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12:25Chutt mdz, you around?
12:25mdz Chutt: yep
12:25mdz way behind on mail though
12:25Chutt unrelated =)
12:27rkulagow chutt: is daved engel still working on the scheduler as far as you know? removing "the nanny" from my "to be recorded" resulted in the scheduler running in ~ 1 second versus 3 minutes.
12:27rkulagow on a 2.8Ghz P4
12:27Chutt rkulagow, probably, but email him and ask =)
12:28Chutt he posted a scheduler patch the other day
12:28Chutt and tested mdz's changes recently as well
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12:30Chutt i wonder what's taking so long in there
12:32* mikegrb is rewriting web based irc log viewer application thingie mabob
12:32mikegrb playing with
12:32mikegrb has some interestesting features
12:32rkulagow well, there are 50 showings of the nanny in programs right now in the next 9 days, spread over multiple channels. without it there are ~230 programs to be recorded when i run mythbackend --printsched
12:32rkulagow let me see if i can get with him and see what he thinks / how to investigate further
12:32Chutt does it go back to 3 minutes if you re-enable the scheduled recording?
12:33rkulagow that's what i was going to check; wanted to alter only one variable at a time though.
12:34rkulagow it's possible that the extreme run time is due to the fact that it eats all the physical RAM and the swapper gets involver at that point.
12:34Chutt quite probably
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12:39mdz I should ping him about those changes again
12:39mdz I have been away
12:47Chutt heh
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15:23bitbyte anyon here using 2 inputs on one card?
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15:24bitbyte or know anything about it? i just have a simple question
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15:53Coax_ Still havent gotten that working yet, 'eh bitbyte?
15:53bitbyte well
15:53bitbyte sorta
15:54bitbyte i'm not sure if how it's working is how it's SUPPOSED to work
15:54Coax_ heh. well, if it works, it works. if it dont, it dont! :)
15:54bitbyte not necessarily
15:55bitbyte i'm nto sure if this one part is broke, or by design
15:55Coax_ hmmm
15:55bitbyte do you even know what it is i'm referring to?
15:56Coax_ Nah.
15:56Coax_ i'm just being a jackass.
15:56bitbyte oh hehe
15:56bitbyte do you want to know?
15:56Coax_ sure
15:56Coax_ hit me!
15:56bitbyte ok, pvr250
15:56Coax_ yup
15:56bitbyte i have cable hooked to tuner0
15:56bitbyte directv hooked to svideo0
15:57Coax_ mmhmm. yup. i remember we talked about this once
15:57bitbyte 1 card
15:57Coax_ yeah. and you wanna hook 1 source to 2 inputs
15:57Coax_ (perfectly reasonable, i think)
15:57bitbyte i already do
15:57bitbyte and it works, to a degree
15:57Coax_ okay
15:58bitbyte when i'm watching live tv, if i'm watching a show on cable (tuner0). and i go to the epg and select a show on Directv (svideo0) it won't change from tuner0 to svideo0 on it's own
15:58Coax_ what DOESNT work?
15:58bitbyte i have ot hit "C" to make it change inputs
15:58Coax_ seen that stuff
15:58Coax_ OH
15:58bitbyte but when i record somethinh, it's able to change inputs
15:58Chutt2 that's by design.
15:58bitbyte chutt2, it is?
15:58Coax_ bitbyte: Yeah, basically, its not able to change inputs while the decoder is being read from
15:58Coax_ er.
15:58Chutt2 sure
15:59Coax_ encoder
15:59bitbyte why "sure"?
15:59Coax_ bitbyte: I'm sure that is what is happening.
15:59Chutt2 because i didn't ever bother to make it switch automatically
15:59bitbyte must be some technical reason it was the only way to do it i guess?
15:59bitbyte ah, so it's not so much that it owuldnt work as it is tha tyou simply didnt program it to do it
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16:00bitbyte chutt2, any plans to change that?
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16:00Coax_ "Its not a bug! Its a feature!"
16:00bitbyte maybe in .15?
16:00bitbyte well, it just didn't make any sense to me
16:01Chutt2 i'm not planning on it, no
16:01bitbyte why let me pick a channel on a diff input, and not make it change to it
16:01Chutt2 i'd accept a patch that did it
16:01bitbyte if i had even the slightest chance of making you one chutt2, i'd be all over it
16:01bitbyte it just seems so ... illogical is all
16:02Chutt2 i only have one video source
16:02bitbyte ok, but you made it so you could use more than oen source
16:02Coax_ chutt2: perhaps you could add a simple one-liner that you THINK would work, and have bitbyte beta test it for you?
16:02bitbyte and it' sable to change when you record
16:03Chutt2 nope
16:03bitbyte heh
16:03bitbyte *sigh*
16:03Coax_ something tells me Chutt2 is trolling you, bitbyte.
16:03bitbyte trolling me?
16:03Coax_ yeah. :)
16:04Chutt2 why would i do that?
16:04stoffel nah, not Chutt
16:04Chutt2 i'm not going to write code for someone else
16:04Chutt2 that i have absolutely no interest in doing
16:04Coax_ chutt2: Well, it is reasonable to believe that if an app does something, it should do it right. :)
16:04bitbyte it would be a small task for someone with your skills and intimate knowledge of myth. nigh on impossible for me.
16:05Chutt2 it's not doing anything wrong
16:05bitbyte and to me at least it seems inconsistent to let you pick a channel yet not switch to it
16:05Coax_ chutt2: It is, when 2 inputs on one card are handling 2 different sources.
16:05Chutt2 nope
16:05Chutt2 as i said, i'll accept a patch
16:06Chutt2 if you can't provide one, guess you're out of luck
16:06bitbyte tell me this then. would it be a large tas to fix?
16:06bitbyte task
16:06Coax_ bitbyte: Guess you're going to learn C++ :)
16:06isaac_ bitbyte: outsource it to india
16:06bitbyte you arent heling matter right now coax
16:06isaac_ it's the latest trend
16:06Coax_ bitbyte: My guess? You'll fix it with 1 or 2 lines of code.
16:06bitbyte antagonizing chutt isn't going ot help
16:06Coax_ bitbyte: I gave up on antagonizing. :/
16:06Chutt2 i have no idea how much work it'd be
16:06Chutt2 since i've never thought about it
16:07bitbyte wha'ts your gut reaction
16:07Coax_ bitbyte: might be as simple as a system()
16:07Coax_ (as a quick hack)
16:07bitbyte greek to me coax
16:07bitbyte sounds like you'd have a better shot at it than i
16:07Coax_ every time it changes channels, use test_ioctl to switch the inputs. heh
16:07isaac_ bitbyte: maybe you should just live with having to press "c"
16:07Chutt2 why the fuck would you system test_ioctl when there's code in there to switch inputs already?
16:08Coax_ chutt2: I apologize. I haven't really perused the source tree. I was guesstimating.
16:08bitbyte chutt, is the part that reords the shows the same as wha tplays them live?
16:08bitbyte records
16:08Chutt2 yup
16:08bitbyte ah ok
16:08bitbyte i wasnt sure
16:08bitbyte can you point me in the right direction of where to look plz?
16:09Chutt2 tv_play.cpp
16:09Chutt2 and tv_rec.cpp
16:09isaac_ you wouldn't have guessed just by looking
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16:16bitbyte isaac, stop being a pain
16:17bitbyte sorry someoen came in my office had ot chnge screens
16:17bitbyte hehe
16:17bitbyte chutt2, i'll look at the code tonight, see if i can figure anything out
16:17stoffel no bank holiday?
16:18bitbyte stoffel? because of easter?
16:18stoffel yeah
16:18bitbyte no, we had good friday off tho
16:18stoffel we too :-P
16:19bitbyte where do you live?
16:19bitbyte country
16:19kvandivo or city
16:19stoffel good old germany
16:19stoffel old europe for you americans
16:20* stoffel watches Kill Bill, funny movie
16:21bitbyte ah ok
16:21bitbyte i've been there
16:21bitbyte i have friends there
16:22bitbyte i wa married in NL
16:22bitbyte s/wa/was
16:24bitbyte hm, those files don't exist
16:24bitbyte at least find can't find them
16:25stoffel your find sucks
16:26Coax_ He doesn't have the myth source yet. He's a newb. its alright.
16:26bitbyte heh
16:26bitbyte at this i am
16:26Coax_ i hearya
16:26stoffel what? newbies are allowed in here? bah. oh wait, i'm one myself
16:26bitbyte like i said, it'd be a trivial task for someone with an intimate knowledge of myth and programming in general
16:26Coax_ stoffel: *g*
16:27Coax_ bitbyte: the operative phrase is 'intimate knowledge of myth'
16:27bitbyte i know
16:27bitbyte which is why i wa talkign to chutt
16:27Chutt2 how do you know it'd be a trivial task?
16:27bitbyte i doubt anyone has a more intimate knowledge of it
16:27bitbyte chutt2, because it's already able to do it for recording
16:27Chutt2 so?
16:28Coax_ Channel *achannel = new Channel(this, videodev);
16:28Coax_ channel = achannel; // here for SetFormat()->RetrieveInputChannels()
16:28Coax_ channel->Open();
16:28Coax_ This is where it seems to do it..
16:28bitbyte well, initially i said i thought it would be
16:28Coax_ (in recording)
16:28bitbyte i don't kwo any of it for certain (obviously)
16:28Chutt2 you've said multiple times that it'd be a trivial task
16:28Coax_ if (inputname.isEmpty())
16:28Coax_ channel->SetChannelByString(startchannel);
16:28Coax_ else
16:28Coax_ channel->SwitchToInput(inputname, startchannel);
16:28Chutt2 no 'thinking'
16:28bitbyte i misspoke
16:28Chutt2 so, if it's trivial, i expect a patch in an hour
16:28Coax_ Thats where it does it.. Now, to reimplement the same functionality in tv_play.cpp
16:28stoffel hm, i doubt arguing will lead to anything useful
16:29bitbyte i'm not arguing and im not trying to trivialize anything youve done chutt
16:30bitbyte i just felt for someone with anintimte knowledge of myth, and solid progamming skills it would be realitively easily done since it can already do it for recording. but that's an assumption on my part
16:31bitbyte it'd prolly take me more than an hour just to figure out a way to make a patch, much less change the code, hehe
16:32stoffel and give you more intimate knowledge about myth and programming in general
16:32Coax_ bitbyte: The reason its a bit tougher - is if you think about it, the actual live TV playing happens in the frontend. The frontend has to instruct the backend to A) change channel to whatever and B) start the "playing", which really is just a socket stream to the frontend. With recording TV, that happens solely in the backend. its a little more difficult to just add, it seems.
16:33Coax_ bitbyte: And thats just a quick assessment from the eyes of a total newbie at hacking myth. hah.
16:33bitbyte i got about every other wod
16:33Coax_ bitbyte: That oughtta do it.
16:34bitbyte so it would take something more akin to rewriting how it handles channel changes
16:34bitbyte since it sounds to me like adding this wont work as long as it's actively watching tv
16:34Coax_ bitbyte: Well, its still possible. you just have to make the BACKEND do the right thing when the FRONTEND asks for a channel change
16:35bitbyte ok
16:36bitbyte :blank stare:
16:36bitbyte :)
16:40Coax_ it might well be a couple line patch, but i just dont know enough about the source to just whip one out of my ass real quick, so to speak.
16:40bitbyte sound messy
16:40Coax_ bitbyte: So to speak. :)
16:41bitbyte the frontend already instructs the backend to change channels during live playback
16:41bitbyte it's simply not changing inputs
16:42bitbyte going by what you said a few minutes ago
16:42Coax_ yep
16:42bitbyte go back and read what you just told me
16:42bitbyte theres already interaction between the two right?
16:44Coax_ bitbyte: The thing that needs to be done - is when the frontend instructs the backend to change channels, the backend has to deal with that - and switch the input at the same time
16:44bitbyte ya
16:44Coax_ thats all that needs to happen.
16:44bitbyte thats what i was saying
16:44bitbyte "that's all" haha
16:45Coax_ void TV::ToggleInputs(void)
16:47--- <--- Sir-Al [~EXiT@] has left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
16:48Coax_ TV::ToggleInputs is what is called when you press the 'C' key in the frontend
16:48Coax_ we dont need that, though. We need to be able to know which input a particular channel is on, and switch to it. tv_play.cpp may not even get that info.
16:49bitbyte k
16:49Coax_ ah well. bitbyte, use it the way it is. its annoying, but do it anyway. i'll work on it when i have a chunk of time.
16:50bitbyte thank you
16:50Coax_ you're welcome..
16:50bitbyte i would have sworn it was broken at first
16:50bitbyte doesnt make sense
16:50Coax_ bitbyte: yeah, i would've too. but when you really sit down and look at how this thing is put together, its obvious why they didn't implement it.
16:51bitbyte thats why i asked if there was soem limitation that made him do it this way
16:51bitbyte instead of just being overlooked
16:51Coax_ (The frontend doesn't know the channel lineups. the backend does. all it knows is to use the current input on the active encoder.)
16:52bitbyte ah ok, that makes sense
16:53Coax_ bitbyte: The thing to do would be to make both the backend and the frontend more aware of each others' data.
16:53bitbyte chutt2, any offers yet man?
16:53bitbyte that sounds prett involved
16:53bitbyte pretty
16:53Coax_ bitbyte: I could be entirely wrong. but thats my assessment at first glance.
16:54stoffel Coax_: couldn't the backend 'simply' check wether it should change the input/card? the frontend doesn't need that info, but what do i know.
16:54Coax_ bitbyte: This works entirely right in tv_rec.cpp because that is soluely backend. and backend knows both what the lineups are and what input sources each group of lineups are attached to
16:55bitbyte right
16:55bitbyte i'm guessing then that hte epg isn't really interfaced with the frontend
16:55Coax_ bitbyte: it is, but not in the right ways
16:56Coax_ bitbyte: it actually makes me wonder how the backend communicates the info to the frontend for epg
16:56Coax_ bitbyte: My guess? Its just socket data, like everything else
16:57Coax_ bitbyte: But the frontend really doesnt even NEED to know how to do anything - to select a different input on livetv. the backend just needs to care about the info. (Right now, it doesn't.)
16:57Coax_ bitbyte: You have to admit, though, man, you have a pretty odd config.
16:57bitbyte i do? funny, it was suggested by someoen in here
16:57bitbyte mighta been chutt
16:58bitbyte or i'd have never tried it
16:58Coax_ bitbyte: In short, if you were to add a second PVR-250 and attach your cable box separately to the other one, your problem would be 100% solved
16:58bitbyte no it wouldnt
16:58Coax_ bitbyte: indeed it would.
16:58bitbyte not in the big picture
16:58Coax_ bitbyte: I'm saying for now, without any code changes
16:58bitbyte i'd have to have 3 cards to solve it
16:58Chang /quit
16:58--- <<-- Chang [] has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.59p [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040206]")
16:58bitbyte i'm rying to duplicate the recording abilities of my replays
16:59kvandivo you don't have to warn us, Chang. Just do it
16:59bitbyte hehe
16:59Coax_ kvan: heh :)
16:59bitbyte kvandivo :P
16:59stoffel actually Lendl should have quit, no?
16:59bitbyte presently i have 1 replay with satellite and cable and one with only cable
16:59Coax_ bitbyte: The point is, although it is possible, livetv can and will be broken unitl this thing is changed. (note: I wont say "fixed", because technically, its not a problem.)
17:00bitbyte technically no, functionaly (logically) yes
17:00Coax_ bitbyte: I'll buy that for a quarter
17:00bitbyte or at least inconsistent
17:00Coax_ bitbyte: From an end user perspective, yes.
17:00bitbyte right
17:00Coax_ bitbyte: it is not unreasonable to assume that 1 card won't have any more than 1 video source.
17:00bitbyte aka "The Wife"
17:01bitbyte coax, i agree, i was told by someoen in ere i could do it this way tho
17:01Coax_ bitbyte: That is technically what they are built for, regardless of what anyone else might've told you.
17:01bitbyte or i'd have never know
17:01bitbyte whats technically built for what?
17:01Coax_ bitbyte: sure, it works great. you just have to switch your inputs if the wrong one is active - in live TV. otherwise, it works great :)
17:01Coax_ bitbyte: They are technically built to have 1 input source attached to each card.
17:02Chutt2 GeckoFiend, around?
17:02bitbyte if that were true, the functionality wouldnt be ther eat all, the backend wouldnt KNOW to change inputs for a recording
17:02--- User: *** Chutt2 is now known as Chutt
17:02bitbyte chutt, any offers yet man?
17:02Chutt sure
17:02bitbyte any you want?
17:02bitbyte :)
17:03kvandivo i'll pay you 10 bucks a week to come pick dandelions out of my yard
17:03bitbyte ut oh
17:03* bitbyte hides
17:03Coax_ kvandivo: ...I offer $11.
17:03kvandivo doh!
17:04Chutt heh
17:05bitbyte any interesting offers chutt?
17:05--- ---> acm [] has joined #mythtv
17:05Chutt yeah
17:06bitbyte anything local?
17:06bitbyte or still lookin at having to move
17:06bitbyte i remember you told me there was one that was a little closer than the other
17:07bitbyte the farther one was more secure
17:07bitbyte or something along those lines
17:09Chutt slightly further
17:09Chutt we'll see
17:09* Coax_ is building a new kernel for KnoppMyth... This one oughtta be interesting.
17:10bitbyte cool, i hope it works out well for you
17:10bitbyte (chutt)
17:10bitbyte coax, whats diff about it?
17:11Coax_ bitbyte: oh, i post kernels on my http site that fix NFORCE2 problems as well as add functionality patches, etc. Useful stuff, but quite mundane work..
17:11bitbyte url?
17:11Coax_ bitbyte: I post at
17:12Coax_ bitbyte: The kernel listed there is the first one i ever did. about to do #2 :)
17:12Rince *sigh* has anyone here compiled linux-2.4.25 with epia2-patches?
17:12Coax_ Rince: No.
17:13Rince too bad
17:13Coax_ Rince: getting compile errors?
17:13Rince Coax_: Linking error
17:13Rince +s
17:13Coax_ Rince: *sigh* Of course..
17:13Coax_ Rince: Most likely fixable, but you'd have to hack source and makefiles
17:13Rince drivers/media/media.o(.text+0x8b2): In function `km_ioctl':
17:13Rince : undefined reference to `panning_old_y'
17:13Rince drivers/media/media.o(.text+0x8b9): In function `km_ioctl':
17:13Rince : undefined reference to `panning_x'
17:14Coax_ where are those functions defined?
17:14Rince yes, and I do not know how
17:14Coax_ cd /usr/src/linux-2.4.25/drivers/media ; grep "km_ioctl" *
17:14Coax_ er
17:14Rince nope
17:14Rince it\xC4's panning_old_y
17:14Coax_ cd /usr/src/linux-2.4.25/drivers/media ; grep "panning_x"
17:15Rince and it is in capture.c and other parts
17:15Rince but I do not like to have to do that *sig*
17:15Coax_ Rince: Then, make sure that 'Makefile' adequately represents all .o files to be linked
17:15Coax_ Rince: I hearya. Busted patch.
17:15Rince especially since once there is a video_register and video_unregister I can not check
17:16Rince just a minute...
17:19--- <<-- Drikus [] has quit ("toedeledoki")
17:28--- <<-- mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
17:31--- ---> marc___ [~Marc@] has joined #mythtv
17:33--- ---> enki [] has joined #mythtv
17:34--- ---> o_c [] has joined #mythtv
17:35--- <<-- o_cee [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:39Rince Coax: this now is a prpblem:
17:39Rince drivers/media/media.o(.text+0x2f83): In function `init_via_video_dev':
17:39Rince : undefined reference to `video_register_device'
17:39Rince drivers/media/media.o(.text+0x3004): In function `via_remove':
17:39Rince : undefined reference to `video_unregister_device'
17:43bitbyte i think he is MIA
17:44Rince mia?
17:45stoffel missing in action
17:45Rince damned ;)
17:46stoffel that could simply mean he's having dinner :)
17:46Rince ...well, I can wait ,)
17:48--- <<-- kvandivo [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:51bitbyte mmmm dinnerrrrr
17:51bitbyte it's only 16:51 here
17:52bitbyte not quite dindin time
17:52stoffel tea time then
17:52bitbyte if i wa sbrritish
17:52bitbyte erg
17:52bitbyte If I was British
17:53Rince well - her it is midnight
17:53bitbyte ah, germany
17:53bitbyte JAWOL!
17:53bitbyte :)
18:10--- <<-- e5ke_ [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:12--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
18:13billytwowilly| I was browsing the commits archive and I saw something about bumping backend version to 5. Is this the backend wire protocol? I thought myth was at version 1 or 2 in 0.14,..
18:14Rince the internal protocol
18:14Rince with 0.14 it is 3
18:14Rince but within CVS this changes rapidly
18:14Rince it is mostly the communication protocol between back- and frontend, together wit the web-frontend
18:14billytwowilly| oh ok, so there's huge changes in CVS, but not as huge as I thought;)
18:15billytwowilly| I'm looking forward to 0.15. I was looking on the website and it's been 2 and a half months since a release. Longer than I though.
18:15Rince ;-)
18:15billytwowilly| maybe because I didn't upgrade to 0.14 for the first month it was out because I didn't have time;)
18:15billytwowilly| thought=thought
18:16billytwowilly| err.
18:16billytwowilly| though=thought
18:16bitbyte hi billy
18:16billytwowilly| howdy
18:16billytwowilly| you play around with the atiremote source and submit anything to cesman?
18:18bitbyte havent had a chance yet
18:18billytwowilly| err. I'll talk to you about it in #knoppmyth
18:18bitbyte had the wife lookin at it to see what she wants changed
18:18bitbyte k
18:18billytwowilly| got the channles mixed up;)
18:21Rince ...still waiting for Coax_ ... ;)
18:27--- <<-- marc___ [~Marc@] has quit ("Leaving")
18:28--- <<-- CanadaBoy [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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18:32--- ---> dc___ [~dctanner@] has joined #mythtv
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18:51--- ---> stoffel [] has joined #mythtv
18:56--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
19:01--- ---> kvandivo [] has joined #mythtv
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19:01--- ---> kvandivo [] has joined #mythtv
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19:42--- ---> jeffpc [] has joined #mythtv
19:44rkulagow found this on my backend: Out of memory (Needed 1484259344 bytes)
19:44rkulagow that's a lot of bytes.
19:44Chutt heh
19:44Chutt yeah, something's wrong
19:44Chutt i just don't know what
19:53--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:54rkulagow same here.
20:09rkulagow well, i'm not sure that it's specifically "the nanny" that's causing it, but when it's not in the schedule, scheduler runs in about 5 seconds.i saw there are some scheduler changes, so i'm going to recompile and see if that helps, and if not try to see what sort of information david needs.
20:20--- <<-- dc___ [~dctanner@] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:20--- ---> dc___ [~dctanner@] has joined #mythtv
20:30--- ---> GeckoFiend [] has joined #mythtv
20:32--- ---> dinki [] has joined #mythtv
20:33--- ---> hgebel [] has joined #mythtv
20:55--- ---> keverets [~flynn@U54.N62.QueensU.CA] has joined #mythtv
20:55--- ---> acm [] has joined #mythtv
20:56--- <--- hgebel [] has left #mythtv ()
21:08keverets I'm having sound difficulties where I hear a high-pitched whine while watching/recording from mythtv, but I don't hear the same while using xawtv/tvtime (with the Line-in muted) and "aplay /dev/dsp" as suggested by the troubleshooting docs.
21:08keverets has anyone heard this before?
21:08--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
21:09keverets I'm using a K7S5A motherboard with the built-in SiS 7012 audio (ALSA intel8x0 module)
21:09keverets and an Haupauge WinTV Go (that uses the cable to connect to the line-in of the mobo)
21:10keverets The whine happens on most channels, but not the french ones (which is an odd coincidence) nor The Shopping Channel.
21:10keverets oh, shit... just saw the /topic. Sorry
21:11dc___ looks like that's all you're be watching for a while :(
21:11* dc___ has no idea
21:12keverets I can watch the others, but it's really irritating.
21:22--- <<-- jeffpc [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:27Chutt rkulagow, is it mythbackend using the ram, or just overall?
21:28--- ---> srbaker_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:28srbaker_ yo
21:28srbaker_ curious if anyone here has done any hacking on Digital Cable receivers?
21:36--- ---> NiteOwl [] has joined #mythtv
21:39thor Chutt, are you in Cleveland ?
21:40thor (i have to be in Cleveland tomorrow)
21:41Chutt i'm going to be in pittsburgh tomorrow
21:41thor heh
21:41thor oh well
21:42Chutt dunno when i'm getting back, but i'm leaving at 7 am or so :(
21:42thor I land at 8:13 am
21:42thor leave around 4
21:42Chutt heh
21:42Chutt ah well
21:43Chutt interview's at 10 am
21:43Chutt so, probably until 2 or 3, and it's a 2 hour drive
21:43thor I would stick around and try and see you in the evening, but my wife is in her 9th month
21:44Chutt yeah, i'm less important than that :p
21:44thor heh
21:44thor well, chance I'll be back in a few weeks in any case
21:45--- <<-- srbaker_ [] has quit ("Leaving")
21:48rkulagow chutt:
21:48rkulagow 9290 mythtv 25 0 16952 16m 8896 S 0.0 3.3 0:00.27 mythbackend
21:48rkulagow when mythbackend goes nuts, it'll show that it's 90% of the RAM in the system
21:49rkulagow where 500megs virt is mostly resident
21:49Chutt heh
21:49Chutt ok
21:50--- <<-- dc___ [~dctanner@] has quit ("Leaving")
21:51--- ---> Chutt2 [] has joined #mythtv
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22:00--- User: *** Chutt2 is now known as Chutt
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23:23rkulagow geez. wonderfalls didn't last long.
23:24--- ---> riksta [] has joined #mythtv
23:24riksta hi, on the website it says
23:24riksta A TV card. Can't really watch TV without one, right? Pretty much anything that works with V4L should be fine. ATI All-In-Wonder cards WILL NOT work due to driver issues.
23:24riksta does that also go for an ATI TV WONDER VE PCI (BT848) ???
23:25rkulagow the HOWTO has a section that talks about hardware. did you check it?
23:25riksta cause its soooo stuttery when i go to livetv mode and i cant change channel even though all the channels are in the db and filled
23:25riksta ill check it again
23:26riksta NOTE: The ATI TV Wonder series and the ATI All-in-Wonder series of cards
23:26riksta are not the same. The All-in-Wonder cards will not work with MythTV.
23:26riksta hmmm so mine SHOULD work
23:26rkulagow yes.
23:26rkulagow what speed CPU do you have?
23:26riksta but it goes full screen and i see a picture, but its sooo blocks and fuzzy, and if i press up
23:26riksta to change channel it locks stutters and then stays on the channel and starts to work a bit again
23:26rkulagow have you made sure that DMA is on for your hard drives?
23:26riksta athlon xp 2600
23:27riksta yeah it is
23:27riksta with hdparm
23:27riksta i get a good transfer rate
23:27riksta i use fluxbox if that makes any difference too
23:27rkulagow are you running mythbackend from a script, or from a console?
23:27--- <--- sc00p [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
23:28riksta script
23:28rkulagow do you have something like an /etc/rc.d/init.d/mythbackend
23:28riksta the gentoo init script
23:28riksta and the backend is running i can see the process, with its many chilredn
23:28rkulagow ok, don't do that, then. stop mythbackend, then open an xterm and start mythbackend from there.
23:28riksta children
23:28dopester i put it in my /etc/conf.d/local.start on my gentoo box
23:28Chutt rkulagow, hey, how are you adding programs to schedule?
23:28riksta why is that?
23:28riksta what difference does it make
23:28rkulagow because we want to see the error messages
23:29riksta okay
23:29rkulagow chutt: usually, mythweb
23:29riksta can you bare with me whilst i reboot please
23:29dopester use the -l option and dump the output to a logfile
23:29riksta back in a jiffy
23:30rkulagow yow! the small cache on the p4 celeron sure makes the commercial flagging suck ass.
23:31rkulagow ok, got to go finish building a myth box for the basement. bbl.
23:32Chutt rkulagow, can you try to reproduce your issue by scheduling the nanny through mythfrontend for me?
23:32--- ---> sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
23:33riksta ok im back
23:33riksta right so youd like me to type
23:34riksta mythbackend from xterm?
23:34riksta done
23:34Chutt just whenever, i'm going to bed and will be gone tomorrow, but it'd be interesting to know if it's a mythweb issue
23:34riksta version 0.14.20040123-1 by the way
23:34rkulagow chutt: sure. brb.
23:34riksta rkulagow, should i really talk to you about this in the mythtv-users chan...i can move there if you wish
23:34rkulagow riksta: that's probably the best place, but i'm going to be busy and can't follow you there.
23:35riksta ok well if you could help me a bit in here id appreciate it
23:35riksta ive fired up the back end what now
23:35riksta (please of course :)
23:36rkulagow well, trying starting mythbackend as "mythbackend -v all" and see what happens when you try to change channels.
23:37riksta okie
23:37riksta Error, couldn't find any available channels.
23:37riksta Your database is most likely setup incorrectly.
23:37riksta hmmmm
23:38riksta and i have a load of
23:38riksta 2004-04-13 04:37:51 CheckChannel failed. Please verify channel "69" in the "setup" Channel Editor.
23:38riksta 2004-04-13 04:37:51 CheckChannel failed. Please verify channel "E2" in the "setup" Channel Editor.
23:38riksta i didnt drop my database from the upgrade i dont know if that can cause trouble?
23:38rkulagow riksta: sounds like you should see if there's anyone over in the -users IRC who can help, since it really sounds like a config issue...
23:39--- User: *** rkulagow is now known as rkulagow_afk
23:39riksta config or database?
23:48--- ---> blutkind [~blutkind@] has joined #mythtv
23:49blutkind hey how can i get mythtv to not use Xinerama in watch tv mode?
23:49blutkind n/m
23:49blutkind lol
23:55--- ---> anuragphadke [] has joined #mythtv
23:57--- <--- anuragphadke [] has left #mythtv ()
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