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00:08thor yay! dd zap2it patch
00:12_rkulagow yeah, i saw that too. i've got to update my perl-XML-writer before i can give it a try.
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00:28thor UIListTreeType::Redraw() ??
00:28thor MoveLeft() ?
00:29thor trying to write a GoHome() method so that if you hide a menu and then pop it back up, you end up at the first top child
00:31thor hmm, clearLevel
00:32_rkulagow huh. and i thought that when adult swim was doing the "flying shark vs. flying crocodile" promos they were making shit up. apparently not:
00:32_rkulagow <title>Animal Face-Off</title>
00:32_rkulagow <sub-title>Saltwater Croc vs. Great White Shark</sub-title>
00:32_rkulagow <desc>The largest reptile on the planet can meet the world's largest predatory shark off the shores of Australia.</desc>
00:32thor heh, that coming out of dd zap2it ?
00:32_rkulagow yep
00:32thor cool
00:33_rkulagow i happened to hit ctrl-c because i'm running manually and forgot to send it to a file.
00:33_rkulagow also, i discovered that i'm in the next building from the zap2it guys, so i've invited them to lunch. small world.
00:35Chutt that animal face-off show was pretty bad
00:35Chutt flying shark vs flying crocodile is pretty funny, though
00:36_rkulagow i can't believe how many of the people in that focus group seem to be taking them seriously.
00:36Chutt 'they will battle in a battle that can have no winner! WHO WILL WIN??'
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00:37_rkulagow oh-no! i've already missed 35 minutes of croc vs. shark!
00:40thor heh, I mangled moveLeft(), that was my problem
00:40thor dam cut 'n paste
00:40_rkulagow so, anybody want me to mention anything to the zap2it folks?
00:40_rkulagow other than, "keep it free"?
00:40Chutt easier setup would be nice
00:40_rkulagow (or cheap, which is also fine by me)
00:40Chutt and i for one wouldn't mind paying for it
00:41_rkulagow chutt: are you talking about the questionaire, the lineup selection or something else?
00:41thor Hire Mythical Chutt Inc., to create a listings distribution interface to every device with an IP address on plant earth
00:41Chutt all of it, i dunno
00:42Chutt i'm just having a hard time envisioning how the setup is going to integrate
00:42Chutt the current _na setup system works really well
00:42_rkulagow true, you do need to use their web service for initial setup.
00:43Chutt ah well
00:43Chutt i need to get to bed, electrician guy's coming at 8:30 tomorrow
00:44thor hopefully some new mfe stuff when you wake up
01:21_rkulagow if i didn't know better, i'd say ray o is making fun of someone elses shitty grammar.
01:24thor heh
01:24thor I think yore right
01:28josephk Questions will be asked...AND DESTROYED...BY ANSWERS!!!!!
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12:20bitbyte anyone determine if tht OEM pvr250 on z-buy is compatible with Myth or ivtv?
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12:56GrifGone (:#mythtv) I know this is not a support channel, so I won't ask for a solution. I only want to know if it is currently possible to use MythTV with native ALSA and a 2.6 kernel without having the OSS compatibility stuff in the kernel.
12:58dja (:#mythtv) GrifGone: you're still asking a support question -- I'd recommend you ask that over in #mythtv-users
12:58GrifGone (:#mythtv) I've already done that
12:58GrifGone (:#mythtv) but nobody knows if mythtv can do that
12:59GrifGone (:#mythtv) at least, they don't tell me if they do =]
12:59Chutt yes, you can
12:59GrifGone ah, k
12:59Chutt but there's not many reasons to use the oss emulation
13:00Chutt since it works well.
13:00GrifGone to _not_ use oss emu you mean
13:00dja Chutt: did you get my bt for the mythmusic problem?
13:00Chutt right
13:00Chutt dja, yeah, but you were missing the trace of the thread that acutally crashed
13:00Chutt so i haven't replied yet
13:00Chutt the ????? parts
13:01dja shoot, sorry
13:01GrifGone Strange thing is that mplayer works with native alsa and Myth opens the device without errors... I just can't hear anything
13:01Chutt not your fault
13:01Chutt gdb's =)
13:01GrifGone not sure how to debug it further
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13:01Chutt there's just not much i can do with it unless i have that information
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14:56bitbyte anyone determine if tht OEM pvr250 on z-buy is compatible with Myth or ivtv? the WinTV-PVR-250MCE
15:00GreyFoxx Can someone confirm for me whether livetv is streamed to a frontend via the tcp port 6543 connection to the backend or if it's via an nfs mounted directory? I've got 3 frontends that don't mount anything that would include the ringbuffer written by the backend, yet there is a guy on the mailing list saying that the ringbuffer is read via nfs. Am I just baked?
15:00GreyFoxx I'd check myself if I wasn't at work :)
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15:01Griffon26 did anyone build in ALSA input already?
15:03mdz Chutt: what do you do when the libmythtv ABI changes? is updating the rev in libmyth sufficient?
15:04Chutt yup
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15:21mdz where is there a list of the allowable strings for QKeySequence? I don't see one in the docs
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16:02brtb GreyFoxx - afaik it's a tcp stream, i never setup anything nfs related and i have remote frontends that work fine
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16:07GreyFoxx brtb: Me either, which is why I was confused :)
16:12brtb there are a lot of people that use nfs for backend storage, saw a few using it for mythmusic/mythvideo (both of which need raw file access on the frontend)
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16:38Griffon26 can you guys as developers tell me if alsa capture is supported?
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17:57mdz Griffon26: you have been asking that at least twice a day. please stop.
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18:13decoy Onboard Intel CSA Gigabit LAN... anybody knows if that's supported by gentoo ?
18:13decoy when booting from my livecd i have no nic
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20:31dopester Are there any know issues with the pchdtv card and with current cvs?
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20:59Chutt thor, you around?
20:59mikegrb nope
20:59Chutt heh
20:59mikegrb I gave him the night off and a basket of muffins
20:59Chutt ah, ok
20:59mikegrb would you like a muffin?
20:59Chutt blueberry?
20:59Chutt no thanks
20:59Chutt too much chinese takeout earlier
20:59mikegrb some blueberry, mainly shnazleberry
20:59mikegrb ahh
21:00Chutt the 'family dinner for 2' could probably feed 6, easily
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21:06-!- Irssi: #mythtv: Total of 56 nicks 0 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 56 normal
21:06-!- Irssi: Channel: Join to #mythtv was synced in 19 secs
21:06Chutt not really
21:11dopester whos working with the dvb part of the code?
21:11Chutt nobody, really
21:12dopester yeah i screwed around trying to get my dvbs card to work for a few days until i checked the code and realized the lnb settings are hard coded right now (with a comment about TODO: static LNB settings) :)
21:12Chutt heh
21:14mikegrb grrr
21:14mikegrb abovenet seemed to have broken
21:15mikegrb I didn't get a trace route thought my cable modem was broken but another guy did
21:18_rkulagow huh. the new scheduler might be better at scheduling, but it's killing my P3/733. i'm at 95% CPU, 282MB mem after starting up. it just took 6 minutes from the time the started to it kicking off a recording.
21:18Chutt really?
21:18Chutt heh
21:18Chutt mdz's stuff should help with that
21:19dopester how can i check on if anyone is working on the dvb-s stuff? if not i may start making the diseqc and lnb settings stuff work..
21:19_rkulagow i sure hope so.
21:20Chutt dopester, the guy that was working on it's said he's not going to anymore
21:20_rkulagow dopester: just assume no one is working on it and go for it.
21:21josephk make it dope
21:21dopester ok fair enough
21:22josephk who has a pundit, and do you like it...
21:23josephk ok I'll assume no one, and they suck
21:23josephk hehe
21:28_rkulagow josephk: it's just a question that's been asked so many times, maybe no one wants to answer it? (i do, and i like it fine. check the archives.)
21:29josephk I'm not going to buy it...although I was thinking about it
21:29josephk too easy...myth shouldn't be easy
21:29josephk lol
21:30josephk just saw a sale on newegg is all
21:31Chutt pundit's on sale?
21:31josephk not cheap enough
21:31josephk "sale"
21:31Chutt ah
21:32Chutt still 'round $170
21:32Chutt i want the black pundit they have in japan
21:32josephk 169.9999999
21:33josephk ooooo
21:33josephk ahhh
21:33josephk hehe
21:34* josephk grabs can of spray paint
21:34josephk high gloss or matte?
21:34Chutt heh
21:36josephk it seems like everyone thinks their mythtv setup is interesting enough for an "article"
21:36dopester man i was almost done with my mythtv article too..
21:36dopester :)
21:36josephk me too!
21:36josephk :)
21:37dopester mine has a dvb card in it.. hehe how amazing..
21:37dopester a 4 page publication now
21:37josephk mine has streamers to make it record faster
21:38josephk and gold leaf!
21:40dopester who was the guy working on the dvb stuff?
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21:52thor <Chutt> thor, you around?
21:52thor yup
21:52thor but I'm about to be gone for 4 days
21:52--- <<-- enki [~enki@] has quit ("Well it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye!")
21:52mdz _rkulagow: 6 minutes sounds ridiculous
21:52mdz _rkulagow: is it CPU bound or I/O bound? mythtv or mysql?
21:54Chutt guess who emailed?
21:54thor the ati guy ?
21:54Chutt naw
21:54thor uhm
21:54Chutt employment related
21:54thor hmmmm
21:54thor hauppauge ?
21:54Chutt yeah
21:55mikegrb spiffy
21:55thor "we won't to hire you as a grunt" or "lets go clean up this market together" ?
21:55Chutt and it sounded as if they'd consider telecommuting
21:55thor want
21:55thor bah
21:55Chutt mentioned the mvp
21:55thor don't pack and IRC at the same time
21:55Chutt and a windows version
21:55Chutt heh
21:55thor heh
21:55thor desktop version
21:56thor ?
21:56Chutt where are you going for 4 days?
21:56thor Montreal/skiing
21:56Chutt ah, fun
21:56thor yeah, not work
21:56Chutt fun's good =)
21:56thor especially with ten friends from high school :-)
21:56thor and no wives or kiddies
21:57Chutt heh
21:57thor big time trouble
21:58thor I've got a bunch of 1/2 finished things for mfe/music playback
21:58thor but it will have to wait to early next week
21:58Chutt yeah, that's cool
21:58thor was the hauppauge thing exploratory, or did they have some firm ideas ?
21:59Chutt exploratory introductory email
21:59thor right
21:59josephk a friend bought the mvp
21:59josephk loves it
21:59josephk except for the horrible render times in
22:00thor well, I'd urge you to try and make it sound more like a jv between hauppauge and Chutt Inc. rather than a straight salary thing
22:00Chutt heh
22:00thor would be awful to see hauppauge walk away with IP for windows/desktop stuff
22:00thor but, whatever pays the bills :-)
22:01Chutt still gotta stay GPLd
22:01--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
22:01Chutt since i can't do anything about that =)
22:01thor right
22:01thor but new desktop client can talk the protocol(s), interop, and be property of Hauppauge
22:02Chutt eh
22:02Chutt doubt it
22:02Chutt we'll see
22:02thor yup
22:02Chutt need to talk with em, first
22:03thor nice for you if it was just a straight, we send you salary, you make better GPL code, we sell more stuff
22:04thor but better still if it lead to we and Chutt inc sell amazing products, you can sell amazing products too if you hire Chutt Inc
22:07Chutt if i could get some guaranteed income for a few years that way, maybe
22:07Chutt i dunno, but i kinda just want something that's going to be stable for the forseeable future
22:07thor heh
22:07thor I know
22:07Chutt benefits and a retirement plan would be nice, too
22:08thor yup
22:08thor just saying don't close out the possibility at the outset
22:09Chutt well, i don't know if they're even talking about a permanent position yet
22:09Chutt it really was just a 3 sentence email :p
22:11josephk post to site
22:11josephk to site with it
22:11josephk ;)
22:11Chutt naw
22:12josephk blog
22:12Chutt it's really only just interesting in that it's a non-shady company that is interested in funding myth, sorta
22:12josephk they're right near me too
22:13josephk only between 50 and 300 miles
22:13Chutt heh
22:13Chutt that counts as 'right near'?
22:13thor myth solves a _lot_ of problems for hw makers
22:13josephk on dea...I mean long island
22:13thor they get to walk around the whole DRM thing entirely
22:13thor which is _very_ useful
22:14--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
22:14thor a hw maker with open source software is just about the only foreseable way to sell a commercial box that can rip dvd's, 'fer example
22:15thor which is incredibly useful for the consumer
22:16josephk in a fight where there can be no winners, who will win... et tu thor, et tu
22:17thor mens sana in corpore sano!
22:18_rkulagow mdz: it's a combination. first, mysql seems to be eating up the CPU, then mythbackend.
22:19_rkulagow and it's right after startup, so there's nothing else going on yet other than the scheduler running.
22:19--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
22:22_rkulagow i'm recompiling now to make sure i've got the latest CVS, then i'll see what's happening.
22:23_rkulagow lunch with the tms guys on tuesday.
22:23Chutt cool
22:24_rkulagow bbl.
22:26--- ---> dakeyras [] has joined #mythtv
22:29--- ---> dcas [] has joined #mythtv
22:34_rkulagow crap. mythbackend is a runaway. 478MB virt and climbing.
22:34Chutt hah
22:34Chutt not good, huh
22:34_rkulagow nope.
22:34kvandivo "I don't know how much more she can take, cap'n", kvandivo says in his best Scotty voice
22:36_rkulagow i wonder if it's mythcommflag that's doing it.
22:40--- ---> br14 [] has joined #mythtv
22:42--- <<-- dcas [] has quit ("Client exiting")
22:45--- <<-- pigeon [] has quit ("Changing the computer case, apparently...")
22:46--- <<-- Octane [] has quit ("")
22:46--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
22:50--- ---> pcjabber [] has joined #mythtv
23:02--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Leaving")
23:11Chutt aw, crap
23:11Chutt main myth box is dead
23:11mikegrb please to be grabbing a backtrace and send it to the dev list
23:13Chutt heh
23:13Chutt funny man
23:14kvandivo too bad we all forgot to laugh, mikegrb.
23:14mikegrb :<
23:14mikegrb I thought you were my buddy kvandivo
23:15kvandivo i am, but some opportunities are too golden to pass up
23:15mikegrb :<
23:16mikegrb kirby is part of a regional hospital network
23:17kvandivo /me happily munches on an ice cream bar and ignores mikegrb.
23:17* mikegrb notices kvandivo needs to go to irc school :D
23:17kvandivo you don't already know that?
23:18mikegrb well you make a pretty good show in #otherchannel
23:19kvandivo oh, i can definitely talk the talk
23:20mikegrb just can't walk the walk, I gotcha
23:27Chutt yay
23:28Chutt fixed it
23:28--- ---> linagee_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:29* mikegrb adds a gold star next to Chutt
23:29Chutt bios thought the cpu changed and wanted the changes confirmed
23:30mikegrb ahh
23:40--- <<-- thor [~thor@] has quit ("Leaving")
23:43--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:43--- <<-- linagee [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:44--- <<-- pcjabber [] has quit ("Leaving...Client is exiting (XChat 2.0.7)")
23:45josephk I wonder what the boot time is on that australian myth implementation
23:53--- ---> FryGuy- [] has joined #mythtv
23:58--- ---> pigeon [] has joined #mythtv
23:58--- User: *** xeno42 is now known as xeno42_afk
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