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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-04-16

---Logopened Fri Apr 16 00:00:09 2004
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00:15* fishhead bites toopid
00:15fishhead CANUCK
00:15fishhead CANUCK
00:15thor hockey ?
00:15fishhead no just canadians in general
00:15fishhead they must pay for their acts of terrorism
00:15thor heh
00:16fishhead like celine dion's titanic soundtrack and the sci fi series lexx
00:16thor totally, eh?
00:16fishhead hey COax
00:16fishhead ltns
00:16fishhead old friend
00:16Coax_ hiya, lamer
00:16Coax_ how goes?
00:16fishhead better
00:16fishhead recoverying from sickness
00:16fishhead I lost my job in sept then I lost my colon
00:16fishhead I been off work since
00:17Coax_ SWEET!
00:17fishhead no it sucked
00:17Coax_ not.
00:17fishhead I had to get the asshole cam
00:17Coax_ mmhmm
00:17fishhead that was the highlight of my life
00:17fishhead *NOT*
00:17Coax_ :/
00:17fishhead but I and my colon are doing okay now
00:17fishhead I just have to watch my diet and stuff
00:17fishhead they dropped the med dosages which is helping too
00:17Coax_ do you have a myth box?
00:18fishhead no but I am pondering buying a pvr350
00:18fishhead I have A $200 credit on a vcr coming I bought last yr
00:18Coax_ fishhead: I have both a pvr-250 and a pvr-350
00:18fishhead it died and I spend $50 on top of that for ext warrenty
00:18fishhead so I get a gift card
00:18Coax_ fishhead: Works great in Myth.
00:18fishhead $200
00:18Coax_ hah sweet
00:18fishhead yeah this is going in a k6-2 450 box though so I probably need the 350
00:19fishhead this also means I will have 3 extra tv cards :P
00:19Coax_ only difference between a 350 and a 250 is that the 350 has a tv-out and a decoder
00:19fishhead yeah I know
00:19Coax_ and you could easily run with 1 tuner in a k6-2 450
00:19Coax_ (with a pvr-350)
00:19fishhead yeah
00:19fishhead the 450 will be a dedicated tivo
00:19fishhead nothing else
00:20Coax_ its all hardware. the only thing that involves a processor is dma'ing the info to and fro, and storing to disk
00:20fishhead yeah
00:20Coax_ dedicated PVR. :)
00:20Coax_ ...i.e. NOT tivo. :)
00:20fishhead so how you been?
00:20Coax_ busy
00:20fishhead yeah yeah yeah I know leave me alone :P
00:20fishhead don't get technical
00:20fishhead btw I turned the big 30 in march
00:20* fishhead bummed out
00:21Coax_ well, lots of shit going on. computers, internet, job, taxes, other business, blah blah blah
00:21Coax_ say that every year!
00:25fishhead yeah dude it's like that
00:25fishhead every time things start to look good
00:25fishhead I crash and burn
00:25fishhead :?
00:25fishhead :/
00:26fishhead so you really like your pvr's
00:26fishhead oh yeah btw
00:26fishhead I been teaching myself EE
00:26fishhead phear
00:26* fishhead tosses inductors at coax
00:28fishhead I tell you what's been good theropy and it's a shame there isn't really any on tv I could use my new pvr for
00:28fishhead ANIME
00:28fishhead I been watching tons via winamptv
00:28fishhead oh btw I might as well make this announcement
00:29fishhead I am willing to be a guinea pig in the near future with my pvr if you need to test some code on a older slower box for optimizations
00:29fishhead attention any developers here :)
00:29Coax_ fishhead: rest assured, most of them couldn't care less.
00:29fishhead yeah well I offered anyways
00:30fishhead so do you talk to any of the old linuxos team
00:30Coax_ fishhead: Sometimes.
00:31fishhead :/
00:31fishhead that sounds depressing, kinda all broke up eh?
00:31fishhead what was that network you guys started a while ago
00:31Coax_ nah, tis still around. i just think most of them suck :)
00:31Coax_ lfnet. its still there and kicking
00:32fishhead yeah well, being near death so many times, makes me want to lookup old buds
00:33fishhead didn't you get married ?
00:35fishhead hahahaha
00:35fishhead this chic on mtv picked up this little turtle and said "how cute"
00:35fishhead and the turtle took a big piss
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02:18John-Kimble I know this isnt a dev question, but I've been askin in users chan for some time now so i thought id give here ago.
02:18John-Kimble I'm currently trying to build mythtv with QTE/Directfb/Matroxg550, I'm using 2.6.5 kernel, and i've compile qte and myth to use it,
02:18John-Kimble My G550 is found at boot, and registered head 1 to /dev/fb0 and head two to /dev/fb1
02:19John-Kimble When i run mythfrontend -qws it shows up on Console on the monitor
02:19John-Kimble then when i tell QWS_DISPLAY TO use /dev/fb1 it just blurts backend stuff to the screen of the monitor again
02:19John-Kimble Mplayer has no issue using -vo dfbmga to outoput to the tv on the second head
02:19John-Kimble but myth just wont. it keep blurbing stuff to console not the tv.
02:19John-Kimble any advice ?
02:20* thor remains convinced that you are speaking a foreign language
02:20John-Kimble hehe
02:20John-Kimble i've posted the ML but no reply's asof yet
02:22thor if you had a pet named "bits", then you could have a website called
02:23thor (just a thought)
02:23John-Kimble ok...
02:24thor kimble and bits and bits and bits (sung to the tune of Kibble's and bits and bits and bits)
02:24thor pet food
02:24thor (I may be showing my age here)
02:25John-Kimble never heard of it
02:27John-Kimble alright then ;)
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02:29thor sorry, been starring at code for too long
02:30John-Kimble ^^
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02:43John-Kimble ok here is a easyer question i was browsering google and i noticed there is a inproved directfb output patch for myth made on the 31st of april 2004
02:43John-Kimble the files are videooutput_directfb.cpp.patch
02:43John-Kimble and
02:43John-Kimble videooutput_directfb.h.patch
02:44John-Kimble i've attempted to patch these files to mythtv cvs source but the pathc files have no defined files to patch
02:44John-Kimble any ideas which files these are for
02:44John-Kimble pathc/patch
02:44thor url ?
02:48thor those are some crappy patches
02:48thor not diff -u
02:48thor put you should be able to apply them
02:48John-Kimble patch -p1 < whatever in mythtv root yeilds no files to patch
02:48thor by doing a patch -p0 < videoout_directfb.cpp.patch
02:49thor in the dir that holds videoout_directfb.cpp
02:49thor and it should ask you witch file to patch
02:49thor wich
02:49John-Kimble yeah
02:49thor or you could just do it by hand
02:49John-Kimble my search db probably out
02:49John-Kimble couldnt find the file
02:50thor mythtv/libs/libmythtv/videoout_directfb.cpp
02:51John-Kimble thx ill give that a try now
02:52thor yup
02:54John-Kimble nope didnt fix my problem :)
02:55thor heh
02:55John-Kimble do you know the names/emails of some of the directfb/myth devs ?
02:56thor sorry, I really don't know anything about QTE and/or directfb
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03:15knight- hey
03:15knight- thor, how's it going?
03:15thor very well
03:16thor btw, I think you want to look at easytag (for filling genre, or anything else)
03:17knight- oh great, didnt think anyone saw that earlier :)
03:17thor yup
03:17knight- oh, i've been meaning to talk to you about mfd as well again
03:17thor useful commit pending
03:17knight- I've started designing a Pocket PC interface
03:17thor cool
03:17knight- And, ofcourse, mfd is the prime candidate for backend communication
03:18thor would be nice if the half dozen protocols it spoke were documented :-)
03:18knight- My intentions are to let the Pocket PC preview video files (mythvideo's, mythtv's recordings, etc) directly on the PDA, and then if selected, put it on the big screen
03:19thor well ... hmmm
03:19thor not sure about the bandwidth
03:19knight- I know right now you only have music controllable from mfd right?
03:19thor yup
03:19knight- 802.11b is fine for bandwidth :)
03:19knight- And, we might even need to drop the resolution down
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03:19thor not for full res NTSC
03:19knight- running it through realtime recompression
03:19knight- Yep
03:20thor heh, why the hell not
03:20thor well, to the extent that there's a gameplan, video stuff will be going into mfd in about 3 weeks
03:21thor but it may, uhm, take a while
03:21knight- Yeah
03:21knight- In the meantime, I should look into making some basic control functionality in mfd
03:21knight- i.e. execute TV, change channels, etc
03:21thor heh
03:21thor talk to backend
03:21thor would be #1
03:22knight- Right
03:22thor well, #2
03:22knight- Isnt it already in some ways?
03:22knight- i.e. to control whats playing in mythmusic
03:22thor add zeroconfig advertising to backend would be #1
03:22thor nope
03:22thor music never touches backend
03:22knight- I thought that the mfd web interface lets you play music
03:22knight- on the backend
03:22thor on the mfd
03:22thor :-)
03:22knight- ohhh
03:22knight- I see
03:23knight- how does the mfd know which sound device? db settings for mythtv?
03:23thor mythbackend never puts up a GUI or puts out audio
03:23thor yup
03:23thor db settings
03:24knight- I wonder if libavcodec supports 3GPP
03:24thor dunno
03:25knight- well a grep of 3gpp in the dir has some hits
03:25knight- in amr.c
03:25knight- This code implements amr-nb and amr-wb audio encoder/decoder through external reference
03:25knight- code from The licence of the code from 3gpp is unclear so you
03:25knight- have to download the code separately.
03:25knight- bingo
03:25thor heh
03:26knight- sweet... so we'll be ok for the recompression
03:26thor well ... nupple ?
03:26knight- isnt libavcodec part of nupple?
03:26thor myth nupple is a bit parochial
03:27thor I think
03:27thor I don't actually know very much about video stuff
03:27knight- I'm not the whiz myself.
03:28knight- btw, if i make some additions to mfd, what patch options do you want?
03:28John-Kimble knight-: do you know much about qt-embedded with myth ?
03:28knight- John-Kimble, I don't. I haven't had a chance to try it out.
03:28thor diff -u to -dev is golden
03:29John-Kimble darn
03:29knight- thor, great
03:29knight- thor, mfd would be the proper place to have third party applications talk to myth would it not?
03:30knight- at some point ofcourse.
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03:30thor as in iTunes (which it already does), that kind of thing ?
03:30knight- yeah, or my app, etc
03:30thor yeah
03:31knight- i dont see why it couldnt control all the modules on the box too
03:31knight- i.e. mythfrontend, mythweather, etc
03:31thor definitely
03:32thor just a rather small development team at the moment
03:32thor :-)
03:32knight- yep
03:32knight- I am still struggling to pick up QT more
03:32John-Kimble have to say myth has nicer interface then vdr
03:32John-Kimble too bad i cant get it working outside of X though :)
03:32knight- I wrote the majority of the theme downloading and processing code
03:32knight- although, i havent implemented the xml parsing yet
03:32thor oh yeah, how's that going
03:33knight- to process the theme master list, or the individual theme xmls
03:33knight- Right now i have it parse only two levels deep into the xml file ;P
03:33thor ah
03:33knight- i.e.
03:33John-Kimble anythought into implemting multiple layed xml sheets
03:34knight- <themes>
03:34knight- and <theme>
03:34knight- haha
03:34John-Kimble so you could say store description etc
03:34knight- John-Kimble, for what?
03:34John-Kimble EPG
03:34knight- How would multi layered xmls help?
03:35John-Kimble i read somewhere it currently was limited to channel-only
03:35knight- I'm confused... what specifically is limited to channel-only?
03:35John-Kimble in the Channel listings
03:36knight- You're not really being clear :)
03:36John-Kimble also any thoughts into implenting support for dvb-EPG data instead of xmltv grabs ?
03:36John-Kimble hehe sorry
03:37John-Kimble What im trying to say is, Like when you goto the channel lists it just displays Shows for that time, But with no description
03:38John-Kimble Same when looking through the Schedule listings.
03:39John-Kimble lots of channels here in aussie broadcast epg data aswell
03:39knight- heh, i see descriptions in mine
03:39knight- maybe the xmltv australia module sucks :)
03:40John-Kimble ah ok must be
03:40John-Kimble sorry
03:41knight- thor, anything new on the mfd front?
03:41thor yup
03:41thor mfe about to go in that actually works
03:41thor control any mfd, switch between them, receive delta updates smoothly, quite slick actually
03:42knight- what is the mfe again?
03:42thor test client for mfd
03:42knight- ahh
03:42thor to flesh out the mfdclient library
03:43knight- which will be used by backends?
03:43knight- or frontends
03:43thor frontends
03:43knight- gotcha
03:44John-Kimble when was the last cvs update ?
03:44thor of?
03:44knight- John-Kimble, cvs is being updated all the time
03:44John-Kimble mythtv
03:44John-Kimble much diff from say a week ago
03:44John-Kimble maybe my version is borked with directfb
03:44thor Chutt put in quite a few patches a day or two ago
03:44John-Kimble ok cool ill give it a try
03:45thor put if you're going to run CVS, you should really subscribe to CVS commits
03:45thor but
03:45knight- thor, so is the idea that the mfdclient used in the frontend will be able to talk to multiple mfds at once?
03:45thor yup
03:45knight- excellent
03:45knight- and content is seperated by host in the protocol right?
03:45thor uhm, I think so
03:46knight- cool
03:46knight- that'll be great here at home
03:46knight- my friend lives in the apartment next door, and we have a gigabit cross connect between our networks
03:46knight- i've been setting up a mythtv backend slave
03:46knight- it'll be nice to be able to use each other's content, but filter it out if we choose to
03:46thor play his content yup
03:47thor even control what he's listening to
03:47knight- yeah
03:47thor and versa vice
03:47knight- but i have a feeling he wont be interested in most of my music
03:47thor heh
03:47knight- :)
03:48knight- so how do you see mfdclient fitting in eventually? into mythmusic?
03:48knight- or a new module
03:49thor much modified mythmusic
03:49knight- right
03:49knight- oh it probably wouldnt be too hard to add internet stations to mfd
03:50thor nope
03:53knight- cool
03:54John-Kimble thor: what is that running on prv 350 ?
03:55thor desktop
03:58anurag thor: u got remote working on the pvr 350?
03:59thor don't own one
04:03knight- heh
04:06knight- hmm, you think i should have USB Keybard Support set to BIOS or OS in BIOS settings?
04:07thor two ways to find out
04:07knight- eh
04:07knight- heh
04:07knight- i hope you die :)
04:07thor oh my
04:07knight- j/k
04:08thor heh
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04:15knight- bah
04:16knight- input: USB HID v1.10 Keyboard [04df:0020] on usb2:3.0
04:16knight- now why cant i use the keyboard :)
04:16thor fingers?
04:16knight- I should shoot myself
04:16knight- yeah if i had fingers i could shoot myself
04:17knight- i've never liked configuring usb or bluetooth on linux
04:17knight- so many damn drivers
04:17knight- ehci, uhci, ohci, etc
04:17knight- hid, usbmouse, usbkeybd
04:17knight- the list continues
04:26anurag damn this lirc pvr350
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04:42John-Kimble build a ir reciever
04:42John-Kimble lirc has schematics
04:42John-Kimble and its like 5 dollars worth of parts
04:42John-Kimble real easy to make
04:46knight- heh
04:46knight- why would he do that whem the pvr350 has a great ir?
04:46knight- when
04:48John-Kimble shrugz havnt used it
04:48John-Kimble and he cant get it working
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07:10gulliver hi all
07:10John-Kimble hello
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07:28gulliver thor: are you there?
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09:20joss hey
09:21joss main.cpp:20:26: rankprograms.h: No such file or directory
09:21joss main.cpp:21:26: rankchannels.h: No such file or directory
09:21joss can someone send thos headers for me
09:21joss please
09:21joss cant see them anywhere not current and not even in julys 2003 version
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09:22Chutt err, those files aren't in current cvs.
09:22--- ---> o_cee [] has joined #mythtv
09:22joss Chutt: but are replaced with what?
09:23Chutt similarly named files?
09:23joss Chutt: can you reverse scroll those versions and see if its anywhere?
09:23Chutt there shouldn't be any references to those anywhere.
09:23Chutt no
09:23Chutt what do you need them for?
09:24joss compiling 2003 oct30 cvs
09:24joss patched it for mouse support
09:24joss patche applyd, but cvs dont compile
09:24Chutt um
09:25Chutt it won't.
09:25Chutt the mouse support didn't work at all
09:25Chutt so why the hell would you do that?
09:25joss Chutt: do what?
09:25Chutt waste your time trying to get a completely nonfunctional patch working?
09:25Chutt waste my time asking questions about it?
09:25joss Chutt: aah ok, maybe, just wanted to try
09:26joss as i prefer mouse to keyboard
09:26joss otherwise this mythtv is nice
09:26Chutt sucks to be you, then
09:26joss Chutt: hmm
09:27joss Chutt: how should i had to know, if its working or not, could you explain, author doesnt say, it is nonfunctional!??
09:27Chutt the author explains what it does
09:28Chutt and i would _assume_ that anyone would realize there was a reason the patch didn't go into cvs?
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09:28joss Chutt: yeah, theres the thing
09:28joss Chutt: but he dont explain anything there btw.
09:29Chutt whatever
09:30joss Chutt: yeah, but are there similar codes pending now, i mean some ideas for mouse support?
09:30Chutt nope
09:30joss ok then
09:30joss should stick to qtvision and others for a while then
09:30joss mythtv recording thing is nice
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09:31Chutt that means you'll go away?
09:31joss Chutt: no, i have used mythtv, and its quite nice, but i would prefer mouse support
09:32joss if i need to record like available only for mythtv , ill use it
09:32joss mouse is kind of hidden, but its also works halfly there
09:33joss so it kind of promises that there should be possibility to implement this mouse support
09:33Chutt nope
09:33Chutt it won't
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09:38joss Chutt: so i should stop trying to compile this patched 30oct version as i understood?
09:38Chutt isn't that what i said earlier?
09:38joss Chutt: yeah, did you try that version yourself also?
09:39joss and it didnt work?
09:39Chutt no, it was obvious from the patch that it had no chance at all of doing anything
09:40joss Chutt: ok , will delete those sources and patch, i hope you are not lieing :D
09:42joss lying i ment , heh ok ok i belive your not
09:43rkulagow chutt: could you do a docs sync (if you haven't already based on yesterdays commit?)
09:44--- <<-- _kch_ [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
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09:49Chutt rkulagow, done.
09:49kvandivo i hope you aren't lying, chutt.
09:49Chutt i hope so too!
09:49* kvandivo tries hard to keep from laughing, and can't!
09:51joss :D:D
09:52bitbyte la
09:54rkulagow chutt: in better news, between me, bruce and david we're getting closer as to why the scheduler is running so slow. mostly bruce, of course; i'm just the "what do i type now?" guy and the one that got the bug to happen in the first place and complain. turns out that it's something to do with the addnewrecords sql statement, which is a huge mass of SQL that they're looking at more closely.
09:54Chutt heh
09:55rkulagow when "duplicate check" is set to none, it makes the records returned go whacko; instead of returning 2 records for "nova", it returns 144.
09:56rkulagow multiply that by the other programs that i've got set for dupe check = none and that's how you get 80000 records returned instead of 200.
09:56Chutt ah
09:59Chutt could i get a copy of your db?
09:59Chutt i'm curious :p
10:00Chutt well, nm
10:00Chutt if it's just that..
10:00rkulagow i can forward you the emails that we've been passing around; i don't think bruce or david should mind.
10:02--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
10:02Chutt sure
10:02Chutt thanks =)
10:03Chutt i should be able to reproduce without your db, i imagine
10:03Chutt i'm just recompiling myth now with the latest changes
10:03rkulagow ok, i'll mail them out. bbl.
10:04bitbyte how's everyone doing this fine friday morning?
10:08Chutt trying to keep from bitching about the europeans on the -dev list
10:08Chutt is how i'm doing :p
10:09--- ---> schultmc [] has joined #mythtv
10:18bitbyte hehe
10:19bitbyte excercise restraint
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10:22thor Chutt, if you get a chance, try CVS mfd/mfe
10:25Chutt sure
10:25thor preferably with multiple mfd's
10:39rkulagow chutt: you should have all the emails.
10:43Chutt yeah, i do
10:43Chutt was on a little call with a company
10:44Chutt think i'll get an offer today/monday from them =)
10:44rkulagow great. good for you.
10:45John-Kimble ill code for food!
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10:57thor Chutt, cool
10:57thor the Pittsburgthing?
10:59Chutt yeah
10:59thor commutable?
10:59Chutt mdz, hey, you around?
10:59Chutt thor, no
11:00thor oh well
11:00Chutt yeah
11:00Chutt oh well
11:00thor isn't that where CMU is?
11:00Chutt yup
11:00thor downtown is pretty nice, actually (once you get over the bridge)
11:00thor if I remember it correctly
11:08Chutt heh
11:09Chutt importing rkulagow's db made the partition fill up
11:09--- ---> stoffel [] has joined #mythtv
11:09--- <<-- John-Kimble [] has quit (Excess Flood)
11:15dopester pitt is a beautiful place architecurally at least
11:18mdz Chutt: yep
11:18Chutt have you seen rkulagow's stuff on -dev about the main query taking a longass time?
11:21--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
11:23--- ---> Dibblah [] has joined #mythtv
11:27--- <<-- _kch_ [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
11:38Dibblah Which is the preferred option: A patch to merge the changes from libs\mythtv\audiooutput*.cpp into mythmusic (Which seems trivial to do), or use the mythtv libs directly? Is there a good reason this was forked?
11:38--- <<-- DonLKSAB [] has quit ()
11:38Chutt use the mythtv libs directly
11:38Chutt it wasn't forked.
11:40Dibblah Sorry. The code looked identical in the root of CVS...
11:40--- User: *** xeno42_afk is now known as xeno42
11:40Chutt it's not even close
11:41Chutt the layout is entirely different
11:41Chutt coding style is different
11:41Chutt the interface is completely different
11:42bitbyte i worked in pitt for a few months when my job thing went bad
11:42bitbyte i really liked pittsburgh
11:42Dibblah OK. Anyone think of a reason to have the audio outputs separate for mythmusic? Or can I just leave the mythtv libs as they are?
11:42bitbyte i didnt think i would
11:42bitbyte but i would move there without much thought
11:42Chutt mythmusic should be modified to use the libmyth code.
11:43bitbyte didnt have a big city feel to it
11:43bitbyte because of the geography
11:43Dibblah Great. I now find that OSS emulation is broken for me, and I'm going for the most obscure way to fix it ;)
11:43Chutt instead of buying working hardware?
11:44Dibblah Nforce2 works fine, thanks.
11:44Dibblah It just doesn't seem to like 2.6.5.
11:44kvandivo imho, which isn't worth much, pitt did have big city feel to me.. but the area between my hotel and the conference was slightly unsavory
11:44Chutt why would you use 2.6?
11:44Chutt since, well, its still unstable?
11:44Dibblah Better support for my USB2 -> IDE bridge.
11:45Chutt yeah, you really need better choices in your hardware :p
11:46bitbyte picking the right hardware seems to be the hardest part
11:46bitbyte hehe
11:46Dibblah I currently have a strange setup, with a dumb "frontend" device in the living room, which just has a USB2 cable to it, and USB2 hub, USB2 -> IDE -> DVD drive, USB -> Serial -> VFD display, etc.
11:46--- ---> mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has joined #mythtv
12:03--- <<-- o_c [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:04--- ---> o_cee [] has joined #mythtv
12:07--- ---> dakeyras [] has joined #mythtv
12:13--- ---> Teflon [] has joined #mythtv
12:13--- <<-- Teflon- [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:18--- ---> steelep [~signwatch@] has joined #mythtv
12:32Chutt rkulagow, lemme know when you're back
12:33--- <<-- ieatlint_ [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
12:34rkulagow chutt: i'm back, and i'm in full effect.
12:38--- ---> fweh [] has joined #mythtv
12:38--- <--- fweh [] has left #mythtv ()
12:40Chutt cool.
12:41Chutt mind trying something?
12:41Chutt scheduler.cpp
12:41Chutt lines 1198 and 1206
12:41Chutt add: AND record.dupmethod > 1
12:41Chutt before the final "
12:42Chutt see how that affects things
12:42Chutt i'd, ah, be careful that nothing important is going to be recording soon, though
12:42Chutt just in case =)
12:43mdz Chutt: no, I'm behind on mythtv-dev
12:43mdz I saw the beginning of the thread
12:43mdz something about The Nanny?
12:43Chutt yeah
12:43Chutt basically
12:43Chutt that bigass query that gets all the programs to record
12:43mdz mythtv is doing rkulagow a favor by discouraging him from recording that show
12:43Chutt blows up sometimes
12:43thor mdz, exactly right
12:44Chutt the joins for oldrecorded and recorded
12:44mdz Chutt: blows up and returns a huge number of rows?
12:44mdz are they duplicates? or just wrong?
12:44Chutt yeah, like 80k
12:44Chutt they _are_ duplicates
12:44thor on April 8 2004, Myth became self aware
12:44Chutt it's just returning one row for each program * entry that matches the title in oldrecorde
12:44Chutt oldrecorded
12:45mdz this is the one is AddNewRecords, right?
12:45Chutt yup
12:45Chutt basically, rkulagow has a large number of 'the nanny' recorded already in oldrecorded
12:46Chutt there's a large number to be scheduled
12:46Chutt and he's got it set to record all duplicates
12:47Chutt what i did kinda sorta fixes the 'record all dupes' case
12:47Chutt but, doesn't handle the other things
12:47Chutt others are less important, of course, since there're going to be fewer things just matching the title
12:47mdz what's his record.dupmethod?
12:47Chutt 1
12:48Chutt that's why i just told him to add a check for dupmethod > 1 above
12:49mdz I can see how it would return a huge number of rows in that case
12:49rkulagow chutt: i'm at work now, so i'm not sure i'll have the time to implement and test.
12:50mdz I think we need a GROUP BY
12:50Chutt why would group by work?
12:50Chutt the rows are still going to be distinct
12:51Chutt oldrecorded.endtime is in the returns
12:51Chutt for instance
12:51rkulagow mdz: did you want to see the email traffic between me, bruce and david, or is chutt explaining sufficientl? (he's got them too now)
12:51Chutt david thinks a group by would help as well
12:52mdz Chutt: GROUP BY can summarize them based on a subset of the columns
12:52mdz even if other columns differ
12:52mdz we only care if oldrecorded is NULL or not anyway, right?
12:53Chutt ah
12:53mdz in fact how I originally had written it was to turn that table into a column (oldrecorded.starttime IS NULL AS duplicate or something like that)
12:53Chutt well, if it's less than the current time
12:53Chutt oldrecorded.endtime < program.starttime
12:54mdz the rows for The Nanny would be <number of upcoming episodes> * <episodes in recorded> * <episodes in oldrecorded>
12:54Chutt heh
12:54mdz rkulagow: can you estimate values for those 3 numbers?
12:55Chutt lots and lots
12:55Chutt couple hundred in oldrecorded, 60 or so for upcoming
12:56Chutt anyway
12:56Chutt gotta get to work on house stuff
13:00rkulagow mdz: count of "upcoming" is 56. count of recorded is 0, count of oldrecorded is 320. (if i'm doing my sql correctly)
13:03mdz rkulagow: that'd be almost 20k rows right there
13:04rkulagow right, and it's not the only program i've got set for "dupe check none", which is why iwas getting 80000 rows on the scheduler runs.
13:05--- <<-- m0j0 [~m0j0@] has quit ("Client exiting")
13:53Chutt wheee
13:53Chutt only 2 more sections of cat5e to run and terminate
13:53Chutt err, wait, 3
13:57--- ---> Drikus [] has joined #mythtv
14:05thor I'm just wondering if there are MythTV forums
14:05thor " "
14:05thor unbelievable
14:06mdz did someone send that to the mailing list? hah
14:06thor yup
14:06mdz that is like posting asking where the mailing list is
14:06thor anyone know where my keyboard is?
14:14--- User: *** warlord-afk is now known as warlord
14:18mikegrb where is the irc channel?
14:21thor can I run myth without electricity?
14:42--- ---> themio [] has joined #mythtv
14:45--- ---> o_c [] has joined #mythtv
14:45--- <<-- o_cee [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:48--- <<-- dakeyras [] has quit ()
14:53bitbyte not at all, this may come as a surprise, but a significant number of people don't want ot mess with a mailing list. it's archaic, a web forum is a far simpler and more efficient, not ot mention less chaotic, method of doing things.
14:54bitbyte not to mention not having to scroll past the same thing over and over and over ad nauseum in a thread
14:55Chutt forums suck.
14:56bitbyte yer nuts
14:56Chutt nope
14:56Chutt how long does it take to load a page?
14:56thor one word, latency
14:56bitbyte seconds
14:56Chutt it doesn't take any time whatsoever to hit the down arrow and go to the next message in any mail client
14:56bitbyte how long would it take to downloads the gobs and gobs of mail on the mail list of which 99% of it i dont need to see
14:57Chutt compare that to seconds, that's quite inefficient
14:57bitbyte not even
14:57bitbyte have my mailbox mucked up with gobs of mail i dont need
14:57Chutt then don't subscribe
14:57Chutt and read through the archives
14:57Chutt which, coincidentally, look like a forum
14:57bitbyte or go to a site and search for what i need, or just peruse the stuff i wanna see
14:57bitbyte i use the archives
14:57dja get a good mail reader that filters :-)
14:57bitbyte i dont sub the mailing list
14:57Chutt then what are you bitching about?
14:58bitbyte the fact that theres no myth forum
14:58Chutt there's several
14:58thor having to use all that electricity
14:58Chutt there won't be an official one
14:58bitbyte none that ar eused
14:58Chutt because forums suck.
14:58bitbyte the only one thats decent is the one for knoppmyth
14:58bitbyte no
14:58thor we are _not_ having this debate
14:58bitbyte because none of YOU will participate in them
14:58Chutt and none of the developers want to use a forum
14:59Chutt and guess what, the developers' opinions count for a hell of a lot more than joe random user's.
14:59bitbyte every response to something contians the original text and it snowballs on and on and on, making the bulk of the info probably 10x the size it nees to be
14:59bitbyte i'm well aware of that chutt, it's still inefficient and chaotic
15:00rkulagow wait, is this the 5 minute argument, or the full half hour?
15:00bitbyte both
15:00bitbyte hehe
15:00dja I vote for 5 minutes :-)
15:00thor oh, sorry, this is abuse
15:00bitbyte hehe
15:00bitbyte i paid for an argument
15:00Chutt 51 packets transmitted, 13 packets received, 74% packet loss
15:00dja (oops, we've already gone over 5 minutes)
15:00Chutt that's the only reason i'm here :p
15:00bitbyte no we havent
15:01thor I'm sorry but we're not allowed to argue unless you've paid
15:01Chutt trying to figure out which cable's not working right
15:01bitbyte i did pay!
15:01thor hmm hmmm hmm
15:01bitbyte see? you're arguing with me right now! i must have paid
15:03thor not necessarily
15:03bitbyte nice to see someoen in here has a sense of humour
15:03rkulagow then why are you arguing with me now?
15:04thor I _could_ be arguing in my spare time
15:04thor (or it could be that I just really, really, really dislike forums)
15:04bitbyte and now for something completely different
15:04thor ooopes
15:04bitbyte give me a legitimate reason, other than your fear of change
15:04bitbyte or is it a gui-phobia?
15:04bitbyte they are too hard ot use in lynx?
15:05thor the only thing to fear is fear itself
15:05bitbyte :)
15:05--- ---> TOOPID [] has joined #mythtv
15:05thor and carnivors
15:05thor wmds
15:05thor cancer
15:05thor and forums
15:05bitbyte in that order?
15:05TOOPID no one seems to be answering in mythtv-users...any other suggestions for MythTV help on IRC?
15:05bitbyte nope toopid
15:05thor start a forum
15:05TOOPID lol
15:06bitbyte there are several already
15:06bitbyte knoppmyth has a good following and forum
15:06bitbyte quite a bit of info there
15:07bitbyte but things like this easily repoducible bug that hard locks myth that i've found won't get reported
15:07brtb if you join the mailing list and mail in a bug report it will
15:08bitbyte not gonnahappen
15:08bitbyte been there, done that, aont doing it no more
15:08bitbyte mailing lists have outlived their usefulness
15:09bitbyte they are for the cli crowd, of which i used to be one, and still am to some extent. but i've overcome my fears and moved on to better things
15:09rkulagow is today opposites day or something?
15:09bitbyte of course not
15:09dja bitbyte: I suspend many of us are tired of your direct insults ("but i've overcome my fears and moved on to better things")
15:10bitbyte :)
15:10dja :-)
15:10bitbyte wasnt a direct insult it was a joke aimed at thor
15:10bitbyte if i insult you directly, trust me, you'll know
15:10dja I guessed it was a joke -- didn't catch that it was directed at thor :-)
15:11dja (I lurk alot, obviously not enough)
15:11thor heh
15:13bitbyte hehe
15:13bitbyte down thor, HEEL
15:13thor just checking
15:13bitbyte on
15:13bitbyte and what did oyu find?
15:13bitbyte ah
15:13bitbyte hehe
15:13bitbyte doesnt show my bnc
15:14bitbyte i have lots of client on it
15:21rkulagow captain_murdoch: here?
15:22--- ---> anurag [] has joined #mythtv
15:22Chutt rkulagow, emailed you another test request :p
15:23rkulagow ok, just got it. let me check the code and see what happens. you want me to just remove the words "group by" from the query?
15:24bitbyte and replace them with MailListEvil = Yes :)
15:25rkulagow line 1254/55 of schedule.cpp, right?
15:25rkulagow line 1449 as well?
15:26rkulagow ok, now that i've looked at the lines, it's not just removing the words, but what it was accomplishing. let me check...
15:28rkulagow ok, the original patch didn't make changes down at 1449, so i'll leave that alone.
15:31anurag i know this is not a support channel, but if u guys have any pointers for this:
15:32anurag guys i have got lirc working with pvr 350 on debian 3.0, now how do i get the mythtv working with the remote?
15:33bitbyte afaik it's more of an x thing than a myth thing
15:33rkulagow chutt: much faster without the group by stuff
15:34anurag it worked :)
15:35--- <<-- anurag [] has quit ()
15:42isaac_ do other people have troubles with the commercial skippage when watching Law & Order?
15:42--- <<-- themio [] has quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.9")
15:42isaac_ they get flagged in the middle of scenes
15:42isaac_ seemingly randomly
15:42bitbyte i think it's because so many of the scenes are dark and sometimes fade to black between scenes
15:42bitbyte i even had that problem on my ReplayTV
15:42isaac_ yeah, it fades between scenes
15:43isaac_ but this is even more random, it'll happen in the middle of scenes
15:43isaac_ that aren't even overly dark
15:43isaac_ and speaking of darkness, the picture adjustment controls don't do jack for me :(
15:43bitbyte lotta fade to black between scenes tho
15:43isaac_ yeah, i assume the commercial detection just looks for black screens
15:44isaac_ which is no good for l&o, heh
15:46bitbyte ya
15:46--- <<-- o_c [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:46bitbyte commercial detection is not a perfect science
15:46--- ---> o_c [] has joined #mythtv
15:49Chutt rkulagow, sorry, was in the basement
15:49Chutt but, great
15:50rkulagow chutt: yeah, it's the little successes that are nice once in a while. i wonder why some other poster in -dev thinks that changing kernels fixed the problem?
15:51Chutt because they're crazy?
15:52rkulagow entirely possible. we'll see what bruce and david think; i'll let them do the commit since my scheulder.cpp is now a hodge-podge of debugging.
15:52Chutt heh
16:00knight- hey Chutt
16:00knight- see you're on #musicbrainz
16:01--- <<-- o_c [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:01--- ---> o_c [] has joined #mythtv
16:04--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
16:07Chutt yeah?
16:07Chutt you're observant
16:10isaac_ .. almost stalker-like
16:10* isaac_ shudders
16:12poptix hmm
16:13rkulagow chutt: did you see that email that bruce just sent about the group by?
16:23steelep woohoo, autoplaylists is working in mythmusic... patch is emminent when I figure out a UI
16:25steelep the playback ended up being alot easier than I expected
16:30--- ---> o_cee [] has joined #mythtv
16:31--- <<-- o_c [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:15knight- Chutt, heh
17:16knight- Chutt, what's your involvement with them?
17:18--- <<-- Teflon [] has quit ("Leaving")
17:19--- ---> dakeyras [] has joined #mythtv
17:42--- ---> omegahamlet [] has joined #mythtv
17:46--- <<-- Drikus [] has quit ("toedeledoki")
18:00--- <<-- dakeyras [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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18:39--- <<-- PreZ [prez@] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:41--- ---> anurag [] has joined #mythtv
18:43--- <<-- fishhead [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:56--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:58Octane Chutt, does your being busy indicate you've had luck with getting a job?
18:59--- <<-- anurag [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:02--- ---> gfiend [] has joined #mythtv
19:18--- User: *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
19:19--- <<-- geckofiend [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
19:20--- User: *** gfiend is now known as geckofiend
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20:09--- ---> anurag [] has joined #mythtv
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21:11--- User: *** Sir-Away is now known as Sir-Al
21:19hadees how is the new mythmusic UI comming?
21:27--- <--- anurag [] has left #mythtv ()
21:31Sir-Al hopefully at least the idea is finished
21:44--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:57hadees what is the idea? i know mythmusic needs a better interface, atleast for some one with alot of music but i am not sure how to make it better
22:14--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
22:38--- ---> jeff_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:42Octane i would love to be able to control mythmusic from another computer
22:42Octane like from this computer
22:42Octane if i could control it
22:43Octane i just thogut of that
22:43Octane since i basically have two sound systems in my place, one fo rthe comp and the other for myth
22:43Octane and i keep the good one conneted to this comp because of the mp3's
22:44--- ---> zaQer1231 [] has joined #mythtv
22:44Octane </monologue>
22:45cmorgan Octane: is this with a pvr-350?
22:45Octane no, 250
22:45Octane cmorgan, i dont see how the tuner is related to what i said
22:45cmorgan Octane: then whats wrong with just X'ing into the machine?
22:46Octane sure, i could use vnc, but i would then have to use something other than myth, because i want a fully-functional library
22:46cmorgan what do you mean?
22:46Octane wait, im actually wrong
22:47Octane using vnc i'll be on another desktop and i coul drun rhythm box or something i guess
22:50--- ---> anduin [~awithers@] has joined #mythtv
22:50--- <--- anduin [~awithers@] has left #mythtv ()
22:54thor see mfd
22:54thor and mfe
22:54Octane i would need cvs for that though
22:55Octane hey thor how is the second baby coming along
22:55thor due date is monday
22:55Octane oh wow!!!! nice
22:55Octane godspeed
22:56--- ---> brainlessdumb [] has joined #mythtv
22:57--- User: *** brainlessdumb is now known as anurag
22:58--- <--- anurag [] has left #mythtv ()
23:05--- <<-- jeff_ [] has quit ("Well it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye!")
23:15rkulagow captain_murdoch: here?
23:18--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
23:20--- ---> o_c [] has joined #mythtv
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23:32--- <--- zaQer1231 [] has left #mythtv ()
23:33--- ---> zaQer1231 [] has joined #mythtv
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