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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-04-18

---Logopened Sun Apr 18 00:00:23 2004
00:00rkulagow pigeon: if it's not a crash, then again just post a message to the mythtv-users mailing list, cogently explain what the bug is so that other people can reproduce it, include details like what version of code youand ensure that the "bug" isn't just because mythtv isn't doing something the way that a replay or tivo does it. that's your best bet.
00:00rkulagow anyway, include details like the code version and hardware you have.
00:01pigeon right...
00:01rkulagow otherwise people are just going to blast past the bug because it doesn't have details in it.
00:01pigeon well, it's not really a hardware thing... i've been looking at the code but i couldn't see what's wrong yet.
00:01pigeon alright, mythtv-users list it is.
00:02rkulagow chutt: i've been getting these lately:
00:02rkulagow 2004-04-17 22:55:09 Scheduled 285 items in 2.52401 seconds.
00:02rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:00:02 Started recording "Chappelle's Show" on channel: 1042 on cardid: 13, sourceid 1
00:02rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:00:02 Started recording "Trading Spaces" on channel: 1052 on cardid: 14, sourceid 1
00:02rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:00:03 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
00:02rkulagow two programs are scheduled to start at the same time, but only one does.
00:02Chutt weird
00:03rkulagow port 6544 shows:
00:03rkulagow 2004-04-17 22:55:09 Scheduled 285 items in 2.52401 seconds.
00:03rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:00:02 Started recording "Chappelle's Show" on channel: 1042 on cardid: 13, sourceid 1
00:03rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:00:02 Started recording "Trading Spaces" on channel: 1052 on cardid: 14, sourceid 1
00:03rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:00:03 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
00:03rkulagow whoops, wrong one. hold on
00:03rkulagow Encoder 13 is local on masterbackend.local and is not recording.
00:03rkulagow Encoder 14 is local on masterbackend.local and is recording 'Trading Spaces'. This recording will end at 12:00 AM.
00:03rkulagow so even though chappelle's show should be on 13, it's not.
00:03Chutt right
00:04dopester2 chose the wrong show to skip too :)
00:04rkulagow fuck. i'm running -v schedule instead of -v all
00:04Chutt right
00:04Chutt there should be a few more debug messages :p
00:04Chutt wonderful
00:04Chutt go into video source setup, instant segfault
00:04Chutt wonder what i missed in this crap
00:04rkulagow that's part of the reason i'm trying to get 'band of brother' to record all showings - it kept getting this weird bug above.
00:05rkulagow ok, got to interrupt the M-I-L to do a make install of the new code.
00:05rkulagow brb
00:10rkulagow crud. new code isn't doing the right thing, and there's still a problem. after restart, only "chapelle's show" started to record but not trading spaces.
00:10Chutt heh
00:10rkulagow there's plenty of free tuners, too.
00:11Chutt yeah
00:11Chutt i didn't think that the modified query looked correct
00:11rkulagow ok, wait, it looks like band of brothers, scheduled through the frontend is now set for recording in about 45 minutes. that's good.
00:12rkulagow the fact that two jobs that are supposed to start at the same time (chappelle's show and trading spaces) don't is bad.
00:12rkulagow so, not a total loss.
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00:13rkulagow good thing / bad thing that i'm not a nielsen house. good, because they'd think i'm even freaker, and bad, because if i was all my shows wouldn't get cancelled.
00:13Chutt try enabling the trading spaces
00:14Chutt manually or whatnot
00:14rkulagow throught the frontend you mean?
00:14Chutt yeah
00:14rkulagow ok, let me interrupt "JAG".
00:14Chutt it'll say it's disabled
00:14rkulagow you think it's mythweb making trouble?
00:14Chutt naw
00:14Chutt i think it's dave's changed query
00:14rkulagow BTW, are you for sure going to pitts, or something?
00:15Chutt i'm for sure going somewhere
00:15Chutt dayton or pittsburgh, right now
00:15Chutt probably pittsburgh, since their offer's quite a bit higher than dayton's
00:15rkulagow is that's what's called "hobson's choice"?
00:15Chutt don't want to make it about money, but, well, it's a big difference :(
00:16rkulagow it's all about the benjamin's. life is a big fuck, and money is the lubricant.
00:16Chutt heh
00:16Chutt but, i think dayton would be more stable, long term
00:17dopester2 isnt dayton pretty back ass compared to pittburgh?
00:17Chutt and it's a slightly nicer area, from what i've seen
00:17Chutt and my wife would probably find a job there easier
00:17Chutt at least from a comparison of mech e jobs listed on the various job sites
00:18Chutt so, i dunno
00:19rkulagow chutt: turns out that i couldn't force a NMI over "JAG" with M-I-L, so i'll test later. trading spaces is on many, many times per day, so this missed one isn't critical.
00:20Chutt heh
00:20Chutt ok
00:20Chutt did you happen to see what reason it gave for not recording trading spaces?
00:20rkulagow after the restart, you mean?
00:20Chutt yeah
00:21rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:07:22 Scheduled 291 items in 2.03428 seconds.
00:21rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:07:22 Recording starts soon, AUTO-Startup assumed
00:21rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:07:22 Started recording "Chappelle's Show" on channel: 1042 on car
00:21rkulagow did: 13, sourceid 1
00:21rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:07:22 TuneTo(42) curList[i].freq(331250)
00:21rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:07:22 TuneToFrequency(5300)
00:21rkulagow DB Error (WriteRecordedToDB):
00:21rkulagow Query was:
00:21rkulagow INSERT INTO recorded (chanid,starttime,endtime,title,subtitle,description,hostna
00:21rkulagow me,category,recgroup,autoexpire,recordid) VALUES(1042,"20040417230700","20040417
00:21rkulagow 233000","Chappelle's Show","","","masterbackend.local","Comedy","Default",1,187)
00:21rkulagow ;
00:21rkulagow Driver error was [2/1062]:
00:21rkulagow QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
00:21rkulagow Database error was:
00:21rkulagow Duplicate entry '1042-20040417230700' for key 1
00:21rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:07:23 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
00:21rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:07:23 Using profile 'Default' to record
00:21rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:07:59 12 ACCEPT[]:[]5
00:21rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:07:59 MainServer::HandleAnnounce Playback
00:21rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:07:59 adding: frontend as a client (events: 0)
00:21rkulagow 2004-04-17 23:07:59 2 OK
00:21rkulagow so no, not really. there was nothing in the startup. let me check printsched.
00:21Chutt well, it'd be in the frontend
00:22Chutt if you went to 'fix schedule', i think
00:22rkulagow oh; in that case i'm not sure, since JAG is on right now. let me see if i can get my backend into X and run frontend from there. brb
00:23rkulagow feh. backend isn't setup for X, and i don't think i can get in before TS is over.
00:23Chutt no worries
00:23Chutt i was just curious
00:24rkulagow any direct sql you can think of to query the db?
00:24Chutt naw, don't worry 'bout it
00:24rkulagow ok
00:27rkulagow it might be time to whack the boxes and start from scratch. encoders 13-16 are a holdover from when i was testing setup a long long time ago, so i'm wondering what other crap is lurking in there.
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00:32rkulagow huh. take a look at "trading spaces":
00:32rkulagow Title - Subtitle Chan ChID Day Start End S C I T O N Pri
00:32rkulagow Trading Spaces - "Oklahoma City: 52 1052 17 23:00-00:00 1 0 0 A 0 L 0
00:32rkulagow Chappelle's Show 42 1042 17 23:07-23:30 1 13 13 C 0 - 0
00:32rkulagow Chappelle's Show 42 1042 17 23:30-00:00 1 13 13 C 0 13 0
00:32rkulagow Trading Spaces: Home Free - "Semi 52 1052 18 00:00-01:00 1 0 0 A 0 R 0
00:32rkulagow Band of Brothers - "The Breaking 76 1076 18 00:00-01:25 1 13 13 C 0 13 0
00:32rkulagow the one at the top of the list was the one that didn't restart.
00:32rkulagow at this point we're half way through the episode
00:35Chutt it's going to record a later showing, it says?
00:40rkulagow hrmm. yes, according to mythweb, it's going to retry later (sunday, 1100). however, the original issue is still there; chapelle's show and TS were supposed to start at 2300, TS did, CS didn't. and it's happened before (not with those shows specifically, but if there were multiple shows to start at a particular time)
00:42rkulagow bbl. maybe.
00:42rkulagow night.
00:43Chutt ok
00:43Chutt well, if there's anything more in the verbose output next time it happens
00:43Chutt lemme know
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01:05Octane anyone here use a Turtle Beach SC sound card? im thinking of switching
01:06Octane from sblive
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14:38Chutt making things fit on screen is annoying
14:42o_cee heh. even worse with translations :)
14:43Chutt true
14:45Chutt someone needs to write a tool to find channel logos for the datadirect stuff
14:46o_cee heh, i had to fix my logos manually ;)
14:47o_cee btw, a thought i had.. what about using a fixed image as the preview image instead of a screenshot? like the logo for the show or something.. most of my preview screens are ugly and useless anyway
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14:48Chutt how would you get that fixed image?
14:49o_cee dunno, either manually or some scripit
14:49o_cee at least me haven't got _that_ many different shows, so i'd do it manually without that much problem
14:50o_cee,1002,273|1007|1|,00.html <-- that kind of image
14:51o_cee <-- maybe there.. dunno
14:54Chutt it certainly wouldn't be hard to set one
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15:42o_cee also thought about making a completely different watch recording screen that doesn't use the list that's used now, with the left side that at least me never use.. uhm, something like a plain list with room for a little bit more info.. like maybe the screenshot (or show logo) at the right hand side of the list..
15:43o_cee little bit like that but not quite..
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16:13mikegrb o_cee: interesting idea
16:21billytwowilly| I use the left show breakdown all the time.
16:21--- User: *** jams is now known as jams_afk
16:37o_cee i've never use it, only by accident.. heh. what if you get an alternative saying like: Simpsons >> And then there's the episodes (and make that optional, the other way is having all episodes in the main list)
16:37o_cee anyway, i'm off to bed, up early tomorrow for work
16:38thor Chutt, sorry ... what was it I said I'd look at in MythVideo ?
16:38thor something post filters patch ...
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16:47GeckoFiend grrr my dev box just powered itself down :/
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17:47GeckoFiend Chutt: settled on a timeframe for .15 yet?
17:47mikegrb never
17:48mikegrb muhahahaha
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18:08duerra Greetings. Does anybody know or have a list of current, compatible cards with MythTV? Unfortunately, the most readily available cards I can find that actually seem to be decent are only ATI All-in-Wonder cards :(
18:11mdz duerra: FAQ
18:12duerra I just saw the topic here
18:12duerra I don't see the FAQ page on the official site
18:19--- ---> vagrant [] has joined #mythtv
18:23billytwowilly| it's in the documents
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19:38Chutt geckofiend, here?
19:40GeckoFiend yep
19:41Chutt excellent
19:41Chutt are you familiar with how cvs works and all that jazz?
19:41GeckoFiend looking at mythgallery... way more dynamic memory allocation going on.
19:41Chutt heh
19:41GeckoFiend yeah been using cvs for ages
19:41Chutt pahli_bar did that =)
19:41Chutt ok
19:42Chutt i only allow write access via ssh
19:44Chutt i generally like larger changes to still be discussed with people on the list
19:45Chutt like the more recent scheduler changes
19:45Chutt but other than that, commit away
19:45Chutt as for 0.15, i don't really know
19:45Chutt i'm going to be moving soonish, and don't really know how things are going to work out with all that
19:49thor and I'm about to have a baby
19:49thor :-)
19:50Chutt heh
19:50* mdz didn't realize thor was a feminine name
19:50thor heh
19:50thor well
19:51mdz Chutt: moving is definite?
19:51Chutt yeah
19:51thor imprecise, I'll grant you
19:51mdz job finalized, then?
19:51thor I guess that means congrats
19:51Chutt need to decide between 2
19:51Sir-Al cool
19:51thor (job in Pitts)
19:51Chutt i'm going to ask the guys in dayton if they could bump up the salary a bit
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20:08steelep chutt, you around?
20:12--- ---> Teflon [] has joined #mythtv
20:15--- ---> thor2 [~thor@] has joined #mythtv
20:15steelep hey thor
20:16--- <<-- thor [~thor@] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:18GeckoFiend If you pick Dayton we'll have lunch sometime
20:19steelep as in Ohio? I grew up there
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20:54bline cool, mythtv is listed on the datadirect signup form.
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21:04Chutt steelep, i'm in and out
21:05Chutt someone needs to figure out how to associate channel logo icons with datadirect data
21:06steelep hi chutt...
21:07steelep is there something builtin that I can use to tokenize parenthetical groups?
21:08--- <<-- Pouyou [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:26Chutt check out qstring's functions and qstringlist::split
21:28steelep yeah, I know those are there, I just wondered if you had already done something I don't have to reinvent, no biggie
21:28steelep parsing nested paren groups is a pain
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21:38Chutt heh
21:38Chutt no, sorry
21:39steelep this is working sweet now I just need an edit ui, creation would be no problem, editing is the hard one
21:40--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
21:48knight- is there a windows client for the cidbcast or mythnotify yet?
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23:27mdz pepole want the strangest things
23:27mdz commercials and no program
23:27cmorgan heh
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23:36rkulagow superbowl
23:36bline but then you miss janet
23:47Netslayer lol
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