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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-04-11

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11:01_OzzY_ hello all
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11:02jogi hi
11:02jogi u guys knwow if there is an lirc channel ?
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11:21_OzzY_ hi all
11:21_OzzY_ I know this isn't a suppriot forum
11:21_OzzY_ but I haven't found any one in the support forums who can help me
11:21_OzzY_ so I wonder if I could ask my question here?
11:22_OzzY_ I guess not ;-)
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12:38dcstimm hey guys, mythtv fonts in the setup dont work for me, they are invisible, is there a way to change the fonts?
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13:35Rince Hmm, strange
13:35Rince very strange
13:35Rince ivtv claims that it take fb0 as framebuffer
13:35Rince but as soon as I try to start gdm with /dev/fb0 my pc-monitor goes blank and not the tv-output
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13:45isaac_ how does mythmusic actually get the album art for the AlbumArt plugin?
13:47Chutt2 cd mythmusic/mythmusic
13:47Chutt2 grep AlbumArt *
13:49isaac_ touche
13:51Chutt2 seeing as this is the developer channel, not the user support channel as the topic says.
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15:29Rince Do NOT use lm-sensors 2.8.0 or i2c-2.8.0 if you require bttv.
15:29Rince mm, this may be my problem...
16:17mikegrb just use an older version
16:19Rince mikegrb: then my machine simply freezes as soon as I try to use the pvr350 as framebuffer-device
16:20mikegrb then don't use lm-sensors?
16:23Rince I don't
16:23Rince at that moment
16:23Rince damned
16:23Rince I try to compile 2.4.25 with the epia2-patch and it simply doesn't want to link
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17:25bitbyte anyone here willing to answer a couple of questions for changing channels on a Directv box and a pvr250?
17:25bitbyte just need clarification, the docu is vague
17:26bitbyte pleeez
17:26Rince sorry, I do not have a 250
17:27bitbyte do you have dtv?
17:27bitbyte 2 seperate questions
17:27Rince nope
17:27Rince i only have mythtv and pvr350
17:27bitbyte k
17:40bitbyte hnm, i cant use "C" to change inputs, it only goes to tuner0
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18:40bitbyte am i correct in my understanding tha tif i have cable on tuner0 and dtv on svideo0 on the same card, myth doesnt have the ability to change inputs when i select a channel on dtv after watching a show on cable?
18:41bitbyte that's what i'm being told
18:41bitbyte thats contrary to what i was told in here before i started buildign this box
18:41bitbyte but i cant get myth to change to svideo when i select a show on dtv
18:41bitbyte i can manually change it tho
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21:38tz-afk I can use -ao alsa and play Mp3s just fine through my S/PDIF connection... but playing any kind of video gives me no audio at all... tried -ac hwac3 and the normal a52 codec but no go... any ideas? This is a plain decrypted DVD VOB or a regular mpeg stream off the 'web
21:40JeffH what is a S/PDIF connection?
21:42tz-afk the optical/coaxial connection
21:42tz-afk digital audio
21:43tz-afk er dammit
21:43JeffH cool. I've seen it mentioned with several sound cards but never knew what it is.. is it a high end connection?
21:43tz-afk I meant mplayer not mythtv hahaha
21:43tz-afk "high end" is relative
21:44tz-afk it's nice because it's digital so it's got a more robust signal
21:44JeffH is it on equipment non-audiophiles would purchase?
21:44tz-afk oh yeah
21:44tz-afk my receiver has it and it's a standard JVC home receiver
21:44JeffH cool.
21:44tz-afk sblive has it, the shittle Pc I have has it
21:45JeffH I really should look into buying a home stereo.
21:46JeffH though, you don't have to hook MythTV up to a stereo right, you can just connect it to the tv speakers?
21:47tz-afk dunno
21:47tz-afk I haven't used TV speakers in close to 10 years
21:48JeffH cool. I'll probably wait until I buy a house before I buy a stereo.
21:48tz-afk well yeah
21:49tz-afk don't piss off the neigbours
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21:49JeffH haha
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21:55JeffH I'm gonna build a myth machine here in a month or so.
22:00JeffH this radeon card is killing me. haha
22:03rkulagow chutt: you here?
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22:38Chutt yeah
22:39rkulagow well, something freaky is going on. mythbackend memory usage just keeps climbing; it tops out past 1 gig on my box before init (or whatever) kills it. seems like it starts after the commercial detection thread kicks off.
22:39Chutt hrm
22:40Chutt try disabling that, first
22:40Chutt and, what detection types are you using?
22:40rkulagow yeah, i will. i tried to get valgrind to work, but it doesn't seem to.
22:40rkulagow i think i'm using blank + scene change.
22:40rkulagow whatever "type 3" is.
22:42Chutt heh
22:42Chutt ok
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22:56rkulagow ok, we're at 500mb virt during the scheduler run right now.
22:57Chutt2 heh
22:57rkulagow so far this is a "clean" start, with a slave backend joining after the initial run.
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23:07rkulagow is the new scheduler that much slower than the old one? it's taking something like 3 minutes to run on this 2.8Ghz pentium.
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23:19rkulagow ah ha. removing "the nanny" from "record anytime, anywhere" makes the scheduler come back _very_ quickly? why does the scheduler hate "the nanny" so much?
23:28rkulagow ok, looks like "the nanny" is on 50 times in the next 9 days. removing it from the list of recordings reduces memory consumption from 499MB to 203MB.
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