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02:55John-Kimble hello all
02:56John-Kimble Finally got Qt-embedded working with Myth and directfb/MatroxFB/MAtroxg550
02:56John-Kimble btw anyone know the names or emails of the ppl who implemented qt-embedded/directfb support
03:16John-Kimble Hello all when compiling the latest CVS of Mythtv i get error1's when trying to build for qt-embedded
03:17John-Kimble First error is in libs/libmyth/mythdialogue.cpp cannot find qwindowsystem_qws.h, so i defined the exact path in mythdialogue.cpp to the header file
03:17John-Kimble that then compiles
03:18John-Kimble but when i get to compiling myhtepg stuff it errors out with stuff like
03:19John-Kimble ../../libs/libmythtv/ undefined reference to QWidget::graphicsContext(bool)const etc etc
03:20John-Kimble about 1 1/2 weeks ago cvs had no issues compiling
03:24stoffel hey, good morning John-Kimble
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03:26John-Kimble hey stoffel: i finally got qt-e working with myth
03:26John-Kimble well sortof working
03:26John-Kimble livetv just crashes when i try to watch it
03:27John-Kimble remvoing the -fno-rtti from the qmake.conf didnt help
03:27stoffel sounds like what happens here. can you start mplayer from within mythvideo?
03:28John-Kimble havnt coompiled mythvideo yet
03:28John-Kimble just grabbed the latest cvs of mythtv and now it wont compile im getting Qwidget errors
03:28stoffel what's the version of qte?
03:28John-Kimble searching google looks like a linking problem
03:29John-Kimble latest version
03:29John-Kimble qte-3.3.1
03:31John-Kimble im having this exact same issue
03:32John-Kimble When compiling mythtv, mythdialogue.cpp couldnt find qwindowsyste_Qws.h so i set the exact path and it built
03:32John-Kimble im guessing its got soemthing to do with that
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03:55John-Kimble stoffel: so you couldnt get livetv to work either ?
03:56stoffel no, but i didn't look into it yet.
03:57John-Kimble ah ok
03:57John-Kimble stoffel: do you know of any names/emails of mythtv directfb/qt devs
03:58stoffel no, sorry
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18:17Chutt atoi(scur.value("channel").toString())
18:17Chutt man, i love crappy code
18:18Chutt heh
18:18Chutt datadirect.cpp is even worse
18:20Chutt i think the only way to classify his indentation style is 'random'
18:21Chutt he's even going backwards at times
18:21Chutt crazy
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18:25pmowry Are there instructions on debugging recording schedules? I'm running latest cvs with dd.diff applied for data direct. Only always record on any channel seems to work right now.
18:25pmowry Ihave not sheduled anythingnew in a month, so I'm not sure when itbroke for me.
18:28Chutt probably when you used that halfassed dd.diff
18:28pmowry NOrmally I would not have asked until after I tested vanilla CVS, but since you datadirect.cpp....
18:29Chutt i'm looking over the newest version of that patch
18:29Chutt and finding it completely unacceptible
18:29Chutt don't expect shit to work when you patch your sources with crap
18:31pmowry hehe, not that I could program it any better.
18:33pmowry I'll grab a fresh copy from CVS and purge my database. I had to manually add to it to get DD working.
18:34Chutt honestly, i think almost anyone could write this better
18:34Chutt also, don't use mythweb to schedule with current cvs right now.
18:34geckofiend Chutt, ar you planning on fixing the DD stuff? I can take a look at cleaning it up on a sperate copy of my tree.
18:34geckofiend ar == are
18:34Chutt geckofiend, it'd be quicker for me to write it from scratch than to fix it :(
18:34geckofiend :/ bleh
18:35Chutt oh, and, you want cvs access?
18:35geckofiend I need to take a look at the scheduler... It's showing confilts for stuff that's on non-visible channels.
18:35geckofiend me? sure
18:35Chutt i'm getting tired of applying your patches
18:35Chutt =)
18:36Chutt hrm
18:36Chutt it's almost 7
18:36Chutt fuck it, i'm going to try to get this dd stuff working properly.
18:37Chutt i don't want to email this guy and reject all of his patch :(
18:42geckofiend yeah the DD stuff would be a nice thing to have working.
18:42geckofiend I'm in and out here. helping the wife get bikes ready for the season
18:42Chutt ok
18:42Chutt ah, email me later what you'd want your username for cvs to be
18:42Chutt and i'll reply with instructions on how to connect
18:59Chutt mmm
18:59Chutt kosher coke
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19:23Chutt if ((datadirectuserid->getValue() != lastloadeduserid) | (datadirectpassword->getValue() != lastloadedpassword)) {
19:23Chutt it's time for today's game of 'find the glaring bug'
19:23geckofiend ouch!
19:23* geckofiend shouts I know I know
19:23geckofiend did he test this stuff?
19:24Chutt i don't see how he could have written it
19:24Chutt so, in a 20 line section
19:24Chutt i've fixed 2 memory leaks and that
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19:45Chutt neat
19:46Chutt > marble sized hail
19:46geckofiend heh it's sunny and calm here (about 2 hours south of you)
20:04geckofiend chutt: ygm btw
20:05Chutt yeah
20:05Chutt trying to figure out how the hell this guy is converting dates
20:05geckofiend didn't he mention having date/time issues?
20:06thor2 kosher coke ?
20:07Chutt yeah
20:07thor2 sounds awful
20:08Chutt but, i don't know how he came up with this method
20:08Chutt thor2, real sugar instead of corn syrup
20:08--- User: *** thor2 is now known as thor
20:08josephk real
20:08thor ah
20:08josephk I'm allergic to corn syrup too
20:08thor can printed in Hebrew ?
20:08thor I love the look of the Coke logo in Hebrew
20:08josephk K
20:09josephk this channel is now kosher
20:09thor heh
20:09thor shalom
20:11josephk no fake code allowed...only real code
20:11josephk I'm allergic to code syrup too
20:11Chutt heh
20:12Chutt 15 percent done with datadirect.cpp
20:12Chutt i decided not to reimplement from scratch
20:12josephk ah so you're going to doctor pepper route
20:13josephk corn syrup and/or real sugar
20:13josephk wow
20:13josephk I hate hot doctor pepper
20:14josephk blehhhh
20:14Chutt currddschedule.hdtv = (pxmlatts.value("hdtv") == "true" ? true : false);
20:14Chutt why?
20:15josephk why you or why do I hate hot doctor pepper?
20:15Chutt why this crappy code
20:16thor holy crapoly
20:16thor I'm still looking at it
20:16josephk lol
20:17thor cryptic if statements, structs, clearly a C programmer
20:17josephk well this aint kosher
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20:45pmowry Chutt: FYI, I dropped my database and installed a clean CVS version, I still have problems scheduling "in this timeslot every week" I'll keep troubleshooting. I'll be glad to be a guenie pig for your data direct patch when your done.
20:46pmowry gonna redoot.
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21:07kenneth Isaac, here?
21:09kenneth would you mind removing '' from the mailing list?
21:14mikegrb why?
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21:20kenneth he's sending 'out of office' mail to every soul that posts...
21:20kenneth why?
21:21kenneth damn, my new ringbuf don't like seeking from/to the tailbuf much, better fix that soon
21:24mikegrb oh
21:24mikegrb well I'd say that is a good reason ;)
21:25GreyFoxx I got 4 of them from his last night
21:25GreyFoxx His away message app isn'
21:25GreyFoxx t smart enough to only reply once to an address
21:26kenneth and, if you reply you have a 90% chance of ending up getting 200% spam to your box ;)
21:26GreyFoxx Which is why I haven't bothered. They only started last night so I assume he just went on on vacation or something
21:26mikegrb heh
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21:27kenneth who needs that crap allerting ppl that u are on wakation, the mail has been sent, get real...
21:28kenneth if you don't get a reply in a couple of days resend the f..... mail
21:29mikegrb haha
21:29mikegrb I sent him a few emails
21:30kenneth :) hope he's not a shark, or did you use a 'not in use' account?
21:30kenneth brb
21:30mikegrb I get plenty of spam already :/
21:31mikegrb about 600 spam a week
21:31mikegrb spam assassin does a pretty good job
21:33kenneth i vaguely remember you becoming a father a couple of months ago mike, how is that going?
21:33mikegrb heh
21:33mikegrb birth is in october
21:33kenneth been a while since that last wisit in here...
21:33mikegrb so I'm a "father" now
21:34* kenneth aka niqo aka ke-aa aka blah ;)
21:34kenneth uh
21:34mikegrb heh
21:34kenneth not quite found my place yet....
21:36kenneth so how is it going, was not your gf (or any other relational status) in here too? heidi was it?
21:37mikegrb yes heidi is my wife
21:38mikegrb she mainly hangs out on another irc network
21:39kenneth ohh, hope you both and the baby is doing okay then!
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21:41deanrantala excuse me, but could someone please point me to a good site for CONFIGURING xmltv?.... I have carefully read all docs on installing it, but need to set it up now
21:41deanrantala ooops
21:41deanrantala sorry
21:41deanrantala wrong room
21:41kenneth hmmmm?, thanks for noticing...
21:41kenneth :)
21:42deanrantala :)
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21:46kenneth seriously, this is a major downing channel"
21:47billytwowilly| sowning channel?
21:47billytwowilly| err
21:47billytwowilly| dowing
21:47billytwowilly| err
21:47billytwowilly| downing
21:47kenneth reading the saa7146 specs gives me more joy...
21:47kenneth hmmm
21:47kenneth dtunk or just on deugs
21:47kenneth ?
21:48pigeon hmm, i've found something interesting with mythtranscode. It seems that when it's using the fifowriter (i.e. outputing to a fifo), the audio raw data is stereo but both channel are the same data (i.e. it sounds like it's mono)
21:49kenneth sure the source ain't combined mono too?
21:49pigeon it's not, i tried playing it within mythfrontend, it sounds stereo.
21:49kenneth stereo, that would be
21:50pigeon or i should say, it sounds like the two channels are different.
21:50pigeon when i'm doing playback in mythfrontend
21:50kenneth yeah, that probably is the caser
21:52kenneth pigeon, you want me to take a bug report?
21:53pigeon hmm well, i'm trying to confirm this, maybe someone can have a quick check for this too?
21:53kenneth i could pass it to someone more competent later..
21:53pigeon i'm poking around the code now to see if i can find anything.
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22:30Chutt amazing, it compiles
22:33pmowry Chutt: my scheduling of an every week recording is still hosed, but if you need a tester for data direct I'm game.
22:35Chutt you could look at why that is, instead
22:35Chutt with current cvs
22:36pmowry I deleted my mythtv directory and pulled fresh from CVS a few hours ago. Then I dropped mydatabase to be sure nothing in it was in the way.
22:37pmowry If I schedule an every week recoding in mythweb it never apepears on the schedule. If I use the frontend it says it is a daily recording.
22:38pmowry and mythweb shows the front end scheduled program as a "this timeslot every day".
22:41pmowry On the frontend, if I go into advanced scheduling and specify every week it schedules correctly.
22:44pmowry What started me looking at this was once I installed latest CVS with the dd.diff patch installed, I noticed my weekly scheduled programs were no longer being recorded, even though they were listed on the recording schedules.
22:44Chutt i said earlier
22:44Chutt don't use mythweb to schedule.
22:44Chutt as it's broken right now
22:44Chutt geez
22:45pmowry that's fine, but using the frontend I can only schedule a weekly recording correctly if I hit 'i' and specify it on the advanced tab.
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22:47poptix pmowry: did you pay for your copy of mythtv?
22:49pmowry of course not, and Since I know a work around itis not an issue. I'm only bringing it here because Chutt asked; unless I missunderstood.
22:50Chutt i didn't ask
22:50Chutt actually
22:51billytwowilly| Heh. there's a .net developers student group at my university and the only contact information they have is some regional rep for microsoft;) looks highly suspicious;)
22:52pmowry So I misunderstood, So If I schedule a friday episode of a 5-day a week program as "This timeslot every week" andit schedules all 5, is that a issue to bring here?
22:53Chutt nope
22:54pmowry So if the sheduler does not work as defined you don't want to know?
22:55Chutt nope
22:55Chutt if you can provide a patch, this is the place to be
22:55Chutt if you can't, go whine to the mailing list
22:57pmowry fine, should it be brought up on the -dev list or is it only for patches as well?
22:57Chutt i honestly don't give a damn right now
22:57Chutt you've annoyed me enough tonight
22:58pmowry glad tobe of service :)
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23:07pigeon hmm... so where would be a place i can put in bug report?
23:14Chutt users mailing list
23:15Chutt if you're like most people and couldn't write a bug report to save your life
23:16dopester2 hello chutt
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23:20Chutt hi
23:21dopester2 hows the job hunt going?
23:21Chutt fine
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23:46rkulagow captain_murdoch: here?
23:48Chutt heh
23:48Chutt he's always away
23:48rkulagow yeah, that's what i figured.
23:49pigeon anyone knows where would I submit bug report/
23:51rkulagow so, i'm compiling CVS latest. not sure if the testing stuff that david sent me earlier is the real deal: dupe check = none isn't doing what i think it's supposed to; i want every episode of band of brothers recorded, whether i've recorded it or not. i've set dupe check to "none", but it's refusing to schedule the showing coming up in about 1 hour. i'm going to try again from frontend vs. mythweb.
23:51Chutt hrm
23:52Chutt the other query changes might've affected it
23:52Chutt but, yeah, don't use mythweb until it's fixed
23:52rkulagow pigeon: if your bug report is a complete backtrace from within gdb, and you've captured all the errors then post it to the mailing list along with how you triggered the bug.
23:53rkulagow if it's not a gdb traceback it's probably not going to be worth much.
23:53pigeon hmm
23:53pigeon well, it's not a crash...
23:55Chutt i like how this guy completely ignored your and my requests to internalize the actual grabbing instead of using a perl script
23:58rkulagow you mean the datadirect stuff? i'm catching up on the mailing list.
23:58Chutt yeah
23:59Chutt i've been fixing his patch since about 7
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