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00:48dopester if anyone is interested i just submitted a patch to add basic HH motor support for dvb-s cards.
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02:12billytwowilly| will mythtv 0.15 utilize
02:16anduin the way tv_gran_na_dd is doing seems hard for it not to. Though what it does with the info is a better question.
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02:34hadees what is
02:38billytwowilly| is the website that xmltv scrapes to get listings.
02:38billytwowilly| provides much better info if you subscribe (for free)
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02:40billytwowilly| there was a discussion on the dev mailing list, but it didn't look like it went anywhere.
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06:55kaaspad hi all
06:55kaaspad I'm running myth on via epiam, I have a flyvideo card so I'm doing the encode in software
06:56kaaspad for some reason I'm getting a "prebuffereing pause" output, and the video/audio is very jumpy
06:56kaaspad anyone know anything about this
06:57dja kaaspad: see the topic :-)
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11:03PDani hi
11:03PDani chopin:~# /etc/cron.daily/mythtv-backend
11:03PDani QDateTime::fromString: Parameter out of range
11:03PDani Grabbing XMLTV data using tv_grab_hu is not verified as working.
11:03PDani QDateTime::fromString: Parameter out of range
11:03PDani any idea?
11:05stoffel_ do you get any listings PDani? cause that error/warning is printed rather often.
11:05Chutt you have to add tv_grab_hu to the source so it knows how to deal with it
11:06PDani Chutt: so i must recompile the whole stuff?
11:06PDani that's sucks
11:06PDani hm
11:06PDani i've an idea
11:06stoffel_ PDani: you can also run tv_grab_hu by hand. and after that run mythfilldatabase by hand
11:07stoffel_ by hand = manually ;)
11:07PDani rename tv_grab_hu - for example - to tv_grab_de
11:07PDani and i'll use tv_grab_de
11:08Chutt that won't work
11:08Chutt obviously.
11:08kvandivo i'm sure that will have a 100% chance of not having any bizarre side effects
11:08stoffel_ kvandivo: not?
11:09Chutt since the people writing the xmltv grabbers don't have a standard way of doing command line args.
11:09Chutt so each grabber needs custom code for it to work in mythtv.
11:12PDani so
11:12PDani if i modify the tv_grab_de to tv_grab_hu in the database, what should i do then?
11:13Chutt you can't do that
11:13Chutt didn't you just read what i wrote?
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11:15PDani Chutt: so, if i'm hungarian, i can't use this stuff without hacking?
11:15* stoffel_ wonders what people find wrong with calling $my_listings_grabber_script and mythfilldatabase manually
11:15Chutt ye
11:15PDani f*ck...
11:15Chutt since you're in the developer's channel, i would assume you could modify the code as appropriate
11:16PDani i tried to compile from source, but there was an error, so i couldn't, and i installed it from .deb
11:16PDani but i tried the cvs
11:17PDani i'll try the stable
11:18anduin if you can't compile the cvs version odds are good you won't be able to compile the release version
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11:28rkulagow fucking sourceforge mailing list archives are borked again.
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11:50bitbyte rkulagow, did you see that the pvr250 oem card on z-buy is down to 81 now? Seems to be dropping 2 dollars a day.
11:53rkulagow bitbyte: at this point i have so many PVR type cards i don't even have PCI slots to put them into.
11:53Chutt heh
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11:54rkulagow but then again, it helps, because i've got spares. built a box for a buddy and had an extra card for him to see how useful having two cards is over having one. you know, "the first taste is free, now pay up."
11:55Chutt wish my mini-itx had a second slot
11:55mikegrb heh
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11:57rkulagow anyone here using the MCE USB receiver / remote? (lirc archives are down, or i'd check there first). newegg warns that the remote isn't universal, but i'm not sure that implies that the receiver is locked to the remote (sort of like the Hauppauge's and their RC-5)
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11:59bitbyte rkulagow,i tohught you said you ordered one of these?
12:00rkulagow the IR receiver? nope, not me.
12:00bitbyte nono, the 250mce card
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12:00rkulagow yes, i've got one. got it while it was still $69, and got here in about 3 days or so.
12:01bitbyte ah ok, so i read a thread saying how to get them going, did you get it going in Myth? or haven't you tried yet?
12:02bitbyte there are a few diff versions of the OEM cards and I'm hesitant because they don't really stipulate which one
12:02rkulagow haven't tried yet. 99% sure you need ivtv 0.10.pre1 and will need to specify the cardlist= (or something like that) parameter because the card is mis-detected
12:02bitbyte ya, i found a thread telling how to fix that if you'd like ot see it. see if it coincides with what you've seen
12:03bitbyte you actually go manually edit something
12:03rkulagow are you talking about that source-level patch? i think that's only for 0.1.9...
12:03bitbyte no
12:03bitbyte gimme a few
12:04rkulagow ok, haven't really had the cycles to spend on it, so i don't want to steer you wrong.
12:04bitbyte i'llmsg it to you
12:05bitbyte there ya go
12:06rkulagow ok, i got it.
12:07rkulagow right, it looks like the patch is for 0.1.9; 0.1.10 already has this and you need to modify modules.conf
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12:39bitbyte ah
12:39bitbyte so as far as you know it should be safe to purchase one of these and have it work?
12:39bitbyte there's so little info about it out there
12:41rkulagow i'll have some testing cycles i can do later today.
12:42rkulagow right now trying to get the xbox to run mythtv. bbl.
12:42bitbyte awesome, thanks man
12:43bitbyte once i get the main box going, i plan on doing an XBox too
12:47kvandivo they are ok.. their speed has dropped over the past few months as the myth binary has gotten larger, though
12:47kvandivo the xbox is sitting so close to the edge of having to swap that every little bit makes a diff
12:48kvandivo now, anytime that a box pops up (commercial, etc) the hd goes into swap mode, the video stutters, and a few seconds later i get the box
12:48* mikegrb swaps kvandivo for a 24 year old brunette named heidi
12:48kvandivo well now.. that was a no brainer
12:49bitbyte no kidding
12:49bitbyte hehe
12:50bitbyte someone in here said a memory upgrade on the xbox is prettymuch essential
12:50mikegrb nah
12:50mikegrb wouldn't hurt though
12:50bitbyte chutt, what mini-itx are you running?
12:52Chutt m10j
12:52Chutt err, m10k
12:53bitbyte ahh, that sthe 1ghz one right?
12:53bitbyte that'd eb the one i would want. how do you like it?
12:54Chutt slow as shit
12:54Chutt loud cpu fan
12:54bitbyte oh really?
12:54bitbyte what size is the fan?
12:54Chutt 40mm
12:54bitbyte ah
12:54bitbyte so a SilenX fan is out of the question
12:54bitbyte i just stuck some of those on my box, cant even hear them
12:55bitbyte hold em up to your ear, all you hear is air against your ear
12:56bitbyte they are just a tad pricey
12:56Chutt right
12:56Chutt for a tiny little fan like that to do anything, it's gotta move fast
12:56Chutt meaning, very loud
12:56bitbyte but for the Myth box it's worthwhile
12:56bitbyte ya
12:56bitbyte is there room to adapt a 60 onto it?
12:57Chutt maybe
12:57Chutt would depend on your case
12:57bitbyte true
12:58bitbyte and it's slow you say? i thought that one had mpeg decoders onboard. no ones gottem them working yet in linux?
12:59o_cee why not wait for the Epia 1ghz?
12:59Chutt it is a 1ghz machine.
12:59o_cee epia = fanless
12:59o_cee or is that eden
12:59o_cee :)
12:59Chutt eden
13:00o_cee heh, k
13:00Chutt and those are slower than the nehemiah stuff, iirc
13:00o_cee yeah, but it'll be intresting to see how they'd work as a frontend
13:00o_cee would it be possible to add containers inside containers in the osd themes? to make it possible to have different fademovements?
13:01bitbyte i have a c3 nehemia2 mATX mobo with mpeg decoders on it.
13:06o_cee Chutt: you saw ? I tried it and wasn't happy with it at all, but i still would like the timeline thingie.. you never have time to read the description while switching channels really. but, it would be nice to have another osdtype with only the desc that you can show manually.. anyway, i'm back to square one ;)
13:08Chutt heh
13:08Chutt what didn't you like about that?
13:08o_cee too much text
13:09o_cee most of the time the title is enough
13:09Chutt ah
13:09o_cee but
13:09o_cee it would be nice to get up the desc without the epg
13:11o_cee but what do you think about the progressbar?
13:11Chutt small
13:11Chutt i dunno
13:11Chutt i really don't like that kind of progress bar
13:12Chutt what happens when you pause it and the next program starts?
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13:16stoffel why not split the progress bar in two. the upper half to show what o_cee wants and in the lower half to display the buffer status?
13:17Chutt stoffel, it's best to not confuse things too much with too much information at one time
13:17o_cee i don't mean to remove the buffer info when pausing
13:18stoffel agreed, but you remember my/the question/request to display the remaining time of a show
13:18Chutt make an osd theme that shows the start/end time of the show
13:18Chutt you can do that with the current code :p
13:18o_cee ah yeah but the other timebar from sagetv, chutt convinced me would be hard to do good
13:19o_cee Chutt: yeah sure but then you need to compare start/end with current time to determine if it just started or not
13:19Chutt i think most people can read a clock
13:19stoffel i prefer pictures ;) what about something clock-like that starts empty and is changing color as time progresses?
13:20o_cee Chutt: you can't say that it's bad design, a small timebar like that. i've got the idea from "real" sattelite boxes
13:20stoffel err, s/clock-like/pie-chart like
13:20Chutt stealing ui ideas :p
13:20o_cee heh
13:21o_cee i got answer from sage, they couldn't let me steal their osd ;)
13:21o_cee i think it's a great idea anyway
13:21Chutt they can't stop you, really, if you do the graphics yourself
13:21o_cee guess not
13:22o_cee btw chris fixed that bug 3 on my list
13:25o_cee what are you up to anyway? been coding anything lately+
13:25Chutt a little
13:25Chutt mostly been reading
13:25Chutt playing some games
13:25Chutt working on my basement
13:26Chutt waiting for someone to give me money
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13:26stoffel how does the job search go?
13:27Chutt i should have an offer in the next couple weeks
13:27stoffel ms? ;)
13:27Chutt assuming i don't bomb an interview
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13:28Chutt naw, i've decided i don't want to move to washington
13:28o_c stupid connection
13:28o_c i went away after you wanting someone to give you money :)
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13:28Chutt going out to 2 companies end of this week, beginning of next
13:28o_c nice
13:28--- User: *** o_c is now known as o_cee
13:28o_cee nearby?
13:29Chutt could be going out to a few more, but i don't like spending other people's money
13:29Chutt one's pretty close
13:29o_cee never fun having to move
13:29Chutt nope
13:30stoffel tele-working isn't en-vogue anymore?
13:30o_cee why was the log module never activated? or am i totally off here?
13:31Chutt apparently not
13:31o_cee got my new surround speakers today:
13:32Chutt i never got around to committing the log module
13:32o_cee ok, good ;)
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14:00rkulagow xbox price drop to $149.
14:03--- ---> oc [] has joined #mythtv
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14:26bitbyte ya i saw that this morning on /.
14:26bitbyte been to RedHAt for your interview yet Chutt?
14:26Chutt friday
14:27bitbyte where is that at anyhow?
14:27Chutt boston
14:28bitbyte i use to be an op in #redhat on efnet... seems like a lifetime ago
14:28bitbyte boston, that place is really expensive
14:28bitbyte one of the guys that used to work for me moved there
14:28bitbyte after a couple of years he left
14:28bitbyte said he was paying like 1500 a month for an efficiency apt
14:29bitbyte but then he was doing low end techie type work too
14:29Chutt i wouldn't live in the city
14:29bitbyte ya
14:29--- <<-- Octane [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:29bitbyte i hope it works out wel for you. i think you'd be an asset to them
14:29Chutt i just want a paycheck =)
14:29bitbyte i realize yo udon't want to move
14:29bitbyte i hear ya there
14:29bitbyte but these days it's har to pick and choose, with the IT market the way it is
14:29bitbyte hard*
14:30Chutt well, i've really had a nice amount of interest because of mythtv
14:30bitbyte yeah, i kinda figured that
14:30Chutt so i can pick and choose =)
14:30Chutt just nothing's in cleveland
14:30bitbyte to some degree yes
14:30bitbyte just not within your initial set of parameters
14:30kvandivo cleveland rocks
14:31bitbyte right, thats what i was referring to
14:31kvandivo or so i've heard
14:31bitbyte i'm sure redhat pays very ell
14:31bitbyte well
14:31Chutt they better, if they want me to relocate to boston
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14:31bitbyte just make sure they arn't gettin you in there so they can steal myth
14:31bitbyte hehe
14:31Chutt but i've got a fairly likely prospect in dayton, ohio
14:31bitbyte damn the man!
14:32Chutt which is only 3/4 hours away by car
14:32bitbyte that's not too far from cleveland is it?
14:32bitbyte oh hell
14:32bitbyte you can commute that
14:32Chutt probably wouldn't pay as much
14:32Chutt but, it's closer
14:32stoffel only?
14:32bitbyte ya well, you also wouldnt hav eot sell yer house etc
14:32Chutt and sounds really cool
14:32bitbyte which costs a lotta money
14:32bitbyte unless RH is talking relo package
14:32Chutt so i'll likely go with them, if they end up giving me an offer
14:32Chutt we'll make money on our house
14:32bitbyte comapny i used ot work for gave me 10k to move here
14:33Chutt prices went up quite a bit since we bought the place
14:33bitbyte ah, thats nice to have
14:33bitbyte i wa able to spend the 10grand however i wanted
14:33bitbyte i had quite a bit leftover to use on closing costs on the house
14:33bitbyte what kind of position is it with RH?
14:34Chutt general software stuff
14:34Chutt or installer
14:34bitbyte ah cool
14:34Chutt or ui stuff
14:34Chutt depending on what positions they still have open
14:34bitbyte do they know yer a gentoo zealot? :P
14:34Chutt debian
14:34bitbyte hm, i tohught you ran gentoo
14:34bitbyte oh well
14:34Chutt hell no
14:34bitbyte principle holds true
14:35bitbyte do they know yer a debian zealot? :D
14:35Chutt i'm not really a zealot
14:35Chutt it's just what i'm used to
14:35bitbyte i know
14:35bitbyte i'm just kidding around
14:35Chutt debian was the first distro that had a version of X that supported the S3 Virge/VX
14:35bitbyte so many ppl get so uptight about what dist to use
14:35Chutt and that was the video card i had back when i started college =)
14:36Chutt so, that's what distro i ended up using
14:36bitbyte and i'm sure the ppl at RH are pretty much RH zealots
14:36bitbyte like working at the Ford plant
14:36bitbyte hehe
14:36bitbyte dirve a BMW to work and get your tires slashed
14:37bitbyte did you see that FireFly remote Chutt?
14:37Chutt nope
14:37bitbyte hm
14:37bitbyte sec
14:38bitbyte they are askign developer of media products to contact them
14:38Chutt too busy
14:38Chutt the remote, that is
14:38bitbyte they want to get native support for as many programs as possible
14:38bitbyte i liked it
14:39bitbyte i'd LOVE ot get my replayTV remote working with Myth
14:39bitbyte or a tivo remote
14:39bitbyte but the only info i've found so far is ppl hacking other remotes to act like a relpay one, not the other way around
14:39stoffel they should contact the lirc people imho
14:39bitbyte stofeel, i think they are expecting those who want to be involved to contac tthem
14:39Chutt buy an irman
14:40Chutt or make a generic receiver
14:40Chutt and any remote you want should work
14:40bitbyte i thought the relpay one used some oddball codes
14:40bitbyte 2 digit codes
14:40Chutt shouldn't matter
14:40bitbyte hm
14:40stoffel bitbyte: they must be really convinced of their product
14:41bitbyte chutt, i'll look into it more. i'm siureprised no one has done it yet
14:41bitbyte i think that the homebrew pvr market is the niche that they hope ot fill with the firefly remote
14:42bitbyte i'm surrised no one has done it yet
14:42stoffel what's so special about it, except the amount of buttons?
14:42bitbyte they layout is very nice. and the buttons are marked. and they are PVR related buttons, not a bunch of generic stuff
14:42bitbyte and shit you dont need
14:43bitbyte PVR type buttons seems to be what is lackign in most of them
14:43bitbyte it'd be nice to be able to look at the remote, and know what the button does without having to memorize what function they all do
14:43bitbyte WAF
14:44Chutt grey hauppauge remote
14:44Chutt works pretty damn well
14:44stoffel WAF? why? 'wife: sweetheart, please switch to channel WXY and don't forget recording Friends tonight' :)
14:45bitbyte surprisingly well. but it's still rather cryptic for the uninitiated
14:45bitbyte stoffel, i dont watch that much tv to be honest
14:45bitbyte my wife is the one who uses it primarily
14:46bitbyte this is the relpay remote
14:47bitbyte in fact, this remote is the reason i was askig the other day about being able to jump form live tv to a menu of recorded shows for playback
14:48bitbyte intialy i didn't care for it, but once i figure dout it's uses I'd hate ot be without it
14:48bitbyte the remote has a jp1 interface on it as well. so it's highly configurable
14:49bitbyte it's more or less a ripoff of the tivo series one remote
14:49bitbyte which id' be happy to use as well. I can see elements of that one in the firefly
14:50bitbyte one thing missing form that remote picture, that mine has, is the button to turn channel advance off and on
14:52stoffel bitbyte: somehow that doesn't sound like 'i dont watch that much tv to be honest' to me, to be honest :)
14:53bitbyte i dont, i'm the one who puts shows on for the kids etc
14:53bitbyte you gotta remember, i've owned this stuff for quite some time now
14:53bitbyte and a tivo
14:53bitbyte i'm gettign rid of them tho, i'm tired of paying the sub fee
14:54bitbyte so it's not as if these are things that would keep me from using myth
14:54bitbyte just things that I think woul enhance it
14:55--- <--- curreyr__ [] has left #mythtv ()
15:06--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
15:14--- ---> AridWrk [] has joined #mythtv
15:20rkulagow WTF?
15:20rkulagow make[1]: Entering directory `/XebianLocal/home/mythtv/mythtv/programs'
15:20rkulagow cd mythepg && make -f Makefile
15:20rkulagow make[2]: Entering directory `/XebianLocal/home/mythtv/mythtv/programs/mythepg'
15:20rkulagow g++ -o mythepg main.o -L/usr/share/qt3/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib -L../../libs/libmyth -L../../libs/libmythtv -L../../libs/libavcodec -L../../libs/libavformat -lmythtv-0.15 -lmythavformat-0.15 -lmythavcodec-0.15 -lmyth-0.15 -lfreetype -lmp3lame -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lXinerama -lXv -lX11 -lXext -lXxf86vm -lqt-mt -lXext -lX11 -lm -lpthread
15:20rkulagow main.o(.text+0x50): In function `main':
15:20rkulagow : undefined reference to `MythContext::MythContext(QString const &, bool, bool)'
15:20rkulagow main.o(.text+0x12e): In function `main':
15:20rkulagow : undefined reference to `MythContext::OpenDatabase(QSqlDatabase *)'
15:20rkulagow main.o(.text+0x193): In function `main':
15:20rkulagow : undefined reference to `MythContext::GetSetting(QString const &, QString const &)'
15:20rkulagow main.o(.text+0x240): In function `main':
15:20rkulagow : undefined reference to `MythContext::LoadQtConfig(void)'
15:20rkulagow (about 300 more lines of this...)
15:20Chutt funky
15:20Chutt 'slike it didn't find the libmyth it was looking for
15:20rkulagow gah, if it wasn't for the fact that this xbox might make a nice, clean frontend i would have stopped a while ago.
15:21--- ---> kaaspad [] has joined #mythtv
15:21rkulagow i bet you it's something with distcc or some bullshit. i guess i'll self-compile, but its probably going to take 8 hours or so.
15:22Chutt heh
15:22rkulagow ok, here we go. "time make". i'm going to go buy an office chair. bbl.
15:31--- ---> thor [~thor@] has joined #mythtv
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15:55--- ---> subCoder [~subCoder@] has joined #mythtv
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16:02--- <<-- kaaspad [] has quit ("\x97I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n\x97 2.0 Build 3515")
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16:14knight- heh
16:15knight- Chutt, the grey hauppage doesnt have enough buttons unfortunately :)
16:21--- ---> pmowry [] has joined #mythtv
16:27--- ---> paulproteus [] has joined #mythtv
16:36--- ---> lmatter [] has joined #mythtv
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17:01--- <<-- steelep [steelep@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
17:08oc Chutt: you know the slider i want to do? wouldn't be that hard to be considering the buffer slider right? could you just give me some pointers where i need to add them? osdtypes and osd?
17:08--- User: *** oc is now known as o_cee
17:09rkulagow fuck. "virtual memory exhausted" stupid xbox.
17:09o_cee heh
17:09o_cee give it a break
17:19kvandivo gee.. installing it on my xbox consisted of "emerge mythtv"
17:19rkulagow i didn't know that you could run gentoo on the xbox. and wouldn't gentoo be even slower, since i'd have to compile everything first?
17:20kvandivo yep. it's not free. :)
17:20kvandivo actually, no..
17:20kvandivo you don't have to compile anything first..
17:20kvandivo the gentoox distrib comes with everything already compiled
17:20kvandivo since the xbox has standard hardware, the ISO already has things compiled for it
17:21kvandivo but, i'm not meaning to get into any sort of distribution war.. i know better.. :)
17:22kvandivo my basic suggestion for putting linux on any new machine (be it xbox or other) is to go with what you know
17:22rkulagow there's no xbox-for-mandrake out there, and that's what i'm comfortable with...
17:26rkulagow kvandivo: are you running mythtv cvs on gentoox? does it come with qt 3.1 or better?
17:27kvandivo cvs: yes, and my current qt is definitely 3.1 or better..
17:28--- User: *** donour is now known as donour[away]
17:28--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:28rkulagow does the "emerge mythtv" satisfy the pre-requisites? how does it "know" whether i want to compile cvs or the .14 tarball?
17:28kvandivo umm.. actually, emerge mythtv uses the .14 tarball
17:28kvandivo and does all the prereqs associated with it
17:29kvandivo i then just dropped cvs into a directory and recompile/install as desired..
17:29kvandivo i just used emerge mythtv to get everything set up the first time
17:29rkulagow ah, ok. let me take a look so that we stop cluttering #mythtv with this.
17:29rkulagow are you going to be around later?
17:29kvandivo probably for another hour, and then tomorrow, and the day after that, etc
17:30rkulagow huh. "home" or "pro"?
17:30rkulagow yeesh. pro is a lot smaller.
17:31kvandivo when i installed i don't know if they had both..
17:31kvandivo does pro have X ?
17:34rkulagow hrmm. is your xbox chipped, or did you use the mechinstaller method?
17:36rkulagow bbl.
17:38o_cee yeah so osdtypes already has the fillslider.. so all that would be needed is a new OSD::SetInfoText? continuing
17:40o_cee and tv_play.cpp.. ah well
17:41--- ---> lmatter [] has joined #mythtv
17:41--- ---> jeff_ [] has joined #mythtv
17:42kvandivo rkulagow: chipped. my next one (maybe soon, at $149) will be done via mech or possibly splinter cell
17:45o_cee and something in NuppelVideoPlayer::calcSliderPos
17:45bitbyte you'll have ot downgrade the dashbord
17:46kvandivo bitbyte: only if you get one that has a higher dash to begin with
17:48o_cee if i didn't already have one i'd get this:
17:48o_cee in english
17:49bitbyte kvandivo, true, but the vast majority of the ones being sold today have the new dash
17:49bitbyte i managed to get MS to replace my DVD drive with a samsung for free under warranty
17:49bitbyte hehe
17:56kvandivo crystals have a different video chip. beware
17:57o_cee kvandivo: yeah i read that.. but they're chippable right? a friend will probably buy one soon
17:57o_cee but he won't be running linux, that's for sure :)
17:57kvandivo correct. and i don't care about them for anything other than linux
17:57kvandivo (in an attempt to keep this discussion remotely in the same hemisphere as the topic at hand)
17:57o_cee i heard you can play on them as well
18:09--- ---> G-funk [] has joined #mythtv
18:10--- ---> Katmando [] has joined #mythtv
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18:43--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
18:46rkulagow my my, shallax (gentoox guy) sure seems to be the resident curmudgeon. ("you can read, can't you?")
18:47o_cee dammit, another new word to look up
18:47stoffel o_cee: tell me, too.
18:48o_cee stoffel: hmm, can't translate that to deutch..
18:48rkulagow replace "shallax (gentoox guy)" with "chutt (mythtv guy)" and it should translate.
18:48o_cee but i know what it is now :)
18:48o_cee rkulagow: hah
18:48o_cee "surly or miserly person"
18:48stoffel me too ;)
18:49rkulagow howabout, "gruff but loveable"?
18:49o_cee sweet
18:49stoffel dict is nice
18:51--- <<-- mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
18:52--- ---> mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has joined #mythtv
18:56--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
19:02o_cee g'night all, going to bed soonish
19:02stoffel good night, and dito for me
19:14rkulagow huh. looks like i'
19:14rkulagow d need a chipped xbox or an evox'ed one to make gentoox work.
19:16rkulagow feh. i'll just keep beating my head against xebian.
19:21--- ---> mindstrm [] has joined #mythtv
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20:15--- ---> Funbags [] has joined #mythtv
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20:23--- ---> fathom [] has joined #mythtv
20:24fathom i'm having a horrible time trying to get my pvr-350 to work i'm missing tuner.o, what makes that compile?
20:27fathom nevermind
20:27--- <<-- AridWrk [] has quit ("Leaving")
20:29anduin fathom - #ivtv-dev
20:59--- <<-- jeff_ [] has quit ("Well it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye!")
21:07--- ---> Toothpick [] has joined #Mythtv
21:08Toothpick Is there a tuner for xbox?
21:21--- ---> xeno42 [] has joined #mythtv
21:22--- ---> dcstimm [] has joined #mythtv
21:22dcstimm hey guys, what is the best kernel for getting a pvr-250 card working?
21:24--- <<-- jams_ [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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21:57billytwowilly| Chutt, are you around?
22:00--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
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22:12rkulagow mdz: you here?
22:12--- ---> ofer [] has joined #mythtv
22:15--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
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22:18mdz rkulagow: yep
22:19--- <--- Toothpick [] has left #Mythtv ("Client exiting")
22:21rkulagow well, i gone and done it. that xbox that you had worked - problem was that sound never worked. xebian 1.0.1 fixed that, but the only way is to re-install. so at this point i've whacked the box. what i'm trying to do is run CVS, but a straight dist-upgrade will break Xebian.
22:21rkulagow so, i asked around on the xebian IRC.
22:22rkulagow got a pointer that rather than trying to upgrade, just install qt3.1 backport from the website.
22:23mdz rkulagow: where is the fix? in the kernel?
22:23rkulagow are you interested in spending some cycles? i really just want to get the box to the point that I can run myth CVS, since everything else in the house is already at that point.
22:23mdz if so, just upgrade that and leave the rest alone. it seemed happy enough
22:24rkulagow when i try to do a apt-get build-dep mythtv i get an error:
22:25rkulagow E: Build-Depends dependency on mythtv cannot be satisfied because the package linux-kernel-headers cannot be found
22:25rkulagow i just hate being so in the dark with this debian / xebian stuff. mandrake made me soft.
22:26rkulagow and since i'm a giver, i want to put something together to post. haven't gotten a response on the xbox-linux board to my question.
22:26--- ---> pcjabber [] has joined #mythtv
22:27mdz rkulagow: what's in sources.list?
22:27rkulagow standby
22:27rkulagow xbox:/etc/apt# cat sources.list
22:27rkulagow deb stable main non-free contrib
22:27rkulagow deb-src stable main non-free contrib
22:27rkulagow #deb stable/non-US main contrib non-free
22:27rkulagow #deb-src stable/non-US main contrib non-free
22:27rkulagow deb stable/updates main contrib non-free
22:27rkulagow deb stable main
22:27rkulagow deb stable main
22:27rkulagow deb-src unstable main
22:27rkulagow deb ./
22:27rkulagow deb-src ./
22:27rkulagow deb stable main
22:27rkulagow deb stable main
22:27rkulagow deb woody main
22:27rkulagow deb unstable main
22:28rkulagow deb unstable mythtv
22:28rkulagow deb-src unstable mythtv
22:28rkulagow #deb file:/data/packages_xebian/ ./
22:28rkulagow #deb file:/data/packages_new/ ./
22:28mdz how did that happen? I thought you were running unstable
22:28mdz I don't really remember though
22:29mdz apt-get build-dep mythtv will only work on unstable at the moment
22:29rkulagow mdz: crap.
22:29mdz rkulagow: you uninstalled the build-deps from last time?
22:30mdz rkulagow: apt-get install libqt3-mt-dev libmysqlclient-dev libfreetype6-dev libvorbis-dev liblame-dev liblircclient-dev libartsc0-dev libasound2-dev
22:32rkulagow and by crap, i mean that the box was whacked. it turns out that if you leave an xbox unplugged for a while something bad happens. when i turned it on, (after about 3 weeks of being unplugged) the xbox wouldn't boot. what i didn't know is that you just have to leave it plugged in and let it continue to boot / reboot and ignore the "call microsoft" message.
22:32rkulagow after about 5 hours or so it unwedges itself.
22:33rkulagow ok, let me try the command. hold on.
22:33mdz weird
22:34rkulagow yeah, it's some sort of cmos clock error thing.
22:34mdz yeah, explains it breaking
22:34mdz but not it coming back :-)
22:34--- ---> r00fus [] has joined #mythtv
22:34--- <--- r00fus [] has left #mythtv ()
22:36rkulagow eventually being plugged in recharges something internally. it's more complicated than i know or care about, other than knowing that it's bad to unplug xboxes for a long time. lesson learned.
22:37rkulagow Building Dependency Tree... Done
22:37rkulagow Package libmysqlclient-dev is a virtual package provided by:
22:37rkulagow libmysqlclient10-dev 3.23.49-8.5
22:37rkulagow You should explicitly select one to install.
22:37rkulagow E: Package libmysqlclient-dev has no installation candidate
22:38mdz rkulagow: apt-get install libqt3-mt-dev libmysqlclient10-dev libfreetype6-dev libvorbis-dev liblame-dev liblircclient-dev libartsc0-dev libasound2-dev
22:39rkulagow Sorry, but the following packages have unmet dependencies:
22:39rkulagow libartsc0-dev: Depends: libartsc0 (= 1.2.0-0woody1) but it is not going to be installed
22:39rkulagow Depends: libarts1-dev but it is not going to be installed
22:39rkulagow Depends: libogg-dev but it is not going to be installed
22:39rkulagow libqt3-mt-dev: Depends: libqt3-dev (= 2:3.0.3-20020329-1) but it is not going to be installed
22:39rkulagow libvorbis-dev: Depends: libvorbis0 (= 1.0rc3-1) but 1.0.1-1xebian is to be installed
22:39rkulagow Depends: libogg-dev but it is not going to be installed
22:39rkulagow E: Sorry, broken packages
22:39rkulagow xbox:/etc/apt# cat apt.conf
22:39rkulagow APT::Cache-Limit "10000000";
22:39rkulagow APT::Default-Release "stable";
22:39rkulagow APT::Get::Show-Upgraded "true";
22:39rkulagow Debug::pkgProblemResolver "true";
22:39rkulagow xbox:/etc/apt# cat preferences
22:39rkulagow Explanation: XBOX Linux packages
22:39rkulagow Package: *
22:39rkulagow Pin: origin
22:39rkulagow Pin-Priority: 991
22:39rkulagow Explanation: "testing" packages
22:39rkulagow Package: *
22:39rkulagow Pin: release a=testing
22:39rkulagow Pin-Priority: -1
22:40rkulagow Explanation: "unstable" packages
22:40rkulagow Package: *
22:40rkulagow Pin: release a=unstable
22:40rkulagow Pin-Priority: -2
22:40rkulagow (just in case any of that helps)
22:40mdz yeah, you've got a mixture of Debian stuff and Xebian stuff
22:41rkulagow mdz: yeah, i know, and it sucks.
22:42mdz I thought that before, I set it up so you had a pure Debian system except for a couple of Xebian packages that weren't in Debian
22:42rkulagow the pre-made xbox distro that dennis makes is for .14, gentoox only seems to run on chipped xboxes (mine isn't) xebian 1.0.1 is at stable
22:42rkulagow and not at unstable.
22:42--- ---> FryGuy- [] has joined #mythtv
22:44rkulagow mdz: right; the problem is that in my panic after seeing the "call microsoft" crap i couldn't get anything working right and i re-installed xebian 1.0.1 (the previous box had 1.0.0). so all the work that you had done is gone. i'm sorry.
22:46rkulagow since i didn't see what you were doing on the box i can't re-create it.
22:50rkulagow did you want to re-spend cycles on this? not sure anyone is trying to do this (mythtv cvs on xbox), and not getting any interest over on xbox-linux.
22:51mdz rkulagow: I painstakingly downgraded each installed package and cleaned up any breakage
22:51mdz maybe you could just install Debian?
22:51mdz or maybe use Xebian
22:52rkulagow mdz: ok, i don't want to make you do something you don't want to.
22:52mdz rkulagow: I don't have time right now
22:52rkulagow mdz: ok, that's fine. i appreciate the cycles you spent last time.
22:55rkulagow hey, chutt just sent me a trojan / phish page. thanks, chutt!
22:56rkulagow (not really, but it was interesting)
22:56rkulagow X-Apparently-To: via; Mon, 29 Mar 2004 19:19:06 -0800
22:56rkulagow Return-Path: <>
22:56rkulagow Received: from (HELO ( by with SMTP; Mon, 29 Mar 2004 19:18:52 -0800
22:56rkulagow Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 21:29:26 -0600
22:56rkulagow To:
22:56rkulagow Subject: Account notify
22:56rkulagow From: Add to Address Book
22:56rkulagow Message-ID: <>
22:56rkulagow MIME-Version: 1.0
22:56rkulagow Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="--------tlggaskpnmliqlouopkw"
22:56rkulagow Content-Length: 24804
22:56rkulagow Dear user, the management of mailing system wants to let you know that,
22:56rkulagow Our main mailing server will be temporary unavaible for next two days,
22:56rkulagow to continue receiving mail in these days you have to configure our free
22:56rkulagow auto-forwarding service.
22:56rkulagow (and then the standard password protected zip file)
23:07--- ---> Matt [matt@matt.staff.freenode] has joined #mythtv
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