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00:08dopester2 anyone here running dvb and could do a test run of some code to help me with nit scanning?
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02:45John-Kimble hey guys maybe you can help me, i just run mythfrontend in gdb and its complainging that matroxfb cannot be found, even thouugh ifi run mythfrontend outside gdb is shows on the tv, i also thought i was using directfb not matroxfb any advice ???
02:51John-Kimble and i do have matroxfb registered in my /proc/bus/pci/devices
02:51John-Kimble so i dont see what the problem is
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08:32John-Kimble can someone tell me whos working on the directfb/qt-embedded support for myth ?
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12:34tmk Chutt: you around?
12:41Chutt yeah
12:41Chutt actually, i'll be back in a few minutes
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12:50Chutt allright
12:50Chutt tmk, sup?
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14:28o_c david engel is never around here right?
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14:28Chutt not in here, no
14:29o_cee sent me some theme changes
14:29o_cee how's it going anyway?
14:29Chutt well, i'm almost officially employed
14:29o_cee cool :) moving as well?
14:30Chutt nope
14:30o_cee nice
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15:49Chutt hey
15:52geckofiend howdy
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16:45bitbyte herro
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19:01o_cee jdonavan?
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19:37geckofiend o_cee here o_cee
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21:07Chutt the playbackbox.cpp changes suck ass.
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21:08Chutt it's much less useable, now.
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21:19PMantis Any word on possible support for the MediaMVP?
21:20Chutt nope.
21:20PMantis That would be WAY cool.
21:20PMantis Get a $89 device to add another TV to Myth!
21:20Chutt not especially
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21:21GlassVial why not
21:21GlassVial heh
21:21GlassVial the media mvp rox0rz
21:21* PMantis thinks GlassVial agrees
21:21GlassVial it pwnz j00
21:21Chutt because you're a little whiny bitch?
21:22davatar It would be cool just because the dma traffic/drivers of all the capture cards I use hang/oops all my machines under high pci traffic..
21:22PMantis Ooooookayyyyyyyyyy
21:22Chutt the thing's too slow for any real UI to be done on it.
21:22davatar no joke when you're trying to put 3 cards in one machine :)
21:22PMantis Chutt: Really??
21:22Chutt no, i'm lying to you
21:23GlassVial the reviews have been favorable
21:23GlassVial the price is reasonable
21:23Chutt do you have any idea what the actual device is?
21:23cmorgan what needs to be supported?
21:23GlassVial this thing could end up being very popular very quickly
21:23cmorgan in any case, send patches in
21:23PMantis LOL
21:23Chutt or are you just basing your assumptions off of what you read elsewhere?
21:23PMantis See? Someone else would use it if it was available!
21:24Chutt why the fuck should i care about supporting hardware that i don't own?
21:24* GlassVial defects to windows to get his mediamvp werkin :P
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21:24GlassVial heh
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21:26PMantis Chutt: We've read reviews, multiple sites. Instead of $200+ cards, we could use a MediaMVP for output...
21:26PMantis Video AND sound.
21:26PMantis Then, the PC would't have to be bear the TV
21:26PMantis s/bear/near
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21:26GlassVial so why are you bashing something you know nothing about then
21:26GlassVial attitudes like that really make me want to use mythtv...right... :P
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21:28* PMantis agrees
21:28GlassVial this is no different than another pc in another room without a capture card feeding off mythbackend, with the exception being instead of a pc, it's a tiny device
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21:28cmorgan no one is holding you down
21:28cmorgan write some code
21:28cmorgan submit some patches
21:28PMantis At least LTSP has friendly support in IRC... which is why I've contributed back to the project.
21:28GlassVial less room/less power
21:28GlassVial makes sense to me
21:28GlassVial but if you want to live in your own little ignorant world, be my guest.
21:28mikegrb hahaha
21:29mikegrb plz2b not overstaying welcome
21:29cmorgan what difference does it make if people dont' share your views? if your patches are good for myth and they get the support you want then who cares?
21:29cmorgan i think the issue is the huge amount of interest in myth
21:30cmorgan and thus the large number of people that bug people for features
21:30GlassVial if features are never suggested progress is never made :)
21:30PMantis Well.. popular, yes.
21:30GlassVial if features were never suggested we'd all be driving model t's
21:30PMantis Not all Myth users are programmers.
21:31GlassVial that too.
21:31cmorgan GlassVial: there are FAR more armchair developers than real ones
21:31GlassVial cmorgan: I'm not disputing that
21:31cmorgan GlassVial: actions speak louder than words. send in some code ;-)
21:31PMantis armchair developers? LOL
21:31GlassVial cmorgan: perhaps I would if I were a coder. I'm a hardware guy, myself.
21:32GlassVial if your hardware does't work, you got nothing to code on in the first place, so
21:32GlassVial that's me :)
21:32cmorgan GlassVial: you should be able to wrap your mind around code. what kind of hardware? design? debug?
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21:32GlassVial repair
21:32GlassVial replace
21:32GlassVial upgrade
21:32GlassVial etc
21:32GlassVial technician
21:33GlassVial in a nutshell
21:33PMantis So, in summary:
21:33PMantis GlassVial suggests a nice addition, in light of new hardware on the market, and receives a response of: Screw you, if you want it, do it yourself.
21:33cmorgan pc repair? like unplugging and plugging in cards/drives etc? or tech work like microscope soldering?
21:33cmorgan PMantis: not at all. we welcome his code
21:33GlassVial :P
21:33Chutt if he's willing to pay me for the support, then sure
21:33PMantis cmorgan: Exactly... welcome his CODE, so... do it yourself. :)
21:33GlassVial cmorgan: I fix shit, whatever it takes. lol
21:34Chutt $200 an hour, 8 hour chunks
21:34cmorgan GlassVial: i worked as a pc tech for a while, it wasn't too bad
21:34PMantis HAHA
21:34GlassVial well if you don't welcome suggestions, just say so
21:34cmorgan i'm also available for contract work, at a reduced rate ;-)
21:34Chutt it wasn't a suggestion
21:34GlassVial in fact that should be on the front page of we do not accept suggestions, thank you.
21:34PMantis ROFL
21:35PMantis "NO suggestions, just code updates"
21:35GlassVial yeah. welcome to mythtv. we accept code, we do not accept feature requests.
21:35Chutt sure seems like you're demanding support for hardware
21:35Chutt that none of the developers have
21:35GlassVial I wasn't demanding anything
21:35Chutt then why are you still talking about it?
21:35GlassVial where is it that I came in here and I said "I DEMAND you put media mvp support in NOW!" ??
21:36cmorgan Chutt: what were you referring to with the playbackbox? any of my changes need changing?
21:36GlassVial hey, I'm offering a suggestion, you wanna be an asshole about it, that's on you.
21:36Chutt no, you came in here like a whiney little bitch with your l33t speak
21:36Chutt cmorgan, no, the stuff donavan checked in earlier
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21:36GlassVial yeah 3 whole words, w00
21:36GlassVial can't even take a joke you moron
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21:37Chutt if you were just making a suggestion, you wouldn't be still talking about it
21:37cmorgan Chutt: alright. wasn't my plan to abandon the changes if anything needed fixing.
21:37GlassVial eh. w/e. if this is the attitude of myth devs I don't even want to run the program anymore...yuk
21:37PMantis I think the goal was to see if *anyone* in here would even admit that there may be a better way to do something than plugging more cards into the Myth box.
21:37* GlassVial formats his hdd to wipe out the mythtv virus
21:37Chutt great
21:37cmorgan its like an arms race
21:37Chutt it's always funny when people threaten not to use my software
21:38Chutt like i give a shit
21:38cmorgan to see who can insult who more ;-) heh
21:38GlassVial you should. :)
21:38Chutt why should i?
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21:38GlassVial because perhaps if you weren't such an asshole people actually WOULD help out.
21:38Chutt you're not contributing in any way
21:38GlassVial and with your attitude, I won't be
21:38Chutt there's plenty of people helping out
21:38GlassVial you can count on that
21:38Chutt oh no, you're threatening to not help out
21:38Chutt when you haven't before
21:38GlassVial and that's surprising, with your attitude
21:39GlassVial w/e dude, you wanna be an ignorant fuck that's no skin off my nose
21:39Chutt ignorant?
21:39GlassVial you can kiss the fattest part of my ass
21:39cmorgan heh
21:39* PMantis thinks this is going well beyond my sentiments
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21:40Chutt it's fun being too lazy to ident with nickserv
21:40PMantis Chutt: What, so you're not ops? LOL
21:41Chutt it's too much trouble
21:43Snow-Man haha.
21:43Snow-Man Having fun? :)
21:44mikegrb jeje
21:44mikegrb hehe even
21:44mikegrb all GlassVial did is make himself look ignoranrt
21:44Chutt eh
21:45Chutt he's gone, so, whatever
21:47Chutt Could not find theme: Default
21:47Chutt what the hell is that
21:47Chutt KThemeStyle cache seems corrupt!
21:47PMantis mikegrb: Unfortunately, I have to agree... even though he's my friend.
21:47PMantis Ugh.
21:47mikegrb heh
21:49PMantis However, I do agree that the addition would make Myth almost limitless in expandability... No need for multuiple TV out cards being limited by the # of PCI slots.
21:49Chutt buy an xbox.
21:49PMantis Ick.
21:49Snow-Man Just ship Chutt whatever it is you're talking about. :)
21:50PMantis That's just a game device, eh?
21:50Chutt i still won't support it, because it's basically got no ram, and a really slow cpu
21:50Snow-Man Yeah, a game device that can run Linux and is supposedly fast enough to run Myth.
21:50Chutt there's a _reason_ that hauppauge builds the ui on the host machine with the mediamvp
21:50Snow-Man At least to do decoding/display.
21:50Snow-Man Chutt: Oh, so the hardware just bites?
21:50Chutt essentially
21:51Snow-Man Welp, can't really fix that. :)
21:51PMantis Chutt: I agree it's slow...
21:52Chutt snow-man, the windows server acts as a vnc host for it
21:52Chutt err, server
21:52Chutt and all it is is a host
21:52Snow-Man That's.. weird.
21:52Chutt and that's about the limits of the cpu capability
21:52PMantis Chutt: Of course, I run slow POS computers that network boot from one FAST LTSP server, so I buy into that idea.
21:53Chutt so use your slow POS computers as a frontend
21:53PMantis Heh, that would work, too.
21:53Snow-Man I've been thinking about an Xbox.
21:53PMantis Hmmmmmmm
21:53hyper\ yeah xbox would be a cool frontend with hdtv mmmmmm
21:53mikegrb Snow-Man: works nicely
21:53hyper\ mike: you use an xbox as a frontend?
21:54mikegrb yes
21:54hyper\ mike: hows that working out, any speed issues ?
21:54mikegrb though the motherboard is sitting on workbench at the moment
21:54mikegrb none
21:54Snow-Man mikegrb: Cool, if I end up getting one I'll harass you about making it work. :)
21:54mikegrb Snow-Man: heh not a problem
21:54hyper\ mike: have you tried hdtv with it :) ????
21:54PMantis mikegrb: Lemme guess... the recording happens on the server, tuner on the server, etc?
21:54Snow-Man Is there anything beyond the xbox itself that you have to pick up to use it as a network decoder.
21:54mikegrb hyper\: no, oliver was still working on that, haven't tried his latest drivers
21:55mikegrb Snow-Man: if you still want to play games and such then perhaps a mod chip
21:55hyper\ mike: oliver what group is he with, i thought only the gentoox guys had good hdtv support?
21:55Snow-Man mikegrb: Hmmm. Actually I might want to play games on it.
21:55mikegrb but if you just want to make it run linux that is it, oh I'd grab the microsoft dvd playback kit to
21:56mikegrb hyper\: he is with xbox-linux shallax doesn't know anything but bash
21:56mikegrb so gentoox project has nothing that xbox-linux project propper doesn't have
21:56hyper\ ah
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21:56hyper\ ??
21:56mikegrb or, same thing
21:56hyper\ coo
21:57mikegrb dmp does most of the coding now a days
21:57mikegrb but I digress, ti's offtopic for here
21:57hyper\ ill have to try and catch him i wanted to hear about the hdtv support
21:57hyper\ you know what chan he hangs in?
21:57mikegrb #xbox-linux on
21:57hyper\ thx
21:58mikegrb I wonder if kvandivo was affected by the tornadoes early this week
21:58mikegrb he hasn't been on since the day before the storms
21:59mikegrb he is usually on every day on another network
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23:06jams is thor out for a while ?
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23:58justinjp hey everyone
23:58justinjp i'm having a bit of trouble with mythtv
23:58--- ---> dopester [] has joined #mythtv
23:59justinjp whenever i run the setup program in the setup directory
23:59justinjp i see the backdrop for the configuration section
23:59justinjp but shortly after that, the program crashes and i get a segmentation fault
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