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02:29pmowry Hi, I see several posts about lirc.cpp missing some includes, but a post on 3-31-04 says it is fixed.
02:29pmowry I just pulled down a fresh CVS copy and its still broke, am I missing something?
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02:39thor what error is it giving?
02:41pmowry fork undeclared
02:41pmowry Sorry, I was watching it try to compile again.
02:42pmowry I'm on the console so I cant copy/paste.
02:43thor varies by c lib, compiler, etc. .... might try #include <sys/types.h> #include <unistd.h>
02:45pmowry That made it happy, thanks
02:45thor yup
02:45thor heh, cool ... I could commit that
02:45pmowry :)
02:45thor should quite down the "is commits working" stuff
02:46pmowry hehe, I was wondering that myself, but thought it was best to stay quite for a week or so.
02:48thor there
02:49thor actually, would be useful if you could cvs update and try it
02:49thor (don't have a machine with internal lirc support)
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02:53pmowry It gave me a conflict on the merge, so I deleted the entire libmyth directory and updated cvs again. It's a slow machine, but I'll let you know when it's done and I've tested it.
02:53thor thanks
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03:03pmowry well, it passed the 2 lirc*.cpp files without any warnings or errors. It will still be a while before make finishes and i can test it.
03:10thor great
03:17pmowry I need to quit being lazy, do my taxes, and buy a new machine with my return.
03:18thor ugh
03:18thor taxes
03:19pmowry It's about 2/3's the way through libs/libmythtv, so it may be a while before IO can test. But I'm sure it will work just fine.
03:19thor yup, just wanted to make sure I didn't have a stupid typo or something
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03:29pmowry Will mythtv let an external progam change the channel on an ivtv card? basically I wanna cut the /proc/loadavg file to see when the cpu drops below 0.80 to monitor when the make process is done; than change the channel from tv-guide to MTV-2 to act like an alarm clock.
03:30pmowry Duh, I can just try and see what happens.
03:30thor heh
03:30thor there's the protocol to do it
03:31thor but, uhm, I don't think anyone's tried that
03:32pmowry I was just gonna try I'll search the list to see what I can find on a protocol.
03:38pmowry Then again my compile will be done by the time I find it (it's on the frontend now)
03:42thor bah, the IRS needs more deductions against unearned income
03:43pmowry hehe
03:44pmowry Just using changes the channel just fine. But myth does not seem to like it much. Picture pauses about ever 3 seconds or so afterwards.
03:45pmowry having the frontend change the channel again cleares it.
03:45thor hmmm
03:46thor external cable box?
03:46thor (ivtv card on composite/SVideo ?)
03:46pmowry I'm using the tuner on the PVR to just get basic cable.
03:46thor ah
03:46thor yeah
03:47thor I don't think the frontend is expecting something else to change the channel on it
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03:51pmowry I have a Motorola digital box that has it's serial port enabled. Just haven;t been able to convince my wife the $10/mo is work giving mythtv its own. I almost have her sold on using the pause live tv function for everything.
04:05pmowry lirc works fine, at least with the Hauppauge grey remote.
04:05thor cool
04:09pmowry thor: Thanks for the help, seeya later.
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05:19Netslayer if someone is really bored, would appreciate if they could figure this one out heh:
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08:01gulliver hi all
08:02gulliver someone here, who is a bit familiar with the dvb-implementation?
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09:01gulliver someone awake?
09:13rben nope
09:13rben no one awake in here
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09:30* dc___ snores
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14:00thor Chutt, about ?
14:01rkulagow doesn't look like he's logged on.
14:01thor heh, I should really check that before asking :-)
14:02o_cee ih
14:02thor o_cee, how goes it?
14:03o_cee pretty fine
14:03o_cee first round of golf today
14:03thor heh
14:03rkulagow april 5th issue of "eWeek", formally pc week, "rumor central" has "" and "" written on a napkin that appears to have either a cup of tea or whiskey on it.
14:03rkulagow "could I" "use any more" "quote marks"?
14:03thor hopefully whiskey
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14:04o_cee plus i finally got my speedy connection ;)
14:04thor ah
14:04thor excellent
14:04o_cee yepp
14:04kvandivo speaking of golf...,2933,116363,00.html#1
14:04thor going to have some mfe/mfe stuff in later today, then we should use that speedy connection for some testing
14:05rkulagow thor, did you break lirc?
14:05o_cee thor: sure
14:05thor <rkulagow>, I hope not
14:05thor (?)
14:06rkulagow complaints in -users that there are compile problems.
14:06thor yeah, I just corrected those
14:06thor but it wan't me that broke it
14:06thor wasn't
14:06kvandivo just call him Dr. thor.
14:06kvandivo he fixes what other people break
14:06thor vat zeems to be zee problem?
14:07o_cee yeah btw i think the commits list is broken
14:07o_cee :)
14:07thor heh
14:07thor I think the US tax regime is broken
14:07o_cee probably
14:08rkulagow it's plenty broken. taxes should be so difficult that you need to either 1) hire pros to figure it out, or 2) take 30 hours to do and still not be sure that they're correct. time to hit the master reset and do a VAT or something. but i'm sure our econ prof here will let us know.
14:08rkulagow (cue thor)
14:09thor VAT would be nice
14:09thor but it's the pointless bureaucracy that kills me
14:09thor want to do a IRA --> ROTH conversion ?
14:10thor fine, but you have to file jointly
14:10kvandivo i'm strictly roth now.. but i don't have any of that joint stuff to worry about
14:10thor and if your spouse is not a taxpayer and has no SSN/ITIN
14:10thor uhm, well, there is no solution
14:10thor or there was, but it changed
14:10rkulagow topic drift...
14:10thor 20 hours later, blah, blah, blah
14:11thor and after a week of this, I've got it all to a point where I can hand it over to pro to actually do it
14:11thor sheesh
14:11rkulagow furrfu
14:12thor and I _still_ can't vote
14:12thor :-(
14:12rkulagow being a felon will do that.
14:12thor heh
14:12rkulagow (or a furrner)
14:13thor or, as I understand it, a Democrat in Florida
14:13* kvandivo grins evily.
14:13rkulagow my my, we sure get brave when chutt is gone. all this off-topic stuff.
14:14thor and don't get me started on why the District of Columbia has two completely seperate vehicle registration processes
14:14kvandivo what's the delineation?
14:15thor inspection / tags
14:15thor one whole process, set of offices, bureaucracy to renew your (pollution) inspection
14:15thor once you have that
14:16thor whole new process, set of offices, bureaucracy to renew your tags
14:16kvandivo gotta love it
14:16thor ahhh ... better ... having railed at the idiocy of government, I will now go write some code
14:17kvandivo i'm writing xml code at the moment
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15:46thor moun?
15:47Chutt no idea how that got there
15:47thor heh
15:47thor finally, a large commit in a few hours
15:51Chutt cool.
15:51Chutt i've been doing taxes today :p
15:51Chutt no coding
15:51thor taxes suck
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15:57Chutt pretty much
15:57Chutt i've got my w-4s all messed up, so i end up owing money every year
15:57Chutt too lazy to fix it
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15:57thor you missed my rant on this here @ about 2 hours ago
15:58Chutt heh
15:58Chutt of course, my wife's parents have lost a tax form we need again this year
15:58Chutt some random interest bearing account they opened up in her name
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16:02thor that's nothing
16:02thor :-)
16:03thor I have an actual tax code impossibility
16:03thor can't convert IRA to ROTH unless joint return
16:03thor can't do joint return if you're spouse has no SSN
16:03thor spouse cannot have an SSN
16:04thor while(1){ bah }
16:04Chutt heh
16:04Chutt sounds fun
16:04thor sublime
16:04thor well, one step above sublime
16:06Chutt blah
16:06Chutt this company wants 3 more references
16:06kvandivo the best tax situation to be in each year is to owe the IRS $999 on april 15
16:07thor the best tax situation to be in is to move to the Cayman Islands
16:10dc___ obviously
16:10thor with a Belize passport
16:10thor and a holding trust in Vanatua
16:11thor or dead
16:11thor hmmmm
16:12dc___ heh
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16:17isaac_ am i correct when i think that if you've only got a wintv pci, you'd need to transcode everything to mpeg2 before being able to take advantage of a hardware mpeg2 decoder?
16:17isaac_ (ie record in rtjpeg/mpeg4, then transcode to mpeg2)?
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16:20Coax_ isaac: Correct.
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16:23isaac_ Coax_: blast
16:23isaac_ looks like i need a pvr250 :D
16:23Coax_ isaac: Well, that very thing in reverse actually presents a problem for PVR-350 users
16:23Coax_ isaac: i.e. what happens if i tv-out with a PVR-350, and then want to use a dumb capture card in addition?
16:24Coax_ isaac: Either i get to play mpeg-4 through the framebuffer on the PVR-350 (like pulling teeth), or i have to transcode somehow to MPEG-2 to out to the /dev/video16 device on the PVR-350, which requires a LOT of cpu cycles. (Moreover, isn't really supported by Myth in the first place.)
16:25isaac_ Coax_: it really seems that an m10k board with a pvr2/350 is the best myth solution
16:25isaac_ maybe not the 'best', but a really damn good one anyways
16:25Coax_ isaac: Note: Playing MPEG-4 thru the pvr-350 isnt even that simple - as once you get that working, you still have to configure a soundcard to out the sound to, as well
16:25Coax_ isaac: In certain situations, yes
16:25isaac_ that would be entirely hardware encoding and decoding
16:25Coax_ isaac: it isnt even necessarily the motherboard that matters
16:25Coax_ isaac: NFORCE2 works great without the SMP/LOCALAPIC support
16:26Coax_ isaac: But if your primary goal is to play DVD's on your myth box, having a PVR-350 doesnt help much.
16:26Coax_ isaac: (You're better off with a PVR-250 and a good video card with TV-Out)
16:26isaac_ the m10k!
16:26isaac_ heh
16:26isaac_ onboard svideo/rca tv-out, onboard hardware mpeg2 decoder
16:27isaac_ :D
16:28rkulagow hey chutt. you were logged out earlier during thor's taxes rant, and you also missed this:
16:28rkulagow [13:03] <rkulagow> april 5th issue of "eWeek", formally pc week, "rumor central" has "" and "" written on a napkin that appears to have either a cup of tea or whiskey on it.
16:28rkulagow does being in a magazine count as a reference?
16:29rkulagow i'll be happy to write you a reference. "chutt is a very nice person". how's that?
16:29thor rkulagow, any editorializing around the napkin in eWeek ?
16:30rkulagow do you mean in the actual article? i only read eWeek for the pictures. hold on.
16:31rkulagow nope, just the "" and the ""
16:31thor hmmm (thanks)
16:32Chutt heh
16:32Chutt that's cool.
16:32rkulagow up on the napkin. the "story" part talks about how he ("spencer katt") was in a bar talking about how WinXP SP2 will be better security, etc.
16:33rkulagow guess it ain't tea. let me see what they put up there on other issues. hold on.
16:33rkulagow march 15 it was "" and "".
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16:41isaac_ heh, port knocking is cool
16:58o_cee Current Downstream 814.64 KB/s| Current Upstream 26.71 KB/s
16:58o_cee so sweet :)
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17:06* mikegrb kicks o_cee
17:06mikegrb o_cee: I used over 30 GB in two days on my colo machine :/
17:06o_cee i need to get bigger hd's, heh
17:06mikegrb heh
17:07mikegrb no more bittorrent for me this month
17:07mikegrb friend had to go and have me watch an episode of "Red Dwarf"
17:07mikegrb a brit sci-fi spoof comedy thing
17:07mikegrb it's excellent
17:07mikegrb in another hour or so I should have every episode from the 8 eseasons it was around for
17:08o_cee never seen it
17:08o_cee heard of it tho
17:08mikegrb there you go ;)
17:08mikegrb in that dir there is a torrent for each season
17:09thor heh
17:09thor not _best_ place to be advertising that
17:09thor :-)
17:09mikegrb sorry thor ;)
17:09mikegrb tisn't mine at least
17:09mikegrb great series though
17:09thor definitely
17:09mikegrb I blame that friend for making me go over on bandwidth this month
17:09mikegrb you've seen it?
17:10thor yup
17:10mikegrb thor++
17:10thor heh
17:10thor I've been upgraded to OO status
17:10mikegrb despite kvandivo afinity for brit humor he is not a fan of red dwarf :/
17:10mikegrb s/kvandivo/kvandivo's/
17:11mikegrb even heidi likes it
17:11mikegrb we watched one together
17:11thor Chutt, I'm not a huge fan of UIListType
17:11mikegrb I couldn't get her to tell me she liked it
17:11mikegrb she later got mad at me when I watched a few more without her :)
17:11thor why does it need to keep track of currentpos, currentlevel, toplevel, etc.
17:12thor shouldn't it just have a current_position and be able to draw itself from that ?
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17:55Chutt thor, speed =)
17:55thor bah
17:55Chutt lists are slow to iterate through
17:56Chutt since, well, you're iterating through each time
17:56thor it's taking me like 2 hours to try and figure out how to jump the thing to a particular place
17:56Chutt ah
17:56Chutt sorry :p
17:56Chutt it was simpler before
17:56thor heh
17:56Chutt it was just a little slow with a few thousand entries
17:57thor anyway, I'll figure it out
17:59dc___ anyone running the latest minimyth on an ME6000
18:00thor ughhh
18:00thor this is driving me crazy
18:01Chutt are you talking about the tree, or the list types?
18:02thor I need to store a route to the current node, swap out some branches, and then try and redescend to the current node
18:02Chutt heh
18:02thor nightmare
18:02Chutt well
18:02Chutt you can change other stuff out from under it
18:03Chutt as long as it's not displayed
18:03thor swapping in and out is fine
18:03Chutt like the CD item gets changed on demand
18:03thor that's all working
18:03thor just getting the damn thing to descend again before redrawing it
18:03Chutt heh
18:04thor (so the user doesn't always get popped up to the root whenever new content arrives)
18:05thor can I commit this with a "Chutt, please fix this" comment ?
18:05Chutt sure
18:05thor thank god !
18:06Chutt 'course, i may not get to it right away :p
18:06o_cee thor: this is a reminder of that thing you told me to remind you about last week..
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18:06thor heh, that's ok ... I need to go for a walk anyway
18:06thor o_cee, I have no idea what you're reminding me of
18:07thor :-)
18:07o_cee thor: i'm trying to remember as well
18:07o_cee ah yeah, the thing you didn't wanted to touch with a 10 ft stick, the program-progress-meter :)
18:07thor ah, yeah .... gimme another week on that
18:08o_cee yepp
18:08thor time to take the munchkin for a walk
18:08o_cee can't connect/update/do anything with the box until i get that router anyway
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18:33dc___ hrm. hey bdale
18:34* bdale waves
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21:17thor_ no I didn't
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21:20isaac_ is there any way to tell if myth was compiled with native lirc support?
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