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00:15ShockValue Typically I support a developer/support split in channels/lists/etc, but it's not particularly beneficial when you can never get support in the support channel :)
00:18mikegrb well go there and wait
00:19mikegrb you aren't going to get help bitching about no getting help
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00:21ShockValue I asked my question there 15 minutes ago, no one is awake. ... And I'm not 'bitching' I'm merely voicing my opinion.
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00:29mikegrb well perhaps you should pick a better time to ask the question
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00:57Chutt i love it when people lie in their bug reports
00:57dopester is anyone looking into the dvb + 350 for playback issues? (or is anyone even aware of them?)
00:57Chutt the 350 isn't supposed to play anything but what it produces
00:57Chutt and don't fucking msg me
00:57dopester uh ok..
00:58dopester whats with the attitude?
00:58Chutt people that think they need to msg me when they can ask questions in the channel
00:59dopester sorry.. here..
00:59Chutt to answer your question
00:59dopester i have written a patch for myth and put it on the dev list.. i havent heard anyting for a while and am wonder if the person who puts them into cvs has been too busy to look at it or if there is some other reason like coding standards, etc that it hasnt been applied..
00:59Chutt have you seen me commit _anything_ to cvs since wednesday?
01:00Chutt have you seen me respond to _any_ emails on the list since wednesday?
01:00mikegrb heh
01:00dopester sorry man.. geezz.. you make me not want to write anything else..
01:00mikegrb Chutt: just because you are out of town you are supposed to respond to emails just as if you are home, and code and commit and apply
01:00Chutt i really don't care if you do
01:01mikegrb geez Chutt who do you think you are
01:01mikegrb ;)
01:01dopester i got no problem if you have been busy..
01:01dopester we all have lives away from this shit..
01:01Chutt that should have been fairly obvious
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01:02dopester do you make posts stating your current life activities? all i saw was you were looking for a job and that was about it.. i came in here and idled a few days..
01:02dopester im sorry if i pissed ya off..
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01:05xenv hello
01:05mikegrb dopester: dude
01:06mikegrb dopester: wtf are you msg'ing me?
01:06dopester ok man forget i even came here..
01:06dopester i thought this was a group of people talking about the development of myth..
01:07dopester i feel like this is #warez54353443 on efnet again.. hehe
01:07Chutt and you're currently annoying them
01:08Chutt anyway
01:08Chutt the very earliest that i will look at any patches is tuesday or so
01:08dopester should i just shut up and leave? i just had a few qestions.. im not tryin to piss anyone off here..
01:08dopester ok thats all i wanted to know..
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01:15dopester with the pvr350 are you certain that its not desined to play anything but "produced by it" mpegs? it will stream the dvb mpegs no problem, its just fast forwarding nad rewinding thats the issue.. i think its probbably related to the gop frame structure since dvb doesnt have nearly as many i frames as movies (and what i presume the 350 outputs)
01:16Chutt as far as i know, the decoder firmware works best on decoding what its encoder has produced
01:16Chutt i doubt it's very good at recovering from crappy reception problems like you get with dvb
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01:17dopester im not talking about poorly received mpegs.. im talking about clean dvb ps streams..
01:18dopester if the mpeg has bad frames thats just too bad.
01:18Chutt what's the gop size?
01:20dopester im not sure but its pretty large compared to most other mpegs.. i can see if i can analyze one i got here on my hdd..
01:22dopester also the time gets displayed completely wrong in playback with the 350.. a 30 minute show reports as something like 6-8 hours.. Im sure its becaue there is an I frame count or something similar which DVB doesnt do as expected..
01:22dopester probbably all the same reason for it.
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01:50dopester chutt: it might be a good idea to create a document thats on the mythtv website that states the process for submitting a patch, that might also include coding standards (i got a reply from the myth-dev list that stated there was some coding standards that i didn't follow for mythtv). You could take the apache patch rules as a good basis. That might have answered 90% of the questions I have about submitting a patch and the process involv
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10:30dc_sleep what version of mythtv has the cle266 decoding support?
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11:34gulliver hi all
11:36gulliver has anyone thought about using default-values in the cddb-routine. atm we have to wait, until the cddb is read, which won't happen if the internet-connection is broken, etc.
11:36gulliver I looked through the code already, but I saw no easy way to unblock the cddb system...
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13:47dopester quiet here today
14:06dc___ indded
14:06dc___ so is my tv
14:07dc___ mythtv is giving my pvr 250 the wrong sound settings or something, and it's not spitting out sound anymore :((
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16:40DrewZ ? Anyone able to run mfd out of the current cvs??? I think something is broken on my end i get "mfd: /usr/local/lib/ version `GLIBC_2.2' not found (required by /usr/local/lib/" Any ideas???
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17:35UncleWilly hello friends
17:36UncleWilly anyone around?
17:37DrewZ Anyone able to help with getting MFD to work???
17:40UncleWilly mighty quiet
17:43UncleWilly when I put a CD into the drive, mytfrontend freezes up. I don't have any autoplay sorts of things (.kde/Autostart is empty). any ideas?
17:44* UncleWilly sees the channel greeting and hastens off
17:44UncleWilly take care, friends
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18:32overridex where do you report bugs?
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18:33stoffel nowhere :) you just send patches to the -dev mailing list to fix them
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18:34overridex stoffel: well i'm not programmer, but for a few releases now in 'edit' mode if you go to the very end of your recording, mythfrontend locks up and you lose your cutlist... only now thinking of reporting it as someone else ran into it today
18:36stoffel overridex: you can check if it still happens with latest cvs, and if it does, recompile myth for debugging and follow the docs on how to get debugging information which you send to the -dev mailing list. See
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18:42dopester stoffel: are you aware of any coding standards or writen procedures for submitting a patch?
18:44stoffel dopester: i don't think there are any, but i only submitted a few rather minor patches. just send any patches to the -dev list and wait what others think about it.
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18:59thor mfd ?
19:00stoffel thor: hi! you've been skiing?
19:00thor I was, yup
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19:50warlord hey,
19:50warlord i just upgraded to current CVS.
19:50warlord I like the osd menu choices from livetv, but the menu is a bit off the screen on my pvr-350 output.
19:50warlord how do I shift it to the right to keep it on-screen?
20:02GeckoFiend This isn't a support channel, go to #mythtv-users
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20:07warlord GeckoFiend: I'm not asking for support. I'm asking where in the code to look to fix it.
20:09warlord GeckoFiend: besides, who are you? I know very well what this channel is about; I've been around here for half a year.
20:09cmorgan yeah you tell him ;-)
20:09warlord thanks chris
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20:10cmorgan whats up derek?
20:10warlord not much. just finally updated to a current CVS.
20:10cmorgan are you looking for a ui setting to shift the osd?
20:10cmorgan or the class interface to move it over?
20:11warlord well, the ui setting if one exists; I couldn't find one.
20:11warlord it appears not to use the same GuiWidth settings.
20:11warlord nor the overscan settings
20:12cmorgan the overscan is the one that lets you shift the myth screen around right?
20:12cmorgan i'm surprised it doesn't follow that one
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20:12warlord The overscan appears to move the video image around. But the PVR already overscans.
20:13warlord I already had to 'clip' the Gui size to deal with the PVR's overscan.
20:13cmorgan yeah, thats normal i think to do. mine is slightly clipped
20:13cmorgan and slightly shifted as well
20:13warlord but the OSD appears to ignore that setting
20:15warlord I've got the Gui Width/Height/OffsetX/OffsetY set to 648/440/36/18, so the X interface looks right and doesn't get clipped anymore. But the OSD doesn't seem to follow that.
20:17cmorgan hmm
20:17cmorgan having trouble tracking it down in the code
20:17GeckoFiend It's is your osd theme. Just change the area for the container named "menu"
20:17cmorgan warlord: ask Chutt for pointers yet?
20:18warlord cmorgan: no, was trying to avoid bothering him.
20:19warlord GeckoFiend: huh, i didn't modify any of the themes; are you saying that the default settings are broken?
20:19cmorgan GeckoFiend: i don't see it in my theme settings, updating to cvs now(my cvs is quite old)
20:19GeckoFiend It was slightly off my opverscanned screen.. I had to tweak it myself
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20:20GeckoFiend I'm not certain which osd.xml files it got added to, you may have to grep them
20:20warlord GeckoFiend: which osd theme do you use?
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20:21GeckoFiend Right now I use my own that I've been working on.
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20:21warlord Ahh. but basically what you're saying is that the OSD is based on the TV screen, not the Gui screen?
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20:22GeckoFiend Yeah all the OSD stuff seems to be based on a fixed screen size and doesn't seem to pay attention to any of the gui settings
20:23warlord Hmm..
20:23GeckoFiend it just scales up and down
20:23warlord That seems.... suboptimal
20:23GeckoFiend it's be nice if OSD 0,0 was the guioffset x,y instead of screen offset 0,0,
20:24warlord agreed.
20:25warlord I'm using blueosd.. the menu area is 20,40,620,300
20:25warlord and listsize is 0,0,274,260
20:26warlord I suspect I need to change area to 50,50,620,300
20:26warlord (or probably 600)
20:31GeckoFiend YEah mines 50,50
20:31GeckoFiend 40,50,620,300 I doubt it'll ever get to 600 let alone 620
20:32GeckoFiend thought it was 50,50
20:32warlord well, my x offset is 36, so '40' is only 6 pixels in. is that sufficient?
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20:33GeckoFiend well the nice thing is you can change it and test it without restarting myth. just exit live tv / your recording and go back in..
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20:34warlord true.. but I need to wrest the controls from my wife. so that might not be possible until 9pm
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20:40warlord cool, 40,50,620,300 works well.
20:42warlord thanks, GeckoFiend
20:42warlord hey, what's the name of the channel-browse-mode text area (at the bottom of the screen)
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20:54GeckoFiend Warlord: let me look and see if I can find it in mine. That's the last piece of my OSD theme I have left to do
20:54warlord GeckoFiend: thanks
20:55warlord (too bad the browse area doesn't auto-wrap text ;)
20:55GeckoFiend It's browse_info
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20:55GeckoFiend in theory mine should look ok, I need to turn it on and see.
20:56warlord :)
20:56GeckoFiend Though I think I like the Sasquatch OSD better than mine. I've not yet managed to get the look I was going for out of mine
20:57warlord Heh
21:04hadees anyone know who does the mythtv themes ebuild in gentoo?
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21:32overridex hi Zeiss - i use mythtv/mythmusic/etc. with ALSA on kernel 2.6.x
21:35Zeiss overridex: OK, how did you get /dev/sound to show up?
21:35Zeiss (or, /dev/dsp, just as good)
21:36Zeiss overridex: (also, a Gentoo install, or something more normal?)
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21:42overridex Zeiss: gentoo, i'm using devfs and haven't really messed with anything in /dev - are you using udev?
21:42overridex Zeiss: and you do have the oss emulation modules loaded, right?
21:42Zeiss Hmmm... hold on..
21:43Zeiss maybe not.
21:43Zeiss What would the driver be named?
21:43Zeiss (I have snd_pcm, and snd_ac97codec... is that appropriate?)
21:44Zeiss (and what is udev?_
21:44overridex should be snd-pcm-oss and snd-mixer-oss
21:44Zeiss Nope. No such modules loaded.
21:44overridex Zeiss: on your 2.4.x kernel, were you using oss or alsa?
21:44Zeiss OSS.
21:44overridex Zeiss: i bet you're just missing those oss emulation options in your alsa section of your kernel config then
21:45Zeiss Nope- and no OSS API emulation compiled in.
21:45Zeiss Maybe I should? :)
21:45Zeiss Thanks!
21:45overridex np :)
21:45Zeiss This is "O
21:45Zeiss This is "OSS API Emulation" in the kernel menuconfig menu?
21:46overridex yeah, in with the other ALSA stuff
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21:46Zeiss OK. I wil build the kernel again. :)
21:46Zeiss Big thanks!
21:46overridex np
21:49Zeiss rebooting now with the drivers built.
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21:50overridex you'll probably need to turn up your volume in your mixer too, if you haven't yet on alsa
21:51Zeiss No joy. Still don't have /dev/dsp
21:51overridex did you make the oss stuff modules?
21:51overridex if so you'll need to load snd-pcm-oss and snd-mixer-oss
21:52Zeiss It does not appear that it worked right. I got a "Using ALSA OSS emulation" message during boot, but no drivers seem to be loaded.
21:53overridex are you able to modprobe them manuallY/
21:53Zeiss and when I modprobe them, I get:
21:53Zeiss WARNING: Error inserting snd_mixer_oss (/lib/modules/2.6.3/kernel/sound/core/oss/snd-mixer-oss.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)
21:53Zeiss FATAL: Error inserting snd_pcm_oss (/lib/modules/2.6.3/kernel/sound/core/oss/snd-pcm-oss.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)
21:53overridex and what's dmesg say?
21:53Zeiss dmesg shows four unkown symbols: snd_unregister_oss_device,
21:54Zeiss snd_register_oss_device
21:54Zeiss snd_mixer_oss_ioctl_card
21:54Zeiss snd_oss_info_register
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21:54overridex did you just build hte modules, or did you rebuild the entire kernel?
21:54Zeiss Just built the modules...
21:54Zeiss time for make clean?
21:55overridex worth a shot.... also what version of module-init-tools do you have installed? you can try upgrading that if rebuilding the kernel doesn't help, i've had it cause problems once in a while with some versions
21:56Zeiss Hold on; I took the sequencer out of the options
21:56Zeiss and rebuilt
21:56overridex k
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21:58Zeiss module-init-tools: I am running 0.9.15_pre4
21:58Zeiss which is the same as the current latest version available.
22:00Zeiss Ahhh... but after a reboot, I indeed do have snd_mixer_oss
22:01Zeiss AND ... three DSP devices! Yeah.
22:01Zeiss now to try mythMusic!
22:01overridex :)
22:02overridex is there anyway to pause a track that's playing in mythmusic?
22:02Zeiss Music works... which meansthe DSPs are working.
22:02Zeiss Yeah... hit "P"... at least for me.
22:02overridex i think that just restarts mine for some reason...
22:03Zeiss darn... I get video now on "watch TV", but no audio- and it stops every few seconds. And I get read audio I/O error.
22:04overridex hmmm..
22:04overridex something wrong with your mixer's capture settings or something?... i don't think that's give errors though :|
22:04overridex s/that's/that'd/
22:05Zeiss I hae two tuners on this box... lemme try the other dsp.
22:06Zeiss nope, still have "read audio: Input/output error"
22:06Zeiss and the video still freezs every two seconds.
22:06Zeiss How do yo change channels on yours?
22:06overridex the video freezing might have something to do with the audio errors i suppose...
22:07overridex Zeiss: usually using the guide
22:07Zeiss I mean, when you'rewatching live TV?
22:08overridex yeah i hit M and use the guide
22:09Zeiss Hmmm... "M"? That doesn't do anything for me.
22:09overridex yeah m brings up the guide for me during livetv...
22:10Zeiss I think I have to set a setup flag for that.
22:11* mikegrb checks the channel
22:11Zeiss No, no joy.
22:11mikegrb could have sworth I was in #mythtv-users for a second there
22:12overridex Zeiss: you have your channels setup and ran mythfilldatabase and all that right?...
22:12Zeiss Yes. I show 8 days of programming
22:12overridex mikegrb: he was, he parted there and came here when no one answered him, so i answered his mythtv-users question here ;)
22:13Zeiss mike: shold we move it back over there?
22:13mikegrb that defeats the purpose of having two channels
22:13Zeiss OK, back over there. Sorry!
22:13Zeiss (and thanks, overridex
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23:41bitbyte i just found a surefire way to crash the player for recorded shows
23:41rkulagow demo it.
23:42bitbyte demo it how
23:42bitbyte while playing back a show, hit < several times to put it in like 8x rew. then hit P for pause
23:42bitbyte locks up tight
23:43rkulagow no, i meant that the best way to get a lockup is to give a demo. works every time.
23:43bitbyte ohh, haha
23:43rkulagow so what happen sin gdb?
23:44bitbyte gdb?
23:44rkulagow yes, the gnu debugger.
23:45bitbyte dunno what it is
23:45rkulagow look at howto, section 20.10
23:45bitbyte k
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