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04:11knight- re Chutt
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10:58kvandivo would be cute if Opera released an API so that we could hook this up to mythtv..
10:58mikegrb not as cute as kvandivo
11:01Chutt2 heh
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11:02poptix opera is a piece of shit
11:02kvandivo you've used the mobile phone version of it?
11:02poptix and wtf
11:03poptix i was using remote video control software last year on my nokia 3650
11:03poptix kvandivo: i have, it sucks just as much as the desktop version
11:03poptix if not more
11:03kvandivo i don't even know of any phones on verizon that have it..
11:04poptix i've got a nokia 3650 (gsm) on t-mobile
11:04thor heh
11:04kvandivo nod
11:04Chutt thor's back, yay
11:04Chutt heh
11:04thor my thighs hurt
11:04kvandivo TMI
11:04mikegrb pwahhah
11:04mikegrb kvandivo: you should go massage them for him
11:04mikegrb you are nearby, no?
11:05kvandivo i couldn't even see that happening in an alternate universe
11:05poptix anyway
11:05poptix tivoweb works just fine with my built in web browser
11:05thor Chutt, did I miss anything ?
11:05PDani /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lqt-mt
11:05PDani collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
11:05PDani make[2]: *** [] Error 1
11:06thor echo $QTDIR
11:06kvandivo $QTDIR
11:06PDani thx
11:06thor cool, kvandivo is actually a Turing test !
11:08thor Chutt, I've got a couple changes for UIListGenericTree, are you in the middle of anything there ?
11:09Chutt nope
11:09Chutt and nope
11:09thor k, and k
11:10thor Hauppauge hasn't mailed you a cheque that will guarantee a lifetime of financial independence ?
11:11poptix i should update my old mythtv box
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11:12poptix haven't touched it since i got my satellite =/
11:12thor wow, is it shaped like the Denny's icon ?
11:12marklwrk_ hi guys, is anyone actively working on hdtv support in myth?
11:12poptix spare bedroom of my apartment, 3rd floor =P
11:12poptix (no balcony)
11:13thor boring
11:13marklwrk_ i have the card and a hauppauge wintv-hd
11:13thor that's not a satellite
11:13thor just a dish
11:13marklwrk_ but no component video out, i'm trying to determine the best hardware for that
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11:13mikegrb thor: heh
11:13poptix thor: satellite TV =/
11:13thor bah
11:13poptix thor: my satellite is orbiting the earth
11:14thor heh
11:14poptix my mind control rays are leeching into your skull as we speak.
11:14kvandivo do you have to have the blinds open, and does the signal get static when you walk in the room due to it being on carpet?
11:15poptix no, and no
11:15poptix it works fine with the blinds closed
11:15poptix i did replace the metal screen with fiberglass screen
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11:38PDani /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lqt-mt; collect2: ld returned 1 exit status; chopin:/usr/local/src/mythtv# echo $QTDIR; chopin:/usr/local/src/mythtv# echo $QTDIR
11:39PDani /usr/share/qt3
11:40thor updatedb ; locate libqt-mt
11:41PDani pdani@chopin:/usr/share$ locate libqt-mt
11:41PDani ...
11:41PDani /usr/share/qt3/lib/
11:41PDani /usr/share/qt3/lib/
11:45thor (sigh) built from source ? package ? on which distribution ?
11:45mikegrb I built it from source by typing apt-get install libqt4-mt on redhat
11:45mikegrb ;)
11:45mikegrb pwahahah
11:45PDani i use the cvs-source and i'm trying to compile it under debian.
11:45thor cvs-source of qt ?
11:46thor mikegrb, phew, was worried you were usling slapt-get under LFS
11:47PDani apt-get install libqt3-mt-dev libqt3c102-mt
11:48thor and since that apt-get, you have done a make distclean, ./configure, qmake on myth cvs source tree ?
11:49PDani thor: yes
11:49thor dunno, know nothing about Debian
11:50thor if it were me, I'd put /usr/share/qt3/lib in and run ldconfig, but I suspect that's not a very Debian way of solving this
11:51o_c wb thor
11:52thor Wonderfully Bartered ?
11:52o_c welcome back silly :)
11:52thor heh
11:54PDani LOL
11:56PDani hm
11:56PDani i did this editing and ldconfig, but it didn't solve the problem... the error is the same
11:57PDani i can't understand...
11:57thor ldconfig -v | less
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11:57thor shows libqt-mt ?
11:58PDani /usr/share/qt3/lib:
11:58PDani ->
11:58PDani ->
11:59thor well, looks like you're going to have to move the computer to a part of the universe where the laws of Boolean logic actually work
11:59PDani LOL
12:01PDani is there any way i could test this libqt?
12:01PDani a little code, or something?
12:01thor nothing wrong with the lib, problem is your linker can't find it
12:01PDani but why?
12:02thor probably bad karma
12:02PDani i'm using g++-3.3
12:03PDani and i made a symbolic link g++ to g++-3.3
12:04PDani i made this link manually
12:04PDani may it be the problem?
12:05thor yeah, that doesn't sound like the smartest thing to do, since you're linker is still /usr/bin/ld
12:05thor your
12:08bitbyte rkulagow, did yo get time to test that card yesterday?
12:10PDani ohhhhh
12:10PDani i have no idea what could i do...
12:12PDani offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck
12:13PDani apt-get install libqt3-mt-dev solves the problem :))))))))) i'm a f*ckin' loozer
12:15thor all's well that ends with self loathing
12:30Chutt heh
12:31bitbyte hi chutt
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14:48isaac_ anyone know if slack's qt packages have the mysql driver?
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14:53Jy anyone know the X option so the screen doesn't blank after like 15 minutes?
14:53isaac_ Jy: Option DPMS Off in XF86Config
14:53isaac_ or "Off"
14:54isaac_ or whatever
14:54Jy ok.. i think i commend it out.. so it still defaults to on
14:54isaac_ well, make sure you're commenting it out everywhere and in the right file
14:54isaac_ and restart X
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15:03fweh_ any faq writers here? I have a tiny bugfix to the given script for creating dvds from recorded stuff
15:04fweh_ (21.18)
15:04fweh_ the mpeg2desc lines would benefit forrm the -s flag, they make sure that mplex can understand the input.
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15:18isaac_ does the frontend need to talk to the backend's MySQL server or just the backend?
15:20bitbyte yes
15:23isaac_ heh
15:23isaac_ man, channel changing is sloooww
15:24isaac_ presumably due to slowass network
15:25anduin probably not the network
15:26isaac_ or slowass frontend, heh
15:26bitbyte pvr's are notoriously slow for channel changing. they aren't designed for channel surfing
15:26isaac_ well, this is slower than it's ever been
15:27isaac_ why does mythfrontend have a grey bar of X showing to the left of the main window?
15:28isaac_ heh, gui offset
15:44marklwrk_ tivo does a good job of it
15:44marklwrk_ fwiw
15:44grayjk insightful =)
15:52isaac_ +5
15:52isaac_ heh
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16:11isaac_ is the howto on the website very out of date?
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16:53o_cee no
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17:10o_cee anyone who's got a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7? "Recommended acoustic management value: 128, current value: 0"... ehm, can i make it more silent?
17:10stoffel_ pull the power cord
17:11isaac_ smash it
17:12Chutt nope, can't change the acoustic management values on newer seagate drives
17:12bitbyte encase it in concrete
17:14o_cee maybe using automatic standby mode to spin down the motor? would help when it's not in use at least
17:15isaac_ o_cee: use rubber washers
17:16bitbyte i like the concrete idea better
17:16isaac_ with rubber washers under it
17:16isaac_ now that's a good idea
17:18pmowry Turn it into art, scuplt in a waterfall for a zen effect and cooling.
17:19isaac_ .. and make sure the jumpers are right before you start
17:19bitbyte hey, that's a great idea
17:19bitbyte haha
17:20bitbyte you could suspend the drive using rubber bands you get from the sunday paper
17:21isaac_ that's it, i'm buying a GigE card/switch
17:21bitbyte I'm installing TerraE this weekend
17:23pmowry I'm installing a 10GE backbone Saturday, but they wont duplicate it at my house, even though I could provide better support that way ;)
17:24pmowry anyone testing the data-direct patch for NA tv listings? or does it still need a rewrite?
17:26bitbyte bastards, how dare they
17:26rep|work any of you have problems with audio sync errors? more specifically while in live tv mode, video is choppy and audio is even choppier, t hen when recording tv, and playing it back you get perfect video, but chipmunk speed audio?
17:27rep|work using fedora as os, using alsa 0.9
17:27rep|work os=distro
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17:47isaac_ why in god's name is myth endlessly doing 'qmake -o Makefile'?
17:51mdz answer: it isn't
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17:57mikegrb pwahaha
17:57mikegrb if it isn't a hassle, wouldn't be a bad idea to use a different nick such as isorge or some such
18:01isaac_ mikegrb: wha
18:01isaac_ mdz: yes it is :(
18:02mikegrb isaac is the grand poo bah of mythtv
18:02mikegrb your nick could easily confuse people
18:04isaac_ well, i'll set 'em straight :D
18:04isaac_ i was just confused as to how you got my last name
18:04isaac_ then i realized it's in my realname
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18:20mdz isaac_: it isn't "endlessly" doing that. it does it when the *.pro files, or other files qmake uses, are modified
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18:33bitbyte rkulagow, they sold out of those cards and i didnt order one yet :\
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18:44isaac_ mdz: maybe you misunderstand
18:44isaac_ mdz: it's doing it repeatedly, without stopping, and has been doing it for over an hour
18:44isaac_ mdz: entering the directory, making the project file, then leaving the directory
18:45isaac_ mdz: so either it's silently doing something that's taking a long time or something's broken
18:45pigeon isaac_: greetings.
18:46isaac_ pigeon: i'm not the isaac who wrote mythtv
18:46isaac_ standard disclaimer
18:46pigeon hehehe
18:52pigeon is .nuv used in mythtv == nuppelvideo file?
18:53mikegrb used to be
18:54mikegrb still is to a degree
18:54pigeon ok, thanks.
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21:10billytwowilly| Chutt, are you around?
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21:23_rkulagow chutt: you get my email?
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22:08isaac_ are there any docs on mythtv's builtin lirc support?
22:11_rkulagow not really, but it's not that hard to configure. just change, recompile (you might need to make distclean or something) and setup your .lircrc
22:11_rkulagow did you look at the HOWTO?
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22:33mikegrb of course not
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22:38Netslayer anyone here really experienced with the nuvexport code?
22:40Netslayer I need to be able to run nuvexport on all recording on this one channel, so i'm looking at the best options. Either make my own script, or comment out all the prompts and run it in a loop with input
22:40mikegrb well
22:40mikegrb the export stuffs are all modules
22:40mikegrb so just replace the ui bit and you're golden
22:41Netslayer ya, it shouldn't be hard to make a script, just have to copy all the transcode stuff from nuvexport
22:41Netslayer nuvexport doesn't support just using arguments coming in does it because I noticed a few here
22:41mikegrb I dunno
22:42Netslayer wow, some of these argument features are impressive
22:42mikegrb I'll have to check them out later
22:42mikegrb but now it is time to make a Wendy's run
22:43Netslayer heh
22:44Netslayer guess this would help if i knew perl
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22:53Netslayer heh "The results from these searches will someday aid you in setting up automated non-
22:53Netslayer interactive nuv conversions.
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23:03Netslayer sub main_loop { this signifies a subroutine correct (perl)
23:03--- ---> qnetjoe [] has joined #mythtv
23:05Netslayer whoops heh ???+@???-?? +\xA6-?\xA6???+ #
23:05* Netslayer shows his new console after a cat *
23:07qnetjoe is there a reason that when i typing mythbackend --printsched that is just doesn't output any show to be recorded
23:10Netslayer that's not good heh
23:15mikegrb schedule something
23:15mikegrb or read the topic
23:15qnetjoe i have a lot of stargate sg-1 scheduled it showup with mythfrontend
23:21Netslayer for mythtranscode "--starttime or -s: Takes a starttime for the" would that be in format HHMMSS?
23:25Netslayer ok here is an easier q then, how do i get perl to output a string so i can figure out what it is outputting
23:29mikegrb just: print "somevar is $var\n";
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