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00:22thor hmmm, lists should have a cutdown option so they are only as wide as the longest node
00:22thor text of the longest node
00:23thor and it needs to vary by depth
00:23thor hmmmmmmm
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01:06bitbyte is there any way to make it go straight to the epg when i select "watch live tv" ?
02:16Sir-Al what's better for mythtv, a 1.1ghz celeron or a p3 733mhz coppermine?
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09:55Killerbun the "length" variable in mythmusic's database, does it represent the length of the track in some way ?
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09:59o_cee i'd guess it's how many millimeters of physical space it occupies on your harddrive
10:00Killerbun ?
10:01Killerbun im programming a bit of php, and wanna convert it to human readable.
10:01o_cee no? well then it's probably the length of the song
10:01o_cee check mm source
10:02Killerbun mm ?
10:02o_cee mythmusic
10:03Killerbun =/
10:04Killerbun its in millisec's
10:09o_cee mythweb/mythmusic.php <-- has the code you want as well
10:11Killerbun i found out my self ;)
10:11Killerbun thanks anyways.
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12:03AriT93 is there still a patch for mplayer to play the .nuv files?
12:04sfr yes, but it's not updated anymore. i build mplayer 1.0pre3 with it and the patch applied cleanly though.
12:04AriT93 where can I dl the patch I have been googling like mad and cant find it
12:06sfr don't know. but i could dcc you the one i used.
12:06AriT93 not sure if dcc will come through but that would be great
12:08sfr doesn't seem to work. look here:
12:08bitbyte howdy herr sfr
12:09sfr hi bitbyte
12:09AriT93 excellent thank you very much!
12:09sfr err. hi mr. bitbyte of course!
12:09bitbyte how are you today?
12:09sfr fine
12:10sfr bitbyte: shouldn't you be working hard?
12:10bitbyte i'm pretending
12:10bitbyte ssshhhh
12:10bitbyte i've been in meetings all morning
12:11bitbyte i just ordered an ATI Remote Wonder
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12:11bitbyte and wa looking at quiet case fans
12:11bitbyte hehe
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12:11bitbyte putting the finaly touches on my myth box
12:11bitbyte final
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12:12sfr bitbyte: sounds like a though job you have. where should i send my application to? ;)
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12:12bitbyte you dont wanna work here, we don't get 234234234 days of vacation a year
12:12sfr *g*
12:13bitbyte :)
12:13bitbyte i'm a systems analyst
12:13bitbyte sitting at a PC typgin is what i do all day
12:13bitbyte and i can do this and other things at the same time
12:13bitbyte hehe
12:14sfr creating fancy-looking reports about things everyone already knows? *me hides*
12:14bitbyte hell no
12:14bitbyte i don't do reports
12:14bitbyte if they wanna know, they can look themselves
12:14bitbyte :)
12:15bitbyte i was wondering something the other day
12:15bitbyte can i msg you a question?
12:15sfr sure bitbyte
12:28bitbyte I'd like to make some changes to the menuing. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to go about doing this?
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12:29Chutt edit the various xml files in /usr/local/share/mythtv/
12:29thor updatedb; locate mainmenu.xml
12:30bitbyte When I select "Watch TV" I'd like Myth to go to the EPG you get when hitting M while watching live TV. Is this doable?
12:31bitbyte rather than going to the last channel i was on, then hitting M
12:31thor nope (4th law of thermodynamics)
12:31bitbyte clarify?
12:31thor every action is impossible
12:31bitbyte haha
12:31bitbyte ok
12:32bitbyte also I'd like ot be able to go directly from live tv to the recorded shows playbakc menu with a button on the remote.
12:32kvandivo unless, of course, the action is something you don't want to happen, and then it is inevitable
12:32thor 5th law
12:32bitbyte yeah, i get that a lot kvandico
12:33bitbyte kvandivo*
12:33bitbyte are there any obvious reasons why either of these wouldn't be possible?
12:34thor aside from the 4th law ?
12:34bitbyte yes
12:34bitbyte and 5th
12:35thor don't think you can get right from XML to jump points yet, you'll probably have to fiddle with C++ code a bit
12:35bitbyte ok
12:36bitbyte i'll have a look at the xml tonight
12:36bitbyte sounds like it's going to be a steep learning curve
12:37bitbyte thanks for the help
12:37thor yup
12:44thor Chutt, you got a second ?
12:44Chutt i've got 15 minutes
12:45thor more than enough
12:45thor in the UILIstBttn thingy
12:45Chutt ok
12:45thor was planning on implementing a show() and hide() function
12:45thor just set a flag for the moment
12:45thor but eventually they would fade out , fade in
12:45thor make sense ?
12:45Chutt sure
12:45thor up in the lib
12:46thor abviously
12:46Chutt there's a setVisible, isn't there?
12:46thor obviously
12:46thor hmm , probably
12:46thor k
12:46Chutt but, sounds fun
12:46thor either or, I'll figure it out
12:46thor think I have a plan for playback UI
12:46Chutt cool.
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12:49thor also, I _think_ I want UIListGenercTree's to ab able to gave just plain old GenericTree's as sub nodes
12:49thor to be
12:49Chutt i don't see a reason for that
12:49thor well .... GenericTree is more generic
12:49thor :-)
12:49Chutt the uilistgenerictree is just a direct inheritor, and it stores some gui state info
12:49Chutt and that's all, really
12:50thor hmmm ... will have to think about it some more, but here's the reason
12:50thor the mfd client lib builds, sorts and hands over a GenericTree
12:50thor it could build, sort, and hand over a UIListGenericTree
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12:51thor but another client may not want the GUI stuff
12:51thor it may just want the Generic Tree
12:51thor I dunno
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12:51Chutt well
12:51Chutt it wouldn't be hard to do that
12:52Chutt use a generictree instance for it
12:52Chutt just have to change some assumptions
12:52Chutt the uilistgenerictree doesn't have to have all the info filled in, too
12:53thor then again, don't want to end up in a situation where you need to do a cast on every draw of every item just to figure out how to draw it
12:53thor so I dunno
12:53Chutt well
12:53Chutt let's use the music stuff as an example
12:53Chutt if you wanted to set an icon for each item
12:53Chutt like the current stuff does
12:54Chutt or set it to be checkable or not, etc
12:54thor then it does have to be a UIListGenericTree
12:54Chutt right
12:54Chutt so you'd have to go through your big huge 20k item generictree and convert to uilistgenerictree's
12:54thor in any case
12:55Chutt while if it were uilistgenerictree's in the first place, you'd just have to walk the tree and fill in any missing info that the client lib didn't provide
12:55thor right, ok ... easier to just ignore the extra information in a setting where you don't need it
12:55Chutt anything else _can_ just treat it as a generictree item
12:55thor so, the client lib should build, sort, and hand over UIListGenericTree's
12:55thor right, ok
12:56Chutt hrm
12:56Chutt i dunno
12:56Chutt tricky :p
12:56thor heh
12:56Chutt what about stuff like the current music tree, where it uses subclasses for all that?
12:56Chutt hrm
12:57Chutt could conceivably get rid of those subclasses and just store it as a type field in the uilistgenerictree class
12:57thor I dunno, maybe GenericTree itself should be a little beefier
12:57thor or yeah, what you said
12:57Chutt well, i'm using it for the osd code too, remember
12:57Chutt so it should be generic enough for that and the ui code
12:57thor hmmmm
12:58Chutt heh
12:58Chutt phone interview in a few minutes
12:58thor ok, we can pick this up later
12:58thor good luck
12:58Chutt eh
12:58Chutt not who i want to work for, but =)
12:58Chutt axel thimm said the presentation at cebit went really well
12:58thor cool
12:59sfr did he show the german translations?
12:59Chutt i don't know
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12:59sfr well, i don't think. ;)
12:59Chutt all right
13:00Chutt i'm ready for stupid brainteaser interview questions
13:00sfr good luck for the interview(s)
13:00thor maybe they'll ask about generic trees ...
13:00thor (hint: 42)
13:03Chutt hrm
13:04Chutt here we go, fun time
13:04thor now was that 1 pm eastern, central. mountain, or pacific ?
13:04thor heh
13:05* thor is just happy he wasn't vacuuming this time
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13:24Chutt that was a good interview
13:24Chutt quick, to the point, and no stupid questions
13:26bma redhat?
13:26Chutt ms
13:26bma ah
13:29Chutt redhat's wanting to fly me out next week or so
13:29thor cool
13:30Chutt still nothing in cleveland :(
13:30thor sound lab/interesting or grunt/dull ?
13:30Chutt i dunno
13:34Chutt i hope whoever it was that called during the interview calls me back
13:34Chutt hrmph
13:36Chutt it was probably just some random person wanting to make a mythtv box as usual
13:36thor heh, you know, you should sell those
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14:08knight- 4hey2hey Chutt, thor
14:08knight- doh
14:08thor eh (heh) ?
14:08knight- hey
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14:16o_cee Chutt: was that ms as in microsoft? muhahah
14:17o_cee freevo kiddie haven't replied yet
14:22thor o_cee, idea was just main playback UI dominated by information about current track ... left right goes to next track/album/playlist entry ... to change current info, menu brings up a UIList Tree thing ... once you've made a selection, the menu goes away
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14:24o_cee sounds good to me.
14:25o_cee not having buttons like shuffle, repeat, edit playlist and so on
14:25o_cee much better in a menu
14:25thor yup
14:26thor and you can wire accelerators to them .... you should be able to do everything with left/right/up/down, menu, ok, and back
14:26o_cee just some small textindication what the current state of random and repeat is
14:26thor but not have to
14:28o_cee i'd say that if you could operate stuff with the menu (with a playback control menu section) you could skip the buttons but it didn't seem like chutt liked that ;)
14:29thor heh
14:29thor well, buttons in blue theme
14:29thor but if someone were to produce a theme with no buttons in it ....
14:30o_cee yeah i guess icould remove them ;)
14:30o_cee uhm
14:31o_cee another thing i forgot about
14:31o_cee timeline
14:31thor yeah, definitely
14:31o_cee great
14:32o_cee how'd you operate it? you need special buttons for that, but i guess there's no other way ;)
14:33o_cee or M -> Do Timeline -> Left/right
14:33o_cee heh
14:33o_cee what a pita
14:33thor ah, no just for display
14:33thor (I was thinking)
14:33o_cee but
14:33thor unless I don't know what you mean by a "timeline"
14:33o_cee yeah but
14:33o_cee yeah
14:34o_cee if you ff/rev
14:34o_cee you'd see that of course
14:34o_cee :)
14:34thor right
14:34o_cee i thought about it when using a mouse
14:34o_cee like clicking in the middle
14:34o_cee wich you of course can't
14:34thor want mouse .... use iTunes (at least for the time being)
14:35o_cee yeah hehe i just meant i didn't think about the timeline beeing on a tv
14:35o_cee hmm, also you could put a info popup with ALL availible useless info about the track
14:35o_cee on "i"
14:36thor eventually, yes
14:36o_cee would want that for watch recordings and live-tv as well ;) but with the full desc
14:43o_cee thor: what about visualisations then?
14:43o_cee there's some awesome stuff for like winamp but i dunno if any of them are gpl'd or whatever
14:44thor heh
14:44thor well .... dunno
14:44o_cee i don't use them anymore.. goom sometimes
14:44thor eyecandy _is_ important
14:45o_cee sure, but compared to other eyecandy availible, goom isn't that impressive
14:45thor well, I think most people would rate it above spinning gears
14:45thor :-0
14:46sfr hm, goom not impressive? i don't believe you, o_cee ;)
14:46o_cee heh, sfr, there's some amazing stuff out there
14:47o_cee <-- i mean look at that
14:47sfr screenshots, screenshots!
14:47kvandivo remember the old 'dazzle' program from the DOS days?
14:48sfr o_cee: i like goom better
14:48bitbyte i find all the visualizations annoying
14:49bitbyte but im in the minoiryt i'm sure
14:50o_cee heh, they recommend minimum a gf3
14:51thor someone should write a visualization that does AI speach recognition on the vocals, and switches channels on the TV to the closest subject matter that the vocals are talking about
14:51thor also, it should order you pizza
14:53thor Chutt, so are we any closer to resolution on the "should everything be a UIListGenericTree object" question ?
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15:56Griffon26 I know this is not a support channel, so I won't ask for a solution. I only want to know if it is currently possible to use MythTV with native ALSA and a 2.6 kernel without having the OSS compatibility stuff in the kernel.
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17:51_rkulagow don't you love supply and demand? the $69 PVR-250 card at z-buy is now $87.
17:53bitbyte huh?
17:53bitbyte the hauppauge for 87?
17:53bitbyte this i gotta see
17:53sfr too cheap?
17:54_rkulagow free ship, no tax. only question is: is it compat with ivtv, or is it one that has the cx88 on it? odds are if it's an OEM model it's not the latest one, so it should work fine. i guess i'll find out in a day or so.
17:55kvandivo be sure to let us know. :) my gf is looking for one
17:56--- ---> Rroet [] has joined #mythtv
17:56kvandivo WinTV-PVR-250MCE has the best video quality of any Media Center TV tuner, plus adds FM radio.
17:56_rkulagow sure. i've purchased from z-buy before and didn't have a problem with the buy, so we'll see what happens when they get flooded by MythTV'ers. (as they obviously did, since they raised the price pretty quick between last night and today)
18:03bitbyte it's the oem one
18:03bitbyte it's in between the 250 and 350
18:03bitbyte no remote
18:03bitbyte nice price
18:04kikov bitbyte: 350! :)
18:05bitbyte this is half the price of the 350
18:05bitbyte and i already have a remote
18:05bitbyte is there support for the FM tuner tho i wonder
18:05bitbyte it's specifically made for XPMCE
18:09bitbyte afaik it uses the same encoder as te 350
18:09bitbyte simply has no decoder
18:09bitbyte or remote
18:09bitbyte the other nice thing is it doesnt need a dongle for svideo
18:12bitbyte rkulagow
18:13bitbyte it's the Conexant -416 MPEG
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18:17bitbyte man
18:17bitbyte nothing on google bout it and linux
18:21--- ---> enki [] has joined #mythtv
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19:41Chutt hrmph
19:49CanadaBoy i wonder is z-buy shipps to canada ?
19:51CanadaBoy i need to find one in canada
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19:57harryo I want to post a patch for mythfilldatabase to use tv_grab_na_dd. Can someone answer a quick question?
19:58harryo anybody out there?
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21:45Captain_Murdo| harryo needs to stick around for more than a couple minutes in one room and he might get his question answered.
21:46thor can't talk, chasing harryo
21:49_rkulagow captain_murdoch: i've been trying to catch up with _you_ the last few days...
21:50Captain_Murdo| thor, I see he went ahead and posted his patch on -users.
21:50Captain_Murdo| _rkulagow: what did I do this time? :)
21:50_rkulagow that issue where it's playing right into the commercials thing has come back.
21:51Captain_Murdo| ahh, forgot about that when I went out of town.
21:51Captain_Murdo| so it's not honoring the cutlist and it playing right into the cut portion?
21:52_rkulagow pretty much, and it's the same symptoms as last time (requires me to import the skiplist into the cutlist and then start tweaking)
21:54_rkulagow bbl.
21:54Captain_Murdo| ok. I'll try to reproduce if I can.
21:55thor Chutt, I'm going to go ahead and have the client lib use UIListGenericTree objects
21:59Chutt makes the most sense to me
21:59thor yup
21:59thor and in any other context, you can ignore the extra info (just pretend it's a genricTree object)
22:00Chutt right
22:00thor about to commit show() hide(), toggleShow(), isShowing(), isHidden(), etc.
22:00thor and a calculateScreenArea() for UILIstBtn
22:00Chutt ok
22:00Chutt auto-sizing?
22:01thor calculateScreenArea() has to be done for each UIType to figure out how much space it takes up in actual screen co-ordinates
22:01thor otherwise refresh() doesn't work
22:01thor and you end up having to do updateForeground()
22:01Chutt ah
22:02thor (although I've just changed refresh() to give a warning
22:02thor )
22:02Chutt anyway, cool.
22:02thor well, they don't do much ... binary show/hide ... but adding fade shouldn't be hard
22:08mikegrb I got baby pictures!
22:09thor wow, I thought heidi was something like 3 months pregnant
22:09thor ah, ultrasound ?
22:10mikegrb :D
22:10mikegrb heh yes
22:11thor they all look like aliens at that age
22:11thor GEN seems to be unflagged
22:11mikegrb thor: indeed
22:11thor (NB, always bothered me that GE cannot use the correct term for sex in their user interface)
22:11mikegrb heh
22:12mikegrb I have this weird desire that blood tests show an increased chance of spinabefida(sp!) or some other problem
22:12thor so, boy, girl, or purposely don't know ?
22:12mikegrb then we get one of the spiffy 4D ultrasounds, have you seen sample images from those? they are frik'n amazing
22:12mikegrb too early
22:12thor ah
22:12mikegrb find out in about 2 more months or so
22:13thor this was not the 20 week ultasound ?
22:13mikegrb right
22:13mikegrb this was 10 week
22:13thor ah yeah
22:14thor see four little pixels beeping on and off?
22:14mikegrb heh yes
22:14mikegrb that was pretty amazing
22:14thor very cool
22:14mikegrb and the heart rate thing did by sight rather then sound
22:14mikegrb drew a box around it and it drew a wave form, select to peaks and it calulates the period
22:14thor heh
22:15mikegrb those 4d ultrasounds are just amazing
22:15thor .... and they still think gender is a term for sex
22:15mikegrb heh
22:16nulltank should i be using the kernel (2.4.x) v4l2 drivers or the latest download version?
22:16thor dunno, what week is your wife's pregnancy at ?
22:29thor bah, lib changes take too long to compile
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23:13bitbyte hi billy
23:32billytwowilly| howdy
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