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00:38rkulagow chutt: here?
00:40rkulagow getting this when i try to cvs:
00:40rkulagow [mythtv@masterbackend mythtv]$ cvs -z3 co mythtv
00:40rkulagow's password:
00:40rkulagow error closing /tmp/cvs-serv29784/./CVS/Repository
00:40rkulagow No space left on device
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10:14rkulagow chutt: here?
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11:26Captain_Murdo| rkulagow: still getting those errors with CVS?
11:28rkulagow captina_murdoch: do you mean the skip error? i believe so. i'm rebuilding the masterbackend now (new better hardware), so i won't be able to check until i get home tonight.
11:28Captain_Murdo| no, sorry, the checkout.
11:28rkulagow oh, the disk full thing? i think so.
11:29rkulagow trying now.
11:32Captain_Murdo| yep, you just filled /tmp
11:32rkulagow it's still just sort of sitting there (trying to do an update) after i've entered my password. i'll chkc on it later.
11:32rkulagow i did? yay!
11:33rkulagow are you ssh'ed in?
11:34Captain_Murdo| you might be able to fix it yourself by ssh-ing in and removing the 3 directories in /tmp that are owned by you. there are 3 failed-attempt cvs directories owned by you in /tmp. when I just looked at it before asking you, there were 17 Megs free and you just used all that up.
11:34Captain_Murdo| yeah
11:34Captain_Murdo| I don't have privs to delete those dirs though.
11:34rkulagow yeah, it just aborted.
11:34rkulagow on my end
11:34rkulagow does it look like a lot of cruft is sticking around? i don't think i'm doing anything that i haven't done before.
11:35rkulagow ok, let me ssh in. standby
11:35Captain_Murdo| there's only 4 things I see in /tmp right now. 1 is my ssh session dir and the other 3 are cvs dirs from your failed checkouts from today.
11:36Captain_Murdo| wait, your most recent dir is now gone.
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11:36Captain_Murdo| 17 megs free again.
11:37rkulagow ok, 30 megs free now on tmp
11:37rkulagow i might try doing an update deeper in the directory tree and working my way backwards. think that'll help?
11:38Captain_Murdo| mythtv cvs dir is about 47 Megs now, I wonder if we crossed some threshold that makes it so it won't fit in /tmp anymore since tmp is rather small.
11:39Captain_Murdo| that might help. I haven't done a clean checkout in a long time. but I thought I read a post yesterday about someone doing one. maybe it's just a fluke.
11:40Captain_Murdo| I'd try a full again since you know you can fix it since you're ssh-ed in if it fails and leaves a dir in /tmp
11:41rkulagow ok, i'm trying a top-level update again, just to see what happens.
11:42rkulagow back in a bit.
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11:54rkulagow ok, went throught this time. might have been the dead sessions that were still in there, along with the fact that i had already descended into the tree and had done some of the lib directories.
11:56o_cee hi
11:56o_cee Captain_Murdoch: i'm on vdsl now..
11:58Captain_Murdo| o_cee, cool. I haven't had a chance to setup that dropoff point yet. :(
12:06o_cee let me know when you've got it ready :)
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17:39jackal_ hello
17:41jackal_ does anybody know what I need to do to save my alsamixer settings?
17:44lmatter jackal_,
17:46jackal_ thanks, I don't have alsactl on my system as I am running KnoppMyth
17:48Coax_ You can pretty easily install a new Alsa setup on KnoppMyth
17:48Coax_ dpkg -l |grep alsa - then remove that, then install whatever you want.
17:49jackal_ ok thanks....
17:49jackal_ I'll give that a shot...
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18:10Chutt heh
18:12josephk_ heha
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18:16rben hi all
18:16rben wrong channel
18:39Netslayer how close is .15?
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20:15dcstimm hey guys anyone here have a pvr250?
20:22donour dcstimm, yes, lots of people
20:23dcstimm im having troble getting my /dev/video0
20:23dcstimm i have installed ivtv, and patched my kernel
20:24dcstimm and have followed most of the steps online
20:24dcstimm i just cant get it to work
20:26dopester chutt: you around?
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20:26ms_spock Hi Folks, I'm trying to decide on either a Leadtech or Asus TV card for the linux box, any suggestions appreciated!
20:28cmorgan a pvr-350
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20:31dopester i talked to David Engel about the using the pvr350 to play DVB recordings back, and he said it has to do with the dvbrecorded saving every frame rather than the keyframes for every gop. Played with the ivtvdecoder code a tad and set the keyframes to 1 instead of the default 12, and the skip rewind, fastforward and all work just fine.
20:32ms_spock PHILIPS SAA7134HL
20:32ms_spock oops
20:32ms_spock anyone know if that decoder is supported under linux (Asus) ?
20:32* ms_spock is going blind googling for info on this subject...
20:32cmorgan not familar to me. pvr-250 and 350 are
20:34dopester apparently the 350 has no problems playing back mpegs that it didnt create. it seems the best thing to do would be to change the dvbrecorder to save frames on the same interval as the other functions rather than patch up the ivtvdecoder. Any thoughts?
20:34donour ms_spock, don't think so
20:34donour ms_spock, i think that's the same chip in the asus digimatrix
20:35donour ...which nobody has gotten to work
20:35* cmorgan wonders if it is worth the cost savings to go with boards like that
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20:37donour ms_spock, email Cyril Lacoux <> and ask him. but i'm pretty sure it's the same and nobody has it working
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20:37dopester the pvr350 is an incredible board. seems worth the money to me.
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20:38cmorgan considering the difficulty in the whole setup it seems a small price to pay to have that one critical component be easy to setup and use
20:41dopester just did some browsing on the 350s mpeg decoder board it sure looks like a universal mpeg decoder that has no problem with DVB mpegs. Its encoder is capable of recording with a wide range of GOP structures, so I find it hard to beleive that there are any gop limitations on playing back dvb mpegs.
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21:30Chutt dopester, err, you're the one that said it was a problem with the gop length
21:30Chutt i just said that i doubted the decoder was written to play back any crappy mpeg data you throw at it
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21:31Chutt since, for instance, it doesn't decode ac-3 audio, and if that's the first audio stream, you get no audio.
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21:39dopester why are you infering that dvb is "crappy" mpeg?
21:40dopester based on the reading ive done it doesnt seem crappy it is just not as constrained as dvd mpeg
21:40Chutt because you're annoying me?
21:45dopester your never going to get over that are you?
21:47kslater so you know one definition of crazy? doing the same thing multiple times and expecting different outcomes..
21:49Chutt dopester, well, when you stop being annoying, i'll get over it
21:49Chutt until then, no, you'll just be annoying
21:50dopester how can i ask a question without being annoying?
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21:51Chutt well, first you don't assume that your question is the most important thing ever
21:51--- User: *** rben-seeker-afte is now known as rben
21:52dopester when did i make that assumption?
21:52Chutt or that i care at _all_ about your problems
21:52Chutt sure as hell seems that way to me
21:53dopester im letting you know based on tinkering with the 350 a bit and asking some others that it appears that the pvr350 should be able to handle mpegs it didnt create with no problem. it sure appers to be a software issue not a hardware limitation as you stated the other day.
21:53Chutt kslater, say goodbye to your mailing list subscription
21:54dopester i am not asking you fix it
21:54dopester im not telling you to fix it
21:54Chutt no?
21:54Chutt then where's the patch in my inbox?
21:54dopester do you have a process for submitting patches?
21:54Chutt you send them to the mailing list
21:54kslater huh? Chutt, I was suggesting that dopester is taking the same approach with how he deals with you and expecting a different outcome..
21:55Chutt kslater, no, your post tonight
21:55Chutt [mythtv-users] Does anyone have last week's Alias episode?
21:55kslater oh, my bad
21:55kslater do what you must.
21:55Chutt i can't have that shit on my lists :p
21:56dopester could i suggest that to help others that are interested in writing patches that some guidelines be written for this?
21:56Chutt dopester, when modifying someone else's code, it's polite to keep to the same indentation / style of the code you're modifying
21:56Chutt anything else is really, really rude.
21:57dopester did you see the patch i submitted yet?
21:57Chutt yes
21:57Chutt you didn't do that.
21:58dopester i got a few responses that were things like "use -u when creating diffs" - "don't use ERROR use ERRNO" - "subimt it with [PATCH] in the topic"
21:58dopester it would be helpful in the future if the requirements were listed somewhere
21:58vinsci seems that mythfilldatabase doesn't honour timezone info, when loading from a file - or am I missing something?
21:58Chutt if you don't use -u, you don't know how to make a patch
21:58Chutt and you've never bothered looking at a patch in the first place
21:59dopester you are making some assumptions there
21:59dopester the first may be true, but the second is far from the case
21:59Chutt you'd know to use [patch] in the subject line if you had been subscribed to the list for any length of time
21:59Chutt since that's what _everyone_ does
22:00dopester 99% of the [patch] entries i had see were 2-3 line fixes, nothing major.
22:00dopester maybe i wasn't subscribed long enough.
22:01dopester i added a pile of functions, and changed a good deal of code. it was realy more than just a [patch]. so i wasn't sure if the same things applied.
22:01Chutt um
22:01Chutt it wasn't more than a patch.
22:02dopester its all terminology. i was thinking of it as feature adds, but its a patch to you. big deal. look man i don't want to argue with you.
22:02Chutt then, ah, why are you?
22:02dopester is there anyone else working with dvb currently?
22:02Chutt nope
22:03Chutt no one cares much about dvb
22:03dopester maybe in north america.
22:03dopester thats a pretty broad assumption there that a digital television reception standard that the rest of the world uses is not important.
22:03vinsci dvb is a must have in europe
22:04Chutt i don't live in eurpoe
22:04Chutt europe
22:04Chutt therefore, i don't give a shit about dvb
22:04mikegrb what if a dvb card was in your toliet... would you give it a shit then?
22:04* mikegrb runs
22:04Chutt quite possibly!
22:05mikegrb heh
22:05* dopester unpacks the dvb card he was about to send chutt as a present :)
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22:21vinsci mythfilldatabase doesn't handle named timezones, it seems - when I modified the grabber to output numerical timezone offsets instead, I got the correct times in mythtv
22:21Chutt the xmltv spec requires numerical timezones
22:22vinsci perhaps, but I was just looking at their example, which uses tz names -
22:22dopester <programme channel="" start="20010829095500 BST">
22:22dopester mine outputs timezones like that as well.
22:22Chutt it was changed several versions ago.
22:22Chutt and the guy never updated his site docs
22:23vinsci oh well, no big deal
22:25dopester what version do you have vinsci? i noticed mine does both numeical and "text" in teh same xml file.
22:25vinsci version of what?
22:25dopester xmltv
22:26vinsci oh, I'm writing my own standalone grabber for Discovery Europe
22:26dopester ahh..
22:26vinsci will do swedish Kanal 5 later
22:26dopester do you use dvb over there?
22:27vinsci it's available almost everywhere, but I'm not using it personally yet
22:28dopester ok. im wonder what pct of the dvb channels have guide data present in europe. 95% of the DVB channels in North America just have "default" or nothing at all for EPG.
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22:29hophead exit
22:29dopester i wonder if thats the case everywhere or if it might be useful to write some code to pull the guide data from the satellite.
22:32vinsci I would expect any selfrespcting channel here to have full epg
22:33vinsci hophead: /leave or /quit
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22:39dopester yeah here most dvb-s channels might as well be feeds.
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22:49dopester how popular are satellite dishes there? it seems like everyone has one in the uk. is it the same all over europe?
22:49--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
22:49dopester im not sure if the uk phenom is due to their tv model.
22:49vinsci depends mcuh with country and region
22:51vinsci where I live everybody has cable (with about 15-20 free channels and a bunch of other), yet the enthusiasts or people who otherwise have an interest in more remote tv source have satellite, in addition
22:52vinsci is there any recommendation on how many days of TV listings to grab?
22:52dopester mine is setup as teh default for xmltv.
22:58vinsci wish item: "record all unique episodes of this program" (ie. don't record the same episode twice or more, even if it's shown more than once) (this depends on xmltv episode data being available, of course)
22:58dopester check your duplicate settings i myth already does that
22:58mikegrb um
22:59mikegrb it already does this
22:59mikegrb see the duplicates settings
23:01vinsci ah, nice
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