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01:21linagee will a manually entered entry show up in scheduling conflicts in mythtv?
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09:49Rince rere
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12:31fishhead hey
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13:53adrianbc hey all
13:54adrianbc does anybody know what might cause nuvexport to freeze up a system?
13:54thor fear of commitment
13:54adrianbc ;0
13:58adrianbc oh well, I guess my system just sucks
13:58thor high cpu tasks will often push flaky hardware over the edge
13:58adrianbc is an Athlon 1.3 considered flakey?
13:59thor flaky as in on the verge of overheating (memory, CPU, etc.)
13:59adrianbc oic
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14:07bitbyte HTPC's are veyr often prone to overheating because of being in a cabinet etc
14:07bitbyte or just a lousy case
14:11adrianbc yeah I guess that this case is pretty crappy.
14:12adrianbc is there anyway to control how quick nuvexport runs?
14:13thor you can install lmsensors to see if overheating is the problem, or pop off the case cover, point a fan at it, and see if it will get through a nuvexport
14:15adrianbc will try the fan thing now. The case is already open though....
14:16adrianbc thanks
14:16thor yup
14:20bitbyte lmsensors only works externally from myth right?
14:21thor lmsensors is a completely independent thing
14:21thor just lets you see your CPU temp
14:21thor if your CPU, motherboard, etc. support it
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19:05synap Hello!
19:05billytwowilly| g'day mate!
19:05synap I'm working on an audio visualisation framework which might interesting for mythtv
19:06synap I'm not sure who did the visualisation in myth it's audio player
19:06synap but he might want to look at it
19:06billytwowilly| send an email to the dev mailing list
19:06synap my purpose is creating a standard visualisation framework for linux which enables applications to use the same plugins
19:06billytwowilly| if you mention it here only it will disapear off the radar
19:07synap hmms alright, is it ok if i just mail the author of mythmusic for now, i'm on >so many< mailinglists already :)
19:08billytwowilly| you could, but again it might disapear. The best thing to do is to mail the dev mailing list.
19:09synap hmms ok
19:09synap i'll mail the author for now, as things are still alpha
19:09synap when it's more mature i'll post on the list ;)
19:09billytwowilly| the screen shots are very pretty
19:09synap thanks for the info
19:09billytwowilly| no prob.
19:09billytwowilly| I'm not a dev
19:09billytwowilly| so it's already disapeared;)
19:10synap billytwowilly: it's supporting multiple plugins already
19:10synap i've bene helping with goom2k4 (the devel o so cool tree of goom) to libficate it
19:10billytwowilly| the five screens look very nice.
19:10synap so the goom plugin is around 100 lines of code
19:10synap and it links to libgoom2 :)
19:10synap the other plugins are ported over from xmms
19:10synap into the framework
19:10billytwowilly| nice
19:10billytwowilly| I hope it all works out for you.
19:10billytwowilly| linux definitely needs more integration
19:11synap the whole window management is taken out of the plugins and is done by the applications so you can draw the visuals everywhere you want
19:11synap also because of generalizing how image buffers are handled you can do neat effects
19:11synap like alpha blending two plugins, fading in and out betwween different plugins etc
19:11billytwowilly| that would be very cool.
19:11synap also when plugins are coded with some clue you can run multiple instances of the same plugin
19:11synap billytwowilly: it's already capable of doing that ;)
19:11billytwowilly| is there more than the five shown on the webpage?
19:12synap yeah
19:12synap give me a sec
19:12synap a whole bunch
19:12synap let me search out some of the coolest
19:13synap this is jess and goom alpha blended
19:13synap the code on the background is test code btw
19:13synap not the final api :)
19:13synap that is JESS
19:13synap goom
19:13billytwowilly| that's cool
19:13billytwowilly| what projects are using your framework currently?
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19:13synap goom as well, (the screen is so small because it's my second head running on an old video card
19:14synap billytwowilly: none, freevo is planning to use it
19:14synap that is jess and oinkse pluggin mixed
19:14synap and again
19:14billytwowilly| don't tell chutt that;)
19:14synap billytwowilly: haha, well eh :)
19:14billytwowilly| I think he's still a bit miffed that they borrowed some of his recording code;)
19:14synap ahh hmms
19:15synap well i think the cool thing about libvisual is that everyone will share the plugins and it's ease of use
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19:15synap the framework supports depth transformations for you
19:15billytwowilly| I shouldn't say that actually, My memory is muddy. I dunno for sure if they borrowed the recording code or not.
19:15synap in case you can only draw an 8 bits color surface
19:15synap it's capable of transforming your 32 bits, 24 ,16 bits surface into an 8 bits one
19:15synap it won't look pretety
19:15synap but atleast your screen won't turn black
19:16synap the idea about the high end api is that it simply always works
19:16synap the developer doesn't need to know about the depths sizes all the things behind the scene
19:16synap he should just say i want to draw THAT
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19:16billytwowilly| that's always good.
19:16billytwowilly| fire chutt off an email.
19:16billytwowilly| are you a comp sci student or something?
19:16synap that is running two instances of jess
19:17synap a few shots of oinksie
19:17synap the 24, 32 bits mode of oinksie will look like that
19:17synap nah, actually i'm heavily under educated ;)
19:17synap i do this for fun
19:17synap and because i think that linux and audio visualisation is kinda bad right now
19:17synap remember that most plugins aren't written by me
19:17synap i just ported them over
19:17billytwowilly| that's pretty true.
19:18billytwowilly| about the visualization scene
19:18synap i wrote the framework that makes it all neat and clean
19:18billytwowilly| so what do you do? programmer? parking lot attendant?? lawyer?
19:18synap yeah it would be so cool if somehow through libvisual
19:18synap an community of plugin developers would emerge
19:18synap i'm unemployed
19:18synap yes, flat broke as well :)
19:18synap i'm going back to school in september
19:19billytwowilly| crummy about the being broke thing.
19:19billytwowilly| what are you taking?
19:19billytwowilly| compsci?
19:19synap yeah, not university tho :)
19:19synap but i really hope that through libvisual we can make linux and visualisation just rock and especially just work
19:19synap take it out of the hacky state it's right now
19:20synap also it's cool to know that the goom people
19:20synap really have cool plans
19:20synap goom will rock much much harder as it's doing right now
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19:20Chutt will the code not suck horribly?
19:20synap that of what ?
19:20billytwowilly| chutt is an optimist;)
19:20Chutt goom
19:21Chutt it's nastier source than mplayer
19:21_rkulagow hey, chutt. you pinged me last night. what's up.
19:21synap haha it's being cleaned up lately
19:21Chutt and that's pretty damn bad
19:21synap you should look into the devel branch
19:21Chutt rkulagow, wanted to ask where your mysql server was
19:21synap jeko has been putting a lot of time in cleaning up goom
19:21Chutt naw, i don't really care
19:21synap alright
19:21Chutt i wasn't planning on touching the vis code in mythmusic any time soon
19:21Chutt if someone else wanted to, that'd be great
19:22synap i would love to hack on it, but i'll be focusing on the core of libvisual for the upcoming time
19:22Chutt it's a pretty simple framework as is
19:22_rkulagow chutt: i'm guessing you don't mean physically, so the mysql and mythbackend both run on the same box.
19:22synap yeah i looked into the code
19:22Chutt what do you use to display?
19:22synap i don't display
19:22synap i'm like, give me a buffer and i'll draw into it
19:22synap so you can draw the visuals anywhere you want
19:22Chutt ah
19:23synap that sounds logical right ?
19:23Chutt i dunno if that'd work with mythmusic currently
19:23synap nah i'm convinced that it's quite easy to add a module to mythmusic
19:23Chutt so do it :p
19:23Chutt rkulagow, ok, nevermind =)
19:23synap it's your project ;)
19:23synap i might want to look into it in the future
19:24Chutt i've got a bunch of other stuff to do first
19:24synap but i've simply too busy with libvisual for now
19:24synap yeah we'll get to it ;)
19:24synap on the good side, the framework is very easy to use
19:24Chutt rkulagow, thought that if the mysql server was on a different box, it could be hurting things
19:25synap well, keep it in mind, the website is at
19:25synap we'll talk :)
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19:25_rkulagow bruce sent me this big-ass mysql ting to run. here's "before"
19:25_rkulagow 2192 rows in set (0.98 sec)
19:25_rkulagow here's "after"
19:25_rkulagow 83344 rows in set (34.86 sec)
19:25Chutt heh
19:25synap chutt, well speak to you!
19:26synap i'm off
19:26Chutt so it is mysql, essentially
19:26Chutt i wonder what the hell's making it return 83k rows
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19:26cmorgan lack of a join to a table
19:26_rkulagow no idea. sent it to bruce, cc'd david. bruce has a copy of my database.
19:26Chutt ok
19:27Chutt hopefully they'll figure it out =)
19:27billytwowilly| heh, chutt, can you patch mythweb to add another quote?
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19:27Chutt i could
19:27_rkulagow sure hope so. there have been inklings in the -dev list that others have the same problem.
19:27Chutt yeah
19:27_rkulagow anyway, got to go do some plumbing. bbl.
19:27Chutt later =)
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19:28billytwowilly| "That's a great idea, I look forward to the patches" -mythtv dev team
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19:28billytwowilly| that's the quote I think we should add;)
19:29Chutt heh
19:29Chutt gotta go :p
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20:43Chutt O M G !!!!!
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20:51poptix heh
20:51poptix Chutt: did you find the answer to life buried in libmyth?
20:52Chutt heh
20:52Chutt most recent wiki thread on -users
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21:05pigeon hmm... i wondering, why the list of xmltv grabbers are hard coded in the code, rather configurable somewhere?
21:06mikegrb because they all have different options and the like
21:06mikegrb so custom code is likely required to support future grabber x
21:07pigeon ah... right...
21:08pigeon standardizing them one day will be good...
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21:30Chutt pigeon, talk to the xmltv guys
21:31pigeon ;)
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21:58thor Chutt, that OMG was the wiki thing ?
22:00thor nm
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22:56bitbyte so whats better for dvd playback? Ogle or Xine?
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23:42dopester2 chutt: would you be opposed to a list of transponders/satellites being stored in the mythtv libs and populated into the database when dvb was initially setup? (as opposed to having the database pre-populade with dvb info that a majority of people wont need)
23:42Chutt don't really care either way
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