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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-03-27

---Logopened Sat Mar 27 00:00:15 2004
00:04dopester is there a platform that is stable enough for myth right now that wouldnt bring customers screaming back in a few weeks? i always have to restart my backend or frontend every few days
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00:24Chutt my main mythtv box never has any problems
00:24Chutt hasn't since december or so
00:25Chutt gets used pretty heavily every day
00:27dopester could be the pvr350 killin me
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00:34Chutt generally is, though not for everyone
00:35dopester is there any other video out device that has the same quality as the 350?
00:48Chutt nope
00:49Chutt did something change in the mute on channel change code recently?
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01:17dopester ok this diseqc stuff is makin me mad now
01:17dopester when i think ive gotten something done i take hte code out ahd myth still refuses to record anything from my dvb-s card
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01:18dopester 2004-03-27 01:17:56 Started recording "L.I.E." on channel: 3614 on cardid: 16, sourceid 3
01:18dopester 2004-03-27 01:17:56 DVB#0 DiSEqC 1.0 Switch - Port 1
01:18dopester 2004-03-27 01:17:56 DVB#0 DiSEqC Setting Port Group
01:18dopester Sending DiSEqC Command: E0 10 38 F4
01:18dopester 2004-03-27 01:17:57 DVB#0 WARNING - Status: CARRIER | VITERBI | SIGNAL | NO LOCK!
01:18dopester 2004-03-27 01:17:57 DVB#0 WARNING - Status: CARRIER | SIGNAL | NO LOCK!
01:18dopester 2004-03-27 01:17:57 DVB#0 Successfully tuned to channel 614.
01:18dopester Successful my ass :)
01:25mdz lrelease this, lrelease that
01:37Chutt heh
01:37Chutt helps at times :p
01:51dopester i had it working yesterday i thought
01:56Captain_Murdo| mdz, will that code cause the "Toggle CC" item to be drawn twice on the menu if vbimode == 2 and you're playing a recording?
01:57Captain_Murdo| actually, I guess whether it's a recording or livetv.
01:59Chutt yes
01:59Chutt i merged that bad =)
02:00Chutt 2 different patches, there
02:00Chutt should be fixed now
02:00Captain_Murdo| ah, thought he did that since he was talking about lrelease. :) didn't have the commit message yet.
02:01Captain_Murdo| trying to merge back in my changes now. guess I should re-update.
02:01Chutt sorry
02:02Chutt guess i made that harder for you
02:03Captain_Murdo| no big deal, easy to fixup.
02:03Captain_Murdo| is there any way to disable a menu item right now?
02:03Chutt ah, no
02:04Chutt could just not add it
02:04Captain_Murdo| like disable the current CC setting if it's on or disable the current aspect ratio, etc.
02:04Chutt change the names
02:04Captain_Murdo| yeah, that's what I'm doing now for the auto-skip comm setting.
02:04Chutt depending on the current setting
02:04Chutt would work nicer that way, i'd assume
02:04Captain_Murdo| was trying to think of a way to have less translation. :)
02:05Captain_Murdo| right now I just skip the item for whatever the current value is for auto-skip, but I do show all zoom/aspect modes on that submenu no matter what the current setting.
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02:09Captain_Murdo| so action.right(1).toInt() is just the index into the submenu for the selected item and is 1-based?
02:14Captain_Murdo| nevermind, still looking at how you did the CC stuff. I can make the zoom/aspect stuff easier by doing something similar.
02:14Captain_Murdo| I know what the right(1) is now, wasn't thinking straight earlier.
02:15Chutt heh
02:15Chutt that was someone elses patch :p
02:16Chutt blah
02:16Chutt libavcodec resynced
02:16Chutt time for libavformat
02:16Chutt crap's taking too long
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07:58redeeman hi
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08:22mikegrb bye
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10:58rkulagow snow-man: can you give me a round number on how many users are in the -dev and -users lists?
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12:08o_cee i emailed SageTV and asked if i could make an OSD for Myth like theirs..
12:08o_cee think it'd look pretty good, hope they're nice :)
12:10mikegrb I liked those pictures you posted
12:11o_cee yeah i guess i'll make it anyway
12:11o_cee could post it internally for you guys to use as well if they don't approve
12:11o_cee but i haven't looked at the osd stuff in myth at all yet
12:12mikegrb ;)
12:12mikegrb it's easy
12:12o_cee yeah guess so :) just that there's other stuff to fix as well
12:13mikegrb o_cee: <- please send me one of these ;)
12:13o_cee you saw the original screenshot of sagetv? their 'pause live tv' timebar looked nice..
12:13o_cee heh cool
12:14mikegrb yes I saw that too
12:15o_cee would like to make that one too, but i guess i need codechanges.. but as i said, haven't looked at it
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12:43o_cee mikegrb: what did you think of idea2.png?
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13:03mikegrb I liked it
13:03mikegrb I don't know which I like more though
13:03mikegrb I think 1 had some transparency and 2 didn't iirc
13:04mikegrb I like the slight transparency so you can see what's on the screen if it is important
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14:01tmulle hi
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14:04stoffel for questions about mythtv please join #mythtv-users tmulle.
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14:54Chutt o_cee, 2's better
15:00bobnvic Is anyone else had a problem with mythvideo cvs not hiding videos with "browsable" unchecked? I'm sure this used to work.
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15:19anduin bobnvic - hmm, looks like a bug in videofilter.cpp
15:23hadees what are the hiding rules? if the files are named whatever.cd1.avi and whatever.cd2.avi it only shows whatever.avi?
15:24bobnvic no, it should just show based on whether the browsable tag is set or not as I understand it
15:25anduin bobnvic - insert into settings(value, data) values('DefaultVideoBrowse', 1);
15:25o_cee Chutt: yeah, it looks pretty nice.. and it's not a direct rip of sagetv.. would the timebar they have be possible to make as well without codechanges? guess it doesn't have the "this part haven't been recorded" thingie right?
15:26o_cee bobnvic: hit F to get up the filters, it's not activated by default
15:26o_cee bobnvic: when browsing the videos
15:28hadees oh mabey we are talking about diffrent things
15:28hadees i was talking about playing and showing split files as one file
15:29bobnvic o_cee: thanks, that was the problem. I think that browsable should be set to "Yes" by default
15:30hadees anyone know where they got that remote for that AU mythtv box
15:30hadees looked nice
15:30anduin yeah, different thing. videofilter.cpp still looks wrong though, if you have no other filters the WHERE clause will only select those videos with browse = whatever browse is rather than >=
15:30bobnvic I had never seen that filter screen before
15:35bobnvic I knew that filters had been implemented but thought they only applied to genre, country and such and that therefore it wouldn't effect me until I decided to add those things.
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16:26o_cee hadees: i can recommend Home Theater Master MX-500, it rocks :)
16:27mikegrb sometimes it jazzs
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16:46Chutt heh
16:47Chutt ann patterson's going to have a fun time getting me to give a shit about that maudio patch once it's tested
16:48monkyBox where can I find the file that tells keyboard shortcuts for mythmusic?
16:50stoffel Chutt: um, why?
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17:17Chutt i don't like pissy emails on my list
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17:40o_cee Chutt: the timeline that sagetv has, would it be possible for you to code that up? :)
17:41Captain_Murdo| Chutt, I've seen people using gnome (and sawfish maybe) on RH9 complain about the cursor disappearing. It happens here as well on a RH9 system running latest stable fvwm2 so maybe it's a RH9 issue. I just run "xsetroot -def" occasionally when it annoys me. :)
17:42o_cee Captain_Murdoch: hi dude
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17:43o_cee Captain_Murdoch: i'll get 10mbit next week hopefully, if you want to take a look at some recordings
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17:44Chutt captain_murdoch, well, the qt docs specifically say that it only affects the application window
17:44stoffel o_cee: pfff
17:44Captain_Murdo| o_cee, sounds good. I have a place where I can setup a login for you to drop them off sometime.
17:45Captain_Murdo| chutt, yeah, I figured since it was only happening to a few that it must be something wierd with my setup or theirs or RH.
17:45o_cee Captain_Murdoch: would be great.. because i want to send them full quality, i almost had a feeling it worked better when recorded in low quality
17:45Captain_Murdo| these are mpeg4 or mpeg2?
17:46o_cee mpeg2
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17:46o_cee pvrx50's
17:46Captain_Murdo| how big are your hour-long files so I know how much space I need to have available.
17:46o_cee one hour is like, lemme check.. 2-2.5gb i think
17:46o_cee but i could record 30 mins shows
17:47Captain_Murdo| yeah, that's fine, I was just thinking X hours time Y gb/hr. 1/2 hour shows would probably be better so you can give me different samples.
17:48o_cee about 1.3gb/30mins.. but you could get one at a time if that'd be better
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17:49o_cee anyone up for a new osd theme? i
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17:49o_cee 'm actually considering giving it a try
17:49Captain_Murdo| doesn't matter to me, I have about 20-30Gb available on that server, just need to make it usable.
17:49o_cee ah, then it's no problem :)
17:50o_cee haven't gotten any date for my new conection, all i know is that my old will be disconected wednesday, hehhe
17:51Chutt o_cee, a new osd theme would be nice
17:51Chutt as for the time bar like that, i don't really find it intuitive
17:51o_cee no? maybe it would make sense with the plans of starting new recordings when watching tv you know.. like continuing recording when you switch back.. then you could see exactly what you've got
17:53Captain_Murdo| o_cee, I won't have time to get it ready until the end of the week probably anyway. gotta run for a while now, bbl.
17:53o_cee one problem with the current bar is that it's very confusing if you pause a show that just started.. it jumps back and forth alot.. that isn't a problem with a timeline that's the length of the show from the beginning, and shifts colors
17:53o_cee Captain_Murdoch: okay, ttyl
18:01mikegrb o_cee: have you used native alsa support?
18:01o_cee mikegrb: i tried it i think
18:01mikegrb heh
18:01mikegrb I need to look at the code
18:01mikegrb been too busy
18:02mikegrb gives an error and says can't open OSS audio device
18:02mikegrb was a clean compile
18:03o_cee wonder where thor is
18:04mikegrb ski trip
18:04mikegrb with high school or college or work friends
18:04mikegrb and no wifes ;)
18:05o_cee ooooooh, nice :)
18:06o_cee osd theme possibilities seem very nice..
18:07mikegrb :D
18:08o_cee alltho i would like to at least try the other kind of bar :) Chutt? feel like you could trow it together real quick? heheh, not even sure if i dare to ask that
18:10mikegrb you have that link handy?
18:11o_cee to?
18:12mikegrb the one with the pause bar
18:12o_cee that one?
18:12o_cee yeah look there
18:12o_cee fifth from above
18:12o_cee i really like it and think it could work really well
18:14mikegrb you want something like that for livetv instead of just pre-recorded? do I understand you right
18:14o_cee wah?
18:14o_cee when pausing
18:14mikegrb the existing code can do something very close for pre-recorded
18:14mikegrb right
18:14mikegrb when pausing
18:14o_cee ah yeah but i mean for live
18:14mikegrb gotcha
18:14mikegrb I do kind of like that
18:15o_cee yeah it might take a day to get used to
18:16mikegrb guy moving in has an AP
18:17mikegrb so we can put I already have one
18:17mikegrb can put one at each end of the second floor :D
18:17mikegrb I have the existing AP on a vlan with the router
18:17mikegrb blocked port 25 outbound and no wep with a ssid of OPEN :)
18:17o_cee ap?
18:17mikegrb wireless access point
18:17o_cee oh
18:18mikegrb free public internet access within 300ft of me :)
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18:31Chutt o_cee, the problem is, those kind of bars don't work at all for live-tv
18:31o_cee why not?
18:31Chutt because it only shows one show
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18:31Chutt and if you've been watching for longer than that, it doesn't work at all
18:32o_cee damn
18:32monkyBox where can I read about the meaning of the icons in the "Select a recording to view" screen?
18:32o_cee you're right.. thinking
18:32Chutt monkyBox, in the #mythtv-users channel, of course
18:33o_cee Chutt: you have to admit that having that channel is nice ;)
18:36monkyBox :-)
18:36o_cee so what do you say.. got any other suggestions?
18:38o_cee i think that the current bar is kind of confusing as to what it refers to (buffer fill).. but i dunno
18:42o_cee it could work like this: timebar as the one you don't like.. shows the current program. if you've watched stuff before that it's indicated some way like an arrow or something. if you skip back, beyong the left limit, it jumps into the other show from the right and creates a new bar (the previous program).. that _could_ work i think
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18:59o_cee no?
19:01Chutt i dunno
19:01Chutt lotta work
19:01o_cee :/
19:01Chutt lotta more info to be shown on screen
19:01Chutt and it still has to look ok at 320x240
19:02hadees does anyone have digital cable and have a backend that has multple inputs?
19:02stoffel anyone using that? i thought my 640x512 was already low-res.
19:03o_cee dunno what to say.. too bad, heh
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19:15o_cee ok then another thing.. when you switch channels, there's a simple indicator telling your how long into the program you are.. like a simple bar that's filled.. only me who'd find that useful?
19:17anduin hadees - yes
19:19stoffel o_cee: iirc it's been proposed in the past, showing when the current show will end.
19:20o_cee stoffel: guess it's of more use for us, as we don't have all 30-mins blocks
19:21stoffel 30 min blocks are boring ;)
19:21o_cee heh
19:27o_cee is it possible to have two images in one container with different 'fademovement'? hmm guess i'm to tired for this
19:36hadees aduin: how do you handle changing the channel? i want to get digital cable but i have a backend with 3 inputs
19:38anduin hadees - with a serial cable?
19:38hadees i looked through the mailing list and my cable box doesn't do serial
19:39hadees i need like an ir transmitter with like tape or somthing on top of it...
19:39anduin hadees - you can use lirc to do it as well
19:39hadees so i can have 3 boxes
19:39hadees 3 digital cable boxes next to each other with out them changing each other
19:40hadees i was just wondering if anyone got that working so i could get some tips on how to do it
19:40anduin are you sure your box doesn't do serial?
19:40hadees the mailing list didn't seem like it would
19:40hadees its an Explorer 2200
19:42hadees nm thats my parents it has an ir in, i can't remember the one my cable company uses
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19:57o_cee <-- timebar, whatcha say?
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19:58stoffel nice, but both boxes look quite large, esp. the height.
19:59--- ---> pigeon [] has joined #mythtv
20:00stoffel whooshh (that's the sound of one hour passing by with light-speed)
20:00o_cee heh, wow :)
20:00stoffel i'm soo tired now ;)
20:01o_cee stoffel: yeah but we have pretty large descs here
20:01stoffel so they'll be resized depending on the description?
20:01o_cee but they could be a little smaller
20:01o_cee don't think that's possible
20:02mikegrb o_cee: I like that
20:02stoffel and the time-bar is to show how far one is into the current show?
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20:04o_cee yeah, correct
20:05o_cee and that is northern sweden you're seeing, i'm in southern ;)
20:05mikegrb heh
20:05stoffel brrr, still cold there
20:06mikegrb It's 8PM and 65F, 18C here
20:06mikegrb :D
20:07mikegrb was hot today
20:07mikegrb still have the AC on
20:07o_cee 3AM and 4C here
20:07stoffel mikegrb: will you stop it? ;)
20:07o_cee rained today
20:07o_cee heh
20:07mikegrb and we live near the beach!
20:08GreyFoxx Cool timebar
20:08o_cee heh
20:08o_cee :)
20:09o_cee just an idea
20:09GreyFoxx I'd like to have one that shows up when you first fire up live tv or pull up info on the current show
20:10o_cee ?
20:10hadees i want a news ticker so i can watch my stocks and see the news while i watch the simpsons
20:11mikegrb nah simpsons are much more important
20:11GreyFoxx o_cee sorry, that was meant for a msg to someone else :)
20:11o_cee hadees: there's newsticker already
20:11hadees there is? when was that added?
20:11hadees and where is it
20:12o_cee look at the uhm
20:12o_cee mythnotify
20:12o_cee in contrib
20:12hadees is this in .14 or cvs?
20:13o_cee dunno, cvs i guess
20:13o_cee but it could be in .14 as well
20:13mikegrb I think it was in .14
20:14hadees i remember hearing about it now, i didn't know it was done, how does it look good? (i am far away from my mythbox right now)
20:15o_cee never tried it
20:19o_cee g'nite all, getting late
20:20stoffel night!
20:22mikegrb 'night o_cee
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20:26DrewZ Any one able to run MFD out of the currect CVS??? I get errors complaining about "glib c not found when trying to start it.... MFD compiled ok???? Any Thoughts???
20:28mikegrb omg??
20:28stoffel mikegrb: yes?
20:29mikegrb no????
20:31stoffel <lame_joke>you called my name?<lame_joke_not_intended_to_offend_religious_people>
20:31mikegrb ;)
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20:36hadees anyone recommend an ir blaster that has an out line so you can plug it into a ir port on a cable box
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22:12tale Hello all
22:13tale what's the topic tonight/
22:13tale ?
22:15tale so what does every body think about my boy George W.?
22:15tale He's doing a great job, eh?
22:15tale I thought so!
22:16tale What do I have to do to get somebody to talk to me?
22:16tale lol
22:16tale oh well
22:16tale later
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