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02:18o_cee stupid fool GeckoFiend, my e-mail is in that file.. heh
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04:25knight- yoh
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06:32o_cee me?
06:34o_cee thor: you asleep?
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09:14John-Kimble hello all
09:15John-Kimble anyone know of any video test suits for linux simular to THX optimzer thats on most dvds ?
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09:27o_cee i hope that was meant for another channel
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10:42jcdutton Where is the howto on mythtv ?
10:43jcdutton I just need to get the database going.
10:46bitbyte go to #myth-users
10:47bitbyte one of these days i'll actually know enough about myth to contribute something to the codebase
10:47jcdutton bitbyte: I found the docs.
10:51jcdutton the docs are not very good. I get errors running the commands they tell me to type in, and the docs give no idea what to do if an error appears.
10:53o_cee right
10:53o_cee first, take this to #mythtv-users
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11:50shorawitz anyone here had probs w/native lirc and myth-cvs?
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12:00shorawitz no one here?
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12:15shorawitz the lights are on, but nobody's home
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12:19Shdw_Work morning, folks
12:21Shdw_Work I realize the AIW issue has been beat to death, and I cannot use it for recording... but can I use a TV-wonder to input the signal on, and just use an AIW to send the TV/recording to my tv?
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12:22Shdw_Work it appears from the mailing lists that this has in fact been done, just wanted to make sure I was reading correctly.
12:25shorawitz Shdw, not sure about your Q. I haven't heard a peep out of anyone here for the last 30 mins or so
12:25Shdw_Work and another question - are there drivers available for the original Creative Labs DVD encoder card, and will it make any difference on a 1Ghz Athlon for doing DVD playback?
12:28shorawitz Shdw, in thinking about your TV-Out Q, I can't see that wouldn't work. If you can get X to display on the TV, then there's no reason Myth should not work.
12:28shorawitz u just won't have any decoding benefit
12:29Shdw_Work right, but that's what the tv-wonder is for
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12:32Shdw_Work god I hate the proxies here at work... kicks me off every 15 minutes.
12:33shorawitz I haven't read anything that would suggest you can gain any benefit from decoding + AIW
12:33Shdw_Work I haven't seen any mention of anyone trying to do Myth under Lunar linux... maybe I'll be the first.
12:34Shdw_Work still working on getting kde installed, but that should be done by this evening.
12:34shorawitz hum, haven't seen that distro. What are the key points/features of it?
12:35shorawitz I'm having issues with native lirc support. I can't seem to figure out why myth is using a particular dev file instead of what I have setup
12:36shorawitz for me, irw shows key presses. But Myth says "could not connect to socket"
12:38Shdw_Work lunar is based off the original sourcery linux - I just like the package manager, but it's not quite as polished as some distros
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12:45Shdw_Work anyone know where to find the best price on a PVR250? Anything available below $100?
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12:53mdz Shdw_Work: if tv-out works with your card, there's no reason you couldn't use it for output
12:54mdz but, see /topic
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12:55shorawitz mdz, u wouldn't happen to be running native lirc would u?
12:56mdz shorawitz: I don't use the receive side of lirc at all
12:56shorawitz ok, I'm hving probs with native lirc + myth. Seems myth doesn't see the socket file
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12:58Shdw_Work mdz: yep, caught that a little later... it's my first time to the channels, so I'm still finding my way around :-)
12:59shorawitz I guess I don't know how to use /topic either
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14:00Chutt heh
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14:43o_c Chutt: i tried the new mm stuff, looked kinda cool.. some updating issues when it's loading the database, seemed like it didn't display (loading) or whatever it says until i went down a step..
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14:44Chutt my machine's fast enough that it doesn't spend time loading, here
14:44o_cee yeah i've got pretty much stuff so it takes like 15 seconds or so
14:45o_cee but i could look more close at it in a while to be sure
14:49o_cee hmm, when doing it with exported display i don't get the same kind of delay.. odd. but that's probably that my network is so slow i don't see the screen until it's loaded
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15:12thor <o_cee> thor: you asleep?
15:12thor not at the moment
15:15Chutt heh
15:17thor so that signal thread stuff was suprisingly easy to do
15:18Chutt cool.
15:19thor now I'm going to make mfe use the new button list for options, content navigation
15:20thor then I have to figure out how to push back playlist changes
15:20thor and we're good to go
15:22_rkulagow furrfu.. "hi, i want custom programming for myth" "i'm a docs person, not the main programmer. contact isaac" "how do i do that? do you have his email? can you forward this email to him"
15:23Chutt what that thomas johnson?
15:24_rkulagow the same.
15:25_rkulagow i don't auto-delete those things because i'm not in a position to make decisions for you.
15:26Chutt heh
15:26Chutt thanks
15:26kvandivo are you saying that chutt doesn't have anything better to do right now than write custom software that other's might want?
15:26Chutt i generally tell people that i'm not really interested in doing contract work
15:26_rkulagow who knows; one of them might be a LUCRATIVE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.
15:26Chutt 4. Uses MythTV or Freevo as a home PVR solution.
15:26kvandivo :)
15:27Chutt from a job posting for a 'software design engineer (intern)' position at hp
15:29thor eh?
15:31thor heh
15:31Chutt that url work?
15:32thor yup
15:32mdz palo alto
15:32thor hmmm ... so what is HP up to in Palo Alto
15:32Chutt yeah
15:33mdz heh
15:33mdz they want someone who already has a degree and industry experience
15:33mdz to be an _intern_
15:33Chutt as an intern
15:33Chutt fairly funny
15:34mdz they'll probably get someone, too
15:34mdz lot of people out of work up there
15:36thor .... everybody and their uncle wants to own the little box next to the tv, wonder what they're playing at ?
15:36Chutt ask bdale
15:36thor he work there ?
15:36Chutt think so
15:36thor hmmm
15:37mdz the Debian folk that I know work at HP are out of Colorado
15:39mdz including bdale
15:39Chutt some big company needs to fund mythtv development
15:39Chutt then i could stop looking at crappy jobs
15:40mdz haven't you consistently said you didn't want to do mythtv as a job? :-P
15:40Chutt yeah, but, i need a paycheck
15:41mdz maybe HP would, if they're developing some sort of Linux multimedia initiative
15:42Chutt the email address that sent me that link was itdintern2004 at yahoo.
15:42Chutt well, not that specific link, but..
15:42mdz bdale: do you know what that position is about?
15:43mdz I got that too
15:43mdz looked like spam
15:43mdz deleted it
15:43Chutt yah, but i have my spam filters turned off
15:43Chutt since, i don't want to miss any potential job opportunities
15:43mdz bogofilter didn't think it looked like spam
15:43mdz but I did
15:44mdz did it come to you directly, or did it go through a mythtv list or something?
15:44Chutt not through the lists
15:44nchip I think bdale is travelling at the moment
15:44mdz nchip: a safe bet :-)
15:44nchip mdz: true :)
15:45mdz maybe it was spam sent to addresses harvested from a mythtv search or something
15:47Chutt culled from the howto or whatnot
15:52nchip technically it may not be spam (unsolicated _and_ bulk), but it still sounds somewhat greyhat
16:02mdz it was certainly unsolicited
16:02mdz and the fact that both of us received it points to bulk
16:03mdz but I don't think that "bulk" is a requirement for spam/UCE anyway
16:03mdz one spam is still spam
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16:18p0lar69 ive got a myth system up and running. I just need pointers on getting the shows that I record to be recompressed to xvid/divx instead of the pvr250 mpg files. small HD syndrome 80 gig :)
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16:19p0lar69 will the mythfrontend auto run mythtranscode? I could not find that option in the menus
16:35mdz p0lar69: /topic
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16:42bdale mdz: I don't know what that position is about, but working in HP Labs would be cool in most cases. I'm based in Colorado, and work out of my house when I'm not traveling.
16:42bdale nchip: I'm actually at home for a while... ;-) yes, I realize that's unusual...
16:42mdz bdale: thanks
16:44bdale the imaging systems folks at Labs are doing some neat stuff... saw some of the projects a couple of weeks ago when I was there for a business review thingy
16:45mdz bdale: it's interesting that they mention a project like mythtv specifically
16:45thor no idea what HPs plans are re: "We must own the digital convergence box"
16:45thor aside from the "Carly said it should work with iPods" ?
16:45bdale thor: I know nothing about product plans in that area
16:45thor hmm, ok
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16:48p0lar69 ahhh sorry
16:48p0lar69 my bad
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16:50bdale Chutt: you have a resume in with HP?
16:51nchip bdale: ah ok, must have remembered you leaving for an earlier trip or something
16:51bdale nchip: no worries... my travel schedule is tough for even me to keep up with.
16:51* bdale points at the length blow-by-blow file on his notebook...
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16:56dja_ ack - I hate FC1 -- is anyone else running current CVS on Fedora?
16:59Chutt naw, i don't have a resume in there
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17:01dja_ Chutt: you don't know of a "quick fix" for gdb when I'm getting "Couldn't get registers: No such process." do you? mythmusic is crashing on me (after you're latest update), and gdb won't debug it :-(
17:01Chutt nope
17:01Chutt other than use a different os =)
17:01dja_ yeah, that's why I added "quick fix"...:-)
17:02Chutt redhat does funky things to their kernel
17:02dja_ funky is putting it nicely...
17:02dja_ so would you think it was a kernel issue or compiler/libc/gdb issue? I'm willing to compile a "virgin" kernel if that might fix it...:-)
17:03Chutt i'm pretty sure it's just the use of the nptl
17:03Chutt for threads
17:03Chutt and that gdb doesn't really handle it yet
17:03dja_ ahh
17:04dja_ cool -- then a rebuild (w/o nptl) might work -- I'll try it. :-)
17:04mdz there are various ways of disabling that without reinstalling the OS
17:04Chutt right, a standard 2.4 kernel would probably do the trick
17:05dja_ I was just looking into that...:-)
17:05dja_ I also notice that redhat has gdb-5.3.90 and 6.0 is out...
17:05thor but given RedHat's propensity for just making up version numbers ...
17:06* dja_ lol
17:06dja_ yeah, if it weren't for kickstart, I would have abandoned RH a long time ago
17:06Chutt does it crash immediately, or?
17:07Chutt i haven't seen any problems with the new ui
17:07thor nope
17:07Chutt other than leandro bitching about it on -dev
17:07thor works fine even on crappy hardware here
17:07dja_ no it crashes when I enter select music, it looks like just after the 2nd line goes from "CD -- none" to "Various Artists - KidzBop", then it crashes
17:08Chutt works ok if you don't have a cd in there?
17:08dja_ what about on crappy software (oh yeah, that's my issue :-)
17:08thor doesn't want you to listen to KidzBop, of course
17:08dja_ hmm -- I'll taking it out :-)
17:09dja_ duh -- yup, works just fine...and the cd that's in there is very damaged (kids chewed on it)
17:10Chutt shouldn't matter
17:10Chutt i may be missing a lock in there
17:10dja_ yeah - I have music back :-)
17:10Chutt it does work fine, here, with a cd in
17:12dja_ hmm -- tried it with a different cd and get the same problem...I'll keep working on trying to get a working gdb going :-)
17:12Chutt ok
17:13mdz export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1
17:13Chutt actually, the locking for the cd stuff probably isn't correct anymore
17:13dja_ thnx -- just found it (gotta love google)
17:18dja_ Chutt: got it -- do you want me to mail to mythtv-dev, or would you rather grab it from my website?
17:18dja_ (no fair fixing it before you look at my BT :-)
17:20Chutt doesn't matter to me
17:21Chutt i won't be able to fix it until later tonight possibly, anyway
17:21dja_ no problem, I'll just dump it on mythtv-dev then. :-)
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17:44o_cee haven't you guys noticed that the menu on watch recordings isn't high enough when there's a sub-title? the cancel button doesn't fit.. guess i could find that myself and fix tho ;)
17:44o_cee thor: yeah, hi hi, my milkshake melted
17:44thor oh dear
17:44o_cee indeed
17:45o_cee no seriously, you said you'd have mfd stuff to try out
17:45o_cee got any?
17:45o_cee :)
17:45thor yup
17:45thor cvs
17:46thor it should, _without hiccups_ find any and all mfd's when they appear or disappear
17:46o_cee great
17:46o_cee too bad i can't really test it for you
17:46thor and you should be able to make mfd's cleanly disappear by CTRL-C'ing them
17:46thor or kill pid'ing them
17:46o_cee ah yeah that too
17:46o_cee i could try that
17:46o_cee oh, kenneth is back, heheh
17:47thor and the tree should not jump around as more data is added to it
17:47thor just in general, it should not be doing anything suprising
17:48o_cee allright
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18:42o_cee 23/Mar/2004-00:42:53: signal thread plugin user hit CTRL-C (too lazy to run "mfdctl stop"?), will call mfd shutdown <-- cool :)
18:42mikegrb heh
18:43mikegrb lazy is always welcome
18:43o_cee yepp
18:44mikegrb googleisms++
18:47thor so works ok then ?
18:47o_cee seems like it
18:49thor starting stopping iTunes should make items/playlists appear dissappear in mfe without moving the tree at all
18:49thor that work at your end ?
18:50o_cee ah mfe getting it
18:50thor k
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18:59bbeattie anyone tried to compile mythmusic lately from cvs? bunch of parse errors on the new tree stuff.
18:59thor need CVS libmyth
18:59bbeattie is that a new cvs repos?
18:59thor err, cvs mythtv
19:00bbeattie yeah, have been using it for almost a year. :)
19:01thor you need _current_ mythtv cvs (which includes libmyth) to build current cvs mythmusic
19:01o_cee thor: yeah got stuff up and running..
19:02bbeattie ooh, dang, I thought I compiled the new stuff, looks like I compiled main mythtv a day before all those patches,
19:02thor o_cee, is X using like 25% CPU time while you play something and move around the tree in mfe ?
19:02o_cee thor: went into playlists, Oscar (itunes share).. then killed itunes.. and i wound up not in playlists but inside artists.. kinda odd
19:02o_cee lemme see
19:03o_cee thor: ah running exported display atm
19:03--- <<-- GeckoFiend [] has quit ("Leaving")
19:03dja_ thor: you up for a stupid user question? if so, what's "Category" in mythvideo?
19:05thor o_cee, yeah it needs to jump _somewhere_ if current branch goes away
19:05thor but I should improve that
19:05thor dja_, Category ?
19:05thor filter stuff ?
19:06o_cee thor: yeah i'd excpect to wind up in the parent, in this case Playlists
19:06thor yup
19:06thor that's what it should do
19:06thor good
19:06dja_ if you're in "Video Manager" and you select a number (0-9) to "Edit", one of the options is "Category", but I can't find anything that uses it
19:08thor o_cee, keep messing with it and please let me know if anything else weird happens
19:08thor dja_, hmmm
19:08thor I have no idea
19:08thor and I think I wrote it
19:09dja_ ok :-)
19:09thor although that category popup doesn't seem familiar
19:09thor :-)
19:09dja_ :-)
19:09dja_ it's pretty nice, so you should take credit :-)
19:10o_cee thor: artists aren't sorted in any way.. :)
19:10thor right
19:10thor good
19:11o_cee if you say so
19:11o_cee :)
19:11dja_ speaking of sorting: anyone else have problems with "Video List" not sorting properly? (Yes, I'm on a mythvideo kick today :-)
19:11thor heh, they will be ... but not bothering at the moment
19:11thor dja_, 0.14 ?
19:11dja_ current cvs
19:12dja_ it used to work, unfortunately I don't remember when it broke.
19:12o_cee thor: everything seems to be working here.. playlist id -1 means it isn't in any playlist?
19:12thor means you didn't play it from a playlist
19:13o_cee correct
19:13thor (it might be on a playlist, but the current selection was just the thing itself)
19:13o_cee also, it's not bps, it's kbps :)
19:13thor heh
19:14thor o_cee, exported display is a non Linux box ?
19:14o_cee yeah :|
19:14thor k
19:16o_cee and playing from itunes share seems ok too, neat
19:16thor should be
19:16thor feel free to try and break it
19:16o_cee yeah, and chars like \xE5\xE4\xF6 is working
19:16o_cee yeah i'm trying ;)
19:16thor only thing i _know_ breaks it is holding down the 2 button
19:17o_cee heh
19:17thor but there's a fix for that shortly
19:17o_cee okay
19:17o_cee mfd haven't read all files yet
19:18thor heh, this will be much less of an issue when it's just running 24/7 :-)
19:18o_cee yeah i know :)
19:19thor the amazing thing, it's still giving you playlists that include stuff it hasn't yet read
19:19* thor pats himself on the back
19:19o_cee yeah
19:19o_cee hehehhehe
19:19o_cee :)
19:21o_cee annoying thing is that using tags doesn't handle albums very well..
19:21thor eh?
19:22--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:22o_cee albums with many different artists
19:22o_cee gets scattered
19:22thor ah
19:22thor yeah
19:22o_cee like
19:22o_cee it could do some magic
19:22thor heh
19:22o_cee if there's an album with different artists
19:22o_cee just put it in Various
19:22o_cee (as artist)
19:24thor there's a db column for "compilation" now
19:24thor which could get used
19:24o_cee yeah i saw that
19:24thor hmm, I'll put this (somwhere fairly far down) on the to do list
19:25o_cee great ;)
19:25o_cee i'll just stick to directory structure
19:25o_cee in the meantime
19:25o_cee also, while redesigning the ui
19:25o_cee doing like 'artist - album' would be nice
19:25o_cee 'artist - album tracks'
19:26thor in the final node that actually lists the track ?
19:26o_cee no the first one
19:26thor ah
19:26thor hmm
19:26o_cee instead of having Britney < two albums.. have Britney - First and Britney - Second
19:27thor that could become a very long list ...
19:27o_cee true
19:27thor user option probably
19:27o_cee but it's veeeery long as it is anyway because of the various artist album thing
19:28thor since the tree is getting assembled and (eventually) sorted in a completely seperate threas
19:28o_cee but that way you would have all actual albums listed
19:28thor err, thread
19:28thor I'm inclined to have the default be a _large_ tree that has many different paths to the content
19:28o_cee Chutt: you planning on putting albumart in the new screen? would look great
19:29thor then you can use accelerators to pop up the menu at predefined (non-root level) nodes
19:29mikegrb tree is falling
19:29thor didn't hear it
19:30mikegrb nope
19:32knight- hey
19:32mikegrb howdy knight-
19:33knight- hey mike
19:33knight- how's xbox myth treating you these days?
19:33mikegrb pretty well
19:33knight- how about ivtv cvs?
19:33mikegrb heh
19:34knight- ;)
19:34mikegrb using a release of ivtv
19:34knight- 0.1.9?
19:34mikegrb works just excelent
19:34mikegrb umm I'd have to look and see
19:35mikegrb 0.1.9
19:35knight- i'm the proud owner of a sony 50" grand wega rear proj lcd now :)
19:35knight- and the sony hd-300 receiver
19:35mikegrb I have a 250 rather then a 350 so it works fine for me
19:35mikegrb oh, nice
19:35knight- ahh yeah
19:35--- ---> pcjabber [] has joined #mythtv
19:35mikegrb I have a 46" crt rear proj
19:35knight- my 350 hangs my system with 0.1.9 :)
19:36mikegrb :/
19:36knight- sony?
19:36mikegrb of course ;)
19:36knight- yay!
19:36knight- i didnt know there was a 46"
19:36mikegrb widescreen > *
19:36knight- my neighbor has a 42"
19:36knight- i have the 50"
19:36knight- didnt know there was any in between
19:36knight- you have last year's XBR? or this years Grand Wega?
19:36mikegrb xbr
19:37knight- last year?
19:37mikegrb yes
19:37knight- awesome
19:37knight- but that has DLP right?
19:38mikegrb nah not the 46", it is crt projection
19:38knight- eh? really?
19:38mikegrb aye
19:38knight- CRT and not CCD or DLP?
19:38mikegrb crt
19:38mikegrb I would prefer dlp
19:38mikegrb be lighter :D
19:38knight- yeah that seems weird to me
19:39mikegrb got a great deal though
19:39knight- i thought you couldnt have crt in a rear proj
19:39mikegrb yes
19:39knight- oh wait
19:39knight- duh
19:39mikegrb ;)
19:39knight- you dont have rear proj lcd
19:39knight- :)
19:39mikegrb heh
19:39knight- i thought you said you had rear proj lcd like i do, so i was confused when you said crt :)
19:40mikegrb we got $200 off the price because we took one that someone else bought, they delivered it and the people didn't want it
19:40knight- haha
19:40mikegrb sony was doing a promotion at the time so we got the $200 stand for free as well
19:40mikegrb worked out well
19:40knight- oh thats real nice too
19:40mikegrb yes
19:40knight- well if you ever upgrade, go ccd, not dlp
19:41knight- same price now
19:41mikegrb just got a pvr card about a month ago, really makes a noticable improvement on this tv
19:41knight- ahh
19:41mikegrb I think we are likely to keep this one for as close to forever as it lasts
19:41knight- what were you using before?
19:42mikegrb though a projector is probably in the future for movies and watching spiffy shows with company
19:42mikegrb bttv based card
19:42knight- ahh yuck
19:42knight- i love my pvrs
19:42knight- although
19:42o_cee i got 200 SEK discount when i bought my rear speakers today because my front speakers wasn't threaded (right word?) so i couldn't put one of them on spikes.. got a discount if i fixed it myself ;)
19:42knight- now i dont know what to do about hd
19:43knight- my entertainment system is getting too complex :(
19:43o_cee knight-: nevah!
19:43mikegrb heheh
19:43thor o_cee, you going to be up for a while ?
19:43mikegrb o_cee: threaded, yes right
19:43knight- 2 satellite receivers (one hd receiver, one directivo), my STR-3000ES receiver, my CX777ES dvd changer, monster power, etc
19:43o_cee thor: maybe a lil while yeah
19:43o_cee mikegrb: cool ;) wasn't sure
19:43knight- well by complicated, i mean that it's becoming too much work to change sources and wire everything
19:44knight- i really wanted everything to go through myth
19:44knight- :)
19:44mikegrb o_cee: probably a better word but it conveys what you are trying to get across
19:44thor o_cee, ok, wanna try mfe <--> mfd transatlantic ?
19:44knight- whats mfe?
19:44o_cee thor: sure
19:44knight- btw, i want to also :)
19:45--- ---> John-Kimble [] has joined #mythtv
19:45o_cee thor: i've got my mfd open on that non-standard port you know
19:45thor k, gimme 5 minutes
19:45John-Kimble hello all
19:45John-Kimble anyone here seen any linux alternatives for video patern generators ?
19:45John-Kimble Simular to the ones THX puts on its dvds ?
19:45o_cee John-Kimble: wrong channel again
19:46knight- o_cee, what is mfe? how does it differ from mfd?
19:46josephk I'm a cop you idiot!
19:46o_cee knight-: mfe is the client
19:47knight- inside backend?
19:47o_cee knight-: no, frontend
19:47o_cee josephk: ?
19:47knight- oh i see
19:47mikegrb josephk: I'm going to ask you some questions and I want them answered
19:47josephk immediately!
19:48mikegrb heh
19:48mikegrb josephk++
19:48Chutt dja never posted that backtrace
19:48Chutt hrm
19:49o_cee Chutt: you ever read scrollback?
19:49Chutt nope
19:49o_cee thought so ;)
19:50o_cee you planning on adding albumart on the new select music screen? could be neat
19:50Chutt i wasn't
19:50Chutt but, maybe
19:50o_cee it could be a nice addition..
19:50Chutt the current album art stuff's really just tacked on
19:51Chutt i'll see, though
19:51o_cee yeah it would need a rework, like to be able to use another viz if there's no albumart for instance
19:51josephk Who is your daddy?
19:51thor Chutt, I was thinking large display area for current track
19:51josephk ...and what does he do?
19:51thor with big area for viz/album art
19:52thor and navigation is a UIBttnEtc menu
19:52thor but it pops up and then goes away
19:52o_cee and remove all those buttons as well
19:52Chutt for a playback interface?
19:52Chutt sure
19:52thor yup
19:52Chutt need buttons
19:52o_cee why?
19:52Chutt no buttons means 'why the hell is this screen for?'
19:52Chutt err, 'what'
19:53thor m for menu
19:53Chutt ui should be useable with arrow keys
19:53o_cee yeah but everyone that uses myth should have play/stop/pause/... mapped right?
19:55Chutt nope.
19:55o_cee well.. heh, no okay.. but.. argh :)
19:55thor menu includes Controls-->play, stop, etc
19:55thor but only total noobs would use it
19:55thor dunno
19:55Chutt can't make that assumption.
19:56Chutt need buttons on screen
19:56o_cee true but what about the way thors says?
19:56o_cee (me is lagging a bit)
19:56mikegrb lag is a contemporary disorder
19:58Chutt need buttons on screen
19:58thor heh, ok, small buttons
19:58o_cee tiny
19:58o_cee :)
19:58josephk no big
19:58josephk huge
19:59o_cee Chutt: i'd do a quick poll on -users, how many that's using it that way at the moment..
19:59mikegrb big is home? many educators surf the web on high speed connections provided by their educational institutions
19:59dja_ Chutt: sorry, I'm not sure what happened (I'd swear I posted it)...anyway, it's at
19:59mikegrb o_cee: nothing is quick on -users
20:00o_cee mikegrb: sorry, forgot, heh
20:00mikegrb ;_
20:00mikegrb er ;)
20:03josephk anyone using ck's #92a?
20:04thor o_cee, will be gone for 15-20 minutes (dinner), mfd is up @ _mfdp._tcp on
20:05o_cee mmmmmm
20:05knight- thor
20:05knight- can i test too?
20:14o_cee Chutt: got any idea how you'll do the playing screen? will you do it with a seperate playlist window that you can change to or something (to make room for other stuff)?
20:18o_cee WTF
20:19o_cee isn't it very odd
20:19josephk hmmm
20:19josephk lol
20:19o_cee that they used the exact same pics that i did
20:19o_cee for example the music icons
20:19josephk "odd"
20:19o_cee there's like 10 different styles of them
20:20o_cee and there's a bunch of different images icons
20:20mikegrb o_cee: I agree
20:20josephk aren't those the ones you asked for permission to use?
20:20o_cee josephk: yeah
20:20mikegrb they stole them from o_cee
20:20o_cee checking their cvs now to see if there's any notes
20:20mikegrb the little freevo bishes
20:23josephk my osd looks good, but I'm not sure I want to share
20:23josephk lol
20:23josephk especially if it's going to end up in freevo
20:23mikegrb heheh
20:24josephk they call it blurr2
20:24o_cee i can't find it in cvs
20:25josephk I can't find anything in cvs
20:25josephk lol
20:26josephk I keed I keed
20:27--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
20:28--- <<-- crib2 [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:28--- <<-- AridWrk [] has quit ("Leaving")
20:28thor o_cee, how are we doing ?
20:28thor knight-, sure
20:29o_cee thor: see pm
20:29o_cee i just got kinda busy with freevo now
20:29josephk lol
20:30thor k
20:30thor cool, wonder what services they're announcing on Zeroconfig
20:30o_cee checking the tarball now
20:34josephk anything?
20:35o_cee yeah
20:35o_cee i'll check if they are the same files as mine
20:35josephk I'm so intrigued I downloaded it too
20:35o_cee freevo-1.5-pre1.tar.gz\freevo-1.5-pre1\share\images\gant
20:35o_cee gant is the name of the icons anyway
20:35--- <<-- enki [] has quit ("Well it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye!")
20:35o_cee so that doesn't mean anything
20:35o_cee however i can't find any note about they having permission
20:36o_cee but they also have other icons
20:40thor holy python requirements
20:44o_cee well quick comparation seems like the files aren't the same
20:46o_cee but they've still used the exact same images
20:47thor probably resized them :-)
20:48billytwowilly| the gant images aren't under a gpl like licence?
20:48o_cee no
20:49thor bah, if I have to build one more friggin python package ...
20:49billytwowilly| hmm. Is that clarified anywhere? that would confuse me.. everything is labelled gpl in the source tree except the mfd things I think. I assumed all the themes were under gpl like licences.
20:49o_cee billytwowilly: yeah well guess one time
20:50billytwowilly| o_cee, I'm having a slow day, that response confuses me;)
20:53thor just to be clear, mfd is GPL, plugin interface is LGPL, all code in mfd CVS is GPL with the exception of the zeroconfig plugin (which is APPLE public source license)
20:53thor in case anyone was wondering :-)
20:53o_cee right :)
20:54thor although at this point, Chutt and I have the copyright to the whole damn tree !
20:55billytwowilly| perhaps you can clarify something for me that I've been curious about for various projects then
20:56billytwowilly| lots of people have committed patches, so don't they own the copyright on the patched code they have submitted? Do the relinquish control of their copyrights to you just by submitting?
20:56o_cee haven't you heard?
20:56o_cee all your base are belongs to us
20:57billytwowilly| Heh. I was hoping for a slightly more legal sounding answer;)
20:57thor no, no, myth tree has lots of patches
20:57thor so copyright is spread out
20:57thor just mfd tree is unpatched
20:58billytwowilly| oh ok.
20:59* billytwowill wonders why everyone didn't hold that over the Xfree guys' heads when they changed the licence.
20:59--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
21:01thor BSD license, I believe
21:01thor but I dunno
21:01o_cee thor: i couldn't get it working btw
21:03thor should be 2432
21:03o_cee rightio
21:03thor you could try daap first to see if that's working
21:04o_cee k
21:04--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Leaving")
21:04--- ---> lane [] has joined #mythtv
21:04o_cee i should be able to switch to you with '1' now right?
21:05thor I see no connection here
21:06thor let's try ping
21:06thor see if that works :-)
21:06o_cee yeh
21:06o_cee works
21:06thor sorry, back to pm
21:21--- ---> rOOfus [] has joined #mythtv
21:27--- ---> iceheart [] has joined #mythtv
21:30thor heh
21:31thor as far as I can make out, I think they're just broadcasting the http interface to freevo
21:31thor which sucks ... would have been awesome if they had daap or something built in
21:32mikegrb daap is basically composed of members of the coalition to defend affirmative action by any means necessary
21:32Chutt heh
21:36--- <--- iceheart [] has left #mythtv ()
21:41knight- heh
21:43--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
21:46thor Chutt, just fiddling with UIListGenericTree. Getting some segfaults in CalcDimensions()
21:46thor I think it wants to check if it has a parent
21:49--- <--- rOOfus [] has left #mythtv ()
21:53Chutt ah
21:53Chutt are you adding things to the tree yourself?
21:54Chutt hrm.
21:54Chutt really should always have a parent there
21:55thor yeah, it probably should
21:55thor just started poking at it (not using it properly)
21:59Chutt heh
22:03--- ---> jslove [] has joined #mythtv
22:17thor hmmm ... can't seem to make it do anything but segfault
22:17mikegrb segfault is written almost exclusively in php
22:17thor heh
22:20Chutt does it work in mythmusic?
22:20thor oh yeah, works fine
22:21thor I'm just being slow
22:21thor (didn't get much sleep last night)
22:23--- <<-- lane [] has quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.4")
22:34--- User: *** Netslayer is now known as Netslayer|away
22:35thor if I try and build a tree myself (with just UILIstGenericTree objects, not TreeCheckItem's) it is not very happy
22:42Chutt hrm
22:42Chutt shouldn't much matter
22:42Chutt treecheckitem doesn't do a hell of a lot
22:44thor buidling mythlib in debug to try and find out where I'm being an idiot
22:45thor building
23:04--- User: *** Netslayer|away is now known as Netslayer
23:23thor hmmm ... sure, now it works just fine
23:23--- <<-- jslove [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:35--- ---> FryGuy- [] has joined #mythtv
23:41--- User: *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
23:53--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
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23:59--- <<-- hfb [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
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