH Is there a module to play dvds on a myth tv? Only thing I saw was MythDVD which says it rips dvds for mythTV
16:20josephk mythdvd also plays dvd's and vcd's
16:20JeffH cool.. thanks.
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16:29Captain_Murdo| _rkulagow: yeah
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16:58thor well, it's official
16:58thor I am an idiot
17:00Itisme :)
17:01Itisme Damn smart idiot programmer!
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17:08thor spent 2 hours trying to figure out why something wasn't working, and was running the wrong copy of it the whole time
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17:33Itisme heh
17:33Itisme can happen to the best, even me!
17:34Itisme :)
17:34--- User: *** Itisme is now known as Racer
17:34Racer thats better
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17:44Racer can mythmusic handle WMA files?
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17:53thor yes
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18:44Racer maybe it does but the musicscan does not see it so its not on the list
18:44--- ---> G-funk [] has joined #mythtv
18:44Racer if i rename it to mp3 its on the tree
18:44Racer but i won't play
18:44Racer sorry, but it won't play
18:45sfr_ try to name it .aac?
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18:47sfr_ hm sorry no, it's looking for .wma
18:48Racer i have it as .wma
18:48Racer but it won't show up
18:48sfr_ wma support might only be in cvs, maybe in 0.14.
18:48Racer i have it from few days ago
18:48Racer if i rename the file to mp3 it shows up
18:49Racer but it won't play as i mentioned before
18:49Racer will have a further look tomorrow, have to go to bed now
18:49Racer thnx anyway
18:50Racer maybe better wait for MM based on MFD
18:50Racer can't be long
18:50Racer heh :)
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19:23mdz_ what is findAllScheduledPrograms for?
19:23mdz_ it's stuffing a scheduled recording into a programinfo for some reason
19:27--- ---> thor [~thor@] has joined #mythtv
19:28Chutt thor, it was indeed extremely easy to make it split artist names up =)
19:32--- ---> thor_ [~thor@] has joined #mythtv
19:34Chutt hmm
19:34Chutt the initial metadata sorting could be sped up
19:37Chutt hrm
19:37Chutt is the random sort really just rand() nowadays?
19:38thor_ eh?
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19:38thor still here
19:38Chutt heh
19:38Chutt just using rand() sucks.
19:38thor oh
19:39Chutt the old code had stuff to make sure that the next track was at least a certain distance away from the previous one, for instance
19:39mdz_ eeh
19:39thor heh, it's lists of things to play, not an estimation of some crucial distribution
19:40Chutt yeah, but i get annoyed when i get the too regular an order in random mode :p
19:40mdz_ mythmusic has been broken on my backend for a while; I haven't bothered to investigate because I almost never use it
19:41mdz_ it acts as if it's about to play, but never actually does
19:41Chutt does this use the same random order every time through the list if it's on repeat?
19:41thor you mean back forward working ?
19:41thor yes
19:41thor err, back/forward
19:42Chutt and every time you toggle the shuffle mode, too, i imagine
19:42thor I was just _really_ impressed that I could randomize below any point in the tree
19:42Chutt heh
19:42thor hit play on All My Music, and it wil randomly play ALL YOUR MUSIC
19:43Chutt yah
19:43Chutt and if you stop it and do it again, it'll play the exact same thing :p
19:43thor if you hit stop and then play yes
19:43thor err, I think so
19:43mdz_ hehehe
19:43mdz_ metadata.o: Your database is out of whack. This is not good.
19:44Chutt looks like it only re-does the random weights if you exit the screen
19:44thor wait, which random are you talking about ?
19:44mdz_ playlist.o: Oh crap ... how did we get something with an ID of 0 on a playlist?
19:44mdz_ etc.
19:44Chutt normal random
19:44thor ah
19:44thor mdz_, was it ever working ?
19:45mdz_ thor: a long, long time ago
19:45sfr_ in a galaxy far away...
19:45thor Chutt, I have no doubt it could be improved upon ... my major focus was to be able to get a random list at any node and then still have a list you could do prev/next on sensibly
19:45mdz_ hmm, the music directory got reset to the default, for starters
19:46Chutt yeah
19:46Chutt well, hmm
19:46thor mdz_, ah ... that would explain a lot
19:47thor NB: metadata loading/sorting/checking for dupes/etc/ is all different in the mfd ...
19:47Chutt heh
19:48mdz_ hmm
19:48Chutt yeah, that's why i'm not really looking to change this stuff just yet
19:48thor right
19:48mdz_ while it's scanning, I get a billion QString::arg() errors
19:48Chutt gotta get the new ui working
19:48mdz_ QString::arg(): Argument missing: SELECT filename FROM musicmetadata WHERE ( ( artist = "David Bowie" ) AND ( album = "The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars" ) AND ( title = "Ziggy Stardust" ) AND ( genre = "Unknown Genre" ) AND ( year = "0" ) AND ( tracknum = "0" ) AND ( length = "192000" ) );, songs/David Bowie/The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars/09 - Ziggy Stardust.ogg
19:48Chutt mdz, yeah, that's fixed in cv
19:48Chutt cvs
19:48mdz_ ah
19:48mdz_ is it harmless?
19:48Chutt yeah
19:48mdz_ ok
19:50mdz_ much better now
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20:18--- Netsplit <-> quits: GeckoFiend, mdz_, inf7
20:19--- Netsplit over, joins: mdz_
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20:20--- Netsplit over, joins: inf7, GeckoFiend
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22:30Chutt heh
22:30Chutt it's fun to get more stuff working =)
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23:19Captain_Murdo| amazing how much clearer my video is after I replaced a crappy noisy (electrically) power supply in my backend server.
23:21Chutt heh
23:21Chutt hey, welcome back :p
23:22Captain_Murdo| yeah, been traveling too much but should be back in town for a while now.
23:26Captain_Murdo| I think that's probably part of the issue with people complaining about the M179 quality. I had very good quality video in my old slave backend and since the cards have been pretty stable, I decided to consolidate them into my master backend adn take out the bttv card. evidently that was less succeptible to the power supply noise because the M179 cards were terrible when I put them in that box until I swapped out the power supply
23:26cmorgan capacitors are actually reasonably expensive
23:26cmorgan so they probably just didn't put as many in as they should have
23:28* Captain_Murd goes digging for those old 4Mfd caps he has in a box somewhere. :)
23:28cmorgan heh
23:28Captain_Murdo| good for shocking people. :)
23:28Chutt hrmph
23:28cmorgan high end sound cards look like they have a capacitor farm ;-)
23:29Chutt qptrlist sucks.
23:30Captain_Murdo| yeah. I was an electronics engineering major my first year of college. fun with electricity. we even cooked hotdogs in class with suicide cords.
23:31cmorgan yeah, i saw that on mr. wizard some years ago
23:31cmorgan you switched to cs? ;-)
23:31Captain_Murdo| was minoring in cs and math. then dropped the electronics because i knew I'd never use it since I wanted a job in cs anyway.
23:33bitbyte engineering is the only field that the degree will matter in
23:33bitbyte degrees mean very little in IT
23:33bitbyte certs mena something
23:33bitbyte experience means something
23:34cmorgan i'd be weary of hiring a non-degreed person for much of any technical work. college may not mean you are smart but it is a reasonable bar for effort and persiverence
23:35Chutt whoever wrote QPtrList needs to be shot.
23:35Chutt there's absolutely no reasonably fast way to swap two items
23:35Chutt it's a fucking linked list, it should be o(1), not o(n)
23:36cmorgan maybe they fixed it in later versions?? or there is some technical reason why they haven't
23:37Chutt hasn't changed
23:37Chutt in later versions
23:56mdz_ why not use an STL list instead?
23:57Chutt i don't really want to rewrite this
23:57Chutt and it does have a nice auto-delete feature
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