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01:03thor_ Chutt, any luck ?
01:11jams mfdctl
01:11jams you don't want to do anything, so I won't
01:11jams i love it
01:11thor_ heh
01:12jams is that new, or have i always included the start/stop commands?
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01:12thor_ it's not new
01:12thor_ note that you can just CTRL-C it now and it will shutdown cleanly
01:12jams holy crap, talk about debug printout
01:13jams metadataclient.o: built new mfd content container in 0 second(s)
01:13jams swapped in new collection for old
01:13jams made it as far as Browse
01:13jams made it as far as All by Artist
01:13jams over and over
01:13thor_ that's all a mess right now
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01:14thor_ trying to solve my ignorance around the new UIListType object
01:14jams i do like the new look
01:14jams right, i noticed the commit
01:14jams and segfault
01:14thor_ yup
01:14Netslayer that's odd, mythfrontend just died when i was watching a recording, and now it can't start, logs show nothing: 2004-04-08 22:14:43 mythfrontend version: 0.15.20040324-1 2004-04-08 22:14:43 Enabled verbose msgs : important general
01:14Netslayer those just cycle
01:16jams thor_, any plans for mfe/music interface to have touchscreen support?
01:16thor_ heh
01:16thor_ my fingers just want to touch those buttons
01:16thor_ :-)
01:16jams you got it!!!!!
01:16thor_ it would not be hard ...
01:17thor_ I had a Zauraus mockup working at one point
01:17jams i sure would be nice on a little 7 inch xenerc screen
01:17thor_ but for core mythclient, we would need to add MouseEvents to the myth widgets
01:18thor_ which would be a bit of work
01:18jams not to mention chutt may throw a little fit
01:19thor_ well ... no, you just need the mouse events to get handed screen presses from X, not to have an actual pointer floating around
01:19jams ah that makes sense
01:21jams good grief this backup is taking forever
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02:17Netslayer anyone know where in the db the setting is for which input to use when livetv is activated?
02:17Netslayer I think this got screwed up when I upgraded, both my mythboxes show green video when I go livetv, but after I hit C, or a recording takes place it locks back on
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03:02dcstimm hey guys, any reason why no text would show up in mythsetup? anyway to change the font?
03:19jeffpc hello, what exactly happens when I start transcoding a program?
03:20jeffpc (ie. the x key while watching a recorded program)
03:20dcstimm hey guys, any reason why no text would show up in mythsetup? anyway to change the font?
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03:49woodwizzle Hello
03:49woodwizzle Is anyone here using instead of xfree on their mythtv box?
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06:07woodwizzle How do I get mythsetup to run if my mysql database has a passwd?
06:08stoffel edit mysql.txt in /usr/local/share/mythtv/
06:10woodwizzle thanks :)
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06:33woodwizzle Can you also tell my how to add mythtv to the mysql users?
06:35stoffel woodwizzle:
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06:45woodwizzle stoffel: that's not helping :( I've been doing reading the mysql section there over and over again
06:45woodwizzle its like there is a step missing or something
06:47woodwizzle I don't think my database is named mythconverg
06:47woodwizzle and I don't know how to find its name either
06:48stoffel how did you create the db?
06:48stoffel btw, read the topic
06:48woodwizzle myth_install_db and then ...
06:49woodwizzle mysql> /usr/sahre/mythtv/mc.sql
06:49woodwizzle i'm mean mysql < /usr/sahre/mythtv/database/mc.sql
06:50stoffel what is myth_install_db?
06:51woodwizzle i mean mysql_install_db
06:51woodwizzle hehe, sorry, Its getting late. I've been working on the box for a looong time :(
06:54stoffel any error messages from mysql < /usr/.... ?
06:54woodwizzle nope
06:54woodwizzle but when I try...
06:55woodwizzle mysql < -u root mythconverg
06:55woodwizzle it says it can't find that database
06:55stoffel that won't work, use mysql -u root mythconverg
06:56woodwizzle still same message
06:56stoffel and mysql is running locally?
06:57woodwizzle yes, mysql start says its already been started
06:57stoffel mysql -u root works?
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06:58woodwizzle mysql -p -u root works
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07:00stoffel the database will be created automatically by mythtv asuming mysql.txt has the correct informations
07:01stoffel and does 'mysql -u mythtv -p' work?
07:02woodwizzle no, thats the user I'm trying to add
07:03stoffel and you ran 'mysql < /usr/sahre/mythtv/database/mc.sql' as root? maybe try it again as mysql -u root < /usr/...
07:04woodwizzle yes I ran it as root
07:04woodwizzle and running it again with -u root works without errors, but it doesn't help :(
07:05stoffel look what's actually inside /usr/sahre/mythtv/database/mc.sql
07:06woodwizzle ahh... it appears to be empty
07:11woodwizzle hmm, I guess I'll try reinstalling mythtv and see if it generates the file this time
07:12stoffel did you install mythtv from source?
07:13woodwizzle yes.. with gentoo
07:16stoffel woodwizzle: just use one of the mysql examples in the docs.
07:18stoffel err maybe do 'CREATE DATABASE mythconverg;
07:18stoffel GRANT ALL ON mythconverg.* TO mythtv@localhost IDENTIFIED BY "mythtv";
07:18stoffel ' before
07:18woodwizzle ok, i'll try that
07:18woodwizzle It'll have to wait till morn i think. Been up too long working on this.
07:18woodwizzle Thanks for all of your help
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10:15e5ke in which file is the channel changing code located?
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12:49isaac_ does myth reencode the video to cut out commercials?
12:49Chutt see the topic?
12:49thor_ topic?
12:50Chutt nice commit message, btw =)
12:50thor_ heh, thought you'd appreciate that
12:54Chutt sorry i didn't get to looking at that function last night
12:54thor_ I'm going to take another crack at it this afternoon
12:55thor_ once I get a little more "work" work out of the way
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13:35Chutt ok
13:36Chutt i'm going to be out of town tonight, so i can't look at it then either :(
13:36thor_ heh
13:36Chutt until tomorrow evening-ish
13:36thor_ I'll get it sorted before then ... or be having a major temper tantrum
13:36Chutt heh
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13:56Coax_ nulltank: Whereabouts are you in MN?
13:56Coax_ nulltank: (I live about an hour north of Minneapolis..)
13:56nulltank Coax_: i'm in coon rapids (just north of minneapolis)
13:57Coax_ nulltank: Ah! sweet. :)
13:57Coax_ nulltank: I just saw your hostmask, and thought i'd say hey to a fellow minnesotan. hah.
13:57nulltank what city/town do you live in?
13:58Coax_ nulltank: Lindstrom.. Its rural, and in Chisago County
13:58Coax_ nulltank: If you havent heard of Lindstrom, I'm sure you've heard of Forest Lake and Taylors Falls. We're right smack dab in the middle of those 2 cities.
13:58nulltank i haven't heard of it, but i've only lived in this state for 5 years now
13:58nulltank yep, i've wanted to take a vacation to Taylors Falls someday
13:58Coax_ nulltank: Ahhh. yeah, that would do it. I used to live down your way tho..
13:59Coax_ nulltank: Hell, forget the vacation. Just hop in a car and drive down here and hang out for a night in taylors falls! You'll think you were in a different universe! *g*
13:59Coax_ woop. the guys wanna go on lunch break. gotta run.. Nice talking, nulltank!
13:59nulltank yeah, my wife and I will probably do a weekend trip someday
13:59nulltank later
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14:55kvandivo ok.... who's been picking on the non native english speakers again..
14:56stoffel huh?
14:56thor_ heh
14:57kvandivo thor, you are truly a man among men.
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14:57thor_ which is far better than being a sheep among wolves
14:57kvandivo well, you wouldn't be that for long
14:58thor_ exactly
14:59kvandivo unless, of course, you were a sheep in wolves clothing
15:00thor_ among men
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17:22Netslayer when live tv is started is it polling the cardinput table for where to select the input (ie Svid) from the card?
17:29Netslayer still think the db has something weird in it, live tv is on the wrong input until i hit C or a recording starts
17:38sc00p thor_, love the commit message
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18:50SuperPhly ok, so this isn't a support channel, what is it then?
18:51stoffel quiet
18:51SuperPhly i can see that.
18:52stoffel it's a developers channel
18:56SuperPhly you have this many developers?
18:59* Netslayer snickers
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22:03rOOfus hello all
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