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00:00Chutt read the docs
00:00Chutt and the topic for this channel
00:00justinjp any ideas on how i might fix this problem?
00:00justinjp oh
00:00justinjp haha oops
00:09justinjp the docs didn't help much, don't even cover this topic
00:09justinjp :(
00:11Chutt they tell you exactly what to do when it segfaults.
00:11justinjp really?!?!? could u show me that section please
00:11justinjp i can't seem to find it
00:12Chutt will you leave this channel if i do?
00:12justinjp lol
00:12justinjp have i upset you?
00:13justinjp but if you would like me too i can, but i would like it if u can help me
00:13Chutt i generally get annoyed by people that can't be bothered to read the docs, yes
00:13dopester chutt: with some of the db changes i want to make to make dvbtuning much better it might not be possible to move all the data over to the new table structure. would it be ok just make the users redo dvb setup , or shoudl i make the dbcheck changes attempt to reconfigure the channels?
00:13Chutt i'd really prefer not to trash people's configs
00:13Chutt why wouldn't you be able to move data?
00:14dopester because the dvb struture doesnt representthe proper dvb heiarchy (sp).. so if people have done screwy things to make it work with more than 1 card (my inspiration to do this) it will be screwed up
00:14dopester with dvb its really a tree.. .source -> transport -> channel
00:15dopester right now its all flattened into dvb_channel so you can do a distinct query to get the transports back out hopefully, but if they setup 2 cards there is almsot no way to do it right. does that make sense?
00:15Chutt not really, but, whatever
00:16dopester you want me to explain a bit better?
00:16Chutt nope
00:16Chutt don't give a damn about dvb
00:16justinjp Chutt: would you be the head dev for mythtv?
00:16dopester ok fair enough.
00:16Chutt i just don't want to listen to people bitch when an upgrade wipes their config
00:17dopester well its an argument about leaving it screwed up and making channel scanning very difucult or making it right and making people suffer once..
00:18justinjp Chutt: so im looking at the doc section for mythtv under Troubleshooting, and i see a link called "I get segfaults / MythTV isn't doing anything" but there is nothing after that
00:18justinjp Chutt: is that the documentation you were refering too?
00:18Chutt what's the next section?
00:18justinjp Debugging
00:18Chutt wow
00:19Chutt i wonder what that could mean
00:19justinjp oh, that's a big abstract, but ok, thx for the help
00:19justinjp s/big/bit
00:19dopester brb
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00:23dopester chutt: you can compare my problem to all cardinput ids and capturecardids being in channel. that make sense?
00:24Chutt yeah, but you could pull those out easily enough
00:24dopester until you have people program in 2 sets of the same channel since that type of setup would only map to 1 cardinput
00:25dopester unwinding that would be next to impossible unless all fields matched
00:25Chutt how would it only map to 1 cardinput?
00:26dopester with dvbs the channel is hardwired to a card, so to use 2 cards you have to make a second set of channels.
00:26dopester so you would have say 1001 and 2001
00:26dopester but its really the same thing
00:27mikegrb \o.'
00:27mikegrb yhea
00:28mikegrb the wife is letting me get a nice 5.1 megapixel digital camera
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00:32justinjp Chutt: so i did the debugging
00:32justinjp and this is what got returned
00:32justinjp 0x40c4a2b0 in QFontDatabase::createDatabase() () from /usr/lib/
00:32justinjp i have no idea what that means
00:32Chutt um
00:32Chutt you didn't come anywhere close to reading the instructions in there
00:33Chutt that's the third time i've told you to read the docs in a half hour
00:33justinjp then after thread apply all bt full
00:33justinjp i got
00:33justinjp more stuff
00:34Chutt wow, more stuff
00:34dopester :)
00:34Chutt amazing
00:34justinjp but im guessing you don't want to see it
00:34Chutt no, because i don't care anymore
00:34Chutt not that i did, originally
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00:34Chutt but i might have if you had read the docs from the start and done what it said first
00:35justinjp ok
00:35justinjp well, seeing as how i don't understand a word of what im reading from this output
00:36justinjp i guess mythtv won't be a possibility for me
00:36Chutt guess not
00:36justinjp thanks for the suggestions
00:36justinjp looks like a really good program
00:37justinjp from what i can see from the screen shots
00:37dopester chutt: so for my dilemma is a best effort migration ok?
00:37Chutt sure
00:37Chutt single card users will be ok?
00:37dopester i gotta find that article about how users think the window dressing is 95% of a program :)
00:37dopester yeah should be easy to do
00:37Chutt ok, that's fine
00:37dopester its just the small pct that this will screw up as best i can tell
00:38dopester there may be some here and there since all the dvb inputs are hand put in, but when its done it should be much cleaner.
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05:30oc Chutt: single column menu? is there something like that that i could use in watch recordings already?
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08:22riksta hey there
08:23riksta can anyone help, im wanting to get a DVB card, but if i get one without the hardware MPEG compression, how much approximate cpu usage does it use
08:23riksta and is there much of a performance difference, as when its running im not too bothered as to how much CPU it uses
08:29Rince a dbv-card doesn't have or need hardware compression
08:30Rince since with dvb you already get the signal in mpeg-format
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09:00k-man hello
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09:10Chutt geckofiend, there is such a thing as too many config options.
09:12Chutt having config options for tiny little things for which a good default exists and most people wouldn't ever change is not a good idea.
09:19Chutt also, it'd be nice if you got rid of the 'Could not find theme: Default' error message due to your menu theme directory stuff.
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09:43geckofiend Chutt: yeah I know, the options are excessive. I stuck options on all that stuff simply to try and keep it in....
09:44geckofiend The don't highlite when you're not focused looks better IMO. As does not showing program info when you don't have a program highlited.
09:45geckofiend as does having the focus start on the right. But all of those change the defualts...
09:49geckofiend Chutt: How do you want the message fixed? The right way as I see it is to move the xml files currently in programs/mythfrontend into themes/default but I imagine that's a no-no
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10:20oc geckofiend: why did you remove that from gant? haven't tried it yet so i don't know what it looks like, but i'm sure it's ok
10:22geckofiend oc: I went ahead and pulled it because it was sounding like I'd overstepped so I thought I'd back some of it out.
10:23geckofiend Really all I did for the container in GANT was to take the use the existing title and description sections for the recording information and reposition them slightly
10:24Chutt eh, i dunno
10:24Chutt i just don't think the changes make the playback screen easier to use
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10:25Chutt oh, one more thing =)
10:25Chutt the 'All Programs' has been replaced by 'Default'
10:25Chutt on my machine
10:25Chutt which, well, doesn't really make sense =)
10:25geckofiend The only usability things were really the start on the right, and the cursorRight/Left stuff.
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10:28geckofiend Sounds like "DispRecGroupAsAllProg" souldn't default to true.
10:28geckofiend err shouldn't
10:28Chutt well
10:29Chutt i'd say you'd want 'Default' to be overridden to 'All Programs' somewhere
10:29Chutt is all
10:29Chutt for display purposes
10:29Chutt but, it should default to true
10:29Chutt probably shouldn't even be a setting :p
10:30geckofiend If you set the rec group you're displaying to "All Programs" it should say that on the left, if it doesn't then I missed something
10:30Chutt i've not touched _any_ of the program groups ever
10:30Chutt so it says 'Default'
10:32geckofiend So how should I differentiate between "all programs" (I've not touched any rec groups) and "all prgrams" (I want the rec group all programs)? Maybe the default rec group display should be "all programs" instead of "default"?
10:32geckofiend since if you'
10:32geckofiend since if you've never touched a rec group "all programs" and "default" should be the same thing
10:33Chutt right
10:33Chutt well, i'd just put something in there to replace the string 'Default' with 'All Programs' on display
10:33Chutt anyway, wife says it's yard work time
10:33Chutt so, i better get outside =)
10:37geckofiend oc: want me to put that back in GANT?
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10:51gulliver hi all
10:52gulliver since on mythtv-users nobody is responding - maybe someone could explain me, the meaning of the error:
10:52gulliver "need a minimum of 2 capture buffers"
10:52gulliver I get this, if I try to use my webcam as input source
10:58oc geckofiend: i have no idea what it looks like, could you do a screenshot?
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11:02geckofiend yeah it'll be a bit though
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11:03santiago exit
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11:04o_cee geckofiend: np, i'm cleaning the apartement anyway ;)
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11:21o_cee i need to check some wires.. bbl
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12:31gulliver anyone awake?
12:34Ealwen zzzzzzzzz
12:35gulliver what means the error: "need a minimum of 2 capture buffers"
12:37Ealwen sorry i don't know
12:38gulliver I get this, if I try, to watch input from my webcam...
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13:26o_cee geckofiend: got any screenshot yet?
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15:00Ealwen which is better to use RH 9.0 or fedora for myth?
15:00geckofiend o_cee
15:01o_cee geckofiend: if the rest of that stuff will be kept, restore gant to this.
15:01o_cee later
15:04geckofiend kk
15:08jams geckofiend, any examples of themed menu's ?
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15:39geckofiend jams: That's just an example of the new container type for the playbackbox. The them is GANT
15:39geckofiend err theme
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15:43jams right, i was referring to your other patch for "theme extensions" jump points and theme overrides
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17:09geckofiend jams: Yeah, I've got to do some cleanup of the menus to make them compatible with stock Myth systems then I'll post em. Proably right around the same time Myth comes out
17:12geckofiend right now they've got options for some of my scripts and what not
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20:31Octane (:#mythtv) this is probably illegal to saybut what the hell -- any idea when .15 will be out?
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22:49billytwowilly| (:#mythtv) Octane, Chutt wrote a counter that counts every time 0.15 is mentioned on the irc channel and adds a day to the planned release date. It should be out sometime in 2007 if this keeps up.
22:50dopester (:#mythtv) :)
22:50thor (:#mythtv) tick
22:51* billytwowil (:#mythtv) is personally responsible for one year of that;)
22:51billytwowilly| (:#mythtv) thor: <Octane> this is probably illegal to saybut what the hell
22:52billytwowilly| (:#mythtv) -- any idea when .15 will be out?
22:52thor (:#mythtv) tick
22:52billytwowilly| (:#mythtv) oh.. it's the counter.. hahaha..
22:52billytwowilly| thought you didn't know what we were talking about;)
22:52thor heh
22:52* billytwowill must be having a slow day.
22:53thor I'm not really thor, I'm Chutt's irc counter
22:53mikegrb I heard .15 was going to be out when chutt releases it
22:53billytwowilly| Heh. mfd, now brought to you by Chutt's irc counter. It's a really smart script;)
22:53thor tick
22:53mikegrb omg I can control thor!
22:53mikegrb I'm so damn powerful
22:54billytwowilly| well, atlest until he gets bored and does something else;)
22:54mikegrb heh yup
22:55billytwowilly| hey, you guys are exposed to a fairly diverse amount of software. I'm going to ask my question here.
22:55billytwowilly| Anyone seen a LAN party tracking software to keep track of who has what hardware at the LAN? ideally with barcode support so we could give everyone a wristband with a barcode.
22:55billytwowilly| and picture support to have pictures of the hardware and the person who owns it.
22:56thor heh
22:56thor freshmeat?
22:56mikegrb heh
22:56mikegrb probably gonna have to be custom
22:56mikegrb might find something though
22:56billytwowilly| checked. didn't see anything.
22:56billytwowilly| I didn't think it would be that hard to do custom, but I know jack all about programming.
22:56mikegrb chutt has a consulting fee
22:57mikegrb thor would probably do it too ;)
22:57thor inventory control stuff ... you might be able to build it on top of something like that
22:57billytwowilly| just a mysql backend and a web frontend that is very barren.
22:57mikegrb good call thor
22:57billytwowilly| hmm. I never searched for inventory control
22:57* billytwowill goes to freshmeat
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23:00billytwowilly| I was thinking if it had to be built it'd just be one page with a place to put in a barcode, then a search button and a new entry button, then a page where you put in name, hardware and select pictures of the guy and his hardware to upload then have a submit button and an add another comp button
23:00billytwowilly| web-based
23:00billytwowilly| with mysql backend
23:00billytwowilly| Does that sound workable?
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23:59Chutt thor, yo
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