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02:21Craigwd_2000 | Hey bbeattie I just took a look at your Linux HTPC howto. What do you recommend for a good pcmcia tv tuner card suitable for recording TV shows.
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02:25Craigwd_2000 | Anybody have any good recommendations for a Cardbus/pcmcia tv tuner card suitable for recording shows in a TiVo like fashion?
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02:32rp0012002 Hello, I'm looking for help getting xmltv to work.
02:33rp0012002 I got KnoppMythR4 on a fresh install, did an 'apt-get update', and 'apt-get install xmltv'
02:34rp0012002 I poked around with stuff, and I see that tv_grab_na isn't going to be supported in the near future
02:38rp0012002 hello?
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05:40John-Kimble ok ive tryed zap drivers/linuxtv1.1.1/0/0.1 drivers/some other dvd drivers and i can no longer register my nova-t card
05:40John-Kimble opps wrong chan
05:40John-Kimble sorry :)
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06:30k-man hello
06:31k-man is there a list of tv cards that can be used with mythtv?
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06:37Rince morning
06:38Rince question: does anyone use kernel 2.4.25 and epia2-patch? I try to compile it but the linker complains...
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07:41GeckoFiend Chutt: Any problem with making the directory for the movie posters a config value?
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09:41gulliver hi all
09:42gulliver I searching though the code for a while now, but can't find what I'm searching for... is there a way to jump to a jumppoint (registed with REG_JUMP) from a module?
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10:21GeckoFiend gulliver: Not currently though a patch I submitted a week or so ago added a jumpTo(destination) function
10:21gulliver GeckoFiend: just wrote such a function myself now.
10:21GeckoFiend It's not really hard, just walk the jumpMap list, set the callback and post an event
10:21gulliver but could you point me to the patch?
10:22gulliver I used some code from customevent...
10:22GeckoFiend Loooking
10:24GeckoFiend It was containbed in this patch:
10:36gulliver GeckoFiend: thanks!
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10:59gulliver could someone explain me how these translation thing is working?
11:01gulliver forget it. have it (c:
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14:05thor Chutt, you about ?
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14:11Chutt yup
14:11Chutt i'm going through the patch backlog
14:14Chutt patching file dvbdiseqc.cpp
14:14Chutt patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line
14:14Chutt patch: **** malformed patch at line 640:
14:14Chutt how i love randomass patches
14:16Chutt - CHANNEL(QString("Setting LNB: %1 %2")
14:16Chutt - .arg(tuning.tone==SEC_TONE_ON?"Tone ON":"Tone OFF")
14:16Chutt - .arg(tuning.voltage==SEC_VOLTAGE_13?"13V":"18V"));
14:16Chutt + CHANNEL(QString("Setting LNB: %1 %2").arg(tuning.tone==SEC_TONE_ON?"Tone ON":"Tone OFF").arg(tuning.voltage==SEC_VOLTAGE_13?"13V":"18V"));
14:16Chutt why the hell do people do shit like that?
14:20isaac_ cause they ain't too bright
14:20thor heh
14:21thor no temper tantrum yet
14:21thor got caught up with work work yesterday
14:21thor and we have a birthday party for my daughter shortly
14:21thor but I'm going to look again tonight
14:21thor in case you haven't beaten me to it
14:22Chutt i'm leaving here in a little bit
14:22Chutt but should be back later tonight
14:22thor ok .. well ... may be the best man win
14:22thor :-)
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14:27Chutt heh
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14:31Chutt GeckoFiend, you here?
14:41rOOfus is there an estimated date on when v.15 is going to be complete?
14:43thor 2006
14:43rOOfus heh
14:44racer please thor be more specific date please! :)
14:44stoffel when it's ready.
14:44thor that was a time
14:44thor I have no idea what date
14:44racer heh
14:44rOOfus so basically, when its ready is when it will come out
14:45racer dutch humor i think
14:45rOOfus i was just wondering if y'all new how close it was to being ready
14:45thor CVS is quite stable (well, it was an hour ago)
14:45stoffel racer: *cough*
14:45racer heh
14:46thor at some point Chutt will post to -dev that everyone has about a week to clean things up, then it will be about a week after that
14:46rOOfus gotcha
14:46rOOfus so prolly sometime in May?
14:47thor it will definitely be released on a day ending in "Y"
14:47racer so chut and you are working on the mfd and the new music module?
14:47rOOfus released in a month with either 30 or 31 days?
14:47thor no, I'm working on the mfd/music stuff, and I'm incomptent, so Chutt is helping me out
14:47racer heh
14:48thor so incompetent that I can't even spell incompetent correctly
14:48racer commit list is so damn quiet, so it has to be big you are working on! :)
14:48thor heh
14:48thor people have been busy with other things
14:49racer yeah people! But you?
14:49thor there's a lot there
14:49racer have to test the new mfe i think
14:49thor the CVS mfe is significantly broken
14:50rOOfus ok, thanks for the heads up
14:50rOOfus not sure if i am going to try the cvs, as that scares me a bit
14:50rOOfus so i will just be patient on the actual release
14:50racer really incompetent! :) heh, CHUTT help please!
14:51racer have to go THOR, keep up your great work! Damn I like this mfd idea!!!!!
14:51thor yup
14:51thor mfe is not used for anything
14:52thor (rOOfus)
14:53rOOfus i use apt-get for all the installs, that is why i dont really want to mess with cvs
14:53rOOfus you have to compile from source with cvs right?
14:53Chutt thor, do you happen to remember what people were complaining about with the video browser and the browse flag not being honored?
14:54Chutt something to do with the video filter thingie
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15:03Chutt heh
15:03Chutt since when did sourceforge start posting the subscriber counts for project mailing lists?
15:04thor yeah
15:04stoffel is it 1E6 for mythtv-users?
15:04thor I'm sure it's the filter thing
15:04Chutt the myth lists aren't on sourceforge.
15:04thor I can have a look at it if you like
15:04Chutt thor, sure, i can't remember what it was, though
15:05thor gotta run now, but I'll look at it tonight
15:05thor that patch was a bit of a mess (went several revs)
15:05Chutt heh
15:05Chutt videofilter.cpp looks nasty
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15:07Chutt anyway, thanks =)
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16:33Octane im trying to record something that i had set to record but stopped in the middle
16:33Octane but i cant hehe
17:02GeckoFiend Just got bakc Chutt
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18:55_rkulagow chutt: here?
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21:03_rkulagow grr.. cvs doesn't compile.
21:07_rkulagow but, mebbe it
21:07_rkulagow 's just me.
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22:40Chutt rkulagow, what error message?
22:42_rkulagow 700megs of resident mythbackend
22:42_rkulagow which is a lot, i think.
22:43_rkulagow also, how'd the job thing go. you talk to those people i forwarded to you?
22:44_rkulagow meaning, if you had the chance/wanted to.
22:46_rkulagow too bad thor isnt here. had an econ question for him.
22:46Chutt naw, i didn't
22:46Chutt i've got one verbal offer, waiting for the paperwork
22:47Chutt need to find one more reference
22:47Chutt for that
22:47_rkulagow ok, just wondering. i was goingtt to have lunchy-muchy with them after the holiday.
22:47Chutt and i'm going out for an interview this week at another place that should give me an offer
22:47Chutt both are pretty close
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22:47_rkulagow hey, great. lots of "target of opportunity" as we used to say.
22:48Chutt 'hey, i think i'll use 3 space indents, even though everything else uses 4 in this file!'
22:48Chutt yeah
22:48_rkulagow see, you're always trying to beat down the mavericks.
22:48Chutt i'm fairly happy with how things went
22:49Chutt aside from the complete lack of stuff in cleveland
22:49_rkulagow something about the tallest nail getting hit the hardest or whatever.
22:49_rkulagow you know, cleveland rocks.
22:49_rkulagow (drew carey show, from when it didn't suck)
22:50_rkulagow so, wife and baby are out of town, so today i purchased booze and snacks. and if costco sold porn, i'dve bought that too.
22:50Chutt heh
22:50_rkulagow but they don't, so there you do.,
22:50_rkulagow or, go.
22:51Chutt is 10 a multiple of 3?
22:51Chutt i'm really curious how someone can write code with a sloppy indentation style
22:51_rkulagow installed valgrind to see if i can figure out why mythbackend is 700MB after about 1 day of running. recommended CLI?
22:52Chutt dunno
22:52Chutt would have to think about it
22:52Chutt --leak-check --num-callers=8
22:52Chutt -v
22:52Chutt um, what else
22:52Chutt that all depends on it exiting cleanly, of course
22:53_rkulagow costco "buffalo bites" are ready in about 10 minutes, so yum, yum soon.
22:53_rkulagow --tool==memcheck?
22:53Chutt i think that's default
22:53_rkulagow valgrind docs weren't n00b friendly.
22:54dopester chutt: did you get my email with the patch file for dvbdiseqc?
22:54_rkulagow no exit, just running and running, and at some point would probably exceed phys + swap and et killed.
22:55Chutt dopester, yes, and your indentation "style" is what i'm currently bitching about
22:55Chutt while i reindent all your crap
22:55dopester thats why some standards would be helpful i think. i can fix it if you would like.
22:55_rkulagow crap == crap code, or crap == crap coding style?
22:56Chutt there's no standard other than 'match what you're modifying'
22:56Chutt there's no standard _needed_ if people show some respect
22:56Chutt and you're mixing the number of spaces, brace position, etc
22:56Chutt all in the same function
22:57dopester would you like me to fix the indentions?
22:58Chutt no, since i'm almost done
22:58dopester ok i'll make an effort to not do that in the future
22:59Chutt you have a ton of functions here that are identical aside from a line or two
23:00Chutt they should be merged, if you're going to be touching this code any more
23:00dopester the 1.1 switch code didnt work before so i made it work
23:00Chutt that's nice.
23:00dopester yeah i have more work to do on that code
23:01dopester i have to re-aim my satellite dish first or find someone with a correctly mounted hh motor to test the usals code.
23:02_rkulagow !bing! costco buffalo chicken bites are realy.
23:03_rkulagow fuck! i'm drunk! or can't type r something.
23:03* dopester hands _rkulagow a bottle of scotch
23:04Chutt please don't msg me.
23:04Chutt 80 character lines
23:04Chutt 4 space indents
23:04Chutt braces on their own lines
23:04Chutt no tabs
23:05Chutt if you need it spelled out for you
23:05Chutt those are the major pieces of what i'd consider that standard coding style
23:05Chutt but it does vary a little depending on who wrote the file
23:05Chutt so really, you have to match what you're modifying
23:06dopester what i was modifying seemed to be more of a patchwork than anything so it wasn't easy to tell what was intended.
23:06Chutt it looked fine to me
23:07dopester ok well thanks for fixing that.
23:07Chutt since i just went through that file and fixed most of it, and everything i modified was in your code
23:07Chutt consistantly formatted code is readable code
23:08Chutt well, not all the time
23:08Chutt but it helps a ton
23:10_rkulagow chutt: i've seen others ask before, but since there are a number of coders at this point, have you considered putting out a "coding style philosophy" at this point, other than "stick to what's in the code that you're modifying"? for example, i don't know how mucy john danner has been contributing lately to mythweather, but if his style doesn't match yourrs, do you want people to stick with it?
23:10Chutt yeah, unless they want to reindent the entire file
23:11Chutt and that'd have to be a separate patch =)
23:11dopester chutt: i got the ivtv decoder paying the dvb mpegs so i'll have a patch for that in a while fyi.
23:11Chutt sure
23:11Chutt you base it off of the changes to avformat decoder that let it work without gop markers?
23:11dopester i presume this would also make 480i hd work
23:11Chutt 480i already works
23:12Chutt one of my test clips is that format
23:12Chutt 480i ts stream
23:12dopester with the pvr350? i thought (in a glance) that hd was flagged byframe as well (which is what broke dvb)
23:12Chutt it's not flagged by frame
23:12dopester oh well then nevermind :)
23:12Chutt the lack of gop headers is what was the problem
23:13dopester i also have some promising code to get the epg from the dvb source im sure the europeans will love.. no more xmltv for some of them..
23:13Chutt people wrote that code before
23:13Chutt dvb epg stuff
23:13Chutt said the data sucked
23:13Chutt and wasn't worth finishing
23:13dopester ahh.. i figured it was a north american problem..
23:14dopester i cant believe europes epg would be garbage too
23:14Chutt soon as everything recompiles, your patch will go into cvs
23:14dopester cool
23:15_rkulagow so, newegg sold me a refurb raid-5 hardware card for <35% of the original cost probably because the person that had it before me didn't read the instructions that said "each hard drive has to be a master, no slaves, no cable select"
23:15Chutt heh
23:15Chutt nice price, then?
23:16dopester when i worked at media play 95% of the computer hardware that came back was fine and we would have to re-sell it for way cheap because they couldn't read..
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23:19_rkulagow not too shabby. and also, turns out that tigerdirect has a warehouse/walkup close to where i live, so that's convenient as well, even if TD has a shitty mailorder rep.
23:20dopester the tigerdirect stores are awesome.. i just found out there is one here a few months ago.. its nice to not have to pay way too much for cables anymore..
23:20dopester much less everything else they have there for sale..
23:21_rkulagow crap. mythproto version update, mythweb is lagging.
23:21Chutt i updated mythweb
23:21_rkulagow WTF? "sesame street" is on at 0100?
23:22GreyFoxx Heh not all babies/little ones are gonna be asleep at night :)
23:22_rkulagow gregorio just posted a patch to volumecontrol; i was having the same compile problem on one of my frontend machines.
23:23_rkulagow rtsc -I/usr/lib/qt3//include -o volumecontrol.o volumecontrol.cpp
23:23_rkulagow In file included from volumecontrol.cpp:15:
23:23_rkulagow mythcontext.h:92: error: field `extradata' has incomplete type
23:23_rkulagow mythcontext.h: In constructor `MythEvent::MythEvent(const QString&)':
23:23_rkulagow mythcontext.h:74: error: `extradata' undeclared (first use this function)
23:23_rkulagow mythcontext.h:74: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in.)
23:23_rkulagow make[2]: *** [volumecontrol.o] Error 1
23:23_rkulagow make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/mythtv/mythtv/libs/libmyth'
23:24_rkulagow make[1]: *** [sub-libmyth] Error 2
23:24_rkulagow make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/mythtv/mythtv/libs'
23:24_rkulagow make: *** [sub-libs] Error 2
23:25Chutt rkulagow, yeah, i've got that in my tree
23:25Chutt waiting for it all to recompile
23:25_rkulagow cool
23:29_rkulagow i'm more surpiused than anything that building a PC with the express purpose of making it quiet can actually lead to a quiet PC. zalman 300W power supply, etc.
23:30_rkulagow talked to silverstone, tried to get a engineering sample of their new case with LCD screen. turns out that the one that they had leant to a previous reviewer apparently isn't coming back, so i've got to wait for the production line to crank up.
23:30_rkulagow (boo1)
23:30_rkulagow (or, boo!)
23:31dopester chutt: who was working on that dvb epg code before? it might still be worth completing since it is the only option for guide data from some of the oddball fta dvb channels available in NA.
23:31Chutt i don't remember
23:31Chutt i tend to ignore anything related to dvb
23:31dopester i put a post on the dev group so i'll just wait to see what comes back then.
23:32_rkulagow dopester: someone was pretty insistent that i change the howto where it said that there were no DVB FTA in NA; the original stuff referred to the fact that DirecTV and Dish, even if DVB, still weren't watchable.
23:33_rkulagow apparently that's not 100% accurate, but i haven't gotten any followup on DVB in NA.
23:34_rkulagow and i don't have the hardware to test myself, so there you go.
23:34dopester there are a pile of locals and foreign programs
23:35dopester if you speak arabic its the best place to get tv
23:36_rkulagow i've forgoten 99.4% of all the arabic i leaned, other than "shukhron" and "in'sh-allah"
23:36dopester some of the korean variety shows are so funny to watch even if you dont speak a word of korean.. then again not knowing what they are saying might be what makes it so funny..
23:37dopester it might also be possible to make myth search for feeds on programmed transponders when its not doing anything else with the dvb card.. there are a good deal of wild feeds.. sometimes just a news channel uplink for 5 minutes sometimes actual shows..
23:37_rkulagow and "allah-ahkbar". too bad i didn't learn more korean in korea; dvb might be useful for me then. have you tried the "splash" technique for learning a foreign language? (total immersion, bathtub, etc?)
23:38_rkulagow anyay, time to use mythtv instead of talking about it. ttfn.
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