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00:29thor <Chutt> qptrlist sucks.
00:29thor heh
00:31mikegrb <thor> heh
00:31mikegrb heh
00:47Chutt yay, moving items in the playlist works now
00:47thor heh
00:47Chutt well, the graphical part of it
00:47Chutt i need to update the generictree list, but that should be cut'n'paste, almost
00:48thor you have a way to prune a GenericTree already ?
00:48Chutt prune?
00:49thor cut parts of it off
00:49Chutt i can remove items, yeah
00:49thor looking forward to seeing this
00:49Chutt unless you're meaning something different
00:50Chutt hrm
00:50thor no, nothing complicated
00:50Chutt only problem is the multiple lists in generic tree
00:50Chutt what to do about those..
00:50Chutt re moving an item around
00:51thor hmmm
00:51Chutt i know
00:51Chutt i'll just have a comment 'only affects m_subnodes'
00:51thor heh
00:52thor unless you get my parent()
00:52thor err, nm
00:55Chutt heh
00:55Chutt just seems a tiny bit silly, here
00:56Chutt the thing's swapping items in _3_ lists
00:56Chutt the playlist object's, the generictree's, and the ui's
00:56Chutt would be nice if those were all o(1) instead of each being o(n)
00:56thor heh
00:56thor doesn't seem quite right
00:56thor but wait for the mfd
00:57Chutt well
00:57Chutt that might get rid of one
00:57Chutt but..
00:57Chutt i dunno
00:57thor and add 12 more
00:57thor :-)
00:57Chutt qlistview implements itself as just singly linked list
00:59Chutt or, i suppose i could rewrite this to use list<>
01:00thor just the STL list<>
01:00Chutt yeah
01:00Chutt ok, this seems to work
01:01Chutt and i think i have all the functionality from before
01:01thor lists within lists ?
01:01Chutt supposedly
01:02thor (and some check somewhere that you can't put a list onto a list if _this_ lists is already on _that_ list
01:02thor )
01:02Chutt ah
01:02thor ie. no infinite recursion
01:02Chutt lists within lists aren't deselecting the child lists properly
01:03Chutt hrm
01:03Chutt wait, i think it is
01:03thor or if this list is on some other list which, in turn, is already on _that_ list
01:03thor and so on
01:04Chutt if i have lists a and b
01:04Chutt c contains a + b
01:04Chutt i can make a new list that contains a + b + c
01:04thor yes
01:04Chutt if i then copy a to the active list
01:04Chutt it greys out a and c
01:04Chutt that seems right
01:05thor yep
01:05Chutt and d
01:05Chutt ok, looks like this workd
01:05Chutt works
01:05Chutt maybe i'll commit
01:05Chutt no info on the bottom yet
01:06thor d being a + b + c ?
01:06Chutt yeah
01:06thor right
01:06thor sure, commit
01:06thor that'll freak people out
01:06thor :-)
01:07Chutt 12 files changed, 1301 insertions(+), 112 deletions(-)
01:07Chutt 13 files changed, 639 insertions(+), 917 deletions(-)
01:07Chutt so, a tiny bit of code, really
01:08thor heh
01:08Chutt oh, i need to update gant first
01:08thor commit would (I assume) include lib changes UIbtnListType ?
01:08Chutt yeah
01:08thor cool
01:08Chutt that first line there was the diffstat output for libmyth
01:08Chutt second's mythmusic
01:09thor right
01:09thor excellent
01:11Chutt it's pretty easy to use
01:11Chutt just need to manually tell it when to update, sometimes
01:11Chutt when you change the properties of a child generic tree
01:12Chutt i should probably make that automatic
01:13Chutt oh
01:13Chutt i should probably make sure i didn't break mythnews
01:13Chutt before i commit anything
01:14thor if you have a chance at some point, try out the new mfe code ... I tested it here with DNS turned off everything worked really well
01:15Chutt i'll try to tomorrow
01:15Chutt it's time i went to bed, soon
01:15thor cool
01:15thor yup
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01:21Chutt libmyth changes are in
01:21thor woo hoo
01:23Chutt mythmusic changes are in too
01:23thor (woo hoo)^woo hoo
01:23Chutt eh
01:23Chutt heh
01:24Chutt lemme know what you think
01:24thor yup
01:24thor just fixing some more CTRL-C mischief, then I'll set it building
01:25Chutt cool.
01:25Chutt heh
01:25Chutt it's actually slightly more code than the managedtree
01:26thor that's surprising
01:26thor given how long and hopeless managedtree::draw() is
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01:40pcjabber anyone around?
01:40* thor is just about go to bed
01:42pcjabber do you use a PVR x50?
01:43pcjabber nm, got the answer from IVTVs page
01:44pcjabber its too late, need to sleep =)
01:44* pcjabber is away: catching some zzzzz's, /msg me if you need me
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02:15* pcjabber is away: Sorry, AFK atm...Will be back soon! (XChat 2.0.7)
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02:15* pcjabber is away: Catching some zzzz's, /msg me if you need me
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04:13tetsu0 im new in mythtv. the project is in good shape :). one question: wat if i have a lcd tv? do i have to buy another tv tuner device?
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04:15tetsu0 anyone can help me?
04:17sfr_ tetsu0: you either need a supported capture card and an external set-top box with tuner or a card with integrated tuner.
04:21tetsu0 i c thanks
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11:21mikegrb thanks for letting us know
11:22pcjabber hmm?
11:23hardwir3d heh
11:23pcjabber i
11:23sfr aha
11:23pcjabber my client tells all that i am back and how long i was gone
11:23pcjabber i think its a privacy problem =)
11:23mikegrb not by default, for a reason
11:23pcjabber it is by default, unless there is a config option
11:24pcjabber it is XChat 2.0.7
11:24mikegrb not in xchat
11:24mikegrb you have to tell it to do that
11:24pcjabber i didnt
11:24mikegrb it is disabled by default
11:24hardwir3d it's not enabled by default in xchat
11:25pcjabber i think i found the config option and ticked the box off, but i didnt even touch that tab of XChat's config
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12:56jams anybody else here experiance problems getting the lastest cvs mythmusic to run?
12:57GeckoFiend You need to have music-ui.xml in your theme directory
12:59jams hmm thought I did that, let me double check.
13:01jams yep it's there,checked out at the same time mythmusic was
13:01jams undefined symbol: _Z21cddb_write_serverlist9cddb_conf15cddb_serverlist11cddb_server
13:01jams that's the message i get
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13:17Chutt that's not changed at all
13:17Chutt there's occasional reports of that cddb stuff, but i've never seen it
13:17jams funny it worked before, must be something i did :)
13:18jams i will keep poking at it
13:19_rkulagow chutt: docs sync please. (uploading now)
13:19hardwir3d or try punching if poking isn't enough :)
13:20jams hardwir3d, hope it doesn't get to that
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13:44thor Claus seems to have a copy of stan's spell checker
13:45Chutt rkulagow, done
13:49cmorgan thor: hah
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14:07jams changing libcdaudio to .99-4 fixed the cddb problem, now on to QObject::connect: No such slot PlaybackBox::handleTreeListSignals(int,IntVector*) errors
14:16pcjabber OT question: how do i unfreeze the terminal after pressing ^Z
14:16pcjabber I did that on accident while editing my XF86Config file, and if i kill it, i will lose 15 minutes of changes
14:18GeckoFiend type "fg"
14:18pcjabber it was actually ^S that i pressed, i remembered, it is ^Q to get out of that
14:19pcjabber i thought it was ^Z since i was touch-typing, and didnt really feel where my finger went
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14:21thor Chutt, selecting "All My Playlists" when I have no playlists generates: playlist.o: Not sure how I got 0 as a track number, but it ain't good
14:21thor otherwise, seems to work very well
14:23thor the outrageously cool thing to do, of course, would be to animate right arrow presses when you're already on the right most part of the screen
14:24thor everything slides to the left, then sub nodes open on the right
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15:10orangey hey guys!
15:10orangey any users of nuvexport out here?
15:10orangey I'm having some problems..
15:10orangey but first, a question: does nuvexport work if I don't encode in mp2?
15:10orangey (i.e., a pvr250 or what not?)
15:14orangey oops.
15:14orangey didn't have ffmpeg installed : )
15:14orangey who'd have thunk? : )
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15:48Chutt thor, fixed
15:48Chutt and yeah, animation would be neat
15:51engie Hi. Anyone successfully using a cx88 based card under 2.6.4?
15:58Sir-Al engie: oui
15:58Sir-Al engie: je connecte du modul au
15:59Sir-Al engie: snapshot of v4l
15:59jams ack, my problem came about from something changing my qt setup. Chutt nice work
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16:07bline whee, got an ipod today
16:08engie Sir-Al: I'm using the driver included with 2.6.4. It kills the system if I try to read /dev/video0
16:08engie Also sais "card unknown", but it's a hauppage
16:08Sir-Al engie: the driver included doesn't seem to work
16:08engie Sir-Al: This would be a bad thing
16:08Sir-Al engie: that's probably the problem then
16:09Sir-Al try the latest snapshot
16:09engie Sir-Al: Hokay Dokay
16:09Sir-Al i had to load mine with card=7
16:09Sir-Al check if your card is identified
16:09engie Sir-Al: Is that for a hauppage/
16:09engie ?
16:09Sir-Al in the readme
16:09Sir-Al no, that's for my card
16:09engie fair enough
16:09thor so I'm struggling with the whole CTRL-C thing and mfd's going down and not telling the rest of the system that their services are going away ... now leaning towards masking out SIGNALS on all threads, and having one thread catch them and call shutdown on the core mfd object .... that sound insane ?
16:10o_cee thor: try mfdctl stop instead.. heh :)
16:10thor yeah, that works fine
16:10Sir-Al multithreadism is confusing me
16:10o_cee you could like, i dunno, always make mfd act like a daemon so you can't ctrl-c it ;)
16:10thor but if I can't train _myself_ to do that, it would be useful just for me to have CTRL-C actually do a shutdwon
16:13Chutt thor, that sounds reasonable, if it works
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16:16thor every reasonable Google source on signals and threads seems to say, "the only reliable way to do this is to mask out signals on all threads, then set up one thread dedicated to signal handling"
16:17thor the annoyance, I guess, would be needing to do a kill -KILL on an mfd which is misbehaving
16:17thor but seems to be the way to go
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16:29crib2 can anyone help me with alsa
16:31crib2 i had everything working perfectly, then I reinstalled xawtv, which resulted in very poor sound quality. So I reinstalled asla, following the gentoo alsa configuration guide. now i have no sound. can anyone give me some troubleshooting help, i've been beating google to death.
16:32o_cee crib2: check topic
16:36Netslayer goto the user channel, some of us will probably help ya there
16:37bitbyte then again...
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16:43crib2 sry
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16:44GeckoFiend Chutt: I spent a little while with GIMP today and put together an OSD theme base on Visor OSD-TV that uses the G.A.N.T. backgrounds... Should I send it to you, post it to the list, or just put it on my website?
16:44o_cee GeckoFiend: so you've got permission to use them?
16:45josephk_ hehe
16:45mikegrb pwahahahaha
16:46o_cee don't fucking privmsg me
16:46o_cee and no, they are not gpl:ed
16:46GeckoFiend This theme is released under the same license as MythTV, meaning GPL v2.
16:46o_cee you better do some reading
16:47o_cee like 2 lines below that
16:47GeckoFiend ahh nm I see the thing about the images.. Oh well never mind then I'll keep it for myself
16:47o_cee whatever
16:48o_cee gnite
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16:49josephk_ why not just make your own theme and osd
16:51josephk_ fcol
16:51josephk_ lol
16:52mikegrb fcol
16:52GeckoFiend Well I personaly use G.A.N.T as my theme, and it was made the default. Since there's no contact information for Paul Davey and hence no way to get permisson for the images I may just do that.
16:52mikegrb you could check the list archives
16:52mikegrb I'm sure there is an email address for him there
16:52Chutt it's not the default theme
16:54GeckoFiend my mistake then. I thought I'd seen a note where you were going to make it the default.
16:55bitbyte i thought taht was "blue"
16:55josephk_ it is
16:56bitbyte i'd like ot find a site with more themes, and previews of them
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17:56thor Chutt, I think I'll leave Leandro's question to you
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18:17Chutt would 'Yes, I wanted to.' be sufficient?
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18:27thor sounds about right
18:46thor huh, that's odd ... it all works, but for some reason I have to hit CTRL-C twice
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18:53AaronL2 Hi, is this a forum for developers?
19:03* Netslayer looks around
19:03Netslayer heh..ya
19:08AaronL2 Hi, I've been using 0.14 for a couple of weeks, and I downloaded and built all the modules from CVS last night.
19:08AaronL2 I'd like to contribute to the development effort, but I am unsure about the process.
19:09AaronL2 I noticed that on the mythtv-dev mailing list, people submit patches frequently.
19:09AaronL2 Is this the proper way for someone getting starting in development to submit changes to mythtv?
19:10AaronL2 I mean, I'm not "getting started in development"--by getting started, I mean specifically for mythtv.
19:11Netslayer as far as i can tell you just email the dev list with [patch] in the subject, attach a diff/patch file and if it's good it will be applied
19:11josephk_ if not Chutt will yell at you
19:12AaronL2 ok, but there must be some developers that don't have to go through this process, that make their changes directly to CVS
19:12Netslayer oh definitely
19:12AaronL2 Is Chutt == Isaac?
19:12josephk_ yeah
19:13AaronL2 What is involved to go from submitting patches to the dev list to becoming a full-fledged contributor?
19:13AaronL2 is it a voting process?
19:13Netslayer well there are, like thor, and chris P, i'm sure they committed lots of patches through the dev list before chutt gave them access
19:13Netslayer hell no heh
19:13sfr dedication?
19:13Netslayer i think it's all up to Chutt
19:13AaronL2 ah, ok
19:14sfr err, commitment rather ;)
19:14AaronL2 Now, how does one find out what other people are working on? I have some ideas for changes to certain modules
19:14* Netslayer doesn't remember voting
19:14Netslayer post on the dev list
19:14Netslayer search it first maybe
19:14AaronL2 but, I don't want to make changes if someone is already working on this, or the module is going through a signficant rework, etc.
19:14josephk_ devs look at dev list...sign up for commits list
19:15Netslayer i think mythmusic is the only one going through a major overhaul to thors mfd
19:15AaronL2 yeah, I see posts that allude to changes, but not much
19:15AaronL2 ok, that's good to know
19:15AaronL2 Now, I also have 0.14 installed. And I would like to be able to switch back and forth between the CVS build and 0.14.
19:15AaronL2 Is this even possible?
19:16AaronL2 I was having a discussion about this with sfr on #mythtv-users, but there are still a lot of things that are unclear.
19:16Netslayer well i wouldn't recommend it, since if there are any db changes u might get inconsistancies
19:16Netslayer it should work, i guess
19:16AaronL2 sfr suggested using a different mysql.txt
19:17Netslayer as long as u don't go make install, u have a local build with which u can run
19:17AaronL2 I have a local build in a different directory
19:17AaronL2 actually, I changed
19:17AaronL2 to use /home/mythtv/mythtv.cvs
19:17AaronL2 so, I was able to do make install
19:17Netslayer i'm waiting till 15 to start using cvs again, i'm a tad behind 14
19:17Netslayer auh cool
19:18AaronL2 but, I'm not sure how to force mythtvsetup (just setup when built from CVS) and other binaries
19:18AaronL2 to use a different database
19:18Netslayer gl
19:18AaronL2 gl?
19:18Netslayer good luck
19:19Netslayer :-) i doubt it's hard coded, someone who has worked with the code should know in here
19:19AaronL2 maybe I will ask on the dev list--I would suspect that there are other people that have done this or are doing this
19:20sfr well, with stow you can have two independent installations but of course only one can be used at a time.
19:21AaronL2 right--I'm just unclear about how to make one installation use one database and set of config files vs. another
19:22sfr mysql.txt is part of the installation. it's in /usr/local/share/mythtv/ usually.
19:22AaronL2 right, but when you run mythtvbackend
19:22AaronL2 or mythtvsetup, or mythtvfrontend, how does it know which mysql.txt file to use?
19:22AaronL2 is it a relative path thing?
19:22AaronL2 there is no way to specify this on the command-line, at least, not according to --help
19:23Netslayer 'mythbackend' 'mythfrontend' 'setup' and i dunno
19:23sfr it's looking for it in certain places afair.
19:23Netslayer that's a good point, unless i'm missing something it would be nice to be able to just specify ip and pass for mysql db when starting mythfrontend
19:24sfr you wanted to get involved with development, so have a look in the source ;)
19:24AaronL2 yep, I can do that
19:24AaronL2 it shouldn't be too hard to search for mysql.txt :-)
19:24* Netslayer goes back to coding his own nightmarish project
19:25sfr and /me goes to bed
19:25AaronL2 bye, thanks for the help
19:25sfr bye, np
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19:27AaronL2 char *tmp_installprefix = getenv("MYTHTVDIR");
19:27AaronL2 if (tmp_installprefix)
19:27AaronL2 m_installprefix = tmp_installprefix;
19:27AaronL2 else
19:27AaronL2 m_installprefix = PREFIX;
19:27AaronL2 ah-hah, there is an environment variable....
19:27AaronL2 MYTHTVDIR
19:29Netslayer heh
19:29AaronL2 and, PREFIX comes from what was set in
19:29AaronL2 so, it knows to find it where it was installed with make install
19:29Netslayer ingenious
19:29AaronL2 knows to find mysql.txt, I mean
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21:50AriT93 can someone help me with getting sound to work I am getting an error that says:
21:50AriT93 dropping back audio_buffer_unused
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22:18davatar I'm seeing some strangness with the new scheduler. It's not detecting duplicates for "tripping the rift: miss galaxy". When I do never record frontend it makes an override entry.. this isn't supposed to be the normal behavior is it?
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22:25davatar well.. if anyone wants any debugging info it's starting in about 34 minutes.
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