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00:18_rkulagow chutt:
00:18_rkulagow Mem: 514036k total, 509236k used, 4800k free, 272k buffers
00:18_rkulagow Swap: 522072k total, 376372k used, 145700k free, 7252k cached
00:18_rkulagow 9290 mythtv 25 0 708m 417m 30m S 0.0 83.1 0:00.41 mythbackend
00:18_rkulagow 1170 mysql 25 0 24368 11m 2724 S 0.0 2.3 0:00.06 mysqld
00:19_rkulagow that's from mythfrontend
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02:22knight- yoh
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03:18John-Kimble can someone walk me through howto set dvb channels with myth
03:18John-Kimble ive tryed doing it through the advanced menu in setup for dvb device
03:18John-Kimble and it locks onto channels fine
03:19John-Kimble but i cant seem to get it to store them
03:19John-Kimble sorry wrong chan
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08:47PreZ hrm, anyone know how long it takes for a moderator to approve an email for the users list?
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08:53mikegrb never
08:54mikegrb repost in a format that doesn't require moderator approval
08:54PreZ heh
08:55PreZ ok, do I have to actually subscribe to not be forced to be approved? (ie. can non-subscribers post)?
08:56PreZ since I'm pretty sure the 'format' of my email had nothing to do with it going for moderator approval, unless, for example, you can actually point to an official "email formatting guide" that every email must adhere to (which, upon perusing the archives, I'd be impressed if you could)
08:58o_c of course you need to be subscribed.
08:59PreZ *sigh* thats so damn annoying that every product that you use, and occasionally need support for, you have to subscribe to their users list and get the entire damn flood of emails that come with it, instead of being able to post, and check the online archives for your particular answer, without getting the other 'junk' on the list.
09:00keverets with mailman you can subscribe and opt to not receive messages.
09:01o_c and there's digest mode. now stop whining, it's not like you pay anything to use this "product"
09:02PreZ o_c, I suppose what annoys me more, is nowhere on mythtv's site, does it *TELL* you that you must be subscribed to post.
09:03PreZ I wouldnt be so peeved if it did.
09:03mikegrb that is a normal requirement
09:04PreZ if it were, it would be the default mailman setting
09:04PreZ I run mailman, its not.
09:04mikegrb haha
09:05PreZ thus, I said it would be nice if they told you that they turned it on.
09:05PreZ ugh, I'm out of time. bye.
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09:06Vincent- hello
09:12Vincent- Somebody can help me for a mouse support on mythtv please ?
09:13riksta just ask the question
09:15Vincent- I want to add a mouse support in mythtv. I've found the patch of Mickael Agnusson but it doesn't work with the lastest version of MythTV. Unfortunately, I can't fix it with my C++ skills ...
09:21Vincent- riksta: I've posted a question about it on mythtv-dev@ but i've no response
09:23riksta Vincent cany help you there im afraid
09:23riksta have you contacted the patch developer?
09:28Vincent- Yes, but i've no response
09:44keverets improving your C++ skills might be your only option, then.
09:59Vincent- Yes, but ... no ;)
10:00Vincent- If I can avoid it ...
10:00Vincent- The probem is the QT programmation
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10:34bitbyte mornin
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16:01* kvandivo ponders David Shay's email.
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17:27steelep thor, you around?
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18:28thor I am now
18:29mikegrb nah
18:29mikegrb I imagine you as somewhat fit
18:29mikegrb not real round
18:29mikegrb could be wrong, I like to give people the benifit of the doubt
18:29mikegrb in fact thor, I wouldn't take that from steelep
18:30thor well, not spherical
18:30thor but you're right, I'll definitely dump on steelep
18:31mikegrb yhea \o/
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18:48* o_cee waves
18:49* stoffel_ waves back and wishes everyone a good night
18:49o_cee ah right maybe so
18:50o_cee thor: uhm
18:50thor uhm?
18:50o_cee hi
18:50o_cee what's new?
18:51thor heh
18:51thor not much
18:52thor I was in Cleveland today, but Chutt was in Pittsburg
18:52thor which is something close to ironic
18:52stoffel_ good timing :)
18:52thor heh
18:52o_cee heh, i guess that means you went to chutts place and he traveled to you :)
18:52thor not too far off
18:53o_cee heehehhe
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18:53o_cee did anything new happen to mm btw? some new ui stuff? haven't got my router yet, so the mythbox is without connection.. haven't cvs updated in while
18:54thor still this:
18:54thor need to get a few things solved with making menus dynamic
18:54stoffel_ is that what people keep complaining about?
18:54o_cee ah right.. lemme look at it for a minute
18:55thor no, I think they're complaining about using the new menus in the Select screen
18:55o_cee this is the playback screen right?
18:55thor yup
18:55thor but don't get all excited
18:56thor all cvs mfe will do is segfault
18:56o_cee heh
18:56o_cee well
18:56thor will get it solved within the next 24 hours though
18:56o_cee you know what i think
18:56o_cee useless playback control buttons
18:56thor heh
18:56thor yeah
18:56o_cee and no room for albumart
18:57thor no no
18:57stoffel_ echo & the bunnymen? *shiver*
18:57thor that menu is a popup
18:57thor hit m again, it goes away
18:57o_cee ooooooh
18:57o_cee let me rethink ;)
18:57thor leaving _lots_ of space for cover art
18:57mikegrb spiffy
18:57thor well, there's one "yeah"
18:57o_cee then it might work :)
18:57thor :-)
18:58o_cee and the big header?
18:58thor scrolling title, artist, playtime
18:58thor (like at the top of iTunes)
18:58stoffel_ like what mythmusic had in the past?
18:59thor did it?
18:59o_cee well yeah, might be good thor
18:59o_cee i'll continue to stare at this pic and let you know if i come up with something
18:59o_cee :)
18:59stoffel_ i remember some text moving left/right in the past
18:59thor just a mockup really, need to have the functionality to finish off the mfd client stuff
19:00o_cee well i do have one thing for you, a new uitype iguess
19:00o_cee hmm, maybe not new, maybe the help screen already has that one
19:00o_cee a simple transparent popup, just like the help screen
19:01o_cee to display all kind of useless info about song/album you know
19:01thor heh
19:01o_cee like my dvd-player has.. displays bitrate and all that
19:01thor ah yeah
19:01thor and editable (if possible)
19:01o_cee i'd like the same functionality in myth to display descriptions, since they're often to long to see them
19:01thor yup
19:02* stoffel_ imagines a karaoke mode *g*
19:02thor heh
19:02o_cee ooh, i even had a vision how i can make gant look.. great
19:02o_cee :)
19:03thor well, need to get the menu class fixed, then we can play with the mfe mockup and debate a concrete piece of running code
19:04o_cee yepp
19:05o_cee you got the menu blue, is it changeable in the theme? i mean the osd menu? you know that? that blue look might be better than the green one
19:05thor yeah
19:05thor colours are all in the theme
19:06o_cee great, haven't looked at it.. will take a stab at that later
19:06thor hmm view cvs seems to be down
19:06thor it's in mfe-ui.xml
19:07thor it's back
19:07thor :-)
19:07o_cee lemme see
19:07thor container name=musictree
19:07thor gradient and all that
19:08o_cee cool
19:08thor easy to add more stuff, like custom pixmaps for icon, background etc
19:09thor and the really sweet thing is that exactly the same data structures can be used to draw the same menu in an OSD context
19:10o_cee oooh, true
19:10o_cee very neat :)
19:10o_cee and slick
19:10thor Chutt smart
19:10thor :-)
19:10o_cee ;)
19:10o_cee what about all the other controls, like togle shuffle mode? another menu or is it the same?
19:11thor all works off one meny
19:11thor menu
19:11o_cee thought so
19:11o_cee maybe a key to go directly to the playlist yeah
19:11thor yup
19:11o_cee for those with, uhm, remotes
19:11thor exactly
19:11thor one _need_ 4 or 5 keys, more makes your life better
19:12thor only
19:12o_cee indeed
19:12thor better living through acceleration :-)
19:13o_cee i like my remote, it has many buttons to accelerate my life
19:13thor actually, my favourite remote is my Nakamichi, which has about 8 buttons
19:14o_cee bah, that's no good for lots of hardware :)
19:14thor heh
19:15o_cee btw, dvd-audio really kicks ass
19:15thor those 6 channel music discs ?
19:15o_cee yeah
19:15o_cee 8mb/s music :)
19:15thor never played with one
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19:16thor bit stuff has to be mastered to 6 channels
19:16thor but
19:16stoffel_ and still listening with only 2 ears :(
19:16thor heh
19:17o_cee there's 2 channel mode as well
19:17o_cee 192khz
19:17o_cee very high quality sound, nice indeed :)
19:17thor I've seen them in the shops, just never bothered to buy one
19:18o_cee too bad i don't have SACD, same thing but different discs (companies).. lots of discs i'd want that's only availible in sacd
19:18o_cee like norah
19:18o_cee and the cardigans
19:18o_cee ah well
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19:41o_cee i'll finally get a digital camera soonish
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19:47o_cee g'night, time to sleep
19:48Chutt heh
19:48o_cee oh
19:48o_cee hi
19:48Chutt hey
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20:24knight- since I'm writing a control daemon to listen/control high end home theater equipment over rs-232c, i'll probably be making a client on Pocket PC to interface to it too
20:25knight- since i just bought an iPAQ H5555 with 802.11b and bluetooth built in
20:31thor heh
20:32thor Chutt, how was Pittsburg
20:32thor (driving in the rain?)
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20:46Chutt yeah
20:47Chutt think the interview went pretty well
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20:48Chutt should find out friday/monday if they're going to give me an offer
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21:27thor cool
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21:30Chutt that's what i'd be working on for the place today
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21:35billytwowilly| hey chutt, there hasn't been anything on the mythtv website about your job status. I'm curious did you get another job yet?
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22:23Chutt rkulagow, are you here?
22:25billytwowilly| hey chutt, there hasn't been anything on the mythtv website about your job status.
22:25Chutt right
22:25Chutt there hasn't
22:25billytwowilly| I'm curious did you get another job yet?
22:25Chutt almost
22:26billytwowilly| almost like still negotiating?
22:26Chutt one offer, waiting on another
22:27billytwowilly| cool. I hope you get something good. You'll post something on the website when you do?
22:27Chutt yup
22:27billytwowilly| cool.
22:27billytwowilly| good luck
22:28Chutt thanks
22:34rkulagow chutt: yep
22:34rkulagow brb - beer time!
22:35rkulagow back
22:35rkulagow what's up?
22:36rkulagow crap. mythtv didn't record "scrubs".
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22:38anurag rkulagow: after 32 hours, i am still unable to get myth working
22:42anurag so consider urself lucky
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22:43cmorgan anurag: what capture card are you using?
22:43rkulagow anurag: depending on any number of factors that are out of mythtv's control, 32 hours may not be a lot of time. have you posted your issues to the mythtv-users list?
22:44anurag rkulagow: not as of yet, i am getting help from mythtv-users channel
22:44anurag cmorgan: just got the wintv pvr 350 working with ivtv drivers.
22:44billytwowilly| anurag, use knoppmyth
22:45anurag now trying to populate the mythtv database
22:45billytwowilly| ten minute install
22:45anurag billytwowilly: yes, thats another option that i am looking forward to
22:45billytwowilly| anurag, I'm using it now. Quite nice.
22:46billytwowilly| anurag, awesome little piece of software.
22:46anurag billytwowilly: i am burning the ISO :)
22:46anurag billytwowilly: what pvr card do u have
22:46billytwowilly| ati tv wonder
22:46billytwowilly| bttv card
22:46billytwowilly| easy as pie
22:47billytwowilly| supposed to work great with the pvr-X50 series of cards
22:47billytwowilly| but I don't have one to vouch for that
22:47anurag sweeet
22:47Coax_ anurag: Not everybody has pvr cards. One can get a bttv card for $20 on ebay these days.
22:47anurag :)
22:48billytwowilly| anurag, #knoppmyth
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