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00:10rkulagow_afk | the sawz-all is a mighty and dangerous tool. i love it.
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00:13dopester2 fun ripping up walls and studs until you hit the electric :)
00:14anurag i know this is not the right #, but mythtv-users is silent
00:15anurag i have a pvr-350, selected tuner option, but nothing comes when i try to watch tv, just a screen full of dots.
00:15Chutt so ask on the mailing list.
00:16anurag Chutt: cant i get some quik help out here? i have been trying to setup myth since sat. and i am sooooooo close to get it working
00:16Chutt you're not having problems with mythtv.
00:16Chutt so i don't really see why you should be asking for help in here
00:16rkulagow anurag: you should ask over on the ivtv list. have you tried ivtv troubleshooting steps?
00:17anurag rkulagow: nope, i'll try
00:17rkulagow i think they tell you to do something like mplayer -cache 8192 /dev/video0 or something. but since i don't have one, i don't know for sure. you should check that _that_ part works before working on mythtv.
00:18anurag k
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02:50michal_ hi.. does anyone here use dvb ?
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03:00knight- yoh
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04:01woodwizzle Hello
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09:24toothpick Where are the rules for this channel?
09:26GreyFoxx In the Topic. That's about all :)
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09:31toothpick ok, I'm googling but having trouble figuring out what the filters /usr/lib/filters
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11:27GreyFoxx Isaac, how would you prefer diff's be generated?
11:28Chutt -u
11:32GreyFoxx k
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13:10thor well, I think it's time to fix UIListTreeType::tryToSetCurrent()
13:10o_cee hi thor
13:11thor hey
13:11thor you finished a perfect interface design for mfe/mythmusic ?
13:11thor :-)
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13:16o_cee not yet :)
13:18* stoffel 's tip of the day: don't leave a bottle of lemonade in the freezer overnight. it get's messy
13:18o_cee hmm:)
13:22* thor thinks stoffel is not aware of the antifreeze benefits of Vodka
13:25o_cee heh
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13:31donour stoffel, thor: that's right, after enough vodka, you don't care how much of a mess the lemonade made
13:33stoffel hey, Ramon is back
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14:33gulliver hi all
14:34gulliver is there a way to get a title-sorted list from the mythmusic-collection?
14:34thor eh?
14:34thor album title, track title?
14:34gulliver thor: track title
14:35thor flat list of all tracks from within mythmusic ?
14:35gulliver thor: exactly. but sorted by title-name
14:35thor ah
14:36thor don't think so
14:37gulliver do you have an idea, how I could implement that?
14:37thor sure ... you could add a user setting for how tracks appear in playlists
14:37thor right now it's artist ~ track
14:37thor but that's easy to change
14:38gulliver thor: are they automatically sorted alphabetically?
14:38thor hmmm
14:39thor order is by user selection
14:39gulliver I think they are sorted in the order, they get added to the list, don't they?
14:39thor yup
14:39thor and you can change the order
14:39thor grab a track, move it
14:39thor etc.
14:39thor but yeah, you'd have to add a popup to sort by alpha
14:40thor (sorting by alpha already exists in lists, just no way for the user to specify this)
14:40thor or fire up iTunes
14:40gulliver thor: ah! and how can I do ordering by alpha in a list? - haven't figured that out by reading thorugh the sources...
14:40thor connect to an mfd
14:41thor click on right heading
14:41thor :-)
14:41gulliver how far is this mfd thing grown already?
14:41thor heh
14:41thor big
14:41thor ?
14:41thor yes
14:41thor useful?
14:41thor hmmm
14:42gulliver I'd prefer to use myth own alpha-sort function (c;
14:43thor by the time it gets drawn, everything is a GenericTree or UIListGenericTree
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14:43gulliver or a UIListTreeType in the databasebox
14:44thor all of which have lots of sorting methods
14:44gulliver basically I want to add another rood-node in the databasebox which leads to a title-sorted list of songs
14:44thor not hard
14:45gulliver but they seem to be to complicated to me... I looked through the code for some hours, but didn't understand the sorting-logic
14:45thor heh
14:45gulliver for you :P
14:45thor for Chutt
14:45gulliver heh
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14:47gulliver is the generic-tree ordering done by it's arguments?
14:49gulliver aaaaaahhh - I must have been blind first function in gernerictree.cpp does teh job (c:
14:54thor2 heh
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15:01gulliver a general question: If I have a function which returns a GenericTree, can I assign it to a TreeCheckItem, which is derived from UIListGenericTree, which is derived from GenericTree?
15:02thor2 you will probably have to cast the returned value, but yes
15:03gulliver thank you. I'll try that
15:04gulliver and this would result in a TreeCheckItem, which can be treated, just like it was a real TreeCheckItem?
15:04thor2 well, did it start out as a TreeCheckItem ?
15:05gulliver thor2: the function returns a *GenericTree, and I want to assign this to a *TreeCheckItem, which will be added to a UIListGenericTree afterwards...
15:06thor2 you can only cast it to a TreeCheckItem if it really is a TreeCheckItem
15:06thor2 if it's just a GenericTree, you can make (new) a TreeCheckItem and fill it in from the returned GenericTree's data members
15:07gulliver ok, so walk thorugh the GenericTrees items in a loop, you mean?
15:07thor2 well, yeah, you could
15:07gulliver is there a better way?
15:07thor2 possibly
15:07thor2 :-)
15:07gulliver heh - do you know a better way?
15:08thor2 depends on the context ... if you really have a whole new set of information then make some news
15:08thor2 err, "new" 's
15:09thor2 this is for the select music stuff ?
15:09gulliver only want to copy the string-value and the int-value to the new list
15:09gulliver yep
15:10thor2 but now you're going to have to ways to put a track on a playlist
15:10thor2 find it in the regular tree and select it
15:10thor2 find it in your flat list and select it
15:10thor2 one of those should be a pointer to the other, it seems to me
15:10thor2 rather than two sets of new'd data
15:11gulliver yes. this is exactly the effect I want - maybe I could do a popup which switches between the lists, so that only one is shown at time
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15:11gulliver thor2: yes, the pointer thingy makes right
15:11gulliver makes sense
15:12thor2 you should just have some kind of pointer collection object that you add to during the regular process of building the complete tree
15:13gulliver this sounds like some real work (c;
15:13thor2 heh
15:16gulliver there is one issue with the pointer thingy... The track-title-sorted list would have other strings, since the artist must be shown diretly on the song-element there...
15:17thor2 ah, yes indeed
15:17thor2 so you probably do want a whole other (new'd) tree
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15:18gulliver yep
15:18thor2 heh, sorry for that little diversion
15:18gulliver no problem
15:20gulliver hmmm... Am I right that I add simple GenericTrees to the TreeCheckItem?
15:21thor2 I would think that as the entire metadata tree is being built, you want to be new'ing and adding TreeCheckItem's that show the title
15:22gulliver no, I am not... (c;
15:22gulliver just looking at the musicnode::putYourselfOnTheListView()-function, which does basically what I need to do, in a slightly modified way
15:23thor2 well, it has to put a different thing (a node with just a title for a string) in a different place (on a flat list of track titles)
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15:44gulliver hhmmm this sortByString()-function seems not to deliver what I want
15:44thor2 well, it sorts by String :-)
15:44gulliver I build a generictree, with the correct titles in it ("song title - artist") and do a sortByString() on this tree
15:45gulliver afterwards I go through the tree with an iterator and add the items into a TreeCheckItem
15:46gulliver mayve the getAllChildren() functions returns the items in an unsorted way?
15:47fishhead <gulliver> mayve the getAllChildren() functions returns the items in an unsorted way?
15:47gulliver maybe... I meant
15:47* fishhead beats the hell out of gulliver for pedophile c code
15:48gulliver lol
15:48fishhead :P
15:48thor2 yeah, it will just give the list as it was constructed
15:48gulliver thor2: i see, giving 0 as parameter should do...
15:49gulliver yep, seems to work...
15:50gulliver although I think the code is really ugly /c:
15:50thor2 heh
15:50thor2 remember, it's a _Generic_ tree
15:50thor2 it gets used in contexts other than drawing things on the screen
15:52gulliver the problem is not the generictree, but my creation of a new generictree, with other string, sort it, and than writing into a new treecheckitem...
15:52gulliver hmmm... I could write it directly to the treecheckitem, and do the sorting afterwards on the treecheckitem... this should work
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16:15Sir-Al trillian?
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16:52gulliver new problem: since I prefer to switch between the lists as active lists, I need to update the tree, which is shown by a UIListTreeType - but it seems like the UIListTreeType ignoes changes in the tree...
16:53thor2 heh
16:53thor2 a problem I am currently struffling with
16:53thor2 struggling
16:53thor2 see tryToSetCurrent() in CVS
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16:53thor2 which I am in the middle of making work
16:54gulliver any plans how long you'll need, until it's working?
16:54thor2 working now, except for the getting to the final child
16:54thor2 'bout an hour
16:54gulliver gettingthe final child?
16:55thor2 before you change the tree, you ask for a String list of the current branches
16:55thor2 then you put it a new tree
16:55thor2 and pass back the string list
16:55thor2 right now, it gets all the way to the right set of branches
16:55thor2 but the final child is not highlighted, rather the first child
16:56thor2 should be solved shortly
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17:00rkulagow captain_murdoch: here?
17:01gulliver ah ok... so if I updated the tree, I need to fetch the route with ->getRouteToCurrent(), then I have to do a ->SetTree(my_tree) and afterwards a ->tryToSetCurrent(), correct?
17:02thor2 yup
17:02thor2 plus you could store the route
17:02thor2 so when you toggle between regular and "your view"
17:02thor2 it remembers where you were
17:02gulliver oki, this is cool...
17:03gulliver is it enough to only update the uilistbtntype, in comparison to cvs from 30.03?
17:03thor2 although it assumes names are unique
17:03thor2 at any level
17:03thor2 which is not such a great assumption for a flat list of all tracks
17:04gulliver shouldn't be a problem, since the name (it's the string value, isn't it? is combined from artist and title?
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17:04thor2 ah yup
17:04thor2 names == strings
17:05gulliver ok... but makes it any sense to store the route from the normal list, if I switch to the new list? I should do a tryToSetCurrent() with a new route, shouldn't I?
17:05gulliver only if I stored a route from the new list I could use that...
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17:06thor2 right, on the _first_ switch, you should probably swap the tree and call GoHome()
17:07gulliver ahh! GoHome! haven't seen that
17:07gulliver ok, thank you very much for your help, I'll update my uilistbtntype tomorrow and try that. Now I really need some sleep (c:
17:07thor2 yup
17:08gulliver so good night and cya!
17:08thor2 yup, look for a CVS commit for tryToSetCurrent() :-)
17:10gulliver I'll do (c:
17:10o_c Chutt: whatever happened to that phoneentry thingie?
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17:13Chutt i, ah, never finished it? =)
17:13o_c oh :)
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17:13thor2 we hold these truths to be self evident
17:19thor2 agggg UIListBtnType has m_selPosition m_selIterator m_selPosition *and* m_selItem
17:20o_cee cute names
17:20thor2 bah
17:22Chutt heh
17:22Chutt the iterators are just there to speed stuff up
17:22thor2 and slow me down
17:22thor2 :-)
17:23thor2 small brain --> efficient code --> confusion
17:23thor2 I'll get it sorted
17:24o_cee Chutt: saw you commiting some stuff, nice :) thought the commits list broke down heheh ;)
17:24Chutt yeah
17:25Chutt i'll be doing more this weekend
17:25o_cee cool
17:26fishhead so guys
17:26fishhead what's the overall opion of the hauppage pvr350 from a developer point of view ?
17:27fishhead since you guys actually deal with the bit banging etc
17:28o_cee #ivtv-dev
17:30o_cee isn't anyone else seeing the background darkening screwing up if you go from dark background to another dark background (watch recs, info, delete as an example)?
17:34GreyFoxx I see it. Assuming you mean how after the switch to the second menu only a small portion at the top of the screen remains dark
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17:39o_cee yeah, thats it
17:40GreyFoxx I see that. Never noticed since I usually never use the info menu :)
17:40o_cee i use it all the time to delete stuff :)
17:40GreyFoxx I have a button on my remote programed to pull the delete menu directly :)
17:42o_cee yeah i had that but reorganized a little
17:44GreyFoxx I'm just looking over how I'll handle using and external config file to manage the button maps using by the module I use to control the remote. I might even get around to finishing mapping the fewbuttons I dont currently use :)
18:34thor2 HA!
18:34thor2 got it
18:34o_cee WEH!
18:34thor2 sweet
18:34thor2 stuff poping into place
18:34thor2 and disappearing
18:34thor2 ah, thank god
18:35* o_cee claps
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19:35knight- anyone have any suggestions on how to automatically fill in the GENRE field of the ID3 tags of mp3s with valid ARTIST and TRACK entries?
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19:41boardd hi, I'm having problems with mythmusic, I installed xine for dvdnav and now I cant access any of the music settings or the music itself
19:41knight- Whoa, chutt you're on #musicbrainz
19:42boardd oh sorry gmoving to users channel
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21:00John-Kimble hello all
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21:06mikegrb I'm a cop you idiot
21:10John-Kimble No im a fugative u idiot
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21:23--- Netsplit over, joins: geckofiend
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21:41knight- heh
21:50John-Kimble ^^
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22:16thor2 knight, easytag
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23:23John-Kimble I know this isnt a dev question, but I've been askin in users chan for some time now so i thought id give here ago.
23:24thor2 exceedingly dangerous
23:24John-Kimble I'm currently trying to build mythtv with QTE/Directfb/Matroxg550, I'm using 2.6.5 kernel, and i've compile qte and myth to use it,
23:24John-Kimble My G550 is found at boot, and registered head 1 to /dev/fb0 and head two to /dev/fb1
23:24thor2 what, no 2.7 kernel ?
23:25John-Kimble When i run mythfrontend -qws it shows up on Console on the monitor
23:25John-Kimble then when i tell QWS_DISPLAY TO use /dev/fb1 it just blurts backend stuff to the screen of the monitor again
23:25John-Kimble Mplayer has no issue using -vo dfbmga to outoput to the tv on the second head
23:25John-Kimble but myth jsut dont do it.
23:26* thor2 has never run QT embedded and has no idea what a -qws flag means ... perhaps someone else does
23:26John-Kimble QWS is the flag to tell myth to use QT
23:26John-Kimble and QWS_DISPLAY is the enviromental flag used to define the drivers to use with QT
23:27John-Kimble sorry not the drivers the display to use
23:28John-Kimble any suggestions ?
23:29--- User: *** thor2 is now known as thor
23:29thor all greek to me ... perhaps a note -userswill find someone with a similar setup
23:30John-Kimble ok thx
23:31Sir-Al geek to me
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