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01:08bitbyte if you edit out channels, will mythfilldatabase only retrieve the channels you leave on, or does it still get them all?
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10:15_rkulagow yow. xfs is _very_ fast on deletes compared to ext3. used to take about 4-5 seconds for the frontend to return to the menu (even though the deletes are happening on a backend machine). now it's immediate.
10:16donour _rkulagow, really? I thought it forked the "rm"
10:17donour my frontend doesn't block (and I can see free space going up every time it updates)
10:17_rkulagow yeah, i thought that it was backgrounded as well. must have changed something.
10:18_rkulagow could it be that the backend is deleteing and also running the mysql commands required to delete + the mysql for the frontend to repaint the program list?
10:19donour i'm looking...
10:19_rkulagow lots of disk access I/O contention? anyway, pretty speedy.
10:19_rkulagow i've probably changed too many variables in my new system to make the blanket assumption that it's strictly XFS vs. EXT3 though, so i'll retract my statement.
10:21donour and i can't even find my myth 0.12 tarball (the version still in production at my house)
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10:29Chutt it's strictly xfs vs ext3
10:29Chutt trust me :p
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10:30kvandivo how goes the hunt, chutt?
10:31Chutt pretty well
10:31bitbyte howdy all
10:31bitbyte yeah chutt, how's it going?
10:31Chutt one offer that i should be getting in the next few days
10:31Chutt but, not for all that much money
10:31kvandivo require relocation?
10:31Chutt everything requires relocation :(
10:31kvandivo bummer
10:32kvandivo that's what sucks about us living in the midwestish part of the nation
10:32Chutt but, would be a fun job with some pretty good job security
10:32kvandivo job security is good.
10:33Chutt another one getting close that should be quite a bit more money, slightly closer (2 hour drive vs 3.5), and also fun
10:33Chutt but not quite the same level of job security
10:33kvandivo so, at this point in your life, are you glad you have myth to put on your resume? :)
10:33Chutt still higher than a startup
10:33bitbyte any of them have a relo package?
10:34Chutt well, everything i've gotten so far has been because of myth
10:34* kvandivo smiles happily.
10:34isaac_ Chutt: and well it should be
10:34isaac_ myth is amazing :)
10:35Chutt in fact, i got an email last night from another person working at the company of the second job that i'm talking about
10:35Chutt offering to refer me for me, again
10:35bitbyte how'd the RH thing go?
10:35Chutt pretty well, i thought
10:35Chutt haven't heard back from them at all, though
10:36Chutt don't want to relocate to boston, though, so that's all good =)
10:37bitbyte ah
10:40kvandivo live near a Frys and need more space for the ole myth system? WD200GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache HD $79.99AR
10:40Chutt heh
10:40bitbyte kvandivo, link that deal plz?
10:41kvandivo there is no link. it's only at the brick and morter.. i got the info from
10:42bitbyte is my research correct? the only way to remove channels is by editing the <sourcename>.xmltv (in my case Satellite.xmltv) file and manually prepend the unwanted channels with "not"?
10:42bitbyte ah ok, we havent got a fry's
10:42Chutt yes
10:42bitbyte good lord, there's like 600 effing channels i need ot remove!
10:42kvandivo thank god text editors are advanced, huh?
10:43bitbyte and thats not an exageration
10:43Chutt shouldn't have added them in the first place :p
10:43isaac_ kvandivo: 10% chance of getting the rebate, too!
10:43bitbyte had not choice
10:43bitbyte you choose Directv. you get them all
10:43isaac_ are there any docs on transcoding? i'm confused as to why the MPEG2 transcoder has MPEG4 as a compression option
10:43bitbyte and no one gets ALL the channels
10:43isaac_ maybe i just don't know enough about video codecs
10:44bitbyte there's a couple hundred "local" channels in there that no one can get all of, at best you'll get 5 or 6
10:44bitbyte it's no diff than in replay or tivo. the guides carry all the info, they have to
10:44bitbyte it's just that there seems to be no easy way to remove them...
10:45isaac_ ah, i'm an idiot. nevermind.
10:46isaac_ is it possible to transcode -from- mpeg4 to mpeg2?
10:47Chutt no
10:47isaac_ well goddamn
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10:47isaac_ does the m10k's hardware decoder get used at all if you don't have an mpeg2 encoder then?
10:47Chutt nope
10:48isaac_ blast!
10:48* isaac_ saves money for pvr250
10:48bitbyte Chutt, is there some way I can add Directv listings and specifiy within the setup program what channels I do and do't want before it writes to the .xmltv file then?
10:48Chutt used to be
10:48Chutt i dunno, though
10:48bitbyte no longer?
10:48bitbyte i looked in edit channels
10:49bitbyte but there appears to be no place to disable a channel in there
10:49bitbyte unless i'm missing something
10:50bitbyte and my searche of the mailing lists hasn't rendered anything.
10:50bitbyte other than several threads discussing the desire for such a thing
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12:48thor Chutt, if you have a sec ...
12:48Chutt sure
12:49thor take a gander a uilistbtntypes.cpp
12:49thor grep for Chutt ...
12:50Chutt only that function?
12:50thor that's it
12:52Chutt ok
12:52Chutt later, though :(
12:52thor ok
12:52Chutt i don't see anything wrong right off
12:53thor whenever you have a chance
12:53thor doesn't draw right, and a subsequent up/down or left ends up with the menu redrawn at toplevel
12:54thor right keeps working (but you can only tell from the cout's, as the menu is not drawn)
12:55thor I could commit the mfd/mfe stuff if you wanted to use it to test against
12:56Chutt that would probably be best
12:57Chutt so i don't have to write my own test harness =)
12:57thor heh
12:57thor yup ... one sec ... just figuring out the cvs add's
12:58Chutt well, it's not going to be until tonight, i don't think :(
12:58Chutt i've gotta get some other stuff done today
13:00thor ok
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13:15thor that's all in ... just set it building at some point when you have a sec and let me know if you have any problems
13:28Chutt ok
13:29thor MfeDialog::changeMetadata() is the thing that fiddles with UIListType::tryToSetCurrent()
13:30Chutt how do i get it to trigger the function you want me to fix?
13:31thor run an mfd
13:31thor as it sends new metadata, changeMetadata() gets called
13:34Chutt ok
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17:22o_cee Captain_Murdoch?
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20:36Octane if i program to record something over 2 daily shows, will myth automatically record the same thing again?
20:37dc___ Octane: elaborate for us?
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22:36dcstimm hey guys, i think I might have a bad video card or something because no text shows up at all for mythtv, how do I change the fonts for it?
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