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01:06soros hello mythtv people
01:06hadees hello
01:07soros i was reading an article a few days ago saying that ReplayTV was about to initiate legal action against mythtv because it infringed on their patents..... how is the project defending itself against this ?
01:07hadees huh? where was this?
01:08soros i cant recall, i was at work :(
01:08hadees never heard of it, seems like somthing that would be on slashdot
01:08dopester comesback with nothing
01:09soros i'll look through my history on monday
01:09hadees i can't see replaytv seeing mythtv as a threat, frankely mythtv is not for the everyday user
01:09soros who controls this project , what is their name ?
01:09dopester check out the website
01:09soros i think i will
01:09soros thanks
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01:10hadees soros: you don't by chance work for replay tv
01:10hadees hmm...
01:11dopester weird
01:11hadees i have a feeling that if that were true they would go after tivo before mythtv
01:11dopester anyone know if the dvb-s code is a bit flaky, or am i really fighting demons in the code :)
01:11hadees quick chutt change your name
01:11hadees replaytv is after you
01:11hadees hehe
01:11dopester besides if ya went after mythtv what the hell would ya get?
01:12dopester issacs computer at best?
01:12hadees move the server to sealand
01:13hadees what patents would they use anyway tivo does all the stuff also
01:13hadees and a dozen other things of software
01:14dopester someone should go after tivo cause i got a hunch some of the "propritaty" things they got were whorings of gpl software
01:23dopester quiet nite
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02:38hadees i like the bsd license better
02:38hadees it people do what ever they want
02:38hadees it lets people
03:06josephk as a consumer I can see how that is attractive... I doubt a developer sees it in the same light
03:12hadees well i think there should be a middle ground that lets companies do great stuff with open source software but still helps out the community
03:12hadees codeweaver has done well with this
03:12hadees and doesn't explote the open source software
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04:01dopester yeah! i haven't gone mad.. some pids changed.. so my diseqc code wasnt the culprit..
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08:26stoffel <nitpick>with latest cvs, the 'header text' Myth Database Logging in the settings screen appears twice </nitpick>
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10:35o_cee Chutt: did you see the idea2b.png pic?
11:03josephk was that one from Sage?
11:04o_cee not really, idea1.png is
11:06josephk I hate when the osd is so huge I can't see anything...but then again I'm ouputting to an overscanned tv
11:06josephk a super-overscanned tv
11:07o_cee i'm annoyed when it covers the sub-titles, since we have quite alot of that here
11:08josephk at first mine wouldn't cover them, but I bet it does now...with the show description
11:09josephk I actually had the description up top in a 1 line format, but it doesn't look right separate from the other you noticed you can't have more than one fademovement in a container
11:09josephk hehe
11:09o_cee you got a screenshot?
11:10josephk no...I run it out to a 350
11:10josephk it might not look right on a monitor...haven't tried it
11:10josephk I guess I could right now though
11:11o_cee digital camera maybe? :)
11:12josephk yess...
11:12mikegrb no
11:14o_cee josephk: did you try putting a container inside a container? dunno if it works
11:15josephk no haven't tried
11:16josephk although I've tried screwing up the tags
11:16josephk that works well
11:16josephk hehe
11:16o_cee would be a nice way to add different fades
11:17o_cee you know what <box> is for? i mean you can't change the color or anything?
11:17josephk well I have channelnumber and icon fade to the nearest side
11:17josephk I think so
11:18josephk actually maybe not
11:19josephk easy way to do it though...
11:19josephk 1x1px image with the transparency and color you want
11:19josephk then stretch it
11:19josephk simple as a pimple
11:20o_cee yeah but i thought i could make some stuff without images
11:20o_cee dunno if it'd be quicker or not
11:21josephk I think I tried it...probably didn't work
11:22josephk how would you specify the alpha though?...would alpha even be and option under box?
11:23josephk be nice to get an outline without a lot of fuss in placement though
11:26o_cee josephk: ah no true
11:27o_cee no alpha either
11:35o_cee got any screenshot yet?
11:35josephk sorry...can't find the cable
11:35josephk lol
11:36o_cee bah:)
11:36josephk its in the disappearing bag
11:38josephk found it
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11:39sprong hey
11:41josephk importing at the speed of usb
11:41josephk zz
11:41josephk z
11:41sprong josephk: are yo using gentoo?
11:41josephk you see you can't fit all 3 z's at the same time in usb
11:41josephk 'no
11:42sprong do you know how to set this up in gentoo?
11:43josephk nope
11:43josephk that sounds like a job for #mythtv-users
11:44sprong whats this channel for then?
11:44josephk developing
11:44josephk ways of keeping people in #mythtv-users
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11:58josephk doctoring in ps
12:04Chutt whee
12:07josephk I'm not married to it
12:07josephk lol
12:08Chutt looks decent
12:10Chutt be concerned about space for longer channel names on the browse mode
12:10josephk how long?
12:10josephk ah ok
12:11Chutt erk
12:11josephk I tested it with the longest I could find...of course I don't have any triple digit channels so couldn't test that
12:11Chutt i meant program names
12:11Chutt sorry
12:12josephk they seem to fit fine...just the times get cut off, and not too often
12:12josephk plus thats the default size font
12:12josephk I like it better smaller
12:12josephk tiny
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12:12josephk teenee tiny
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12:13o_cee Chutt: you saw idea2.b.png?
12:13o_cee idea2b.png
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12:14josephk It seems I have to avoid color in various portions otherwise I get a bleed about 300 pixels to the left or right
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12:14o_cee blergh off to get a steak.. later
12:16josephk tried making mng's with gimp...not working too well...I'm guessing it's the transparency
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12:25sprong whats an mng?
12:33Chutt josephk, bleeding on the pvr-350?
12:33Chutt that should be fixed in cvs
12:33Chutt o_cee, i'll need the url again to see 2b
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12:55josephk gotcha on the bleeding
12:56josephk I'd like to make a more elaborate osd, but I don't like busy osd's when I'm watching tv
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13:00dopester id like the osd to fit in the screen with the 350..
13:01josephk yeah...I think we have to make 350-centric osd's
13:02dopester cant you use the same "sizing" information from the menus?
13:02josephk ?
13:02josephk oh
13:02josephk hmm
13:02josephk no
13:02josephk hehe
13:02dopester you know how you size the menus to fit with a 350 i always figured there was some reason why that wasn't used for the osd
13:02josephk can't underscan the output, I don't think
13:03dopester i thought it was just rezing and scaling the background and images
13:03josephk you mean when outputting live tv
13:03josephk or just in general
13:03dopester just in general
13:03dopester the /dev/video16 isnt messed with
13:03dopester just the X interface..
13:04dopester you know how you move it right and left and set the width, etc to fit the over/under scan of your tv
13:04dopester bascily you put it in the "safe" zone
13:04josephk yeah...I think it's because they do that for x and it would just involve having 350 specific settings
13:04josephk and in x they just underscan the entire image
13:05dopester oh werid..
13:05josephk including tv out
13:05josephk live tv rather
13:05dopester i didnt think it messed with tv out, but i havent digged into it at all..
13:05josephk not tv out really
13:06dopester i wasted all of yesterday trying to add diseqc switch support (and motor contorl eventually) cause some pids changed..
13:07josephk you know what I'm trying to say right...not messing with the tv out, just the video constraints
13:07dopester sort of
13:08dopester i mean the osd is an xml doc right?
13:08dopester pointing to images, etc
13:08josephk yeah
13:08dopester why couldnt ya make it get scaled when its loaded in to fit within the X,Y that you have the menus setup for
13:09josephk you can
13:09dopester i manualyl edited mine to get the time to fit..
13:09josephk if you are using X...hehe
13:09dopester you not using X?
13:09josephk I mean all x
13:09josephk not pvr
13:10dopester i guess we arent communincating..
13:10dopester no the overlay the FB image is always 720x480
13:10dopester for ntsc
13:10josephk what I'm trying to say is that there is no reason you can't for the pvr
13:10josephk just that they don't
13:10dopester ok so its just something that needs to be added..
13:10dopester ok sorry.. heeh
13:10josephk it would be a special case
13:11dopester is there anyone else working with the dvb code? to add motor support i really need to modify the dvb_tuning_t obejct..
13:11dopester add the satellite position..
13:11josephk considering you can't under or overscan the mpeg stream unless you process it...I assume they just say leave it be
13:11josephk I don't know
13:12dopester imnot talking about the mpeg..
13:12dopester the mpeg is perfect.. :)
13:12josephk I know
13:12dopester so whats the process for sending a patch in? just post it on mythtv-dev?
13:14josephk yeah
13:21dopester having never submitted to an open source project are there any coding standards, or is it just the "make it work" strategy?
13:21anduin make it look like what is there
13:22dopester ok thats simple enough..
13:22dopester am i right in understanding that the dvb-s guy doing the switch/positioner support quit?
13:23anduin That is my understanding.
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13:23dopester cool..
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13:28dopester has anyone started on a strategy for verifying pids before tuning? if not i can try to work on that in a bit..
13:29dopester the only matters of course if the symbolrate and frequency and poles don't change..
13:29dopester but woulda saved me a day of wasted time yesterday
13:31mattf how do you do key combos like shift+g in .lircrc?
13:34anduin mattf - that should do it
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13:42mattf hmm...has anyone ever received or heard of anyone getting a faulty irman?
13:43cmorgan considering how much of a pita it is to get ir devices working the last thing i'd look at was the hardware
13:44anduin mattf - I'm sure it could happen, I'd test it somewhere else first though
13:44mattf cmorgan: well i had everything working fine with another remote & receiver, but i bought an rca remote and an irman and i'm trying to get it working again now
13:45mattf anduin: i was going through the libirman docs and the lowest level test is a program called test_io which spits out the ir codes it receives. sometimes i get the same code for different buttons, sometimes i get different codes for the same button
13:45mattf and i get the same weird behavior with two different remotes which work fine with the sat receiver, so i'm pretty sure it's the irman
13:46anduin mattf - depends on the remote but that _might_ be normal
13:46anduin hmm, ok, not normal
13:47mattf heh
13:49mattf maybe i'll try it out in windows with the provided software and see what's up
13:54dopester i need to buy stock in hauppauge.. i feel like i have one of everything from them..
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14:59probono hi all, does anyone know a way to make mythtv work in a nonstandard directory (e. g. /opt2)?
15:01probono that's it?
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15:04probono is used at runtime or just at compile time? my real question is know a way to make mythtv work in a nonstandard directory (e. g. /opt2) *without recompilation*?
15:06mikegrb no
15:09anduin probono - set MYTHTVDIR
15:10probono at runtime or at compile time?
15:10anduin probono - runtime, as an environment variable
15:10probono great! that was just what I needed. thanxx
15:16mikegrb thanxx?? maybe he meant thanks
15:17o_cee dunno
15:17mikegrb I figured he wanted a compile method as this is a dev channel ;)
15:17o_cee hehe
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18:01Katmando is going with the pvr-350 over the pvr-250 worth the hassel at this point?
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18:02dopester if you dont want tv out then the pvr250 is great :)
18:03Katmando what benifits do the pvr-350 have
18:04dopester video out
18:04Katmando I thought the 250 had tv out as well
18:05dopester nope
18:05FreddieD i believe the 350 has hardware encoding AND decoding, whereas the 250 just has hardware encoding
18:05dopester right
18:05dopester hardware decoding = tv out
18:05dopester thats at least what i meant
18:05dopester if you want to get technical the 2 dont have to go hand in hand
18:05FreddieD so, if your CPU is good enough to handle the decoding (1300 mhz or better i'd imagine) then the 250 should be sufficient
18:06dopester imo the 350 has impecable tv out where as most other cards dont compare
18:06FreddieD or, if you are running the frontend and backend on two different machines then the 350 would have no use for you
18:06dopester i tried an nvidia geforce and it couldnt do interlacing and scaled everything no matter what i did..
18:07dopester i have a frontend on a seperate box so im basicly wasting the encoder part of it
18:07FreddieD i'm using a VGA -> NTSC device for my tv out
18:07dopester if yer fine with teh quality then ya dont need the 350
18:07Katmando I think my Nvidia has tv out
18:08Katmando What are the dual tuner benifits
18:08dopester yeah i had one with tv out
18:09Katmando pip, record to channels?
18:09Katmando to = two
18:09dopester it scaled the video to put black bars in the overscan
18:09dopester so sports were hard to watch
18:09FreddieD heh i still got the superbowl on my box
18:09dopester throw in a little de-interlacing and it was jerky as hell.. it hurt my eyes.. was fine for sitcoms and other non movement shows
18:10Katmando Which tuner cards do you guys have?
18:11FreddieD i have the pvr 250
18:11Katmando I have a box that I would like to install myth on to see if this worth it but I still need a tuner card
18:12Katmando It is between the 250 and 350
18:12FreddieD im very happy with the 250. only takes 3% CPU on my p2 350 :)
18:13Katmando wow p2 250!!
18:13Katmando How is the performance
18:13Katmando I was going to do it on a amd 1800XP but I have a dual pIII 450 that may work
18:14FreddieD i use the p2 350 as my backend and a athlon XP 1400 for my front end
18:14FreddieD the backend doesnt do much except record the crap to disk and spit it back out so the p2 350 is acceptable.
18:15FreddieD the 1400 is just about as low as i think i can get without jerkiness from a 720x480 encode
18:17Katmando What is the difference in #mythtv and #mythtv-users channels?
18:18Katmando one is for support and this one is not?
18:18stoffel the topic?
18:20dopester this one is for developers
18:26Katmando I see thanks
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21:17mikegrb "I'm going to start a security company to protect people from killer robots and that picture is all the advertising I need"
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