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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-03-26

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00:26josephk hmmm...maybe I could add support for mng's and transparency across images
00:26josephk that would be sweet
00:32Chutt i've wanted a more animated ui
00:32Chutt less static
00:33josephk I think it would be awesome
00:34josephk I can make it perty
00:34Chutt i can't draw worth shit, though
00:34Chutt and artist-type people are few and far between
00:34josephk well I'm artist-like
00:34josephk lol
00:36Chutt come up with a mockup
00:36josephk hold on...
00:36Chutt and i can tell you how feasible it would be
00:37josephk i.e. mockup with mng's?
00:37Chutt or however
00:37josephk ok
00:38josephk perhaps gg ggg ggg ...ah forget it;D
00:40josephk well I have the compromise I was going to make up...I can show how I wanted it in a minute
00:40josephk although motion would take me a little more time
00:41Chutt what would move?
00:42josephk well I was going to put the active inactive into the lcd and put a gay opacity fade on it
00:43josephk so selected pulses
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00:43josephk you want more complicated right?
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00:44Chutt yeah
00:44josephk I wanted the lcd itself to be a motion watermark
00:44josephk so each section has a scripted watermark animation
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00:44josephk not even scripted...just animation
00:45Chutt well
00:45Chutt qt does do mng
00:45Chutt i just have no idea if it handles transparency in one
00:46josephk I'm sure I could think of something more interesting
00:47josephk would require plugin widgets of some plugins outside of menu's
00:47josephk but then again a lot of people prefer using lcdproc
00:49Chutt heh
00:49Chutt think you could make a mng of your button there that would fade in and out?
00:49Chutt i'm curious now
00:50josephk I can try...
00:50josephk never tried...just speculating...but I'm sure it's not difficult...motion gifs aren't difficult
00:51Chutt right
00:54Chutt ah, never mind
00:54josephk hehe...I'm looking
00:54josephk I'll let you know
00:54Chutt just looking at the source to the 'qmovie' class, it doesn't support alpha blending
00:55Chutt it just does full transparency or none
00:55josephk well motion is a start
00:56josephk I wonder if I can fake the transparency
00:56Chutt sure, you'd just have to line everything up right
00:57Chutt and i'm not sure about drawing text on top of a movie, either
00:58Chutt blah
00:58Chutt no fun
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01:00josephk mr negative...hehe
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01:16josephk apparently can be created with quicktime
01:29josephk derrr
01:29josephk gimp
01:29josephk lol
01:55dopester is it a know issue that the time get screwed up on dvb recordings?
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02:38FreddieD Ouch.. slashdotted
02:38FreddieD hope Issac isnt paying per MB of b/w
03:01mdz "a GPL version of MythTV"? as opposed to what?
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03:33Chutt as opposed to the gpl version of mythtv, of course
03:33Chutt note the case difference!
03:44knight- haha
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03:46knight- SageTV looks interesting
03:46knight- not free ofcourse
03:48knight- it's got a few features we need to push into MythTV ;)
03:49Chutt heh
03:49Chutt like what, being written in java?
03:49Chutt =)
03:49knight- namely, the OSD is MUCH prettier
03:49knight- they did it in java?
03:49Chutt a large portion of it is, iirc
03:49Chutt and myth's osd can be whatever you want it to be, really
03:49knight- the music library's album art chooser looks cool
03:50Chutt draw stuff :p
03:50knight- i know
03:50knight- i suck at that :)
03:50Chutt so do i
03:50Chutt i've thought about an album art chooser
03:50Chutt it's just unweildy with large numbers of albums, imo
03:50knight- well
03:50knight- not necessarily
03:50Chutt and i don't select single albums all that often, personally
03:50knight- display 8 albums in a specific category
03:51knight- and have left and right arrows to go to the next page
03:51Chutt and i've never seen a good automatic album art downloader script
03:51knight- yeah thats true
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03:55knight- how's the job situation coming?
03:55Chutt some leads
03:55Chutt doing some second round interviews at a couple companies soonish
03:56Chutt i've been sorta dragging my feet with them, since everyone wants me to relocate
03:56Chutt and i'm hoping something local pops up
03:57knight- yeah
03:57knight- moving for a position isn't always desired
03:57knight- i've never moved for a job
03:58Chutt heh
03:58Chutt some moron just sent me an email complaining that i've got '10 years' down for how long i've used windows
03:58knight- heh
03:59Chutt well, i suppose i didn't list win3.1 on there
03:59Chutt but, big fucking deal
04:01knight- hahaha
04:06Chutt damnit
04:06Chutt more crazy people emailing me
04:07Chutt i don't need to read 10 page long rambles that end up with someone asking me to build them a machine
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04:22knight- hahaha
04:22knight- poor Chutt
04:33knight- what are you working on this evening?
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13:50Chutt heh
13:51rkulagow lay it on us.
13:51Chutt hey
13:52rkulagow what is this, a song by the cure?
13:52Chutt i've only gotten 8 emails today saying that i should start my own business selling mythtv boxes
13:52* jams starts to compose an email for chutt
13:55Captain_Murdo| tell them you just want to sell franchises, make money off other people selling them.
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15:49Rroet hello
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17:35knight- yoh
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18:35o_cee anyone here?
18:35o_cee Chutt?
18:35o_cee did a quick suggestion for osd theme based on the sagetv osd..
18:36o_cee anyone want to see?
18:36o_cee and idea2.png
18:37o_cee did this in like 15 minutes so don't laugh :)
18:38stoffel the 1st one looks good
18:38o_cee yeah but it's exactly like SageTV :/
18:39o_cee looks nice
18:39stoffel which i've never seen ;)
18:39o_cee me neither :)
18:39o_cee knight mentioned it earlier
18:42dopester nice osd
18:51o_cee g'nite
18:55stoffel sweet dreams!
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19:57mdz Chutt: any reason not to add those Italian categories?
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20:23Chutt haven't looked at em
20:23Chutt the weather patch, the degree one, is wrong, though.
20:25Chutt no reason not to do the categories that i can see
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20:37_rkulagow i think we should setup a feature requests section on the mythtv wiki.
20:39Chutt ooh yes!
20:41josephk lol
20:49* Captain_Murd was hoping we were gonna setup a "feature requests" forum
20:50Captain_Murdo| Chutt: just curious why BuildOSDTreeMenu() is called from TV::HandleStateChange() and not when the user wants the menu to popup?
20:53Captain_Murdo| I'm converting that other popup I had for toggling commercial skip and auto-expire to use the new menu code and was trying to have the text on the item reflect the action (which could be different depending on the current state like auto-expire on/off).
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21:36Chutt captain_murdoch, no reason, really
21:39Captain_Murdo| ok, just curious.I just called the option "Toggle Auto-Expire" and am adding entries for zoom now.
21:39Chutt cool
21:39Chutt it would be nice to dynamically build the menu
21:39Chutt and wouldn't be difficult to do
21:39Captain_Murdo| trying to get rid of that other popup menu then I'll just have "O" popup the same menu as "M" so people won't get lost.
21:39Chutt though, if you want to do that :p
21:40Captain_Murdo| have to learn more about it first. :) but as I use it I'll see. you rebuild at every statechange anyway so it would probably be easy to call it from the place where the user hits "M"
21:40Chutt yeah
21:42Captain_Murdo| I moved the build call into TV::ShowOSDTreeMenu() for now to see whether it works or not while I'm testing the other changes I'm making.
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23:47Chutt heh
23:47Chutt not bad
23:47Chutt about 16k unique visitors today
23:47Chutt normal days traffic is 6-7
23:48cmorgan story about myth on slashdot today
23:48Chutt right
23:48cmorgan the one about the australian pvr that runs myth ;-)
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